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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Libre AV Converter


Minor fixes and changes


Minor fixes and changes
Changes to the 'Editing Profile Editor' interface


Minor fixes and changes
Changes in GUI module for youtube-dl 'Video Downloader', new functions
Added 'Stop' button in Text Viewer to stop executables that take too long to finish
Changes in the application File Manager
Change in 'Drag & Drop Paths' procedure for controls that accept files and folders dragged from explorer


Minor fixes and changes
Added: "Analyze file" now shows the physical size of the media
Added: "Youtube-dl version" menu in "Video downloader" to check the executable version
Added: function to obtain direct video link (Video downloader), show the link to copy it ('Video link' button) or send it to the recorder to transcode the video ('Record' button). In the case of the recorder, the recorder can process YouTube live broadcasts to save them to a file, broadcast or simply play them.
Changes in the functions to stop processes in the 'Capture Console' module, thereby increasing the conversion speed a bit
Added function to send Ctrl + C (SIGNINT) signal to command line programs. This function is used in the following controls:
- 'Stop' button in Video Downloader (the old force close function was assigned to the 'Stop (force)' button)
- 'Stop' button in conversion progress box: enabled for ffmpeg and optionally for other binaries (external codecs)
- 'Stop' button in "Recorder"
- The Ctrl + C signal generates the following results:
- ffmpeg: stops the process without corrupting the data segment that would have been converted
- youtube-dl: stop the download generating functional files (without corrupting) even if they are not complete and have a .part extension (just remove it)
- external codecs: some respond well to the signal without corrupting files and without reporting errors (example NeroAACEnc.exe), others do not respond and can cause Libre AV Converter to freeze (example x265.exe), and others generate corrupt files and / or they end up with an error (example fdkaac.exe), they can even cause a crash in Libre AV Converter. By default, it was established that Ctrl + C would be disabled for external codecs, being possible to enable the function from the 'Enable Ctrl + C to stop' checkbox in the 'Exernos Codec Editor'


Enabled use of pipe for executables that support pipe as input, thereby increasing the speed of the process when encoding with external codecs, as well as eliminating the disk space requirement to save the extracted track in a temporary file
Modification of the 'Stop (Force)' function of the converter module to completely stop the process when using pipe
Now when external codecs are used by default, waiting for console messages is enabled to prevent Libre AV Converter from freezing. This procedure can be disabled from the external codec editor by checking the "Do not wait for console messages" box in the "General" category. Disable 'message waiting' with binaries reporting conversion progress frequently, this will make encoding faster.
Added experimental option to execute and capture messages from cmd programs in a thread, available from the menu "Convert - Options - Enable console reading in thread". The option will affect only file conversion, the other procedures (analysis, download, recording, playback, CD extraction, etc.) will not be affected.
Enabled minimize button in Video Downloader box
Procedure to detect open instances of the program and avoid deleting temporary files that may be in use
Minor fixes


Added GUI module for youtube-dl.exe with the following functions:
-Download or play YouTube videos (and many more sites)
-Select the quality of the medium to download or play
-Get a list of available formats for the stream
-Download the videos from a YouTube playlist
Function to end all the processes associated with the path of the ffplay.exe executable and thus be able to stop a playback even if the binary is run with pipes or if it does not show the playback window
Changes in the Converter module procedures to handle the '<copy>' option as an output container format
File Manager drag and drop changes
Changes in the application initialization procedure to automatically locate the binaries in the application directory
Minor fixes


Minor fixes
Bug fix in the Lang module that prevented mapping files when the interface was in Spanish
Changes to the interface
New functions:
-Associated with the new interface
-Unlocking the 'Format' and 'Editions' boxes in the main Form
-Droplist 'Format' and 'Edits' now shows all created profiles
-Function to add application files by dragging them to the 'File Manager'. By default the files are moved to the corresponding folder, but if the 'Shift' key is pressed they are only copied
-Menu 'Tools-Go to the application directory' to explore the Libre AV Converter directory
-Drag box: small dialog box with 'Always on top view' function to search for files with Windows Explorer and drag them
-Remove converted files from the list (available from the 'Convert-Options' menu)
-Before exiting, the program now saves the list of files to convert, destination, selected profiles, etc., and restores it when restarted
New 'suggested values' syntax in 'external codec' files:
Previous syntax: [Value1] <Line break> [Value2] <Line break> [Value3] <Line break> ....
New syntax: [Label1] * [Value1] <Line break> [Label2] * [Value2] <Line break> ...
Now being able to add labels that replace values &#8203;&#8203;within the interface to make them more descriptive. Note that the label is separated from the value with * (asterisk) and that the label is always optional, if the program does not find the character * it interprets that there is no label.


Minor fixes
Added: Option to map or subselect streams of a file. Available in the File menu - Map of the main window
Added: Quick help to create a format. Available in the Format Profiles Editor from a small button with a magic wand icon
Added: Online help link (which links to the program's blog). Available in the "Help" menu of the main window
Changes in the converter module to process only the subsets selected or mapped by the user


Added: algorithm selection for resizing video, available in the editor of editing profiles
Changes: language files
Changes: file manager interface (icons instead of text) and new file types
Changes: External Codecs Editor
Changes: Format Profile Editor
Changes: Converter Module
Changes: File Manager
Added: 2 new file types 'fca' and 'fcv' that extend graphic support for ffmpeg codecs itself
-They are edited with the External Codecs Editor which was modified to manipulate the new files
-Its structure is the same as the 'lca' and 'lcv' files (files that add support to external binaries to ffmpeg)
-They are loaded just like an 'external codec' within a format profile (Options Menu - Load external audio codec (ffmpeg), Options Menu - Load external video codec (ffmpeg))
-The codec options, to be configured graphically, appear (equally) in the category 'Audio output' and 'Video output'
-The Converter module sends the commands directly to ffmpeg omitting the extraction and coding step with an external binary
Added: Option to fill in the edges added to the video (Editing profile editor). In addition to being filled with a solid color, they can now be filled with an image, a video or the same file that you try to process. In the latter case, options are added to add simple effects to the fill.
-Added: Graphic support for the 'overlay' filter with which an image or even a video can be superimposed, with additional options such as selecting the opacity level of the superimposed image or converting a color to transparent
Changes: Modification of the 'PlayFile' function of the 'ffmpeg' module to reproduce converted data in real time. Function used in the Edit Profile Editor (Options Menu - Preview)


Changes: Use the volume filter instead of the -vol option to change the audio volume
Changes: Warn that the use of "<copy>" container is only possible when using external codecs
(Error solution when using "<copy>" format with ffmpeg)
Added: Option to record subtitles in ASS format in video frames (Editing profile editor)
Added: "Buffer size" option required for some codecs to work (Format Profile Editor)
Added: "Read at native fps" option, useful when streaming and requiring the transmitted video to be uploaded as if it came from a camera recording and not from a file
Modification of language files (extension)


Interface Changes
License change (formerly Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative now GNU)


Added: dialog box to capture the output of the player (ffplay) and show support for use. The capture was necessary to know the status of the process and, in some cases, taking too long to show the playback window. This caused the program to wait indefinitely hidden until the user ended play or be forced to use the Task Manager.
Added: auto-select conversion file when tests are done and there is only one item in the list "Files to Convert" option to
Fixed: Editor issue profiles - when a filter is not found he could not remove the reference to it
Fixed: Editor issue profiles - the list of "filters not found" is not displayed when the interface was in another language other than <Spanish>.
Changes: Edit Profile Editor - Graphic Cut - Sequence scan - Preview sound segment
- Increase the length of the segment to 7 seconds
- Changed the method of generating commands to prevent the player (ffplay) will be frozen and the user is forced to use the Task Manager to force its closure.


Prevention crash when an invalid frame on "Edit Profile Editor - Graphic Cut" is loaded
Correction: Edit Profile Editor, the 'OK' 'Cancel' and 'Load' buttons are not concealed when the editor was opened in manual mode
Correction recorder: the "closing" window is not blocked when being recorded
Correction: Text Viewer did not restart the pointer position when unloaded
Correction: the directions suggested to transmit on the network is not listaban, opening a second time window Issuer
Changes: The module to capture the console has been modified, thereby have added the following functions
--- You can send the order to ffmpeg the end of a process without having to force quit, avoiding the generation of corrupt files. That role was assigned to the "Stop" buttons. While the old forced closing function assigned to new buttons "Stop (force)"
--- You can record without specifying the recording length
--- You can pause a recording
--- You can pause a broadcast (streaming)

Fixed: Message output ffplay not displayed when an error occurred Play
Added procedure for the 'tags' of audio and video codecs, analyzing a file. These tags are important properties of a file or do not support certain devices.
Added hold message when a file is scanned from the main window and from the menu "Get file values" of "Format Editor '
Changes in the procedure for Mostar box "Open File" dialogue to avoid message "Please insert a disk in drive X"


Correction text viewer: search for "back" erroneous, the pointer in the textbox not saved when the user clicked on it
Correction edit profile editor: preview edges added to video was shown incorrectly because it was not well generated commands
Correction In the procedure for generating commands for extracting video
Changes in the profile editor edit - control "graphic cutout" play button now displays preview. The position of the bar "reproduction" does not restart the width and position of the crop rectangle sequence, allowing locate the position of the frame shown in picturebox
Added procedure to automatically assign a file extension when a container format is selected


Corrections command generation: Routes of entry need to be quoted because some systems do not support short routes
Correction edit profile editor: When a graph cut the sequence was not kept the option "Convert to position"


Changes: Procedure for the "Cancel" button in the Format Editor and Profile Edition ("Manual" mode). Pressing those buttons now changes are discarded and will not ask the user whether to save
Correction: When a profile format containing information from external codecs opened, the option is not showing "Search executable"
Corrections procedures profile editor editing - cut graph (rounding were too inaccurate cut positions)
Correction Editor Formats: Label frame "About the external codec ..." did not translate
Replacing the procedure to send files to the Recycle Bin: instead of the script object is now API, peritirle program to remove / delete files without user intervention
Aggregate messages waiting for the recorder, the issuer means the profile editor and editing text viewer. The capture command and the subsequent processing of the capture took too long to not learned the user that the program was busy.
Added Portuguese language resource data


Crashes +++ +++++
- Fixed "mismatch" when lists of "Format Editor" were cleaned
++++ Changes, corrections +++++++
- Elimination of unused lines in the "lang", updating the list LangData indices (module)
- FIXED "not the <Manual> file found" when the profile is edited "<Manual>" from the button ">>" in "Issuer" and "Recorder"
- Elimination of "Port" in the "Issuer" to enter addresses other than udp: // localhost: port or rtp: // localhost: port
- Changes in the procedure of opening of file ("manual" mode) "Format Editor" and "Edit Profile Editor" that, when closing the 'X' button, you are warned file changes
- Changes in the procedure "Start Recording" to avoid having to enter a time when "Destination" will "Issue"
- Changes in the form borderstyle "Editor of external codecs" to avoid resize
- Changes in the "Editor of external codecs". When a parameter is edited, now the user must confirm changes to it (or discard) before to close the editor. This prevents those changes to be lost by accident.
- Changes in the "PlayFile" procedure to prevent error messages when the player closes
- Documentation Update


- Corrections in procedures and language
- Changes in procedures: lists capture devices and delete files


- Corrections in language
- Elimination of unused code
- Changes in procedures
- Changes in the procedure for generating commands when encoding with ffmpeg executable alien


- Correction: Edit Profile Editor - Tags 'add edge' incorrectly positioned
- Correction: external codec Editor - Can not edit the label of a parameter to change upper / lower case
- Correction: Edit Profile Editor - procedural error "SeleccionarFiltros"
- Changes in the procedure for obtaining IP address
- Changes in the procedure for capturing device list
- Text Viewer: write lock on the text box
- Text Viewer: change in the way to capture the console output
- Changes in the procedure for extracting tracks and get the tracklist
- Correction - Editor of external codec - error trying to open a codec from the file manager
- Added option to move encoded tracks (with some external codec) rather than mixing with ffmpeg
- Changes in the interface and the code for information "About the external codec ..."
- Added option to load the strings of the application in English to create new language files
- Documentation Changes

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