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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Internet Friendly Media Encoder

Version 8.1 (Celestial Equations)
[New] Implemented a method to permanently embed subtitles into videos without requiring `fonts.conf`.
[Fixed] Resolved an issue with incorrect usage of `Newtonsoft.Json.dll` from NuGet, ensuring compatibility across systems and preventing JSON-related bugs.
[Fixed] Adjusted the default splash screen fade duration from 1ms to 5ms to accommodate faster computers where the quick fade was too abrupt.

Note: After many years in beta, IFME is now out of beta thanks to the discovery of a method for correctly embedding styled subtitles without the need for `fonts.conf`. This method was uncovered while examining Jellyfin FFmpeg Encoding logs. It may seem trivial, but previous search results often suggested using `fonts.conf`.

Version 8.0 beta 13 (Eternal Descent)
[New] Embrace the Breeze: Introducing automatic cropping and letterbox removal. This feature, independent of stream copy and video resolution, ensures a seamless cropping experience without resizing.

Version 8.0 beta 12 (Luminar Spectrum)
[Fixed] Precision Polishing: Corrected a minor typo in the Chroma Subsample Pixel (CSP) handling. The issue involved incorrectly appending the Bit Depth for non-YUV formats. Special thanks to Shiniori-raws for bringing this to our attention.
[Optimization] Cutting-Edge Performance: IFME now ships with AVX2-enabled encoders (x265, x264) for optimal utilization of modern processors such as AMD Ryzen, Threadripper, Epyc, or their Intel equivalents. Please note that this change may render IFME incompatible with non-AVX2 processors.

Version 8.0 beta 11 (Celestial Cascade)
[New] Welcome Rigaya NVEnc: Introducing Nvidia Video Encoder support for GPU-based video encoding.
[Fixed] Progress in Motion: Now seamlessly integrates Rigaya NVEnc console output into the status display for a more comprehensive monitoring experience.

[Note] Rigaya's Contribution: Rigaya has also developed Intel Quick Sync and AMD VCE plugins, though we couldn't add support in this release due to a lack of hardware for validation. Feel free to explore the plugins in `*` and make replacements as needed.

Version 8.0 beta 10 (Digital Horizon Symphony)
[New] Introducing the "original" option in the Combo Box List; selecting it will use the original value.
[Fixed] Addressed conflicts with the "-vf" filter when applying crop operations.
[Fixed] Clarified the functionality of "auto" resolution, now truly adaptive based on the "-vf" or any specified parameters.
[Fixed] Resolved an issue where, if the FFmpeg "-vf" contained the "crop" parameter, the resolution would be set to "auto."

Note: This changelog is improved by OpenAI ChatGPT from my broken English input.

version 8.0 beta 9 (Enigma Ascension)
[New] IFME now capable to become a Ingest Station Server where IFME watch the folder for any new file and encode based on user settings
[Fixed] Fix issue where user change format container cause Video/Audio Encoder to reset and override user value even container is compatible
[Fixed] Remove ToolTip "Inconsistent output format!"

Version 8.0 beta 8 (Night Princess)
[Fixed] Addressed a problem with the "Trim Video" input. Instead of validating the input during text changes, validation now occurs when leaving the TextBox control.
[Fixed] The "HardSub" CheckBox control now correctly displays the current status (Enable/Disable) of the selected video.

Version 8.0 beta 7 (Realize Maze)
[Fixed] Renamed the label "Fast Remux" to "Smart Stream Copy" to reduce confusion among users when attempting to copy streams.

Version 8.0 beta 6 (Tearful)
[Fixed] Corrected the data type issue (float instead of int) for the total frame command.

Version 8.0 beta 5 (Mana)
[new] More hardware aceeleration support including Intel Quick Sync (av1, h265, h264, vp9), Nvidia NVENC (h264, h265, av1) and AMD AMF (h264, h265)
[new] New filename example show when using Prefix and Postfix, get the idea how final name will be.
[fixed] Remove spavce on Postfix filename
[fixed] Allow user to factory reset (reset settings)
[fixed] Auto value hang the program (issue #223 found by MrxHellsing)

Version 8.0 beta 4 (Prolog auf Erden)
[new] AV1 NVENC support (test mode). I unable to test if AV1 NVENC working, no suitable hardware to test the encoding and adjust the quality.
[update] FFmpeg: BtbN builds, version N-109027-g202b7a9ae7 (shared, GPL)

Version 8.0 beta 3 (Kurzes Epos)
[fixed] IFME crash in certain computer due to "Tabs Init" before WinForm loaded (code behave differently when run via VS IDE and Standalone)
[fixed] "Fast Remux" cannot together with "Trim", when "Trim" is in use, it will skip "Fast Remux" process!
[fixed] "Fast Remux" cannot together with "Image Sequence"
[fixed] Plugins Init (Test Encoder) wrong exit code cause no encoder to use since IFME treat exit code 0 only!
[change] Plugins Init (Test Encoder) now skip CPU encoder, only test GPU encoder unless "TestRequired" is set to true.
[change] AV1 doesnt show total progress, now IFME able to show total % completed
[change] AV1 preset in reverse order just like x265 and x264, last item in the list mean slower encoding at higher quality and low bit-rate
[update] Showing plugins init error in the log instead on Splash Screen...

Version 8.0 beta 2 (Aufbruch)
[change] Metadata about "Writing Application" now display IFME version, platfrom and cpu arch, easier to troubleshoot broken encoding at which version given sample

Version 8.0 beta 1 (Erdentempel)
[new] Introduce "Fast Remux", where you can remux file when codec is compatible to target file container, otherwise encode to compatible codec. Example use case: Any wrong codec (AVI) in your Jellyfin/Plex will be encoded to H.264
[new] Folder import is available! Example use case: Scan Import all Jellyfin/Plex media
[fixed] Re-fix interpretation of FFmpeg return code, where IFME treat positive 1 mean ok/warning
[change] "Copy Stream" is deprecated due to "Fast Remux" feature!
[change] No longer ship CPU Specific x264/x265 encoder where non AVX processor cannot use
[update] x264: 3.5+56-8c159ba54
[update] x265: 0.164.3094
[update] SVT AV1: 1.3.0
[update] FFmpeg: 2022-10-27-git-00b03331a0-full

Version 22.01.18 Alpha (True Eternity)
[fixed] Wrong interpretation of FFmpeg return code, negative means error/something bad, positive means ok/warning.
[fixed] Multipass for x265 (dirty fix)

Version 22.01.02 Alpha (True Eternity)
[fixed] Hard Sub with MKV cause wrong data because previous subtitle and fonts copied over
[fixed] Extra space when Pre/Post fix in file name
[change] Invalid progress when using Trim, IFME automatically calculate with 2 second buffer (total length * frame rate) + frame rate * 2

NOTE!!! Trim not work on subtitles, you need to burn it.

Version 21.09.30 Alpha (Grus Nivis Chapter)
[fixed] Project Angel (Siglus) reported Attachment Tab has broken behaviour and not update data properly.
[Tested] Image Sequence import has reached stable, no further development

NOTE!!! Decoder Encoder are not updated, currently has no issue to replace, you can override bundled tools

Version 21.06.14 Alpha (The galaxy is at a crossroads)

I sorry for very quick update, sometime designing GUI event can be daunting

[new] About IFME added for more information about this project
[fixed] Image Sequence source frame rate -to- output frame rate
[fixed] Adding additional streams did not show new item in the list git#217
[fixed] Stealing subtitle/attachment from other video file is possible

[support] Discord Server invite link available in "About IFME"

Version 21.06.13 Alpha (The galaxy is at a crossroads)

[update] This is pre-release version 8 beta, still many missing feature...

[new] Support Image Sequence (right click + button)
[new] Support H.263/XVID encode for older device
[new] Support VP8 & VP9 encode for internet
[fixed] Encoding bug did not remux for final files
[fixed] Various code fix
[fixed] Cut loading/testing time (using small sample file) for weak computers
[update] Multiple x265 cpu arch support (avx2, avx, sse) for efficient encoding
[update] Multiple x264 cpu arch support (avx2, sse) for efficient encoding
[update] IFME will try which cpu arch supported during loading

NOTE!!! 32-bit OS is experimental and drop in the future release

Version 21.05.25 Alpha (One More Time)
[new] Hardware Acceleration for Nvidia (NVENC)
[new] Hardware Acceleration for AMD Advanced Media Framework
[fixed] GUI Control bug on Bit Depth
[fixed] GUI Control bug on ListViewItem during Selection
[fixed] GUI Control bug on various stuff
[fixed] Opus sample rate, only 48000Hz valid
[change] IFME will test encoders plugins during loading, incompatible will not added into ComboBox list
[update] x265 version 3.5+10-82786fccc
[update] ffmpeg 64-bit 2021-05-23-git-4c0d6c91f6
[update] ffmpeg 32-bit 4.3.1 (Final version for ancient pc)

Version 20.05.2 Alpha (Always remember why you started)
[new] Updated banner
[new] Realtime progress and status (no more print multiple line of progress)
[new] Windows: File size now in IEC Standard (/1024, International Electrotechnical Commission)
[new] Unix: File size now in Metric Standard (/1000)
[new] Add new Nero AAC audio encoder!
[fixed] Static Build: MP4Box
[fixed] Static Build: x264 Encoder (this will rarely update)
[fixed] Able to extract and embed BDMV Subtitle
[fixed] Various GUI bug, take note that burn subtitle not working at the moment
[fixed] Decimal separator problem (some country use , instead of .)

Version 20.04.2 Alpha (Darkness to Light)
[new] Advance Decoding/Encoding CLI button is functional
[new] Profile is functional as well
[new] New check box for Shutdown
[new] HDR to SDR profiles, allow you to high quality downscale
[fixed] High quality downscale resolution
[fixed] Various GUI bug
[fixed] Null Language in FFmpeg Media Info (default to "und")
[mistake] x265 in previous version was 3.2, now with 3.3 stable

Version 20.04.1 Alpha (The Quintessence Inside You)
This whole new version which is rebuild from scratch.
Fix most problematic since release 7.7!
[new] Using latest .NET 4.8
[issue] Windows run fine, Linux not test yet.
[change] Console now inside interface, no longer produce two window

Version 7.7 (Prism Ark)
[new] Enable/Disable verbose log
[fixed] Broken version detection that always return true.
[fixed] Prevent save a blank project.
[fixed] Make a duplicate file if exist. example: File Name (1).mkv

Version 7.6 (Soul Heart)
[new] Support Burn subtitle into video (Hard Sub) [FFmpeg with --libass enable]
[new] Add folder import (recursively find media file)
[new] Queue/List now can save just like previous version
[new] Added legacy codec for older device support
[new] Added M2TS output support
[fixed] Plugins script: value now can have prefix & postfix (eg: 128k instead of 128000)
[fixed] Audio channel now give meaningful text instead of numbers
[fixed] Media settings cannot save (revert to default) when select different target format item
[change] Update x265 version 2.6+13 (64-bit only)
[change] Rename included preset to friendly name :)
[chnage] More branding support
[change] Target Format now using "DropDown" selection
NOTE: Previous version Encoding Preset script cannot work in this new version, please edit before use.

Version 7.5 (Cosmic Housekeeping)
[new] Support Trim Video & Audio
[new] Support adding FFmpeg command for decoding
[new] Brazilian Portuguese localisation #138
[change] Add Mkvtoolnix back (chapter support)
[change] Default window size change to 900x700 (Monitor 1024x760 minimum)

Version 7.4 (Endless Sky)
[new] Arabic localistion
[new] Russian localisation #131
[fixed] Redundant chapters on each stream (keep only one)
[fixed] encoded x264 not merge in MP4 files
[fixed] Invalid FFmpeg Probe ISO639-2 Language Code #132
[fixed] (UX) Target Format not updated when change
[fixed] Using FFmpeg to merge files if mkvmerge fails
[fixed] If Destination Path is blank or invalid, all video will be save where source file is #133
[fixed] Added Keyboard shortcut (CTRL+A) and (DEL) for listing items #134
[fixed] Out of Index bug on Attachment lists
[change] Latest encoding preset will be first item
[chnage] No longer use MP4Box & Mkvtoolnix for muxing files
[change] Any raw video file will be processed with MP4Box first
[update] x265 version 2.5+11

Version 7.3 (These Final Words)
[new] Support 32-bit computer for older tech (yet, high bit-depth require 64-bit OS)
[new] German localisation #126
[new] Italian localisation
[new] French localisation #124
[add] Multi-pass encoding now display how many pass need to finished
[add] New version column for Modules at Option Window
[add] Non intrusive error message by adding OS default system sounds
[add] Allow to steal font (attachment) from another video :)
[fixed] English Grammar #128
[fixed] If import video has 10 bit, but encoder dont have 10 bit, revert to 8 bit
[fixed] Video plugin definition file, preset and tune now have off/disable entry #127
[fixed] Custom command-line missing from video encoding
[fixed] Change different encoder cause wrong "extra command-line"
[fixed] Relative path for Windows XP
[fixed] Output folder require full path
[fixed] Sorted Mime Type, allow user to edit
[change] Default Windows size from 800x600 to 900x650
[change] Banner drawing error tag change to warning tag
[change] Improve encoding queue code
[change] Able to detect 64-bit AviSynth & AviSynth+
[update] FFmpeg Windows amd64 build 2017/06/20
[update] FFmpeg Windows i686 build 3.1.2
[update] FFmpeg Linux build 2017/06/19
[update] MP4Box version 0.7.0
[update] Mkvtoolnix version 13.0.0
[update] x264 version r2851
[update] x265 version 2.4+89

Version 7.2 (Enchantress)
[add] Added new command-line -r (--reset) for reset IFME settings to default configuration
[add] Print command-line every encoding (like IFME version 3)
[fixed] Live update for Encoding Preset listing
[fixed] Changing Rate Control cause current value not in range
[fixed] Remove frame count detection for Multi-pass encoding (avoid inconsistent frame)
[change] FFmpeg verbose "panic" to "error"

Version 7.1 (Free and Independent)
[new] Merge failover (if merge fails, IFME will copy whole thing to save folder)
[new] Sub Menu for New/Import, Save encoding presets
[fixed] Multi Pass encoding

Version 7.0 (Eridanus)
[new] Complete re-write new code, all bug has has been fixed!
[new] Allow audio only encoding
[remove] CPU Affinity & Priority
[remove] AviSynth Editor & Extensions
[change] Using JSON instead of INI
[change] No longer preserve variable frame rate

Version 6.1 (Pixelaphobia)

[fixed] Skip missing plugin executable file
[fixed] Skip invalid plugin GUID
[fixed] Only Variable Frame Rate timecode indexing

Version 6.0 (Archangel Descending)

[new] Allow user to save encoded file either same source folder or given path
[new] Capable to encode audio files, but not fully supported
[added] Language: Italian
[added] Language: Lithuanian (Git #77)
[added] Allow user to add FFmpeg arguments/command-line
[added] Allow user to edit/rename Encoding Preset (Git #55)
[added] Allow user to delete Encoding Preset (Git #55)
[added] Allow user to delete queue by pressing DEL key (Git #55)
[added] Allow user to add more Audio track
[added] Allow TTC (TrueType Font Collection) to be embedded
[added] Allow user to remove embeded subtitles
[fixed] CPU Affinity & Priority has been fix! [Windows] (Git #61)
[fixed] Download & Updater engine improved!
[fixed] Temp folder will clear after finished encoding, open & close program
[fixed] HEVC video passthrough not properly save
[fixed] Linux plugin is now statically linked (portable), thanks to darealshinji
[fixed] Invalid MKV language id (told by Nikolai Lyskov)
[fixed] Prevent copy audio tracks cause MKV chapter begin copied
[fixed] Queue item value on audio bit-rate, Freq, and Channel revert to default (Git #57)
[fixed] Remove 4GB wav limit, using pipe + header (Git #56)
[fixed] Missing translation strings
[fixed] better detecting media files inside AviSynth script (Git #54)
[fixed] WMA will force to AAC either MKV or MP4 (Git #51)
[fixed] Invalid language id become "und" (Git #62)
[fixed] In video tab, different mode cause set to default value.
[fixed] Faster loading time by adding "-s" as argument (skip update)
[fixed] AviSynth Trim command doesn't apply for audio (Git #65)
[change] Media Encoder engine improved
[change] Prefix [encoded] now changed to current date-time postfix (Git #68)
[change] Music removed for About IFME, not suitable for professional environment
[change] Updated ISO 639-2 language code
[change] Using FFmpeg to extract font files
[change] Using GUID rather then string equalities for Audio encoder (API change)
[change] Remove --force-avs command
[change] Allow AviSynth to use 10/12bit and YUV (Git #79)

Version 5.1 (FLUORITE DIARY)
[new] Adding 12bit encoding support!
[new] Audio tracks now can drop if not wanted to add final encoded file
[new] Video now can skip encoding (applicable when source is HEVC)
[new] --force-avs arguments for force AviSynth script added to queue (just in case IFME did not detect)
[fixed] Wrong extension file which is benchmark extension was a notepad
[fixed] MediaInfo didn't detect (Linux)
[fixed] Missing audio mixing
[fixed] Selecting profiles except "< new >" then add video result will follow profiles configuration
[fixed] Temp folder not removed when closing IFME
[fixed] Prevent empty string from launch a process/visit web
[fixed] Git issue #35 #36 #37 #38 (told by forkicks)
[fixed] Git issue #41 When type text into the ratefactor textbox, the characters are entered in the wrong order (told by forkicks)
[fixed] Unable to open "Option" window due to error
[fixed] Git issue #42, open queue list, which queue file not exist cause IFME to crash.
[fixed] Prevent user enter invalid input
[fixed] Prevent user add media via network location (PCNAME)
[fixed] Prevent user set output folder via network location (PCNAME)
[fixed] Git issue #45, destination folder path did not save
[fixed] Git issue #46 and #47

Version 5.0.9 (Dearness)
[fixed] Fix code mistake
[fixed] Mp4 did not mux audio when do pass-through
[added] Language: &#268;eština
[added] Language: Français
[added] Language: Português
[added] Language: Deutsche

Version 5.0.8 (True My Heart)
[new] Allow user to save queue list
[new] Command-line encoding via queue file

Version 5.0.7 (Twin Angel)
[new] Linux support (native)
[new] Windows 32bit support
[fixed] Subtitle did not extract
[fixed] Form did not aligned properly on Linux

Version (Twin Angel)
Welcome to IFME Go aka version 5, feel queue encoding.

[new] Re-write code, better & faster
[new] Simple User Interface yet better
[new] IFME 3.x Console style is back, low RAM usage
[new] Extension support, allow extend IFME capabilities
[new] x265 compiled binary of choice
[new] Benchmark for testing CPU and x265 compiled
[new] AviSynth installation status
[fixed] No longer 1 subtitle per video
[fixed] No longer 1 font collection for all video
[added] Native AviSynth support
[added] "auto" resolution and frame rate
[change] Addons API
[change] Profiles API
[issue] Multi-language not yet implemented

Version 4.10 (Twin Angel)
[fixed] Accepting longer file name and path
[fixed] 10 bit become 8 bit due to wrong pixel format
[added] AviSynth Support (Windows only)
[added] InterFrame/HFR conversion support via AviSynth
[added] Image sequence conversion support via AviSynth
[added] Image sequence conversion support via IFME Script
[added] Image sequence generator
[added] Allow user to change "[encoded]" tag
[change] 720x400 to 720x404

Version (Unending Love)
[fixed] settings cannot be saved, last configuration moved to user preset
[fixed] video out of sync issue where video having "original frame rate" bug.
[fixed] Shutdown checkbox settings not saved properly.
[fixed] Shutdown checkbox not suppose to disable all of time
[fixed] mkvtoolnix warning as error cause encoding stop, now mark as OK.
[fixed] Multi-pass isssue
[added] Traditional Chinese
[change] Font "Consolas" not shipped by default Windows install, changed to "Lucida Console"

[fixed] Half way encoding (decoder issue)
[fixed] Failed to read stream mapping
[fixed] Ask updater not to delete, just overwrite.

[added] News function, not critial.
[fixed] Interlaced video cannot execute preview mode
[fixed] Did not remove all multiple selected item in queue (issue:
[fixed] Improper reading media mapping
[fixed] Log now can safe in RTF formatted, retaining colour and so-on...
[change] info,ok,warn,error change to Timestamps with colour, providing acurate debugging.

[fixed] Variable Frame Rate did not sync properly
[fixed] Temp file not remove when cancel encoding job
[fixed] Skip addons version check if no server url provided
[fixed] Program crash cause audio addons removed, invalid index issue
[fixed] Multipass mode did not encode
[fixed] Bitrate mode did not encode
[fixed] QP mode did not encode

[added] Preview feature, allow user sneak peek before commit full encoding
[added] User preset, allow user to save and load config
[added] Missing auto save log each conversion
[added] Russian Language by zetcamp
[added] Turkish Language by SailorOnDaTea
[fixed] Video cannot encode due to AVI indexing problem
[fixed] Broken update under Linux (missing "./")
[fixed] Cannot encode video that has no audio
[fixed] IFME MKV output now will not write Tag and Statistics
[fixed] Update system that cause delete addons when download a 1kb file of 404 error
[fixed] Wrong button position at Option > Perf. under Linux
[fixed] MKV archive extract command
[change] Splash Screen
[improve] Simplified and optimized get current UI language query.
[improve] Disable/Enable TAB page code has been improved (iteration removed)

From here, IFME change new icon again.

[added] Italian translation by MatrixG
[added] Multiple pass encoding support up to 8 passes
[fixed] Improper MKV extraction and repacking
[fixed] About Dialog, file size shirnk by ~4%

From here, IFME changed to new flat design icon.

[added] German translation by Criz
[added] Greek translation by mikroner
[added] Arabic translation by Ani Moy (The Leader)
[added] Spanish translation by Francisco Pozo 'DJ FrANKy EHP
[fixed] Missing temporary folder check, reported by:

[fixed] ISP (Telekom Malaysia) corrupted my package during upload
[improve] Program optimisation

[fixed] Audio encoder not encoding after decoding...
[update] Improved Vietnam Language

[fixed] Format detection in "Audio passthrough" and support more format
[fixed] Pause/Resume button on stop

Version 4.6 have auto update issue, please download manually.

[added] Audio passthrough feature (suggestion by @thefinaldegree)
[fixed] Video encoder didn't report progress [Windows]
[fixed] File exist issue where MP4 output selected [Both]
[fixed] Delay instant shutdown after complete encoding, put 3 second delay [Windows]
[fixed] Language detection, using "und" instead of empty string [Both]
[fixed] Auto update didn't fetch new version [Both]

Introducing IFME for Linux (4.5 -> 4.6)

Added Shutdown feature when encoding job completed [Windows] (suggestion by Neil N. Prasad)
AddedAllow manually adjust value for Rate-control [Both]
Fixed Video encoder didn't report progress [Windows]
FixedRate-control value saved in wrong data type, int < float [Both]
ImproveProgram update, update will choose best CDN (using wget) [Both]

There huge improvment could't list, here some of it:

New IFME mascot illustrated by ray-en, refer "About" window for more info.
Fixed bug that reset setting wont reset properly.
Fixed FPS detection, since Y4M did contain Metadata, x265 can read.
Added missing x265 "superfast" preset.
Added missing x265 tuning, now can disable/off due some player dont like it.
Added VFR support without duplicate or remove frame (Excact copy)
Added Deinterlaced support by detecting, deinterlace processing quality based on x265 preset.
Added Brazilian Portuguese language by Elmapul.
Added Japanese language by Yukipone.
Improved IFME updating, when got new version, checking addon version will skip (increase load time)

Fixed issue where attachment cause video encoding to fail
Fixed issue when user disable update check, result addons not load.
Fixed issue where user in full screen not able back to window mode with previous size.
Improved file and media validation:
1. Accept file that contain atleast one video.
2. Subtitle drag n drop (prevent non subtitle file)
3. Attachment drag n drop (prevent non font file)

Added Indonesia language (by Sandy Nicko Mac Corzeta)
Added function where console now capable to save log and clear
Updated Console font (now use Consolas)
Some small change...

Fixed issue where MP4 video not saved, reported by webvid md and LaruYan
Added Drag n Drop for Subtitle and Attachment
Improved Chinese Language UI, mistake has been corrected (by LEaver)

GitHub changes:
HeHeHunter (Performance and UX change):
1. Optimized loading by delaying loading of
languages and addons. [PERF]
2. Start button will only be enabled when media is added,
disabled when there is no media. Reduce Error Prompt. [UI]
3. Resolved issue where stop button
goes missing when you maximize window. [UI]

Improved Splash Screen, displaying download progress
Improved Chinese Simplified UI Language.
Fixed "Pause" button not hide after stop encoding
Fixed Audio encoding mode where audio ID in wrong place

Fixed Updater issue!!!
Fixed that Subtitle and Attachment blocking encoding process
Fixed that button acting weird
Fixed update balloon message

Improved program, totally re-write new code and stuff
Added multi-language file using ISO standard, now can be editable
Added function addons/plugins, you can add your own stuff too!
Added function auto-update each installed encoder
Added CPU Affinity! You can encode on specific CPU core!
Added CPU Priority, encode which level as you want!
Removed DVD-Rip support
Removed command prompt/DOS window
Removed CPU Instruction Set

Updated x265 (1.0+139-a5998df9b12e)
Added Dithering option

Updated x265 (0.9+134-f3585fd81c3b)
Updated mp4box (0.5.1)
Removed video decoding process!
Added Realtime video decoding-encoding!
Fixed DVD RIP encoding

Updated x265 (0.9+126-4f7658b3c78a)

Updated x265 (0.9+19-b5caca9954f3)
Added DVD RIP support
Added CPU Instruction Set support

Updated x265 (0.7+289-734f106295df)

Updated x265 (0.7+59-def14c0234f5)
Updated opus (tool 0.1.8/lib 1.1)
Now opus will be default audio encoder for MKV
Fixed Norwegian grammar mistake's
Fixed termination bug on 10bit encoding

Updated x265 (0.6+335-3568c1b19947)
Added support OpenType Font and Web Open Font Format

Updated x265 (0.6+284-c88314c4a1a1)
Fixed language glitch cause attachment become buggy making MKV not process properly!

Updated x265 (0.6+282-385560ac328d)
Added multi language support for first time!
Added Chinese Simplified by LEaver.
Added Indonesian by Sandy Nicko Mac Corzeta
Added Japanese (machine translated)
Added Malaysia by Omamori Himari
Added Norwegian by Christoffer Boothby

Updated x265 (0.6+262-b2e7d8da2838)
Fixed MediaInfo give invalid fps, thanks Christoffer Boothby!
Added reset settings to default, suggested by Danny Sabrak.
Added new video tuning "zero-latency"
Added new video property on advanced tab
Added 10 bit encoding support, default 8 bit.

Note: IFME always use 8 bit encoding even 10 bit input will encoded into 8 bit, due to "high bit depth" not yet fully optimized for performance. This can be adjust on "Advanced" tab by enable "use auto detect" or choose 10 bit, force 10 bit also cause 8 bit input will encoded into 10 bit, suggested to use auto detect!

Updated x265 (0.6+241-99f28c405b5c)
Changed default CRFQP value to 26 (50:50)
Removed Taskbar balloon, due icon stuck when application close.
Fixed video configuration due to CRF only even choose different option.
Fixed total encoding time, missing day(s).
Fixed queue button (move down).
Fixed program quit when encoding in progress, unload component from process before exit
Added feature multiple select and remove.
Added feature where queue will highlight where media file done encoding.
Added function where window control get disabled when encoding in progress.

Starting here, only 64bit supported and .NET Framework 4.0 build.
Updated x265 (0.6+240-f96c85f03b77)
Updated console splash screen
Fixed MKV command for video only encoding.
Added experimental support for subtitle and font (attachment)
Added override MediaInfo detection (fps override)

Changed debug console to Windows Console mode.
Removed support separate stream encoding
Added support multiple audio stream, able to merge or multi stream

Fixed code bug

Added Splash Screen for component startup and update check

Added auto update support

Version -
Added feature debug console
Added feature queue encoding!
Fixed code and improvement!

IFME was born

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