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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for ImgTools

ImgTool Classic 0.91.7 released 06.01.2006 (version 0.91.7)
- 6x writing speed added
- new cygwin lib onboard

ImgTool Burn 1.2.1 released 06.01.2006 (version 1.2.1)
- using newest API
- minor changes for background erase

ImgTool Classic 06.10.2005 version 0.91.6
- supports ImgBurn for recording of Images
- DVDDexxxxxxr name change because of Germans copyright law

ImgTool Burn 1.2.0
- bugfix for non closing save image file dialog when using Image recorder and pressing cancel button
- remember source directory (stored in ini file ==> save settings)

ImgTool Classic 0.91.5
- use other file open / file save dialog to fix a Win98 problem (file dialog won't open)
- check source dir size (can be enabled/disabled in settings)
- don't quit program on ESC key
- display proper help on pressing F1 key

Imgtool Burn Version 1.1.9 / 28.03.2005
- don't write short lead out on DVD-R media
- only API 6.3: if DVD-ROM booktype option isn't set, setting of booktype will not be touched (useful if you set booktype using an external program)

Imgtool Burn Version 1.1.8 / 07.02.2005
- bugfix for segfault while erase rw media
- fixed display problems with color bar
- window size optimized for smaller screens (800x600)
- fixed "record button" glitch
- added verify checkbox in main dialog

Imgtool Classic 0.91.4
-DVD Decrypter cli mode [burning] support

Imgtool Classic 0.91.3
- DVD Überprüfung eingebaut (DVD Decrypter
- neue Versionen von mkisofs.exe und cygwin1.dll

Imgtool Burn Version 1.1.5 / 08.05.2004
- bugfix for shutdown problem on Win9x/Me
- bugfix for wrong desktop folder on Win9x/Me
- bugfix file time problem
- progress bar for source size added
- source size limit can be changed
- save ini file on changed settings

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