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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for ImgDrive

Version 2.0.1 2023-03-16
Added set tag to drives
Added mount images by drive tag
Added add favorites to the main menu
Added add the current mounted image to favorites
Added volume label to 'Create Image File from Folder' dialog
Added 'Stay on Top' to 'Create Image File from Folder' dialog
Improved no longer maintain a separate favorite for each drive
Improved rewrite recent files feature
Some minor changes and improvements

Version 2.0.0 2023-02-26
Added Dutch (Nederlands) translation
Added unmount all drives when exiting ImgDrive
Improved drive display order in tray right-click menus
Update language files

Version 2023-02-16
Fixed hotkeys are not set in some cases
Fixed copy discs cannot apply manually entered destination file
Improved the Hotkey page
Changed "Hotkey mount configuration" dialog to "Favorite Files for Drive %s" dialog
Added "Favorite Files" to drive menu
Many minor changes and improvements

Version 1.9.9 2022-11-07
Improved the Shortcuts settings page
Improved the Hotkeys settings page
Some minor changes and improvements
Update language files

Version 1.9.8 2022-10-24
Simplified shortcut key settings, double-click to modify
Fixed hotkeys display issue on French keyboard
Improved show session/track Lba and Size in File Viewer
Update language files
Many minor changes and improvements

Version 1.9.7 2022-10-17
Added Alt shortcut keys for keyboard access to menus
Improved dialog box tab order
Update language files

Version 1.9.6 2022-10-11
Added -s silent install switch
Improved hotkey mount configuration
Added Slovenian language
Update language files
Some minor changes and improvements

Version 1.9.5 2022-10-08
Improved identify which process is locking the image file
Fixed unable to install driver in some cases
Some minor changes and improvements

Version 1.9.4 2022-10-04
Fixed installation failure on Windows ARM64
Fixed audio tracks don't play properly for Mixed-Mode MDF/MDS images
Added cascaded &menu for recent files
Added number of recent files
Added command line help
Added hotkey mount configuration
Some minor changes and improvements

Version 1.9.3 2022-09-28
Added native support for Windows on ARM64
Load the selected image file to the corresponding drive via hotkeys
Added ID and SCSI column
Added show drive location and drive letter in properties dialog
Removed the ugly focus rectangle on drive list view
Fixed invoke hotkeys when configuring them
Added save drive list column layout
Update language files
Fixed unable to install driver in some cases
Added doesn't load driver in safe mode
Fixed there is no progress while creating the iso
Added eject unmounts image
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Version 1.9.2 2022-09-17
Added hotkey settings
Added shortcut settings
Fixed the destination file cannot be saved when "Create Image"
Fixed the Edit control cannot display too long text
Removed virtual drive name customization
Increase the maximum number of drives to 9
Added install a 32-bit shell extension on a 64-bit system
Changed the drive IO, the 32-bit ImgDrive can also run on 64-bit systems
Updated driver version to 1.9.2
Some minor changes and improvements

Version 1.9.1 2022-09-09
Drop support for XP and 2003 Server
Fixed unable to install driver in some cases
Fixed cannot read track information
Added Bulgarian translation

Version 1.8.7 2022-09-04
Fixed cannot load CD-Text in NRG images
Added digitally sign the setup package
Highlights the menu item: "Open ImgDrive

Version 1.8.6 2022-08-23
Remove apply button from settings dialog
Fixed the status of "Hide Unmounted Drives" was inconsistent in some cases
Rename 'Hide Unmounted Drives' to 'Hide Empty Drives'
Added drive type and size column
Added option to show/hide Other DVD/CD-ROM Drives
Removed option shortcut: Ctrl+S
Fixed Ctrl+O shortcut not working

Version 1.8.5 2022-08-15
Added UIF (MagicISO) image file support
Fixed shortcuts not displaying properly on Windows XP
Add support for loading translation files in UTF-8 without BOM
Some minor changes and improvements

Version 1.8.4 2022-07-30
Fixed launch an unelevated process after installation
Fixed cannot change drive letter from Z:
Added click eject to unmount Microsoft virtual disc drives
Improved force mount if the image file size is not integer multiple of sector size
Update language files

Version 1.8.3 2022-07-25
Improved mount failure error handling
Fixed shortcut keys display incorrectly on some keyboard layouts
Update language files
Some minor changes and improvements

Version 1.8.2 2022-07-14
New user interface
Fixed driver installation failure in some cases
Fixed wrong volume name generated [Image Author]
Improved mark BDMV/STREAM/?????.stream as real time file(249) [Image Author]
Many minor changes and improvements

Version 1.8.1 2022-07-04
Added Open File Location
Fixed some UNICODE characters not displaying correctly in File Viewer
Improved File Viewer to shows sessions and tracks in a tree structure
Fixed wrong installer PE checksum
Added installer with version info
Fixed crash when open some cue-sheets images
Fixed driver installation failure in some cases

Version 1.8.0 2022-06-30
- Added Arabic translation
- Added Swedish translation
- Updated translations
- Changed the default language matching logic at first install
- Fixed crash when open file dialog
- Added Error handling "This file is not supported. Audio CD image should be 16-bit/44.1 kHz stereo."
- Many minor changes and improvements

Version 1.7.9 2022-06-26
- Added an option to keep history of recently mounted images
- Added options toolbar button
- Added Ukrainian language file
- Fixed portable version is unable to mount any image formats other than ISO

Version 1.7.8 2022-06-21
- Fixed cannot open .mdf files in some cases
- Added support CUE sheet of Multi-Session CD images - Pro
- Added display drive ID in main dialog - portable
- Improved try open image with .bin/.img/.wav/.flac/.ape/.m4a/.wv/.tta extension if cannot open cuesheet image

Version 1.7.7 2022-06-17
Support .ashdisc image file
Support .b5t/.b6t/.bwt image file
Support .cdi image file
Support .mdx image file
Support .pdi image file
Added upgrade to ImgDrive Pro
Many minor changes and improvements

Version 1.7.6 2022-05-30
Fixed driver is not installed in some cases
Added command line to unmount by image file path (-u image_file_path)

Version 1.7.5 2022-05-19
Improved support for CD images in BIN/CUE format
Added support load language file in UTF-8 format
Add French language
Improved support for ISO/IMG format

Version 1.7.4 2022-05-06
Fixed wrong filter when create a data image
Fixed support for Mixed Mode CD images in BIN/CUE format
Removed no longer generate logs
Update german language
Update italian language
Register ImgDrive to App Paths
Improved show file type of images in Options->Integration
Fixed drive settings are not saved

Version 1.7.3 2022-05-01
Added support mounting folder in command line
Fixed a crash when opening file dialog
Update languages
Many minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.7.2 2018-08-12
Added Japanese language
Add File/Options menu
Add "Hide Unmounted Drives"
Add "Stay on Top"
Add shortcuts
Added: command line support

Version 1.7.0 2018-08-11
Add File/Options menu
Add "Hide Unmounted Drives"
Add "Stay on Top"
Add shortcuts
Added: command line support

Version 1.5.8 2018-07-26
Show a wait dialog while installing driver
Only one instance is allowed to run
Decrease the program file size
Fix a silly mistake when click 'Browse' menu item
Update 'Check for Update' feature
Fixed sign issue for 64-bit+32-bit combined exe

Version 1.5.0 2018-07-19
New 64-bit+32-bit combined exe for Portable Version
Update language files
Many minor changes

Version 1.4.5 2018-07-11
Added disc file explorer
Added sector viewer
Added new device properties dialog
Updated languages files
Many minor changes

Version 1.4.2 2018-07-07
Added copy non copy protected disc feature(beta)
Added unmount toolbar button
Added show/hide toolbar text
Added change volume label
Fixed incorrect toolbar text size
Fixed incorrect file name/volume label encoding in some case
Improved bring ImgDrive to foreground when rerun
Updated languages file

Version 1.3.8 2018-06-27
Fixed return wrong disc/track info in some cases
Updated languages file
Updated toolbar image

Version 1.3.7 2018-03-01
Fixed driver update failed in Windows 10
Fixed set default language when first run
Some minor changes

Version 1.3.6 2018-02-28
This is a small update
Using UDF 1.02 file system when creating ISO image by default

Version 1.3.5 2018-02-24
Added M4A(ALAC) support
Added create ISO image which can create DVD/Blu-ray compatible disc images
Added hide unmounted drives option
Added show ImgDrive in system tray option
Added change drive letter
Fixed driver install failure on Windows 2000
Improve driver installation, most of the time do not need to restart computer
Updated kernel drive version to 1.2
Updated languages file

Version 1.3.2 2018-02-05
Portable ImgDrive is available at
Added French languages translated by paulot
Added Portuguese languages translated by Carlos B. Jorge

Version 1.3.0 2018-02-01
- Add: WavPack support
- Add: TTA support
- Add: CATALOG, ISRC support
- Add: Change ImgDrive driver icons feature
- Add: Customize log file location
- Add: Slovak languages translated by matej
- Add: Swedish languages translated by eson57
- Add: Spanish languages translated by c-sanchez
- Add: French/German/Russian/Italian/Korean/Polish/Hungarian languages by google translate
- Improve: Mount multi-session clone CD
- Improve: Cuesheet file parser
- Improve: Kernel driver stability
- Fix: Region errors after mounting DVD images
- Fix: READ_TRACK_INFORMATION return incorrect result

Version 1.2.1 2017-12-18
- Fix: Mount *.cue failure when TITLE is too long
- Fix: Mount *.ccd failure in some cases
- And: Some minor changes

Version 1.2.0 2017-12-16
- Fix: Driver signature issue

Version 1.1.0 2017-09-21
- Fix: Cannot install on Windows 10
- New: Added Japanese language file

Version 1.0.4 2017-02-03
Fix: Some minor changes

Version 1.0.3 2016-08-22
New: Added automount feature

Version 1.0.2 2016-05-31
-Fix: Crash when mounting image with ImgDrive is disabled
-New: Added Homepage menu item

Version 1.0.1 2016-05-25
- Fix: Mount cue+flac failed

Version 1.0.0 2016-05-10
- First Public Release

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