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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for ImgBurn Released: Sunday 16th June 2013

Added: Holding the ALT key when clicking on DLE window's Disc pane column header will now remove the sort order (so they're then essentially sorted by addition order).
Added: Ability to incrementally search the Explorer pane in the 'Disc Layout Editor' window.
Added: The effective USB connection speed (1.1, 2.0, 3.0) for USB devices to the initial device scan log entries.
Added: Log entry when burning showing the effective layer break position.
Added: Log entry when burning that shows the number of discs a Lite-On drive thinks it has burnt.
Added: Pioneer drives now list their 'Kernel Version' next to the firmware version.
Added: The Windows 7+ taskbar button/progress display now turns red if an I/O error box pops up during a read/write (etc.) operation.
Added: The ability to set the 'Platform ID' when building a bootable disc - thus enabling the creation of UEFI bootable discs.
Added: Internal version of the 'BurnerMax Payload' code (well, what I could figure out) to allow for overburning DVD+R DL on many MediaTek chipset based drives. In practice, this only seems to work on Lite-On (and clone) drives that have 'Force HyperTuning' enabled.
Added: MSF info to the 'Sector Viewer' tool.
Added: Allow for larger I/O buffer (1GB).
Added: Option to pick the transfer size (32KB -> 512 KB) used when reading / writing files.
Added: Option to enable/disable the OS's buffering when writing image files.
Added: Ability to make the Explorer pane in the DLE window 'Read Only'.
Added: Support for Opus audio compression format.
Added: Support for TAK lossless audio compression format (including embedded CUE sheets).
Added: Ability to use a '*' wildcard for 'backup list' directory entries in an IBB project file (applies to Advanced input mode).
Added: A few keyboard shortcuts to the DLE window. (Ctrl+Shift+C = New Disc (Clear), Ctrl+Shift+D = Add Folder (Directory), Ctrl+Shift+F = Add Files, Ctrl+Shift+N = New Folder)
Changed: No longer bundling/offering the toolbar in the setup program, OpenCandy now handles product offerings during installation.
Changed: Buffered I/O is now enabled by default for reading/writing files.
Changed: Update the splashscreen logo.
Changed: The 'Delete' option/button in the Disc Layout Editor has been renamed to 'Remove' so it matches the one in Standard input mode (and so people aren't put off by the term 'Delete' - thinking it'll actually delete the file on their hard drive).
Changed/Fixed: Detect oversized UDF File Entry descriptors and don't attempt to parse them.
Changed/Fixed: Restore 'Disc Layout Editor' window's focus when the application becomes active.
Changed/Fixed: Workaround for the new 16x LG Blu-ray writers that report the wrong (a truncated) current write speed value in the 'GET PERFORMANCE' response when burning at 16x.
Changed/Fixed: Workaround for newer LG drives with the 'Silent Play' feature that seem to ignore attempts to set the read speed via the 'SET STREAMING' command. They get fixed on 1x and won't read any faster!
Changed/Fixed: Attempt to block users from trying to write discs their 'combo' drive doesn't support (i.e. a DVD+RW/BD-ROM combo drive trying to burn BD-R).
Changed/Fixed: Potential errors were being ignored/lost when setting a 'changeable' layer break position to its current/maximum value. The program now reports them.
Changed/Fixed: Tweaked the 'browse for folder/file' dialog code to hopefully stop the OS from throwing up a 'There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive X:.' error when the MRU location is a drive that no longer has a disc in it.
Changed/Fixed: Reworked some commands that could optionally not use 'Immediate I/O'. Old code could fall back to 'Non-Immediate I/O' and loose the initial error message from the 'Immediate I/O' version of the command.
Changed/Fixed: Made an adjustment (potential bug fix) to my drag+drop component's code. It may cut down on crashes / weird things happening as a result of the user having performed a d+d operation.
Changed/Fixed: 'Shutdown Computer' checkboxes should have read 'Shut Down Computer'.
Changed/Fixed: Recently added 'MID' info to was missing from the disc info text in Read / Verify modes.
Fixed: Cosmetic issue displaying numbers when the user's 'thousands separator' is set to nothing.
Fixed: Displaying wrong firmware subversion on newer LG Blu-ray drives (BH14+).
Fixed: Memory leak when burning Audio CDs that use DirectShow for decoding.
Fixed: Memory leak when burning an Audio CDs where the files are already in the correct format for burning (no decode required).
Fixed: Potential access violation when reading a field in a UDF 'File Set Descriptor'.
Fixed: Old (orphaned) AWS related registry/ini file entries were being left behind - this was perfectly fine, it's just nice to keep the place tidy!
Fixed: DLE Window's Disc Toolbar wasn't being resized for higher DPI systems - meaning the buttons weren't fully visible.
Fixed: When outputting Mode2/Form1/2352 from Build mode, the program didn't take into account any additional data type conversion required for the drive - this could produce a corrupt disc. Released: Thursday 29th March 2012

Added: Additional info (service name and driver version for hard disk controllers) to the 'Family Tree' text.
Added: 'Supported Read Speeds' for discs to the disc info text.
Added: New log entry (when burning DVD-RAM/HD DVD-RAM/BD-RE) showing the current state of the 'Hardware Defect Management' feature on the drive. When active, the drive would 'normally' take longer to burn a disc due to the automatic 'verify after write' process.
Added: Option to use the system default language. When an exact match cannot be found (i.e. the correct translation file is missing from the Languages folder), the program will attempt a partial match.
Added: Ability to perform LiteOn's SmartErase functions.
Added: Show 'MID' in the 'Disc Information' section of the text on the right - easier to find and always available under the same heading.
Added: Ability to translate the image/disc size values on the recently added 'Overburn / Truncate' prompt.
Added/Changed: When reading Q sub-channel data fails, the program will attempt to read RAW sub-channel data (and deinterleave it to get Q) instead.
Added/Changed: Option to include 'Burn using ImgBurn' file association entries in whatever's the default progid of a given file extension - previously, this was done by default.
Changed: When renaming an item in the Disc pane of the DLE window (on Vista+), the program will now exclude the file extension from the initially selected text.
Changed: Renaming items in the Explorer pane of the DLE window is now also possible via the 'normal' method of a single mouse click on a selected item (rather than just pressing F2).
Changed: Default size of I/O Buffer. (Less than 1GB RAM = 20MB, Less than 2GB RAM = 40MB, Everything else = 80MB)
Changed: When the drive fails to read a block of sectors in Read/Verify mode, the program will now log the error it returned before attempting to read them one by one (so the original error message doesn't go unreported).
Changed: Reverted to using original/basic messagebox for overburn question when in Build/Discovery modes.
Changed: Split the DVD/HD DVD/BD Video reading of various files to obtain a volume label into their own options rather than them all using a single one in the DVD Video section.
Changed: Tweaked some code that generates the volume label suggestion on DVD/HD DVD/BD Video builds.
Changed/Fixed: When CCD image layout file creation is enabled, PreGap sectors will be converted/added to 'Index 0' sectors and included within the IMG file.
Changed/Fixed: Workaround for infinite loop issue with some virtual drives caused by incorrect info being returned for the 'READ SUB CHANNEL' command.
Changed/Fixed: The autoloader 'Auto Abort On Error' option didn't apply to Read mode.
Changed/Fixed: Workaround for buggy (LG) drives that return 'Invalid Field in CDB' rather than 'Invalid Field in Parameter List' in response to a certain command.
Fixed: Default Overburning Method always reverts to 'Overburn'.
Fixed: Creating MDS files when it shouldn't have been.
Fixed: Changing the number of copies required for an image (on the Write Queue window) that was currently being burnt didn't update the value displayed in the progress window.
Fixed: Bug parsing the metadata in WAV files.
Fixed: Clicking the email link in the about box (and 'ok' on the prompt) didn't fire up default email client as it should have done (it did nothing).
Fixed: Problem with long initial file names causing an 'error 0x3002' prompt to be displayed and preventing open/save dialog boxes from opening under XP (and probably older OS's).
Fixed: Potential false positive in code that detects BCD within the RAW TOC returned from a CD.
Fixed: When reading from an 'Advanced Format' drive with 4k (physical AND logical) sectors, the program could pop up an error (invalid parameter?) at the end of a burn/verify operation. Clicking 'Retry' would allow it to complete successfully though.
Fixed: Read/Verify modes weren't exporting graph data to the file name specified via CLI.
Fixed: The last digit in a CD's MCN was wrong.
Fixed: Potential crash when displaying the 'Overburn' dialog from within Build mode.
Fixed: Potential crash when the 'Optimise Duplicate Files' option is enabled. Released: Tuesday 4th October 2011

Added: Option to truncate image (not physically!) when burning to a smaller disc rather than always attempting to overburn.
Added: New 'Create BDMV Folders' option to the Blu-ray Video options in Build mode. This ensures the BDMV folder contains all the basic folders required for successful playback in PowerDVD.
Added: New 'Clear Bin Status' button to the Auto Loader Control window. This only applies to Generic auto loaders and tells them to revert to using the first lot of input/output bins.
Added: Workaround for autoloaders that don't report an error when the input bin is empty and cause the program to keep loading and unloading non-existent media as part of a batch mode read/queued write operation.
Added: Option to log skipped 'non archive' files/folders in Build mode - files without their 'archive' attribute set (this is nothing to do with zip, rar files etc. !).
Added: Workaround for Wine bug #22079 -
Added: Workaround for Wine bug #27559 -
Added: 'Show Interleaved Cells' option that makes the program include interleaved cells in the 'create/select layer break position' dialog.
Added: Filtering of '.miniso', 'desktop.ini' and a few 'thumbnail cache' type files when building DVD Audio or DVD/HD DVD/BD Video discs.
Added: The 'Device Capabilities' window now also shows if 'Binding Nonce Generation' and 'Bus Encryption Capable' features are supported.
Added: Detection of Wine version being used - now displayed next to the normal OS info in the log window.
Added: Workaround for Wine bug #27470 -
Added: Support for building '.miniso' image files ( ) - used by DVDFab Virtual Drive.
Added: Option to not show the 'Test mode not/might not be support' warning message.
Added: Remember and restore the MRU source path (when adding/browsing for files) in the 'Create CUE/DVD/MDS File' windows.
Added: Prompt when the user may have made an error by enabling the 'Patch Boot Information Table' option when using a boot image that's over 1MB in size.
Added: Option to control the 'retry for remaining copies' / 'try burning image again before trying next image' prompts.
Added: Pressing the 'Enter' key in the Disc/Files box the Disc Layout Editor window will now navigate to the first selected child folder.
Added: Basic detection of an attempt to build an MP3 Audio disc (along the same lines as the existing DivX detection but with *.mp3 files rather than *.avi).
Added: An extra 'underburning' prompt when burning a BD-R sized image to a BD-R DL/TL/QL disc (and a BD-R DL sized image to a BD-R TL disc etc.).
Added: Support for detecting BDXL capabilities in a drive.
Added: Support for some 'Generic' auto loaders that use a COM port for robot communications.
Added: Prompt for the user to select an Auto Loader's 'Associated Drives' if none could be detected automatically.
Added: Prompt when the user may have made an error by enabling the 'Patch Boot Information Table' option when building a Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008 bootable installation disc (i.e. using an 'ETFSBOOT.COM' boot image).
Added: An extra 'underburning' prompt when burning a DVD sized image (non BD Video) to a BD-R disc.
Added: You can now double click a 'Destination File:' or 'Source File:' log entry (whilst holding down the CTRL key) to open up its containing folder in Explorer.
Added: Prompt when the user may have made an error in the 'Sectors To Load' field when building a Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008 bootable installation disc. (Should be 4 for a 2KB ETFSBOOT.COM file and 8 for a 4KB one)
Added: Option to log skipped 'filtered' files/folders in Build mode - i.e. from within folders like the VIDEO_TS one where only IFO/BUP/VOB files are allowed.
Added: Feature to display the 'Family Tree' of a device - i.e. which controller it's connected to.
Added: Support for detecting the Cyberlink UDF 2.50+ filter driver on Windows XP systems - and thus not displaying the warning about a UDF 2.50+ formatted disc potentially being unreadable.
Added: Workaround for (proper) Pioneer burners not reporting the % complete of a background DVD+RW format.
Added: Option to make the program wait longer for the drive (in an auto/embedded/medium changer) to become ready when doing a 'Batch Mode' Read. Option is enabled by default and makes the program wait 5 minutes rather than 5 seconds.
Added: Support for reading metadata (tags) from M4A music files - which can then be used by CUE sheets to create CD-TEXT info.
Added: When suggesting a volume label for a BD Video image/disc, the program will now read the disc name specified in the 'BDMVMETADLbdmt_eng.xml' file.
Added: When extracting a boot image, ensure the source and destination aren't the same.
Added: When extracting a boot image, check for sufficient disk space before starting.
Added: The ability to format BD-R and enable spare areas (defect management). When using BD-R with spare area, you should disable the 'BD-R Verify Not Required' option otherwise the whole thing is a bit pointless!
Added/Changed: Prevent Read mode from being used to create (useless) image files of multi-session/track DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray discs and suggest using Build mode to create a new image based on the contents of the disc instead.
Added/Changed: Tooltip for the 'Free Space' label (Build mode, Information tab) now displays the free space info for previous, current and next 'min required media' formats.
Added/Changed: Log entry related to supported write speeds.
Added/Changed: The initial drive scan results in the Log window now show the full firmware version for LG (HL-DT-ST) drives. (e.g. '1.00-A9' rather than just '1.00')
Changed: Updated bundled Ask toolbar to latest version (
Changed: Made a few tweaks to the 'VirtualTreeView' component code when painting with (Vista+) themes enabled.
Changed: The 'Reset Copy Permission Indicator Flag' feature now automatically disables itself if the compilation includes an 'AACS_bd' or 'AACS_mv' folder in the root. Previously it only did so if an 'AACS' folder was present.
Changed: When using the '/FILESYSTEMONLY' switch, the program now also includes anything that would normally come after the file data (i.e. mirror metadata partition or UDF anchors) in the output file.
Changed: Tweak for detecting conflicting 'preserve full pathnames' setting when attempting to build certain types of images/discs.
Changed: Renamed 'Test Mode' warning option to 'Test Mode Enabled'.
Changed: Workaround for the TDateTimePicker control (used in Build mode for custom volume/file/folder dates) not displaying the current value properly under Wine (tested in Ubuntu 11.04 with Wine 1.3.20).
Changed: Tweak for detecting BD Video builds (where it may previously have treated it as a standard 'data' build or prompted the user)
Changed: Tweak for detecting DVD Video builds (where it may previously have treated it as a standard 'data' build).
Changed: The red 'Cancel' button (image) shown on the progress screens now has a 'hot' image so it's more obvious it does something.
Changed/Fixed: Build mode's 'Advanced' output mode will now check for and remove the destination image file from the list of source files. This was already being done in 'Standard' output mode.
Changed/Fixed: The DLE window wouldn't restore the Explorer pane's previous selection if it wasn't a file system object - i.e. so it wouldn't restore the selection to '(My) Computer' having closed and reopened the window, but it would restore it to something like 'C:'.
Changed/Fixed: Made the 'Patch Boot Information Table' option only available when 'Emulation Type' is set to 'None (Custom)'.
Fixed: Potential crash when attempting to parse a certain UDF descriptor.
Fixed: When reading a multi-session/track DVD/HD DVD/ Blu-ray disc to an image file, the program would re-read from the start of the disc for each track (leading to an inflated image).
Fixed: Added a short pause after setting the read/verify speed so drives can respond to the request. (Workaround for bug in LG BD BH10/BH12 writer firmware that makes them read at 2x)
Fixed: Unable to save an *Ansi* format 'text' file (CUE, MD5, LOG etc.) when the file name contained Unicode characters.
Fixed: The 'Sort Files By Source List Order' option of Build mode wasn't working when using Advanced input mode.
Fixed: The 'Retry' option when attempting to Unload/Reject a disc from a Vinpower/Generic autoloader didn't work.
Fixed: Synchronisation of options between modes during program initialisation could cause some incorrect values to be restored.
Fixed: Potential access violation when accessing a certain storage descriptor as the program starts up.
Fixed: Problem that could cause the 'there are still some queued up images' box to pop up twice when the program has been told to close itself.
Fixed: Problem that could cause an error box ('Reached End Of File') to pop up just before the burn starts when checking to see if an image file contained BD Video data.
Fixed: The log window would jump to the wrong location when restoring the application (having previously minimised it) if the Taskbar was located at the side of the screen (rather than top / bottom).
Fixed: Clicking the red 'Cancel button (image) shown on the progress screens didn't provide any sort of feedback if the program was already cancelling due to an error.
Fixed: Error attempting to close the track when burning a multi track image (i.e. Audio CD) using the TAO write type.
Fixed: Couldn't perform Redo (via CTRL+Y) or Undo (via CTRL+Z) in the ISO9660 volume label boxes, they just caused the 'Unacceptable Character' balloon to pop up.
Fixed: Attempt at a workaround for an issue someone was having where the main window ended up being smaller than the components it contained (so some controls got cut off). Released: Thursday 13th January 2011

* Added: Support for Plextor PX-870 / PX-880 / PX-L890 drives to be treated as LiteOn drives (rather than true Plextor drives) by the 'Book Type' / 'Advanced Settings' code. This negates the need to manually enter the Device IDs in the 'Configure Drive OEM' window.
* Added: Support for /NOSAVELOG command line switch (see ReadMe.txt for usage).
* Added: Support for /FILESYSTEMONLY command line switch (see ReadMe.txt for usage).
* Added: Support for relative paths when reading the boot image file name from an IBB file.
* Added: Proper support for CDI images (including multi-track/session ones) via Padus's PfcToc.dll file (must be present where ImgBurn.exe is).
* Changed: Show a little more firmware version information for LG drives on the Device Capabilities window and when checking for firmware updates. This is useful for drives like the BH10LS30 that display 1.00 when the full version number might actually be 1.00-A9.
* Changed: Increased precision of timestamps when 'building' UDF file system.
* Changed/Fixed: DLL loading method to avoid Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637).
* Fixed: An internal table containing file system info during a Read/Verify operation was using an incorrect size value for files when UDF was being used and the files had multiple allocation descriptors spread over multiple sectors. (Only used when logging which file a certain bad sector belongs to) Released: Sunday 12th December 2010

* Changed: Remove some more try/catch statements (mainly to do with buffer recovery stuff) in an attempt to get to the root cause of an EInvalidOp error that I've seen in a few bug reports.
* Changed/Fixed: Attempt to clean up the icons created in the wrong location by a bug in v2.5.2.0. It made them in the current user profile rather than the all users profile and could leave you with duplicate icons after installing v2.5.3.0.
* Fixed: Bug introduced in v2.5.3.0 when selecting multiple files in an 'Open File' dialog box under Vista+ (i.e. those using the new IFileDialog code). The first file was being removed from the list of selected files. Released: Monday 6th December 2010

* Added: Workaround for the firmware bug present in LG's BH10LS30 drive (probably all BH10 / WH10 drives) where formatting a new BD-RE with full certification enabled produces a disc that still appears as if it's unformatted in various drives.
* Added: Option to have the program automatically set the book type to 'Normal' rather than 'DVD-ROM' when burning a BD Video (BDAV/BDMV folder is present) disc. Some players won't play BD (AVCHD ?) content from a disc with its book type set to DVD-ROM.
* Added: Support for a new '/OPTIMISEDUPLICATEFILES' command line switch which can be used to enable that feature in Build mode as and when it's required.
* Added: 'Add Selected' toolbar button in the DLE window that will add whatever's selected in the Explorer pane's Files box to the compilation.
* Added: 'Display DirectShow Filter List' option to the menu when you right click in the 'Layout' box within the 'Create CUE File' window. When an audio track is selected, this will give you a list of the filters that DirectShow will be using to decode your file into a format ImgBurn can use.
* Added: Discovery mode now adds a very basic ISO9660 PVD when it burns so programs don't think it's a blank disc. (Workaround for issue with CDSpeed / Opti Drive Control and DVD+RW/BD-RE media)
* Added: Warnings for various layer break position issues when the program is set to 'Calculate Optimal' - previously, issues were only reported with 'User Specified' layer break positions.
* Added: Display info from the DDS on BD-R / BD-RE in the Disc Info box on the right (including which drive burnt the disc - BD-R only).
* Added: When building an image file with an empty 'Destination' box, the program will attempt to generate the/suggest a file name based on the 'Source' if nothing has been already been generated based on the volume labels.
* Added: Option to synchronise the editing of volume label fields on the 'Change Volume Label' form (i.e. so you type in one box and it types in all three).
* Added: Option of selecting the character set for the ISO9660 volume label field on the 'Change Volume Label' form.
* Added: 'Uppercase' / 'Lowercase' / 'Title Case' buttons for the ISO9660 volume label fields (Build mode and 'Change Volume Label' tool - Joliet / UDF fields already had them). They're only enabled when using the 'ASCII' character set.
* Added: Prompt user if attempting to build a pure UDF 2.50+ data disc on any OS prior to Vista (without 'thdudf' or 'meiudf' drivers installed). Browsing such discs on those operating systems is not possible without the use of a 3rd party driver.
* Added: New ''Image Files' Folder' choice to the 'Default Destination' option in Read mode. Selecting this will make the program default to saving in the 'Image Files' folder as specified on the 'File Locations' tab.
* Added: Options to control whether or not the current selection within the 'Copies' drop down box ('Build' and 'Write' modes) gets remembered / saved when the program is closed down - and thus restored when it's opened again.
* Added: Shortcuts to configure the ISO9660 file system restrictions according to 1988 or 1999 specs.
* Added: Option to set the initial folder for the Explorer pane in the 'Disc Layout Editor' window.
* Added: Option when creating a bootable disc in Build mode to have the program patch the 'Boot Information Table'.
* Added: Option to synchronise the editing of volume label fields on the 'Labels' tab in Build mode / on the 'Create Volume Label' form (i.e. so you type in one box and it types in all three).
* Added: 'Batch Mode' option for 'Read' mode where it'll prompt to insert the next disc just as Write mode does when burning multiple images/copies. This allows for automated reads when using an auto loader device.
* Added: 'Self Test' function on the 'Auto Loader Control' window (just loads and unloads discs until the input tray is empty).
* Added: The program will prompt the user if they attempt to create a bootable DVD/HD DVD/BD/DivX video disc.
* Added: 'Disc Manufacturer Information' to the disc info panels. This is used for HD DVD media.
* Added: 'Dereference Link Files' option in the Settings. When enabled, the target of *.LNK files is added to the compilation rather than the LNK file itself. Applies to Advanced Build mode and only to items being added directly, not sub folders/files.
* Added: Option to log skipped subfolders in Build mode (for when 'Recurse Subdirectories' is disabled).
* Added: Support for Vinpower Digital RipBox autoloaders.
* Added: Option to tell the program to include a header (program version + date) at the top of log files when saving them.
* Added/Changed: The program will now call the 'CancelSynchronousIo' API function if you try to cancel the burn twice - i.e. where you get the 'Please be patient, I heard you the first time!' message in the log window.
* Added/Changed: Tweaked the PTRobots drive enumeration code to handle situations where the API can't figure out which drives are where within the publisher.
* Changed: Text in the SPLIP column within the 'create/select layer break' windows now uses the translated Yes / No values.
* Changed: Using IFileDialog for the 'Open' / 'Save' / 'Browse For Folder' dialogs under Windows Vista+ now rather than GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName/SHBrowseForFolder.
* Changed: When browsing for a file in the 'Change Volume Label' tool, the program will now default to the 'Image Files' folder (assuming there's no image selected already - where it would then use its folder).
* Changed: Updated bundled Ask toolbar to latest version (
* Changed: Removed all the top level 'try' / 'catch' statements in threads so the proper error handler can kick in and provide me with some decent crash reports (via Eurekalog / madExcept) !
* Changed: Tweaked the NRG file parsing code a little bit so it now errors out if the user tries to load an unsupported (multi session/track) image.
* Changed: The folder tree in the DLE window's Explorer pane will no longer include archives (zip files etc).
* Changed: If the specified boot image file is also being added into the image itself, the program will point the boot catalog to the file in the image rather than duplicating the data in a dedicated boot image.
* Changed: The program now restores the previously selected folder in the DLE window's Explorer pane when closed/reopened in a single session.
* Changed: Updated the memory manager to FastMM v4.97 - Hopefully it won't cause the 'Invalid Pointer Operation' errors that 4.96 did (which is why I reverted to 4.94).
* Changed: Always use the newer style images in the log window (XP and older OS's used to use different ones to Vista/7).
* Changed: Tweaked the message about the program not being able to 'Read' to an ISO file slightly to include the reason why.
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked how the 'vendor specific' inquiry data gets displayed (in Drive Capabilities) - previously it wouldn't have shown up for LG drives or any others with null bytes in the field.
* Fixed: Problem with internal logic (not setting a certain flag) when the program had been told to always overwrite files via CLI.
* Fixed: Errors that might occur during the 'Zeroing Sectors...' phase of a full format on BD-RE media were being lost due to (silent) automatic write retries.
* Fixed: Errors that might occur during the 'Writing LeadIn...' phase of burning CD media were being lost due to (silent) automatic write retries.
* Fixed: Incorrect layer info displayed / logged when reading/burning BD-R DL and BD-RE DL media (BD-ROM DL was ok).
* Fixed: The 'View Media Information' button in Read mode's 'Source' box was sometimes enabled when it shouldn't have been.
* Fixed: Problem with the log window's position when moving the main window if the log window is minimised and snapped to the main window.
* Fixed: Problem with the log window's position when being minimised.
* Fixed: The 'Volume Set Identifier' wasn't being read from the ISO9660/Joliet file systems - thus the field would have been empty if they were the only file systems in the image/on the disc.
* Fixed: Made a few non-autosize fields (on the 'Change Book Type' and 'Change Advanced Settings' screens) a little taller so they don't cut the text off.
* Fixed: Silent failure when trying to build a bootable disc and the boot image no longer exists.
* Fixed: Incorrect layer break position being read from NRG files (needed to add 1 to the value).
* Fixed: 'List index out of bounds(-1)' error when pressing the 'e' key in Build mode (image file output) caused by the TTntPageControl component trying to see if it can display an invisible tab.
* Fixed: 2nd attempt at fixing the issue where the program gets stuck 'Analysing Tracks' (basically, just an issue with Audio CDs).
* Fixed: The wrong function name was being reported by some of the PTRobot autoloader error checking code.
* Fixed: The explorer style component used in the DLE window was displaying Compressed/Encrypted files in the wrong colours (back to front RGB!).
* Fixed: Complete lack of an actual option/checkbox in the Settings window for controlling 'Create DVD - Save As Ansi' (it was being used in the code but you couldn't change it anywhere!).
* Fixed: Complete lack of an actual option/checkbox in the Settings window for controlling 'Create DVD - Preserve Full Pathnames' (it was being used in the code but you couldn't change it anywhere!).
* Fixed: Looking at the 'Create MDS - Save As Ansi' option (rather than the 'Create DVD' one) when deciding on which file type (Ansi/Unicode) to default to in the 'Create DVD File' window's 'Save As' box.
* Fixed: The 'Install For All Users' option in the installer wasn't being honoured when creating the shortcuts/icons.
* Fixed: Potential 'Divide By Zero' error if the drive reports the disc capacity as a value of 0xFFFFFFFF on a double layer disc. Released: Wednesday 1st September 2010

* Added: Built in support for 'ATAPI iHBS' drives for the auto booktype/advanced settins stuff.
* Added: Option within the installer to manipulate the registry key / GPO to do with allowing access to drives within a remote session.
* Added: New icons in Vista / 7 style (rather than the now 'dated' XP look).
* Added: Workaround for a firmware bug in the 'Read Track Information' command on the Asus DVD-E616P (FW: 1.04) drive.
* Added: An 'ImgBurn' icon at the 'All Programs' top level within the start menu (Only Windows Vista+).
* Added: Support for reading the layer break position from the image file descriptor within a Nero (NRG) image file.
* Added: Options that allow the user to override which info should be used to create the program's internal disc layout info. (1 = TOC, 2 = Disc/Track Info, 3 = Disc Capacity (Basic single session/track!)) Buggy firmware on certain drives may benefit from using TOC info for DVD media rather than the now default Disc/Track Info.
* Added: Option to allow non compliant file/folder creation dates in the UDF file system (only applies to UDF 2.00+). Normally, the creation date must be before the modified/accessed date and it's 'tweaked' so that's always true. (I take the 'Modified' date to be the most important of the 3 as that's what's displayed in Explorer)
* Added: Workaround for LiteOn/Samsung drives that report an incorrect 'Logical Track Size' for DVD-R/DVD-RW discs where the track size is 1 sector over being divisible (exactly) by 16.
* Added: Ability to read the layer break position (put in by Rimage software) from a special field in the ISO9660 PVD.
* Added: You can now opt to have the Explorer/Disc panes side by side (rather than stacked) in the Disc Layout Editor window.
* Added: When device enumeration of 'Auto Loaders' is enabled, you can now choose which types to search for (Acronova / Primera Technology).
* Added: Option where you can configure the PreGap detection command order (1 = Read CD, 2 = Read SubChannel, 3 = Read CDDA).
* Added: Support for Primera Technology auto-loaders.
* Added: 'Underburning' option to the 'Warnings' group within the Settings. This will allow you to configure if the program should tell you that you can burn to a single layer disc and don't need to use the double layer disc in the drive.
* Added/Changed: The program now warns you (by means of a log entry) if loading a project or queue file failed. (i.e. for 'Advanced' mode, if a file/folder mentioned in the IBB no longer exists)
* Added/Changed: One extra method of generating and suggesting a volume name in Build mode when the user hasn't entered one themselves.
* Added/Changed: Lots of error handling code to hopefully enable better (more useful) error reports from Eurekalog/madExcept.
* Changed: When loading the settings from an ini file (via the /SETTINGS CLI parameter), the program will attempt to load the settings from the registry if the ini file doesn't exist (rather than just using the defaults).
* Changed: The 'Close' -> 'Track' tool now closes the last track on the disc (as reported by the disc information command) rather than being fixed on track 1.
* Changed: When the GUI font is set to 'Segoe UI', the program now uses size 9 rather than size 8 (
* Changed: Switched to using madExcept for catching errors and sending logs instead of Eurekalog. (Just testing something out!)
* Changed: Updated to latest revision of the Explorer Treeview/Listview components used in the DLE window of Advanced Build mode.
* Changed: Using FastMM v4.92 memory manager again (like in rather than the Borland/CodeGear default one (like in Newer versions of FastMM have given odd access violations during the beta cycle so sticking with 4.92 for now.
* Changed: The DLE window now works on / remembers percentages rather than actual sizes for the explorer pane and folder treeviews - so they can be applied directly when switching from stacked to side by side view and vice versa.
* Changed: The installer wipes out the file splitting settings (due to new values being added to the list) - should have done this in but I forgot.
* Changed: Handling of DirectShow errors so that if anything fails when 0 bytes have been processed, you no longer have the option to call that the end of the file and continue.
* Changed: Moved the running of the Toolbar checker program (checks to see if the toolbar should be offered at all) to before the installer GUI loads - so now there's no pause between pages.
* Changed: Re-wrote the installer so the Ask Toolbar gets installed along with the rest of the files (if it's selected of course!) and not the second you click the 'Next/Install' button on the toolbar offer page. (No freeze when clicking 'Next' and looks nicer)
* Changed: Now using the 'MainFormOnTaskbar' option (when running Vista+) so you can interact with the program properly via the taskbar. There are z-order issues with doing this but you'll just have to live with them!
* Changed: Uniblue desktop (internet) shortcuts are now more obvious within the installer and are deselected by default. You can also pick to have just 1 of them if you so wish rather it being all or nothing.
* Changed: Uniblue links within the program itself are totally gone. (Everything is back to normal - phew!)
* Changed/Fixed: The keyboard shortcuts for switching modes and showing/hidings certain windows now use Shift+Ctrl+? instead of Ctrl+Alt+?. The Ctrl+Alt+? ones prevented certain letters from working on non-English setups.
* Changed/Fixed: The installer creates the uninstall.exe earlier on now so that it exists before the 'Uninstall' shortcut gets created - fixes an issue where the shortcut doesn't have the correct icon under Windows 7.
* Changed/Fixed: The user can now select if 'BiDiMode' should be 'Left To Right' / 'Right To Left'.
* Fixed: An internal table containing file system info during a Read/Verify operation was using an incorrect start LBA value for files when UDF 2.50+ was being used. (Only used when logging which file a certain bad sector belongs to)
* Fixed: 'Soft link' (Symbolic link) files were added to Build mode compilations with a size of 0 rather than the size of the file they linked to.
* Fixed: The 'Include Reparse Point Files' option wasn't working in 'Standard' build mode.
* Fixed: Potential infinite loop when an error occurs re-enabling media control notification (MCN).
* Fixed: Workaround for a Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero bug in the TComoboBoxEx component regarding the size of the drop down list, the ItemHeight and the DropDownCount.
* Fixed: The 'Write Queue' window would open partially hidden behind the taskbar if it was aligned at the top of the screen.
* Fixed: Bug where an extra trailing backslash ('') would be added to a BDAV/BDMV folder name when the program automatically created one as part of adding a 'known' BD Video file to the compilation.
* Fixed: Wasn't removing the file association 'OpenWithProgids' registry values when uninstalling.
* Fixed: Invalid info in 'Write Speed Miscompare' warnings in the log if the write speed is set to 'MAX' and the commands used to set the write speed fail (i.e. due to DMA issues).
* Fixed: Taskbar button text swapping between 0% and x% when formatting a disc at the start of a DVD-RW burn when the Incremental write type is being used.
* Fixed: Reading a couple of track information flags (NWA_V and LRA_V) from the wrong byte in the information data (Doh!).
* Fixed: Bug in the DLE window where if you bring up the context menu on a certain item and then delete it, if you press the Delete key again you'll get an Access Violation.
* Fixed: Explorer treeview/listview on DLE window were forcing 'Black' as the text colour for the first column.
* Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling bug in the Explorer style combobox component within the 'Disc Layout Editor' window.
* Fixed: Couldn't set 'Delete Incomplete Files' (Settings -> Events) to 'No'.
* Fixed: (Hopefully) an issue where a thread could be created after they're all supposed to have been destroyed and this then causes an access violation.
* Fixed: Bug that could prevent the new (in v2.5.1.0) MCN/ISRC subchannel scanning code from running.
* Fixed: Cancelling any of the prompts about building such and such a disc (or anything before 'Operation Started' goes into the log) wouldn't actually abort a build operation.
* Fixed: Potential access violation when performing a drag+drop operation and setting the drop description.
* Fixed: Potential access violation when parsing APE tags.
* Fixed: Potential access violation when connecting directshow filters fails.
* Fixed: Issues with pure ISO9660 images and file/folder names using double byte characters based on the system locale.
* Fixed: Issue in the Explorer style component (from MustangPeak) that caused a 'No Disk' type of error to pop up when selecting 'My Computer' in the treeview on the left.
* Fixed: Access violation when detecting regional code of DVD Video files if an IFO was missing from the set.
* Fixed: Potential 'Divide By Zero' error as a result of another error which caused a thread runtime exception.
* Fixed: Potential infinite loop problem (due to odd drive response) when analysing track PreGaps. Released: Tuesday 16th March 2010

* Added: 'Explorer' style file manager pane to the top of the Disc Layout Editor window (can be disabled via a button on the existing toolbar).
* Added: New 7.95GB, 23.3GB and 46.6GB file splitting options so the individual image file parts can be archived on DVD+R DL, BD-R or BD-R DL media.
* Added: An option so the user can control whether or not the program will not halt logging after 'too many' (1000) messages.
* Added: Option in the settings to automatically make the Disc Layout Editor window 'stay on top' (joins the existing one for the Write Queue window).
* Added: The user can now decide if 'Reparse Point' (A.K.A 'Junction') files/folders are included when scanning for files/folder to add to the compilation.
* Added: Option to prevent the program from blocking AutoPlay when it receives the 'QueryCancelAutoPlay' message from the OS (probably only when it's in the foreground).
* Added: Support for detecting when the user might be attempting to build a DVD Audio disc.
* Added: Automatic change booktype support for the LiteOn drives using the NEC chipset ('iHASxxx Y' rather than 'iHASxxx A')
* Added: Added additional bits of information to the disc information panel on the right.
* Added: Support for a couple of other locations for the isolinux.bin file when trying to determine if it should automatically patch the boot-info-table.
* Added: When the program fails to create a directory for the destination file in Read/Build modes, it'll now mention the reason rather than just saying it couldn't do it.
* Added: Debug code for the functions that deal with the Taskbar's progress bar type feature under Windows 7.
* Added: 'Reset DMA' feature to the 'Tools' menu. It's just an internal version of the 'ResetDMA.vbs' script found on the Internet.
* Added: 'Reset Change Counter' option to the booktype feature for NEC drives. This resets the 'Changes Available' counter back to 500 and the booktype options to factory defaults.
* Added: Support for reading MCN and ISRC information via other (and more reliable, especially on LiteON drives - will they ever fix the firmware bug?!) means.
* Added: Support for reading ISRC information on some older devices that aren't quite as MCC standards compliant as was previously required.
* Added: Blu-ray disc information to the disc info panel on the right.
* Added: The 'N/A' text can now be translated.
* Added: The default 'UNDEFINED' volume label can now be translated.
* Added: Detection of/warning for HDD images without MBR - these cannot be used when making a bootable disc, the MBR must also be present.
* Added: New 'errorlevel' return codes for use with CLI. (4 = Build/Read/Write aborted, 5 = Verify aborted)
* Added: Support for the Acronova 'Nimbie' series of auto loaders.
* Added: A new log entry to show the effective write speed.
* Added: A workaround for buggy LG drive firmware (first noticed with my GGW-H20L@FW:YL05 - tried to contact LG twice but they ignored me) when issuing the 'GET PERFORMANCE' command with CD media in the drive.
* Added: You can now decide between single and multiple extents when allowing files that exceed 4GB in the ISO9660/Joliet file systems. (Single fakes the size to 4GB, Multiple allows for the full size but isn't compatible with all parsers)
* Added/Changed: Wipe out old 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' file association stuff if HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is writable.
* Changed: The installer now has a checkbox to reset the settings rather than using a message box.
* Changed: When adding a >4GB file in Build mode, the program now prevents ignoring the ISO9660 maximum file size if 'single extent' method is selected and the UDF file system isn't being included (i.e. you're left with no way to access the entire file).
* Changed: No longer using the TOC information for the disc layout when reading DVD/HD DVD/BD disc, the information reported by the 'Read Disc/Track Information' commands is used instead.
* Changed: Don't prompt for certain DVD Video related stuff if the VIDEO_TS folder is empty. (Gets around the double prompts when doing a homemade HD DVD Video disc with dummy/empty VIDEO_TS folder)
* Changed: The Device MD5 in Verify mode now includes zeroed data for session gaps (as already used in Read mode - thus hopefully making them report the same MD5 for a disc!).
* Changed: Tweak within the installer for the 'AllocateCDRoms' registry value on x64 OS's.
* Changed: The 'Disc ID' button in the AWS window is now disabled when there's no active drive.
* Changed: Moved the Yes/No/Cancel buttons on the 'Confirm Volume Label' form over to the right (same as the other forms now) which allows more room for the 'Auto Yes in X seconds' text on the left.
* Changed: Searching for 'Medium Changers' (and also 'Auto Loaders') is now its own function and gets logged independently from the normal SCSI/ATAPI device scan.
* Changed: Rewrote the code that sets the write speed so it now sets the speed and checks it against the selected speed properly before then trying fallback commands if there's a mismatch.
* Changed: Tweaked the way the program handles discs where (according to the TOC) track 1 starts in what should be the pregap (i.e. 00:00:00 - 00:01:74 (MM:SS:FF)).
* Changed: The 'Auto Yes in X seconds' text on the 'Create Volume Label' window is now translatable.
* Changed: Tweaked the SPTD warning to say 'Duplex Secure's SPTD driver can have a detrimental effect on drive performance.'.
* Changed/Fixed: The program wouldn't suggest a volume label when using Advanced Build mode unless a folder had been added to the compilation.
* Changed/Fixed: The 'New Project' option on the 'File' menu didn't clear the Disc Layout Editor window.
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked the 'Stay On Top' code a bit so it behaves a little better.
* Changed/Fixed: Workaround for Windows 7 'Show Desktop' issue where restoring the application via the taskbar button could (randomly) leave the main window minimised and the log window hidden off the screen.
* Changed/Fixed: The NEC drive section of the booktype feature so you can adjust the temporary settings even when the initial query fails (assuming the v4 command set is supported by the drive).
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked the way the initial folder for the open/save boxes is calculated.
* Changed/Fixed: (AGAIN!) The program would only use the layerbreak position in an IBB if the /CLOSE switch was issued via CLI, /CLOSESUCCESS wouldn't work (and it should have done).
* Changed/Fixed: The 'Eject' option is now persistent across queued burns.
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked the way the program detects if a drive returns TOC info in BCD form or not (mainly an issue with really old/non compliant drives).
* Fixed: Bringing up the 'Cancel' box (and leaving it there) whilst the program was adding files to the DLE window or preparing the build would mean that the form you tried to cancel would stay on the screen even after the operation had actually completed.
* Fixed: (Again, I hope!) Not getting the 'TaskbarButtonCreated' message in Windows 7 and therefore not being able to do the fancy taskbar progress bar stuff.
* Fixed: Main form losing focus when switching to Build mode or between Standard and Advanced Input.
* Fixed: An issue with finding a layer break position when burning directly to DVD+R DL and the 'Double Layer' profile was set to 'DVD-R DL' on the 'Advanced' -> 'Media' tab (only visible when NOT burning direct to disc).
* Fixed: An issue with unicode file/folder names being converted for the ISO9660 file system. (The file extension could get messed up)
* Fxied: An issue when truncating ISO9660 file names (those with no extension anyway) when the option to allow names without extensions is enabled.
* Fixed: The AutoPlay handler for BD Burning wasn't working correctly.
* Fixed: You could right click the lower part of the column header of the listview control on the disc editor window and it would bring up a context menu as if you'd clicked the 1st item in the list.
* Fixed: Issue where cached information was being used for the 'Source' information in Read mode when going from a burnt disc to an empty one.
* Fixed: Filter driver file information was missing on x64 OS's.
* Fixed: Couldn't add 4GB+ padding to an image.
* Fixed: Problem when clearing the drop description in the 'DragLeave' event as part of a drag+drop operation.
* Fixed: Problem with the listview header within the Write Queue window if the handle ever gets recreated.
* Fixed: Certain fields that should have been present in the disc information panel on the right were missing for certain (multisession) discs.
* Fixed: Imagelist issue on the 'Disc Layout Editor' window that could result in a crash when closing the program.
* Fixed: Tweaked the parsing (and display) of track information for DVDs with open sessions.
* Fixed: Tweaked the parsing (and display) of the TOC for multisession DVDs.
* Fixed: UDF parsing code always used the first file set descriptor in the partition when looking for files (so files in a 2nd+ session were not seen).
* Fixed: The '/DEST' CLI parameter didn't work in Verify mode (used to specify the image file to compare the disc to).
* Fixed: The taskbar 'window preview' showed the log window under Windows 7 (no idea why, it just did!).
* Fixed: Shutdown/restart/logoff code running before the forms are destroyed (and the log is saved).
* Fixed: Random failure to load CCD files.
* Fixed: A bug (you'd never run into) when the program tries to create a folder where there wouldn't be room for an 8.3 format file name after it whilst still keeping under MAX_PATH in length.
* Fixed: Verify/Read speed linked to Write speed issue with AD-7240S drive (and possibly others?)
* Fixed: Bug within the installer for the 'AllocateCDRoms' registry value where the type was set to DWORD rather than a String like it should have been.
* Fixed: The README.TXT file in the fake ISO9660 FS on bootable UDF only discs was being recorded without an actual name.
* Fixed: An issue loading CCD/CUE files made by CloneCD where the first index didn't start at 00:00:00. Released: Sunday 26th July 2009

* Added: An 'Advanced' input mode to build mode where you have total control over the layout of the disc and can add new folders, change names etc. (i.e. you're no longer limited to burning an existing folder structure on your hard disc as-is)
* Added: Optional logging when hidden or system files/folders are skipped in Build mode due to the current settings (i.e. when 'Include Hidden Files' or 'Include System Files' are disabled).
* Added: Yet another attempt at setting the write speed - this one does it 100% by the book. It fills the fields in the performance descriptor sent via 'SET STREAMING' with the values returned in the descriptor after issuing the 'GET PERFORMANCE' command. (The previous best method of setting the speed missed one field out)
* Added: An option (off by default) to enable the enumeration of medium changer devices (this was previously always enabled) on the I/O tab in the Settings.
* Added: Support for enumerating medium changer devices via the SPTI 'Device Interface' method too - previously it was always done by 'Device Class'.
* Added: The graph data preview in the Settings now uses a default value for media/volume id if one isn't available based on the current media/image file.
* Added: Support for another IOCTL for locking the drive - this one (only) appears to work with the 'Device Interface' enumeration method of the SPTI I/O interface ('lock volume' doesn't).
* Added: Support for using 'Opti Drive Control' as the IBG viewer when you click the 'Display Graph Data' buttons/menu option.
* Added: ImgBurn now adds itself to the context menu's 'Open With' submenu for files it's associated with.
* Added: Debug logging to the function that compares the image file/disc layouts.
* Added: Option to disable the 'Fix VTS Sectors' function when building a DVD Video disc.
* Added: The 'Create DVD File' feature can now make DVD files with the MediaType field set to 'CD'.
* Added: Support for saving plain MODE1/2048 discs as a MODE1/2352 image in Read mode by saving as a BIN/IMG file.
* Added: Support for converting a MODE2/FORM1 track (on a single session/track disc) into MODE1 when reading a disc so it can be stored in an ISO file.
* Added: Support for burning CCD files.
* Added: Support for adding files that exceed the limit imposed by the ISO9660/Joliet file systems. Those file systems will record the file size as 4GB (-1 byte) but all their data will be physically present in the image. The UDF file system will use the correct size.
* Added: Support for building images using the 'MODE2/FORM1/2352' data type. (previously it only supported 'MODE1/2048')
* Added: Warning when user attempts to read a 'complex' disc to an ISO file and option to use BIN instead.
* Added: Support for using 'BurnPlot' as the IBG viewer when you click the 'Display Graph Data' buttons/menu option.
* Added: Advice in the log window (on how to remove the virus) for when the 'maximum number of secrets exceeded' error in encountered when searching for devices (and 0 drives are found).
* Added: Mini lookup table for some CD disc ID's to get manufacturer info. This info is now show in the disc information panel (under ATIP Information) and also in the log when you erase a disc or burn one.
* Added: Option to stop the program from analysing (doing the dummy decode pass on) cd-da ready wav files.
* Added: Show the booktype in the log when reading a disc in Read mode.
* Added: A check to ensure all the DVD Video files in a sequence are present. (i.e. it'll prompt if VTS_XX_1.VOB and VTS_XX_3.VOB are present but VTS_XX_2.VOB isn't)
* Added: It now does a basic parse of any supported 'Special' file system on a disc when in Read mode so it can display a volume label (to match what you'd see when loading an image of said disc into Write mode).
* Added: 'Write Speed Miscompare!' warning in the log when the drive reports a write speed that doesn't match what the user selected.
* Added: Error balloon when user tries to enter an unacceptable character in the 'Rename' box when replacing/overwriting files.
* Added: Error checking (and logging) when searching for folders/files (via 'FindFirstFile'/'FindNextFile') and adding them to the image in Build mode.
* Added: Detection of attempts to build Vista style OS installation discs (via the 'sourcesinstall.wim' file) and the relevant prompting for conflicting settings, failing to make it bootable etc (same as an 'I386' install disc).
* Added: 'Explore' and 'Open' options to the 'Source' box's context menu in Build mode.
* Added: You can now control which 'image layout' files Build mode creates via its own set of options (rather than piggy backing the Read mode ones)
* Added: Ability to select the media type when creating an MDS file via the 'Create MDS File' feature.
* Added: Ability to select the font used by the program's GUI.
* Added: New CLI parameter '/CERTIFICATEFOLDER ' to tell the program if it should attempt to include/create a CERTIFICATE folder when a BDAV/BDMV folder is present.
* Added: Sanity checking for most of the comboboxes - to catch errors in translations where they don't notice I've added new entries!
* Added: 'Average Write Speed' to the log when full erasing a BD-RE disc with 'perfer properly formatted discs' enabled - i.e. so it performs the 'Zeroing Sectors' part.
* Added: Workaround for a bug in Windows 7 (7077 anyway) where the PlaySound API will bring up an 'insert disc' error box if the current working directory is no longer valid (i.e. it was set to an optical drive and the disc has been ejected).
* Added: Workaround for drives/drivers that randomly report a bogus error ('No Additional Sense Information') during the burn, thus forcing a retry - which fails with the error 'Invalid Address For Write' because those sectors HAVE actually been written ok - according to the track's NWA info anyway.
* Added: The option to read/write CD-TEXT using the Ansi code page rather than ISO 8859-1.
* Added/Changed: The log entry/error box that pops up when 'send cue sheet' or 'set write parameters' fail now includes a 'reason' in the form of the decoded sense area message.
* Added/Changed: The ISO9660 Volume Label will now accept characters based on the current ISO9660 character set selection.
* Added/Changed: Had a go at making all the Build mode question type messageboxes simpler and translatable.
* Added/Changed: Tweaked and cleaned up the file search code when loading CUE files. It now supports relative paths.
* Changed: The installer no longer offers the 'Quick Launch' option when Windows 7 is detected as an OS.
* Changed: The SPTI device enumeration method now defaults to 'Device Interface' on XP SP2/2003 SP2 + IMAPI v2.0, XP SP3, Vista and newer.
* Changed: The SPTI device enumeration method 'CdRom Class' is now known as 'Device Class'.
* Changed: The 'CERTIFICATE' folder is no longer created for Blu-ray Video discs by default. This means the programs creating the file structure have more control over whether one gets added or not.
* Changed: Tweaked all the code for file associations to make it more compliant with Microsoft's documentation. (The installer cleans up the old ones so make sure you use it!)
* Changed: Tweaked the code used to determine the drive's current write speed before then displaying the 'Write Speed Miscompare' message (I blame the buggy drive firmware!).
* Changed: Tweaked the code that positions forms when they open (in the middle of the main form) so they're no longer drawn a few pixels off the screen (assuming the main form is along the edge) when desktop composition is enabled under Vista / 7.
* Changed: Tweaked the code that positions forms when they open (in the middle of the main form) so they're opened on whichever monitor their 'centre point' is on (or the nearest to it).
* Changed: Tweaked some of the functions associated with the ISO9660 file system's volume label so they handle characters with extra bits like accents a little better and hopefully reduce the number of '_' characters that end up being used.
* Changed: Even when set to 'No', the DVD/MDS layout files will still be created (if they're selected in the first place) when multiple output files have been created (i.e. file splitting has been used).
* Changed: Tweaked the way fields in the Joliet volume descriptor are read to hopefully deal with buggy descriptors (like those written by XP's built in burning software) where the fields don't contain Unicode text.
* Changed: Updated the Virtual TreeView control to the latest on SVN.
* Changed: Ignore failure to set the layer break position (when changeable or not) if the desired position is where the drive reports it is already . Previously it only ignored the failure if the position was the same and wasn't changeable.
* Changed: Tweaked some of the code that sizes and positions controls based on the current translation.
* Changed: The information window shown when building the image/calculating its size in Build mode can now be translated.
* Changed: The custom strings inserted into system / application menus can now be translated.
* Changed: When loading a CUE into the 'Create CUE File' feature, the program will now warn you if track/index info will be lost (i.e. if a file is used for more than 1 track or a track has more than 1 index).
* Changed: Renamed 'Create CD CUE File' feature (and associated buttons/tooltips etc) to 'Create CUE File' so it matches with 'Create DVD File' & 'Create MDS File'.
* Changed: Rewrote all the code that deals with when to create/not create CCD/CUE/DVD/MDS files. Each one is handled individually now.
* Changed: Modified that MDS file slightly when building an image with a BDAV/BDMV folder in it (so it'll play when mounted in DT).
* Changed: Since adding support for CCD/CUE/DVD, the 'Create MDS File' term/option in the Settings didn't really fit - so it's been renamed to a more generic 'Create Image Layout File'.
* Changed: The 'Filter Drive Load Order' feature now scans for and lists device class filters found in all the relevant 'CdRom' keys under 'HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnum[IDE|SCSI|USBSTOR|1394]' rather than just the first one it finds with an 'UpperFilters/LowerFilters' entry.
* Changed: The 'Filter Drive Load Order' feature can now remove 'Upper/Lower Device Class' filters.
* Changed: When burning a CD, the program will now also issue the 'SET STREAMING' command (where supported and in addition to the existing 'SET CD SPEED' one) to set the write speed.
* Changed: 'FastWrite' no longer applies to BD-R, the new option 'BD-R Verify Not Required' now takes its place.
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked the 'Title Case' function to handle certain strings a bit better.
* Changed/Fixed: Implemented a workaround for Windows 7 whereby ImgBurn prompts 'Do you really want to cancel?' if it's open when you try to restart/shutdown the computer.
* Changed/Fixed: The program would only use the layer break position in an IBB if the /CLOSE switch was issued via CLI, /CLOSESUCCESS wouldn't work (and it should have done).
* Fixed: Clicking 'Cancel' to certain build mode prompts (that correct conflicts/settings) didn't prevent some other prompts from popping up.
* Fixed: Initial disc space check when doing a 'Read' operation didn't take into account the wave header when outputting an audio cd to a wav file.
* Fixed: The MD5 was incorrect when reading an audio disc to a *.wav file.
* Fixed: Incorrect / missing drive letters when using 'Device Interface' SPTI enumeration.
* Fixed: The 'Device Interface' SPTI drive enumeration method didn't work on Vista (drive letters would have been used as a fallback).
* Fixed: A little bug (they you'd be very unlikely to run into) in the function that compares the layout of an image file to the layout of a disc in terms of sessions, tracks etc.
* Fixed: A problem where code (specific to 'Image File' output mode) was being called for something that only applies to Device output mode. This was to do with changing the data type to 'MODE1/2048' if the current disc was DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray.
* Fixed: Problem with reporting the correct error code in the booktype setting tool on the 'LiteOn' tab if the drive doesn't support any of the 3 different I/O command versions (it would always just return 'No Additional Sense Information').
* Fixed: The wrong 'Free Space' was/could be displayed in Build mode (image file output) if the destination was set to 'desktop[*.*]' and the desktop folder was on a different drive to the 'Image File' one configured in the settings.
* Fixed: A problem with some code that decides if a CCD file should be created or not.
* Fixed: A few problems with the creation of CCD files (wrong values in certain fields) - mainly when doing multisession.
* Fixed: Incorrect start time of Indexes >= 1 in a CUE file when any sort of pre/postgap was also present.
* Fixed: If the 'unlock volume' (exclusive access) function failed after an erase, the program logged that the erase had failed - when actually it hadn't. Also, if the erase had failed but the unlock succeeded, the program logged that the erase was successful.
* Fixed: The volume label tooltip on the Read mode progress screen was showing 'Unknown' for fields that it shouldn't have been.
* Fixed: Problem where the program opens the drive whilst in the middle of a temporary open/close which leads to the drive being left in a 'closed' state ('invalid handle' message in the status bar) and potentially leaves an orphaned drive handle which prevents the program from being able to lock the drive for exclusive usage.
* Fixed: Labels were not displaying the '&' character properly in the 'Image Information' box.
* Fixed: List out of bounds error when changing the language.
* Fixed: Bad text width calculation (due to font changes) when positioning controls.
* Fixed: Task status wasn't updated from 'Fixing VTS Sectors' to 'Getting Region Information'.
* Fixed: An issue where some internal stuff got messed up as a result of the program prompting to include ADV_OBJ / CERTIFICATE folders (but only if the user said 'Yes').
* Fixed: Multi-monitor issue where forms centred over the main one could be displayed slightly off the screen.
* Fixed: A call to the SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS) API function was failing on pre-Vista OS's and so the GUI font might have been different to previous versions of the program - shouldn't have been an issue for people using the default OS fonts for everything though.
* Fixed: Bogus 'Destination' text (parent folder of the *.IBB) when loading a project in Build mode where the Output is set to 'Image File' and the destination field is blank.
* Fixed: Clicking the 'Close' (X) button in the preparing image / building image tree boxes closed the window but didn't actually stop the program from doing what it was doing. Released: Friday 10th April 2009

* Added: A 'Note' to the box that pops up at the start of a burn when the LB in the settings doesn't match the one in the DVD/MDS file - basically it tells you to put the setting back on 'Calculate Optimal'.
* Added: Support for one more Lite-On device identifier ('ATAPI iHES') - used when automatically changing the book type etc.
* Added: Ability to select the size of the format when multiple options are available. 'Preferred' uses the 'Number Of Blocks' value from the first descriptor in the list for a given format type, 'Minimum' and 'Maximum' should be pretty obvious!
* Added: New log entries showing the status of options (enabled/disabled etc) that have an effect on what happens during an erase operation.
* Added: The user can now choose if they want to perform full certification or not (the opposite being 'Quick Certification' !) when full erasing BD-RE via the New option 'Prefer Format With Full Certification'. Previously the program always requested full certification - i.e. where the drive tests all the sectors and maps out any bad ones.
* Added: Detailed 'Write Speed' descriptor information to the bottom of the disc information text.
* Added: Option to never delete audio files when deleting files (having been told to!) after a burn/verify. This makes it safer for people burning audio discs via the 'Create CD CUE File' feature.
* Added: The ability to create *.DVD files (a plain text and basic alternative to .MDS files) via the same basic interface used to create the *.MDS ones.
* Added: 'Content Type' field to the image details box that pops up when you use build mode. ('DVD Video', 'BD Video', 'Data' etc)
* Added: 'Shut Down' shutdown action that calls the 'ExitWindowsEx' API with the 'EWX_SHUTDOWN' flag. This might work to shut down and turn off the PC for some users where 'EWX_POWEROFF' fails to do so.
* Added: More debug code to the exclusive access locking / unlocking functions.
* Added: Options to control build mode prompts for including ADV_OBJ and CERTIFICATE folders when they're present but not in the source list.
* Added: Ability to ignore the reported file system on remote drives - so the program doesn't then force the 4GB file splitting limit on anything (possibly incorrectly) reported to be using FAT/FAT32.
* Added: Options to do with (not) prompting for confirmation of HVDVD_TS / BDMV content in Build mode.
* Added: Options to do with (not) prompting for confirmation of correcting DVD Video / HD DVD Video / BD Video / DivX Video / OS Install Disc settings in Build mode.
* Added: The option to have Read and Build modes write out an MD5 file when they're done (assuming ImgBurn has been told to calculate the MD5 values in the first place).
* Added: The program now remembers if the Log windows was minimised / maximised when it was closed and restores it accordingly when opened again.
* Added: The Main and Log windows now snap to the centre of the screen vertically too, rather than just horizontally.
* Added/Changed: The program will once again (by default) update the GUI with any proposed setting changes it detects are required when you're building a disc. A new option 'Proposed Setting Changes - Update GUI' can be used to toggle this on/off.
* Added/Changed: The program will now examine the write speed descriptors to find a match with whatever the user selected (i.e. '8x') and use the values from it (if one is found) when setting the write speed.
* Changed: Split the BD-RE full erase (with 'Prefer Properly Formatted Discs' enabled) up into the drive controlled operation and the program controlled operation (where ImgBurn zeroes out all the sectors).
* Changed: When doing a full erase on BD-RE, the program will no longer try a slightly different command unless the previous one wasn't supported - i.e. a failure during the erase (due to a dodgy disc) will no longer make it try again with a slightly different command.
* Changed: The disc capacity is now shown in the disc information text even when the disc is said to be 'empty', so long as the disc status is 'complete'.
* Changed: The 'Turn Off' action is now known as 'Power Off' to match the actual flag ('EWX_POWEROFF') used in the 'ExitWindowsEX' API.
* Changed/Fixed: The program will now only replace the selected boot image with the 'isolinuxisolinux.bin' file (and patch it) if the two point to the same file on your hdd.
* Changed/Fixed: You were unable to use 'Change Folder' (found on the context menu) when in Build mode if the destination box didn't include a file name.
* Fixed: An issue when sorting the Write Speed descriptors into ascending order.
* Fixed: Typo in 'For best result, burn single layer DVDs at 8x or 12x.' status bar message - should have said 'results' (with an 's' !).
* Fixed: Maximising the log window causes the main window to get lost / hidden behind it - now it jumps back to the front.
* Fixed: If the application is minimised to the taskbar (or system tray) when the log is maximised, the log window covers/hides the main window when it's restored again.
* Fixed: Bug where the wrong CRC was STILL being calculated for the isolinux.bin file's boot information table!
* Fixed: Bug where the selected folder (when coming from the change folder/recent folder menu) was being added to the recent files list.
* Fixed: Bug where the selected file was not being added to the recent files list.
* Fixed: A bug in the new function that zeros out unused buffer space which then messed up any 'GET PERFORMANCE' command (the one used to get the supported write speeds). Released: Wednesday 1st April 2009

* Added: Support for some other common Lite-On device identifiers - used when automatically changing the book type etc.
* Added: Support for reading ID3 v2 tags from the end of files.
* Added: Workaround for drivers that fill unused buffer bytes with random data rather than leaving it zero filled.
* Added: Data Preparer, Publisher and System Identifiers to the 'Volume Label' tooltip.
* Added: 'Change Folder' and 'Recent Folders' options to the 'destination' (either file name or browse button) context menus in Build/Read mode.
* Added: Logging when the drive fails to set the L0 Data Zone Capacity on DL media and the user hits 'Retry'.
* Added: Option to automatically ignore miscompare errors during the verify process.
* Added: 'Miscompares' counter to the Verify progress screen.
* Added: Ability to provide your own 'Status Bar Messages' via a 'StatusBarMessages.txt' file in the same folder as the Program's EXE. If the file isn't present, the default/internal ones will be used.
* Added: Support for loading Unicode '.DVD' and '.LST' files.
* Added: Prompt to include the original ADV_OBJ folder if ones exists and the user has only added the HVDVD_TS folder to the 'Source' box.
* Added: Prompt to include the original CERTIFICATE folder if ones exists and the user has only added the BDAV/BDMV folder to the 'Source' box.
* Added: Prompt to include the Joliet file system if an '*.avi' or '*.divx' file is detected in the root folder of the image/disc - most standalone players will only read DivX type discs via the Joliet and ISO9660 file systems (i.e. NOT the UDF one).
* Added: Option to have ImgBurn reset the CPI flags within M2TS file packets as it creates an image/disc in Build mode - this was a request from someone at a duplication plant to save them having to mux two projects - one with AACS and one without.
* Added: Super basic loading of CUE files to the 'Create CD CUE File' feature - the file names within the CUE are imported as a basic list of tracks. Nothing else is read/used from the CUE file.
* Added: Context menu option 'Copy LBA to Clipboard' on the 'Potential Layer Break Positions' / 'Select Layer Break Position' window.
* Added: Default CD-TEXT selection boxes to the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
* Added: Additional I/O debug logging of all the software generated sectors as part of pre/post/.. gaps.
* Added: Support for parsing the LIST / INFO chunks in WAVE files when attempting to read tagging data from audio files.
* Added: Message telling people not to close the log window down when they attempt to do exactly that - it will only show up until you actually click 'Yes' and close it.
* Added: Region Code and TV System details to the image information screen that pops up just before creating the image / burning the disc in Build mode.
* Added: ImgBurn now shows up in the 'Default Programs -> Set your default programs' box within Vista so you can control file associations from within there too (I think!).
* Added: 'Lock Volume' log entry to say if the option is enabled or not at the start of the burn.
* Added: 'Copy' (and write speed) info to the Build mode transfer/progress screen.
* Added: Additional debug logging when parsing MP3 files.
* Added: 'Disc ID' field to the transfer progress screen when burning.
* Added: Support for translating the 'AWS' text that's in the 'Write Speed' drop down box. ('AUTO' is always accepted as a valid value via CLI and will map to whatever the translated string is)
* Added: Support for (quick and dirty) creation of CCD files for CD's (single session) in Read mode. This allows you to mount Audio CD's in Virtual CloneDrive which wasn't possible before due to it not supporting BIN/CUE. (Note: The image data file needs to be named *.IMG as that's what VCD looks for).
* Added: '/LANGID' CLI switch to set the GUI's language via the command line. Refer to the ReadMe.txt file for more information.
* Added: Support for manipulating the new 'Optimal Write Speed' option found on the Pioneer DVR-116/216 drive.
* Added: Copy protection warning when user attempt to 'Read' an original XBOX 360 game - which of course won't work.
* Added: Support for creating a .DVD file alongside/instead of the .MDS file in Read/Build modes.
* Added: When loading Toshiba HD Player firmware update images in write mode, the volume label is now constructed from reading the model and firmware version from the ISO.
* Added: Once ImgBurn has extracted the boot image file from a fdd/cd/hdd it'll now ask if you want to use it in the current project and will automatically fill out the bootable disc options if you do.
* Added: Various 'Read Error' handling options to Verify mode (copied from Read mode).
* Added: If no 'HKCUSoftwareImgBurn' key exists the program will try to load 'system wide' default settings (i.e. for new users in a multi user environment) from 'HKLMSoftwareImgBurn'.
* Added: 'Prefer Accurate Audio Track Duration' checkbox to the 'Create CD CUE File' window. This makes the program analyse the audio files properly as they're added to the list.
* Added: Options to not forcefully disable Unicode support on DVD / HD DVD / BD Video disc.
* Added: Options to allow Unicode volume labels on HD DVD / BD Video discs.
* Added: Support for loading M3U files in the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
* Added: Implemented an alternative method of device enumeration under SPTI using the SetupDiXxx functions.
* Added: You can now double click the drop zone to bring ImgBurn to the foreground (and 'restore' it if it's minimised).
* Added: Warning if building OS install disc and user hasn't made it bootable.
* Added: Test for non '00' or '01' initial 'INDEX' value for a 'TRACK' within a CUE file.
* Added: Option to warn the user when the MD5 of a disc / image do not match after a Verify operation.
* Added: Option to enable / disable automatic creation of the 'CERTIFICATE' folder on Blu-ray Video discs. (Previously it just piggybacked the 'Create AUDIO_TS Folder' option)
* Added: You can now choose to ignore the ISO9660 directory depth message on a 'one time only' basis, saving you from having to enable the 'Allow More Than 8 Directory Levels' option within the Advanced -> Restrictions -> ISO9660 tab.
* Added/Changed: Compiled with FastMM v4.92 replacing the default memory manager.
* Added/Changed: Put in a bit more debug info for the lock/unlock volume and enable/disable MCN functions.
* Added/Changed: File I/O in Build mode (reading the files from the hdd) is now using unbuffered I/O (no system caching - 'FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING').
* Added/Changed: File I/O in Write / Verify mode (reading the image file from the hdd) is now using unbuffered I/O (no system caching - 'FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING') when the image is a bog standard ISO file (single session, single track, MODE1/2048).
* Changed: Removed support for legacy (single key) keyboard shortcuts that switch modes and open/close certain windows (i.e. 'R', 'W', 'B', 'L' etc.).
* Changed: Made the Book Type / Advanced Settings screens a bit wider to give more room for error strings etc.
* Changed: Removed the 'Current / Preferred / Maximum Format Capacity' disc information entries (because they're semi useless/made up) and switched to displaying the raw 'Format Capacities' information instead.
* Changed: Rewrote some of the 'Erase Disc' code to use more appropriate 'Number of Blocks' values from the 'READ FORMAT CAPACITIES' command.
* Changed: Updated the VirtualTreeView component to v4.8.5 - it should now use Vista's visual theme properly (apart from the tooltips :-( ).
* Changed: Build mode no longer suggest 'HD DVD' media for the 'Required Media' when 'Calculate' is used. (The format is dead after all!)
* Changed: Some of the file association stuff to better suite Vista's *recommended* way of working.
* Changed: 'Funny Quotes' are now known as 'Status Bar Messages'.
* Changed: The statusbar is now Unicode enabled.
* Changed: When ImgBurn detects you might be building a certain type of disc (DVD Video, BD Video, OS Install etc), it'll no longer update the GUI options based on the proposed changes... it's all done on the fly instead.
* Changed: When scanning for the end of tracks when TOC info gives a different track size to Track info, the program will retry on a failed sector read before considering it the REAL end of track.
* Changed: ImgBurn now calculates the MD5 values shown in the log based on the exact data written to the buffer (i.e. this could be after any sector type/size conversion has taken place and any pre/post gaps have been generated).
* Changed: The icon used for the discovery mode start button (and the one on the 'mode picker' screen).
* Changed: Firmware update function to work with new system at
* Changed: Q Sub-channel in the sector viewer is now displayed in the format shown for the 'READ CD' command in the MMC 6 specs.
* Changed: Tweaked some UDF descriptor flags depending on the type of disc being built.
* Changed: Tweaked some code when setting the layer break so that it handles drives that report it's been done when really it's still in progress, thus making the next command that checks the LB position fail.
* Changed: Tweaked some code where Build mode tries to open the files in order to read them - this might mean it can read some files that previous versions couldn't.
* Changed: The 'AUTO' write speed entry to say 'AWS' so people don't think ImgBurn can perform miracles. It's not a fully automatic setting, it means it'll go by whatever you've configured in the 'Automatic Write Speed' feature.
* Changed: When parsing FLAC files, the program will now skip any leading 'ID3' tag (if present) when looking for the 'fLaC' one.
* Changed: The amount of sense data requested to 18 bytes (down from 24) because NVIDIA drivers can't handle the larger size and cause them to report bogus error codes.
* Changed: Unicode support is now disabled for HD DVD and BD Video discs by force, just as it already was for DVD Video.
* Changed: The 'Drag & Drop' code so it tries to default to 'Copy' rather than 'Move'. This should stop programs that act on 'Move' operations and remove the file or folder from any explorer type window they happen to be displaying.
* Changed/Fixed: When running Win 9x and the (default) Tahoma font is not available, the substituted GUI font was pretty awful! Now it'll attempt to use the system default (probably 'MS Sans Serif') if that's the case.
* Changed/Fixed: A little problem when listing the drives the device scan had found (a few types were being shown as slightly less capable types).
* Changed/Fixed: For some reason, Ez-Mode Picker came up when pressing the 'F' key rather than the 'P' key (in modes that allow the old single key shortcuts) - the new shortcut is CTRL+ALT+P so in theory the 'old' one should have been P and not F. This (combined with the above change/fix) now means ALT+F works as it should do for bringing up the File menu.
* Changed/Fixed: When the program recommends a different file system combo for a given set of source files in Build mode, the primary FS volume label is now copied to the new FS's rather than being left blank.
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked the pregap analysis code to cope with some odd results I had when reading an Audio CD mounted in Virtual CloneDrive (Q sub-channel was reporting MSF values based on the start of the disc and not of the track like it's supposed to).
* Changed/Fixed: Implemented a workaround/fallback for when files are already opened (non exclusively) for read+write access by something and ImgBurn is unable to open them too.
* Changed/Fixed: Reading tags from Ape/Ogg/Flac files only supported ANSI, not UTF-8 as it's supposed to.
* Changed/Fixed: The 'Automatic Write Speed' feature's 'Export' option will now append an '.aws' file extension if it's missing.
* Changed/Fixed: ISO9660 and Joliet '.' and '..' file descriptors were always being set with a size of 40 (0x28) bytes where they should probably use 34 (0x22) for compatibility reasons.
* Changed/Fixed: Prevent ACM dummy decode pass on RAW/PCM audio files.
* Changed/Fixed: Dummy decode pass now honours the start of data/first frame offset when processing.
* Changed/Fixed: ACM decoding now has additional sanity checks in it to catch potential problems with the 'Xing' header within VBR MP3 files.
* Fixed: Aborting the verify stage (before it actually got started) of a write+verify process would leave some things locked/in use that shouldn't have been.
* Fixed: The Write Speed drop down boxes (Write, Build and Discovery modes) lost their text when changing the gui interface's language.
* Fixed: Problem with incorrect vorbis comment lengths causing a crash when the program tried to allocate stupid amounts of memory.
* Fixed: Problem where the BD-RE erase function might retry (with a slightly different command) upon failure when it shouldn't do.
* Fixed: None of the automatic string truncation stuff (making them fit in the available space within the window) was working properly when the font being used was anything but 'Tahoma' (XP default). I blame Borland/CodeGear because changing a control's font doesn't update the canvas's font!
* Fixed: Test for 2 matching frame headers in an mp3 file to allow channel mode changes so long as it's not to/from mono.
* Fixed: Problem burning certain images that lead to a 'Reached EOF!' error message being displayed.
* Fixed: Problem where any 'junk' bytes at the end of the last file in a multi-part image file where not being discarded. This lead to a 'Reached EOF!' error message being displayed.
* Fixed: Problem where if you cancel a burn very early on (i.e. at the 'Creating Graph Data Thread' stage and before any real writing starts) the program would get stuck waiting for the Read Thread to terminate.
* Fixed: Problem where the program could get stuck if it found the end of the disc earlier than expected.
* Fixed: Reading discs with both data and audio tracks in certain drives could fail at the end of the data track.
* Fixed: Lack of 'success' sound when burning multiple copies from Build mode.
* Fixed: Problem parsing APE tag based on footer tag.
* Fixed: Checkboxes for how to (automatically) deal with the close track/session/disc prompt weren't working as intended.
* Fixed: Write mode looking at one of Build mode's controls (The 'Write Speed' one) when resetting what's being displayed on the screen.
* Fixed: An issue where the program doesn't always restore properly if it's minimised to the system tray when a burn finishes.
* Fixed: Bogus error message about only supporting single session images when mounting newer (v2.x) MDS files. They are in fact not supported at all due to them now being compressed/encrypted.
* Fixed: Setting 'Hardware Read Error Retries' wasn't actually hooked up internally.
* Fixed: Found a rogue call to a non-unicode function that checks to see if a file exists - so it could have failed on a path/file that required unicode when the file did actually exist.
* Fixed: A problem loading homemade multi-session (CD-Extra) CUE files by adding a new 'FILE-DECODED-SIZE' keyword under 'FILE' in the CUE file created using the 'Create CD CUE File'. This new keyword also means the program doesn't need to analyse the audio files before it burns.
* Fixed: The UDF 'DVD Video - Allow Unicode Volume Label' option wasn't being applied to all the descriptors.
* Fixed: When creating MDS files the 'Preserve Full Pathnames' options wasn't always being honoured - the path+filename of the image data file was sometimes just replaced by a '*' (meaning same path+filename as the mds file, but with a different extension of course!).
* Fixed: Bug in CRC calculation when patching the isolinux.bin file on a bootable disc.
* Fixed: Bug when testing if a bootable disc 'Load Sector Count' exceeds the size of the boot image.
* Fixed: When finalising a disc with Immediate I/O disabled, an error could potentially be missed (go unreported) as the command is retried with slightly different parameters.
* Fixed: Error when loading .DVD file with 'MediaType' keyword/parameter in it. Released: Tuesday 22nd July 2008

* Added: The program now identifies that you might be building an OS installation disc before scanning the directory structure in a similar way to that used for DVD Video etc. (i.e. if you add a single folder to the source box it will look for an I386 folder within it).
* Added: Code to try and detect HD DVD and BD Video files in the 'Source' box within Build mode in the same way the program currently detects DVD Video files.
* Added: If you hold down 'CTRL' when clicking the 'Image Information' button, the program will do a dummy decode pass on any audio files that make up that image to get an accurate duration rather than using DirectShow's GetDuration() function.
* Added: Current LBA to the log entry when buffer recovery kicks in.
* Added: You can now double click the layer break list entries to preview them.
* Added: Support for 'MPA' as a known file extension for Audio files.
* Added: Code to detect and warn about audio files that decode to digital silence.
* Added: 'Show Information' option to make the ImgBurnPreview program show the information window automatically.
* Added: New 'Drop Zone' for Build and Write modes. You can drag and drop folder/files to the 'stay on top' window without having to bring ImgBurn to the foreground all the time.
* Added: Support for writing unicode names into MDS files and a new 'Create MDS - Save As Ansi File' option to go with it.
* Added: New 'Don't Prompt Delete Files' option (with Yes/No answers) to the Write tab in the settings.
* Added: New 'Show Real Size (1:1)' option for the previewer.
* Added: New 'Don't Use Immediate I/O' option to the I/O tab in the settings.
* Added: New 'Prevent Entering StandBy' option. When enabled, ImgBurn will attempt to stop the machine going into standby whilst it's burning.
* Added: Workaround for Plextor PX-116A3 (FW 1.01) returning a single descriptor in the Formatted TOC.
* Added: Detection of x64 versions of Vista.
* Added: Support for patching the 'isolinuxisolinux.bin' file in Build mode with the correct 'boot information table' data.
* Added: Option to not auto retry when the close track/session/disc commands fail.
* Added: Additional error messages to the code that deals with loading CUE files.
* Added: When the close track/session/disc commands fail, you're now given Abort/Retry/Ignore options in the message box rather than just Retry/Cancel.
* Added: BenQ 'Clean EEPROM (Learnt Media)' option to the Advanced Settings windows.
* Added: Choice of 'None' for the 'Shutdown Action' option in the settings - for people that click 'Shutdown when done' accidently and don't want it to do anything when they do.
* Added: Additional logging when erase disc fails on CD-RW/DVD-RW/HD DVD-RW media.
* Added: Additional error messages and logging to code the deals with analysing audio files.
* Added: Option to automatically ignore failures when the close track/session/disc commands fail.
* Added: Improved detection of DVD/HD DVD/BD Video content when detecting conflicting settings in build mode.
* Added: Automatic creation of the 'CERTIFICATE' folder on Blu-ray Video disc in the same way the program automatically creates the AUDIO_TS folder on DVD Video discs.
* Added: Support for (a version of) relative paths within MDS files.
* Added: The 'Create DVD MDS File' feature will now store the relative path (assuming images are in a folder below the MDS) in the MDS rather than just the file name.
* Added: The disc information text on the right of the main window now contains the 'Physical Format' information for each layer on double layer media.
* Added: The 'Create DVD MDS File' feature now has the ability to specify the Track Path for a double layer image (PTP or OTP).
* Added: Regardless of the number of (silent) retries performed when attempting to lock the drive for exclusive access (it normally does 10), if it's been trying for more than 30 seconds the program will error out just as soon as it regains control.
* Added: Media profiles for DVD-5 and DVD-9 to Build mode (useful for mastering).
* Added: Detection of BD Video content based on the BDAV folder (rather than just BDMV)
* Added/Changed: When setting the media type for the directshow conversion, the program now falls back to using WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE if WAVE_FORMAT_PCM fails. This means filters that don't support WAVE_FORMAT_PCM should now work.
* Changed: The 2 leftmost buttons (ignore and preview) on the select/create layer break windows now dynamically resize/reposition themselves base on their caption. (This is better for translated text)
* Changed: When setting write parameters, the 'Write Type' no longer uses fall backs - this was very messy and caused its own set of problems.
* Changed: Workaround for when DS filters (or the libs they use) don't like SetPosition(0) when they're already at the start - issuing it can lead to missed audio samples.
* Changed: The 'Temporary' booktype option no longer falls back to displaying the 'Permanent' setting if it's not supported.
* Changed: Removed one set of calls to the 'Init DirectShow' function that would happen just before a dummy decode pass was run on the audio files - so it's a bit quicker now.
* Changed: Updated ImgBurnPreview to v1.1.6.0.
* Changed: Verify won't go ahead if the drive reports the track contains 0 sectors - otherwise the program would generate dummy data for the entire thing and that's 110% pointless!
* Changed: Max buffer size is now 512MB.
* Changed/Fixed: Made tweaks to ACM MP3 file parsing code to make it more reliable when searching for the frame header and to prevent a potential divide by zero error.
* Changed/Fixed: Image/Media Information window is closed if the program fails to initialise the image.
* Changed/Fixed: When building an OS installation disc, the DOS character set is now used and not ASCII.
* Changed/Fixed: Improved support for writing Mode 2 tracks in TAO mode.
* Changed/Fixed: Attempt to workaround drives reporting first track in a session starting before the actual session.
* Changed/Fixed: Attempt to workaround decoded files that fall short of their estimated durations and cause any trailing/appended pregaps ('INDEX 0' markers in a CUE file) to mess up the internal image layout - which then leads to an error when sending the cue sheet to the drive at burn time.
* Changed/Fixed: When Previewing a Cell for the LB, the audio stream is no longer forced to 0x80, the program takes the number from the IFO.
* Changed/Fixed: The 'Create DVD MDS File' function always made MDS files with the Track Path set to PTP.
* Fixed: Removed the very well camouflaged button in the booktype window.
* Fixed: Drive related buttons being enabled when no devices are present if you perform certain operations.
* Fixed: What I believe to be a bug when trying to determine if a single source folder was anything to do with a BD video disc.
* Fixed: The total count of file/folder names modified due to current settings wasn't 100% accurate due to the file name comparison not being case sensitive.
* Fixed: Bug converting sector mode/form/size to an internal data type.
* Fixed: Some odd issue when decoding certain letters (character codes) within CD-TEXT data on a disc or in a *.cdt file. (It would display a square box for the letter)
* Fixed: WavPack files were not being decoded during burning, they were being read as if they were PCM/RAW audio files.
* Fixed: Incorrect 'Last Physical Sector of Data Track' value within MDS files for OTP discs.
* Fixed: Aborting on an error during the audio file analysis stage didn't actually abort anything and having aborted, the error condition meant that future analysis wasn't carried out.
* Fixed: Potential problem where ImgBurn might check for updates more often than it should do because the 'last update check' value isn't parsed correctly due to regional settings.
* Fixed: The 'Write Queue' window wasn't being close when going between 'Write -> Read' or 'Write -> Ez-Mode Picker' modes.
* Fixed: When converting the volume label from one file system to another (or applying a CLI specified one), the resulting name could turn out to be shorter in length than actually permitted.

* Fixed: Problem where 'DecodedSize == 0' error could appear when DirectShow decoding failed and ACM worked.
* Fixed: Building a DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Video disc didn't work properly if the files were in the root folder of a drive and the root folder was added to the 'Source' list.
* Fixed: Odd looking configuration message if a root folder was added to the 'Source' list in Build mode and the folder contained DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray files.
* Fixed: WMA Tag parsing wasn't working - messed up text strings due to reading them with the wrong byte order.
* Fixed: Incorrect values in 2nd layer descriptor within MDS for OTP discs.
* Fixed: ImgBurn not respecting 'Top' and 'Left' coordinates of the desktop (i.e. the area excluding the taskbar)
* Fixed: One rogue structure used when parsing the UDF file system was limiting the file size to 32 bits (DWORD), meaning any file over 4GB would have been displayed incorrectly size wise. (Only caused a problem when mapping sectors with errors to file names in Read/Verify mode)
* Fixed: Memory leak if dummy audio decoding pass fails.
* Fixed: Adding the content (files/folders) of a normal BDMV folder to the source box in Build mode didn't create the proper BD Released: Tuesday 1st April 2008

* Added: Support for the TAO write type a real option rather than just a fallback if SAO fails.
* Added: Support for burning APE/FLAC/WV files with an embedded CUE sheet as if they were normal image files.
* Added: Accurate audio duration calculation (via a dummy decode pass just before the burn) leading to less gaps/padding and no missing audio data.
* Added: Support for new booktype related options known as 'Active Setting' on NEC/Optiarc drives (to swap between the 'Permanent' and 'Temporary' setting)
* Added: The ability to have the open/save dialog boxes always default to the folder specified in the 'File Locations' tab within the Settings window. (otherwise it'll default to the MRU one)
* Added: 'New Project' option to the File menu in Build mode.
* Added: When the program is unable to find any cells to use for the LB when buring a DL disc in Build mode, it now tells you extra info about which cell to split and where to do it.
* Added: Support for reading discs recorded using the TAO write type.
* Added: Context/popup/right click menu to the 'Add file or folder to source list' button in Build mode (the green +) with the option of 'Clear Source MRU List' on it.
* Added: Options to enable/disable the success/error sounds after certain program functions.
* Added: 'Show Non-Present Devices' option to the 'Automatic Write Speed' form when 'View By' is set to 'Device' (It's enabled by default).
* Added: 'Translated By' field to the 'About' box.
* Added: The ability to define the start LBA when building an image - useful for custom disc layouts.
* Added: Variable 'PreGap Snapping' whereby gaps will snap to the nearest second (multiple of 75 frames) if within the specified range. (i.e. 1 second, 72 frames will snap to 2 seconds)
* Added: If you don't enter a path for the file in Build/Read modes it'll use the 'Image Files' default one configured in the Settings (File Locations tab).
* Added: You can type a relative path into Build/Read modes destination box and it'll resolve it when you click Write/OK.
* Added: Saving a project file now writes the previously selected LB info from the 'Create Layer Break' window. This can then be used when loading the IBB via CLI so the user isn't prompted to pick a LB, thus allowing for batch builds.
* Added: 'Don't Enable Sound' checkbox to the ImgBurnPreview options.
* Added: A button in the settings to reset the burn statistics.
* Added: 'Device.CDROM' Shell extension option where you get 'Read using ImgBurn' as an option when you right click on any CD/DVDROM drive. (It's off by default because windows appears to make it the default option - hence double clicking on the drive opens ImgBurn!)
* Added: Option to turn off the funny quotes on the Ez-Mode Picker screen. (For people without a sense of humour ;-) )
* Added: The ability to sort tracks in the order of the 'Track Number' field in any available file 'Tag' within the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
* Added: The ability to define a default folder for Project files (*.ibb).
* Added: The ability to define a default folder for Language files (*.lng).
* Added: Support for 'WavePack' files (*.wv) in the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
* Added: A failed read of a sector in read mode now maps that sector to a file name and the result is shown in the log.
* Added: Support for reading unicode file names in MDS v1.5+ files.
* Added/Changed: When running in 'Portable' mode, certain paths will be saved relative to the exe's folder if they're at the same level or below it. (i.e. 'D:ImgBurnSoundsSuccess.wav' becomes '.SoundsSuccess.wav')
* Added/Changed: When build mode detects you're building DVD Video/HD DVD Video/Blu-ray Video/OS installation discs, it now tells you exactly which settings will be modified in the 'conflicting settings detected' message box.
* Changed: When saving an project file, the initial file name is now taken from the image file name (but with an 'ibb' extension), falling back to using the volume label, then MRU value and finally just 'My Project.ibb'.
* Changed: Handling of manually entered file names in build/read mode to parse environment variables.
* Changed: Updated ImgBurnPreview.exe to the latest code - this one has support for audio.
* Changed: If the bootable image (in Build mode) isn't a multiple of 512 bytes in size, the user can now choose to proceed anyway.
* Changed: Tweaked some of the TOC parsing code to work around bugs found in certain drives.
* Changed: Tweaked the UDF file system parsing code to minimise the amount of random access reads and potentially speed up the process by a substantial amount when lots of files are present.
* Changed: You can now build 'pure' bootable images/discs without having to add a 'dummy' file to the source box.
* Changed: The 'Restore Defaults' button in the settings now resizes itself to fit the string.
* Changed: The 'Languages' list is now sorted alphabetically.
* Changed: Limited the initial height of the 'Create CD CUE File' window to that of the desktop area (for people using 800x600 and below where it wouldn't quite fit on the screen).
* Changed: Settings screen is now wider to better accommodate longer translated strings.
* Changed: The buttons on the 'Filter Drivers' screen now auto-resize themselves to fit the translated string.
* Changed: The 'Create MDS' windows now uses picture buttons for Add/Remove/Move etc just as the 'Create CUE' window does.
* Changed: All controls have been changed to the 'TTnt*' unicode style so you can use/view a properly translated GUI on a normal 'English' Windows install.
* Changed: The folder 'IBB Files' now defaults to using the name 'Project Files'.
* Changed: The folder 'IBG Files' now defaults to using the name 'Graph Data Files'.
* Changed: The folder 'IBQ Files' now defaults to using the name 'Queue Files'.
* Changed: Moved some of the 'select a folder' type options in the settings to a new 'File Locations' tab.
* Changed: The 'Start' button in Read mode is no longer disabled when CSS/AACS protected media is detected. There's just a warning that it won't work (warning can be disabled in the settings).
* Changed: Date/Time pickers in Build mode now display the selected date/time according to the 'Short Date' format as found in Regional Settings within Control Panel.
* Changed: Log entries for 'File System(s)' no longer translate the 'None' word when there's no file system present in the image. (The Log is supposed to be English)
* Changed: Removed the need for a second basic parsing of the file system on the disc when in Read mode (as the automatic destination file name was generated).
* Changed: Under Vista/2008, the Volume Label displayed by ImgBurn is taken from the 'File Set Descriptor' (when set) rather than the 'Logical Volume Descriptor' to match the behaviour of Windows.
* Changed: 'DVD+R Reserve Track' is now enabled by default.
* Changed: Removed the pre-read/verify 'Samsung Set Magic Speed' option. It was often slow to complete and not very well supported by some Samsung drives.
* Changed: Optimised the code that checks for interfering programs so they're all done at the same time rather than individually.
* Changed: Updated the code that checks for interfering programs to look for newer versions of DVD43.
* Changed: Prompt user if auto retries of tray cycling still don't make the drive initialise the disc properly between write and verify.
* Changed: Handling of the 'Delete the image when done' option when the image is a CUE file. The user can now delete the CUE without deleting the files it calls upon (if more than 1).
* Changed: The 'Open/Save As' file dialog boxes within the Log window now default to the 'Log Files' file location as specified in the settings.
* Changed: The 'Open/Save As' file dialog boxes for IBB, IBG, IBQ and LOG files now default to the appropriate folder - as specified in the settings.
* Changed: Some of the messages that can pop up when performing 'Display IFO Layer Break Information' on a drive so that they're appropriate for a drive rather than an image file.
* Changed: Updated ImgBurnPreview to v1.1.1.0 - Based on Jeanl's latest code.
* Changed: The log entry for 'BookType' now displays the permanent setting unless the 'Active Setting' is actually set to 'Temporary', in which case it displays the temporary one!
* Changed: Modified the names of the 'Browse for...' entries on the 'File' menu to make them less confusing.
* Changed: 'Read Disc Information' command reverted to asking for 32 bytes of data, not 34. (Some dodgy drivers appear to hang when it's 34)
* Changed: Updated the installer to NSIS 2.36
* Changed/Fixed: Removed the double image file initialisation when trying to burn the currently selected file in Write mode when it wasn't actually marked as 'Queued' in the Write queue (i.e. having already burnt it).
* Changed/Fixed: The 'Automatic Change Book Type' option for NEC drives now sets the 'Active Setting' to 'Temporary' so the correct value is actually used.
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked some of the code that deals with expanding relative paths passed via CLI or stored within IBB project files.
* Changed/Fixed: Most of the forms are now dynamically created at runtime as and when need. This cuts down on the resources used by ImgBurn (especially GDI objects) and speeds up the loading time. (GDI object count is down from ~1100 to ~550)
* Changed/Fixed: CD-TEXT options/controls in the 'Create CD CUE File' window are now disabled when the selected track isn't an audio track.
* Changed/Fixed: Silently fail (failure is still logged) when MCN control fails with the 'ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED' error code.
* Changed/Fixed: Potential workaround for drives that hang when being queried to see if they support labelflash.
* Changed/Fixed: Better ACM 'acmStreamConvert' handling so the program knows when all the data has been converted (even when buffered under Linux/Wine).
* Changed/Fixed: When verifying, if the track on the disc is smaller than the one in the image file the user is asked if they want to continue or not. If they choose to, the disc's track is padded out (zero filled) to the size of the image file's track so that the verification process works properly. (otherwise it would just sit there waiting for more data that was never coming)
* Changed/Fixed: Don't add the current image file name to Write mode's 'Recent Files' list when a 'Read' operation fails.
* Changed/Fixed: The 'Delete image' button on the 'Insert next disc' window didn't prompt the user when deleting multiple files (like in a CUE with lots of audio tracks).
* Fixed: Incorrect handling of 'desktop' at the start of a destination image file path in Build/Read mode if it was followed by another folder name - i.e. 'desktopnew imageimage.iso'
* Fixed: The default paths (i.e. before any settings have been read) were incorrect when loading the program with the '/PORTABLE' CLI switch.
* Fixed: When writing a multisession disc, the 'Writing Session X of X' and 'Writing Track X of X' log entries weren't always being written if the session/track was small.
* Fixed: A bug when attempting to send a CUE Sheet to the drive ending in the error 'SendCueSheet Bug! - CueSheetVariant 13' being shown.
* Fixed: Wrong 'REM LEAD-OUT' entry in *.cue file when created using the 'Create CD CUE File' window.
* Fixed: Better support for old drives that want weird LeadIn/LeadOut 'DataForm' values (non MMC compliant values) in the 'SEND CUE SHEET' parameter list.
* Fixed: A bug preventing the 'Logical Volume Identifier' field in the 'File Set Descriptor' from being updated when changing the volume label of an image.
* Fixed: The Layer Break 'Preview Selected Cell' feature didn't always work when working with Image Files/Drives - the preview window would take ages to appear and the 'ImgBurnPreview.exe' process would need terminating via Task Manager.
* Fixed: Problem with analysing track pregaps on drives that fell back to using the 'Read Sub-Channel' command when 'Read CD' failed.
* Fixed: Various problems when using the legendary 'old skool' Plextor SCSI CD-ROM drives.
* Fixed: When SAO wasn't available and the program fell back to using TAO, multi track images weren't burnt correctly. (They came out as 1 long track because I'd made no effort to make it work properly!)
* Fixed: The 'Add file or folder to source list' button in Build mode was being enabled after 'Calculate' even when there was no text in the field to it's left.
* Fixed: Access violation when you're in Build mode with Device output and you press 'Cancel' on any of the prompts that come up before the build actually starts.
* Fixed: A problem where ImgBurn could get stuck at the start of a read/verify operation.
* Fixed: When reading a disc using only ISO9660/Joliet file systems (no UDF) from DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/BD-RE the image would be 1 sector too short.
* Fixed: Divide By Zero bug if you terminate a verify operation whilst it's still analysing the tracks on a CD.
* Fixed: Memory leak if you cancel the 'Open' file dialog box from within the Log window.
* Fixed: A problem where a file name such as 'desktopimage' in the Read mode destination box was not being parsed correctly to have 'desktop' replaced AND the '.iso' file extension added.
* Fixed: The 'ACM' audio decoding fallback method wasn't working - acmStreamConvert failed.
* Fixed: CD-TEXT info at 'Disc' level wasn't always added to the CUE file made by the 'Create CD CUE File' feature.
* Fixed: When warned that 'Test Mode' *might* not work with the current media (and the user accepted the warning), it was actually being turned off rather than being left on.
* Fixed: The 'Changer Control' buttons were sometimes being disabled when they shouldn't have been.
* Fixed: 'Retrying (x of y)...' was wrong in the log when close track/session/disc failed at the end of the burn. x was always 1 number too big.
* Fixed: No image being added to the combobox on the medium changer control window when running under Vista.
* Fixed: The 'Medium Changer Control' feature didn't work properly on Vista/2008.
* Fixed: Incorrect file name sorting in the ISO9660 file system - files starting with '_' came before the others using 'A-Z'. (This prevented WinXP install discs from working)
* Fixed: Memory leak when loading a CUE containing multiple index points for the same track.
* Fixed: Read modes 'Default Destination - MRU' option wasn't working. Released: Sunday 10th February 2008

* Added: Support for multi-session/track CD reading/burning (*using a CUE file - this includes Audio CD's from anything DirectShow/ACM can handle - AAC/APE/FLAC/MP3/MPC/OGG/PCM/WAV/WMA etc).
* Added: 'Ez-Mode Picker' screen with big buttons for newbies to help them decide on which mode to use (and people who want the program to load up in a 'neutral' mode where no discs get initialised - bit faster).
* Added: Support for additional UDF revisions in Build mode. It now supports 1.02, 1.50, 2.00, 2.01, 2.50 and 2.60.
* Added: Ability to use 'Language Files' to have the GUI in your own native language.
* Added: New 'Create CD CUE File...' option to the Tools menu (and a button to the Write mode and Write Queue windows for easy access). Here you can build your own custom layout CUE file (for burning in Write mode). ID3/APE/OGG tags within Audio files can be used as a basis for CD-TEXT.
* Added: Support for building images that only (officially) use UDF but are bootable. A fake ISO9660 filesystem is added with a dummy 'README.TXT' file in the Root saying the disc uses UDF.
* Added: Support for '/SRC ALLSECTORS' and '/SRC <Custom Number Of Sectors>' CLI commands to be used in Discovery mode.
* Added: Support for non-stop 'queued' burning from a changer device - like the Sony VGP-XL1B2(3).
* Added: 'Find Next Blank Disc' button to the 'Insert Next Disc' window if the 'Next' drive has a changer device associated with it.
* Added: 256x256 Vista style icons for the application exe and also the file association icon for when ImgBurn is the file's default associated application.
* Added: 'Recent Files' option to the popup menu on the build mode destination browse button. These recent files are mirrored in the drop down combobox. As 'Clear' is now part of the Recent File list I've removed the 'Clear Dest MRU List' button from the settings window.
* Added: Support for controlling (just the basic stuff - query / load / eject / mount / dismount) medium changers (like the Sony XL1B).
* Added: 'Form X' (for Mode 2 tracks) to the TOC Information shown in the info panel on the right.
* Added: By default, the program now sends the 'Send OPC Information' command prior to sending any 'Write' commands.
* Added: Option to not prompt for 'Close Track/Session/Disc' functions on aborted burn.
* Added: The option to skip the 'close track/session/disc' commands if a burn fails.
* Added: Another the option 'Clear OPC History' to the 'Change Advanced Settings...' screen for LITEON drives.
* Added: Support for using relative path names in IBB files or when passing arguments via CLI using the /SRC and /DEST switches.
* Added: CLI switch '/PORTABLE' to tell the program not to write the file association / autoplay / shell extension registry keys ('/NOSAVESETTINGS' already does it).
* Added: The ability to perform 'Display IFO Layer Break Information...' function on the media in the current drive.
* Added: A final 'fallback' function for calculating the correct image file format on 'Unknown' images.
* Added: Removeable drives (excluding A: and B:) to the 'Drive Quick Change' context menu available on the destination file name label in Read mode and the destination browse button in Build mode.
* Added: Support for correct sorting of IFO/BUP files in the HD DVD Video 'HVDVD_TS' folder.
* Added: Support for ECC block (64k) padding between IFO/BUP files in the HD DVD Video 'HVDVD_TS' folder.
* Added: Link to (forum based) guides within the 'Help' menu.
* Added: Link to IBQ folder within the 'Help' menu.
* Added: Seperate 'Read Speed' settings for Data/Audio in 'Read' mode.
* Added: Support for the 'PortableMode' option ('/PORTABLE' via CLI) when reading from the registry/ini file.
* Added: When calculating the automatic destination path for read mode, the program now checks the user has permission to write to the folder. As it normally goes to the root folder of the drive, this fails under Vista when running as a 'Normal' user. Now it will realise that and point to the 'My Documents' folder instead.
* Added: Support for NEC (Optiarc) drives to the 'Automatic Change Book Type' feature.
* Added: The log now displays the current booktype setting (where supported) just before a burn onto DVD+ (plus) format media.
* Added: A new screen (called 'Changer Control') for drives with embedded disc changers. This screen allows the users to load/unload slots and view details about the changer.
* Added: Detection of HD-DVD / Blu-ray Video images in Build mode by their folder names (in the same way DVD Video is detected by the presense of a VIDEO_TS folder).
* Added: 'Optimised Size' info to the log and the summary box when in Build mode with the 'Optimise Duplicate Files' setting enabled and some duplicates have been found.
* Added: The destination file 'Save As' dialog box in Build mode now defaults to using the volume label (if one is specified) as a basis for the initial file name.
* Added: You can hold CTRL when clicking on the 'copy volume label to other file system' buttons and it'll also copy the text to the clipboard.
* Added: The 'Sync Cache/Close Track/Close Session/Finalise Disc' functions at the end of a burn are now auto retried 3 times on failure.
* Added: 'Share Selected Images Amongst Drives' button the the Queue window.
* Added: Ability to read the volume label from Wii ISO images.
* Added: Message saying 'Sorry, ImgBurn cannot copy protected discs.' if the user inserts a CSS/CPPM protected DVD or AACS protected HD DVD/Blu-ray disc - the 'Read' button also remains disabled so they can't click it.
* Added: New 'Magic Speed' (high speed / silent) option for Samsung drives in the 'Advanced Features' dialog window.
* Added: 'Read Speed' option to the main window in Read/Verify modes. These have now been removed from the settings.
* Added: Option to prevent the screen saver from starting whilst the program is open.
* Added: Support for reading the disc name from the 'VPLST000.XPL' file on HD DVD Video builds - used in the same way the DVD Text name is from a DVD Video disc - as a basis for the auto generated Volume Label.
* Added: 'Recent Files' support to Read/Build modes. It's accessed via the 'File' menu (Both modes) or by right clicking on the 'Browse' button (Read mode).
* Added: Drag + Drop a folder onto the program exe/shortcut and ImgBurn will open in Build mode and add that folder to the source list.
* Added: A tiny bit more error checking during the burn - could catch errors right at the start that would otherwise be lost.
* Added: Command line parameters for all the 'Bootable Disc' options in Build mode.
* Added: Option to have Build mode sort files in the order they're in within the source window. (This is only possible to a certain degree!)
* Added: Message to tell user to close the drive tray during the write/verify tray cycling process if the program fails to do it automatically. The message can be disabled in the settings for non-newbie people.
* Added: 'Changer Control' button to the 'Insert Next Disc' window.
* Added: Support for reading/reporting the 'Volume Set Identifier' from the UDF file system.
* Added: 'Move To Top', 'Move Up', 'Move Down', 'Move To Bottom' functionality for the 'Source' list within Build mode. Options are availabe on the context menu, via keyboard shortcuts and via buttons (but only when in 'expanded' view).
* Added: Option to enable/disable OS AutoPlay on Data/Audio CD's (like the option in TweakUI and CloneCD). This makes the whole 'Operating System Options' bit (with regards to AutoInsert/AutoPlay) more complete.
* Added: When no cells can be found for a layer break, ImgBurn will identify which one you should split. (Build mode only)
* Added: Additional detail to the error/warning messages that get logged when there's an issue with the user specified layer break position.
* Added: The option of not capturing graph data at all.
* Added: Support for relative paths (i.e. starting with '.' and '..') and [DATE], [TIME], [DATETIME] modifiers when specifying a name for the destination file for build mode via CLI (or in an IBB file).
* Added: Support for relative paths and [DATE], [TIME], [DATETIME] modifiers when specifying a name for the log file via CLI.
* Added: Support for the newer LiteOn ID string ('ATAPI DVD A') within the automatic booktype/advanced settings code.
* Added: Support for a '/SRCLIST' CLI parameter to pass the name of a file (plain text) that contains the names of folders / files to add to the 'Source' box in Build mode.
* Added: New CLI option '/DELETESOURCE' where 'Build' mode will delete all the files it just burnt - assuming burn (and verify) was successful.
* Added: The ability to use the drive name within the AWS feature to force a speed for a specific device when the current 'Disc ID' is not in the list.
* Added: Additional keyboard shortcuts when working with Build mode's 'Source' list, Burn Queue's 'Image' list or 'Create CD CUE File's 'Layout' list.
* Added: 'Add To Write Queue When Done' checkbox option to 'Create DVD MDS File' window.
* Added: The 'Extract Boot Image' feature now also lists the drive volume label next to the appropriate list entry if one exists.
* Added: When filling the buffer before a write operation, the program won't ever consider it full if the 'Cancel' window is open. This gives the user time to cancel the burn and prevent anything from being written to the disc.
* Added: A 'View ImgBurn Translations...' option to the 'Help' menu.
* Added: 'Media Information' (a.k.a. Image Information) button within Read mode. To make it skip analysing the tracks (for CD-TEXT, MCN, ISRC, PreGaps), hold the 'Ctrl' key when clicking the button.
* Added: Tooltips to all the 'Size' type labels where the size is shown in Bytes, KB, MB and GB.
* Added: AutoPlay options for the following events: HandleHDDVDBurning, HandleBluRayBurning, PlayCDAudio, PlayDVDMovie, PlayHDDVD, PlayBluRay.
* Added: Version information to the installer exe.
* Added: 'ImgBurn Projects...' option to the 'Help' menu. (This points to the 'IBB Projects' folder in the users 'Application DataImgBurn' folder)
* Added: If the automatic check for updates feature fails, an entry is added to the log to show that it failed.
* Added: Support for the new 'Verify Not Required' (VNR) flag in the 'Write 12' command when BD-R media is being used. This comes under the 'FastWrite' option - i.e. when FastWrite is enabled, this flag gets set.
* Added: 'Open With' shell extension option in the Settings window. When enabled, ImgBurn lists itself in the manual 'Open With' selection window that you can have pop up on files with unknown file extensions.
* Added: Warning message if burning to DVD-RAM / HD DVD / Blu-ray when 'Test Mode' is enabled saying that it might not be supported and data could actually get written to the disc. (seems to vary between drives - certainly with DVD-RAM anyway).
* Added: New CLI option '/IGNORELOCKVOLUME' that causes the program to automatically ignore any failure to lock the drive for exclusive access if the error code is 'Access Is Denied'.
* Added: A new hint to the error box when attempts to lock the drive for exclusive usage fail, the error is 'Access is denied' and 'wmplayer.exe' (Windows Media Player) is open.
* Added: Tooltips to the listbox in the 'Create DVD MDS File' window for items that are longer than the box. (For some weird reason the scrollbar can't scroll far enough on vista even though the calculation for it's limits is perfect on all previous Windows OS's).
* Added/Changed: When drives are on the same SCSI ID, the program will fall back to sorting them by drive letter and finally by name when the 'Device -> Sort Order' is set to 'Address'.
* Added/Changed: The 'auto set booktype' code is now called again if the disc finalisation fails - otherwise the drive appears to forget what it's been told to do!
* Added/Changed: If Build mode detects the file 'I386NTLDR', it will automatically enable the ISO9660/Joliet options of allowing files without extensions.
* Added/Changed: Read mode's Destination 'Save As' dialog window now also includes filters for .BIN and .IMG files. Defaults to .BIN for complex CD discs and ISO for everything else.
* Added/Changed: Build mode's Destination 'Save As' dialog window now also includes filters for .IMG files.
* Added/Changed: Optimised the file I/O buffering when writing to a hdd/removeable drive.
* Added/Changed: The IFO modifying code as part of LB selection has been updated to handle LB cells where the previous one has a Cell Command associated with it that's just a NOP.
* Added/Changed: Read mode has gone back to remembering the destination path of the image you just read and using that instead of a new one it would normally calculate. The 'old' path is only used if the current disc has the same volume label, same creation date within the file system and same total sector count as the one you just read. (This is for people who eject the disc and insert a new one before clicking the 'OK' button to finish the previous read where it then wouldn't give you a new path for the new disc.)
* Added/Changed: The 'Graph Data' folder is now created if it doesn't exist.
* Added/Changed: Build mode now groups files by an entire directory (including sub directories) rather than doing it by directory level (as it did previously). There is a new option to make it revert to doing it by directory level.
* Added/Changed: 'DVDPreview' code updated to include latest fixes and option of Real-time (normal film FPS) playback speed in the layer break preview window.
* Added/Changed: Tweaked the error handling of the code that sets the layer break on the disc. You can now actually abort the write operation if it fails (abort/retry/ignore options are provided).
* Added/Changed: When typing into ISO9660 fields, spaces are automatically translated to underscores.
* Added/Changed: When 'Delete Image When Done' is enabled in 'Write' mode, the program will prompt the user before deleting anything if there are more than 10 files to delete or if any of them are in the supported audio files list (i.e. APE, ACC, FLAC, OGG, MP3 etc).
* Added/Changed: Sector Viewer now remembers/restores the current 'scroll' position when changing sectors.
* Changed: Build mode won't use current inserted media's layer break info during calculate/write if the media isn't empty - it'll stick with the default values as taken from the 'Media' tab.
* Changed: Updated some of the booktyping/advanced settings stuff so it reports the error if the actual command fails.
* Changed: Rewrote the function that detects if a given process (name) is running - used to detect programs the can interfere with certain program operations.
* Changed: The Quick Edit 'Destination' field in Read mode (double click the file name label) is now a combobox and maintains a history of previous file names (taken from 'Recent Files' list).
* Changed: Destination files names chosen in Build mode are now added to the 'Recent Files' list in Write/Verify mode.
* Changed: Destination files names chosen in Read mode are now added to the 'Recent Files' list in Write/Verify mode.
* Changed: Updated the installer to NSIS 2.34
* Changed: Updated the exe compressor to UPX 3.02
* Changed: 'Calculate MD5 Hash Values' now defaults to OFF. It's less work for the app to do and will reduce latency between reads/writes because of that.
* Changed: Optimised the filesystem parsing code.
* Changed: The 'Install for All Users' option in the installer will record the current users 'check for updates' setting in HKLMSoftwareImgBurn. Other users (on a multi-user PC) will then use this value rather than using the program's default value.
* Changed: The images used in the log window to the XP versions (32bit colour + alpha channel)
* Changed: Done away with the 'ReadAhead' caching part when parsing the file system as it often meant far more was being read than actually necessary.
* Changed: Optimised the 'last resort' (fallback) image analysing code so it should be a bit quicker now. (This is the bit that runs just before it pops up the 'Invalid or unsupported image file' message)
* Changed: The IFO modifying code as part of LB selection has been updated to leave all the other cells alone if the one selected is already marked as non-seamless. (Chances are that it's the original LB cell and so the others don't need / shouldn't be modified for fear of messing something up!)
* Changed: Fine tuned some of the 'Recent Files' stuff so images created in 'Build' mode are added to the 'Write' mode recent file list at the end of the build. Same goes for 'Read' mode (at the end of the read!).
* Changed: Verify mode now defaults to reading Audio at MAX speed instead of 8x.
* Changed: The destination 'browse' button in Read mode now has the same popup menu as the one in Build mode (i.e. with 'Change Drive' and 'Recent Files' options).
* Changed: The destination 'file name' label in Read mode now has a new popup menu with the options - 'Edit' and 'Copy'.
* Changed: Read Error retries are now handled / logged in the same way Write errors are (i.e. 1 log entry per retry - so we can see exactly what's going on and why it failed)
* Changed: 'Clipboard' button in the 'Filter Driver Load Order' window to say 'Copy To Clipboard'. I noticed people didn't instantly get what it was for, hopefully that'll change now.
* Changed: Updated the 'Display Graph Data using DVDInfoPro' icon to the current one use by the actual program.
* Changed: I/O Debug mode is now automatically disabled whenever the program is closed - so it's then not active the next time ImgBurn is loaded.
* Changed: Removed the 'I/O Debug Mode' checkbox from the settings window. (It's only available via the F8 key now)
* Changed: UDF File Set Identifier now defaults to using the volume label field rather than 'UNDEFINED'.
* Changed: Button height is now the Windows standard 23 pixels rather than Borland standard 25.
* Changed: Optimised 'Duplicate File' detection code.
* Changed: Buttons on the 'Write Queue' window are now only enabled if they're applicable / available based on the current state of the listview.
* Changed: Tweaked the 'Create DVD MDS File' feature so that it can be used to create an .MDS file from a .DVD file and keep the layer break information intact.
* Changed: Renamed the 'Create Boot Image' option on the 'Bootable Disc' tab in Build mode to 'Extract Boot Image' and changed the layout slightly.
* Changed: Handling of file extensions / initial file names in the 'Save As' dialog boxes used in Read and Build modes (for the destination file).
* Changed: Tweaked some of the code used to find interfering programs.
* Changed: Changed the nsis installer script so it enhances the ImgBurn entry in Add/Remove programs (offering web/support links and making it 'Remove' only etc).
* Changed: Browsing for a destination file in Read or Build modes no longer adds the selected file to the Write mode MRU list - the file is only added after the actual Read/Build.
* Changed: Build mode no longer automatically changes settings when it finds 'I386NTLDR', it prompts the user first if a certain few settings aren't configured correctly and could produce a non-working disc.
* Changed: Ignore miscompares in 'Optional EDC' area (last 4 bytes in the sector) in Mode 2 Form 2 tracks during a Verify if the bytes in the file are zeroed out.
* Changed/Fixed: TOC information ('track mode') is now reported as-is and is no longer using info obtained via 'Read Track Information' (which I've now seen to return bogus/different info).
* Changed/Fixed: Certain unicode functions have been tweaked to allow for file/path names longer than 'MAX_PATH'. They should now support upto 32767 characters rather than 260.
* Changed/Fixed: The ISO9660 file/folder entries within the file system have been made more compatible with certain players.
* Changed/Fixed: Program should have complained if you tried to burn an unsupported format to DVD/HD DVD/BD and then quit early.
* Changed/Fixed: Program would keep asking (for each track) if you wanted to burn data of the wrong format (but stuff that could be converted) to DVD/HD DVD/BD.
* Changed/Fixed: Tweaked the 'Supported Write Speeds' code to not give odd values from certain drives.
* Changed/Fixed: Updated the forms to use 'TUIStateForm' instead of 'TForm' as their base VCL control so it fixes an issue on Windows 2000 (or Windows XP without themes) to do with focus rectangles.
* Changed/Fixed: Context menu option (in Write/Verify modes) to change the volume label no longer appears when it's not possible to do so (i.e. when the image has no supported file systems).
* Changed/Fixed: More registry calls that access HKLMSoftware so it changes both branches under Wow64 (x64 OS's).
* Changed/Fixed: When loading an IBB into Build mode via CLI, the other CLI parameters are now processed both before (to correctly configure things like file system etc) and after the IBB has been processed. (CLI parameters therefore take priority over those specifed in the IBB)
* Fixed: Refresh issue with changing the volume label on small images where the app was reading the old label from the cache rather than the new one in the image.
* Fixed: Read mode not maintaining the correct 'Track Path' value within the MDS file.
* Fixed: Verify could fail with miscompares when converting some images on-the-fly.
* Fixed: Some option reading the ISORead value rather than the ISOVerify one (can't remember which one exactly doh!).
* Fixed: Bug that could mess up the destination file name in 'Read' mode if the path was a network share.
* Fixed: Potential issue with 'pending' ASPI commands where the SendASPI32Command function doesn't set its return value to 'pending'.
* Fixed: Failure to remove the 'Shell Extensions - DVD' keys from the registry.
* Fixed: Potential access violation when determining the format of an image file and the program doesn't find a match in the first set of checks.
* Fixed: 'Build' modes 'DVD Video - Uppercase File/Folder Names' option wasn't always working correctly.
* Fixed: 'Read Capacity' I/O Error when starting off in Read mode and no disc was present.
* Fixed: The 'Browse for folder' button for Read mode's 'Default Destination -> Custom' setting was defaulting to the wrong folder.
* Fixed: The Joliet Volume Descriptor's (SVD) 'Root Directory' entry had a different value for 'size' (the real one rather than rounded to nearest 2048) than the one in extent itself.
* Fixed: Incorrectly set Joliet file identifier lengths to 2 instead of 1 if there was no file name at all.
* Fixed: The ";1" was being cut off the filenames in the ISO9660 file system.
* Fixed: A UDF descriptor was being messed up due to an incorrect mem copy operation.
* Fixed: UDF directory/file UniqueID values weren't compliant with the specs.
* Fixed: It was possible to right click the volume label text in 'Read' mode and bring up the 'Change Volume Label' box.
* Fixed: A byte in the data/time field within PVD of ISO9660 FS was incorrect when NOT specifying a value.
* Fixed: Dodgy wording in the prompt when you check the 'seamless' box on the layer break dialog.
* Fixed: The program wasn't always correctly locating the file system in images where the data track was offset in the file. (i.e. it didn't start right at the start)
* Fixed: When analysing an image the program could potentially use (read from) cached data when it wasn't valid for the area being requested.
* Fixed: 'Read' option in the 'File' menu wasn't hooked up to anything.
* Fixed: Arithmetic overflow operation when pre-allocating files - they weren't being made with the correct size if over 4GB.
* Fixed: Using the wrong functions to work out conversion from KB/s to read speed (i.e. 2x) on HDDVD and Blu-ray discs in code that checks if the requested read speed matches the real one the drive says it's using.
* Fixed: Bug in the graph data (IBG file) code where it was (could be) writing incorrect values for the 'speed' in Verify and Read modes.
* Fixed: Flashing progress bars under running Vista. (Borland's problem, not mine!)
* Fixed: The 'Apply' button wasn't being enabled on the 'Change Volume Label' window when enabling/disabling Unicode support.
* Fixed: The UDF volume label wasn't being updated (via the 'Change Volume Label' window) if all you'd done is enabled/disabled Unicode support.
* Fixed: UDF Volume Set Identifier is now filled out in the correct format using the volume creation date/time rather than the value of GetTickCount().
* Fixed: 'Read' mode thought it was ok to read from an unformatted BD-RE disc.
* Fixed: The program should not display 'Supported Write Speeds' on BD-ROM media.
* Fixed: 'Duplicate File' detection code could end up setting some files with an LBA of 0 if the 'real' file hadn't been assigned an LBA yet.
* Fixed: The 'Open Containing Folder' button in Verify mode is now only enabled when a file has been selected/loaded.
* Fixed: The 'Open Containing Folder' button didn't work during verify unless actually being done from Verify mode.
* Fixed: A couple of little bugs I found having turned on a few more compiler warnings.
* Fixed: AutoPlay settings not being written to the registry properly on x64 OS's.
* Fixed: Global 'Overwrite Files' option wasn't being reset at the end of a read operation and so any response given would be applied to all the reads until the program was closed down.
* Fixed: When looking for modified filenames in build mode (due to various file system restrictions), the check was not case sensitive.
* Fixed: TOC display in the info window on the right of the main screen wasn't showing (larger than normal) 'PreGap' areas for anything other than the first session. (This is where the 1st track in the session doesn't begin right at the start of the session - and is normally where 'hidden' audio tracks are stored)
* Fixed: 3.3x was being filtered as a 'Supported Write Speed' (available on some 8x DVD+RW in certain drives) and showing as 3.4x instead. Released: Thursday 12th April 2007

* Added: Support for Lite-On drives to the 'Auto Change Book Type' feature.
* Added: Loading an IBB via CLI no longer requires a path. It'll use the current working directory if one isn't specified, making it a bit more portable.
* Added: '/OUTPUT' as an alternative to '/BUILDMODE' for a command line argument.
* Added/Changed: If Build mode detects the file 'I386NTLDR', it will automatically enable the ISO9660/disable the Joliet options of adding versions numbers to file names.
* Changed: None of the build mode 'text' options will be changed if an IBB doesn't actually specify a value for that field.
* Changed/Fixed: Disabled 'Auto Calculate' whilst adding files / folders to the source list from an IBB file specifed via the CLI.
* Fixed: Incorrect signature matching (due to new FAT16/FAT32 file system detection code) on some images made them look odd sizes and have weird sector modes/sizes.
* Fixed: Drag + Drop of a folder containing an .ISO and a .MDS file (of the same name*) should have been filtering out the ISO and just adding the MDS.
* Fixed: The 'Remove All' button in the 'Write Queue' window wasn't being enabled when it should have been. Released: Monday 9th April 2007

* Added: 'Reset Settings' feature to the 'Options' tab in 'Build' mode.
* Added: 'Read' support for discs (DVDRAM etc) formatted with the FAT16/32 file system.
* Changed: Optimised the file system parsing code.
* Changed: Set default write buffer size to 40MB for people with 1GB of RAM or more (actually set at 980MB rather than 1GB this time).
* Changed: Set default path for IBG files to [APPDATA]ImgBurnIBG Files.
* Changed: Set default path for LOG files to [APPDATA]ImgBurnLog Files.
* Changed: The little 'DVDInfoPro' icon to the latest one - as taken from the program's exe.
* Changed: Upgraded to NSIS v2.25.
* Changed: Some internal workings of the 'Check For Program Updates' code.
* Fixed: Access Violation error when doing an 'on the fly' DL burn in Build mode.
* Fixed: DVDRAM discs formatted with FAT32 were always seen as 'empty' and so no 'overwrite' prompt was displayed if you tried to write to them.
* Fixed: Old drives that don't report the track mode correctly in the TOC could then read normal Mode1/2048 discs to a Mode1/2352 image.
* Fixed: Problem using numeric keypad to enter a custom number for 'sectors' in Discovery mode.
* Fixed: The layer break preview application wasn't working correctly under win 9x (Problems in the CreateProcess/ShellExecute wrappers).
* Fixed: The stars in the 'Select/Create Layer Break Position' window's list showed some odd graphics corruption under Win9x.
* Fixed: UDF file system parsing code could get stuck in a loop. Released: Thursday 22nd March 2007

* Added: Parsing of the Joliet filesystem (in addition to the existing UDF/ISO9660 parsing) for pin pointing the file where a read error is occuring.
* Added: Ability to have the program use erase/format commands where DVD-RAM and BD-RE disc then give their full capacity to the user data area and do not keep any 'spare areas' for error recovery. (Potentially useful for PS3)
* Added: A little 'Erase' button to the main screen for easy access to disc formatting/erasing functions.
* Added: Support for images with a 2332 byte sector size (Easy CD Creator v5 ?)
* Added: Support for converting a few additional image formats over to the correct format for burning to DVD (Mode1/2048).
* Added: Import / Export of 'Automatic Write Speed' configuration.
* Added/Changed: If Build mode detects the file 'I386NTLDR', it will automatically enable the ISO9660/Joliet options to allow file names without extensions.
* Changed: When files/folders are dragged + dropped into the source list in Build mode, they're now added to the MRU list - but only if 8 or less items are added at a time.
* Changed: When files added to the source list in Build mode via the 'Browse for file' button, they're now added to the MRU list - but only if 8 or less items are added at a time.
* Fixed: Browsing for (and opening) a file (especially in 'Verify' mode) could fail due to some garbage being appended to the filename.
* Fixed: A potential error when unlocking a volume from exclusive access when locking it had failed in the first place.
* Fixed: File/folder names parsed from the ISO9660 file system could have garbage appended to them if there was no trailing null.
* Fixed: Thread synchronisation issue where MD5 values might then be missing from the Log.
* Fixed: The first cell in an angle block was being ignored and hence never shown in the 'Create Layer Break Position' window. (The first should have been visible, but not the others)
* Fixed: The program displayed the incorrect 'previous' cell in layer break preview if the chosen cell followed one or more interleaved cells.
* Fixed: UDF Filesystem didn't allow for the ';' character in file names.
* Fixed: The 'Don't Prompt VIDEO_TS Content' option wasn't acutally using the answer specifed in the settings.
* Fixed: The Filter Driver Load Order page was listing 'Upper Class Filters - [None Found]' for an item that should have said 'Lower Class Filters - [None Found]'.
* Fixed: The wrong item in the Build mode MRU list could get deleted when the 16 item limit was reached. (Number 8 was deleted rather than number 16) Released: Tuesday 13th February 2007

* Added: 'Read' mode for basic (sector by sector) creation of images direct from a cd/dvd.
* Added: Unicode support to everywhere that needs it!
* Added: An 'AUTO' write speed where you can now have custom write speeds for individual media types/dyes on a drive by drive basis. You can also use things like 'CD-R', 'DVD-R', 'DVD+R' etc.
* Added: Ability to preview Cells in the Build mode's 'Create layer break position' dialog box (or doing it via Tools -> ISO -> Display IFO Layer Break Position). This uses PgcEdit's little PgcEditPreview.exe file.
* Added: Option of Standard/DOS/ASCII characters set for ISO9660 file systems. (previously only Standard/ASCII was supported)
* Added: Ability to build ISO9660 file systems where files can have no extension at all (not even a '.' (dot)).
* Added: Options to disable warnings when checking 'seamless' or 'don't update ifo/bup files' boxes in the layer break dialog windows.
* Added: Options to automatically check the 'seamless' and 'don't update ifo/bup files' boxes in the layer break dialog windows.
* Added: Support for reading/parsing UDF v2.50 - as used on HDDVD / Blu-ray discs.
* Added: Build mode now has the ability to look for and optimise duplicate files so that only 1 copy of that file actually exists in the ISO/on the disc.
* Added: /EJECT CLI command.
* Added: 'Auto Change Book Type' option to the settings. This is only used for LG and Samsung drives. When enabled (default), it will make the program send the appropriate command to tell the drive to booktype the disc to DVDROM at the start of every burn - obviously just for Plus format media -i.e. DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL.
* Added: Ability to insert a layer break position in the MDS file made by the 'Create DVD MDS File' tool.
* Added: Early warning message on DVD Video builds where the files are probably too big for the destination DVD media.
* Added: Checks for people loading '*.000' and '*.ISO' files in Write mode when a '*.DVD' one exists.
* Added: Ability to burn small images JUST to the first layer on DL media (normally you would split the data between layers).
* Added: Warning message if user specified layer break differs from that in the loaded *.MDS/*.DVD file.
* Added: Additional check for file splitting suitability when doing a read/build to hdd using the FAT/FAT32 file system.
* Added: 'Sector Viewer' button to Read/Verify modes in the 'Source' box.
* Added: 'Cancel' option when loading an IBQ file and none of the images are in the right place!
* Added: Files created in Read/Build mode are now (optionally - default = on) pre-allocated. This cuts down on fragmentation.
* Added: Options to set process priority during Read/Write/Verify.
* Added: Support for reading hdd partitions to an image file suitable for use as the boot image when building a bootable disc/iso.
* Added: A button on the 'volume label' windows to have it insert the current date/time in YYYYMMDD_HHMM format.
* Added: Answer 'Yes' / Answer 'No' options to the 'Don't prompt VIDEO_TS content' option.
* Added: An optional timeout to the auto volume label window (default is ON and 30 seconds).
* Added: Layer break positions are now displayed in the main GUI if the MDS/DVD file loaded in Write/Verify mode contained one.
* Added: Options on the 'Create DVD MDS File' window are now remembered between sessions.
* Added: The option of preserving full pathnames within MDS files created by Read/Build modes.
* Added: Improved logging options for files that have their names shortened due to file system limitations / restrictions currently in place.
* Added: Ability to add device id strings that are really OEM LG / Samsung drives - for use by the 'Auto Change Book Type' feature.
* Added: New 'Filter Driver Load Order' feature so you can see which drivers all your I/O is going through - and spot ones that could be messing things up. (Available on Windows 2000 and newer)
* Added: When the book type commands fail, the 'reason' (I/O SenseArea interpretation) is now also displayed in the messagebox.
* Added: Support for Vista's new 'OnDVDArrival' autoplay stuff - so it now says 'Burn an Image' (using ImgBurn) as an option when you insert a blank DVD. (This had already been implemented for OnCDArrival and I had assumed it would apply to both - it didn't!)
* Added: Support for showing supported write speeds on CD.
* Added: Support for identifying DVD+RW DL booktype.
* Added: 'TOC Information' to the Info panels in all modes.
* Added: Detection/Identification of 'HD DVD-ROM' etc type drives to the log when ImgBurn first starts.
* Added: Detection of HD DVD-RW read/write capabilities.
* Added: Context menu with 'Copy' option on it to the 'Label' field in the 'Previous Image' groupbox on the 'Please insert next disc' window.
* Added: Message in 'Build' mode when user tries to write an ISO image - where they should probably be using 'Write' mode.
* Added: 'Free Space' to the info page in build mode - used as part of the 'Calculate' function.
* Added/Changed: 'Preferred Format Capacity' value to info window for rewritable media. This value is now used during full erase rather than the maximum one.
* Added/Changed: A little workaround for a glitch in Vista with windows using a non resizable frame under the Aero theme. Pixel 0, 0 is not the absolute top left of the window - making the window appear off the screen.
* Added/Changed: The shutdown options / API's now use the 'FORCE' flag if ImgBurn detects the computer is 'Locked' - this can be disabled in the settings.
* Changed: Only the first cell in an angle block is now shown as a potential layer break. Other cells in the block take on the same SPLIP flag as the first.
* Changed: Check for updates defaults to 'Weekly' now. (Beta versions still do it every time it's started)
* Changed: 'Time' column header in layer break dialog boxes to say 'Start Time'.
* Changed: Some of the 'Program Update' code to hopefully reduce the chance of getting a cached response when checking for version updates.
* Changed: When looking for firmware updates, only the model is now passed to the search engine rather than make + model.
* Changed: On a fresh install, people with over 1GB RAM get a 40MB buffer, not 20MB.
* Changed: Process priority for Verify mode now defaults to 'Normal'.
* Changed: Some of the little hdd/cdrom pictures to their XP equivalents.
* Changed: New images for the column sort arrows shown in the Queue window (Applies to all OS's prior to XP - XP handles arrows by itself). The previous ones were not very clear.
* Changed: The icon on the DVDInfoPro buttons so it matches the new one used in the latest version of the program.
* Changed: Samsung 'change book type' screen always used to say the current setting was DVDROM. This was 'forced' because the drive doesn't appear to report the current value. ImgBurn now tells it like it is.
* Changed: BD-RE Full Erase code now also writes 0's to all the sectors on the disc. Unlike with DVD+RW erase, the drive doesn't do this automatically.
* Changed: The exe is now compressed using UPX 2.92 (beta). This new version appears to fix the Windows 98 crashing bug that plagued it previously and UPX doesn't suffer from the XP crashes that PECompact does.
* Changed: Update to using NSIS 2.23 for the installation program.
* Changed/Fixed: There wasn't anything 'logged' when a file wasn't readable when building an image in 'Build' mode.
* Changed/Fixed: Errors caught during the sync cache / disc finalisation stages were not taken into consideration when deciding if the burn succeeded/failed.
* Changed/Fixed: Loads of stuff for Blu-ray media / burning. (BIG Thanks to SVP for letting me borrow a drive!)
* Changed/Fixed: Some bits for HD DVD media / burning.
* Changed/Fixed: Now only single session/track data discs can be processed by Read & Verify modes.
* Changed/Fixed: Unless the user specifically overwrites an image in read/build mode, the MDS file will not overwrite an existing one with the same name - it'll rename / create a new one in the 'filename(x).ext' format.
* Fixed: IFO parsing code wasn't processing VMGM / VTSM cell info properly (well, ok, at all!) and so they'd show up as non seamless when they shouldn't have in the layer break selection boxes.
* Fixed: Build mode's layer break code was a little too good at skipping analysis of files it didn't think would work - as such, some perfectly valid potential layer break positions were missing from the dialog box.
* Fixed: Bad/failed copies in a multi-copy queued burn were not being taken into account when decided whether or not to delete an image based on the 'Delete the image when done' setting.
* Fixed: The Patin-Couffin I/O interface caused BSOD's on Windows 9x. This is probably due to changes in the driver as 9x used to use different code to NT. ImgBurn now uses the same code for all OS's. Tested with v36.
* Fixed: UDF Version was displayed using OS's regional setting for a decimal place rather than being fixed as a '.' (dot).
* Fixed: Drag + Drop of folders into the write queue could lead to duplicates if a .DVD and .ISO were present in the same folder and had the same name (well, first part anyway!).
* Fixed: Times were wrong in layer break dialog for PGC's using multiple angles.
* Fixed: Having 'Auto Calculate' enabled messed up builds initiated via CLI.
* Fixed: The 'Verify Against Image File' option in the settings (Write tab) had no effect on the 'Build' Mode virtual image and so a verify always compared the burnt disc to the original data.
* Fixed: Just adding VIDEO_TS type files to the source box in Build mode failed to build a DVD Video disc (after you answered 'yes' to say that's what you wanted to do). The operation was aborted instantly.
* Fixed: /LOG CLI command didn't work if the program was already auto saving the log somewhere due to normal option in the settings (Events tab).
* Fixed: Pasting text into ISO9660 volume label boxes allowed for characters that should have been restricted (it bypassed the normal checks).
* Fixed: 'Weekly' and 'Fortnightly' were round the wrong way in the 'check for program update' option drop down box.
* Fixed: Couldn't just specify a filename (no path) for the /SETTINGS CLI 'File Name' argument. It would save ok but wouldn't load.
* Fixed: LBA offset was wrong in one of the UDF descriptors if the file descriptors for a given directory spanned multiple sectors. (Some OS's didn't then show all the files)
* Fixed: Starting the build/write automatically via CLI could mean the autoinsert thread was run after it should have already been terminated. This could cause errors to pop up as the disc continued to burn (so not really damaging anything).
* Fixed: Memory leak if you used the 'Create DVD MDS File' tool.
* Fixed: Incorrect decoding of I/O errors when using the 'Write (12)' command.
* Fixed: A couple of glitches in the GUI on Vista.
* Fixed: A problem where the MD5 hash wasn't always calculated/displayed in the log after a burn/verify etc.
* Fixed: The open file dialog boxes now have the places bar down the left hand side on Windows Me.
* Fixed: 'Chapter' column in layer break dialog boxes was showing a number with a base of 0, instead of with a base of 1 - i.e. it was 1 too low!
* Fixed: Layer break positions in the list view were only sorted by LBA and those with the same LBA could appear in the wrong order - LU / PGC / Chapter / Cell wise.
* Fixed: Tools -> ISO -> 'Display IFO Layer break position' could start with part of an internal (to the program) string in the 'file' box.
* Fixed: Open/Save File dialog boxes were not resizable.
* Fixed: The AutoPlay (on insert blank cd/dvd) 'Burn Image / Build + Burn Image' entries were passing the drive letter with the '/SOURCE' CLI parameter rather than the '/DEST' one.
* Fixed: Some memory leaks when closing the program down on Vista (with UAC enabled) due to it not being able to write certain registry entries.
* Fixed: Lots of error catching code so Borland's internal exceptions are deleted properly and not 'leaked' when the program closes.
* Fixed: Some issues to do with the 'DVDRAM / BD-RE FastWrite' option.
* Fixed: Old CD-R/RW drives that don't report the current media properly would cause ImgBurn to prompt the user to select which type of media they wanted to erase - when CD-RW was the only one it could ever be.
* Fixed: Discovery mode's 'Sectors' box wouldn't accept a large enough number for use on large discs - i.e. HD DVD, Blu-ray. Released: Monday 11th September 2006

* Added: Option of using an auto-generated (where possible) volume label if none as been specified in Build mode.
* Added: Option to auto ignore 'In Use' files during a 'Build'.
* Added: Directories now have their 'Modified' dates preserved in 'Build' mode.
* Added: Log entry to show existing emulation type of boot image (plus other info) on a cd/dvd when using the 'Create Boot Image' feature.
* Added: The 'Sync Cache' command now auto retries when it fails with the error 'Logical unit not ready, Long Write in Progress'.
* Added: If you load an IBQ (ImgBurn Queue) file and one (or more) of the image files don't exist, you can choose to locate them elsewhere - incase you renamed / moved them.
* Added: Ability to add ';1' (known as File Version Number) to the files in the Joliet filesystem. This 'should' only be done for ISO9660 filesystem files but some players are buggy.
* Added: Ability to auto queue images created in Build mode.
* Added: The 'save on exit' option for the log now has the ability to append to an existing log file. The log is now save by default on new/updated installation and is set to append to a single file.
* Added: Additional logging for when the 'Create Boot Image' operation fails.
* Added: Option to apply the 'Delete Image' setting to the other selected images.
* Added: Buttons to the bottom of the queue window for applying the current settings (i.e. those of the first selected image in the list) to all the other selected images.
* Added: Option to sort Queued images by their parent folder name (NOT the full path, just the folder name).
* Added: Info about total number of queued images remaining and total number of copies remaining to the burn queue window.
* Added: An alternative 'Padded' MD5 calculation for when burning + verifying an image on DVD+R media where the drive automatically pads the image so the last sector is divisible by 16.
* Added: Right click the 'Browse' button in the destination box (in build mode) and you'll get an option to swap the drive of the current path - it'll also show you all drive names / sizes (same as how DVD Dec used to do it when you right clicked the actual name).
* Added: 'Stay On Top' to the system menu of the main window. (Left/right click the top left icon in the Windows caption bar).
* Added: ISO Build mode can now be told where to put the DVD Video type content within an image (start/mixed/end) - really only applies to when you also have normal DVDROM content to add to the image - the default is 'mixed'.
* Added: Support for listing the Manufacturer ID of BluRay discs.
* Added: Various options for how often the 'Check for program update' code should run. Choices are: Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly.
* Added: Speeds shown during burn/verify of HD DVD/BD discs should now show the correct relative speeds for that format (rather than being based on 1x DVD speed).
* Added: Support for/detection of new types of media (HD DVD-R DL and BD-R DL)
* Added: Buttons to copy volume labels to the other file systems - i.e. from ISO9660 to Joliet and UDF.
* Added: Info about current status of 'IFO/BUP 32K Padding' option to the image details message box that pops up just before the build starts.
* Added: BD-RE has been added to the existing 'DVD-RAM FastWrite' option. This prevents the drive from performing its own internal write + verification, leaving verification down to the software.
* Added: '/CLOSEINFO' CLI command to allow closing of the application once it has written the info file (based on '/INFO' CLI command).
* Added: '/ROOTFOLDER' CLI command to allow bypassing of the prompt about a single folder representing the root folder.
* Added: '/NOSAVESETTINGS' CLI command to prevent the program from saving the settings when it's closed.
* Added: '/VOLUMELABEL_ISO9660', '/VOLUMELABEL_JOLIET' and '/VOLUMELABEL_UDF' CLI commands for people that like to have different volume labels for each file system in 'Build' mode.
* Added: Build mode can now be passed multiple folders/files via cli using the '/SOURCE' argument and by using pipes ('|') to separate file/folder names within the quotes.
* Added: '%B' to the default IBG file naming options. This is replaced by the date in YYYY/MM/DD format.
* Added: Option of automating the answer ('Yes' or 'No') to the 'Root Content' question in Build mode.
* Added: IBB files now also support the 'Bootable Disc' tab settings in Build mode.
* Added: Option to have the most recently used tab remembered / restored within Build mode.
* Added: Correct sorting of files in the AUDIO_TS folder.
* Added: The uppercase / filtering options for DVD-Video have now been extended to include the AUDIO_TS and JACKET_P folders.
* Added: Warning message to the 'Ignore' button on the 'Create Layer Break Position' window.
* Added/Changed: The 'Create MDS File' option in build mode has been expanded to allow 'Auto' / 'Yes' and 'No' modes. 'Auto' means it'll only be created when there is a need for it.
* Added/Changed: Images built in build mode are now padded so their total size is divisible (exactly) by 16.
* Added/Fixed: Files with the 'Hidden' attribute set are now marked as 'Hidden' within the image file that Build mode creates.
* Changed: The 'Change Volume Label' dialog box has been redesigned so it's more like the one that pops up when you build an image without specifying a name.
* Changed: Some of the pictures on the 'start' buttons have been replaced so they all match. i.e. no more picture of a hdd - it now shows a picture of an image file.
* Changed: The 'Media' tab in ISO Build mode is now hidden when outputting to a 'Device' rather than an 'Image File'. It does not apply when outputting to a 'Device' because it's all automatic.
* Changed: 'Create/Select Layer Break Position' dialog boxes are now resizable.
* Changed: All the 'Media Control Notification' stuff has been rejigged so that windows can detect when the media/media content has been changed if the program isn't doing anything important like burning/erasing etc.
* Changed: The Queue window is now reopened (if appropriate) after inserting the next disc for a queued burn.
* Changed/Fixed: When a build is cancelled and an incomplete file is deleted, the empty folders were also deleted without warning. You're now asked if you want to remove empty directories.
* Fixed: UDF filesystem wasn't using the 'Creation Date' specified in the options for volume dates.
* Fixed: Statusbar stayed showing '0% - Creating Boot Image...' even when it had finished if the boot file was really small.
* Fixed: Verify mode wasn't showing the correct 'progress' values (sectors, size, time etc.) for some CD images.
* Fixed: Layerbreak code in ISO Write mode wasn't correctly being told about fixed layerbreaks - as found on DVD-R DL.
* Fixed: Jumping focus bug when selecting items in the burn queue that had certain option enabled.
* Fixed: It was possible to click the big 'Write' / 'Build' / 'Verify' buttons twice and get 2 lots of threads running doing the same thing. The buttons are now disabled the second they're clicked.
* Fixed: UDF backup anchor could end up in the wrong position due to automatic drive padding on DVD+R when the total image size (in sectors) is not divisible (exactly) by 16.
* Fixed: When doing queued burns (shared between multiple drives), the taskbar button would flash forever until the program was made the foreground app (by clicking on it). Now it stops it flashing once the 'Auto OK' thing has kicked in and it's no longer waiting for user input.
* Fixed: Some of the 'open file' dialog boxes could attempt to take on default file names that they shouldn't have been (i.e. ones internal to the program).
* Fixed: Path names with trailing back slashes weren't accepted/used by build mode when passed using the '/SOURCE' CLI command.
* Fixed: In Build mode, double layer images requiring a lot of padding (to make it 50/50) and at the same time making use of 32k gaps could end up with layer 1 being larger than layer 0 and layerbreak LBA positions shown in the 'Create layer break position' window would be wrong.
* Fixed: Incorrect offset in IFO when a gap was added between IFO and BUP (i.e when there's no, or a small, VOB file).
* Fixed: Some methods of drag + drop weren't working as they should have been.
* Fixed: PECompact virus warning from some AV software.
* Fixed: 'End Of File Reached' error message when verifying some really small images.
* Fixed: 'On Startup' option of setting the 'Build Mode' (i.e. what it outputs to - device/image file) didn't work.
* Fixed: Incorrect custom file/folder times due to daylight savings being applied once within the image and then again by the operating system as the end user views it. Released: Saturday 5th August 2006

* Added: 'Build' mode for creating ISO's from files on your hard disk, or burning them direct to a disc.
* Added: Capturing Processor usage is now optional.
* Added: Option to change the thread priority of the 'Graph Data' thread. Might give more accurate results on some PC's.
* Added: Workaround for Windows Vista where the system tray icon wouldn't display the initial (top most) 'Restore ImgBurn' item because it had the 'Default' flag set.
* Added: Additional variations of the 'Send Cue Sheet' command when the initial attempt fails.
* Added: If 'Send Cue Sheet' now fails because the drive is sooooo old it doesn't support SAO burning, the program will revert to TAO.
* Added: Option to make Verify mode just test readability of the disc itself and not verify against an image file.
* Added: Verify mode now reports (for all modes) the file mapped to any unreadable sector at a given LBA address.
* Added: Buffer Recovery (+ user configurable threshold settings) for times when burning and hdd goes mental, meaning device buffer empties. This means less start / stopping for the drive.
* Added: Option to set read speed for Verify mode (any type of verify, in the case where it's being done after burn etc).
* Added: 32bit colour Icons to the icon used for 'default' file associations.
* Added: When the program needs another disc as part of queued burns (and it's not the foreground window), it now flashes the taskbar button.
* Added: A rating system to the layerbreak positions/screens. Should make it easier to pick the best one.
* Added/Changed: The 'Wait For +RW Background Format' option into a 'Prefer Properly Formatted +RW' option. When checked, the program waits for background format to finish and will also prompt to format (before writing) any disc that's in the 'Formatted: No' or 'Formatted: No (Started)' states. When unchecked, it will only prompt when in the 'Formatted: No' state (i.e. when it really has to format).
* Added: 'Mark as Burnt' to the Queue window context menu.
* Added: New startup screen on OS's supporting layered windows.
* Added: A new item to the main menu called 'Output'. This is visible in ISO Build mode and lets you switch between building to an image file or doing on-the-fly to a device (drive).
* Added: '/VOLUMELABEL' CLI parameter for ISO Build mode.
* Added: '/NOIMAGEDETAILS' CLI parameter for use in ISO Build mode. Does the same thing at ticking 'Don't Prompt Image Details' in the settings.
* Added: '/OVERWRITE' CLI parameter for use in ISO Build mode.
* Added: Support for detecting device arrival / removal.
* Added: 'Copies' to the main window - as such, logic behind queue has had to change (as has the Queue window).
* Added: '/COPIES' CLI command for use in ISOWRITE mode.
* Added: Ability to load/save settings to a '.ini' file. File name passed via '/SETTINGS' CLI command or will default to 'ImgBurn.ini' in the exe's directory.
* Added: 'Eject Tray' checkbox to all the transfer screens. Whatever that box is set to is now what the program does at the end of the burn (or burn + verify).
* Added: Additional MD5 calculations to Build/Write/Verify modes where I thought they'd be handy - logged when operation completes successfully.
* Added: Ability to eject the tray after write ONLY when there are additional images in the queue.
* Added: Copies + speed info to the burn progress screen.
* Added: Support for '.IBB' files - these are plain text backup project files. See 'ReadMe.txt' for additional information.
* Added: Support for '/FILESYSTEM' CLI command for use in ISOBUILD mode.
* Added: Support for CloneCD's updated version of my old '.dvd' file (from DVD Dec days) where it also contains layerbreak information.
* Added: More image info to verify / write main screens (to fill empty space!) - due to additional real estate needed for 'Build' mode.
* Added: Files > 1GB and that have sizes divisible (exactly) by 2048 are now just always accepted for burning - regardless of presence of 'supported' filesystems in the image.
* Added: 'ImgBurn Statistics' to the 'Help' menu.
* Added: '/LOG' CLI switch to auto save the log to specified file (overrides setting / filename in settings window).
* Added: '/INFO' CLI switch to save Info panel information to specified file the first time a disc is fully recognised / checked.
* Added: The installer now writes out the options (Desktop/Quick Launch icon etc) to the registry so those options are preserved if you install again.
* Added: Ability to Load/Eject disc from Queue window.
* Added: Improved file association removal code within the uninstaller.
* Added: List of (supported!) file systems used within an image to the log and to the tooltip on the volume label.
* Added: Ability to sort the queue asc/desc by clicking on the column header.
* Added: Workaround for some old drives that wouldn't report a disc as being erasable.
* Added: Option to ignore IFO/Filesystem layerbreak positions and revert to VOBU/ECC scanning.
* Added: Option to set the chosen layerbreak position as 'seamless' via a checkbox in the 'select layer break position' / 'create layer break position' dialog boxes.
* Added: Option to tell the program NOT to update the IFO/BUP files.
* Added: Verify mode can now collect data / produce IBG files in its own right.
* Added/Changed: Use of ComboBoxEx for device dropdown lists when running under Vista. The standard customdraw ComboBox didn't theme properly.
* Changed: Processor performance counters are now initialised earlier to reduce the delay when the 'GraphData' thread starts.
* Changed: Even when you load the ISO rather than the MDS file, the MDS (with the same name) will still be deleted if you opt to delete the image.
* Changed: IBG files are now made to version 2 specs. You'll need an updated DVDInfoPro to view them.
* Changed: Max speed can now be 33% larger than the average value (was 20%) - otherwise it's ignored - probably a spike.
* Changed: Shortcut keys for modes/log window/queue window have been changed - forced due to nature of keypressing in new 'Build' mode. Old shortcuts do still work for Write/Verify/Discovery modes though.
* Changed: 'L' and 'E' on Load/Eject buttons have been replaced by some pictures.
* Changed: Updated 'ReadMe.txt' file with new CLI stuff.
* Changed: The little picture of the drive in the device dropdown boxes is now greyed out for all devices except the active one.
* Fixed: Drag + Drop of some items could look like it was going to work (going by the mouse cursor) but then didn't actually do anything (Effected Build mode's 'Source' box, the 'Queue' window and the 'Create DVD MDS File' window).
* Fixed: When setting SPLIP flag in IFO/BUP files as a result of layerbreak stuff, it now checks the previous cell doesn't have a cell command before doing so.
* Fixed: MSF values found in the 16 byte header of some CD sectors sizes (as part of internal conversion routines) were being calculated/stored in normal decimal format, not BCD (binary coded decimal).
* Fixed: Selecting 'Incremental' and burning a CD meant all kinds of weird things happened. As Incremental doesn't work on CD (or at least not in ImgBurn), it'll always force SAO mode burning.
* Fixed: Transparency problem with the 48x48x32 program icon.
* Fixed: Unfinalised multisession discs where last session was empty were reported as being totally empty - meaning the program didn't prompt to erase them - meaning the burn then failed.
* Fixed: Couldn't open read-only files (via the 'Open' dialog box) using Windows 98.
* Fixed: Problem with non all-numeric OS 'short dates' in IBG files. The export function would bomb out because Borland's Date/Time functions wouldn't convert the string (taken from the IBG) back into a 'TDateTime' object. i.e. '2/July/2006 12:00:00' would fail where '2/7/2006 12:00:00' would work fine.
* Fixed: Error message boxes shown from within threads did not stop other windows from becoming inactive.
* Fixed: Problem where freshly formatted +RW media with unreadable sectors (not normal! - probably means burn will fail anyway) was not considered as writable.
* Fixed: (Workaround) For a problem with Borlands resource compiler where icons have their index's messed up - this stopped the icon for file associations from working properly.
* Fixed: Problem with Queue sort order not resetting when going between 'sort by name' and 'sort by name (ignore path)'.
* Fixed: Unnecessary creation of reg keys for file types where association was disabled.
* Fixed: 'Standard' user accounts got errors when closing the program down (failing to set file associations) - Maybe it is just visible in Vista?
* Fixed: Problem updating volume labels in UDF filesystem if previously there was no volume label at all.
* Fixed: Acceleration character (an '_') was shown in the Queue window for images containing an '&' in the volume label or file name.
* Fixed: IBG CPU % usage stats on non English PC's.
* Fixed: Incorrect 'Start In' property for shortcuts/icons created by the installer.
* Fixed: Incorrect conversion of UDF revision field resulted in some weird values being reported.
* Fixed: Problem where displaying IBG file with minimum required version of DVDInfoPro would show an error.
* Fixed: IBQ files couldn't be loaded from the CLI and still keep all the correct settings - selected device info was lost.
* Fixed: The Log window's open/save dialog boxes used the 'filename' path (part of internal structure) as the default folder, rather than the 'initialdir' path - so they didn't default to the correct 'Most Recently Used' folder.
* Fixed: Compressing the exe with PECompact meant the 2nd application icon was compressed and so didn't show up for associated file extensions.
* Fixed: Deferred errors caught by the 'WaitImmediateIO' function were not being correctly copied to the parent function - this could cause a crash.
* Fixed: File Association code wasn't clearing up the registry properly. Released: Thursday 13th April 2006 Take me to the top, baby!

* Added: New 'Sector Viewer' feature - within the 'Tools -> Drive' menu and the device context menu.
* Added: Log windows 'Save As' box now defaults to/remembers the last folder you saved to.
* Added: 'Open File' / 'Save File' / 'Browse for folder' dialog boxes are now centred when displayed.
* Added: Checking/unchecking the 'Delete Image' checkbox during a burn/verify now also updates the Queue window (if it's open) to reflect those changes.
* Added: Support for newer LiteOn drives & their new features in the 'Advanced Settings' window.
* Added: 'UDF Revision' of the Image file to the log and to the tooltip/hint of the volume label text shown in main window.
* Added: 'Volume Identifier' (aka. volume label) of the Image file to the log when burning / verifying.
* Added: Device Buffer and CPU % Usage to IBG data file.
* Added: Ability to remove the warning about overburning for people that use it all the time!
* Added: Support for setting the action to be performed when the 'shutdown computer' box is ticked. Options are: Log Off, Restart, Turn Off, Stand By, Hibernate.
* Added: New context menu to 'Shutdown Computer' checkbox (visible when burning / verifying). This provides a shortcut to the 'Shutdown Action' options.
* Added: 'Layer Jump Recording' has now been fixed (Thanks to a nice man at LiteOn) and is no longer always disabled. Due to the weird way it works, it's actually very pointless and not at all what I originally thought/hoped it was!
* Added: Ability to disable the 'Shutting down...' window that lets you abort the shutdown.
* Added: '/IBG ""' CLI parameter. This will make the program export the graph data to that file when it finishes burning/verifying.
* Added: Setting ImgBurn to be the default program for the selected image file extensions now refreshes the Shell Icon Cache to you can see the changes without a reboot.
* Added: A few more errors codes to where the automatic tray cycling code comes into play between writing and verifying if there is an error.
* Added: Errors are now looked at/checked for when using certain lengthy commands - i.e. Sync Cache, Close Track / Session / Disc. This now works for those where the 'IMMED' (immediate) bit is set - i.e. after burning. Previously, errors during these stages would go unnoticed.
* Changed: Default IBG naming to something more useful.
* Changed: Tweaked the 'max speed' capturing code a little more to help reduce the chance of 'spike' speeds becoming the max value.
* Changed: 'Layer Jump Recording' warning message has been replaced by a 'Layer Break on DVD-R DL' warning.
* Fixed: Stupid problem with the OS caching the image file as it's read into the internal buffer. This often lead to running low on memory and hence use of the hdd swap file - causing major buffer problems for some people.
* Fixed: /TESTMODE CLI switch bypassed the normal checks for 'Test Mode' not working on certain media - i.e. DVD+ format discs.
* Fixed: Bug with 'Open/Save File' dialog boxes being open and still being able to close the program from the task bar. This often led to an internal never-ending loop somewhere.
* Fixed: Compressing the ImgBurn.exe file with UPX caused problems (BSOD's) on Windows 9x so this will not be used again. PECompact will be used instead.
* Fixed: 'Delete Image when done' being unchecked on queued images as a result of resetting the controls on the screen ready for the next image.
* Fixed: It wasn't possible to click the 'Write' button if the currently selected drive wasn't in the 'ready' state - even if that drive wasn't used by any images in the queue.
* Fixed: Problem with using CVS version of NSIS installer on Windows 98. The Welcome / Finish screens were not displayed correctly.
* Fixed: Problem with updating the IFO files when burning DL images where layer break position needed to be moved.
* Fixed: The 'Shutting down...' window had problems when triggered by the 'Shutdown computer' option visible when burning.
* Fixed: CD MDS files weren't being accepted as valid single session / track MDS files - when really they were!
* Fixed: Discovery mode's Verify was including the 'parse filesystem' code - which of course failed as it's not a real image. Released: Wednesday 22nd February 2006 Take me to the top, baby!

* Added: Queue can now switch drives/write speed on a per image basis.
* Added: Verify now displays which file the error was in - if/when a miscompare occurs.
* Added: Filesystem parsing within Image Files has been improved to include the ISO9660 FS too.
* Added: A check for AnyDVD / DVD43 (displayed as 'Interfering programs') - as they could potentially modify data when it's being verified - resulting in a 'Miscompare' error.
* Added: 'Sort By Name' to context menu in Queue window.
* Added: 'Sort By Name (Ignore Path)' to context menu in Queue window.
* Added: 'Image Files' as an option for IBG default path options within the settings. This means the IBG gets put in the same folder as the source Image file.
* Added: %V to custom IBG filename options within the settings. %V stands for 'Volume Identifier' A.K.A. Volume Label.
* Added: 'Compress Spaces' to custom IBG filename options within the settings.
* Added: Ability to click column header in Queue window and have it 'sort by name'.
* Added: Ability to tell Write mode to tell Verify mode to not compare against the file - so it behaves more like where it just checked the sectors could be read.
* Added: Ability to have Verify mode ignore non user data within sectors. i.e. So with Mode1/2352 images, it only compares the real 2048 user data bytes.
* Added: Support for loading / saving IBG v2.0 files - to take into account the new options for queued items.
* Added: '/TESTMODE' CLI switch.
* Added: Settings fixing/deleting within the installation program depending on current action (downgrade / reinstall / upgrade).
* Added: Ability to synchronise device selection within the various modes.
* Added: Ability to synchronise options in ISO Write / Discovery modes (i.e. Test Mode, Verify and Write Speed).
* Added: 'DVDRAM FastWrite' to Write settings. This is pretty much a bodge to disable the 'verify' part that's built into normal DVDRAM burning.
* Added: 'Burnt Copies' to Queue window.
* Added: Increased max copies from 20 to 100.
* Added: Image details are now updated/refreshed when you start to burn. Previously they were just read when the image was loaded / queued up.
* Added: Graph data for Verify process (after write process) is now added to IBG file.
* Added: Option to have the 'Reserve Track' command issued when burning DVD+R/+RW format media. Normally it's just issued for DVD-R/-RW media.
* Added: 'Verify / Delete Image / Close Program / Shutdown Computer' checkboxes to all modes.
* Added: Advanced Settings dialog for BenQ / Plextor drives to control special features like PowerRec, WOPC, OverSpeed etc.
* Added: Verify can now be told to ignore an error and go on to verifying the next one.
* Added: Workaround to make 'Wait for background format' work on Pioneer drives that don't follow the MMC spec. (Even the 110 has this problem!)
* Added: Media information to log when erasing discs.
* Added: Ability to enable/disable 'Stay On Top' for Queue window from within the settings.
* Added: Little 'Refresh' buttons to the Advanced Settings and Booktype windows.
* Added: Shutdown dialog (with 'Abort' button and a 10 second timeout) for when the program is supposed to shut the pc down.
* Added: 'Book Type' to verify log.
* Added: Ability to get IFO layer break position from 2054 bytes per sector (mastering style) DVD images.
* Added: Improved methods used to find potential layer break position.
* Added: Information about midpoint of Image file to the Layerbreak window. The nearer to this value the layerbreak position is, the more compatible with players the final disc will be.
* Added: Support for '.di' (Prassi / TraxData ONES) images.
* Added: Support for erasing BD-RE media. (well, fixed it really!)
* Added: 'LightScribe' and 'Labelflash' entries to Device Capabilities window.
* Added: Verify now counts up all the errors in a given sector and shows that number in the first (and only) miscompare warning.
* Added: Extra right click 'Apply xxxx setting to selected' options to the Queue window.
* Added: A 'MB' (megabytes) value to the 'Not enough space on disc' dialog box.
* Added: Updating the drive / write speed in the main window now also refreshes the Queue window.
* Added: A delete button to the 'previous image' section of the 'Please insert next disc...' window.
* Added: Auto retries to the 'cycling tray before verify' bit of code - useful for when the drive sometimes fails to initialise the disc - it'll then auto eject + reinsert it again.
* Added: 'Share Images Amongst Drives' & 'Share Selected Images Amongst Drives' options to context menu in Queue window.
* Added: 'Select All' & 'Invert Selection' options to context menu in Queue window.
* Added: 'Sequential Scan' flag to command used when reading files. This seems to speed things up when reading over a network.
* Added: Support for multiboot gcm images.
* Added: Option to make ImgBurn the default application for the files it's associated with in the registry
* Added: A second icon to the exe that people can use for files associated with the program.
* Added: Checking for minimum version requirement of DVDInfoPro before attempting to display an IBG file with it.
* Added/Fixed: Volume Label change code now updates EDC/ECC area of 2336/2352/2448 byte sector images - would have previously failed Verify.
* Changed: 'HD DVD-RW' to 'HD DVD-RAM' (the new correct name for it).
* Changed: Slight redesign of the 'Insert next disc...' dialog.
* Changed: Maximum Speed (calculated over 2.5 seconds) value can now only be 20% bigger than average speed (calculated over 10 seconds), or else it is ignored. Might cut down on spikes caused by drives caching the IO requests.
* Changed/Fixed: Added an aligned buffer to one of the DeviceIoControls commands - used to enable/disable media change notification.
* Changed/Fixed: The 'Supported Write Speeds' now ensures only 1 instance of a certain speed is shown. i.e. no more 'Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 2x, 4x, 4x, 8x, 8x, 16x, 16x'
* Fixed: Sorting the Queue didn't update the file shown in the main window.
* Fixed: Enabling 'Delete The Image File When Done' caused problems if 'Copies' (within the queue) was set at more than 1, or if the image was queued again. Queue is now checked to ensure the image isn't going to be used again before it's deleted.
* Fixed: Redraw (empty box!) problem on device drop down comboboxes.
* Fixed: Overburning 'Reserve Track' problem on Plextor and other burners.
* Fixed: 'Reached EOF' error on PDI etc images.
* Fixed: Incorrect MSF value in some places.
* Fixed: Bug (access violation) deleting all items from Queue window.
* Fixed: Bug with discovery mode showing 0 sectors when verifying - and verify not actually doing anything.
* Fixed: Issues with my custom component - as used in Discovery mode for Sectors / MB stuff. It didn't display the correct number under Window 9x unless the program started in Discovery mode.
* Fixed: Bug in UDF parsing code. Would only find/search about 39 files (max) when searching files for layerbreak info.
* Fixed: Potential workaround for 'PlaySound' API hanging.
* Fixed: Log window not always coming to foreground when app is activated - it appears like it's not visible/enabled.
* Fixed: Removed dots from auto IBG naming with 'date' parameter.
* Fixed: Certain actions could lead to cancelling a close/shutdown but the shutdown part still being enabled - hence when program is finally closed, the pc shuts down.
* Fixed: Problem with updating the IFO's after figuring out a new layer break flag needed to be added. Released: Friday 2nd December 2005 Take me to the top, baby!

* Added: 'Verify' mode for both CDs and DVDs.
* Added: 'Discovery' mode for testing out media to full / custom capacity without the need for an image.
* Added: Support for queuing up images to burn (with full Drag 'n' Drop support).
* Added: Support for specifying how many copies of an image to burn (within Queue window).
* Added: Support for Drag 'n' Drop of multiple images / folders (containing images) to Write mode's 'Source' box.
* Added: Export of graph data from previous burn.
* Added: Display of graph data from previous burn - using DVDInfoPro. Now you can see pretty graphs showing you exactly what speed your drive was burning at and when.
* Added: Overburning support for DVD+R discs in BenQ (and other?) writers.
* Added: 'Test Mode' for DVD+R/+RW/+R DL media when using a BenQ drive that supports the feature.
* Added: New device capabilities window to replace old method that just used a MessageBox.
* Added: Additional methods of finding a nice layer break position on a dvd.
* Added: Recent Files list to File menu and context menu on the 'Browse' buttons.
* Added: Enhanced 'File Association' code to overcome certain problems where the associations wouldn't be visible in the explorer context menu.
* Added: Support within the installation program for disabling DVD Decrypters file associations.
* Added: Some additional lines in the log when burning double layer discs so the user knows when layer 0 / layer 1 are being written.
* Added: /CLOSESUCCESS CLI switch. Will only close the program after a successful burn/verify - unlike /CLOSE which closes regardless of what happens!.
* Added: /WAITFORMEDIA CLI switch so /START /CLOSE doesn't mean the program loads / quits if the drive isn't ready.
* Added: Media ID is now displayed for DVDRAM media.
* Added: 'Display IFO Layer Break Information' to Tools -> ISO menu.
* Added: Device name/string to the info panel when there is no disc in the drive.
* Added: Support for Ctrl-A in change volume label edit boxes.
* Added: Support for Ctrl-A in L0 Sectors edit box in the Settings dialog.
* Added: Additional limiting of L0 Sectors edit box to numbers only.
* Added: 'All' and 'None' buttons for file association stuff in the settings.
* Added: ISO9660 field in label change dialog now always uses uppercase.
* Added: Character counter to the change volume label dialog box.
* Added: Settings -> Events -> On Startup -> Set Program Mode.
* Added: Settings -> General -> Warnings -> Images Still Queued (prompts to save queue when you exit the program if there is more than 1 image in it).
* Added: Ability to save/load queue (new .IBQ file type (stands for: ImgBurn Queue)).
* Added: Some more code for BD and HD DVD drives - to support write/erase etc. (not tested yet, obviously! - anyone got a spare drive?!).
* Added: Current / Maximum Format Capacity to the info panel in Write/Discovery modes for rewritable discs.
* Added: BETA support for Layer Jump Recording (alternative to DAO and Incremental on DVD-R DL media) - Must be enabled via registry key.
* Added: Double click 'Graph Data File: ' log entry to display that IBG file in DVDInfoPro.
* Added: 'Layer Jump Recording' capability to the Drive Capabilities page.
* Added: Warning message when burning DVD-R DL media and Layer Jump Recording is not supported/being used.
* Added: Support for latest version of bitsetting in LiteOn drives.
* Changed: 16x16 icon now also has the flame in it.
* Changed: The old SpeedButtons for a custom built PngSpeedButton - The images look nicer ;-).
* Changed: Pressing F5 now refreshes the image info, not just device info.
* Changed: 'Max Speed' is now sampled more frequently to hopefully provide a more accurate value.
* Changed/Fixed: Patin-Couffin 'Lock Volume - Exclusive Usage' code. New drivers (post version 32) were not made backwards compatible with old IOCTLs.
* Changed/Fixed: Method of calculating free sectors on media - mainly for DVD+RW and DVDRAM (fix was needed for DVDRAM).
* Fixed: Could lose the layer break dialog if minimised to system tray when it pops up.
* Fixed: UDF allowing too many chars in the field without any message to say it will be truncated.
* Fixed: Unable to delete folder of image you've just 'browsed to' and burnt.
* Fixed: Devices drop down box now looks disabled when it is disabled.
* Fixed: Burning to DVDRAM didn't issue any erase/format/overwrite dialog boxes - even when they were needed.
* Fixed: Double clicking log entries wasn't correctly parsing the strings for 'known' variables. Released: Tuesday 4th October 2005 Take me to the top, baby!

* Added: Much improved ISO (DVD Video) image double layer burning. The image is now parsed, the IFO file scanned and the 'seamless playback linked in PCI' flag read/updated to find the best place for the layer break.
* Added: Changing the volume label of an ISO image via the 'Tools' menu will refresh the one displayed on the main screen if it's the same file.
* Added: 'Device' to the information area in ISO Write mode during burning.
* Added: Alternative method of 'load/eject' for drives that dont support 'immediate' command execution.
* Added: 'Display IFO Layer Break Information' to new Context menu to 'Sectors' label.
* Added: Tooltip to log windows when the line the mouse is hovering over is too long to fit in the window. The tooltip contains the full line!
* Added: Possible workaround for drives that randomly return 'Unknown' for 'current profile' that then leads to DVD+R/+RW discs not being finalised.
* Added: Support for *.GCM images.
* Added: Retries (10) to the 'CreateFile' API call when doing the 'Search for SCSI / ATAPI Devices' thing using SPTI as the I/O Interface.
* Added: Log entry explaining in plain english that when you get a 'createfile failed!' message in the log, it means the drive WILL NOT be visible in the program.
* Added: Log entry when FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME fails with 'Invalid Function' error. Means drivers dont support it, and therefore need updating. I now mention this in the log.
* Added: The reason behind FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME failing to the log.
* Added: Option to not have the program wait for the background process of formatting a DVD+RW.
* Added: Support for detection of DVD+RW DL media.
* Added: Sarcastic message when people try to load IFO/BUP/VOB files for burning.
* Added: CLI switch '/LAYERBREAK' to allow 3rd party apps to pass the layerbreak LBA directly, rather than manipulating the registry.
* Added/Fixed: UDF File system error detection when file potentially use 32bits to store their size, rather than the 30 they're supposed to use. A dialog box now comes up if this is detected and asks the user which 'size' they'd like to use - the 30 bit version or the 32 bit one.
* Changed: Layer break info now shown for DVD-R DL media.
* Changed: Tooltips - so they're displayed for 5 seconds instead of 2.5.
* Changed: Hitting 'retry' during a write error will no longer perform X number of retries (as specified in the settings). It'll just do the 1 now!
* Changed: Layout of drive compatibilities page.
* Changed: (for the moment anyway) Write parameters are now sent again for DVD+R burns. Some older drives had problems when they weren't sent.
* Changed: No more forcing of dismounts on the volume when the disc is ejected. They cause other problems.
* Changed/Fixed: Aborting a write operation whilst it's filling the buffer will no longer perform any of the actual writing/finalising etc.

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