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ImDisk Toolkit

Version 20240210
- added traditional chinese language (Hong Kong region)
- updated DiscUtils to .NET 4.8
- minimal recommended requirement is now Windows 7

ImDisk Toolkit

Version 20240113
- fix in RamDiskUI: in the synchronization tool, file removal did not work when the data source was an image file (regression from 20211103)
- fix in RamDiskUI: if an image file was used with memory allocated dynamically, "Run after mounting" did not work at system startup

ImDisk Toolkit

Version 20231231
- RamDiskUI.exe: an executable or a script can now be specified to be run after volume creation
- uninstaller: added an option to reset the TEMP variables
- fix in ImDiskTk-svc.exe: data synchronization did not update directory reparse points
- install.bat: check of the TEMP folder
- executables are now compiled with MinGW 13.2.1 (instead of 12.2.1)

Version 20220826
- added korean language
- installer: added command line switches to force installation settings
- installer: syntax help no longer requires administrative privileges
- executables are now compiled with MinGW 12.2.1 (instead of 11.2.1)

Version 20220807
- added hungarian language
- added an icon in context menus (Windows 7 and later)

ImDisk Toolkit

Version 20220301
- updated to driver 2.1.1 (2.0.9 kept on x64 systems without SHA256 signature support)
- installer: removed the option to disable automatic loading of ImDskSvc
- installer: startup type of ImDskSvc, DevIoDrv and AWEAlloc is now set to manual

2.1.1 built 07 November 2021
Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

ImDisk Toolkit

Version 20211103
- RamDiskUI.exe: new dialog box for TEMP variables that allows creating junctions (fix for some MSI installers)
- installer: added an option to create shortcuts for all users instead of current user
- fix for ramdisks: data synchronization could delete files if an error prevented them from being copied at ramdisk creation
- fix in MountImg.exe: drive letter specified in command line did not work in lowercase
- RamDiskUI.exe and MountImg.exe: added a warning in case of lang.txt missing

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20210125
- added finnish language

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20201120
- updated russian language
- fix in the uninstaller: some files were not removed (regression from 20200402)
- executables are now compiled with MinGW 10.2.1 (instead of 7.3.0)

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20200727
- added brazilian portuguese language
- config.exe: added an option to avoid Explorer window appearing after volume mounting
- RamDiskUI.exe: tooltips now always appear

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20200609
- added italian language
- installer parameters can now be passed to install.bat
- ImDisk-Dlg.exe: changed notifications while unmounting; this should fix an incompatibility with FreeCommander
- ImDisk-Dlg.exe: while unmounting, dialog boxes are now put above all others

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20200412
- new packages without self-extracting modules
- config.exe: added a command line option to retrieve the version of the package

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20200404
- removed UPX compression of the SFX module because of antiviruses

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20200402
- updated DiscUtils: fix for VMDK metadata files larger than 20KB and fix for corrupted GPT images
- fix in MountImg.exe: VMDK metadata files could be changed even in read-only
- fix in MountImg.exe: partition display or mounting could fail if DiscUtilsDevio takes too much time to close the image file
- fix in MountImg.exe: the OK button could stay disabled with the drag and drop of an invalid file

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20200315
- MountImg.exe: added command line parameters

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20191126
- the shortcut for the driver control panel now asks for administrative privileges
- removed "Request administrator rights in Explorer" from the installer; they are now always required
- RamDyn.exe: performances improved with NT API
- RamDyn.exe: no longer waits for WM_ENDSESSION when executed in session 0

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20190924
- RamDiskUI.exe: renamed Cancel button to Exit
- fix in MountImg.exe: formatting could fail if the image file was a new created one (regression from 20180917)
- fix in MountImg.exe: when a non-existent file was selected with the "..." button, the "OK" button was not enabled

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20190629
- fix in RamDiskUI.exe: an error occurred if RamDyn took more than 15 seconds to load an image file (regression from 20160726)
- fix in ImDisk-Dlg.exe: when unmounting a ramdisk, the prompt to save it as an image file is now displayed even for dynamic ramdisks

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20190419
- fix in RamDiskUI.exe: copied files might have their archive attribute removed even if the synchronization feature is not used (regression introduced in 20190407)
- fix in RamDyn.exe: the cleanup function can work not properly (regression introduced in 20190407)

ImDisk Toolkit
Version 20190407
- added simplified chinese language
- executables are now compiled with MinGW 7.3.0 (instead of 6.2.0)

ImDisk Toolkit Version 20190130
- RamDyn.exe: added a command to manually trigger the cleanup function

ImDisk 2.0.10 Update 18 November 2018

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver 2.0.10 and DevIO 3.05: Fixed a problem with auto-detecting logical partitions in extended partitions. In this new version it also supports auto-detecting more than eight partitions.

Version 20180917
- installer: added an option to disable automatic loading of the ImDskSvc service which is installed by the driver
- installer: added a command line switch to set the installation folder
- RamDiskUI.exe: added informations in a tooltip about the image file that can be used to load data
- raised minimal volume size to 65 KB in RamDiskUI and MountImg because of a new size check appeared in driver 2.0.8
- fix in RamDiskUI.exe: synchronization parameters were not properly registered when a ramdisk on a drive letter was defined just after one on a mount point
- fix in ImDiskTk-svc.exe: the service could crash with several ramdisks to be synchronized
- fix in MountImg.exe: when a file was selected with the "..." button, the "OK" button was not enabled

Version 20170706
- RamDiskUI.exe: added a tooltip about the creation of other folders than Temp
- fix in RamDiskUI.exe: ImDiskTk-svc service was not created if the system is shut down without closing the GUI (regression introduced in 20160726)

Version 20170407
- fix: missing error handling for process creation could lead to unpredictable results

Version 20161231
- fix in RamDyn.exe: a bug occured with volumes larger than 4 GB (regression introduced in 20161230)

Version 20161230
- RamDyn.exe: fixed a mistake in the syntax help (since 20161120)
- added a shortcut to the homepage in the start menu
- SFX modules: added version number

Version 20161204
- service start type is no longer enforced if the service already exists

Version 20161120
- RamDyn.exe: improved cleanup function (Security Margin parameter removed)

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