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IFOEdit allows users to parse VOB files, remove and add video, audio and subtitle streams to VOBs, create new IFO files, create DVD images. Also basic DVD Authoring.

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Latest version

0.971 (November 28, 2004)


Download IfoEdit 0.971  485.7KB  Portable

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

v0.971 28 Nov 2004
- fixed: NTSC authoring problems (2).
- added: Programs in PGCs can be added now even if there's no program present already.
- added: empty PGCs can be added now to VTS_PGCITI
- fixed: In VOB Extras, the 'Remove Angle' option was always greyed out under XP.

v0.97 27 Nov 2004
- fixed: NTSC authoring problems.
- added an automatic screen-refresh after editing values.
- fixed a bug with VTSM_VOBS Video Attributes (
- fixed: The PGC Still Time and PG Playback Mode values have been inverted.
- removed the messagebox in DVDPlay, that will display the used DirectX filters.
- added a button in DVDPlay: 'Frame Step'

v0.9611 Oct 2003
- fixed negative Audio delay bug.
- fixed the bug in DVDAutor on selecting the Celltimes.txt file.It allways used 'Celltimes.txt' instead of the selected file.
- added a messagebox in DVDPlay, that will display you the used DirectX filters.This way you can find out what filters are used, and why DVDPlay isn't working.

v0.95 06 Nov 2002
- Fixed the bug 'Vob File is unvalid ....'.
- Fixed 'Menu Extras' Stripping menu-VOB files should work properly again.
- The Window-size and position of IfoEdit & VobEdit will be saved and restored now.
- After using DVD-Play, IfoEdit will now also display the played Title-Sets, instead of only the titles.
Authoring enhancments:
- DTS audio-streams can be muxed too.
- Subpicture streams can be muxed now too.
- Chapter points can be insterted too.
- Stream-languages can be specified too.
- Audio-delay/offset can be specified now.
VobEdit has a new Menu-item, that will display you the delay of Video&audio inside an existing VOB file.
(Will be usefull for the DVD Authoring function :-))
To multiplex Subpicture streams, use the new VobEdit to demux a stream from an existing VOB file.
This demuxed stream can then be used with IfoEdit DVD Author to multiplex it back.
(You just need to copy the PGC colors later manualy)
Chapters points can be copied from an original DVD!
First open the original IFO file, and select(Open) the PGC that containes the main movie.
Now use the Menu-item: 'Save Celltimes to file' to save the chapter points to a text file.
If needed you can edit this txt file. It containes the frame-positions of the chapters.
Now you simply need to specifiy this text-file in IfoEdits DVD Author to let it create these chapter points.
Make sure, the original DVD, where you have taken the streams of, used only one VOB-ID for the movie.
If it has more then one VOB-ID, then IfoEdit might crash on authoring.

v0.94 14 Oct 2002
- New MAJOR: DVD Authoring implemented.- new Menu-Item: 'DVD Author' -> 'Author new DVD' (Menu Item is only enabled, if no IFO file is loaded) With this function, you can author your own DVDs, but without menu. IfoEdit will multiplex the specified elementary stream files, and create a complete valid DVD (volume) with VOB and IFO files. Accepted elementary streams are: - Video: any m2v (MPEG2) video stream file. - Audio: AC3,MPA(Mpeg1-Audio),WAV/LPCM
- added: new VOB-Extras Option: 'Autocopy Menu-files'.This will copy just the Movie-Menu-VOB file and VIDEO_TS.VOB file to the destination directory(s). If no stream stripping will be done, then also the VIDEO_TS.IFO&BUP will be copied.
- added: PGC-commands can be added/inserted/deleted in VTSM_PGCI_UT too.
- added/fixed: On creating new IFO files, there was a problem when VOB files contained more then 99 Cells. Solution: IfoEdit creates now for each VOB-ID in the VOB files, an own PGC in the IFO file.
- added: new Menu-Items: 'Subtitle Colors' -> 'Copy from PGC' and 'Paste to PGC'
with this you can now easily copy&paste subtitle colors from an original IFO file to your new created IFO files.
- changed: Made a small change on the remux-function, so hopefully it will work like in IfoEdit v0.6

v0.94 Pre-1 21 Sep 2002 Prerelease version 1 (not public)
- added: new VOB-Extras Option: 'Autocopy Menu-files'.This will copy just the Movie-Menu-VOB file and VIDEO_TS.VOB file to the destination directory(s).
If no stream stripping will be done, then also the VIDEO_TS.IFO&BUP will be copied.
- added: PGC-commands can be added/inserted/deleted in VTSM_PGCI_UT too.
- added/fixed: On creating new IFO files, there was a problem when VOB files contained more then 99 Cells. Solution: IfoEdit creates now for each VOB-ID in the VOB files, an own PGC in the IFO file.
- added: new Menu-Items: 'Subtitle Colors' -> 'Copy from PGC' and 'Paste to PGC'
with this you can now easily copy&paste subtitle colors from an original IFO file to your new created IFO files.
- changed: Made a small change on the remux-function, so hopefully it will work like in IfoEdit v0.6

v0.932 10 Aug 2002
- bugfix: PGC-commands in VTS_PGCITI wasn't editable too.
- bugfix: On splitting to 2 DVD-Rs, the second disc didn't work. The problem was the chapter-preservation.
The table PTT_SRPTI contained pointers to program 0. I changed that and let them point now to program 1.
This workes much better now.

v0.931 08 Aug 2002
- bugfix: PGC-commands in First Play PGC wasn't editable anymore.

v0.93 07 Aug 2002
- added: Chapters can be added/inserted/deleted
- added: Programs can be added/inserted/deleted (Programs are needed for chapters!)
- added: PGC-commands can be added/inserted/deleted

Above options are available with a RIGHT Mousebutton-click, and only in following tables of the Ifo-file:
Chapters: PTT_SRPTI
Programs: VTS_PGCITI
Commands: VTS_PGCITI and VMGM_MAT->First play PGC

With these new options, you can fix your old DVD-Splits, that have a '2nd-Disc Late start'. And you can fix the problem about the wrong chapter-menu pointing on the 2nd Disc, without the need to re-split the original DVD again.

v0.92 05 Aug 2002
This release containes just fixes about the 'Splitting to 2 DVD-Rs' function.

- fixed: Split DVD -> 2nd Disc Late Start
- fixed: Original Chapters will be preserved now on the second DVD-R. So the chapter-menu should work properly.
- fixed: Now the VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP will be created too (when stripping streams).

v0.91 07 May 2002
- added a few more PGC-Commands in pgc-commands-editor
- enhanced the VTS_Overview: Cell's can be previewed now like in VobRator by double-clicking on it.
- added a few Menu-Items: BitRate calculator. It's a nice little bitrate caculator, but not perfect yet. Backup IFOs. Backup's all IFO files of the current directory to a specific backup-directory. Create ReMPEG2 cffl. Creates a cffl file for the usage with Rempeg2. Merge Menu tables. This is for you CCE/Scenarist users! It exchanges all DVD-Menu related Tables with the specified IFO file. Check m2v file + Check GOP structure. This 2 menu-items are for testing/debugging purposes. They create a txt file that contains the GOP structure for the selected m2v file, or for VOB files of current loaded IFO.
- added a Settings Menu option. In future here you will be able to make some more configurations for IfoEdit usage.
- On loading a IFO file, IfoEdit checks if all files in that directory are uppercase.
- and IfoEdit checks if the folder 'VIDEO_TS' is uppercase too.

v0.9 11 Mar 2002
- added: PGC-Commands can be edited with the right-mouse button! Just started with this one, so it containes only a few commands yet.
- added support for Seamless Branching. Seamless branching pointers will be corrected now. + added the possiblity to strip unwanted branches/pgc's/titles.
- enhanced the VTS_Overview: The Layer Break point will be displayed at the cell, where the layer break point is located. + interleaved Cells will be displayed. This makes it easier to identify a DVD containing Angles or Seamless Branching.
- added: audio&subpicture attributes can be edited in the VMG/VTS Overview too.
- added to new dialogs, for editing audio and subpicture attributes.
- fixed a bug in button 'Create IFOs'. The destination path was messed up internaly.
- enhanced the button 'Create IFOs'. The audio channels and quantisation value will no be extracted of the audio stream.
- fixed a bug in the total-frame calculation in VTS_Overview (Why did nobody reported a bug in there, to me?)
- made some enhancements/changes to the DVD Player.
- enhanced button 'Create Image': DVD size will be checked and 'Get VTS Sectors' will be performed on all IFOs before creating the image.
- fixed a bug on creating new IFO files. The fps was always set to 25 in the PGC.
- changed progress window. Now it doesn't longer stay on top.

v0.89 07 Mar 2002
- added: IFO file can be opened with IfoEdit by passing it as commandline parameter.
- added: Destination VOB file size can be set to 1gig,650mb or 1 huge VOB file.
- added: New VOB-Extras option: Split to 2 DVD-Rs
- added: Quick Menus: 'VOB-Extras' and 'Movie only', to preset special VOB-Extras Options quickly.
- made some changes/enhancments to the DVD Player.
- fixed some little bugs.
- changed output of VOB files: IfoEdit makes sure, that each VOB file starts with a Navigation packet.

v0.88 05 Mar 2002
- fixed a bug: Time-calculation was wrong in the PGC if the Movie contained angles.
- new button: 'DVD-Play' (integrated DVD Player in IfoEdit)Requirements: DirectX v8.0, and a DVD-ROM must be installed in your System.This one is to check out, if your DVD-R will be playable later when burning it to DVD-R.This way you can now easily check out, if all needed files are in your VIDEO_TS folder.

v0.81 08 Jan 2002
- added: new button: 'Copy2Clipboard'. With it you can copy the current 'Listview-data' to the clipboard, and paste it into Notepad.
- fixed the problem that IfoEdit closes in some cases after processing VOB files.

v0.8 24 Dec 2001
- Reworked the 're-mux' function. Should work now even better.
- added: new option for remux function 'Rebuild PTS'. This option is for remuxing a .m2v file that was created with CCE or TMPegEnc.
- fixed HexEdit problem. Removed some bugs of HexEdit-Module.
- fixed a problem on creating new 'VIDEO_TS.IFO & VTS_01_0.IFO' if the DVD is a NTSC version.

v0.76 18 Dec 2001
- fixed a small bug: on 'VOB Extras', if you use 'Create IFO's' and 'strip', then the created VIDEO_TS.IFO file gets overwritten.

v0.75 15 Dec 2001
- added: IfoEdit is now resizable.
- added: Video attributes are now editable by a special Dialog
- added: 'Region free' now also removes/patches 'Region-PGC-command checking'.

v0.7 01 Dec 2001
- fixed a bug: There was a bug in the VTS/VMG Overview on PGC details. Only the first PGC of the IFO file, has been displayed.
- new button: 'Menu Extras' This gathers all VOB processing like 'VOB Extras' but for the Menu-VOB file!
- new Option: 'Strip VOBId's' Now you can strip complete VOB's(VobId's) out of a Title-Set- or Menu- VOB-files.

- (new Option: 'Create new VIDEO_TS.IFO & VTS_01_0.IFO') This one is currently not completed yet, and so not available for use. It will create a new VIDEO_TS.IFO & VTS_01_0.IFO file, instead of modifying the currently loaded IFO file. This is usefull for movies that right fits on a DVD with 4.7GB, where no Menu fit's in no longer.

v0.6 23 Nov 2001
- new button/function: 'Re-Mpeg' In fact it's not a re-mpeg function it's a remux function, that is able to exchange the video stream in the VOB-files with a transcoded video file (.m2v file). With this one you can exchange the video stream, with a transcoded file made with ReMPEG2 v1.5.2
- new button: 'VOB Extras' This enables you, to re-mux/strip/correct vobs/correct ifo tables, ->all in one go!
- new button: 'Delete Playback' With that one you can remove those copyright/warning screens, from biing displayed.
- new button: 'Region Free' This one enables all regions in the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. So you don't need to edit it manually.

v0.5 22 Nov 2001
- fixed a bug: I didn't check if there is no PGC command table available. This happens if the values for following entries are set to 0: 'PGC Command Table start byte' 'PGC Program Map start byte' 'Cell Playback Information Table start byte' 'Cell Position Information Table start byte'
- new button/function: 'Strip' Now you are able to strip unwanted streams out of VOB files directly with IfoEdit. Just select which streams you want to 'KEEP', and IfoEdit does the rest. It strips all unwanted streams and if neccessary, remaps the stream-ID's to the corresponding values. And finaly it corrects the IFO-table information.
- new button: 'Region free' This one quickly patches the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, so your DVD will be region free.
- new button: 'Recreate tables' This one does almost the same as the button: 'Autocalc Sectors', except that it does not only correct the values. Further more it re-creates the complete table. So this would be usefull to use it on standardized IFO-files, where the VOB-files got completly exchanged with another movie. But for the moment there's one restriction: The table-size with the new calculated values may not exceed the table size of the current loaded IFO file. (But I'm working on to remove that).
- fixed: On exiting IfoEdit, the warning to save the ifo file will now only apear, if you made changes.

v0.4 28 Oct 2001
- added new function: 'Get VTS sectors' This calculates the correct start sector addresses and updates the current loaded IFO file sectoraddress-entries. So you don't need anymore to calculate this anoying addresses manually.
- added Timeposition calcualtion in the 'VTS Overview'. For each cell (chapter) there is the relative TimePosition to the begining of the movie. This is usefull if you re-author the movie with Scenarist NT, and want the original Chapters to be kept.

v0.3 13 Oct 2001
- added/fixed parsing of table: 'VMG_TXTDT_MG -Text Data Manager information' (I am still missing detailed information of this table-structure! If somebody knows something about this table, please email me.)
- added HexEdit feature for multi-byte values. (In older versions of IfoEdit, multi-byte values weren't editable. Now they are)
- added HexEdit Button for HexEditing/viewing of a whole table.
- changed the Font of the application to Courier New Font.
- added new function: 'Autocalc sectors' Works only for VTS_xx_0.IFO files, not for VIDEO_TS.IFO file. This function is useful, if you stripped your .VOB files, end need to correct the start/end-sector address for chapters in .IFO file. This function scan's all .VOB files for current title set, and collects the new start and end addresses of the VOBU's and Cell's, and corrects the corresponding entries in the .IFO file. (currently this only works with movies that don't have multi-angles!).
- added an Edit Dialog for the prohibited User operations.
- fixed: old (existing) .IFO file can now be overwritten, when saving .ifo file.
- added: current file can be saved as .BUP file too.

v0.2 04 Oct 2001
- fixed some bugs.
- added complete PGC-Command parsing.
- added parsing for prohibited user operations.

- quick development and release with some bugs, but very usable.
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10 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

This is the smallest, simplest, best, and fastest tool to easily convert DVD between PAL and NTSC. I tried many other programs and wasted hours for each try with mixed result. I found this one. It literally took me only two minutes to get the job done for each DVD. I tip my hat to the author.

Don't blame the tool if you don't know how to use it. Here is a useful link. You only need to read the small section related to IfoEdit.

Review by oldfarmer on Jul 26, 2009 Version: 0.971 OS: Vista Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Harsh comment by the last post.
This program is not really designed to author a DVD but provide the information present in the IFO files to modify them if need be.
The author has been snapped up by one of the one button application developers back in 2004 and was not able to continue his good work on this application which is a shame.
PGCEDIT arrived after this and is better suited for the serious side of engineering a dvd...

Review by levick on Aug 23, 2007 Version: 0.971 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

Total cr*p, I have wasted 4 days pratting about trying to use this ill designed pile of junk that constantly crashes when processing, refuses to work on other occasions as well as ignoring vob files that it says does not exist in the directoy IM currently using.

IMHO the developers need to do a COMPLETE rethink on the interface, it is not clear where to start, if this was a commercial application I certainly would be chasing them for my money back.

I am going to stick the the format I know that works, Rip, Recode and convert to DVD despite it taking 4 hours for one DVD, atleast I know it works over the ifoedit program.

Review by netbuddy on Aug 22, 2007 Version: 0.971 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

At first this looked like the perfect tool to use to quickly make my titles play consecutively. There was a guide on exactly how to do it and everything that I followed. Unfortunately it didn't work at all and angered me because I just wasted about 3 hours of my life. Believe it or not, saving is even confusing.

Review by tonemgub on Nov 18, 2005 Version: 96 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 1/10

I use this program to convert PAL DVD's to NTSC and it works great on almost all DVD players. This is a great program and the only program to convert PAL>NTSC without any other modification to the original DVD. Excellent!!

Review by jasonk1428 on Jun 29, 2005 Version: .971 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

10 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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