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2014.03.27 Version 2.29.00

Better compatibility with Windows 8

2013.07.24 Version 2.28.01

Small bug fixes and performance improvements.

2012.10.24 Version 2.27.01

Fixed -dumpopts and -initfrom command line options to work correctly.

2012.06.06 Version 2.27.00

Fix for selecting screen area (region or window), which did not work correctly under 150% or larger screen magnification.

2012.05.18 Version 2.26.00

Corrected some confusing messages inside HyperCam window.

2011.05.29 Version 2.25.01

Updates for better compatibility with Firefox 4 browser.

2011.03.14 Version 2.24.01

Bug fix - a file recorded with stere sound reported twice the actual lengh of the audio track
Better setup/uninstall

2010.07.14 Version 2.23.02

Small bug fixes

2010.06.07 Version 2.23.01

Added an option to "AVI File" tab to limit the screen capture color mode to 24 bits per pixel. It allows use of video compressors that cannot deal with 32-bpp images on systems that support only 16 and 32 bpp screen color mode. Normally keep this option turned off for better performance, use only if necessary.

2010.05.03 Version 2.22.01

Now made completely free for world-wide use. For a more powerful commercial version of HyperCam check HyperCam 3, developed by our partner, Solveig Multimedia

2010.04.26 Version 2.21.01

Easier recording of YouTube clips from HyperCam Toolbar in IE or FireFox.

2010.02.12 Version 2.20.01

Sound recording in stereo is now available in HyperCam 2
Selection of the sound recording device (such as internal microphone, external microphone, stereo mix etc.) is now much simpler, available directoy on the "Sound" tab of HyperCam.

2010.01.21 Version 2.17.02

Better integration with the optional HyperCam Toolbar in your web browser.

2009.12.15 Version 2.16.03

* Bug fix - after a fresh install (not an upgrade without uninstalling the older version 2.xx) an incorrect default value for frame rate was set, something like a random number, thousands of frames per second. The program would likely crash with such value for frame rate.

2009.11.13 Version 2.16.01

* Added "Open Output Folder" button to "AVI File" tab, to quickly find recorded movie clips.
* Modified the default paramters (right after starting) to record sound, default to 16 bit sound sample size and capture layered/transparent windows.
* Added more command line parameters for external control of the program.

2009.10.01 Version 2.14.04

* Windows 7 compatibility fixes
* 64-bit version of HyperCam released

2007.03.15 Version 2.14.02

* More Vista compatibility issues fixed

3.0.907.3,Update, 2009-07-03

* Fix:
o- problem with capture video data with incorrect frame rate. Resulted file played back faster than necessary
- changing text in edit boxes accompanied by some garbage arising
- codec settings managed vie codec properties were not applied correctly to an output file
- key frame number parameter applied not to all codecs. Now it canít be set to some codec it gets disabled.

3.0.906.8, Update, 2009-06-08

* Fix:
o- crash in Recent Record section caused sometimes by pushing left/right arrows with empty section.
- audio capture error. If "Record Sound" was selected sometimes "Video Compressor failure" error message arose
- after recording with sound, system volume was muted
- file names ware shown truncated in recent records (without resolution info)
- some crashes that occurred while overlaid video grabbing
- some improvements with audio/video synchronization
* Change:
o- added prefixes to screenshot that were rewritten if to make them faster than one per second

3.0.905.11, Update, 2009-05-11

* Change:
o- A context help hints added Representation of BMP screenshots along with AVI files in the "Recent Records" section added
o- Added a resolution to output file names

3.0.905.4,Update, 2009-05-04

* Fix:
o- In full screen mode a borders were not shown despite "Show recording borders" settings
- Sometime recording borders were overlapped by some windows, now it should be top most
- Arranged default hot-key according to HyperCam 2 ones
- If to select some record and push "browse", not always an explorer being opened highlighted the same AVI file
- Some improvements of video/audio synchronization having 100% CPU load recording
* Feature:
o- Record indication by "Pause" button blinking in Leave Opened and "HyperCam Bar" HC3 modes
- Added notes text selection with attempt to edit that by double click by a note
- First version of command line implementation. HC2 command line format has been kept
- Saving "Region", "Fullscreen" or "Window" button states upon HC3 close/open
- Ability to close the recording borders by double click to a frame label (left-top gray rectangle)
- Ability to close the recording borders (red frame) by pushing out corresponding "Region", "Fullscreen" or "Window" button
* Change:
o- Disable an ability to get negative coordinates by dragging a border out of a screen bounds
- Disable edit boxes while recording to prevent unpredictable behavior

3.0.904.20,Update, 2009-04-22

* Change:
o- automatically uninstall any older version of HC3 before installing a new one
* Fix:
o- captured screenshot left a red border
- record/stop/screenshot Defaults hot keys were not set upon clicking "Defaults"
- crash when starting to record with a hot key, if recording area was not selected

2007.03.15 Version 2.14.02

More Vista compatibility issues fixed

2006.12.15 Version 2.14.01

* Compatibility update for Windows Vista

2006.05.19 Version 2.13.01

* -intitfrom [filename] command line option added to optionally read/save options from an INI file, instead of from the registry.

2005.11.17 Version 2.13.00

* Setup process of HyperCam corrected to read license file and HyCam2.ini file from the same location where HC2Setup.exe is.

2005.09.30 Version 2.12.00

* Small bug fixes - crash when non-existing path entered on "AVI File" tab.

2005.01.20 Version 2.11.00

* HyperCam can now record from secondary monitors on a multi-monitor setup of Windows as well.

2004.08.11 Version 2.10.02

* Updated to capture correct cursor over command prompt ("MS-DOS") windows on Windows 2000, XP and higher.

2004.05.19 Version 2.10.00

New features to screen note allow inserting macros that will display currently pressed keys, date, time, user name and file name and path of recorded AVI movie. Perhaps the most useful of them is the "display pressed keys" macro that could be used in software tutorials.
Bug fixes, e.g. "save screen notes" function did not work correctly in earlier versions 2 - the notes could not be read back without manual editing of the file...

2004.05.10 Version 2.00.01

Bug fix: after starting recording in "Paused" mode (F3 key) - on subsequent pause/resumes no more video frames are recorded.

2004.04.22 Version 2.00.00

Records AVI files that may be bigger than 4 GB if necessary (on Windows NT/2000/XP and higher, NTFS disk partitions)
More options to screen notes added - hot keys, automatic hide after specified time-out
More small changes

2003.11.15 Version 1.72.00

Small bug fix.

2003.04.28 Version 1.71.00

Fix to automation server not registering HyperCam.tlb file upon program startup.

2002.10.03 Version 1.70.05

Fixed Automation call "CaptureSingleFrame", was broken for some time...

2002.09.26 Version 1.70.04

Modified to accept special "software bundle" keys (one key for 3 Hyperionics products). Installer fixed to get the correct default name for "Program Files" folder (may be different on foreign language versions of Windows)

2002.06.21 Version 1.70.03

Added command line parameters that control another running instance of HyperCam (another HyperCam window): -start, -stop, -pause,
-resume, -hide, -show, -minimize, -restore, -exit
Added automation calls to control screen notes.
Fixed a small bug in screen notes, which would not save a default setting for text font.

2002.04.11 Version 1.70.02
HyperCam tried to load DDRAW.DLL when starting or even installing
itself, which is not necessary. Fixed, now this DLL will be loaded only if needed.

2002.02.25 Version 1.70.01

New setting added to "AVI File" tab: "Cursor/Full frame capture ratio" - allows you to capture the cursor movement with greater frequency than the rest of the screen. For example, if you enter 3 here, only every third frame will be fully captured from the screen, the other two will have only cursor position updated. This may result in a smaller movie size and better performance when recording, while still giving an impression of smooth cursor movements.
Added possibility to sort screen notes alphabetically.
All controls except for "Mouse click sound volume" slider are now enabled on "Other Options" tab during recording or paused state to let you change options there, access screen notes menu etc.
Bug fix: HyperCam would crash on Win9x/ME, if clicked on "Stop Recording" button instead of using hot key, and either "star bursts" for mouse clicks or mouse click sound was turned on.
Bug fix: When recording or paused, with "star bursts" or mouse click sound on, it was impossible to show/hide screen notes.

2001.09.14 Version 1.61.02
Updated only the Setup program, to offer an installation for the Current User or for All Users of the machine. This is to conform to the standards for Windows 2000 and XP.

2001.07.26 Version 1.61
New option added to "Screen Area" tab, to record layered and semi-transparent windows under Windows 2000 or XP. This may slow down the recording performance though, so enable only when necessary. "Edit" button added to the bottom row of buttons, to send the currently recorded movie clip to VideoFramer movie editor.

2001.09.14 Version 1.61.02

Updated only the Setup program, to offer an installation for the Current User or for All Users of the machine. This is to conform to the standards for Windows 2000 and XP.

2001.07.26 Version 1.61.01

New option added to "Screen Area" tab, to record layered and semi-transparent windows under Windows 2000 or XP. This may slow down the recording performance though, so enable only when necessary.
"Edit" button added to the bottom row of buttons, to send the currently recorded movie clip to VideoFramer movie editor.

2001.05.21 Version 1.60.02
Corrected a bug in license checking code, where licenses with a name containing certain characters were not recognized as valid.

HyperCam 1.60.01, released 2001.05.18

Added a "Screen Notes" feature to "Other Options" tab of HyperCam. It permits annotating recorded movies with pop-up text boxes.
Added "Use DirectX to capture screen" option to "Screen Area" tab. This option may slightly improve recording performance on some machines. Do not use it when trying to record from full screen games using DirectX or Direct3D drivers!
Added automated check for new versions of HyperCam at Hyperionics web site.

HyperCam 1.51.00, released 1999.10.21
Made sound recording buffers 2x longer to improve sound recording at extreme processor loads.
Added extra Automation properties and methods:
- Get/SetClickVolume
- ActivateTab
- DeleteTab
- RestoreAllTabs

HyperCam 1.50.00, released 1999.07.05
New features:
The ability to record mouse click sounds. You can enable this option from "Other Options" tab, by setting the mouse click volume to anything higher than 0. The sounds itself are in small WAV files in HyperCam directory, named with two numbers (sound sample and sampling rate), followed by letter "d" for down mouse click, or "u" for mouse up. You can replace these files with your own versions, if you don't like ours, but they must be short and in their exact format.
If Windows is shut down while HyperCam is still recording, or if it runs out of disk space, the AVI file will be closed correctly.

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HyperCam 1.40.00, released 1999.05.17
HyperCam window now offers a new tab labeled "Other Options". Currently it contains check boxes to enable/disable cursor recording, and - new feature - add starbursts when mouse buttons are clicks. The duration, size and color of these starbursts can be also controlled on this tab.

Added new button, "Configure this Codec", to display the native configuration dialog of the selected codec (provided by Codec DLL itself).

HyperCam now remembers the last codec used, when exited and restarted.

Added the "Record Sound" check box also to the "Sound" tab, to avoid confusion created previously, when this box was only available on "AVI File" tab.

Recording and Paused mode are now visually distinguished by the thickness of the blinking frame, surrounding the recorded area. Thicker frame means recording, thin (1 pixel) frame means paused.

Fixed bug where sound would go out of sync with video after several minutes, if the frame rate value did not divide 100
without a remainder.

HyperCam 1.34.00, released 1998.09.04
Using Alt-Keyboard shortcuts in certain situations would hang the program, fixed.
AVI file frame size must be a multiple of 4, or else strange things happen in many players. Corrected the size entry functions to round width and height up or down to a nearest multiple of 4.
Automation method: CaptureSingeFrame() did not work, fixed.

HyperCam 1.32.00, released 1998.06.20
Prepared HyperCam for registrations with NetSales. Added "Delete License" button on the "License" tab. Fixed some small bugs.

HyperCam 1.31.00, released 1998.06.03
Changed the visual feedback of different HyperCam states - e.g. upon pause of recording, it will no longer display big X across the recorded area, which sometimes was causing problems. Instead, the HyperCam window and icon title is changed from HyperCam - Recording to HyperCam - Paused, and the icon shape in title bar and task bar button is changed. What if you hide completely HyperCam window when recording? Well, it appears in the task bar if you pause recording, and hides again if you resume.

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HyperCam 1.30.00, released 1998.02.20
Added automation support to control HyperCam from OLE Automation client programs, e.g. from Visual Basic. Added sound recording at 8000 samples per second. Added "Show Flashing Rectangle..." button to the "Screen Area" tab.

HyperCam 1.20.04, released 1997.12.04
Minor fixes in license check and added -nox option (see help file).

HyperCam 1.20.02, released 1997.09.16
Minor fixes - help file page displayed on More... button press of the About box was incorrect.
HyperCam license was re-saved on each startup causing minor (barely, if at all) noticable delay.

HyperCam 1.20.01, released 1997.09.09
Fixed a bug in ver. 1.20.00, where HyperCam would just crash on "Start Recording" on Windows 95.

HyperCam 1.20, released 1997.09.08
Added single frame shot hot key, that operates in "Pause" mode. Some minor bug fixes as well. Added new, expanded help.

HyperCam 1.19, released 1997.05.09
Fixed two problems: starting recording in 256 color mode would produce sometimes invalid AVI files (when, upon minimizing HyperCam window for recording, another window with a different palette would come to front and realize its palette). The other problem: selecting AVI file name with Browse button would not always work correctly.

HyperCam 1.18, released 1997.04.17
Sorry for so many updates lately. One more bug found and fixed: starting recording in "Paused" mode (F3 hot key) would do strange things. Fixed.

HyperCam 1.17, released 1997.04.15
Fixed a problem in licenses. Fixed also a bug where HyperCam would crash after recording more than 2 minuts of video on some Windows 95 systems. Fixed problem with saving video compression quality setting.

HyperCam 1.16, released 1997.04.10
Added a number of command line options to auto-start recording and override the defaults. Increased the sound buffers for high quality sound recording. Fixed incorrect values of sound sampling rate displayed on the Sound tab.

HyperCam 1.15, released 1997.04.03
I'm sorry, rel. 1.14 was not right. It recorded the sound with wrong format information, and you could not switch between high and low quality sound at all. It's all fixed now, honest! Added a separate Sound tab, with even more sound parameters to select from. Also (hopefully) fixed a rare problem when HyperCam would produce invalid AVI files.

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HyperCam 1.14, released 1997.04.01
Added a selection to set high quality sound when recording. It's a check-box on AVI File tab. If checked on, HyperCam records 16 bit sound samples at a rate of 22050 per second. If checked off, 8 bit samples are recorded at 11025 samples per second.

HyperCam 1.13, released 1997.03.10
Added a separate setting for playback frame rate on AVI File tab, which may be now set different from recording rate. However, if the playback is different from recording rate, you can not record sound.
Separated resources into a separate CamRes.dll for easier translation into foreign languages.

HyperCam 1.12, released 1997.01.17
Fixed: custom shapes of Windows 95 cursors were not captured correctly - they were always dispalyed as standard cursors. Controls inside HyperCam dialog are now disabled while recording a movie.
You can now use Tab key to move the focus between all controls of HyperCam dialog.
Fixed GDI resource leak on Windows 95 (could prevent you from recording very long clips, or many short clips without exiting HyperCam).

HyperCam 1.11, released 1997.01.09
Fixed problems on Hebrew version of Windows 95, and on Windows NT 3.51.

HyperCam 1.1, released 1997.01.08
This is the first full release of HyperCam. It was proceeded by a number of beta test releases between November 1996 and January 1997.

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