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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Hybrid

Analysis: mkv attachement type detection
Video: NVEncC disable psnr/ssim when input is 4:4:4
Vapoursynth: width&height mixup in SSIMD checks
Vapoursynth: missing matrix info on separate field handling
Video: x264: temporalsublayer adjustment
Video: x265: --sbr mixup
Video: aomenc: decouple auto-alt-ref and some other options
Vapoursynth: vsYadifMod, EEDI3 only supports YUVXXXP8
Jobs: ffmpeg muxing deleted audio stream even if it was an input file
Jobs: chuncked encoding
Avisynth: applying Toon, VagueDenoiser, AddGrain, GrainFactory3 during filter order handling
Synth: fix DG PullDown handling
Muxing: avi handling
Vapoursynth: vsFilterQueue fmtconv handling
Jobs: temp-folder per job handling for qp&stats files.
Analysis: understand "Mastering display color primaries: BT.709"
Avisynth: fix filterQueue
Video: NVencC references gui glitches
Video: NVEncC: weightedp not added to command line
Video: NVEncC: remove xxxhq modes
Video: fix chapter point calculation
Audio: audio only handling
Video: SVT-AVI options
Vapoursynth: Gradfun3d+Preview+Masking
Vapoursynth: fixed - save Masking&Co in Vapoursynth profiles
Vapoursynth: FilterQueue + MAsking and onRegionOnlyöo>
Vapoursynth: Santiang call
Filtering: AutoCrop adjustment
Avisynth: fix disabled controls
Vapoursynth: eedi3m vs eedi3m_opencl (Windows only)
NVEncC: no profile&level&tier control for AV1, only 4:2:0 supported.
Qt Updates: Changed to Qt 6.4.2 on Windows and Qt 5.15.3 on Linux
Vapoursynth: more options for MVToolsFPS
Video: aomenc cosmetics
Analysis: scan order check adjusted
Synth: libavsource: repeat=true handling
Video: aomenc adjust golden frame max, min values
Video: NVEncC support Lut interp option
Avisynth: FFT3DGPU add bitdepth option to force input depth
Synth: forceFilm through DGDecode, thanks to DG!
Vapoursynth: updated TemporalDegrain2
Jobs: additional user prompt when clearing temp folder
Avisynth: add PreRoll when using DGDecNV
Video: NVEncC: support aq independent of encoding mode
NVEncC: disable multiRef when it's not supported
Jobs: chunking: restrict used filters during scene change detection
Vapoursynth: vsRealESRGAN, Fusion, num_streams support
Vaporusynth: vsRetinex: increase sigma max
Vapoursynth: increase dehalo_alpha and finedehalp rx/ry max values
Audio: 'Ignore reencode and passthrough if format is ...'-option
Vapoursynth: support for NeoF3kD
Vapoursynth: weighted resizing
Vapoursynth: torchAddon vsSCUNet, vs-femasr, AnimeSR support
Video: aomenc '--gf-max-pyr-height'-option
Video: SVT-XXX removed 'Create qp file for chapters', see: https://
Video: cuda nvencu encoder support

Video: x264 range mixup
Decode: Mencoder -> FFMpeg pixFormat adjustement
Avisynth: Custom additions only working for first 50 filters

Synth: fixed interframe custom string parsing
Synth: QTGMC match preset selections
Filtering: crop value reset
Vapoursynth: some masking related fixes
Video: svt-av1 bunch of small fixes
Video: FFV1 interlaced handling
Vapoursynth: some missing dependencies
Container: enforce mkvmerge usage when mv tagging is used
Crop: enforce autoCrop use FFmpeg on mod1 sources
Video: VPX 2pass finding stats file
QTGMC multi input handling
Vapoursynth: masking improvements
Avisynth: split most of the filter groups into individual filters
Vapoursynth: updated rife
allow e-ac3 in m2ts/ts
Vapoursynth: vsLUTDeRainbow allow YUVX
Avisynth: sRestore add PreRoll during preview
Vapoursynth: QTGMC 'ultra fast' use bwdif
Vapoursynth: don't use FFms2 when prefer libavsource is selected
Decoding: ffmpeg support hardware accel 'cuda'
Decoding: ffmpeg support hardware accel 'cuda'
QSVEncC: AV1 support, hardware only encoding
NVEncC: AV1 support
Vapoursynth DeStripe
Avisynth: BWDIF
torch: support RealCUGAN
Vapoursynth: Tonemap (Placebo), RainbowSmooth, ReduceFlicker, StabilizeIT, WNNM
Container: mkv crop-tags
Audio: 'auto add (last)'
Video: kavazaar 16bit encoding support
Avisynth: SalFPS3

Vapoursynth: script creation during script creation
GUI: save icon/text selection in GlobalDataModel
GUI: disableIcons from misc.ini

Analysis: FFmpeg color matrix detection
Input: make sure fps&frame count in encoders get updated on loading a source
aomenc: noise settings for 2pass constrained quality
Vapoursynth: split view 'diff' for RGB content
Preview: do not use MPlayer for Preview when Avisynth 64bit is used
Avisynth: profile: all Misc settings should now be saved in the Avisynth-profile
Avisynth: YUY2 needs to converted to YV16 for output.
Vapoursynth: mClean handling
Vapoursynth: fallback downsizer selection
Vapoursynth: missing PlaceboDebandThreshold
Vapoursynth: missing AviSource library loading
Vapoursynth: vsSMDegrain NNedi3 subpixel selection
Vapoursynth: stepped resizing
Vapoursynth: fixed vsRIFE missing miscfilters import when sceneChangeDetection was used.
Vapoursynth: adds mod4 for vsMCTemporalDenoise&avsTTempSmooth
Vapoursynth: clean up model combis
Vapoursynth: allow to set ColorMatrix flag when using timeCube
NVEncC: LevelBitrate mixup
FFMpeg: added -bsf:v h264_mp4toannexb for H.264 .avi muxing
UTVideo: use yuv44p for ULRG
Avisynth: Updated TemporalDegrain2 to 2.4.2
Vapoursynth: Adjusted to VSGAN 1.6.4
Avisynth Script input: force FFmpeg autoCrop detection
Vapoursynth: moved aaf and TemporalDegrain to ''
Vapoursynth: MCTemporalDenoise nCPU
Vapoursynth: save misc in profiles
FFMpeg now using matrix instead of out_color_matrix
GUI: fullscreen, font size adjustment,...
FFMpeg: explicitly call YUV->RGB conversion with matrix on PNG creation and PNG encoder call
Vapoursynth: KillerSpots and RemoveDirt disabled since RemoveDirt is broken for Vapoursynth
Vapoursynth: '# require colorformat XXX' for custom sections
Vapoursynth: changed default behaviour regarding loading libraries and added vsLoadLibrariesOnNonWindows to misc.ini on non-Windows OSs
Vapoursynth: use KNLMeansCL-Wrapper from havsfunc for speedUp on YUV content when all channels are filtered
Output: allow Hevc for mov container
Vapoursynth: support filter masking (max and edge mask)
Vapoursynth: FillDrops, CCD, parameterized GLSResizer
Vapoursynth: 12bit color handling
Vapoursynth: parameterized GLSL: adaptive-sharpen, LumaSharpen, ThinLine, A4K Darken
Vapoursynth: option to limit Libav threads in VapoursynthTab
Avisynth: support Histogram "RGBLevels", "CMYLevels", "RGBParade"
Avisynth: use avsInfo/avsInfo64 selection depending on whether Avisynth 32bit or 64bit selection
NVEncC: -vpp-colorspace lut3d=".." support

Avisynth: RGBAdjust controls
Avisynth: FRIM handling
Vapoursynth: some popups when HINet isn't present
add chapters to non-mp4 files when muxing with ffmpeg

Video: some models didn't load the saved defaults
Video: aoemenc:,2pass fails when custom addition was used
Vapoursynth: 12bit scaling bug
Vapoursynth: reset filters + removed use Deinterlace checkbox
Vapoursynth: HQDN3D parameter fix
Vapoursynth: handling Vapoursynth input scripts in case they are not further processed
Vapoursynth: TemporalGrain2 support
Avisynth: QTGMC doesn't support YUV411
Analysis/Muxing: handling mkv supporting that a single attachment can have multiple ids.
Jobs: handling jobs with 99+ subjobs
Audio: stereo to mono downmix
Input: Input dvd title minimum length was active even then the option was disabled.
Extraction: use more quotes when using mplayer for extraction on MacOS and Linux
Jobs: option to clean temp folder
Filtering: wrong letterbox values on reload of source
Vapoursynth: letterbox + telecine handling
Analysis: filter audio by language before initialization
Video: ProRes 4444 handling + activate Controls
Input: freeze on unsupported raw input
Vapoursynth: DGDecNV deinterlace call for tff
Audio: handling opus raw audio as Audio Input
Vapoursynth: sRestore was missing ChangeFPS when 'frate' was set while 'omode' wasn't 6.
GUI: some small glitches
Cut: cut end frame rounding
Video: NVEnc deinterlace
Video: ffnvenc accidentally removed on Linux systems.
Model: reset input when reloading defaults on non-empty input
Audio: pcm input handling
Avisynth: LSFMod now hdb compatible
Analysis: TimeCodeGrabber ffmpeg
Jobs: extrating mov to raw
Audio: ffmpeg->sox->ffmpeg encoding
Avisynth: RemoveDirt split typo
Avisynth: FrameRateConverter, MvToolsFPS
Vaoursynth: trim + Vapoursynth FilterPreview
Audio: ac3 dialognorm, audioNormalization
Muxing: Cineform muxing
Avisynth: 'Filtering->Avisynth->Denoise' en-/disable not saved in profiles.
Vapoursynth: forgot adjuster for SRMD
Vapoursynht: drop alpha channel when using LWLibavSource
Muxing: remuxing vfr mov to m2ts by ignoring the time codes
Decoding: vidstab when ffmpeg encoders are used
Vapoursynth: fixed ResampleHQ call when stepped resize is used
Audio: audio only audio job creation
Vapoursynth: vsHDRToSDRDGLight init value
Video: x265: support old 16bit x265 from 2015 (misc.ini, supportX26516bit=true; Windows only)
Decode: mplayer/mencode use '-demuxer lavf' not '-demuxer mkv' for webm content.
Video: encoding type "specific filesize/bitrate (1st pass)" -> "specific filesize/bitrate (2pass - 1st pass)" and "specific filesize/bitrate (2nd pass)" ->"specific filesize/bitrate (2pass - 2nd pass)" to limit confusion
Video: NVEnc - added '--chroma-qp-offset X'
Avisynth: TemporalDegrain2 supports 8-16bit YUV
NVEnc: color range values
Muxing: mkv mpeg-2 interlaced handling
Jobs: create sub-folders in temp per job (experimental)
Vapoursynth: tcanny sigma to 0.5
Synth: allow to force bit depth when using flash3kdb
Vapoursynth: FilterOrder cosmetics: a. used filters are bold b. filters can be moved through mouse drag&drop
Decode: not uisng '-demuxer mkv' but for mkv/webm compatible input (this might cause problems, but we will see)
Analysis: changed MakeMKV workarounds,...
Input: add 'iso' to the file extensions to ignore
Vapoursynth: sRestore min threshold to 1
Jobs: use json options file for mkvtoolnix
Jobs: explicitly set LANG and LC_ALL in qprocess environment
Muxing: allow passthrough ProRes to mkv
Vapoursynth: allow GLS Resizer&Filter for Mac
Vapoursynth: updated ReadMPLS filter on Windows, fixed code
Vapoursynth: "lower resolution before resize" can now be restricted to width/height
Avisynth: FrFun7 now available for 64bit Avisynth
Video: support FFV1 set output color space.
Avisynth: disable HDRAGC for 64bit
Avisnyth: more Histogram options separateFieldInterlacedHandling
Vapoursynth: switch to API4
Analysis: adjust to MediaInfo for HDR transfer detection
Video: Xvid encraw doesn't have '-i ..' anymore
Vapoursynth: removed openCL option from vsMCDeGrain since there's no TCannyCL anymore.
Analysis: removed unnecessary code Analysis if container frame rate more than 20 times the stream frame rate, use stream frame rate. x264 version: convert 0.164.x to version 5000 vp9: restrict cpuUsed to
Filtering: ffmpeg tonemap added npl-parameter
Video: ediaaCuda (Windows only)
Vapoursynth: muvsfunc.SSMI_downscale = SSIMD
Vapoursynth: DPIR, vsRealESRGAN, BasicVSR++, TorchRIFE, vs-swinir, vs-hinet support (in pytorch addon)
Avisynth: Spotless
Vapoursynth: only apply range option
Vapoursynth: chunked encoding support for 1pass encoding methods (*experimental*)

Vapoursynth: missing libraries and old scripts in MacOS package
Vapoursynth: changed sangnom.SangNomMod to sangnom.SangNom calls

Decode: ffmpeg rgb -> yuv conversion with pc scale
Subtitle: do not convert subtitles to ttxt when muxing srt to mp4 with ffmpeg
Vapoursynth: embed sup subtitle
Avisynth: AutoAdjust only using general parameters when autoBalance was a enabled
Vapoursynth: ResampleHQ call
Vapoursynth: crash when fmtconv was used multiple times with 'spline16'
Avisynth: 64bit ImageSequence handling
Decode: add swapuv when using eq2 on 422 sources in FFmpeg
Xvid: encoding progress when using xvid_encraw
Vapoursynth: meta overwrite evaluation
Vapoursynth: Santiag h/v
Vapoursynth: Stab 'mirror'-parameter
Frontend: fixed font size in some tool-tips
Analyser: crash on some calculation decimal to fraction combinations
Vapoursynth: TIVTC + gpu
Audio: eac3 passthrough to mp4
Muxing: ffmpeg chapter generation
Muxing: ffmpeg + avc + parallel subjobs
Avisynth: don't use lsb with Avisynth+
Vapoursynth: GLSFilter calls when used with FilterQueue
Vapoursynth: Filter Queue handling
x265: adjust --uhd-bd do not remove options
x265: ultrafast profile
Audio: fixed 'auto (add all)' accidentally adding an audio track 2 times
Vapoursynth: Histogram depending on type restrict color space
Vapoursynth: filter preview crash for SRMD resizer
Vapoursynth: crash when ToneMap was used on rgb content
Avisynth: inserting custom code before QTGMC failed.
Audio: '-ignore_editlist' accidentally used even when handling pipeinput from sox
Crop: crop value not always properly reset on source change
Jobs: don't use mkvmerge with flac audio since mkvmerge doesn't support cutting flac fixed ass style overwrite
Vapoursynth: AddLogo (reenabled EdgeFixer)
Vapoursynth: set Fades didn't enable (on Linux)
Decode: ffmpeg -> x264 (use rawvideo)
Decode: x264 use raw video instead of y4m pipe when not using a script
Synth: SelectRangeEvery frame count/rate calculation of output
Filtering: fix rotation flag
Avisynth: tv/pc luma mapping on import
Autocrop: fix QSVCEnc detect fix
Vapoursynth: changed sangnom.SangNom to sangnom.SangNomMod calls in scripts
Files: sort file names explicitly when collecting them from the OS
Frontend: AVStats: do not adjust based on selection/cut
Muxing: adjust chapter&qp file to cut
Vapoursynth: use 'accurate=1' when using VsFilterMod and high bit depth content. (slower but more accurate)
Vapoursynth: stepped resize support
Vapoursynth: FrameRateConverter
Synth: Hybrid now only auto-refreshes the Vapoursynth/Avisynth preview if "Filtering->Misc->Auto-refresh" is enabled, otherwise refresh needs to be triggered manually
Synth: F5 refreshes the Avisynth/Vapoursynth preview when 'auto-refresh' is disabled
Vapoursynth: allow multiple 'Framerate Interpolation'-methods when using 'Filter Queue'
Tools: remove 32bit qaac support
Internal: fraction handling
Synth: by default remove FFmpeg/Mencoder deinterlacers when using AviSynth
Vapoursynth: adjusted to Waifu2x cnn to r4
Vapoursynth: dgdecnv use default activated
Vapoursynth: added option to force a specific chroma location when converting from and to YUV420
Avisynth: changed script names
Avisynth: lifing some 8bit restrictions
adjusting SVT AV1 to removed options
Video: NVEncC: check that "NVEncC->Only encoder" is used only on supported formats
Video: x265: hme-range support
Video: svt-av1 ui glitch when switching encoding typ
DGDecNV: remove license.txt check of DGDecNV support, since it's free now
Video: x265 removed signal end of bitstream/videostream
Analysis: if scantype is interlaced but unknown after interlaced checked, assume tff if inpuHeight > 576
x264/x265: extend some options from single to double didget fl
Vapoursynth: debanding through vs-placebo
Vapoursynth: FrameRateConverter support
Vapoursynth: Detail-Preserving Image Downscaler ( WolframRhodium/VapourSynth-dpid/)
Vapoursynth: added support for RIFE ( HomeOfVapourSynthEvolution/VapourSynth-RIFE-ncnn-Vulkan) (Windows only atm.)
Vapoursynth: support for VSGAN through an 'addon' (Windows only), download only by request since it's huge
Vapoursynth: SpotLess from G41Fun
Vapoursynth: support for SmoothLevels from havsfunc
Vapoursynth: TIVTC from
Vapoursynth: added 'Flip vertical' to Santiag

Jobs: vpx version check
Avisynth: IVTC - TFM add additional options
Vapoursynth: fixed QTGMC bob

Jobs: batch job creation

Synth: remove fulldepth parameter from DGSource
Output: mkv HDR tagging
Tools: mp4box version check
NVEncC: crop&co
Avisynth: FrameRateConverter: don't add Num/DeNum when double is used
Output: generate output name: add cut start&end frame info
Vapoursynth: removed vsAnime4KLevel
x264 'aud' GUI option not connected to model
Vapoursynth FilterPreview crash with Letterboxing
aomenc: fixed do not use adaptive quantization with lossless
Filtering: yadif - custom: field order ignored
fixed double calculation deinterlace/ivtc
x264: gui falsely indicated 'me=uhm' for preset 'slow' even when 'me=hex' was used.
Vapoursynth: try shortening file names for VSFilterMod (Windows only)
UI: dependencies adjustment when max value changed
x264: initial qt_max value.
aomenc: gui glitch
rav1e: 2pass crash
NVEnc: progress indication
Audio: problem with audio cut
Vapoursynth: script profile saving missing some filters.
Input: fixed image sequence pattern detection (bug cause by switch to qt6)
UI: removed deinterlacer 'none', since it was just decorational
Vapoursynth: label Vapoursynth preview in 'Filter-' and 'Filter-Split'- view
Avisynth: CCD added ccdMT option
Avisynth: AssRenderer set matrix
Avisynth: Blur selection fixed cosmetics
Vapoursynth: mClean: use vcm instead of vcmod
Analysis: interpret 0.0000 as PAR as 1
Vapoursynth: "Always use Vapoursynth" to tell Hybrid to use Vapoursynth even when it's not needed
Vapoursynth: Filter-Queue
Vapoursynth: DetailSharpen
Vapoursynth: 'Apply Only to' + 'Every'
Avisynth: CAS, vsMSharpen
Decode: ffmpeg vsync option
x265: support --(no-)eos/b
NVEncC: support warpsharp

Vapoursynth: ->
Vapoursynth: DaaMod fix 'no field vsDaaExpMod'
Sytnh: DVD handling Avisynth/Vapoursynth
Synth: Remove Trim from FilterOrder, always trim directly after source filter.
Avisynth: 64bit use MPEG2Dec_64
Decode: deinterlacing through FFmpeg wasn't used when Avisynth/ Vapoursynth was used.
Avisynth: custom before 'End'-section was missing
UI: (e)ac3 dialog normalization ui glitch
Vapoursynth: IVTCCustomDeinterlacerGPU ui glitch
Subtitle: subtitle extraction form MP4 files
Preview: title left/right mixup
x265: strictCBR handling
Vapousynth: MClean
Vapoursynth: Denois filters on their own were ignored
Audio: qaac language passthrough
Audio: ffmpeg aac reencode + ffmpeg cut causing audio glitch
Vapoursynth: VFM color space restriction
Synth: SelectEvery and SelectRageEvery
Vaporsyunth: AddGrain
NVEnc: L1/0 reference min value and gui glitch
Vapoursynth: make sure filters that change resolution or frame rate are applied to input&output in FilterView.
Framework: switchted to Qt6 (Mac&Windows only)
Jobs: mplayer try to skip unnecessary muxing for video only encodings.
AutoCrop crash
Preview: add '-vf scale' during MPlayer Preview
UI: bunch of cosmetic changes
Synth: adjustements adjust to latest DGDecNV DGSource
Vapoursynth: Anime4k supported color formats
MPlayer: added 'ni' to mplayer dvd analysis call
NVEnc: support for --vpp-smooth
Vapoursynth: GLSL Resizer support
Vapoursynth: "only apply" from some filters.
Vapoursynth: support for GrainFactory3
Video: custom addition support for aomenc and vpx
Video: constrained quality 2pass VPX/AV1

Decode: deinterlacing through FFmpeg wasn't used when Avisynth/ Vapoursynth was used.
Avisynth: custom before 'End'-section was missing
(e)ac3 dialog normalization ui glitch

Synth: Avisynth, color matrix seleciton (missing '.')
x264: min/max quant maximum (missing + 18)
Synth: Avisynth, 64bit/32bit switching filter path initialization problem
Synth: Avisynth, small fixes related: RemoveDirt, TFM
Synth: Avisynth, QTGMC filter call
Synth: Vapoursynth, fixed SSIQ
Synth: Vapoursynth, ImageReader always outputs RGB24
Synth: Vapoursynth, HQDering default, LSFMod gui control
Synth: Vapoursynth, ff3dFilter extended supported color spaces
Synth: Vapoursynth, LUTDeCrawl and LUTDeRainbow crashes when 'mask' was used
Synth: Avisynth, import Zs_RF_Shared for edgecleaner
Synth: Avisynth, a few bugs related to interlaced handling in Avisynth
Synth: Avisynth, ColorYUV 'Off' control U/V mixup
Synth: Avisynth, FastLineDarkenMOD call
refresh resize&co on manual input PAR change
Synth: Vapoursynth, typos 'sceneChroma' -> 'scenechroma','internations'->'interrations',...
Synth: respect filter order when calculating output frame count and frame rate.
Synth: handle RGB input
Synth: sRestore support mode -1,-3,-4
Synth: Avisynth, ColorMatrix change preview
Synth: av1 aomenc color space restriction
Synth: error about "overWriteOutputFrameRateValue" when Vapoursynth wasn't present
Muxing: always used ffmpeg for mkv muxing
x265: using --scenecut-aware-qp and --masking-strength instead of --[no-]scenecut-aware-qp, --scenecut-window , --qp- delta-ref and --qp-delta-nonref
x265: support for --vbv-live-multi-pass, --max-vbv-fullness, --min-vbv- fullness
x265: support for --min-vbv-fullness & --max-vbv-fullness
Synth: Avisynth, removed 'enableAvisynthForDVD' it's always assumed to be enabled now
Synth: Vapoursynth, added overwrite Smooth/Super/Vectors to Interframe
UI: removed simple view for Xvid and x264
Synth: Reset Avisynth and Vapoursynth filter order when filter count changed.
Synth: Avisynth´, force use of D2VSource instead of DGDecode when 64bit Avisynth is used (there does not seem to be any working 64bit DGDecode.dll)
UI: Rearranged the Vapoursynth filters into groups
Tools: FFMpeg, using '-video_size' instead of '-s'
Tools: FFMpeg use ignore_editlist for mov/mp4/3gb input
Synth: Avisynth, limit QTGMC imports
Synth: enforce Crop
Synth: Vapoursynth, now also allows interlaced output of scripts
Video: FFvHuFF set output color space
Muxing: use '-of avi' instead of '-of lavf' when muxing to .avi using mencoder
Synth: Vapoursynth, support RGBS in Limiter and Levels
x265: disabled 'replace tune' in 'minimize command line', since atleast '--tune psnr' has some unknown side effects, see:
Output: PNG output, use together with 'raw' as 'container' *experimental*
Synth: Avisynth: old SpotRemover script by Didée (
Synth: VsAutoWhite script

Vapoursynth: TDeintMod in VIVTC and FixCombed
Muxing: always used ffmpeg for mkv muxing
Vapoursynth: add 'Use RGB' for Limiter and Levels and use it as default.
Vapoursynth: extend compatible TimeCube color spaces by RGBS
Filtering: "fieldmatch + yadif + deint + decimate2" as IVTC through FFmpeg method.y
Vapoursynth: support for mClean due to missing TemporalMedian library. (MacOS only)

Avisynth: handling QTGMC field order
Video: nvencc version check
Vapoursynth: Cnr2, typo sceneChroma -> scenechroma
Video: NVEncC bluray input with 'encoder only' not starting encoding
Avisynth+: no preRo for Text subittle
Vapoursynth: sRestore output frame count calculation fixex: Preview not working with crop
Vapoursynth: handle TimeCude filename changes
Synth: some colorMatrix fixes
Avisynth: DFMDeRainbow load mvtools for motion compensation
Vapoursynth: Fix Combed to IVTC
Analysis: aspect ratio detection
Vapoursynth: restrict VFM Mi to blockx*blocky
Vapoursynth: fixed Santiang typevh typo to typev, "AntiAliasing" - Nedi3aa vs "AnitAliasing - Nedi3aa"
Vapoursynth: deleting profiles
Vapoursynth: MAA missing dependecies
Analysis: prefer stream aspect ratio
Video: scanorder handling especially for DNxHD
Tools: tsMuxeR version check
Cosmetics: Bunch of cosmetic changes
Video: Using xvid_encraw instead of mencoder for XviD encoding.
Vapoursynth: using D2VSource instead of MPEG2DecPlus
Tools: use 64bit of vStripFree, Telxcc and MP4FPSmod (Windows only)
Synth: added QTGMC custom addition
Synth: splitting QTGMC into "QTGMC - Deinterlacer" (InputType = 0) and "QTGMC - Filter" (InputType > 0)
Vapoursynth: Anime4KCPP support for HDNLevel Option
Vapoursynth/Avisynth: in custom section you can now overwrite width, height, scantype and colorformat using: Note that these values are only respected inside the Vapoursynth/ Avisynth script.
Frame rate and frame count need to be globally overwrite using "Filtering->Misc->Overwrite output". All other values also need to be overwritten globally if you set them.

Vapoursynth: Levels handling
Avisynth: added QTGMC MatchPreset, MatchPreset2, MatchEnhance
Crop: lowered min Crop-Width-Mult from 0.75 to 0.7
Avisynth: TDecimate added additional parameters
Vapoursynth: VIVTC added Deinterlacer option
Avisynth: Flash3KDeband adjust output bit depth
Avisynth: TemporalDegrain requires 8bit input
Vapoursynth: KNLMeans adjust RGBX
Vapoursynth: TimeCube RGB handling
Vapoursynth: restrict filters based on Hqdn3d to 8bit
Tools: look also for '3D controller" in lspci output for video card
Analysis: added option to prefer stream luma range
Video: ProRes models to proxy, lt, standard, hq, 4444, 4444x
Avisynth: added RemoveDirt
Output: added 'Config->Output->MKV Contains->Matroska advanced video signaling->Import HDR data from source'
Video: Cineform HD support
Filtering: option to flip video horizontally
Tools: nvhsp not used on Windows, hardly working on Linux&Mac, sadly ffmpeg does still not support signaling max cll/fall etc
Tools: not using ffmbc any more
Avisynth support on MacOS

Vapoursynth QTGMC bob
Vapoursynth: saving profiles
General: restting Defaults caused two instances to open
Jobs: tsMuxeR temp and input file handling
Filtering: Removed the "force deinterlace" option, instead 'Overwrite input scan type to' should be used.
Tools: adjusted to latest NVEncC 'check-features' changes
Audio: remove unneeded '-ac' in ffmpeg call
Avisynth: 64bit Support, support 32bit and 64bit Avisynth jobs at the same time in the jobqueue (Windows only)

Avisynth: limit LSFMod to YV12
Startup/Shutdown crashes
Vapoursynth: LGhost

Vapoursynth: Anime4KCPP when using GPU
Vapoursynth: limit Santiag Pcsnr when using GPU
Avisynth: limit SplineResize100/144 to YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32
Avisynth: FrameRateConverter custom fps grayed out
Avisynth: interlaced handling
General: aborting close didn't work
Communication: send ssl mail
General: some more cut handling
Jobs: MPEG-4 ASP workaround
Jobs: tsMuxeR output file checks
Tools: BDSup2Sub++ detection
Video: x264 apply to preset
Audio: ac3 reencoding
Video: 2pass vpx/aomenc encoding
Analysis: mpeg audio layer 1/2/3 detection
General: gui error/freeze when extration of subtitle wasn't possible
Avisynth: 'show YUV values' and 'histogram' for YUY2 input
Jobs: using long IDs
General: sometimes crashing on start up
Avisynth: smdegrain limit/limitc double values
General: always use DebugOutput Level 9
Container: added matroska extensions: m3kd
Vapoursynth: replaceed fft3dfilter with neo_fft3d (adjusted QTGMC and MCTemporalDenoise in havsfunc accordingly)
audio: add option to clear audio queue on processing change
Vapoursynth: support for SRMD

Video: rav1e 2pass calls
Video: x265, minimize command line problem with constant quantizer
Vapoursynth: interframe + sRestore
Avisynth: pad to make sure dfttest gets mod16 input
Vapoursynth: forgot to add Bwdif.dll to th the install (Windows only)
Muxing: passhtrough huffuyv
Video: do not add maxCll 0,0
Analyse: Blu-ray input analysis
Avisynth: imagesource bug
Avisynth: ConvertToYUV where colorMatrix was accidentally added
Video: Xvid 2pass stats file bug
Jobs: ffindex deleted to early
Jobs: trying to delete x264 mbtree file evenwhen it should not be there
Audio: dialog norm make sure that '-dialognorm 0' instead of '-dialognorm -0' is used
Input: ffmpeg time code extraction
Analyse: dts-xx detection
Handling: aid problem avi preview und tokenizing
Video: x265: separate 2pass passes
Jobs: progress indication when using qsvencc
Video: FFMpeg NVEncC, multi-ref was accidentally disabled
Chapters: switchting within sources with multi input and chapter import
Jobs: ffmpeg job minimization
Avisynth: removed SSE(2)Tools
Avisynth: interplaced preview handling
Avisynth: moved histrogram control into Hybrid itself
Avisynth: removed AnimeIVTC since it's not required for QTGMC any more
Avisynth: switched to Avisynth+ 3.6
Avisynth: removed PlanarTools
Avisynth: restrict DeRainbow to 8bit
Avisynth: during ConvertToXY add ChromaInPlacement when converting from YV12 and ChromaOutPlacement when converting to YV12 in case MPEG-1 or DV Video input is detected.
Avisynth: allow to enforce ChromaInPlacement/ChromaOutPlacement during ConvertToXY when converting to or from YV12
Cut: allow to set cut by frame number
Timecods: the way Hybrid tries to fix time codes
Preview: force color space conversion on mplayer preview
Input: added image sequence option to set base fps
Audio: restrict eac3 bit rates
Avisynth: extended color support for some filters
Tools: handling version info with newer tsMuxeR
XSynth: using trim with cut support
Vapoursynth: Anime4KCPP resizer (Windows only)
Vapoursynth: JincResize, DeDot, CAS and adjusted LSFMod to use CAS
Vapoursynth: added option to lower resolution before resize
Avisynth: MToon, DFMDeRainbow
Audio: handling of 8bit pcm
Video: dynamic HDR with NVEncC
Audio: ffmpeg ac3 & eac3: dialog normalization
Video: FFmpeg NVEnc (Windows only)

Monitoring: some small bugs with the monitoring feature
Muxing: removed '-r' as input option for ffmbc, since it causes 'Option framerate not found.', works fine with ffmpeg
Jobs: FFmpeg job optimizer, properly handle extern audio
Vapoursynth: glitch with Vapoursynth Filter Preview
Avisynth: Deen mode restictions
Avisynth: dfttest ui mapping issue
Muxing: ui crash when video calls didn't generate a video output
Video: NVEnc: UI init problem regarding HDR selection
Vapoursynth: fix odd/even selection when not using bob
Vapoursynth: when using Stab include mvtools
Synth: output bit depth adjustment on VideoModel bitDepth change for some VideoModels
Vapoursynth: support for Bwdif deinterlacer
Muxint: muxing: title&language passthrough during mp4 muxing
GUI: font size adjustments (misc.ini)
Video: SVT-AV1 support
Audio: 'ignore encode and use passthrough if format doesn't change' option
Synth: added FineDehalo support through Avisynth and Vapoursynth
Audio: eac3 encoding support
Filtering: added bwdif for FFmpeg
Vapoursynth: QTGMC always set TFF according to 'order' even for progressive input
Video: Support new NVEncC rotate (and transpose) and adjust it to FilterModels rotate option
Video: NVEncC: aq handling
Video: NVEncC: supporting '--input-option' for Blu-ray support
Video: NVencC: support for HDR to SDR
Avisynth: handling of interlaced filtering
Avisynth: mftoons now use masktools2 instead of masktools
Avisynth: add trim according to cut&chapter selection
Video: x265 using --rskip-edge-threshold and --rskip X
Vapoursynth: allow Waifu2x scale =1
Video: support more aomenc options
Vapoursynth: support for 'Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan' (Windows only)
Synth: Updated svpflow dlls and adjusted Avisynth Interframe2.avsi
Vapoursynth: removed support for Waifu2x on Linux since I can't get it to compile

Video: x265, messed up during 3.3. branch adjustment
Internals: removed some abandoned code which causes unneeded slow downs after files with lot of meta data were analysed

video: rav1e 2pass calls
video: x265, adjusted to 3.3 branch

Video: QSVEnc encoding mode mapping.
Vapoursynth: custom script mismapping
Vapoursynth: SelectRangeEvery and Tweak
Vapoursynth: Fixed HDR to SDR DG call
Vapoursynth: HDRToSDR
Vapoursynth: LWLivavSource use track instead of streamindex
Video: aomenc - tx64 handling
Profile: error message regarding 'input' when loading a GlobalDataModel
Muxing: mp4 video&audio tagging
Video: NVEnc, arib-std-b67 vs. arib-srd-b67
Muxing: h264 avi muxing
Analysis: mediainfo video bitrate indication
Avisynth: handling high bitdepth content
Decoder: FFmpeg decoder call
Avisynth: force LibavSource for AV1 content
Avisynth: make sure BalanceBorders isn't used when Top/Bottom/Left/Right isn't mod
Vapoursynth: option to save/load custom script content
Video: rav1e added "--threads X", "--switch-frame-interval X", "--reservoir-frame-delay X" and "--rdo-lookahead-frames X"
Video: NVEncC added support for '--psnr', '--ssim'
check for update
Synth: removed FFms2k (it's changes were incorporated in ffms2)

decode: crash when ffmpeg was not compiled with 'zscale'

analyse: HDR parameter import rounding
Synth: ignore timecodes for output if FrameInterpolation or Restore is
cosmectice: AudioTab, AudioInfo on track change
Synth: ImageSource handling
video: qsv encoding mode
tools: manual set tools could cause crashes
Vapoursynt: Waifu2x limited range compression by using RGBS
video: vsPipe Problem gefixed
video: NVEnc only singal VUI in case VUI Signaling is enabled
audio: handling of multiple trueHD streams with ffmpeg
jobs: mkvmerge muxing timecodes parallel processing
video: x265 support histogram scence change detection
audio: dts-es muxing
Synth: allow to set LibWAV HW decoding preference
Vapoursynth: allow Waifu2X even when resize resolution is the same as the crop resolution.
Vapoursynth: added support for EdgeFixer
Synth: 'SelectRangeEvery' for Avisynth and Vapoursynth (video only!)

video: x265 make sure 'fixed quantizer' zones use integer
muxing: Hybrid doesn't send 'und' to MP4Box but empty language strings
muxing: option to overwrite not only container but additionally stream aspect ratio

muxing: ffmpeg indicating vfr even when video is cfr
video: x265 HDR-10+ signaling
video: maxCLL typo related to STV-HEVC encoding (can't be used there anyways so more a cosmetic fix)
video: NVEncC multi level typo bug
Avisynth: crop not working with custom resizer
muxing: mp4 language passthrough
gui: VIDEOHANDLING problem on Linux
profiles: Do not allow to load Global Profiles while a source is loaded.
Vapoursynth: Make sure that after QTGMC the clip is preceived as frame based.
video: NVEncC allow L0 and L1 references at the same time
video: x265 added support for 'scenecut-aware-qp' with 'scenecut-window' and 'max-qp-delta'

VideoModel: loading a preset overwrote the resolution&c
Vapoursynth: SMDeGrain Ui glitch
Vapoursynth: KNLMeansCL, color adjustment for cmode
Vapoursynth: LWLibavSource: don't add prefer_hw for AVC with high bit depth
Vapoursynth: CTMF dependency missing for TemporalDegrain depending of Input and/or settings
Analyse: Always using '--File_TestContinuousFileNames=0' with MediaInfo.
Avisynth: adjust interlaced crop handling
NVEncC: adjusted progress indication
Subtitle: Teletext handling
muxing: explicilty set empty 'name'-tags when using MP4box to avoid a bug in MediaInfo
Video: NVEncC support for --multiref-l0/--multiref-l1
Video: adjusting To Kvazaar updates
Vapoursynth: FilterView 'difference'-mode
Video: support SVT-HEVC

audio: Audio-tab not reacting to Base-tab audio processing changes
extract: ffmpeg removes caption subtitles when used for extraction

Jobs: d2v Indexer output detection
x265: removed '--no-intra-refresh'
Input: ffmpeg direct time code extraction
Jobs: x265, don't create .cutree-deletion job when '--no-cutree' is used.
Jobs: 'MPEG-4 ASP + mkv stretch'-handling on passthrough
FilterPreview: with interlaced content, that doesn't get deinterlaced while 'No Avisynth during Preview' is disabled
Vapoursynth: make vsFilterMod optional (Windows only)
Vapoursynth: handle chapter selection
x265: support selective SAO
Preview: mplayer preview + crop force refresh
Removed old compatibility code for old platforms (XP/Vista/SnowLeopard/...)
Input: small stuff, disable stretch detection (since it only works for video atm.)
Vapoursynth: Cnr2, TemporalDegrain filter
Synth: support 'prefer HW decoding' for LWLibAvSource

jobs: removed unneeded copy call during subtitle speed-change
Avisynth: FrameRateConverter
Analysis: adjusted to MediaInfo reporting 'TrueHD / AC-3' streams as just 'AC-3'
Analysis: chapter info parsing from mediainfo
video: some ffmpeg nvenc options
subs: automatic extraction of PGS subtitles from transport streams
Vapoursynth: waifux dependency loading
jobs: mkvmerge call input detection checks
muxing: tsMuxer call
analysis: raw audio handling
jobs: Avisynth/Vapoursynth: DGIndexNV log cleanup
analysis: AutoCrop for Blu-ray/mpls input
muxing: force 1:1 signaling in case input and output PAR differ
Avisynth: Preview refresh problem
video: NvEncLogicService errors/crash
video: support adaptive quantization nvenc / ffnvenc
Vapoursynth: adjusted to lates DFTTest changes
jobs: process priority only on Windows systems
analysis: ffmpeg direct timecode extraction
Vapoursynth: used sub.TextFile for .srt subtitles (VsFilter is Windows only :/)
Vapoursynth: adjusted to HDR10ToSDRDG 1.12
Analysis: if time code count and indicated frame count differ more than 1000 frames use time code count as frame count
Global: don't check for avsviewer when no Avisynth is detected, don't check for VSPIPE or VSViewer, when Vapoursynth isn't detected
video: adjusted to x265 3.1, rewrote x265-"minimize command line"
Preview: report Avisynth and Vapoursynth Errors not through popups, but through an entry into the log
gui: option to 'ask for confirmation' in multiple places
gui: optional warnings when deleting/resetting/... stuff
jobs: auto save after adding jobs option
video: support for const quality in ffmpeg (nvenc)
video: support for NVEncCs 'constant quality'-mode
video: x265, support for adaptive quantization mode 4
video: x265, support hierarchical motion estimation (--hme/--hme-search)
video: nvenc, support --dhdr10-info, allow aq-strength for H.265, --nonrefp, i/b adapt
jobs: 'ignore crashed'-option
Vapoursynth: vs subtitle blend option
Vapoursynth: 'custom font path'-option
audio: support for libvo (since ffmpeg dropped support for it back in 2016)

NVEnc: fixed init bug

Vapoursynth: embedding idx/sub and sup subtitles
Filtering: crop only bug
Xvid: decimal/fraction in mencoder
Files: Do not allow semicolon or other separator used by Hybrid inside input and output file names.
Mp4Box: mp4box vfr handling
Avisynth: HDRAGC min grain option
Avisynth: Flash3K Deband defaults
NVEnc: allow aq-strength for H.265
NVEnc: rearranges layout
Decoder: prefer ffmpeg as decoder for > 8Bit output
FFNvEnc: tier-support added missing level 51
QSVEnc: fixed --weightp support
x265: adjusted to 'committed 4583000' "Changed the params max-merge to 3, b-intra enabled, limit-ref and early-skip enabled for improved performance for high res"
Vapoursynth: replaced '' with ''
NVEnc: support --dhdr10-info, --nonrefp, --no-i-adapt, --no-b-adapt, --direct, --adapt-transform, --weightp, --strict-gop
Tags: option to set copyright info

jobs: unwarrented warning about 'You are creating a job without audio, while the input has audio!' during batch processing
ffmpeg: tonemap sd range missing
Avisynth: amDCT Prefetch missing
Muxing: Mp4Box + chapters + Parallel subjob processing
NVEnc: 'Parallel subjob processing' + keyfile caused crash
Vapoursynth: LSFMod options matching code (missed version)
Avisynth: NNEDI3Resize missing prescreen mode 0
x26X: parallel subjob processing .mbtree-system cleanup triggered too early
Muxing: MP4Box 'flattening'-call handling
jobs: Subjobs that took longer to delete
ffnvenc: bsf written
Vapoursynth: rotation handling
VP9: color space grayed initially out
NVEnc: file size calculation adjustment
Subtitle: subtitle order mixup
filtering: 'Force 4:4:4 downsize' with 'no XSynth'
Avisynth: LSMASHVideoSource + hight bit depth source
Vaporoursynth: MCDegrainSharp, libmvtools dependency
jobs: show fps when mencoder is used
muxing: cosmetic glitch caused ffmpeg for ts muxing to be disabled
jobs: mencoder getting stuck on mencoder job
jobs: mencoder progress indication during Xvid encoding
jobs: Abort subjob processing if another subjob is aborted/postponed/stopped/...
Vapoursynth: default filter order (rotation before resize)
Avisynth: use Prefetch() with "cpu count / 2" instead of "cpu count" when MT-Threads is set to 0
mencoder: use fractions when specifiying ofps
muxing: added 'insertSEI, contSPS' to tsMuxeR muxing call
filtering: 'rotate' 'auto' option
Avisynth: MvToolsFPSmod
Vapoursynth: added TimeCube to apply LUTs for Color Correction
Avisynth: MCDegrainSharp

Avisynth: loading FFms2k
input: MakeMKV input handling
Avisynth: updated extension version,..
jobs: enforce negative audio delay fixing with ffmpeg for mov output
jobs: enforce cfr decoding for mov output
Avisynth: ChannelMixer

x264: 2pass call
muxing: input detection in mencoder muxing call

QSVEnc: typo when using HDR signaling
avi: container tagging
Avisynth: ConvertBits, don't use dither (stupid idea, since it's already handled when needed)
Video: timecode files not created on all video formats
x265: cu lossless not disabled when it has no effect
Vaporusynth: mClean call
QSVEnc: HDR signaling (typo)
video: timcode handling with delays
video: support rav1e bitrate&2pass bitrate encoding
Vapoursynth: nnedi3cl support to nnedi3aa

Vapoursynth: MLDegrain, MDering, aaf, DaaMod, Tweak, SmoothGrad
Avisynth: MPEG2DecPlus
muxing: no explixit PAR (during muxing) signaling when XPS is enabled
muxing: hevc brand signaling
Avisynth/Vapoursynth: ffmsindex call for mkv(vp9) content
Vapoursynth: d2vsource call, accidentally contained 'rff=False' for NTSC sources.
Jobs: to wav job creation
Preview: MPlayer not properly closing
Avisynth: use ConvertBits with full=true for PC scale
Analysis: ImageSequence try 'Image' and 'Video'
video: adjusted autoAltRef for vp9 and av1
x265: rearranged x265->Singaling tab
Vapoursynth: added OpenCL parameter to SMDeGrain
lots of internal code changes
Avisynth: lower threads in Prefetch
Vapoursynth: DGDecIM support since it's not developed any more and doesn't work with latest drivers.

subtitle: subtilte only extraction for mkv input
subtitle: support extraction of dvb_subs as vobsub subtitles when they are inside an mkv container
video: Xvid 2pass bitrate adjustment
automation: handling of aborted subtitle extraction
internal: changed the logging
decoding: enforce cfr decode on fps scaling

subs: extract dvb as vobsub subtitles when they are inside an mkv container
QSVEnc: remember HEVC 10bit support
Jobs: image sequence job handling
Jobs: mp4fpsmod input detection
Jobs: NVEncC input detection
Vapoursynth: handling 'cfr output'
decode: enforce cfrDecode on scaleFPS

jobs: deleting *.sub files
Vapoursynth: mClean, missing libtemporalmedian dependency
Subs: use more digits when calculation stretch factor
Avisynth: selectEvery + Avisynth Filter View
Avisynth: Preview filter reload
Jobs: vpx mkv checks
x265: minimize command line + weightb and preset slower+
models: error messages about models which weren't created due to hardware/os limitations
Avisynth: job id wasn't replaced when using dgindex
jobs: parallel subjob-processing, process subjobs out of order and in parallel if possible
muxing: use FFmpeg, enforces the use of ffmpeg as muxer, might be useful for bitrate stuffing
Qt Windows: using Qt 5.12 now for Hybrid
code: some rearraning, which might speedup the startup when Avisynth is disabled.

models: error messages about models which weren't created due to hardware/os limitations
jobss: Avisynth, job id wasn't replaced

analysis: mkv default&forced track detection

output: mp4 output naming during batch processing
analysis: mkv default&forced track detection
video: support rav1e '--keyint'
Qt Linux: min. version is now Qt 5.5.1

Analysis: mediainfo dts-hd detection
Input: Input par not properly reset when 'Input PAR' was manually changed for previous source
Audio: output created in temp folder in some cases with audio only output
Video: splitting an mkv with split chapter, deleting of temp file
Jobs: minimize job description for webm muxing
Filtering: crash when using ToneMap (No XSynth)
Video: crash when changing values in 'ffmpeg (NVEnc)'
Video: AV1, adjusted aomenc bit-depth and color sampling restrictions
Cosmetics: x265, finer control over qcomp
Input: disabling crop when loading a new single source and autocrop isn't enabled
Input: disabling 'convert output par to' when loading a new single source
Output: support mkv(av1), mp4(av1), mp4(vp9) (requires latest mkvmerge and mp4box)
Vapoursynth: updated to R45
Video: NVEncC, trim used with cut (Windows only)
Video: NVEncC, only add VUI parameters when they are enabled (Windows only)
GUI: Added warning when drivers seem to be too old to work with NVEncC (Windows only)
Vapoursynth: HDRToSDR by DG support (Windows only)

Filtering: FFmpeg deinterlacer
Output: File name generation using chapter names
Subtitle: convertion from ass -> txt
Vapoursynth: Histogram in Preview
Windows: progress indication after minimize and restore
Adjusted to QSVEncC 3.09 (Windows only)
Analysis: subtitle analysis through MediaInfo, due to changes in MediaInfo
Analysis: ignore audio languages which are not ISO 3166-1 alpha-2/3 conform
Analysis: handling apcm_adx audio in mpeg container, since MediaInfo reports this wrong atm.
Avisynth: set output depth explicitly
General: Close Hybrid on Windows in case it's running with administrator rights.
General: monitoring and file input.
Misc: misc.ini got an 'runAsAdmin' option, if you use it don't complain in case Hybrid messes up your system
Tags: tags clearing on file change.
Video: Removed NVEnc MB check, since NVEncC doesn't read max MB and doesn't report it anymore (Windows only)
Filtering: FFmpeg vidstab support
Vapoursynth: mClean
Video: NVEnc, key-frames on chapter start option (Windows only)
Video: QSVEnc HDR signaling support (Windows only)
Video: AV-1 support through aomenc and rav1e
Filtering: 'mcdeint' support since it was removed from mencoder/mplayer
Not releasing any Mac versions for the time being. (I don't have acces to a mac anymore.)

General: properly detect gpus with 'Mobile' in it's name
Analysis: Image/Video reporting in MediaInfo for an Image sequence
Audio: aften ac3 encoding
Avisynth: Image Sequence + Denoiser + only filter dark
Vapoursynth: Range conversion by setting the '_ColorRange' beforehand according to 'X' in 'X->Y'
Avisynth: pc scale handling
Vapoursynth: set range on resize, full range -> x264/x265
Audio: fixed dts encoding
Avisynth: QTGMC Sharpness value
Avisynth: FrameRateConverter + don't hide defaults
Vapoursynth: vsCustomAdditions
Avisynth: custom 'before End', 'defore DeInterlace'
Vapoursynth: vsDeGrainMedianModeY limit to 5
Avisynth: using Avisynth+ now
Tools: adjusted to latest QSVEncC
Avisynth: removed avsCutSupport button, since avsViewer doesn't support it atm.
Input: restrict accept button in ImageSequenceDialog
Avisynth: TUnsharp, SmoothCurve, SmoothTweak(16), SmoothLevels16, SmoothLevels, DeblockPP7, Deblock, ColorBalance, BucketMedian, MedianBlur2
Avisynth: ColorYUV support which allows LumaRange change
Vapoursynth: MiniDeen, HQDN3D
Video: support some of NVEncCs VPP filters
Video: NVEncC support for 'use encoder only'-option
Input: ffmpeg hwaccel choice

Synth: bunch of fixes for Avisynth and Vapoursynth filtering
Avisynth: custom filter order and additions
Vapoursynth: always using DeCross
Vapoursynth: some additional color space limitations added to some filters
general: code for loading profiles
ffmpeg: changed 'limited' to 'tv' and 'full' to 'pc'

Vapoursynth: adjusted AddLogo to handle Logos with uneven resolutions
x265: --analysis-reuse-level
Avisynth: SMDEGrain defaults
qtgmc sharpness
Avisynth: CustomName fixed for AutoAdjust
Vapoursynth: DeCross
Vapoursynth: Histogram for preview
Filtering: remove logo path in case logo doesn't exist
Vapoursynth: better handle uneven resolutions and RGB input

Avisynth preview: RGB content handling
x265: medium preset minimize
DivX265 width&height need to be mod8.
Filtering: only support toneMap and zscale when FFmpeg is compiled with it

x264: Minimize command line with ' --color-matrix undef' in it.
Vapoursynth: a bunch of small bugs related to default values
Vapoursynth: FFT3DFilter Sigma2-4 not working properly
Avisynth: a bunch of small bugs related to default values
Tools: Tools not properly kept on 'Reset all', required to start Hybrid two times

Mac: forgot to rename vsedit to vsViewer
subitle: Hybrid freezes on ogm subtitle extraction when output already existed
Vapoursynth: "don't hide defaults"-option
audio: use FFmpeg for ogm audio extraction
input: use FFmpeg for ogm subtitle extraction

Avisynth: minor bugs I don't remember in detail :)
Avisynth: LSFMod parameters not working due to intererence with Vapoursynth
x264: pc scale handling
ffmpeg: yadif call bug
x265: defaults/presets minimization, adjust to source code for x265 presets not the stuff listed in the documentation
QSVEnc: targetSizeMode
Vapoursynth: D2v Witch indexing call on Mac/Linux
Audio: AudioAnalyzer tsmuxer path
Subtitle: crash when font name start with whitespace
filter: support custom letterboxing
Avisynth: HQDN3D, MSharpen
Vapoursynth: DeBlockPP7, FFMS2K
muxing: tsMuxeR not adding audio language to streams
tools: Handle 'Corporation ***** [GeForce *]'-names
filter: ffmpeg set zscale rangein and range
audio: No longer using NamedPipe, raw audio decoding is always done through ffmpeg
nvenc: added support of NVEncCs 'preset' selection
x265: added support for '--single-sei', '--max-ausize-factor', '--refine-inter', '--refine-intra', '--dynamic-refine', '--refine-mv'
input: fixed bug when handling vfr input time codes
Avisynth: support changing the filter order (Filtering->Avisynth->Misc->Custom Filter Order)
Avisynth: specifying multiple custom script additions like in Vapoursynth (Filtering->Avisynth->Custom)
Avisynth: telling Hybrid not to Hybrid defaults (Filtering->Avisynth->Misc->Don't hide defaults)
Avisynth: Avisynth script as input and FilterView
Avisynth: wine missing in avsViewer call on non-Windows systems
Vapoursynth: added more options to addLogo to control whether the alpha should be used and inverted or not.
Vapoursynth: DAA, added OpenCL device selection
Vapoursynth: Santiag, added device selection
Vapoursynth: allow to set openCL device for QTGMC
Tools: vsedit is now named vsViewer to avoid confusion with the normal Vapoursynth Editor

x264: cbr signaling
x265: only use radl with fixed gop size
Avisynth: fixed TemporalDegrain HQ != 0
Avisynth: QTGMC 'Very Slow' and 'Placebo'
Subtitle: srt to ass
Subtitle: srt overwrite styling
Exraction: DGIndex extract audio from DVD
Audio: channel count on custom downmix
Vapoursynth: fixed d2v indexing call
Vapoursynth: fixed Preview aspect ratio bug
Vapoursynth: fixed f3kdb.Deband parameter names
Filter: tonemap call when using ffmpeg (no Vapoursynth or Avisynth)
Decode: use ffmpeg32 when converting to UT and filtering with Avisynth
Jobs: crash when output name contains tool name
Vapoursynth: support for MCTemporalDenoise
Vapoursynth: support for PSharpen
Vapoursynth: support for MCDegrainSharp
Vapoursynth: support for EdgeCleaner
Vapoursynth: support for TTempSmooth
Vapoursynth: support for LSFMod
Avisynth: support for DeScratch, DeSpot, DeFlicker
Resize: Allow to crop uneven. Note that this will enforce a conversion to RGB or 4:4:4 which might cause a slow down depending on the rest of the filter chain.
x265: support for 'extend-gop' and 'gop-lookahead' option
Vapoursynth: Mac now supports the 'VapourSynth macOS Installer' ( Special thanks to l33tmeatwad for his help!
Avisynth/Vapoursynth: added 'Denoiser' option to QTGMC
Vapoursynth: Santiag added more parameters for NNEDI3 and EEDI3
Vapoursynth: more vsDaa NNedi3-Parameter
Vapoursynth: disabling cropView when enabling FilterView and vice versa
Vapoursynth: support DGDecNV deinterlacing and use native Vapoursynth filter mode
Resize: Increase resolution max to 32768x32768
NVEncC: not usins nvhsp anymore for HDR patching since NVEncC allows to signal maxcll/maxfall and master display information.
Changed: 'ColorMatrix' now support Rec.20202
Avisynth: SMDeGrain add support for prefilter mode 4 which uses KNLMeansCL
Input: handling of mixed input, now 'mixed'-content will be treated as normal interlaced
Automation: disabled automatic telecine/interlaced check by default
Crop: use 'Avisynth' crop style as default
Jobs: abort when time codes are used and inputFPS != outputFPS

Vapoursynth: resize + crop preview
Input: crash when first loading a file and then enabling DVD input
Avisynth: Preview not working for content with color matrix 'fcc'
x264: removed unnedded empty cleanUpCall
Vapoursynth: FastLineDarken, Toon, ResampleHQ, GradFun3, Flash3kDeband
vpx: adjusted to vpx 1.7
Vapoursynth: using AssumeFPS to set frame rate on input to handle 'prefer original frame rate'
Input: FFmpeg GPU decoding make thread limitation optional

Vapoursynth: missing '"'-around fontDir when handling vapoursynth subtitles
Avisynth: fixed some small stuff
Video: small bug in fpsfraction conversion
audio: option to remove negative delays through ffmpeg (cutting)
audio: use FFmpeg for AutoCrop when input is transport stream

x265: typo strctCbr -> strictCbr

x265: only allow strictCBR when vbv/profile&level is set
x264: rgb input handling
Vapoursynth: Hysteria call
Subtitle: add font
View: NVEncC progress indication
Avisynth: support for SuperToon
Avisynth: high bit depth handling
Vapoursynth: using vsnedi3 instead of nnedi3 now
Vapoursynth: support .vpy input
Vapoursynth: tonemap filter
Input: support image sequences as input
Encoder: experimental support for videotoolbox - gpu encoding on mac
filtering: added experimental support for ffmpegs toneMap, note that Mplayer preview will not work with this, since Mplayer doesn't support toneMap. Better use toneMap through Vapoursynth.
container: make xps_inband optional for mp4, for Quicktime playback compatibility
264: assume unified build starting with r289
Windows: file locations and installer -> Windows users need to deinstall old versions completely

crash when loading HDR source with 'Display P3' colormetric, assuming D3D65 and not theatre for the time being

gui: Windows style problems due to missing dll
Avisynth: SMDeGrain version mixup
tooltip: black tooltips on window style change
SystemTrayIcon not hidden, when not minimized
Avisynth: SMDegrain, loading LSMod for contrastsharp != 0
x265: quantizer group minimum 8

2017.12.24.1 (last build supporting Win32bit):
Stupid bug which broke mplayer/mencoder calls handling m2ts&co files./li>
Vapoursynth: FixTelecinedFades
Avisynth: Preview got 'scrolling' option, which zooms to 100% and adds scrollbars.

Vapoursynht: Waifu2x call
tools: accept both 'yes' and '1' during feature check for NVEncC and QSVEncC
small problems with filter preview of Avisynth and Vapoursynth
x265: fixed cuTree cuLossless connection
preview: ccd avisynth filter preview
Avisynth: DeNoise/-Block 'before' fixes
]analysis: ffmpeg probesize now 200M
Vapoursynth: in preview use ClipInfo stead of FrameProperties
mkv: timecodes start differently with mkvmerge 18.0+
Read MasterDisplay and Max CLL/FALL with MediaInfo copy to NVEncC and x265.
changed: FFV1 use bitDepth of input
Vapoursynth: option to change filter category order
Vapoursynth: added experimental 'HDR10ToSDR' option (
Vapoursynth: added BlindDeHalo3
Vapoursynth: openCl for QTGMC, DAA, Santiang
Vapoursynth: added SMDegrain
Avisynth: added BalanceBorders
Avisynth: added NNEDI3CL to Yadifmod
Avisynth: added GPU support for NNEDI3 resizing using NNEDI3CL instead of NNEDI3
Avisynth: added SMDegrain
Avisynth: Mpeg2Source postprocessing option

adjusted x265 colormatrix&co name changes

Avisynth on Linux handling
fixed progress for ffmpeg encoding
Vapoursynth: bunch of typos
general: problem with 'ignore all input time codes'
audio: dts-hd handling
bunch of small bugs (I forgot about)
updated dependencies
Switching between Avisynth and Vapoursynth should be possible now (Filtering->Support)
renamed Main- to Base-tab
lot of code refactoring
loosend dgdecnv restrictions
vsedit directly pipes to encoder if possible
forceCBR tsMuxeR muxing when cbr is used
Avisynth: FrameRateConverter

rev 2017.05.06.1:
input: workaround for latest MakeMKV changes
general: minimizing folder path could result in an empty folder
general: resolution restriction for blu-ray
Vapoursynth: reset defaults
Avisynth: reset defaults
Avisynth: defaults for fft3dgpu, Flash3k
general: forum link updated to
disabled console output
changing max mpls playlist size from 50GB to 100GB
log: removed details from log and moved them to the report since I'm annoyed of people posting the log and sending me parts of the log by email. (next escalation step will be to remove the log)
Vapoursynth: VsSSIQ support

rev 2017.04.23.1:
jobs: Don't generate unneeded Vapoursynth script during job generation
ffmpegnvenc: glitch when selecting constant quantizer encoding not showing the field to set the quantizer
Vapoursynth: Interframe 'overwrite Alg.' selection
Vapoursynth: inital vsCustomStack position
Vapoursynth: don't show resize for preview in Vapoursynth script view
Vapoursynth: deinterlacer adjustment selecting DGDecNV even when not present
Vapoursynth: loading of content with d2vsource (now using rff=False for PAL source)
QSVEnc: some minor fixes
Avisynth: Flash3kyuu deband defaults
Avisynth: Avisynth preview now shows 'distributor()' again
x265: support for dynamic HDR-10
Avisynth: ResampleMT support
Avisynth: support amDCT
Vapoursynth: MVToolsFPS frame interpolation
Vapoursynth: using d2vSource and d2vWitch also for H.264 raw/transportstreams

rev 2017.04.10.1:
audio: fix sox custom remix
x264: cbr handling
avisynth: using QTGMC with TIVTC/TDeint
Vapoursynth: DVD input handling
tools: some problems loading tools
x265: added support for --limit-sao
vpx: added support for --row-mt
Vapoursynth: set frame properties (color matrix/range) for input to make sure they are set
ui: enable tool tip side bar by default
ui: only show available deinterlacers

rev 2017.03.26.1:
Vapoursynth: Interframe
muxing: replace "- with '-symbol in tags
avisynth: non yv12 handling
muxing: remuxing with video passthrough
avisynth: missing GRunT.dll
x265: adjusted to new slower/very slow presets
Vapoursynth: set color resizer
misc.ini: skip nvidia checks with: nonnvidia=true

rev 2017.03.19.1:
Hybrid complaining about missing 'bitrate' and 'targetSizemode' depending on the encoder saved as default 'Video Handling'
x265: rdrefine was always enabled with rdo >=5
x265: glitch in 'minimize call'
general: some glitches with Avisynth/Vapoursynth preview
general: reset cut settings on disabling
Vapoursynth: cut + Vapoursynth script
Vapoursynth: FilterView make sure variable&dualVar have the same color space
Vapoursynth: using vfrtocfr
Avisynth: TDeint/TFM with QTGMC support
FilterView/Split: Adjustment to options
Vapoursynth: DGDecIM support
Vapoursynth: sRestore
Output: .ts as output container
misc: allow to enforce language and country

rev 2017.03.06.1:
Vapoursynth: Interframe
audio: vbr stack position on Linux/Mac
general: removed misc.ini from installer (Windows only)
vceenc: typo 'vbv-buffsize' -> 'vbv-bufsize' (Windows only)

rev 2017.03.05.1:
Vapoursynth: a bunch of small changes
filtering: handling of rotate when avisynth/vapoursynth is used
audio: audio channel count not properly taken into account on source change when downMix was involved
audio: qaac datarate adjustement
general: high bit depth input handling
general: Vapoursynth automatically installed on 64bit systems (Windows only); not enabled by default.
Vapoursynth: nnedi3-resize, DegrainMedian
VCEEnc: support for some additional options

rev 2017.02.12.2:
10bit encoding: don't use 'pixel_format' instead of 'pix_fmt' in ffmpeg since it breaks rawvideo output

rev 2017.02.12.1:
x265: analysis file handling
audio: wav handling
x265: supporting --dynamic-rd
x265: aq-motion allowed without adaptive quantization
x265: supporting --slices X (for better CPU usage and speed on systems with lots of cpu cores)
QSVEnc: adjusted to latest version
NVEnc: adjusted to latest version
VCEEnc: adjusted to latest version (H.265)
avisynth: updated some scripts and dlls
avisynth: high bit depth handling
audio: mono stream merge option
gui: scalingMode -1 to 3 to misc.ini options
NVEnvC: added HDR signaling
avisynth: prefer avs2yuv

rev 2016.01.07.1:
ffnvenc: switching between H.264&H.265 doesn't switch the profiles (they are stuck at H.265s profiles)
x265: x265->Main->General Settings->Analysis Refinement and x265->Main->General Settings->QP Refinement require the setting of a analysis file otherwise they will cause a crash
sox: crash when running multiple sox instances in parallel (seems like sox is trying to create the same temp file, now creating, and later deleting, a separate sub-folder for each sox instance)
avisynth: removed 'disableDistributor', added 'addDistributor' (script preview still never shows distributor())
avisynth: changed Hybrid default QTGMC ediThread count from -1 to 2.
avisynth: nnedi3- and ResizeHQ-resizer call fixed

rev 2017.01.01.1:
x265: optionalhrdSignaling and optionalHrdListSignaling popup removed
gui: font pixel size scaling via misc.ini
avisynth: aWarpSharp problem
VP9: support for --color-space, --min-gf-interval, --max-gf-interval, --gf-cbr-boost
DivX265: not shown on Linux system
x265: --[no-]multi-pass-opt-distortion, --[no-]multi-pass-opt-analysis, --[no-]opt-cu-delta-qp, --[no-]ssim-rd, --[no-]aq-motion support
ffnvenc: exprimental support for nvenc through ffmpeg
switched to Qt 5.7.1 for Windows 64bit and Mac OS X builds

rev 2016.12.23.1:
a bunch of small bugs
support for VCEEnc
adjusted to latest x265 changes
updated detected NVIDIA cards
dropped WinXP

rev 2016.08.27.1:
avisynth: srt subtitle styling
avisynth: dither mod4
input: ffmpeg timecode extraction
subtitle: tagging subtitle streams which get converted form sup->idx/sub
nvenc: ui glitch with cabac
some unicode file handling
decoder: mencoder->ffmpeg yuv444 handling
preview: color handling during filter preview and yuv444 content
some file size checks during subtitle extraction
avisynth: filters updated
prores: interlaced signaling
cuda: 1060&1080 cards should be supported
avisynth: support save settings for each filter
nvenc: set target size (note: this is just an estimation, target size can still differ a lot since nvenc doesn't have 2pass encoding)
nvenc: support 10bit and lookahead feature
subtitle: 'add to all' option
x265: added support for --log2-max-poc-lsb, --discard-sei,--qpmin, --qpm

rev 2016.07.16.1:
dts-hd handling
muxing: mkv track statistic
mkvextract call, using absolute path
x265: adjusted to new presets
x265: Hybrid Defaults
avisynth: FRIM support disabled by default
avsViewer: resizing to avoid distorted image if width isn't mod4

rev 2016.05.22.1:
avisynth: problem with QTGMC and bobbing
muxing: mkv track statistic
x265: encoding when using cut option
x265: high-tier support
filter: ffmpeg pp filters
audio: sox filtering
audio: sox, do not drc & normalize at the same time
avisynth: nedi resize -> don't use if width isn't mod4
mkv: video stretch detection
x265: adjusted to new presets
general: cpu core count detection
audio: defautl channel count to 6
avisynth: don't add deinterlacer when FRIM is used, since it always deinterlaces

rev 2016.04.10.1:
model: a few missing avisynth related variables
x265: fixed '--allow-non-conformance'

rev 2016.04.09.1:
tools: mencoder had a bug crashing near the end of encoding (Windows)
x265: y4m raw video mixup
avisynth: Yadif deinterlacing
analyse: DVD input aspect ratio
tools: NamedPipe handling
audio: qaac handling
filter: added ffmpeg 'framerate' filter
decoder: prefer ffmpeg as decoder for aisynth
audio: enforcing downmixing in some additional cases
frame: removed some ivtc methods

rev 2016.03.09.1:
audio: mkv audio extraction with more than 10 streams
audio: qaac call, removed 'raw' parameter
avisynth: f3kdb - range parameter wasn't set properly
avisynth: qtgmc - progressive content wasn't handled properly
avisynth: don't use MPEG2source for mpls files
decode: ffmpeg - post processing
x264: small bug when resetting x264 medium profile
x264: allow negative chroma offsets
x265: 2pass controls grayed out
x265: version detection -> 12bit support was disabled
x265: restrict number of references to 8 by default (
qsvenc: feature detection
batch: frame rate adjustments not always properly kept
general: basic support for multi-angle blu-ray content (selection of angle should now be possible, DGDecNV users need to update their DGDecNV version to 2051+)
x264: 'reset to profile' option for tune
audio: added additionally HE-AAC v2 stereo enforcement checks
analysis: mediainfo output is temporary saved to file for language compatibility
avisynth: switched back to old avisynth MT dll for compatibility and stability
avisynth: switched yadifmod with yadifmod2
gui: another ugly workaround for arch linux kde compatibility
gui: audio when a audio queue entry is clicked on the side bar will show a summary of the main settings

rev 2016.02.13.1:
qsvenc: problem reading the features from latest qsvenv properly (Windows only)
general: vfr to cfr conversion, as far as it's supported
timecode: don't set UTF-8 BOM in time code files, for compatibility
handling: frame rate adjustments not always kept during batch processing
prefer ffmpeg when output is forced to cfr
cuda: added support for some additional cards

rev 2015.12.23.1:
general: Windows XP support, hopefully this version works better on XP
input: better handling of MakeMkv DVDs
audio: better alac support
audio: problem witht 'DEFAULT:' inside delaycut call
audio: wav -> ac3
subs: sup->idx/sub handling
cosmetics: audio profiles weren't show sometimes
input: better handling of MakeMkv DVDs
cosmetics: Audio Tab got changed a bit
cosmetics: new Icon thanks to
cosmetics: showing and hiding of cut
cosmetics: show avisynth script, even if the script isn't needed
x265: adjusted to new presets

rev 2015.11.17.1:
audio: variable mix-up which caused audio encoding not to work always as it should

rev 2015.11.15.1:
avisynth: HDR AGC range fix (shift U/V min value)
avisynth: .ffindex didn't get always deleted properly
avisynth: bifrost call
audio: qaac 64bit portable support, not removing aac encoding, while ffmpeg is present
video: x264 level compliance tests more often
video: x265 '--cu-lossless' applied to often
video: x265 hrd signaling
preview: fixed preview with avisynth and mov
input: force Avisynth for OpenDML and 2GB+ Stream size (due to an outstanding but in mencoder)
audio: flac channel mapping and encoding problems
video: Xvid encoding on Linux with avs2yuv
cosmetics: Audio Tab got changed a bit
input: ignore subtitles inside .avi files
jobs: ignore chapter selection and cut, when multiInput is present
audio: allow 'extract with DGIndex' not only for DVD input
cosmetics: x265, changed the way light level information is entered
general: changed to QT 5.5.1 for Windows builds
video: always signal sar when using x264
video: file naming during 2pass encoding
audio: better dts-hd handling on reencode
video: NVEncC '--vbr2' support
video: x264 '--[no-]intra-refresh' support
video: x265 '--[no-]limit-modes' support
video: x265 '--lookahead-slices' support
avisynth: 'Force greyscale'-option added to 'Stab'

rev 2015.10.21.1:
general: Windows XP compatibility
decode: ffmpeg avisynth call
avisynth: KNLMeans, addGrain and autolevel call
input: mkv index mixup on some sources
input: make sure output frame count is reset on loading source
audio: ffmpeg missing '-stric -2' in aac reencoding call
utvideo: encoding color space handling
x264: 2pass mbtree + faster preset bug
jobs: check that outputWidth&outputHeight are > 48
cuda: added gtx 950 to supported cuda cards
audio: some cosmetic changes inside the audio tab
x265: support to signal VUI master display and light level

rev 2015.09.18.1:
audio: ffmpeg audio extraction
input: audio detection detecting some streams double
x264: preset&tune order
x265: preset&tune order
x265: adding DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (Mac only)
misc: force english speaker (Windows only)
cosmetics: tab indication inside Xvid and Audio tab
general: frame rate messup
avisynth: AVSMeter benchmark call
cosmetics: rearranged audio tab
audio: limit faac bit rate to 76kBit/s per channel
avisynth: knlmeanscl
prores: interlaced encoding support

rev 2015.08.26.1:
audio: extracting pcm_bluray audio with ffmpeg, buy making sure a conversion to the right pcm format is used
audio: ffmpeg->qaac, channel dropping due to wrong input format specification
audio: limit fhgaacenc vbr to 1-5 since 6 doesn't seem to work
general: limit output precision (e.g. 1.4 did end up as 1.3999999999999 with QT 5.5 sometimes otherwise)
input: mkv-asp-workaround adjustment
input: NVEncC 'hevc', removed level&profile setting
tools: windows build contained mplayer&mencoder build which were missing some libraries (e.g. libdvdread)
x264/x265: minimize command line
general: changed to MSVC 2015 as compiler for the Windows builds and compiling under Windows 10
crop: added 'use FFmpeg'-option to the autocrop options
avisynth: control over which matrix is used during RGB->YUV conversions
internal: handling of avisynth through ffmpeg, to handle non Yv12 color spaces

rev 2015.07.11.1:
resize: height/width adjustment in encoder call
x265: --keyint infinite -> --keyint -1, don't use --keyint 0
x265: limit rc-lookahead to max 250 instead of just max keyint
qt: switched to qt5.5 for Windows builds

rev 2015.07.07.1:
avisynth: histogram now honors matrix selection
audio: aacencoding using non-free ffmpeg with fdk-aac build
audio: ac3 to pcm using ffmpeg causing warning
tools: updated avsViewer and Avisynth plugins (rechecked that DGDecNV and DGDecIM are nor included with Hybrid)
tools: x265 combi rebuild

rev 2015.07.01.1:
mac os x yosmite version didn't come with mediainfo
switched to combi x265 builds for all supported OSs

rev 2015.06.28.1:
filter: 'noise' filter, for adding noise to video
tools: adjust to MP4Box revisions 0.5.2 starting with 0 again
audio: pcm reencoding
input: handling of dvd aspect ratio for 352x... content
audio: support for 24bit flac audio encoding (when flac binary is used; not ffmpeg or flaccl)
qsvencc: support for '--mv-scaling'
x265: adjusted to changes to 'grain'-preset
x265: added support for '--limit-refs X'
x265: added support for '--aq-mode 3'
x265: removed 12bit and 16bit support and added '--output-depth 8|10' instead
avisynth: better handling of high bit depth input

rev 2015.05.10.1:
general: wine problem, on non-Windows systems
input: a few bugs related to folder monitoring

rev 2015.05.01.1:
vp8/9: support for high bit-depth encoding (vp9+complex profile only)
vp8/9: support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 encoding
audio: normalize audio to XdB via sox
qsvencc: some small bugs regarding feature detection
nvencc: quantizer couldn't be set
nvencc: b-frames weren't enabled for h.265
audio: dts-hd -> stereo wav
audio: aften ac3 encoding
audio: fdkaac, use cbr only encoding.
avisynth: 'Decomb.dll' wasn't loaded for 'Decomb (Avisynth)'
avisynth: ffmpegsoure2 wasn't used
output: avi(fraps) -> avi(fraps) remux problem
x265: added support for '--qg-size '
x265: added support for '--qpstep '
jobs: added 'postpone' as one of the popup selection choices
jobs: make columns rearrangeable
avisynth: added 'cropping' to the custom section placing
autocrop: set min width mult to 75% instead of 88%
analyse: don't run interlaced analysis on files with

rev 2015.04.06.1:
NVEncC: during vbr mode, --cbr was used
crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled
tools: check for nvidia cards before checking for tools and thus avoiding freezes due to NVEncC
x265: updated to latest presets
x265: enable pools&threads configuration
misc: allow setting of '-ao' and disabling '-fps=...' for preview
input: prefering LibAvSource over FFmpegSource when using avisynth for avi input
crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled

rev 2015.03.22.1:
nvenc: support for NVEncC from rigaya ([url][/url])
audio: option to extract audio from DVD through DGIndex (this is only meant as a last resort since DGIndex doesn't understand DVD file structures)
output: option to use ffmpeg instead of MP4Box for muxing
x265: added support for '--max-tu-size '
x265: added support for '--min-cu-size '
x265: removed '--threads X', and added basic support for '--pools XXXX'
x265: adjust presets to latest changes
cosmetics: audio speed stretch detection allows times as alternative to decimals now
cosmetics: moved shortcut overview to Config->Views
avisynth: autoadjust not using setmtmode 2 for more stability
cosmetics: separate log window (SHIFT+F11) wasn't updated
avisynth: fixed batch encoding and 'embed first' subtitle script creation problem
avisynth: fixed resizer options
jobs: fixed job loading bug
input: DVD aid mixup when language is empty.
Windows users should deinstall Hybrid and delete old jobs before installing the new version

rev 2015.02.08.1:
audio: remembering default bitrate settings
audio: automatic downmix to 5.1 when encoding to ac3 using ffmpeg and not aften
x265: strictCBR error during 1pass average bitrate mode
avisynth: base support for denoiser MDegrain (= MVDegrain for mvtools2)
avisynth: support for FrFun7 denoiser
ProRes: advanced ProRes settings when using Kostyas ProRes implementation
audio: using 64bit qaac on 64bit Systems now (before only a 32bit version was available)
Note that this requires the 64bit Apple Application Support. (Windows only)
x265: adjusted '--psy-rd X' default to 0.3
x265: added support for --[no-]temporal-layers

rev 2015.01.29.1:
subs: automated subtitle extracation during batch processing
audio: channel mapping on multi-channel (>2) for ogg&opus
cosmetic: show Title-tag of input audio/video/subtitle stream as tool-tip for the selection combo-/spinbox

rev 2015.01.26.1:
avisynth: keep screen split on update
avisynth: 4:1:1 input handling
profiles: loading of multiple old (pre 2014.01.11.1) profiles in a row
tools: WinXP compatibility (thanks to the mingw64 team for fixing)
tools: added some alternative names for some tools for more automated tool detection
x265: support '--zones ..'
input: using 0.7.66 and 0.7.72 MediaInfo to analyse content (Mac OS X only)
avisynth: updated to latest Avisynth MT 2.6 RC1
linux: djcj made some changes to the ppa, see: [url][/url]

rev 2015.01.19.1:
audio: aac audio encoder delay handling
audio: mono to strereo upmix handling
mux: negative audio delay got ignored for vfr video content when muxing to mp4
avisynth: MAA2 call
input: auto loading audio file(s)
input: avi(raw rgb video) handling
input: workaround for 1st chapter infos messed up by MakeMKV
ui: crash when disabling 'Blu-ray'-Input after Blu-ray was loaded.
subs: crash during job creation, when sup2idx was enabled
tools: reverted to MediaInfo 0.7.66 due to [url][/url] (forgot about the bug, which is why I accidentally updated MediaInfo, sadly it seems like the bug isn't that important since I got no feedback from the developer of MediaInfo so far) ([b]Mac only[/b])
avisynth: benchmarking through AVSMeter
avisynth: Denoiser->NLMeansCL2
avisynth: Color->AutoAdjust

rev 2015.01.11.1:
Windows user notice:
Updating from an older versions doesn't work properly!
A deinstallation of the older version is required! (settings&profiles can be kept)
avisynth: yadifmod nnedi-field parameter
cosmetics: some unneeded field when resetting avisynth defaults, caused unwanted popups
extract: mplayer accidentally deleting audio input
general: update list of CUDA capable cards
input: don't ignore subtitles on a DVD which have no language tag (needed for DVDs from DVD recorders)
avisynth: Avisynth script preview, Avisynth filter preview and Avisynth preview are now all interactively adjusted in regard to
changes in Hybrid.
cosmetics: when audio input length is unknown show current position during encoding in top parent call-field
No progress indication possible with fhgaacenc, since it doesn't provide any (when '--ignorelength' is used).
avisynth: interactive avisynth script view option (now it's always interactive)

rev 2015.01.07.1:
audio: temp file removal
input: bug reading the mkvtoolnix version which caused problems handling mkv files properly
input: ignore pulldown flag for files which are 23.9.. fps (since they are normally soft telecined)
subs: ignore empty subtitle entries during srt/ass->ttxt conversion
trans: 'None' wasn't always translated properly
tags: multi input audio-tag handling
mux: use ffmbc instead of ffmpeg for .mov muxing if it's present
If other features of ffmbc should be added to Hybrid, please post in the forum. Windows and Mac packages now contain ffmbc. Thanks to houdini for compiling the Mac version!
x265: support for the range extension profiles (Warning: These are not finalized!)

rev 2015.01.05.1:
audio: crash on empty source and audio handling 'passthrough all'
tags: tagging of audio stream from mutlitple sources

rev 2015.01.04.1:
cosmetics: progress indication when extracting streams with mplayer
demux: hevc remuxing
demux: mpeg-2 demuxing with mplayer
x264: typo --psnr vs. --psrn
x265: 'minimize command line' did remove '--psnr'
x265: after 2pass delete .stats.cutree temp file
x265: fix 'unknown version'-info of the attached binary (Windows only), Thanks to jb_alvarado.

rev 2014.12.23.1:
avisynth: dvd input using DGIndex&DGIndexNV
cosmetics: crashed jobs weren't shown as CRASHED, they simply stayed in their previous mode
audio: crash when mplayer + sox + audio encoder were used at the same time (only happend when 'Config->Input->Decoding->Raw with MPlayer' was enabled)
avisynth: add 'wine' before avs2yuv calls on non-Windows systems
input: added option to automatically run interlace analysis on 29./59./119. fps content which isn't detected as telecined (on by default)
vpxenc: support constant quantizer mode
cosmetics: showing a countdown during shutdown&hibernation notification and set 'always on top'
qsvenc: adjusted to QSVEncC 1.27 (Windows only)
x264: rev 2525+ now supports --aq-mode 3 (auto-variance AQ with bias to dark scenes); not on Mac atm. due to lack of up-do-date x264
x265: splitting noise reduction into intra&inter noise reduction
input: audio now always gets extracted on DVD input before processing to avoid unwanted peep sounds on some systems
output: change current output path if default output path gets changed and generate output name is enabled

rev 2014.12.05.1:
audio: qaac bitrate listing
output: avi muxing using ffmpeg
decode: avisynth + blu-ray input
x265: added support for '--ratetol X' and '--tune cbr'
mp4: 'iTunes compatible' changed, Hybrid will now allow non-aac audio
streams as first audio stream unless 'iTunes compatible old' is enabled.
(older iTunes versions only supported ac-3 audio streams if the first
audio stream was aac audio)

rev 2014.11.16.1:
avisynth: combining avisynth filtering and cropping while deinterlacing through mencoder led to a broken avisynth script
avisynth: crop-Call
avisynth: accidentally ColorMatrix was always called which could case a problem with MPEG-2 content
installer: Advanced 64bit options, since too many users simply enabled them without knowing what they do, also removed 64bit avsInfo and avsViewer (so 64bit Avisynth can't be used with Hybrid); WIndows only

rev 2014.11.15.1:
tools: mix-up with fdkaac(enc) (on some Linux systems)
avisynth: fixed calling QTGMC-3.32 instead of QTGMC-3.33
input: lsdvd DVD aspect ratio detection (Mac OS X and Linux only)
preview: image resize (Mac OS X only)

rev 2014.11.13.1:
input: dvd title shown, not the one being selected on dvd load for some dvds
x265: adjusted: removed --b-intra from --tune grain
x265: changed --nr limit to 0-20 (internally value will be multiplied by 100)
cosmetics: changed splashscreen for Mac OS X

rev 2014.11.11.1:
audio: NeroAacEnc wasn't supported on Windows
start-up problems on some linux machines
cosmetics: added splash-screen during start-u

rev 2014.11.09.2:
analysis: redo video analysis with ffmpeg if mediainfo doesn't provide color sampling infos.
gui: crash on start-up on mac

rev 2014.11.09.1:
audio: crash when no audio was present, but 'add current' was triggered.
DivX265: support --main10 and --format X introduced with version 1.4
jobs: lower progress update frequency when mencoder is used
x265: added support for '--tune grain'
x265: delete '.stats.cutree'-file after "2pass 2nd pass" job

rev 2014.11.03.1:
avisynth: Avisynth looking for RgTools instead of RemoveGrain
build: adjustments to Hybrid to work better with Yosmite
x265: '--[no]-lft' got replaced by '--[no]-deblock='
x265: added support for '--[no]-pmode' and '--[no]-pme'
x265: adjusted presets&co to 1.4+

rev 2014.10.24.1:
general: adding a job blocked by development debug output

rev 2014.10.23.1:
avisynth: "Interactive script view"-option, when enabled, Hybrid will not disable the GUI while the avisynth preview is enabled. It will also update the view on every change made that influences the script.
*[b]WARNING[/b]* This option is [b]experimental[/b]! It isn't tested extensively, so use it with case. Especially the fast change of settings, e.g. by using the up/down arrows of an option might cause problems. -> if your run into reproducible problems please tell my how to reproduce the problem and I'll try if I can find a fix for it.
tools: 'Check for new release'-button, when pressed Hybrid will check if there's a newer version of Hybrid available online
or not.
x265: support for '--rd-penalty X'
input/jobs: bug during subtitle processing
avisynth: load "d3dx9_30.dll" when loading FFT3dGPU.dll
avisynth: change frame rate/count when QTGMCs input type is not zero
avisynth: support Avisynth+ as alternative to normal Avisynth
input: always set frame count to the number of time codes, for vfr content

rev 2014.10.15.1:
input: vfr timecode extraction through ffmpeg this way Hybrid can extract the time codes of every format that is supported by libav :) (mainly useful for vfr wmv)
avisynth: DeGrainMedian-call container 2 times the 'mode'-parameter :/
avisynth: Levels, only supports named parameter addressing for corning and dither
avisynth: DeHalo filters didn't get applied
avisynth: SalFPS3, 'FPS' isn't optional and needs to be set explicitly

rev 2014.10.13.1:
avisynth: make sure content is 4:2:0 before applying SalFps3
calc: adjusting bit rate indication when a fixed output file size was selected and the chapter selection got changed
cosmetics: 'extracting video ...' was shown during Xvid encoding
filter: don't change frame rate when doing progressive to interlaced conversion (mixed up fields and frames :/)
prores: profile selection and indication
x264: --aq-strength wasn't properly minimized
filter: 'force 4:4:4 downsize' option to better preserve chroma information
avisynth: (direct) edgeLevel and aSharp support
avisynth: rewrote avisynth filter support to easier support new filters
cosmetics: always show two internal decimal places for fps and progress, always round bit rate during progress indication

rev 2014.09.27.1:
subs: subtitle handling when 'all subtitles' was enabled
x264: limit --rc-lookahead to min(keyint, 250)
general: default paths didn't get propagated properly

rev 2014.09.25.1: (!not released yet!)
qsvcenc: only allow '--bluray' for bitrate with lookahead
x265: 'Target Mode' wasn't disabled during 'average bitrate (1-pass)' selection
x265: removed 'frames' parameter since it could cause problems during 2pass encoding
x265: stats file wasn't configurable
x265: '1st pass' didn't show encoding dialogue
x265: enforce '-wpp' when vbv is used
x265: adjusted 'psy-rdoq' range to 0-10
x265: enable psy-rdoq for level 4+ (instead of 5+)
Xvid: entering a bitrate for unrestricted profile wasn't possible
avisynth: enabled 'No Avisynth during Preview/Cropview' by default, under Config->Internals->Avisynth
cosmetics: added options to control the progress indication
general: change max resolution to 16384x16384

rev 2014.08.25.1:
encoder: support for cuda encoder since latest drivers dropped support for nvcuenc (which is the old api), will add a new cuda encoder when I stumble over nvcenc using command line application or I write one myself; for those who still use old nvida drivers I added a misc.ini option to enable cuda support
avisynth: DGDecNV got removed due to request from the author, see:
It's still supported, but the files that belong to it now have to be manually downloaded and added to the avisynthPlugins-folder for Hybrid to be able to use it.
audio: option to not cut external audio
audio: don't use DGIndex when for audio extraction when chapters are selected
audio: using raw external audio and mkv a/v input
input: wrong avs frame rate detection on decimal frame rates
cut: mkvmerge cut/split call
x265: 2pass fast 1st pass
x264: time codes accidentally got ignored when encoding with x264
decode: mencoder->ffmpeg->encoder call, removed map-call inside ffmpeg call
cuda: cq encoding
subtitle: subtitle tab show grab language from file name in sidebar

rev 2014.08.06.1:
x265: support for '--[no-]slow-firstpass
avisynth: added option to disable Avisynth during normal preview, this way audio and subtitles from the source can be viewed.
input: ffmpeg addressing video id and temp file detection

rev 2014.08.04.1:
x265: support for '--[no-]slow-firstpass (not supported by x265 atm.)
x264&x265 1pass encoding
ffmpeg output collection

rev 2014.08.03.1:
decode: disabling lavthreads didn't set lavthreads to 1
preview: crop-preview didn't show up properly when avisynth as used as decoder
input: more flexible parsing then reading the tsMuxeR analyse output
subs: subtitle language passthrough for subtitles which got extracted by tsMuxeR
subs: added option to enforce a specifc idx/sub resolution during .sup
x265: added support for '--psy-rdoq X'
general: added a few additional tool-tips

rev 2014.07.27.1:
avisynth: ColorMatrix-call
tags: tag queue accidentally got cleared partially when clicking on it
subs: .sup subtitle handling (conversion to .idx/.sub for mp4 muxing)
subs: manual subtitle extraction
video: 2pass custom target file size not always properly reloaded from model/profile
avisynth: disable MT, when it's not needed
x265: added support for tier/profile/level and 2pass encoding, for the later you need to disable (x265->Misc->Create qp file for chapters and keep level set to 'unrestricted' otherwise it will probably crash, but the x265 developers are working on it)

rev 2014.07.17.1:
avisynth: overwrite the used resizer by one from, also added NNEDI3 as potential resizer when upscaling
profile: load&saving global profiles
profile: resetting single model
tools: restart on non-windows systems
cosmetics: progress indication
defaults: enabling 'auto save defaults' disables the default reset options
defaults: added question dialog before resetting something
input: don't use mediainfo for audio format detection for .mpls files unless specifically told to

rev 2014.07.14.1
avisynth: always use FFVideoSource with ', threads=1' and SetMTMode(2,..)
avisynth: changing MT-Threads to cpu count*2 threads, when cpu count > 1;
avisynth: use PreRoll instead of RequestLinear
cosmetics: default diff popup window restyled
cosmetics: added scrollbars to avisynth script view window
DivX265: check that output width&height need to be multiple of 8
subtitle: when double clicking on an subtitle entry show input file name and whether the subtitle gets embedded or not
x265: added support for '--ipratio', '--pbratio', '--hrd', '--aud'
audio: enforcing audio downmix to 5.1 for 6+ channels when ac3 is selected as output
avisynth: fixed peachsmoother missing option
input: crash during tsMuxeR analysis
output: mkv attachment passthrough problem
preview: problem with preview on mac
tools: tool detection on Windows XP; don't check for QSVEnc&fhgaacenc when on Windows XP
tsMuxeR: don't use 8+3 file names
DivX265: don't show bitrate and est. size for DivX265 in cq mode
mac: only releasing Mac OS 10.9+ builds (assuming there are no 10.6-8 users since I never got any feedback regarding 10.6-8 for some time now)

rev 2014.07.10.1:
audio: tsmuxer not compatible audio accidentally fed to tsMuxeR
avisynth: code page problem when writing avisynth files
cosmetics: glitch in title progress indication
decode: ffmpeg crash when colorMatrix from&to are equal
input: time code extraction of flv files with non-ANSI names
input: mkv time code handling
input: hevc stream detection inside mkv container
tools: problems properly detecting tools
x265: bug minimizing crf min/max values that are not zero

rev 2014.07.03.1:
DivX265: progress indication (percentage wasn't shown)
ui: automatic loading of custom styling)
tools: tool arrangement under windows, to avoid problems which occurred on systems with missing run-times. Tools are now split over three locations:
program folder: here are all the static tools
'dynamic'-sub-folder: here are all the tools which are only available as a. 32bit and b. dynamically linked
'dynamicX'-sub-folder: here are all the tools which are available as 32bit and 64bit versions and dynamically linked
general: tool tips not showing
Windows: it's recommend to uninstall old Hybrid versions (settings do not have to be removed) before installing this or a newer version

rev 2014.07.02.1:
DivX265: support new VUI options
avisynth: indexing mkv(vp9) content with ffvideosource
ui: font change did not influence queues and separate log window
ui: fffmpeg progress indication
job: 'remove all' button not working
input: don't use '-demuxer mkv' when analysing mkv with a vp9 video stream
tools: QSVEncC support for Windows XP (requires Windows 7 and newer)

rev 2014.06.30.1:
general: tool tips not showing
video: ffvHuff-tab configuration en-/disable

rev 2014.06.29.1:
preview: fixed preview issue if no avisynth is available on the system
video: QSVEnc support, adjusting to QSVEnc 1.23, thanks to rigaya for fixing some problems
ffv1: ffv1 mencoder call
subtitle: crash on subtitle extraction
timecode: fixed a crash in time code handling due to formating issues
audio: extracting&muxing aac to mp4 could trigger a conversion to wav, even when 'passthrough' was selected.
audio: enabling 'Always extract as wav' and audio handling 'passthrough' interfered
video: initial support for ffvhuff and libutvideo
decode: added options to support hardware acceleration when ffmpeg is used.
mux: option to disable mkv statistics per track (introduced with mkvtoolnix 7.0.0)
general: switched to MSVC++ 2013 for Win 64bit builds

rev 2014.06.17.2:
audio: extracted audio didn't get deleted after audio reencoding

rev 2014.06.17.1:
decode: mencode decod ecall containing '-vf ,scale', instead of '-vf scale'
qsvenc: adjust to feature restriction on system
avisynth: speed-up FFVideoSource by using setMTMode(5,.. instead of setMTMode(3,..
avisynth: de-'dot crawler': DeCrawl, Checkmate, DeCrow

rev 2014.06.15.1:
video: video could get accidentally deleted before muxing if x264 1pass bitrate encoding was used.
installer: Windows: reverted Kvazaar to the official releases, since the currently packed kvazaar versions still don't work for some users
start: didn't start-up properly on linux&mac when placed to /usr/bin
video: removed QSVEnc support on Vista since it requires Win7+ (wrote an email to the author, don't know if will react to it)
audio: sound playback (at end of queue/job) on Windows is now uses native Windows API calls since Vista doesn't support the QtMultimedia library if it is compiled on Windows 7
global: resetting models or Avisynth settings (with 'initial') will now restart (and not just close) Hybrid

rev 2014.06.13.2:
video: QSVEnc support
general: Vista compatibility

rev 2014.06.13.1:
audio: using audio from different source than the main input
audio: crash when switching between titles with and without audio
tools: Windows package contained a kvazaar binary which did cause problems on some systems
video: initial support for QSVCEnc as encoder
video: initial support for FFV1 as encoder

rev 2014.06.08.1:
audio: mp4 audio extraction name problem (on Windows)
avisynth: force deinterlace + Avisynth-Deinterlacer sometimes didn't force deinterlacing
avisynth: RGBColorAdjust Filter-Preview
avisynth: ColorMatrix Avisynth/Filter-Preview
avisynth: bug could cause distributor() to be added, even when 'Disable distributor()' was enabled
avisynth: reset 'need avisynth'-checks
avisynth: fixed HQDering call
decode: mencoder 422 output and color space mixup using mencoder
DivX265: use constant quantizer '-qp' instead of '--cq'
filtering: mcdeint -> framestep didn't update the gui
input: monitoring folder support
jobs: check whether FRAPS is installed on the system or not
x265: 12bit encoding
mux: mp4box didn't always use short file names on Windows which could cause problems with unicode names&paths
mux: tsMuxeR set disklabel for isos
avisynth: support for aWarpSharp sharpening
avisynth: tivtc now also allows QTGMC 'slow' and 'Very Slow' as deinterlacer
avisynth: 'add custom content', allows to add content to Hybrids avisynths scripts;
WARNING: Hybrid does not check/verify the content of the entry, so if you mess up, you are on your own!
Kvazaar: support for RDO quantization
x265: support for 4:2:2 color space
x265: support for '--[no-]repeat-headers'
x265: support for '--psy-rdo X';
x265: adjusted to new preset&tune values -> It's recommend to reset the x265Model
WARNING: This option is known to produce artifacts in some cases!
avisynth: set MTMode to 5 before LibAVVideoSource
avisynth: enable "Disable distributor()' for Windows 8 & 8.1, by default, for all others disable it by default
avisynth: fixed links which linked to
avisynth: allow distributor() even for avisynth preview
input: improve mpls handling
jobs: make sure there will be no job creation if .m4v is used as output extension while 'Audio handling' isn't set to ignore. Added awarning about it and how to avoid it and still create .m4v output.
DivX265: use DivX265 'resolution profiles' internally and enforce them

rev 2014.04.28.1:
audio: pcm extraction from avisynth input
audio: multi-input/batch processing audio processing
input: make sure tsMuxeR analysis is fed with 8.3 file names on Windows
cut: fix chapter&cut selection on mplayer dvd audio reencoding
cut: fix job optimization for ffmpeg cut calls
cut: keyframe positions display
general: crash when first a normal file and then a dvd was analysed
tags: remove pipe-symbol ('|') from tags which will be send to MP4Box, to avoid a crash
x264: 10bit encoding
x264: show live bitrate during crf encoding
xvid: y4m -> xvid encoding.
note: progress indication is not working since mencoder doesn't provide a progress indication when fed through a pipe.
avisynth: added support for Peachsmoother and mftoon (not much tested)
jobs: option to set minFreeSize to start (sub-)job
cut: option to always use key frames selection
audio: when using MultiInput (batch processing) only 'Custom' allows to change the audio queue.
input: check that the 'which' result(s) are indeed files and not folders
DivX265: adding an additional ffmpeg call to work around DivX265 not beeing able to show progress indication
preview: limit preview on mac for mpls files when mplayer is too old or not compiled with libbluray
preview: open the preview inside the same window Hybrid is located (horizontal alignment of monitors assumed)
profile: re-run auto routines if GlobalProfile or AV-Profiles get loaded and input is not empty
audio: use DGIndex to extract audio form DVD, if a. avisynth is present, b. input is DVD, c. mplayer reported it can't handle the input audio and d. Hybrid was set to ignore this report
x265: removed crf and cq from x265 defaults

rev 2014.04.04.1:
question mark accidentally replaced some of the number constants
avisynth: added TTempSmooth as denoiser

rev 2014.04.02.1:
avisynth: disable distributor() by default
audio: stretch handling and audio add options could lead to too many audio queue entries
audio: opus bitrate selection when aac stack got removed
filter: disable threaded decoding if gradfun is used on .avi input
preview: crash for audio only input
model: "Current defaultTempPath is empty" when 'Generate' and 'Temp path to output path' were enabled.
mux: audio stream got lost for negative delay + mp4 output
output: multioutput file naming
DivX265: support for constant quantizer support and additional aq modes
'Create iso with tsMuxeR'
gui: audio/subtitle some keyboard mappings
x265: support for weightedB
'Create image using ImgBurn'
it's recommend to reset the DivX265 profile

rev 2014.03.21.1:
output: add par info to mp4(hevc); did cause problems with the earliest decoders, which is why it was disabled before
avisynth: problem with DGDecNV not being used
jobs: cosmetics, qaac, x265 progress indication
audio: delay was sometimes ignored
x265: color mess when feeding 16bit x265
x264: enabling 'stitchable' didn't change the call
filter: colorMatrix support through ffmpeg (not only avisynth)
output: option to use 'Title'-tag value as base-name for name generation
x264: option to enforce .stats creation
filter: 'Selection', since it doesn't work with mencoder as decoder (only got it working with ffmpeg or avisynth)
x265: x265 support is removed when a version newer than 0.8+149 is used on Windows XP machines (x265 doesn't support Windows XP any more unless someone writes a patch for it)

rev 2014.03.12.1:
avisynth: some more mt-mode adjustments
audio: allow ac3 inside mp4 with 'iTunes compatibility' enabled, if it is not the first audio stream in the output container (Apple TV should support this)
cosmetics: when toolTip-sidebar is active and an audioQueue-entry is double-clicked, sidebar will show a short summary of the entry
cosmetics: warn if content with timecodes gets muxed to avi
input: use libbluray and mplayer for crop-/interlace-detection and preview if mplayer is build with libbluray and it's revision is 36902 or higher
output: added mkv(hevc) support for mkvtoolnix 6.8.0+
vp9: support cq encoding
x264: Hybrids x264 defaults now disable 'Macroblock tree rate control', see:
x265: removed '--input-depth 8' from the defaults which get applied when applying a preset
x265: add '--sar x:y' signaling support
avisynth: nediaa*2 call
input: blu-ray analysis if tsMuxeR is not present
input: crash when Hybrid was called on a Blu-ray folder which ffmpeg identifies as encrypted
cosmetics: indicating audio encoding during DivX265 encoding
cosmetics: audio track selection combobox width
subs: tsMuxeR + extract all subtitles + skip not working properly
tags: accidentally added ')' to some audio titles
jobs: ffmpeg multi-extract optimization
audio: mac version now got fdk-aac for he-aac and he-aac v2 audio encoding
subs: cosmetics, added 'add font'-button
selection: avisynth implemented not for ffmpeg/mencoder so far
output: MP4V as possible FOURCC for .avi output

rev 2014.02.25.1:
kvazaar: '--cqmfile' and '--ref' support
ui: adjust slider ticks to max possible value
ui: some cosmetic fixes
cut: tsMuxeR cut calls
input: RealVideo handling
output: interlaced raw H.264 remuxing problems
tag: tagging was broken
ui: AV-Combo Profiles didn't show up in Main-tab after restart
filter: asynchrony issues accidentally deinterlacing instead of ivtc (if Avisynth was present, but not enabled for DVD input)
x264: make sure Hybrid feeds 10bit colors to x264-10bit (otherwise a crash occurs if the x264 version wasn't compiled with an additional scaler)
jobs: ffmpeg extracting multiple streams at once
input: option to decide whether 'dvd://' or 'dvdnav://' is used for mencoder/mplayer
x264: option to disable the automatic enforcement of medium restrictions for Blu-ray compatible output

rev 2014.02.14.1:
avisynth: use setMTMode(3) before debanding filters
general: move mac settings folder to ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid
input: don't assume .m4v as raw MPEG-4 Video on Mac OS X
x265: '--scenecut X' and '--min-keyint X' support
x265: support VBV options
video: Kvazaar (v0.2.4) support
analyse: problems with some mkvs created with older MakeMkv versions
avisynth: accidentally disabled sharpening in the last release
avisynth: bug in LimtedSharpenFaster call
avisynth: select preferred text renderer
avisynth: accidentally disabled sharpening in the last release
crop: OnLoad->AutoCrop didn't properly enable the gui after finishing
input: mpeg-2 raw frame count
input: added workaround for '-nosound dvd://' since current mplayer&mencoder builds are broken
jobs: cosmetics, fixed some progress indication bugs
mac: profiles&settings ended up in user home
x265: missed that '--refresh IDR/CDR' got replaced with '--[no]-open-gop'
x264: lossless output color space bug

rev 2014.01.22.1:
avisynth: avisynth script requirement mix-up

rev 2014.01.21.1:
avisynth: use MT mode 5 if TextSub is used with text based subtitle
decode: use y4m for vpxenc when ffmpeg is used as decoder
output: support HEVC inside m2ts if tsMuxeR 2.5.5+ is present
tools: instead of using '-i bluray:' now using '-buildconf' too check if ffmpeg was build with libbluray&co
x265: 'bPyramid' now is a bool value
avisynth: misc.ini option to set an alternative avisynth plugins folder
x265: support '--aq-mode 2' (= auto)
x265: support for '--[no-]cutree'
analyse: lsdvd not adjusted to absolute path
avisynth: Logo call
avisynth: some preview bugs
avisynth: SupTile filter detection
avisynth: some path detection bugs related to Linux&wine
avisynth: option to disable 'distributor()' usage
cosmetics: x265 crf spinbox
cut: key frame based cutting
cut: speed up cutting with ffmpeg by using two '-ss' option
internal: changes on multiCheckBoxDropDown got ignored (fixes multiple bugs introduced by previous refactoring)
jobs: subtitle type of embedded subtitles didn't get ignored when checking blu-ray compatibility
muxing: during m2ts muxing, video got lost
subtitle: extraction call, didn't always properly convert relative to absolute paths
tools: tool version cache read problem
tools: mkvmerge version wasn't sometimes detected properly
vp9: added workaround to always feed vpxenc with y4m content; which according to it's documentation isn't supported, but instead of i420 and Yv12 which should work, it does work; should be fixed in latest vp9, but I leave the workaround
vp9: lossless encoding

rev 2013.12.06.2:
'true' used instead of the home folder location (damn pointer ;))

rev 2013.12.06.1:
input: crash during audio only processing
decode: subtitle embedding call
DivX265: adjusted to latest version

rev 2013.12.05.1:
x265: white-space problem with rdo naming :/

rev 2013.12.04.1:
x265: high bit depth handling
x265: adjusted to latest changes

rev 2013.12.02.1:
vpx: reverted to an older vpx version since current git messes up the color spaces
x265: adjusted to latest preset/default changes
input: adjust stream length to container length if the indicated stream length is less then half of the container length
x265: 'custom command line addition'
vpx: support for VP8/VP9: '--tune', VP9: '--frame-parallel' and '--aq-mode'
chapter: problem where chapter and input length collided
chapter: accidentally (nearly) clearing the chapter queue when an entry was clicked on
input: crash due problem with broken subtitle info
mux: MP4Box output file check failed for split/flat/hinting calls
subs: typo in one of the subcode names
subs: automatic loading of external subtitles if source has non and passthrough subtitles is enabled
build: Mac OS X Info.plist generation
vpx: restricted profile and basic speed control, since some options simply don't work
Mac OS X: current release is still using old mencoder/mplayer combination so they don't support H.265 content as input.
(No clue if I ever get mencoder&mplayer compiled with libbluray, libass,...)
Mac OS X: x265 is only contained as a 8bit version (so high bit depth encodes will fail), since current x265 doesn't compile with high depth enabled. Reported the problem to the developer mailing

rev 2013.11.19.1:
model: GlobalModel occidentally saved 'mplayerHasLibBluray' which could lead to problems with Blu-ray input
analyse: .mpls were analysed with mplayer
avisynth: tweak call
input: .y4m support
autocrop: didn't properly adjust to relative mplayer path
mac: Info.plist file
chapter: import/export
tools: grab ffmpeg built date (caused problems with ProRes encoding)
jobs: adjusted to latest tsMuxeR 2.x, sadly not available for Mac OS X 10.6.8
avisynth: added 'distributor()' back
a lot of refactoring
avisynth: changed from normal ffmpegsource plugin to c-plugin
tools: updated cuda capable card listing
calc: trueHD overhead calculation
avisynth: RawSource for y4m input
muxing: option to specify MP4 interleave value
x265: inital x265 encoding support; sadly the Mac OS X package doesn't include x265 since it doesn't build on Mac OS X 10.6.8

rev 2013.10.22.1:
audio: audio source selection didn't get enabled for multi-source input
cosmetics: when no audio and video streams were found inside the input, the UI didn't get re-enabled.
jobs: jobs checks, didn't properly identify the MP4Version string if it ended it a character instead of a number
cosmetics: tool-ip side bar, now will shop the tool-tips even if 'show tooltips' is disabled
mac: added version info to Info.plist for mac
container: support VP9 inside webm if mkvmerge version >= 6.5.0
ProRes: options to load/save/delete profiles

rev 2013.10.18.1:
avisynth: ColorMatrix call
decode: mencoder handling of X to i420 color space conversion
gui: problem with local.conf not properly read
installer: delete license.txt if it contains one of my keys (*thanks to Faust*)

rev 2013.10.16.1:
audio: aac codec switch reseted bitrate to 192
audio: don't use mencoder for aac encoding on windows (windows mencoder doesn't come with faac by default any more)
audio: sox calls were missing '--ignore-length'
filter: missing ':' in ffmpeg + unsharpen call
installer: seems like the problems with non-latin1 user names are finally fixed :D
jobs: job optimization falsely combined calls on raw streams
audio: alac encoding through ffmpeg

rev 2013.10.10.2:
audio: downMix mixup when encoding the same multichannel audio stream first to mp3 then to (in example) ac3
audio: faac encoding, with external faac
audio: additional 96kHz fixes
gui: installed and Hybrid regarding UTF-16 names and paths
vp9 not beeing recognized
jobs: add wav output size for wav raw output to log

rev 2013.10.10.1:
audio: downMix mixup when encoding the same multichannel audio stream first to mp3 then to (in example) ac3
audio: faac encoding, with extrenal faac
audio: limiting ogg and mp3 audio bit rates
avisynth: deathray settings
gui: avisynth integration didn't show the Avisynth Preview
audio: support for external fdkaac audio encoder; before fdkaac was only supported if it was compiled into ffmpeg
paths: try to keep all path relative as long as possible to allow better portability (got lost when tools caching was added)
audio: added default bit rates for the audio encoders
jobs: pcm big endian only supported for raw output, since no container supports it

rev 2013.10.09.1:
audio: handling of 96kHz dts audio
batch: audio mapping mix-up during batch processing
general: Hybrid crash some times, when a job crashed
mux: remuxing of hevc content between .mp4 and .mkv
x264: OpenCL support (wasn't cached properly)
audio: support for external fdkaac audio encoder; before fdkaac was only supported if it was compiled into ffmpeg
x264: support for '--aq-mode 3' and '--fade-compensation' if the used x264 supports it
input: ignore "application/octet-stream" mkv attachments
internal: prefer ffmpeg over mplayer when extraction DV video streams
tools: exchanged x264 with modded version from Komisar, due to missing OpenCL support in the normal version. (Windows only)
tools: FLACCL from the Windows package, reason.

rev 2013.10.05.1:
input: scanning for stretch in mkv caused Hybrid to show each stream two times
general: some problems with non-latin1 paths (not sure if I caught all)
profiles: loading&saving of global profiles
tools: mixed up the 64bit and 32bit ffmpeg versions, which caused problems on Win32
avisynth: Deathray (a new avisynth extension is needed)
tools: added FLACCL to the Windows package (opencl flac encoding, requires .Net 4.x to be installed)
jobs: removed an unneeded CleanUp call which sometimes was added, but didn't remove anything
jobs: added an info that either mkvtoolnix 6.5+ or Rovis mkvtoolnix version is needed for hevc inside mkv

rev 2013.10.04.1:
system: could accidently delete the content of ~/local/share due to a home folder mess-up

rev 2013.10.03.2:
debug: replaced Hybrid binary with one that doesn't show the debug window

rev 2013.10.03.1:
x264: option to limit the number of threads to: 'input height'/40 + 'maximum number of b-frames'
see: detailed explanation here.
ui: startUp didn't work if some tools were missing
jobs: .sup subtitle were accidently marked unsupported

rev 2013.10.02.1:
external: updated avisynthExtension to 20131002
gui: speedUp loading the UI
muxing: Hybrid will allow Hevc inside mkv if mkvtoolnix from rovi is used (!this version does not come with Hybrid!)
tools: Hybrid now caches the tool paths and versions, this way only when the Hybrid revision changed will the startUp check tool paths and versions
audio: dynamic range compression got ignored sometimes
audio: extracting dts/ac3 core sometimes didn't delete the dts-hd/true-hd track
fonts: custom font path handling (font extraction)
general: shutdown/resume on Linux
jobs: postpone and continue after restart didn't work as it should
misc: ignore list wasn't processed properly
output: mkv attachments weren't extracted
path: fix problem when user name contains non ascii elements (there still might be problems, will fix once they are reported by someone)
subtitle: auto embed first
x264: 'preset faster' + minimize caused broken call
chapters: add a chapter every Xth key frame
tools: 'Clear all cached tool infos'-button to enforce clearing and checking of tool paths and versions
subtitle: 'color-select'-buttons got an image

rev 2013.09.17.1:
tools: exchanged the MP4Box version for Windows for the experimental DivX265 CLI support, updated tsMuxeR
jobs: remuxing mkv(MPEG-4 ASP, X) -> avi(MPEG-4 ASP, X) missing subjob-ID in name
tools: tsMuxeR version detection

rev 2013.09.16.1:
extract: mencoder/mplayer audio extraction
input: crash when using DVD input on Windows Systems (caused by a threading bug in QT5)
audio: faac encoding with ffmpeg as decoder
audio: ffmpeg audio encoding with raw output didn't always use the proper output path
audio: ffmpeg audioID and ffmpeg audio index were mixed up on some audio extraction calls
a bunch of Mac OS X related problems
vp9: ffmpeg outputting yuv4mpeg instead of rawvideo when feeding vpxenc
analyse: analyse all title on a DVD not just all after the first selected
x264: error when applying 'zerolatency' tune option
jobs: merging of ffmpeg audio&video extraction calls with single audio source
input: wrong source selection when loading Blu-ray content through mplayer/mencoder since it uses it's own (not documented) mplsBlu-ray title mapping. -> dropping support for libbluray in mplayer/mencoder
muxing: automatic passthrough audio/video title, crash
muxing: less folders to delete on AVCHD creation with tsMuxeR 1.11.x+
lot of refactoring to keep code base maintainable
resize: option to decide whether or not 'keep resize on source change' will be dis-/enabled depending if the source is a multi- or single source
encoder: Windows only: !experimental! DivX265 Command Line encoder support (muxing to mp4 requires recent MP4Box version), progress indication only works if ffmpeg is used as decoder. -> it's mainly ment to simply have a GUI for it, even if the options are really restricted (not by Hybrid but by the cli encoder itself), copy DivX265.exe into your Hybrid folder to try
added source selection option to Audio-tab
show current title in window title for multi source input

rev 2013.09.01.1:
avisynth: handling avisynth input with ffmpeg
audio: trueHD -> ac3 extraction when ffmpeg was used on Windows
input: switching between mpls files caused problems
input: mpeg file extension not properly detected due to typo
input: chapter selection for DVD and Blu-ray
input: DVD + 'auto add (first)' did sometimes not work properly
filter: deinterlacing wasn't always deactivated when both forced and auto deinterlacing were disabled (and the input scan type was detected as interlaced or telecine)
model: inconsistent model state in combination with cut support
mux: avi -> avi video passthrough
preview: Blu-ray preview on Mac OS X
subtitle: input dialog did not filter the files by extension
subtitle: subtitle names where of if the name contained multiple '.'s
tagging: problems with audio tagging on structure generation
tools: MediaInfo wasn't detected properly on Linux
vp8/9: arnrMaxFrames was limited to 25 instead of 15 ;)
x264: mediaInfo import, qmin was ignored due to typo
x264: command line imported could crash when vbv-maxrate or vbv-maxbuffer was used
x264: minimize CL missed some settings it could hide
analyse: adjusted analyse to when tsMuxeR is not resent or can't be used
audio: only handle ac3, dts and wav audio with delaycut (too many problems with mp1/mp2/mp3 compatible audio)
automation: when extracting all subtitles, extract them all in one go for m2ts and mkv
jobs: joining audio extraction calls into one if possible (downside: more temporal space is required, upside: audio extraction is faster)
x264: disable profiles below High10 if bit depth is not 8
avisynth: InterFrame, RGBAdjust, Camcorder Chroma Denoise (requires avisynthExtension update)
jobs: option to change the priority of a running/stopped/paused job (->of all it's subjobs). (not recommend)
mac: keyboard input was not captured properly
misc: option to enable ssl mail/irc communication and added field inside the gui to set the mail/irc settings
misc: option to minimize job calls; this will combine extraction calls for mkvextract, ffmpeg and tsMuxeR (sadly I haven't found a way to extract multiple streams with mencoder or mplayer) if possible
tools: warning regarding fonts if some fonts are present on Mac OS X

rev 2013.08.04.1:
avisynth: problem with 'SupTitle'-plugin
avisynth: mma2 filter
avisynth: version.txt file to make sure the current avisynthExtension version is used
avisynth: added format="YUV422P8" to LWLibAVVideoSource-call if input color space sampling isn't 4:2:0
chapter: import of mkvextracts chapter files
cosmetics: make sure to switch to Main-tab after loading a GlobalProfile
cosmetics: taskbar-icon progress indication on Win Vista/7
cosmetics: jumping cursor while editing tags
input: mplayer analyse call for .webm-content
input: 5.1 audio sometimes was detected as 2.0 (due to change in MediaInfo cli output)
fontconfig: move font cache to %APPDATA%/fontconfig/cache instead of %TEMP%fontconfig/cache
model: FilteringModel wasn't always saved properly
tools: ffmpeg version in last release had problems with WinXP
vp9: tile limits were off
avisynth: using FTune and SangNom2 instead of TurnLeft/TurnRight and SangNom
cosmetics: also show current bit rate during x264 encoding
jobs: handling what to do when the output already exists,...
input: option to tell Hybrid if it should take the normally signaled or the original resolution
jobs: option to send ssl-email when job and/or queue is finished (smtp server infos need to be configured through misc.ini); non-ssl servers are not supported
jobs: option to connect to irc via ssl and send a message (irc server infos need to be configured through misc.ini); non-ssl servers are not supported

rev 2013.07.16.1:
audio: don't try to extract dts core from audio with less or equal then 6 channels
jobs: sub-job-counter was not reseted properly
jobs: mpeg-4 asp to mvk workaround
jobs: tsMuxeR AVCHD creation temp file
subs: index mistake which could cause unknown parent error,..
subs: embedding subtitle into ProRes encodes
tagging: available subtitles contained elements multiple times
x264: input color space sampling was off when input didn't have same color space sampling as output
switching to Qt5.1 for 64bit Windows build
preview: use libbluray if mplayer supports it for preview
tools: added 5s timeout to tool-check again
input: apply file filtering for monitored folder
audio: option to automatically add the original audio track via passthrough whenever a reencode of a track is added.
audio: 'restriction by language' option for 'auto add (all)' and 'passthrough all'
avisynth: option to always use lwlibavsource instead of ffmpegvideosource
avisynth: option to reset the settings of a specific filter

rev 2013.07.03.1:
vp9: vp9 support for 1.1.x experimental builds
analyse: compatibility to when ffmpeg wasn't build with libbluray support
audio: latm based aac audio extraction
avisynth: blu-ray input, playlist loading
avisynth: embedding idx/sub subtitles
avisynth: did not automatically disable auto deinterlacing if input&output were interlaced.
chapters: visual chapter selection was broken due to latest update to support different chapter formats
input: language detection with mplayer
jobs: bug creating mencoder decoder calls for mpls input
tools: checking for qaac and fhgaacenc requirements
input: mkv attachment type 'ttc' added
input: removed unneeded video extraction on blu-ray input if ffmpeg is build this libbluray
decode: prefer ffmpeg + mencoder instead of mencoder only for blu-ray input if ffmpeg supports libbluray
vp9: adjustment to new vp9 options
tools: switching to 'which' to find tools on Linux&MacOS
audio: option to automatically add the original audio track via passthrough whenever a reencode of a track is added.
audio: 'restriction by language' option for 'auto add (all)' and 'passthrough all'
avisynth: option to always use lwlibavsource instead of ffmpegvideosource
avisynth: option to reset the settings of a specific filter

rev 2013.06.16.1:
audio: ffmpeg id mapping
chapters: visual chapter selection was broken due to latest update to support different chapter formats
extract: extracting from mpls/m2ts by boosting the probe- and analysesize
input: 'MPEG-1/2 L3' -> mp3
input: language handling of subs 'en / en' -> en
input: length detection on some blu-rays
output: name generation was async between model&GUI
tagging: for multiple inputs
tagging: clear on input change
tools: registry checks for qaac Apple Application Support and Winamp were broken
cosmetics: rearrange some elements in the Config-tab
extract: prefer extraction of lpcm audio with ffmpeg if it supports libbluray over tsMuxeR
input: use lavf demuxer instead of mpegts for TransportStreams (on non-Windows systems)
input: ignore DTS Express audio streams inside transport streams
input: if a single video stream does not show any video infos only remove this video stream not all
audio: 'restriction by language' option for 'auto add (all)' and 'passthrough all'
cut: option to en-/disable the key frame extraction during cut support
gui: option to remove the PayPal-Logo/Button, through misc.ini option 'removePayPal=true'
extract: option to prefer ffmepg for transport stream handling if ffmpeg is compiled with libbluray support

rev 2013.06.08.1:
extract: trueHD extraction using tsMuxeR (naming problem; extension needs to be .ac3 not .truehd)
gui: fixed some glitches with drop-down boxes on linux&mac
input: he-aac v2 audio channel count detection
muxing: muxing paff content with mkvmerge or MP4Box
subs: language got lost with tsMuxeR + 'all subtitles'
subs: batch processing
tools: checking of tools with custom path
audio: cosmetics, move audio profiles out of reencoding box
audio: "Stream extraction with ffmpeg" now also influences audio extraction from Blu-rays if ffmpeg support libbluray
avisynth: use LWLibavVideoSource for interlaced avc if DGSource is not supported
cut: improving cut sync on video passthrough by detecting key frames and only allow cut start at key frames
extract: cut on ffmpeg audio extraction
input: automatically switching to ffmpeg as extractor for audio&video streams from Blu-rays if ffmpeg support libbluray and tsMuxeR generated names would get too long
tools: ffmpeg libbluray detection
tools: ffmpeg version for mac now also comes with libbluray support
tools: check for flac in addition of just flaccl when on non-Windows systems
fonts: button to delete content (fonts only) of 'custom font folder'

rev 2013.06.03.1:
audio: cbr mp3 encoding calls
cut: when audio was handled through ffmpeg
extract: file extraction check on mp4 files
extract: tsmuxer subtitle extraction
input: of multiple blu-rays in a row
input: name generation with drag&drop and adjust output to input path
muxing: making sure the chapter have no ms info for tsMuxeR
muxing: use DAR instead of PAR when using '-aspect' with ffmpeg to create an .avi
subtitle: bug causing subtitle passthrough to fail
subtitle: subtitle extraction from transport streams with multiple '.' in their names
x264: switching between 8bit and 10bit didn't reset qpmax properly
x264: High 4:4:4 wasn't properly added to the command line
avisynth: also adding RequestLinear(..) for DGMPGDec not jsut DGDecNV
avisynth: SalFPS3, resize to mod8 for widht&height if input is not mod8 for width and height
avisynth: use Preroll(100) instead of RequestLinear(rlim=50,clim=50), to lower RAM usage
audio: make sure mencoder/mplayer is used for .ifo input (NOT RECOMMEND)
extract: use ffmpeg for Blu-ray stream extraction if ffmpeg supports libbluray and 'Stream extraction with ffmpeg' is checked
resize: pixel aspect ratio changed on encoder selection
x264: when importing VBV values via command line import, 'Keep VBV values' automatically gets enabled
chapter: .txt added to accepted chapter extensions on import
chapter: added support for BSPlayer and SVD chapter format on import
cosmetics: donate button to main-tab
input: option to automatically extract embedded fonts from mkv files to an internal font folder
jobs: option to automatically save the job list whenever a job is finished
muxing: option to always use ffmpeg instead of mencoder for avi muxing
muxing: option to set if the fourcc for mpeg-4 asp content inside an avi container should be XVID or DX50
subtitle: option to select which subtitles streams to process (using multiple languages instead of just one)

rev 2013.05.22.1:
audio: fixed rounding error during decimal -> fraction conversion
avisynth: DGDecNV deinterlacing wasn't offered for avc content (typo)
cut: audio cutting on reencode
extract: video extraction preferred ffmpeg instead of mkvextract (which should be the default)
input: auto load audio
internal: threading bug during getToolVersion (linear now)
output: tagging of raw streams that get muxed to m2ts
output: extracting raw streams from m2ts files
output: m2ts language tagging
output: m2ts aspect ratio overwriting on passthrough
output: mp4 muxing with timecodes during passthrough
preview: on mac - colors were limited to TV range
preview: on mac - shifted image on input for fps with fps denominator != 1
resize: cosmetics, 'Picture Resize' was inaccessible when 'Convert output to PAR' was enabled
general: max resolution from 4098x4098 to 8196x8196
ProRes: ProRes encoder names changed on 11th of April 2013 -> adjusting calls
see: here
tagging: option to decide whether the first or second language acronym will be used during tagging

rev 2013.05.15.1:
input: grabbing ffmpeg id from m2ts files
input: mbaff accidently identified as progressive
interface: toolTip side bar did not get updates for Main-Tab
output: disabled 'Add Titleinfo' and 'Add Chapterinfo' by default (Config->Output->Filename Generation->Output Filename Generation)
cli: added '-autoAdd' parameter with 'add' and 'addAndStart' as options)

rev 2013.05.14.1:
audio: delaycut version detection on Win8
audio: output of lame wasn't checked for existence
audio: lame min audio quality value is 0 not 1
analyse: added "--Language=en" to MediaInfo, to make sure it's output is english
avisynth: don't try to use l-smash-source or DgNVDec if AVC High 10 or higher is used
avisynth: TDeint&DGDecNV bobbing not triggering frame rate change calculation
avisynth: DGDecNV, fft3dgpu, tdeint tooltip infos
avisynth: setting of tfms external deinterlacer
calc: fhg + cbr audio size calculation
filter: postprocessing was called before gradfun, needs to be the other way around
input: blu-ray input where multiple files are connected through a playlist
input: dvd title detection problem
input: problem with .mpls with single audio stream
muxing: avi muxing, 1:1 aspect problem
muxing: switched to mencoder as .avi muxer for single audio files, since ffmpeg can't handle audio delays properly, see:
output: Mpeg-4 asp .avi muxing
tooltips: not showing in tooltip side bar for some tabs
x264: qpmax = 51 + (depth - 8) + 18
x264: command line import did ignore psy settings (trellis, psy-rd)
x264: a bunch of updates didn't make it to the model :/
x264: ignore '--opencl' if rc-lookahead is 0 or curveCompression is 1
avisynth: cleanup, delete DGIndex, DGIndexNV .log files
crop: clear crop-cache when min width/height mult changes
extract: use mencoder/mplayer to extract wav audio from avi
output: file name generation adds _new if output already exists
subtitle: subtitle input changing input folder depending of something was extracted from current source or not
x264: set profile to High4:4:4 and output color space to i444 if lossless encoding is enabled
x264: set output color space to i420 if lossless encoding get's disabled
audio: option to disable auto delaycut when muxing to mp4
audio: option to choose whether 16bit or 32bit flac files should be created
avisynth: anti-aliasing through EdgeSmoothFast
avisynth: DeGrainMedian
avisynth: Deen + option to denoise before deinterlacing
avisynth: EdgeCleaner
avisynth: toon filter
cosmetics: hide/show columns in Job tab (+Model remembers visibility)
cosmetics: start/end time in Job tab (+Model remembers header order)
filtering: additional suboptions for the ivtc options
jobs: cosmetics, show start/end time in job view
jobs: cosmetics, columns can now be shown/hidden
misc.ini: added support to set global profile through cli and misc.ini
profile: option to save profile under currently selected name
x264: option to minimize AVC level based on mbps (macoblocks per second) and bitrate

rev 2013.04.16.1:
avisynth: DGDevNV-source and FilterView
avisynth: crash with RemoveGrain due to SetMtMode(1)
audio: dcaenc has problems with ffmpegs wav headers -> using sox as intermediate
input: chapter selection did not always properly adjust the frame count
profile: creation of new AV-Combo-Profiles was broken
Blu-ray folder selection will not use the OS native FileDialog but a Qt specific on to handle Apples newest achievement in 'Mountain Lion' where they handle the BDMV folder like a package and not like a folder, which it is. (No, clue who came up with this 'excellent' decision,..
avisynth: basic support for TDeint as Deinterlace

rev 2013.04.09.1:
subtitle: extraction from mpls/m2ts didn't work due to mistake on metadata file creation
avisynth: wasn't used during decoding for DVD input even if the matching option was enabled
preview: use '-ao win32' during windows preview
(otherwise playback will stop if another device has exclusive audio device access)

rev 2013.04.08.0:
resize: advanced options for auto width/height adjustment
ui: style selection (+ at the moment hidden support for styling), see: styling
x264: adjusted x264 lookahead auto thread calculation to x264 r2260
x264: removed x264 lookahead auto divisor after reading, see: doom9
debug: added qt version to debugOutput infos
x264: some cosmetic changes in the x264-tab
avisynth: output infos when Avisynth and avsInfo versions do not match
jobs: rewrote pause/resume/rest code to be more flexible
input: handling of stretched mkv streams
input: typo during ffmpeg analysis which hindered the detection of the stream length (only needed if MediaInfo fails)
avisynth: TFM on it's own didn't work
avisynth: remove 'distributor()' from input script on audio extraction
model: Prefer Original Frame rate setting wasn't loaded from a saved model :/
model: crash when load/save/reset selected was pressed, before the dropDown box changed it's value

rev 2013.04.01.0:
input: crash on input if avisynthExtension was not installed
input: option to prefer 'original' frame rate over container value, in general it is not recommend to use this, see toolTip

rev 2013.03.30.0:
processing: all video stream were set to 25fps during job processing

rev 2013.03.29.0:
audio: problem with 'adjust stretch to stream fps' mkv stretch handling.
avisynth: ivtc + multiInput
avisynth: 'resize before filtering' didn't do anything
avisynth: converttoyv12 before wrongly flagged interlaced material didn't use interlaced= true
avisynth: switching between FFmpegSource2 and DGDecNV
decode: ffmpeg + yadif bug
cosmetics: mix up with force output and custom par
input: mkv stretch handling detection
input: bug while grabbing the channel mapping
input: 'mpls ignore'-settings got ignored sometimes
muxing: cosmetics, regarding en-/disabling overwrite frame rate
output: problem when remuxing h.264 to mov
preview: combination of 'FilterView' + avisynthExtension + 'Horizontal split filter preview'
preview: normal avisynth preview as broken if input needed deinterlacing and was cropped (width only mod2); added an ugly fix by resizing to mod4 after cropping (!only for preview!)
preview: cropView sometimes used crop- instead of input-resolution
processing: pausing of some some calls didn't work
subtitle: language tag got lost during srt -> ttxt conversion
x264: limit min-keyint to max-keyint/2+1
decode: ffmpeg + yadif (custom) bug
gui: stay on top
audio: adjusted qaac audio progress indication to newer versions,..
audio: delay no longer saved in audio profile
audio: don't down-mix 6+ channel audio unless it's necessary
avisynth: make sure DGDecNV is only used if width&height <= 2048
avisynth: tweaking setMTMode calls
avisynth: disable MT if no fitlers are used that benefit from it e.g. just source filter and resize/crop
avisynth: avisynth script view will now be shown in a separate window instead of a popup window
avisynth: always set SetMemoryMax
avisynth: make sure there's only one ConvertToYv12 call in the avisynth script (additional calls didn't hurt, but made the script more confusing)
extract: H.264 from vfr .avi into mp4 container to not loose timecodes
input: always use 'height&width' instead of 'original height&width' from MediaInfos output
output: removed '_raw' from file name when extracting raw content
preview: scaling down preview window if > desktop resolution
refactoring, lowering complexity
show x264 [info] output in log again
subtitle: use av input path as default path on import subtitle if no subtitle has been loaded before,..
x264: set 'Restriction Settings->Multi-slice' to 'disabled' when disabling 'Restriction Settings->Hardware' or selecting 'Restriction Settings->Hardware' to anything but 'Blu-ray/AVCHD'
x264: enabling 'non-deterministic encoding' by default
avisynth: Levels(...)
avisynth: support for LSMASHVideoSource
avisynth: QTGMCs 'Select' got a new alternative 'FPSDiv' which calls QTGMC with FPSDivisor=2
avisynth: vinverse
avisynth: option to force decoding through avisynth even if it's not needed
log: added context menu with 'clear' and 'copy to clipboard' to log in Main- and Log-tab
muxing: option to add/remove the 'avc-1' brand for H.264 content while muxing to mp4 with MP4Box
output: options to remove/add audioID, audioDelay, interalID from .raw output name
x264: support for '--opencl' (Hybrid checks 'x264 --fullhelp' to check if the used version supports OpenCL or not)
x264: changed default auto-lookahead-thread-divisor from 6 to 4 and added option to change the divisor
mkv: header removal compression settings from all tabs aside from Config->Output->Container settings

rev 2013.02.16.0:
audio: changed audio handling methods regarding volume adjustment

rev 2013.02.15.0:
audio: gain&normalization sox calls
cosmetics: rearrange audio&avisynth section
audio: options to tweak speedUp without pitch adjustment
avisynth: gradfun2d, NoiseGenerator, AddGrain, Undot, MosquitoNR, HQDering
audio: speed/tempo wasn't respected on autoGain/normalize analysis
audio: refresh ac3 dialog normalization from input when an audio profile gets loaded,...
audio: NeroAacEnc binary didn't get properly set for job processing
cosmetics: avisynth not properly hidden on DVD input while 'Avisynth for DVD input' was disabled
cosmetics: some avisynth filters were not show
tagging: crash when Config->Output->Container Tags was used on input without tags
rev 2013.02.11.0:
analyse: make sure mkvinfo is called with --ui-language en/en_US
cosmetics: renamed "VP8"-tab to "VP8/9"
cosmetics: adjust button icon sizes on fontSize change
input: added .m2t as tsMuxeR and DGDecNV compatible container
input: mediaInfo video length output when parsing mpls files will be ignored now
preview: always more upper left corner of the preview Window to 0x0
preview: if preview window size would be larger than the desktop resolution the preview window size gets halved
avisynth: added 'BlindDeHalo3_MT', see:
encoder: rudimentary vp9 support (simply replace '--codec=vp8' with '--codec=vp9'); be warned that a. vp9 is slow and b.vp9 is experimental in it's current stage
input: option to pre-select the useable .mpls-files through ffmpeg if ffmpeg is compiled with libbluray support
telxcc support to allow Teletext to .srt extraction/conversion on transport stream input
x264: option to import 'Encoding settings' from current input, if input was encoded with x264 and an 'encoding settings' entry.
chapters: on multiInput chapters were not updated properly on job queue creation
cosmetics: disable subtitle tab if video handling is set to 'ignore'
cosmetics: removed "convertSubtitleQueueforMP4..."-popup I accidently left
missing ',' on ffmpeg decoder/filter call
muxing: 'audio only'-muxing to mkv container crashed
output: mkv typo 'no_cue_relative_positions' -> 'no_cue_relative_position'
subs: problem with subtitle modify option

rev 2013.02.11.0:
analyse: make sure mkvinfo is called with --ui-language en/en_US
cosmetics: renamed "VP8"-tab to "VP8/9"
cosmetics: adjust button icon sizes on fontSize change
input: added .m2t as tsMuxeR and DGDecNV compatible container
input: mediaInfo video length output when parsing mpls files will be ignored now
preview: always more upper left corner of the preview Window to 0x0
preview: if preview window size would be larger than the desktop resolution the preview window size gets halved
avisynth: added 'BlindDeHalo3_MT', see:
encoder: rudimentary vp9 support (simply replace '--codec=vp8' with '--codec=vp9'); be warned that a. vp9 is slow and b.vp9 is experimental in it's current stage
input: option to pre-select the useable .mpls-files through ffmpeg if ffmpeg is compiled with libbluray support
telxcc support to allow Teletext to .srt extraction/conversion on transport stream input
x264: option to import 'Encoding settings' from current input, if input was encoded with x264 and an 'encoding settings' entry.
chapters: on multiInput chapters were not updated properly on job queue creation
cosmetics: disable subtitle tab if video handling is set to 'ignore'
cosmetics: removed "convertSubtitleQueueforMP4..."-popup I accidently left
missing ',' on ffmpeg decoder/filter call
muxing: 'audio only'-muxing to mkv container crashed
output: mkv typo 'no_cue_relative_positions' -> 'no_cue_relative_position'
subs: problem with subtitle modify option

rev 2013.01.27.1:
avisynth: extended avsViewer to show histogram
cosmetics: hide queue text as when queue is not empty
cosmetics: replace dropDown with menu on mac
input: rewrote the .mpls parsing code
subs: support to use BDSup2Sub.jar instead of bdsup2sub++
note: Hybrid does not check for Java, it's your responsibility to make sure 'java -jar BDSup2Sub.jar' can be called from the terminal/console
subs: convert .sup to .idx/.sub output check
subs: problem when extracting subtitles from .mpls which spanned over multiple .m2ts files
cosmetics: queue texts hindered misc.ini font size adjustments
input: loading a normal source after a raw video source
tags: tagging of audio streams from external source
x264: save qt file not as flagged UTF-8 file

rev 2013.01.22.1:
analyse: if mediainfo does not report length and frame count, try to get length from audio info (provided by mplayer) and calculate frame count using frame count if present
analyse: mplayer - switched '-identify' to '-msglevel identify=6'
cosmetics: Video SpeedUp renamed to Stretch, since it deals with the mkv stretch value
cosmetics: added a bunch of icons for buttons
input: output info if stream and container frame rate do not match
output: do not create jobs if output container is mp4, iTunes compatibility is enabled and the output content is interlaced (seems like iTunes&co do not support interlaced content)
x264: set input lookahead to zero of b-frames is zero and 'minimize input lookahead' is enabled. Didn't cause any problems since with b-frames disabled sync-lookahead should not be used.
analyse: option to disable that Hybrid will ignore all audio of a source if mplayer reports "no sound" or "No audio stream found" for that source
avisynth: added option to disable MT
avisynth: 'resize before filtering'-option
avisynth: 'denoise before restore'-option
avisynth: avisynth: DGDecNV support (you need to copy your DGDecodeNV Files (DGIndexNV.exe, DGDecodeNV.dll, NV12ToRGB24_sm_10.cubin, NV12ToRGB24_sm_20.cubin, NV12ToRGB24_sm_30.cubin and the license.txt) into the avisynthPlugins folder (from the avisynthExtension) for it to work (and you need a CUDA graphic capable card).
x264: option to overwrite '--lookahead-threads'
subs: simplistic initial support for BDSup2Sub++ which can be used for Blu-ray .sup to .idx/.sub conversion
avisynth: added some additional ConvertToYv12 to handle non-Yv12 input
avisynth: delete .log files created by DGIndex and DGindexNV
decode: removed ffmpegs 'splicify' filter since it got removed November 2012 (totally missed that)
extract: when cut&extract are used on mp4 files, ffmpeg needs to be used
mux: crash when 'Adjust to stream frame rate' was enabled before loading a source
output: mp4 + iTunes, muxing was wrong when for square pixel par
output: vp6/8 to mkv, stream will now be extracted using ffmpeg and first put inside an .avi container (otherwise mkvmerge can't handle them properly

rev 2013.01.04.1:
extract: when extracting MPEG-4 ASP with mkvextract now .m4v extension instead of .avi
avisynth: dgindex created an unwanted audio file during .d2v creation
cosmetics: gui didn't show 'At crash play'-path
jobs: play buttons to play sound select to play on job finished/crashed and queue finished
extract: when extracting MPEG-4 ASP with mkvextract now .m4v extension instead of .avi
avisynth: dgindex created an unwanted audio file during .d2v creation
cosmetics: gui didn't show 'At crash play'-path

rev 2013.01.02.1:
analyze: the interlaced analysis detected telecine material sometimes as progressive
analyze: interlace detection now respects initial delay
audio: crash due to a loop for multiaudio input
avisynth: script generation for .mpls input
avisynth: fixed a bunch of problem related to sRestore
crop/resize: fixed a bug during crop detection
input: pixel aspect ratio 0.889 now matched to 8:9
output: remuxing mkv(vfw) -> mkv
output: par wasn't overwritten properly through mp4box
subs: subs: problem during srt to ttxt conversion
x264: 2pass 2nd pass call, when selected alone
audio: option to adjust audio delay accordingly when audio speed is changed
audio: options to set aften 'drc'&'dnorm' signaling when using aften encoder
filter: 'progressive to interlace'-option which will convert e.g. 60 progressive frames per second to 60 fields per second
input: additional option to filter the playlist-listing of blu-rays
output: mkv option to set some additional tags from [url][/url]
output: added options to disable cue duration and relative position elements
preview: alternative filter preview (half width, each)
progress: option to limit the progress indication to 'X%' without more detailed explanations
tagging: audio&subtitle tags weren't updated properly
tagging: option to passthrough audio title, video title and language
cosmetics: adjust icon size to size of the rest of the ui
cosmetics: replaced a bunch of RadioButtons with menus (on Linux&Windows), with ComboBoxes on Mac
cuda: text when a no nvenc-compatible card was detected
general: some refactoring&cleanup
general: switching to Qt 4.8.4 (fixes Win8 drag&drop problem)
input: filtering out .mpls files where the general length does not match the video length
jobs: checking on job start that output folder exists
x264: don't use internal decoder if MediaInfo output contains 'TCOD' and 'TCDO' data

rev 2012.11.23.1:
audio: extraction of ac3 audio from .mpg is broken in mencoder (for at least a year!) -> Hybrid now uses mplayer instead of mencoder for the extraction of audio from .mpg files
audio: handling of 7.1 thd audio
audio: mkv strecth handling '.. to speed change' was broken
audio: mkv stretch handling coding in name
audio: normalize did not take remix into account
crop: crop resolution was not updated properly in 'Avisynth'-Crop style
cosmetics: on KDE based systems QTimeEdit wasn't initialized with 'hh:mm:ss' format
filter: autocrop for dvd input
input: dvd selection start&end time got mixed up which could cause Hybrid to always encode/passthrough the whole stream
muxing: progress indication while muxing with ffmpeg
subtitle: adding subtitle from dvd to mp4
subtitle: subtitle were not deleted even if 'delete subtitle after muxing' was enabled for mp4 output
tags: tagging was broken due to file naming changes
x264: tune->animation could trigger Hybrid to enable b-frames in base profile
audio: dts-hd core extraction now also supported for mkv content
file: language and delay extraction from file name
filter: lower stretch stream tolerance
audio: sox 'pitch' option as 'change pitch by'
dependency: Hybrid now also uses FLVExtractCL cpp to extract flv timecodes infos
output: name generation got a new option 'use chapter name'
audio: gain sub options, after some testing anything besides '-nb' is really useless, so switching to '-nb' and removing the option

rev 2011.11.06.1:
filter: 'ivtc' got removed, since it seems to be broken (filmdint and detc are prefered)
analyse: only allow 16/15, 8/9, 64/45, 32/27 and 1/1 as aspect ratios for vob files (DVD input)
avisynth: use ffmpeg source for interlaced avc not DirectShowSource
checks: allow cutting if ffmpeg is set as extractor even if input is a transport stream
input: making sure ffmpeg is used instead of tsMuxeR to extract LATM muxed audio
input: 'Config->Input settings->Input Extensions->Only support' now also filters the 'Main->Input File'-dialog content.
muxing: mkvmerge: only set '--default-duration ...' if input and output fps differ, otherwise interlaced/progressive mixed content will cause problems
video: disable cuda encoder on systems without a cuda capable card
avisynth: option to use .d2v.bad instead of .d2v (workaround for, something that is probably a 'bug' in DGIndex)
crop: option to color the crop width&height spin boxes red if the widht/height value is not modulo X without rest.
decoder: option to flip rgb output when decoding is done with mencoder or avisynth
filter: option to overwrite input scan type
filter: "softpulldown + detc" and "softpulldown + filmdint" to handle mixed (progressive <> telecine) material
analyse: fixed stretch stream length analyses when no simple blocks were present
analyse: for multiple input, not all files were processed properly
analyse: handling of ac3 with 22.05kHz
analyse: Hybrid stayed grayed out when, the interlace analysis with mplayer crashed
avisynth: tivtc output frame rate calcluation for mode 2
avisynth: videoformat and interlaced result were mixed up :/
audio: when settings aac profile and than changing the channel count (e.g. by changing the downmix), aac profile changed, even when not needed
autocrop: didn't work properly for dvd input,...
batch: during intake not all files were processed properly
cut: cutting sometimes was ignored for the video stream (not sure if the problem is completely fixed ;))
extraction: tsMuxeR .meta files now are always coded with the current system text encoding
filtering: once dvd and non-mod4 resolution was selected filtering was disabled, but not enabled if the crop resolution was mpd4 again
input: auto audio loading was broken due to recent auto handling changes
input: batch - choosing 1st video stream for all sources
input: blu-ray input analysis
input: dvd input analyse finished not always called
input: crash on Windows XP with long file names
muxing: adding multiple idx/sub subtitle to an mp4 file added to many subtitles
mxuing: change speed for .avi output
muxing: ignore empty subtitles
muxing: tsmuxer meta files now are always coded with the current system text encoding
preview: window height
sample: file name mix-up during sample creation for mp4 files
srt2ttxt: fixed file naming
subtitle: accidentally the 'submit' and 'cancel' buttons in the subtitle modify dialog were hidden *gig*
xvid: missing quotes around stats file
x264: VUI color adjustment depending on input
x264: VUI color adjustment did only work if hardware restrictions were selected
Adjustment works this way:
check source contains color matrix info (if it does take the info)
if source has no color matrix info and is
MPEG2 assume input as BT.709
MPEG1 assume input as BT.601
width*height > 720 * 576, assume BT.709
width*height <= 720 * 576, assume BT.601
muxing: adding multiple idx/sub subtitle to an mp4 file added to many subtitles
subtitle: accidentally the 'submit' and 'cancel' buttons in the subtitle modify dialog were hidden *gig*

rev 2012.10.16.1:*not released atm*
audio: if lame/oggenc/faac were missing, Hybrid didn't always switch to ffmpeg during job creation
cosmetics: F10-log showing in left corner on linux&mac systems was broken
video: calculation of maxLevel (4.0 wasn't identified as 4)
avisynth: fft3dgpu needs SetMode(5)
x264: when '--aq-mode 2' was selected '--aq-strength' got ignored,..
job: 'on queue finished' 'call external', allows to specify a command call Hybrid will execute once the queue is finished
config: device root wasn't accepted as valid path
audio: during batch processing audio queue was cleared to early
mkv: option to extract&passthrough attachements
input: auto routines aborted if an raw audio stream was present
input: DivX3.x was falsely detected as MPEG-4 (and it isn't mpeg-4 asp compatible)
input: mp4 vfr handling (mp4fpsmod update)
x264: making sure that only on 32bit systems avisynth scripts can be directly opened through x264
mkv: options to use '--engage no_simpleblocks' and '--disable-lacing'
crop/resize: option to select old 'autoCrop behavior' and to specify the number sections to be scanned by new behavior
avisynth: option to specifiy order for qtgmc input
autocrop: change autocrop calls for some input files
crop/resize: moved AutoCrop options to 'Crop/Resize->Misc'-subtab
preview: added '-nocache' to mplayer call (fixes some avsynch issues with mkv files during preview)
cosmetics: making sure long profile names to not influence the gui width
input: removed *.m4v as raw video extension, since ipod m4v is more frequent than raw mpeg-4 asp streams
thumbnails: resize thumbnail for anamorph output
map MPA2L3 to mp3
changed a lot of internals to better handle non-ANSI based filenames

rev 2012.09.21.1:
input: handling of wmv input
input: autocrop problem with some sources (cropped to much)
input: dvd subtitle passthrough
crop: crop limits were ignored
crop/resize: Maximize resolution/letterbox problems
filter: 'Scale output fram rate' was not always interpreted properly
decode: ffmpeg crop call used a wrong order (unbelievable how long this bug survived ;))
audio: missing mkvmerge path in Audio-tab, causes an error when a mkv file was opened in the Audio-tab
audio: unwanted audio streams in queue bug
audio: ffmpeg->sox->ffmpeg problem (happend during audio encoding through ffmpeg)
audio: respect downMix&DRC during autogain/normalize analysis
audio: drc + gain/norm
audio: communication between sox and ffmpeg will now be done using the sox format (otherwise sox->ffmpeg seems to make problems on some sources)
audio: trueHD 5.1 extraction problem
audio: opus encoding support (requires opusenc and supports only raw-output)
audio: additional options for the audio 'gain'-option
resize/crop: "Crop/Resize->misc->Misc->Limit resize to crop resolution": restricts the resize resolution to be always less or equal to the input resolution and thus hinders any upscaling
input: option to set a minimum length for DVD titles for Hybrid not to ignore them
general: make sure audio/subtitle/chapter queue are emptied whenever 'Input File' is clicked
audio: switching to ffmpegs aac encoder if libvo_aacenc is selected but more than 2 channels are present (libvo_aacenc) seems only to support mono and stereo output
audio: added w64 to the raw audio extensions
audio: multichannel audio will now be exported as a w64 wave file

rev 2012.08.29.1:
audio: ffmpeg->sox->ffmpeg problem (happend during audio encoding through ffmpeg)
audio: audio pcm vs. wav extension problem
audio: if lame/oggenc/faac were missing, Hybrid didn't always switch to ffmpeg during job creation
avisynth: tresh bei sRestore, had wrong value ranges
avisynth: basic sRestore-Support (remember to update the avisynthExtension)
cut: some cut-support related problems
filter: framecount: didn't adjust frame count due to deinterlacing&co
input: chapter selection vs. start/end time problem
thumb: undid some changes from last time,..
audio: adjusted Hybrid to handle completely silent audio streams (crashed since normalization&autogain didn't work)
audio: support for fdk-aac, due to license issues this is only useful for people who compile their own ffmpeg version with fdk-aac support
audio: 'dynamic range compression'-option, thanks to tebasuna51 who implemented some profiles for BeHappy which I now integrated into Hybrids sox options.
avisynth: TemporalDegrain as grainHandling option
avisynth: option to move deblocking before the deinterlacing block if an avisynth deinterlacer is used
avisynth: 'Show avisynth script'-button some one can have a look at the avisynth script Hybrid generates.
misc: additional paths to search for tools by specifying 'toolPaths' in the misc.ini
audio: communication between sox and ffmpeg will now be done using the sox format (otherwise sox->ffmpeg seems to make problems on some sources)
audio: added '--threading' to qaac calls
audio: by default set 'Multithreading for sox' to be enabled
analyse: ignore mplayer video ids of typ png/mjpeg if input is an mp4/mov file; otherwise cover art get's interpreted as video stream
cut: adjust cut start/end times when chapter selection changed
audio: removed unneeded addional '--multi-threaded' in sox call if multithreading is enabled (cosmetics only)
infos: video 'SpeedUp' value not displayed (cosmetics only)

rev 2012.08.29.1:
x264: command line import didn't enable 'x264->Main->Restriction Settings->Hardware' when importing '--bluray-compat'
audio: don't do truehd->wav conversion, just because delaycut is enabled
audio: typo/formating when extraction audio with mplayer
decode: making sure ffmpeg also disables subtitles during decoding
preview: avisynth filtering was used in preview even if video was set to 'ignore' or 'passthrough'
analysis: option to select whether or not Hybrid will use 'Original pixel aspect ratio' or 'Pixel aspect ratio' when both are presented through the MediaInfo-analyzer
tools: recheck tool version when the path to the tool was changed manually.

rev 2012.08.25.1:
thumbs: fixed crash if thumb nail creation was active for audio only jobs
subtitle: overwriting font size didn't work
subtitle: ssa subtitle accidently got .srt extension during extraction
subtitle: subtitle language tagging sometimes did not work properly
subtitle: filtering of subtitle queue for Blu-ray
input: handling of mkv files with no frame count/rate/mode info
avisynth: disable MT support if TextSub is used
avisynth: option to disable ffmpegsource single-thread enforcement
avisynth: srt subtitle styling
preview: subtitle style overwriting not always viewable in preview
timecode: if the last time code entry is a zero, it will be removed
analyse: crash when MediaInfo detected 'Original Frame rate'- and no 'Frame rate'-info.
avc: sometimes avcLevel restriction got triggered with input instead of output resolution
job: Blu-ray + 'Queue Titles'
audio: dts-hd channel count 8 / 6 detected as 6 instead of 8
audio: automatically call to5.1 if input has 7.1 channels and output is ac3/dts
x264: crash when enabling 'minimize AVC Level'
x264: crf as zone option
x264: output naming broke if output x264-10bit/9bit was used and output name/folder contained x264 in it.
x264: progress to newest changes in r2204
input: mac build ignoring keyboard input
general: lowered mplayer/mencoder lavdthreads count to a maximum of 8 again
general: disable qaac support if Apple Application Support is not installed (comes with Quicktime and/or iTunes)
avisynth: added option to en-/disable if Hybrid converts .srt subtitles to .ass before embedding
analyse: read analyzer output as utf-8 encoded
analyse: MediaInfo detecteds 'Original Frame rate'- but no 'Frame rate'-info, 'Frame rate' is set to the value of 'Frame rate'
subtitle: copy subtitle to tempPath before using
audio: allow vbr preset 6 when fhgaacenc version >= 20120624
audio: remove qaac if 'Apple Application Support' is not installed
audio: remove fhgaacenc if WinAmp is not installed and the necessary libraries are also not present in the Hybrid folder
audio: added warning when trying to encode 7.1 audio (can't be done with Hybrid since none of it's decoders can handle 7.1 input audio properly)
subtitle: option to enforce subtitling through mencoder even when avisynth filters are used
joblist: option to get via right-click to the output folder
warning: splitting from avi/mov/raw output is not supported atm.
muxing: option to create a 1min sample file from the middle during mkv creation
cuda: option to specify which gpu is used

rev 2012.07.04.1:
profiles: saving a-v combo / audio profiles
profiles: a-v combo profiles not always showing up in Main-tab
input: handling of mkv files with no frame count/rate/mode info
input: crash when loading some files combined with auto routines,...
avisynth: embedding of multiple subtitle sometimes caused a crash
gimmick: iso creation for Blu-ray/AVCHD if imgBurn is installed on the system and Main->Structure is enabled
model: added option to tell Hybrid to warn if current Config-settings differ from the default Config-settings,...
x264: allow to specify a profile even when level is 'unrestricted'

rev 2012.06.28.1:
audio: 7.1 to stereo/5.1 down mix
muxing: option to add (multiple) audio and subtitle streams in a itunes compatible way (mp4 output will also be renamed to m4v)
avisynth: added 'field matching' option to handle content that needs field matching
avisynth: option to disable ffmpegsource single-thread enforcement (you might want to update the avisynth extension)
subtitles: subtitles were not always properly save as UTF-8 which could destroy the content for unicode subtitles
subtitle: bunch of bugs related to text subtitle to ttxt conversion
compatibility: accidentally 29.976 instead of 29.97 was used
input: differentiate between m4v as mp4 container and raw MPEG-4 ASP
audio: problem when reencode thd audio without an ac3 core
audio: delaycut progress
audio: handling of ogg vorbis audio
automation: loop while extracting subtitles/audio infos from input
mkv: using MediaInfos StreamOrder info instead of the ID for mkv versions 0.5.2+
input: bug in 32bit version of avsInfo
resize: 'keep resize for source' is automatically forced for multiInput
audio: custom audio handling on multiInput now allows to specify which audio handling for which source,...
cut: adjusting time codes when cutting
extract/cut: when cutting mkv material 1st cut with mkvmerge than extract with mkvextract, than remux
subtitle: rename tsMuxeR subtitle output files to contain subtitle language
subtitle: when 'All subtitles' is enabled, for transport and mkv streams all subtitles will now be extracted in one go
*Side notes*
There's a bug in mediaInfo, which as been fixed for two weeks but since there has been no new MediaInfo release, Hybrid will still suffer from it, meaning Hybrid won't always detect a/v delay on Linux&Mac.

rev 2012.06.02.1:
subtitle: 'Add' did not add elements to queue (when not used through automation routine)
subtitle: subtitles sometimes were created a wrong location
cosmetics: Crop/Resize->Main/Misc RadioButton were out of sync when Misc was selected and saved
extraction: (mac only) exchanged mkvtoolnix with a newer version (still 5.5.0), which already includes the .264 extraction fix
autocrop: tweaked autocrop for mpls/m2ts files
avisynth: added STPresso
muxing: option to add (multiple) audio, subtitle streams and chapters in an iTunes compatible way

rev 2012.06.01.1:
analyse: loading dvd input (was probably only broken on windows)
subtitle: extracting subtitles in the subtitle tab
autocrop: limit amount of frames scanned for mpls files which link to multiple m2ts files

rev 2012.05.31.1:
input: dvd title selection not correct when dummy tracks were detected
audio: lame encoding was called even when lame was not present
general: fixed some problems when temp/output dir was empty
cosmetics: mac os progress indication on dock icon
muxing: option to add itunes compatible subtitle infos
tools: checks if ffmpeg/mencoder support mp3lame/vorbis/aac encoding
audio: support for external faac/lame binaries

rev 2012.05.23.1:
analyse: mplayer detecting unsupported audio streams
filtering: bug in fraction<>decimal conversion
chapter: visual chapter point selection
cut: dvd cut support
audio: using ffmpegs internal encoder & sox caused output to be mono
audio: now automatically fix audio streams with delaycut, if DVD is source and target is mp4 file

rev 2012.05.20.1:
input: auto crop detection not working properly on transport stream containers
preview: audio got disabled after "Filter View" was triggered the 1st time
automation: rewrote a lot of code to handle the interactions of 'auto crop', 'pass-through subtitle', 'auto interlaced check'
input: stream selection didn't work properly for multiple video input files
input: better handling or blu-ray input and multi video input files
muxing: problem with mov muxing (on Mac OS X)
outputPath and temPath variables are now read from .ini if present
deinterlace: auto deinterlacing will only change the deinterlaced if the content is detected as interlaced and the deinterlacer is ment for IVTC or the content is telecine and the deinterlacer is ment for deinterlacing.
output: avi output is allowed again, as a workaround to the ffmpeg bug, I'm trying to avoid to mux raw MPEG-4 ASP to .avi; Warning: if you use Hybrid to multiplex raw MPEG-4 ASP video into an .avi file, the output container flags will be wrong.

rev 2012.05.10.1:
audio: ac3 sample rate/channel count/bitrate combinations, before some non-valid combinations were offered.
analysis: automation - subtitle extraction + interlaced check could cause to Hybrid to stay grayed out
subs: Hybrid now automatically creates necessary mplayer/fontconfig files; otherwise subtitle preview and embedding does not work (mac only)
muxing: timecode handling for vfr->vfr
analysis: speed up interlaced analysis by adding lavthreads
input: option to specify which files Hybrid will support as input (by extension)

rev 2012.05.08.1:
muxing: accidentally frame count made it's way into the fps options,..
avisynth: changing qtgmc->bob didn't change the displayer lables (encoding was fine -> just a cosmetic bug)
handling: handling of vfr mkv/mp4 files (remember to enable: 'Config->Automation->Matroska Settings->Scan for streched streams' and 'Config->Input settings->General settings->Always extract timecodes from mp4/mkv/ files' for vfr handling)
audio: extraction audio from .avi with mplayer
audio: added '-strict experimantal' to the ffmpeg aac encoding calls (mac only)
audio: crash on rename call after reencoding/extration
audio: problem when fhgaacenc was enabled but not aac encoding
tools: delaycut version detection fixed
automation: autocrop and subtitle passthrough interfered,..
muxing: mkvmerge does not support 'iw' as language, added workaround to change 'iw' to 'he'
input: option to filter out unwanted content by extension (files with the specified extensions will be ignored)
input: drag&drop now accepts folders (in File input mode) and will also search through all sub-folder for content
analysis: speed up interlaced analysis by adding lavthreads
package: switching to an older mplayer/mencoder build since latest builds cause problems

rev 2012.05.05:
vfw: fixed vfw video decoder detection on 64bit systems
profiles: profiles with a '.' in the name weren't detected when saved,...
muxing: accidentally frame count made it's way into the fps options,..

rev 2012.05.03:
decoder: don't add '-demuxer lavf -vfm ffmpeg' to mencoder/mplayer call for avisynth input
muxing: problem with x264 pulldown and m2ts output
profile: loading a global profile was accidentally partially disabled in the last build
input: added support to decode RTV1/RTV2 content through avisynht&avisource if vfw decoders are installed

rev 2012.05.01:
preview: a/v synch delay handling
mac: set default toolTip font size to 15px
mencoder/mplayer: allow up to 16 instead of 8 threads, requires mencoder/mplayer revision r34866 or later
jobs: abort when user tries to multiplex wma audio into a mkv file, since mkvmerge does not support wma audio
hidden: toolTipFontSize, option to set the toolTip-fontsize in pixel (mac os: default = 15, everything else: default = system.default)
check: checking if ffmpeg is 32bit (only 32bit ffmpeg can open 32bit avisynth scripts)
avisynth: experimental - video olny - trim-support
x264: support for level 5.2, requires x264 rev. 2197+
analyse: avsInfo output was not properly parsed for audio data (looked into stdErr instead of stdOut output,... DOH!)
avisynth: cut support was ineffective for when mencoder and avisynth were used in combination

rev 2012.04.16.1:
subtitle: bug that prevented the embedding/hardcoding of .idx/.sub subtitles
analyse: ffmpeg analyzer not detecting length and sar properly (only needed as fallback when mediainfo fails)
vp8: removed timebase parameter
linux: lsdvd check was broken
audio: audio bitrate choice bug (allowing bitrate choices for dts that are not supported)
calc: dts inside m2ts overhead calculation
vp8: default values minsection from 1 to 15 and lagInFrames from 16 to 25
avisynth: allow .sup embedding through SubTile (requires .Net), special thanks to Zach Saw allowing me to bundle it in the avisynth extensions pack!

rev 2012.04.11.1:
avisynth: HDR AGC support, see:
avisynth: FineSharp, see:
prores/vp8: complaining about missing field 'interlaced'
avisynth: fpsnum problem in ffvideosource
audio: crash when loading audio model

rev 2012.04.08.1:
AVComboProfiles: problem with pass-through audio + added ignore options
jobs: hibernation call
x264: missing '--fps X' when using --pulldown
x264: qp file wasn't deleted on 1pass encoding
gui: loading models could lead to wrong displayed values in ComboBoxes, due to a wrong regexp
model: additional quotes in dvd input analyse model caused mplayer not to be properly found
subtitle: crash in srt to ttxt routine
muxing: allow mpeg-2 inside mp4 container
rev 2012.03.31:
avisynth: FFVideoSource, set fpsnum, fpsdenum for interlaced input
avisynth: use DirectShowSource instead of FFVideoSource for interlaced avc content
avisynth: LineDarken switch between LineDarkenMod and Hysteria
avisynth: cosmetic rearrangements
filter: additional ivct options when using mencoder
avisynth: added adding a logo support
filter: yadif - custom, mcdeint - custom settings not showing up
checks: SD Blu-ray/AVCHD frame rate checks
profiles: crash when loading a global or audio profile triggered by missing neroAacEnc, fhgaacenc or aften
rev 2012.03.24:
avisynth: missing '(' for LanczosResize
audio: fhgaacenc 'error-message' (linux only)
audio: crash when loading external audio
rev 2012.03.19:
x264: error when switching profiles between high10/high422/high444 and the rest
avisynth: some cosmetics
avisynth: option to en-/disable distributor() call for preview
rev 2012.03.15:
audio: to not adjust audio delay for encoder with Mkvmerge&NeroAacEnc since mkvmerge will do the job
subs: crash on non utf-8 .ass/.srt to .ttxt subtitle
tags: audio tagging with passthrough (for aac audio)
analysis: tweaked analysis a bit more for telecine detection
audio: 'Enable audio mkv default for each source' conflicting with 'Set as default for mkv output' when enabled after source was loaded and 'Pass-through audio default/force flags'
audio: max bitrate mixup is qaac was enabled, but not target format not aac
subtitle: extract pgs subtitle from mkv file
audio: better compensate aac encoder delay
avisynth: update to flash3kyuu_deband_1.5.0
preview: removed 'distributor()' from generated avisynth scripts during preview; preview will be slow but otherwise some script, source combinations won't show up properly (no problem during encoding though)
audio: support for fhgaacenc (windows only)
rev 2012.03.06:
dvd: ntsc dvds not properly deteced as telecine
jobs: "auto delete finished" and "on queue finish" collided
avisynth filter view: with crop, resize, letterbox
audio: enabled NeroAacEnc for Linux64bit again
generate name: when 'Adjust output path to source path' output will be adjusted on a per file basis
rev 2012.03.01:
chapter: dvd chapters not filtered for title
input: not analyzing avisynth input properly due to changes in avsInfo
missing version info for mkvmerge/mkvextract due to missing version info of delayCut
interlace check not allowed to to twice with different percentages
audio: bug in m2ts audio overhead calculation
some cosmetic bugs,..
video: cuda <> x264 <> filter: Blu-ray compatibility
analysis: modified interlace detection
(windows only) avisynth script generation, see changelog in forum
rev 2012.02.21:
cuda: encoding problem
audio: audio extension problem
audio: a few audio pass-through related problems
rev 2012.02.15:
audio: option to enable '--multi-threaded' for sox
filtering: experimental option to analyze input for interlacing
audio: dts-es accidentally detected as dts not dts-hd
audio: added '-analyzeduration 14M' when handling .flv files with ffmpeg
misc: default value of 'Analyse first/last vob of current title' to false (you need to reset GlobalModel manually to update)
output: avi container support, since ffmpeg .avi muxing is broken (sets wrong frame rate, see:
rev 2012.01.31:
audio: flac -> compression level option
audio: 6.1->stereo/5.1 downmix
subtitle: removed -nofontconfig from mplayer/mencoder calls (+ windows installer: added fontconfig content to fonts folder)
x264: 2pass crf - since it confuses people more than it helps
rev 2012.01.27.1:
x264: support for high222 and high444 profiles
subtitle: allow to change subcode even if 'embed subtitle' is not enabled (for preview)
subtitle: ass->ttxt - remove unneeded TextSampleDescriptions
rev 2012.01.26.1:
subtitle: basic .ass styling support (use existing .ass files and overwrite some of the styling info); only basic support since I do not know much about .ass (got no complex examples&co; will do more if people want it and provide some samples)
subtitle: .ass muxing into mp4 support (subtitle will be coverted to ttxt)
subtitle: first internal subtitle stream was also embedded when an external one was embedded
x264: zone deletion did not directly update CL
x264: loading a profile with none@unrestricted caused an error
audio: don't resample on pcm extraction
vp8: progress bar indication during encoding
audio: max delay from 5000ms -> 60000ms
general: removed close affirmation for 'jobs->on queue finished->close' even if 'Config->Internals->Handling->Warn on close' is enabled
extended handling of stretched audio&video streams from mkv sources
subtitle: libass is now always used when embedding text based subtitles
audio: adjusted calls to delaycut
rev 2012.01.15.1:
audio: delay handling was broken due to several problems
windows: old avsInfo version was included in the packages
preview: error regarding 'Interlacing' when using bob
'deinterlacer' not always getting properly enabled due to 'force deinterlace'
rev 2012.01.13.1:
mkv: workaround to handle changed TrackIDs from mkvtoolnix v.5.2.1+ (added version check routines to Hybrid)
subtitle: always extract subtitle inside a mp4 file as srt subtitles
x264: mixup in x264 command line importer (--bitrate and --crf were mixed up)
audio: don't fix crc on mpa files with delaycut when no delay is fixed (until bug in delaycut is fixed), see:
dvd: queue titles + chapter generation
general: make sure subtitle&chapters are clear on drag&drop input
dvd/queueChapters/queueTitles: fixed (no automated subtitle passthrough for queueChapters)
mux: mvk->mp4 && mp4->mp4: avc remux problem
general: make sure subtitle&chapters are clear on drag&drop input
subtitle: wrong subtitle extension srt vs. ass on extraction
subtitle: tx3g handling
extract: wrong mp4 trackID problem
subtitle: DVD/QueueTitle and subtitle handling
audio: job handler: dcaenc output check
subtitle: skip subtitle option, subtitle extractor will not rerip files already present at target destination
mkv: stretch detection option, which will cause Hybrid to analyse the input with mkvinfo and show stretch related infos if present
rev 2011.12.29.1:
audio: positive delay will not be fixed through tsMuxer is 'fix delay with delaycut' is enabled
audio: adjusted to latest dcaenc -> needs dcaenc from 2011.12.30 or later
audio: Hybrid will now check if ffmpeg and mencoder support faac
audio: option to fix crc error with delaycut without fixing the delay
muxing: allowing wav/pcm in .avi
audio: delayCut + audio passthrough handling
audio: pcm handling
audio: if audio&video container differ, make sure mencoder is not used during audio extraction or encoding
rev 2011.12.28.1:
muxing: not using ID 1 for NeroAACEnc input but ID 0
"auto add first" now also works for raw audio input
audio: dts-byteswap enabled as default
mac: switched to static builds (and included FrameCounter binary to the .app folder)
rev 2011.12.24.2:
audio: remove '--multi-threaded' from sox calls since it caused problems for some users
rev 2011.12.24.1:
audio: audio only handling
windows: missing dlls for mp4box
rev 2011.12.23.1:
audio: pcm extension and pcm handling problems
jobs: handling of broken jobs
x264: adaptive dct only disabled for base profile
rudimentary mov container support
pcm encoding
dts encoding through dcaenc
demux: extract streams with ffmpeg option
video: rudimentary ProRes encoding support
option to enable adjust audio&subtitle adjustment on title change (not only on initial load)
'delaycut' and option to use delaycut to remove delays
'ignore'-parameter to misc.ini, if misc.ini contains for example: ignore=delaycut;neroaacencHybrid will not post warnings about a missing delaycut or neroaacenc binary
linux: removed 'warning' about missing avsInfo
linux64: removed nero LineEdit-PushButton
rev 2011.11.07.1:
audio: 'aac' container compatibility check
qaac: audio count on downmix
audio: Hybrid will no longer use mencoder for aac encoding (see:
audio: enabling and setting 'mkv default' if item with 'mkv default' was removed from queue
mkv: muxing option to enable '--clusters-in-meta-seek' which some players need to seek properly in mkv files
subtitle: allow setting of set mkv forced/default when queue is empty
tags: allow to configure audio, video, subtitle tag settings (when no input is set)
windows: check for UNC paths since oggenc2 does not support them
rev 2011.10.09.1:
linux: aac encoding
audio: don't show neroAacEnc on Mac and Linux64 systems
qaac: cracking at beginning due to sox call adding wav headers
option to en-/disable using faac with mencoder/faac for aac encoding
chapters: 'Add Chapters' option to add additional chapters every X min
chapters: option to adjust chapter names: chapters that start with 'Chapter' or is empty will be renamed to 'Chapter X' where X is the chapter position
rearranged items in chapterTab
rev 2011.10.06.1:
x264: bit rate was adjusted on two pass even when bit rate was preferred
x264: weigthp with combination of preset ultrafast and tune fastdecode
general: gui<>model hiccups
qaac support for windows xp and newer (due to the need of current Quicktime)
rev 2011.09.26.1:
x264: accidentally levels 3.2-3.0 were removed on high profile selection
linux: preview bug
x264: now ratetol will be disabled unless 1pass abr or 2pass with level = unrestricted is used (to avoid vbv-violations)
linux: CUDA H.264 since there's no cuda encoder for linux atm,.. (probably easy to implement using current sourcecode and the linux libaries from the NVIDA SDK; anyone volunteering ?)
rev 2011.09.25.1:
postponing of jobs
cropping Preview
rev 2011.09.24.1:
x264: 10bit replacement caused problems when path to x264 binary also included the string x264
x264: Blu-ray checks regarding frame rate
'Start Queue'-button in Main-Tab
'Stay on top'-Option in Config->Internals->Handling
AV-Combo-Profiles (combination of a video and an audio profile)
reading values from misc.ini file (must be located next to Hybrid binary) and look like:
to create portable version of Hybrid, create a settings subfolder in the Hybrid folder and set the misc.ini to:

side node: backslashed need to be escaped!

options to pass-though default&forced flags for subtitle/audio when going from mkv to mkv
Press F12 to abort subtitle extraction (in MainTab)
option to select preferred mpeg2 decoder
FilterView: allows to compare unfiltered and filtered source - for Denoise/Sharpen and Post-processing only; Requires uptodate mplayer and local ip connection between two mplayer instances
Windows Installer: added Option to set Custom Hybrid Settings Path (thanks to Faust)
using a combobox instead of a spinBox for subtitleSelection (not 100% sure if I didn't miss an index, so report if you run into an subtitle problem,..)
using a combobox instead of a spinBox for audioSelection (not 100% sure if I didn't miss an index, so report if you run into an audio problem,..)
when default container changed and generate is active output container will be changed too
when input contains subtitle subtitle tab will be automatically enabled
hand over audio delay to Preview even when audio is not from a seperate source
notification that subtitle extraction starts/li>
all hidden flags
rev 2011.08.21.2:
x264: option to set output colorspace
rev 2011.08.21.1:
x264&xvid: 2pass 1st pass output file handling
windows packages: avsInfo was broken
rev 2011.08.19.1:
DVD: dvdangle support
rearranging of subtitle and audio queue items via drag'n'drop
subtitle: move up, move down, modify, delete subtitle in subtile queue (by right click on the item)
audio: move up, move down, delete audio entries in audio queue (by right click on the item)
x264: allow switching between jvt, flat and custom quantizer matrix
a simple thumbnail generation option (Config->Output settings->Container and Thumbnail Settings)
misc: option to switch between mencoder and mplayer for dvd audio extraction
subtitle handling: don't set mkv default&forced automatically
always only save (name,value)-pairs in profiles and hopefully kill the need to reset settings
Xvid: removed profile=unrestricted from call
x264: 10bit encoding
rev 2011.08.05.2:
autoselection of audio/subtitle with language X
output name generation: 'Add parent folder name as prefix'
subtitle: 'All Subtitle Extract/Add' only add/extract subtitle with language X
rev 2011.08.04.3:
crash and problems with chapters (due to a missing whitespace :/ that I overlooked during refactoring)
rev 2011.08.04.2:
x264: weighted-P option update
rev 2011.08.04.1:
job creation
rev 2011.08.03.1:
cudaH264: cq setting accidently disabled on "1-pass constant quantizer"
cudaH264: changing target file size did not change target bitrate
problem with aspect ratio and (crop-)preview
problem with key-mapping during (crop- and) preview
lagarith decoding: force -vfm ffmpeg for lagarith input when decoding with mencoder (due to ffmpeg decoder limitations currently lagarith decoding only works with yv12 lagarith)
Xvid: resolution restrictions and restriction checks
extracting audio with tsMuxeR when experimental cut support is enabled (workaround for tsMuxeR bug: audio extraction results in 0 Byte file when using --cut-start)
extra ',' when using 'rotate'
kerndeint calls by adding an additional scale before it
x264: error message when preset calls changes weightedP, but interlaced encoding doesn't allow it
removed '--aspect' parameter from mencoder call (should not be needed since output is raw)
adjusting resize values when 'rotate' is enabled
removed '--aspect' parameter from mencoder call (should not be needed since output is raw)
adjusting resize values when 'rotate' is enabled
option en-/disable if mkv fps will be checked against average time code fps
filter: gradFun, postprocessing options
deinterlacers: "Yadif - custom" and "Mcdeint - custom", "linear interpolation - fast", "cubic interpolation", "Median Deinterlacer", "FFMpeg Deinterlacer"
x264: support for '--subme 11' (requires x264 rev 2037+)
x264: 'MediaInfo - import' allows to import the 'Encoding settings'-String MediaInfo shows for x264 encodes
rearranged Filter-Tab
rev 2011.07.01.1:
problems crash when extracting subtitle from dvd/blu-ray source
rev 2011.06.30.1:
crash when extracting subtitle from DVD source
rev 2011.06.29.2:
problem when tsMuxeR output
rev 2011.06.29.1:
crash when importing .mkvs with multiple chapter sets (now the last one will be imported)
subtitle handling for multiInput
multiple stream source srt->ttxt
rev 2011.06.26.1:
don't create output file in the 1st pass of a two pass encoding
add missing chapter DataNodes on some input files without chapters
rev 2011.06.23.1:
x264 encoding progress indication
video profiles import (bitrate adjustment)
rev 2011.06.22.1:
when extraction Audio with tsMuxeR audio was moved to Hybrid home on rename :(
cuda: force AVC Level 'auto' for 'cq'-encoding mode
reworked the internal message system
rev 2011.06.20.1:
x264: 2pass 1st pass calls not generated
video passthrough/extraction bug
changed progress indication in title/taskbar
Win7 32bit: progress in taskbar - accidentally build I didn't build the last Win32Bit build with Windows XP, not Windows 7
rev 2011.06.18.1:
added warning when output path equals program folder, when adding a job
allow vc-1 in m2ts container
extract videostream from blu-ray before reencoding (add additional overhead, but fixes synch problems when mpls spans over multiple files)
using mp4fpsmod to extract mp4 timecodes (
a bunch of problems related to separate 2pass 1st and 2pass 2nd pass encoding
autocorp: handling of raw h.264
error popup when adjusting preset an bluray restrictions enabled,..
problem with .mpls and autocrop
missing color space conversion when changing frame rate and not doing any other filtering
problem when extracting/importing chapters from non-dvd sources
filtermodel not completely ignored when using passthrough
fps of input ignored if video handling was set to 'passthrough' on input load and then changed to something else before adding a job
adding -tmp TempPath to MP4Box muxing call to make sure that the right temp folder is used
.dts-hd/.dtshd not detected as raw audio
blu-ray synch problem, see *changed*
rev 2011.05.19.3:
x264: broke 1pass modes when I added 2pass crf again
rev 2011.05.19.1:
aspectRatio in cropView
Blu-ray autoCrop
Blu-ray chapter list import
cropView WASD
small memory leak
Win7 32bit: x264 progress indication
x264: 2pass crf support again
autocrop: option to set how many frames are analysed
rev 2011.05.11.1:
mkvextract: removed '--raw' from extraction cl
problem when importing chapters
frameCounter: limit buffer to 20MB + better frame detection
win7/vista: show progress in taskbar
hibernate as an additional option on queue finished
windows packages: frameCounter
rev 2011.05.05.1:
error when detecting if Hybrid homePath is writeable
windows packages: mp4box, frameCounter and x264
rev 2011.05.03.1:
added Hybrid type (windows32/windows64/linux32/linux64/macosx64) to debug output
tweaked autocrop to only scan the first frame rate of I-frames
moved 'Configuration' selection below tabs in video configuration tabs
image- instead of text-buttons in Jobs-register and small redesign, thanks to Faust
some small rearrangements here and there
x264: on separate '2pass - 1st pass', call x264 with '--output NUL'
jobs get now saved on Hybrid close and automatically loaded on Hybrid start
option to let Hybrid auto select a audio/subtitle stream with a specific language
a crash with autoloading audio for raw video
initialization of tools for loaded jobs
'set absolute path' (only replace first occurrence of toReplace term)
a bunch of problems related to separate 2pass 1st and 2pass 2nd pass encoding
rev 2011.04.17.1:
"Use '--fullraw' when extracting with mkvextract" option, which allows to use '--fullraw' instead of '--raw' when using mkvextract
first Mac OS X release (experimental -> need feedback)
windows: added version info to .exe description
to alternative mplayer identify infos
x264: add '--bluray-compat' when blu-ray compliance is activated
x264: removed '--open gop' sub options
accidentally permanently deactivated DebugOutput ;)
handling mp4 files: not using MP4Box but ffmpeg for stream extractions
crash when using 'Postpone' was called on a job which hadn't been assigned to a client yet.
x264: needs to be rev1936 or newer now
windows packages: updated tools, added Windows installer, switched to 7z archives
2011.04.11 initial setup of the homepage

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