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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for HTTP Downloader


Added the ability to reorder the download list and queue.
Added option to allocate sparse files.
Added command-line parameter to filter log.
Fixed digest authentication failing.
Fixed icon cache not updating when renaming item.
Fixed incorrect columns being automatically sorted.
Fixed last startup position in multi-monitor setup.
Fixed painting issue when TreeListView is loaded off screen.
Fixed restarting group downloads when file isn't found.
Prevented decoding of plus character in URL.
Sort error codes in Progress column.
Better handling of prompts for modified files.
Flash main window if minimized and message box is displayed.


Prevented decoding of plus character in URL.
Fixed crash when switching server authentication modes.
Fixed server authentication not being accepted.
Added option to download non-200 and non-206 responses (they will fail by default now).
Added option to move deleted downloads to Recycle Bin.
Added additional menu items to System Tray and URL Drop window context menus.


Fixed reallocated parts over-downloading when server connection is set to close.


Fixed snapping windows calculations.
Fixed crash when exiting while rename edit box is visible.
Fixed restarting hosts in multi-host/mirrored downloads.
Fixed corrupted multi-host/mirrored downloads.
Improved position of rename edit box when visible.
Added option to reallocate parts to maximize the number of active connections.
Added toolbar and menu item to start/resume all inactive downloads.


Fixed single instance not receiving URLs from command-line.
Separated regular and dark mode version checks.


Fixed crash after removing completed downloads.
Fixed crash when starting server with no certificate context.
Fixed various GDI leaks.
Created a dark mode build.
Improved keyboard navigation in Options window.
Better handling of Content-Type header for POST requests.
Better theme support for Firefox extension.


Fixed allocation stalling when no more disk space.
Improved keyboard navigation for various windows.
Fixed deadlock on Windows XP and when running in Wine.
Fixed SSL/TLS connections stalling when running in Wine.
Fixed crash when cleaning up GSS before SSL/TLS when running in Wine.
Update menus to reflect the current state of the focused/selected item.
Settings file has a new format and will be reset.


Added Home, End, Page Up/Down key support.
Added Appearance option to scroll to last item when adding URL(s).


Added item count to status bar.


Fixed crash when typing in empty list.
Set focus to default buttons in message box windows.


Fixed crash when checking for updates.
Added multi-monitor support.


Prevented download from resuming if server file's size doesn't match.
Fixed drag and drop action when set to add in stopped state.
Fixed processing list items that were added in stopped state and group items that are skipped.


Added SFTP support based on PuTTY's SFTP client.
Fixed drag and drop action when set to add in stopped state.
Fixed parsing URLs with encoded '#' and '?' characters.
Fixed username and password not being set from Add URL(s) window.
Prevented timeout for downloads that display a prompt.
Checked for existing file in download directory when temporary directory is used.
Reworked how downloads are restarted and resumed.
Improved custom message box layout.
Replaced Windows message box with custom message box.
Various optimizations and bug fixes.


Strange fix for HTTPS connections not working in Wine.


Fixed command-line arguments not being set when --immediate is used.


Added command-line argument support to Add URL(s) window for per-URL settings.
Fixed broken command-line arguments.
Fixed TreeListView selection when holding Ctrl and Shift.
Fixed proxy authentication not being set.


Fixed crash when removing active downloads.
Fixed parsing empty groups.
Fixed saving 0 byte files.
Fixed relative path URLs not updating.
Fixed drag and drop for Add URL(s) window when Advanced option is set to override.
Fixed selection when removing items.


Settings and Download History files have new formats and will be reset.
Added Update check.
Removed Login Manager.
Added Site Manager for per-site settings.
Updated Add URL(s) window to override default and Site Manager settings.
Added command-line arguments for proxy settings.
Added command-line argument for shutdown action.
Added shutdown action to exit the program when all downloads complete.
Added option to update the URL of redirected downloads in the download list.
Fix incorrect filename when getting filename from redirected download.
Fixed Add URL(s) window painting due to WS_EX_COMPOSITED flag on Windows 8 and newer.
Replaced Windows ListView control with custom TreeListView control.
Added multi-host/mirrored download support.
Added additional Appearance options for download list.
Updated extensions Add URL(s) window to match the layout of the main program's Add URL(s) window.
Firefox extension: Added theme support.


Prevented over-downloading URLs with misreported Content-Length values.
Added color options for System Tray icon and URL Drop window progress bars.
Download history files are now saved with .hdh file extension and can be loaded on click.
Default download folder for Windows XP is ...DocumentsDownloads and ...Downloads for Windows Vista and above.
Extensions display different menu icon when download manager override is enabled.
Extensions can now get cookies when selecting "Download All Images/Media/Links..." and all URLs share the same domain.
Firefox extension: Force all URLs from the same domain by holding Ctrl before clicking menu item.
Chrome extension: Force all URLs by checking "From Current Domain" menu item.


Added the ability to rename downloads in the Add URL(s) window by including [filename] before the URL.
Added file extension detection from Content-Type header value.
Added restart prompt for partially downloaded files that have been deleted and resumed.
Custom main.ico and tray.ico (in the same folder as the program) will override the default icons.
Custom drop.bmp in program folder for URL drop window.
Custom toolbar.bmp location is now the same folder as the program.
Tray and drop window progress colors use the Downloading, Paused, and Failed colors in the Appearance options.
Fixed text being replaced when drag and dropping text into the Add URL(s) window.
Fixed crash when saving large download history.
Fixed range list access crash when restarting download.
Fixed crash when an empty line is in added URL list.
Fixed stack overflow crash when starting queued downloads after connection lost.
Fixed cleanup crash caused by race condition.
Fixed columns not resizing to custom font size.
Fixed failed file allocation from stalling.
Updated extensions to support file renaming.
Updated extensions to use shortcut keys.


Added global and per-download speed limiter.
Added option to display the progress of each part.
Fixed prompts being displayed for each part.
Better handling of queued ranges.
Download History file has a new format. Upgrade it with the latest History Editor.
Settings file has a new format and will be reset.
Updated extensions to include download speed limiter.
Fixed extensions not recognizing FTP URLs.


Added option to start program in system tray.
Rearranged Options window layout.
Improved GUI appearance across Windows systems.


Added FTP support.
Added Add button to Add URL(s) window.
Better handling of large HTTP headers.
Fixed listview custom colors not being saved.
Fixed TLS 1.2 not working for certain sites on older systems.
Fixed crash on Windows XP when hovering over items in 32-bit version.
Fixed various other issues related to Windows XP. (Wine should work well now.)
Added localization support for extensions.
Updated extensions to reflect added changes above.


Fixed tray icon and URL drop window progress bars not updating in Administrator mode.


Added --download-history switch to import history files from the command-line.


Prevented redownload prompt when renaming a download that hasn't started.
Fixed various keyboard keys not working Add URL(s) window.
Cleared taskbar, system tray, and drop window progress bars after all downloads finish successfully.
Ignored UTF-16 BOM in locale files.
Ignored UTF-8 BOM in string_list.txt for locale_generator.
Fixed the retrieval of Media type URLs in browser extensions.
Added German translation language file (thanks to uDEV2019)


Fixed download history not being saved when selecting Remove Completed.
Fixed tab control theme not drawing.
Add URL(s) window will now automatically paste any URLs that are on the clipboard.
Program will load a custom toolbar.bmp if found in the same directory.


Added shutdown actions to the Advanced options.
Added login manager to the Connection options.
Made Add URL(s) window expand and contract when checking Advanced options.
Reverted URL encoding for URL(s) from extensions.
Fixed directory not being set from command-line and extensions.
Fixed Chrome extension not getting last redirected URL.


Added regular expression filter in Add URL(s) window.
Added SOCKS 4/4a/5 proxy support.
Fixed HTTP proxy requests.
Fixed requests on non standard ports.
Fixed notification counts increasing from retries.
Prevented incomplete command-line arguments from being processed.
Allowed restarting state to be stopped after connect is posted.
Compiled latest zlib for 32-bit and 64-bit releases.
Updated extensions layout and regular expression filters.


Added option to display progress bar in System Tray icon and/or URL drop window.
Added Appearance and Advanced tabs to Options window.
Reorganized various options in Options window.
Added options to modify Last Modified, Rename, and File Size prompts behavior.
Added option to allow unfinished downloads to resume when program starts up.
Added option to download to a temporary directory before transferring the file to the selected download directory.
Added options to modify the download list's fonts and colors.
Added option to change URL drop window's transparency value.
Added View menu option to show or hide column headers.
Added tabs to Add URL(s) and Update Download windows.
Prevented Update Download window from flickering on resize.
Updated string list.


Restructured list operations code to prevent deadlocks.
Added progress bar in the taskbar for supported systems (Windows 7 and above).
Ensured download list remains in focus when switching away from main window.
Fixed active downloads not stopping when deleted.
Fixed drag and drop double free crash.
Allowed downloads with File IO Error to start and restart.
Fixed handling relative Location paths.
Decoded resource path to get Unicode filename.
Fixed POST data not updating from Update Download window.
Allowed URL to be updated in Update Download window.


Fixed Add URL(s) window still prompting for download directory.


Fixed Add URL(s) download directory not resetting when window is closed.


Fixed connection creation when starting downloads that were skipped for being too large.
Add URL(s) and Search window size and position are retained while the program runs.
Added search button to toolbar.
Made program 64-bit compatible.


Columns can be resized to fit their content by double clicking on their expander. Hold Ctrl when double clicking to resize the column to fit its name.
Download history (if enabled) is now saved when all active downloads are finished.


Fixed detection of multiple filename attachments.
Allowed open file handles to be shared for reading.


Double clicking on a download will open its folder location.
System Tray notification shows counts of finished downloads.
Revamped command-line arguments to match settings in Add URL(s) window.
Added option to prevent system standby while downloads are active.


Added option to show system tray notification when all downloads finish.
Updated locale files.


Fixed Completed downloads not being able to be restarted.
Got program's directory from module path so "portable" file is detected when using PATH environment variable.
Swapped Rename and Delete menu items.
Added option to play sound when all downloads finish.
Cookies in download info will be updated if found.
Extensions can optionally pass Referer and User-Agent strings to program.
Updated locale files.
Refactored list operations code.


Fixed incorrect values for remaining and elapsed time columns.
Better handling of improper range responses.


Added POST data field to advanced options in Add URL(s) window.
Added option to download drag and drop URL(s) immediately.
Added the ability to restart downloads.
Added the ability to remove and delete downloads at the same time.
Added translation support.
Added Spanish string translations (thanks to c-sanchez).
Added Search window to search filenames and URLs.
URL drop window can toggle Always On Top from its context menu or by middle clicking window.
Improved support for browser extensions.
Dynamically loaded SetFileInformationByHandle to hopefully get Windows XP working.


Fixed paused downloads not stopping when server doesn't reply.
Fixed flickering status bar when resizing window.
Fixed incorrect size and position being saved when program is closed while minimized.
Fixed speed measurement jumping to 0.
Fixed infinite loop caused by partial digest authorization values.
Various optimizations and bug fixes.
Added option to run one instance of the program.
Added option to display a URL drop window.
Added toolbar to manage (Start, Pause, Stop, etc.) downloads.
Selected downloads can now be renamed.
Selected downloads can now be deleted from disk.
Selected downloads can now be remove with Delete key.
Download history can be saved as a CSV file.
Download history can be imported from and exported as download_history files.
Added -u command-line switch to add a URL.
Drag and drop windows can now accept download_history files.


Fixed program exit when window is set to close to the system tray.
Open Directory menu will highlight the file in the opened Explorer window.
Added option to set a downloaded file's date and time from the server's Last-Modified header value.
Added detection of an extensionless "portable" file (in the executable's directory) to enable portable mode.


Added Copy URL(s) menu item.
Added the ability to update various download settings after download has been added.
Fixed paused contexts not being shutdown, closed, and removed when its list item is removed.
Fixed connections that time out not being stopped manually.


Fixed file attachment name detection.


Rename file based on last redirect location.
Added maximum redirect count to options.


Removed counter increment if file write fails.


Added server to remotely add URLs.
Added custom header support.
Padded settings file for future settings.
Detect encoded filename attachments.
Improved HTTP handling of small byte transfers.
Improved URL parsing.
Maximum number of parts will be used for resumed downloads.
Fixed race condition that could occur during context cleanup.


Prevented tooltip from displaying when not hovered over list item.


Initial commit.

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