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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for HDTVtoMPEG2

Bug fix history (v1.11.XX)
.93 - Input list box now only shows the file name. Tooltip shows the path.
.92 - Recognize .rec and .mpg as valid transport stream extensions
.92 - Fixed a bug that could cause the dreaded "Could not find a Channel" bug on valid TS files.
.91 - Clips button state is now saved in the ini file
.91 - Added grey color bar support during commercial scan.
.90 - Relaxed the color requirement for pure black on 4x3 color bars.
.90 - Fixed "The parameter is incorrect" dialog message when you scroll the mouse around in an empty Process list box.
.90 - Fixed code so it could handle TS streams with section encapsulated data, i.e. pointer_field != 0.
.89 - Fixed crash caused when no channel is found
.89 - Fixed crash during loading of some TS file when calculating avg TS rate
.89 - Updated to Visual Studio 2005
.88 - Fixed Max Size dialog popup bug when entering a size larger than 99999
.88 - Fixed invalid file name problem related to very large filenames when using Add
.88 - Fixed crash when using Preserve Bit Rate on some transport streams
.88 - Fixed bug that incorrectly extracted the PCR during PMT validation
.87 - Removed the transport stream extension case sensitivity.
.87 - Option to change the vertical_size_value in the sequence_header from 1088 to 1080
.87 - Added a Configuration menu
.87 - New Cut region marker. Forces a new file to be created at a specified point
.87 - Ability to re-order the input file list by dragging items with mouse
.86 - Region markers are now saved when closing H2M.
.86 - Fixed bug where shortcut keys would not work immediately after Deleteing a file from the process list box
.86 - MaxSize, VideoPID, and AudioPID boxes now handled properly when shortcut keys are being used
.85 - Added Alt+Dd to delete region marker
.85 - Default Channel is now auto checked
.85 - Added an RUSure dialog when the Clear All region markers button is clicked
.85 - Fixed bug where a .TRI file was not created if a .TRI file was selected as the input file
.85 - Region info is no longer saved when Clear All is selected, only when ProcessIncludeExcludeDeleteMove
.84 - Fixed missing TS info (Resolution, FPS, etc.) for some streams
83 - Fixed possible crash when editing low bitrate SD channels
.83 - Added message box indicating SD channels are not supported with Commercial Scan
.82 - Attempt to include black frames before and after program. Disable with IncludeBlackFrames=0
.81 - UI indicates Avg. TS Rate now instead of bogus Video rate
.81 - Weighted average TS Rate is now calculated instead of using a fixed 19.2Mbps rate
.81 - Option to select 10 second Commercial Scan rate instead of the default 60 seconds
.80 - Re-work of Commercial Scan code to fix troublesome ABCFOX stations
.79 - Small tweak to code that determines frame type
.78 - Fix bug that could cause the second file to be ignored during scan if Exclude section had been specified
.77 - Fix bug that would sometimes not let you type letters in the Output FileName and Ext boxes
.76 - Fix to scan code to handle pre-defined IncludeExclude sections correctly during scanning
.75 - F5 refreshes the input file data if you are editing a TS file that is currently being recorded.
.74 - Files are now opened with FILE_SHARE_READ and FILE_SHARE_WRITE
.73 - Minor changes
.72 - Ability to disable .TRI file creation using the CreateTRIFiles=0 flag in the ini file
.72 - .TRI files not created until an Include, Exclude, <Move, or Move> button is pressed
.71 - Fixed major bug when Scan filters were being used
.70 - New Commercial Scan code (HDTV support only)
.70 - Jockeyed around the manual editing buttons
.56 - Changed default Channel to now be the first stream with a horizontal size >= 1280.
.55 - Default output file type is now transport stream instead of mpeg2. Last used setting is still saved in the .ini file.
.55 - File type list order is now Transport Stream, HiDTV, Mpeg2.
.55 - NOTE: You will need to manually update the Ext edit box
.54 - Default Channel is now the one with the lowest video PID number
.53 - Fixed possible crash caused by code being too slack when parsing for video start_codes.
.52 - Fixed bug where channel would not be displayed if the audio was of stream_type 0x06(PES private data).
.51 - Commented code out that ignored PMT's with CA_descriptors(build 49). This didn't always indicate that the channel was scrambled.
.50 - Fixed possible crash do to too aggressive of checking for corrupt PMT
.49 - Ignore PSIP packets for Channel info if any of the PMT's contain CA_descriptors
.48 - Fixed bug where audio was not being mapped properly if the PMT was incomplete.
.47 - Fixed possible crash when editing QAM files.
.46 - Fixed. If the KeepPSIP and KeepNULL keys were missing from the ini file(you were using an older Beta), H2 would keep the PSIP and NULL packets until you had de-selected them.
.45 - Fixed bug if "PreserveBitRate" is missing from the ini file H2 will ALWAYS include NULL packets
.45 - Fixed. When using "PreserveBitRate" a small number of packets would get stripped instead of being converted to NULL packets
.44 - Fixed PID swap bug when 2 PMT's referenced the same video PID
.43 - Fixed bug introduced in build 39. Files would not load if duplicate file was encountered
.42 - Fixed PID drop down list box for W2K displaying only 1 entry
.41 - "PreserveBitRate" option flag available in ini file
.40 - Increased scan buffer size a bit
.39 - 0 byte transport streams are now discarded with warning.
.38 - commented out some new code that could cause a crash if the MGT had a large number of tables
.38 - PID swap bug fixed
.37 - Fix to bug introduced by code to detect corrupted PAT and PMT
.36 - New Clip feature
.35 - .TRI files not created now until the "Include" or "Exclude" button is pressed
.34 - Contrast and Brightness settings saved
.33 - detect and strip corrupted PAT and PMT
.32 - write multiple PAT and PMT's at the beginning of the file to make sure H2 will have Channel info to display
.31 - PID 0x1fef recognized as a NULL packet (old HBO recordings?)
.31 - Fixed small memory leak
.30 - ??

1.11 Beta
- PID stripping support*
- MPEG-2 audio now supported when converting TS to MPEG-2

- Option to create sequential "clip" files**

- Fixed an old memory leak in scan_channel_info() function
- Fixed problem with some transport streams not displaying a preview when "Show Progress Image" is checked
- Fixed missing preview display on Progress dialog for MPEG-2 conversion on some transport streams
- Fixed missing videoaudio on MPEG-2 conversion for some transport streams
- Fixed input path not being applied after selecting files from Explorer(Note: if a .tri file is selected, the path is set to the path to the transport streams NOT to where the .tri file was selected)

*What does it do and how do I use it?
- Ability to remove channels
- Removes NULL packets
- Removes PSIP defined packets, i.e. SST(System Time Table) and tables defined in the MGT(Master Guide Table), i.e. (RRT)Rating Region Table, EIT(Event Information Table) and EET(Extended Text Table). The MGT(Master Guide Table) and VCT(Virtual Channel Table) are re-created containing only the channel(s) that were selected, OR choose to remove ALL PSIP packets.
- Updates Program Association Tables(PAT) and Program Map Tables(PMT) and remaps the video and audio PIDs.
- Automatically removes other unnecessary PIDs
- Automatically selects the video and audio pids for the channel(s) selected.
- Renumbers the continuity counters so that there are no continuity errors

Select the Channel(s) you want to keep(remember, "select-to-keep", NOT select to get rid of) in the Channel box by checking its box. The video and audio PIDs for the Channel(s) you selected are automatically checked in the PIDs check list box. You can deselect items in the PIDs select box if you want. For example, if you don't want to keep ANY PSIP packets, then uncheck that box, although the newly created PSIP packets that contains just the channel name(s) that H2 creates are very small. Now do all of your normal editing stuff and your ready to go.

**what does it do and how do I use it?
The "Clip" button is a toggle button. Selecting the "Clip" button dims the "Max Size" entry box and indicates to H2 to create each marked Include section as a seperate sequential file instead of re-packaging the Include sections based on the value specified in "Max Size" entry box.

- Drag and Drop support for TS and .TRI files onto H2 desktop icon from Explorer
- Double click of .TRI file in Explorer starts H2 and auto loads files

- Tweaks to scan_channel_info() to improve pid detection

1.10.5(Merger of Alan Haverson's code and Cris Moore's code)
- Hot key short cuts
- Basic ContrastBrightness controls
- Specify fixed location for .TRI files through .INI file

- Possible freeze during file transitions

- Auto save of region edits
- Mouse wheel steps by i-frame

- >>| Seek to End would not move the bar to the end of the slider
- Crash in Progress dialog when showing progress image
- |<< Seek to beginning would not display first i-frame
- Channel resolutions were sometimes swapped

- ResolutionFPSAspect RatioBit Rate not displaying for some transport streams
- No preview picture for some 720p streams
- No preview picture for WB HD transport streams recored with TSReader
- Channel display now favors PSIP data if available and now displays digital and analog channels. If no PSIP data is available, you will get the familiar NONAME channel

1.10b - ????????
- Fixed program stream bug.

1.10 - ?????????
- This version introduced a bug in the conversion to program streams.

1.09 - ?????????

1.07 - 2-23-2002
- GR: Recognise AccessDTV's strange sync byte mangling (0x47, 0x72, 0x29).Packet alignment per file support (.adtv files not ts packet aligned).Support for progress bar of total conversion.Improved I-frame detection, detect if picture packets are I-frames in case GOPs are missing.

1.06 - 2-19-2002
- Forced all files to be cut on I-Frame boundries. Now files start on I-Frame's withGOP (group of picture) packets.

1.05 - 2-18-2002
- Added channel detection, support for outputting files greater than 2GB, and bettererror correction. Also changed the program to start a new file after a selectablesize has been reached.

1.04 - 19-1-2002
- FINALLY fixed problem with AC3 audio stream from HBO streams. AC3 packets from HBOaren't aligned to the MPEG 0xBD packets, and they don't start in TS start packets occasionally. Solution is to just skip packet starts where there is no AC3 packetsync. Seems to work pretty well.
Fixed pack PTS timestamps so that the time displays in DVD players are accurate.One minute is now really one minute. There's still a problem with some DVD playerspicking up the PTS in the video frames, but we'll save that for later.
Integrated this file with both the HDTVtoMPEG2 projects and the bcdmux projects. That way changes to this file automatically are reflected in both projects.

1.03 - 16-1-2002
- Fixed problem with AC3 audio stream from HBO streams. AC3 packets from HBOaren't aligned to the MPEG 0xBD packets. Bit of code realigns them.

1.02 - 13-1-2002
- Fixed problem again with some TS streams not having an adaption header onTS packets marked 'START'. This was causing some of the streams not to convert correctly.

1.01 - 8-1-2002
-Fixed a problem with some TS streams (ABC) not having the RANDOM bit inthe adaption header set. Now just looks for the 'start' bit. I thinkthis will get A-B frames at the beginning of a video, but it seems to work.

1.0 - 8-1-2002
-First version

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