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Uploaded HDC v3!


>fixed converting vobsub from mkv input to sup for m2ts muxing
>added possibility to save resizer to use in configuration file
>fixed encoding to wmv (alpha)
>fixed HDC bitrate calculator for working with new folder structure
>fixed folder structure. Now HDC have a more clean \applications folder
>update manual
>changed force ffmpeg decoder: now it will decode to wav then pass to eac3to. no more use of wavi
>fixed aac/mp3/mpa decoding with eac3to. Now audio is first decoded to wav then passed to eac3to/audio encoder
>audio from mkv input file is now extracted and processed since eac3to is unable to deal with header removal
>added option to hide encoding dos window
>fixed flac audio encoding using DSS decoding
>better handling of audio when using NicAudio. Now is possible to copy audio too (alpha)
>added support for DGSource (require NVTools > 2021)
>fixed pcm audio extracting from avi
>fixed Avimux not starting muxing
>fixed decoding of DTS-Hi-res
>added --no-chapter for mkv musing when no chapter is present
>added possibility to disable header removal when muxing to mkv
>fixed Dutch language (used NED and not NLD)
>added support for ivfenc (vp8)
>fixed use of nvtools. Now you must unzip the dgdecnv zip into \applications\dgdecnv folder and put DGDecodeNV.dll and DGMultiDecodeNV.dll in \filter folder
>added to HDC Indexer DGI support (NVTools)
>fixed HDC Indexer gui for working with new folder structure
>fixed mkvextract gui for working with new folder structure
>added extraction of chapter from mkv/dvd/m2ts input. the chapter will be muxed only when output is mkv
>fixed better management of encoding application (beta)
>added support for VP8 (beta)
>fixed flac encoding when forcing ffmpeg demuxer
>added support for extraction vobsub, ssa from mkv. Using mkvextract/mkvinfo (alpha)
>fixed autochapter bug when second is less then zero
>fixed when selecting DivX and CQ encoding the description string will not report "CQ Value" instead report "Final Size MB"
>fixed double ivtc use
>added check for 64bit OS (2)
>added in queue panel an option for adding arbitrary line to queue
>fixed Force DSS audio when using avi input and user already selected Force FFmpeg.exe as decoder
>fixed Force DSS video when using avi input and user already selected Force FFmpegSource
>fixed Force DSS audio
>added Yadif Bob as deinterlace (alpha)
>added sanity check when selecting NVTools as decoder (3)
>fixed skipping OGM subtitile (alpha)
>added LFSMod() to filter list

New full package published 2.5.624.4217


>added support to latest addition to x264
>added in Strict NMT disabled alos b pyramid
>added possibility to download HDC even if no official update is found
>added make report to first panel
>added Strict check for NMT. This option will enforce --weightp 0 --b-pyramid none --no-weightb
>added better tooltip layout
>added (was removed) delete of job folders. Also added a check before delete the job folder, it must be named "job"
>added copy audio using ffmpeg. Useful when eac3to fails to extract audio (alpha)
>fixed bitrate computing when No Audio is selected
>fixed audio bitrate computing when Original channel is selected (or 5.1) and audio codec was ac3
>fixed double message when loading custom ini
>fixed handling of avi source. now hdc will automatically switch to DSS decoding if no mux in mkv is done
>fixed audio bitrate computing when using flac audio (now guessed at 1600kbps for stereo and 2720 for 5.1)
>fixed detecting of ar reported by eac3to (2)
>fixed audio bitrate computing when encoding with multichannel (nero/aac/ogg)
>fixed computing of audio size when more then one audio tracks is copied
>added job numbering in queue
>added possibility to log x264 encoding. The log will be avaiable in job folder and will be named HDConvertToX_x264_job+number_of_queue.log
>fixed computing of audio size when using Nero VBR (alpha)
>fixed copy of d2v files when using queue and test deinterlace or compression test
>fixed visual crop button
>fixed preview button
>fixed crash on bitrate computing
>fixed source code optimizations
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update HDC 2.4.580.4029

>fixed visual crop button
>fixed preview button
>fixed crash on bitrate computing
>fixed source code optimizations

new full package 2.4.579.4029

>fixed bitrate computing. On same situation bitrate could be negative.
>fixed interlaced routines. Now using Yadif for Interlaced and TDeint for mixed progressive/interlaced
>fixed (workaround) on detecting framerate from dgi files
>fixed use of HQ Deint in preview
>fixed application of decimate/film when input file is d2v/dgi
>fixed copy audio when input file is a d2v/dgi
>fixed double framerate for HQ Deint
>added check for FILM % reported in dgi file
>fixed adding job after testing deinterlace (for mpeg2 source)
>fixed deinterlace test for mpeg2 source
>added support for dgi file for test deinterlace
>added as input file DGI extension
>added support for fastdegrain_mt and temporaldegrain
>added support for file splitting (alpha)
>fixed mispelling label of codec settings when loading custom configuration (2)
>fixed removed automatic deinterlace
>fixed mispelling label of codec settings when loading custom configuration
>fixed Deinteralce test on dvd source
>fixed nmt check. Now HDC will force a specific number of bframes and ref frames.
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

full new package v.2.3.554.3913

>update manual
>added support for DGNVTools (beta)
>added mp4 to list of external audio support
>fixed colormatrix usage with d2v input
>fixed external audio and copy audio for video bitrate computing
>added tweak to NVTools. If deinterlace is set to Telecine or Film, DGMultiSource is set to use fieldop=1
>fixed HDC to works with DGNVTools 2.001
>fixed use of x264-64bit and avs2yuv on non pal source
>fixed potential issue on test deinterlacer (previus log files wasn't deleted)
>fixed VisualCrop analyzing too much frames
>fixed if No Resize&Crop is checked before analysis , autocrop will not triggered
>fixed a potential issue while analyze input (previus info.txt wasn't deleted)
>added DGI to visualcrop
>fixed "IsRGB" on anaysis file's
>fixed better internal organization of decoder to use
>added support for DGI input file
>fixed audio PID when using "Force DSS for Audio Decoding"
>better support for input file with h264 codec. Now HDC is faster on encoding
>fixed Subtitle language on m2ts mux
>fixed use of freeavs string with compression test
>fixed 23,976 instead of 23.976
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update HDC 2.2.525.3836

>fixed recognition of "Deutsch" language
>fixed better rounding computing for ITU on NTSC DVD
>added support for .mov file (beta)
>fixed bitrate using neroaacenc
>fixed d2v parsing routines
>fixed multiple chapter times reported on .meta file
>fixed soundout.dll isn't more loaded in video avs file, only on audio processing
>fixed don't keep core audio of truehd/ac3 when muxing in m2ts
>fixed dvd to avchd subtitle muxing
>fixed analysis of mkv files
>fixed Force DirectShowSource in analysis of avi files
>fixed avs input
>added support for X264 at 64bit. Please put avs2yuv.exe and x264-64bit.exe in applications folder
>added hidden option in profile. "Bitrate=" will set bitrate.
>fixed assume propierties as previus file will delete audio and subs track list
>fixed better handling of shutdown on queue (2)
>fixed layout glitch when simply clicking on combo, some value changes
>fixed shutdown usage when not using queue
>added color control for width/height
>fixed shutdown use on queue
>fixed No Audio when encoding with WMV codec
>fixed minor glitch to make report
>added possibility to specify MT mode
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update HDC2.2.492.3692
new full package

>fixed update Make Report
>added support for SoftSharpen
>added support for AR 5:4
>added support for MDegrain1, 2, 3
>fixed eac3to analysis. Now use -log for parsing information
>fixed manual crop now use ultrafast preset
>added a new logo. Thanks to Janker! (
>added possibility to select resizer
>added a workaround for mp2 decoding
>added support for Norwegian ,Polish, Portuguese language (alpha)
>added support for NVTools deinterlace
>added support for multiple input selection
>fixed Haali detection on windows vista/win7 (beta)
>added -par to xvid encoidng when using anamorphic
>fixed ifo input when using NVTools
>fixed chapter extraction when muxing is mp4
>fixed launch of cvid server when path has space
>fixed HDC will no more load all its plugin when input is an avs
>added color conversion when input is avs script
>fixed NONE audio copy when muxing in MKV
>fixed disable detection of vobsub by eac3to
>fixed autotitle when saving setting
>fixed use of NVTools on analyze files
>fixed test interlace on ifo input
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update HDConvertToX 2.1.458.3528


>added mp4 as supported input file
>fixed non supported files will be muxed in own created folder
>fixed x264 tuning wasn't applyed in compression test
>fixed wrong subtitle mux in m2ts when input is ifo
>fixed h264 input. now is accepted as is and not muxed in mkv
>added X264 tuning preset to save settings
>fixed if Use Multithread AviSynth isn't checked AviSynth MT isn't used
>fixed Drag&Drop ifo analysis
>added check for avisynth, ffdshow, haali media splitter installation
>fixed input work folder tweak
>fixed after analysis startqueue/add to queue/generate encode must be avaiable
>fixed update online. now hdc will shutdown itself, delete itself and rename the new hdc downloaded to hdconverttox.exe
>after interlace test or compression test hdc will no more run dgindex again
>fixed wma audio encoding
>added support for Neuron2 NV tools, please check DGDecodeNV at
>added as supported files dgv, dgm
>fixed bitrate computing with DIVX
>fixed audio bitrate computing with vbr nero and multichannel
>added x264 tuning in saved option
>added support for -altpass2 in xvid. This option in profile will be ignored for 1 pass profile (check xvid 13 profile, on extended profile)
>fixed audio copy when source is external
>fixed ac3 surround decoder when encoding to wmv
>added workaround for aac/ogg decoding with eac3to
>add ffmpeg2theora encoding with 2 pass
>fixed ffmpeg2theora aspect ratio encoding
>fixed m2ts muxing when audio is external and copyed
>fixed mkv muxing when audio is external and copyed
>fixed avi muxing when audio is external and copyed
>added support to vorbis audio in HDCMKVExtract
>added support for new preset in x264 (after mb-tree update)
>fixed update manual
>fixed some tweak to ffmpeg audio encoding
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes
>added this build is dedicated to my second daughter Isotta

new full package HDConvertToX 2.0.424.3356

>fixed hdconverttox_profile.txt. Now hdc will be shipped as default with a reduced profile list. The full optional profile list will be in applications folder. Use the profile within applications (overwriting the standard one) only if you know what are doing
>added second free avs string support
>added specific support for multithreaded avisynth. Check Advanced options, Filters panel. Also saved in settings
>added m2t to file support
>fixed copy video mode for avc codec
>fixed triggered bug when analyzing a file after unplayable one
>fixed automatic deint and 29.97 source files. NOW IT WILL ALWAYS MUXED AS 23.976. This isn't a guarantee of correct mux
>fixed multiple input queue. Now HDC will create a jobX folder for each job, storing each work in different folders, regardless of same input file
>fixed update manual
>fixed is now not possible to start encoding before analyzing input file
>added "No Hardware Compatibility Required" option
>fixed now width and height accept only numbers, the same for manual bitrate
>fixed only audio encoding forcing DirectShowSource decoder
>added 32 to mod compatibility for both height and width
>fixed hdc deinterlace to use a ultrafast preset
>added support for new x264 preset. These presets are already used in profiles
>added support for tune parameter of x264. Check Advanced Options, Filters
>now HDC Bitrate Calculator will put temporary files in a analysis folder
>fixed workaround for missing audio detection by eac3to
>added m2v to list of supported input file
>added GrainOptimizer to filter list
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update : HDConvertToX v. 1.9.339.3207

>fixed some problems with cached update.txt
>fixed video pid when container is m2ts and video codec mpeg
>added -no2ndpass when copy audio from dvd input
>added live update for HDConvertToX
>fixed subtitle encrust on dvd input
>fixed on usupported file , hdc will no more force mp3 encoding
>fixed default output folder will now not override save file path, but name will be the one selected
>fixed lame encoder now take a high quality preset. Better size and no so big slowdown
>fixed now working folder can be changed only by browsing
>fixed compression test report will now be appended to file, not overwriting
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

new update 1.9.369.3112

>fixed reading from saved settings don't update working folder
>fixed default output folder for avi muxing
>fixed visual crop wasn't updating resizing
>fixed if compression test is done , hdc will not repeat extraction/indexing on encode of same file
>fixed soundout will no more ask for overwriting audio output
>added basic support for ffmpeg2theora.exe. Put ffmpeg2theora.exe in applications. And in hdconverttox.ini set Allow ffmpeg2theora.exe=1
>fixed a little better support for mono wav
>fixed lpcm/pcm encoding from dvd source
>added now first pass crf of 2 pass profile (CRF+1pass) will create a file named hdconverttox_XXX_1_crf.h264. In this way you can compare file size of pure crf encoding with the second pass size
>added option in ini for autoanalysis of input file
>added support for w64 audio files
>fixed audio mux when forcing ffmpeg.exe decoder
>fixed in first pass will be removed --mixed-refs (turbo mode)
>added in ini the possibility to delete temporary files. IT WILL DELETE ALL FILES IN WORKING FOLDER
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update HDC 1.8.340.3020

>added smart SAR: if HDC detects PAL 16:9 SD or NTSC 16:9 SD (usually DVD source) and your output resolution is 720x576-704x576 (for pal) or 720x480-704x480 (for ntsc) proper --sar value will be added to x264 command line (idea taken from RipBot264, Thanks Atak!)
>fixed now hdc will not silently switch to lame CBR when SAP is checked
>added support for avchd and bluray muxing, avaiable only for x264 codec
>added support for copy chapters when encoding in bluray or avchd
>fixed force ffmpeg.exe audio. Now it will process not only the first audio track
>fixed force directshowsource. Now it will process only the first audio track
>fixed mpeg1 input file. Since eac3to is unable to process it correctly, now hdc will force ffmpeg.exe decoding
>fixed mkvextract will no more look for mkvextract in applications folder. You must install MKVToolnix
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

New full Package HDConvertToX 1.8.332.2935


>added support for mkv input file with mpeg2 codec video
>fixed reboot, shutdown, multitemp not correctly loaded from settings
>fixed keep only core when dealing with TrueHD audio track
>fixed now overhead for M2TS is 8.5%
>fixed Keep only HD audio on Save Setting
>fixed now save queue will ask for file name
>added support for HDC Utilities MKVExtract GUI
>fixed compression test now will not run dgindex two time when compression test is done again
>fixed usage of colormatrix in preview
>fixed renamed libfftw3f-3.dll to fftw3.dll
>fixed Visual Crop. Now it will show only the bottom left corner and the top right corner
>added more profiles to x264, xvid, and wmv
>fixed optimization for audio handling
>fixed disabled MT encoding for WMV encoding
>fixed audio source decoding for WMV encoding
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

new full package HDConvertToX 1.7.323.2869

>fixed signal dar on mkv muxing when noresize is used
>fixed --sar usage when noresize is used
>fixed change layout (thanks to SeeMoreDigital)
>fixed update manual
>fixed audio muxing on ifo input. Note: i was never able to replicate this problem. Make sure you always close PGC window with ACCEPT or REJECT IFO
>added support for saving configuration. This will override any hidden options. Please check online manual
>fixed removed support for hidden options files. Use Save Configuration and tune it
>fixed drag&drop usage when using working folder option
>fixed copy audio and mkv muxing when source is dvd
>fixed usage of colormatrix when source is AVC (no colormatrix will be used)
>fixed force using of FFmpegSource when input is DVD.
>added support for polish, hungarian, czech languages and subs
>fixed visual glitch when No Resize&Crop is checked before file analysis's
>fixed show quality with 2 pass (CRF+1pass)
>fixed some optimizations to Make Report
>added some missing tooltip
>fixed uncompatible avs script when noresize, no filters, no colormatrix is used
>fixed vsrip will extract wrong subs when multiple subs share the same index number
>fixed test interlace patter offers the possibility to change the % of analysis. HDC will set the % to a value correct for your file
>added unsupported hidden option "x264log.txt" for activating x264 encoding log. Note that this features isn't supported by official x264 build and should be used only if you manually substitute the x264.exe with one supporting this features. This option will force x264.exe to create a x264log_XXXX.txt in temporary folder. This option will be no mentioned in manual since it's totally unsupported. AKA try yourself but don't report problem.
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

New full Update HDConvertToX

>fixed changed in HDC profile --filter to --deblock
>fixed eac3to use wrong pid for audio when input is a single vob (not a chain of vobs)
>fixed usage of correct decoder when using SoundOut as audio plugin
>fixed update manual
>fixed use of SoundOut and FFmpeg.exe as decoder when input is IFO. Previusly only first vob was processed
>fixed sar usage. Now hdc will pass --sar 1:1 when not encoding to anamorphic
>fixed HDC will replace forbidden character " with _ in title muxing
>added multi episodes dvd check. Check this option if you want process a dvd composed of more then one movie/episodes. Check manual for more information
>added check for FILM type when input is D2V. If d2v report a film > 97% HDC will ask to activate IVTC filter
>added support for Hidden Option autotitle.txt. This option will enforce title as file name. For DVD will set file name as last folder before VIDEO_TS
>added support for Hidden Option multitemp.txt. When this option is enabled every file will store it temporary working files in a personal folder
>added support for Hidden Option automaticdeint.txt. This option will enable by default automatic deinterlace routine. NOTE: this feature isn't supported by author
>added support for Hidden Option mt.txt. This option will enforce usage of SetMT in avisynth script. You need AviSynth MT
>added support for Hidden Option crf+1pass.txt. This option will enable a new type of encoding with X264: first pass will be CRF based (so set crf value), the second pass will be a standard second pass but with final bitrate of crf encoding
>added support for DSS2 by Haali. Use only if Haali Media Splitter is installed
>added support for Hidden Option for encoding with ffmpeg.exe ffmpegencode.txt. This option allow user to encode with Mpeg4 and H264 and force muxing in MP4.
>added support for Hidden Option for encoding with Mencoder. mencoderencode.txt . This option allow user to encode with Mpeg4 and H264 and force muxing in MKV
>added No Resize & Crop check. When this option is used no resize or crop will be applyed in script
>added support for automatic parsing of audio delay (DGIndex style) when using SoundOut or DirectShowSource audio decoder
>added support for -ipod and -psp muxing option for MP4
>added in codec description is now displayed the bitrate that will be used for encoding
>added now HDC will keep only the core of HD audio. BUT is possibile to specify to keep full hd audio. This option will eliminate the Hidden Option "keepcore.txt"
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

New full package

>fixed subtitle will be automatically NOT forced when muxed in mkv. Added a option to force display of muxed subtitle
>added possiblity to specify a title when muxing into mkv
>added possibility for insert autochapter (for mp4 and mkv)
>added Hidden Options for muxingtitle.txt, autochapter.txt, default sub
>fixed update manual
>fixed font issue. Now HDC use the free Dejavu Font->
>added link to Doom9 Thread, Online Manual, DivXMania (italian) thread
>added support for Srestore. Check AviSynth, Basic Filter. Link to Srestore ->
>added error catch for analysis file and encoding script. On error a file named "errorlogfile.txt" is created
>fixed audio copy of e-ac3 audio
>fixed now meta script for tsMuxeR is created in working folder
>fixed in Make Report is now reported muxing string for tsMuxeR
>added support for muxing idx/sub into m2ts
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes


>fixed added workaround for selecting video_ts.ifo. When selecting video_ts.ifo HDC will select the main ifo instead
>added support for more then 10 quality preset. the new HDConvertToX_profile.txt will include a 11 profiles. The quality/speed track bar will automatically adjust to allow any mumber of preset. Any preset over 10 will use Spline36Resize as resizer
>fixed copy audio for thd+ac3 when muxing in m2ts
>added colored warning about framerate (usefull for quick spot of wrong values)
>fixed update manual
>added support for korean, arabic, russian, greek, afrikaans,romanian, bulgarian,turkish languages
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

new full package

>added support for external subtitle. If input if dga/d2v/avs HDC will ask for external subtitle
>added support for chapter extraction from m2ts, and will be muxed in mkv/mp4
>fixed --chapter on ifo input
>added support for pgs subtitle, need java installed
>added support BDSup2Sub.jar, need java installed
>fixed faster test deinterlace (a lot)
>fixed h264 extraction from m2ts when video track isn't first
>fixed HDC will automatically select the 1080p when multiple video tracks are present
>fixed better make report for audio and subs list and selection
>added autodeinterlace. this features is totally usupported. It's working only for interlaced source. On Telecined source it will not change the framerate of muxing.
>fixed on d2v, dga, avs input "Force FFmpegSource" is disabled
>fixed better overhead for m2ts, now is 6.5%
>fixed unsupport input file. Now HDC will ask for muxing into mkv or not. If yes maybe you will be able to select more than one audio tracks, if not you will be able to select only the first audio track
>fixed now if user manually change framerate or total number of frames, HDC will update the total run time and will compute the correct bitrate (given new values of frames and framerate)
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update hdc

>fixed copy audio from dvd source was simply broken

new Full Package

>better rounding computing for --sar
>fixed LEM filter
>fixed a potential bug switching from ifo to standard file
>fixed tsmuxer and NeroAudio
>fixed better BassAudio usage
>added Hidden Options support to HybridFuPP (0.99a) Please check HybridFuPP.txt
>added vstrip for extracting pgc
>fixed label on Remove Job button
>added workaround for using Visual Crop with pictures bigger then monitor resolution's. Now user can move the image frame
>fixed ugly rounding error on sar
>fixed potential bug when muxing subtitile in mkv
>fixed queue bug when adding dvd input to queue , then launching encoding not using queue
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes


>added support for NicAudio/SoundOut plugin
>redesigned interface (thanks to SeeMoreDigital)
>fixed denterlace test and queue of dvd input file
>added support for visual crop (you need a monito resolution bigger than frame size of movie!)
>fixed speedup to deinterlace test
>fixed more clean to temp folder
>fixed ivtc when using Direct264
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

update HDC

>fixed long path on deinterlace test
>added now HDC will reopen the last used folder
>added support for drag&drop input file
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

new Full package

>added support for bitrate= in hidden options audio file (see aac.txt for example)
>fixed flac.txt Hidden Options
>fixed changed FFmpegAudio to ffmpeg.exe
>removed BassAudio Support, just use FFmpeg.exe as decoder
>fixed FFmpegSource/DirectShowSource/BassAudio audio decoder when working with external audio
>added support for HDC Indexer. Usefull for creating d2v/dga and demuxing audio
>fixed preview of GRF file
>fixed preview with audio if d2v, dga, grf input file
>added support for Hidden Option Direct264 (read file x264dss.txt for instruction)
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

New Full package1.1.229.1764

>added support for dfttest
>added colour check for resolution when SAP or NMT is checked. For SAP green values are <=720x576 for NMT <=1920x1080
>added support for GRF (Graphedit) file
>added support for Interlaced/Telecine pattern
>added support for Interlaced HQ (using yadifmood and nnedi)
>added support for Double IVTC pattern. Output must be 23.976
>added support for force decoding video with FFmpegSource
>added in compression test note about CQ/CRF value and what preset used
>added support FFmpegSource as audio decoder. For AAC-SBR is a must, if you don't have installed Nero 7
>added support for HDC Bitrate Calculator, a very basic bitrate calculator
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes


>fixed chapter extraction
>fixed update manual to custom compression test
>fixed update Make Report to show audio decoder handling
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

New Full package

>fixed bitrate computing when audio is VBR based (mp3 vbr , nero quality, ogg ) (beta)
>fixed dgavc/dgindex will not be launch if force DSS is selected
>added x264+m2ts.txt as hidden options for starting with x264 as codec and m2ts as container
>fixed wmv encoding of dvd source
>fixed better subtitle handling for dvd
>fixed invoking cscript before launching wmcmd.vbs
>fixed "post_this_file.txt" now open in default txt editor
>fixed workaround for dealing with more then one vobs
>fixed bitrate computing when copying DTS-MA audio tracks (early alpha)
>added 3 options for dealing with audio (please check manual): "Use eac3to as demuxer and decoder", "Force DirectShowSource as decoder", "Force BassAudio Decoder"
>fixed update manual
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes


update hdc

>fixed bitrate computing (beta)
>fixed every time you open a h264 video, a Copy Video was added
>added audio and sub tag language when input file is mkv
>fixed copy HD audio from source file to avi
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes



>added support for wavi. This will allow more support for files not handled by eac3to
>fixed some optimizations to Make Report
>fixed Nero encoding when using wavi
>fixed Coding Tech. AAC encoding when using wavi
>added possibility of resampling audio
>fixed QMF7 and QMF9 incompatibility
>fixed parsing of MKV file with comments on stream
>other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes

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