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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for GridPlayer

Option to crop video (8b1fba3)
Update yt-dlp and Streamlink (c5790f2)
Update translations (48ff112)
Prevent video distortion when rotation is enabled (d0dc5be)
Add h265 and hevc to video extensions (6cbc01f)
Allow opening any files (c775315), closes #170
Increase maximum zoom scale to 10 (max for VLC) (3a346fb)

Update yt-dlp and Streamlink (442f71f)
Show stream bitrate and codec name if parsed by yt-dlp (75f84cd)
Retry if HLS video time is not initialized (66c6e48)
Fix compatibility with new Streamlink API (90c3adc)
Fix m3u8 format generated by HLS proxy (b12e370)
Fix relay proxy chunked encoding (57e5aef)

Option to transform video (rotate, mirror, transpose) (236b989)
Update translations (042e3b7)
Prevent video freeze on MacOS (fe37336)
Access URL directly if yt-dlp reports a direct link (6aa0a13)
Add support for relative paths (884b687)
Filter video streams only if preferred quality is configured (f9a98bf)

Arabic translation (7cf8b06)
Chinese Simplified translation (681c403)
Dutch translation (d27d47a)
French translation (aa5d48a)
German translation (11f9136)
Italian translation (b16b0b3)
Japanese translation (79876de)
Korean translation (61423ea)
Polish translation (06d2fc3)
Portuguese, Brazilian translation (b16d352)
Spanish translation (3b76290)
Option to paste files/links from clipboard (f300c22)
Option to select audio mode (stereo, mono, etc) (ef9be61)
Option to select audio only stream when available (b77e409)
Option to select audio/video track (009917f)
Stay on top setting (1227bab)
Recent list support for videos/playlists (48acba1)
Single mode switch in context menu (faf8d5f)
Volume controls in context menu (f749821)
Update yt-dlp and Streamlink (635aaf5)
Terminate child processes on app exit (Windows) (5045337)
Reorganize context menu (3070fd5)
Avoid moving overlay during paintEvent to prevent app crash (10b141b)
Avoid rare exception on app close (1968173)
Avoid wide text cramming on main screen (f4b63be)
Disable video controls if no video track (c439ce2)
Crash on missing VLC (d76b089), closes #112
Crash when loop start/end unset in playlist (c2b7b34)
Crash when opening a playlist (d1bb3ae)
Icon glitches (cab0eed)
Hide FPS from track description if it's empty (ca3dd61)
Hide volume button if no audio tracks (f4ce4cd)
Kill process silently on KeyboardInterrupt (92ccfd7)
Loop videos via VLC playlist to avoid abrupt video stop (7247d57)
Make context menu scrollable if it exceeds screen size (fa0f741)
Prevent missing overlay in SW mode (28378f7)
Update icon for [ALL] (c80c759)
Use different font color for disabled context menu entries (1ca5863)

Update yt-dlp to 2022.07.18 (b206753)
Prevent video double initialization (0e7824d)
Add missing VLC plugins (Windows) (c9ff21e)

Prevent timeout when loading HLS streams directly (f5b8164)
Improve overlay workarounds for Linux (70963b5)

Add fix setting for overlay appearing on top of other windows with some window managers (Linux) (748e79d)
Fix transparency mask for opaque overlay (Linux) (542a6fb)

New setting to control URL resolver priority (fc72744, 47150b6)
New setting to show overlay border for active video (60d513d)
New setting to control video init timeout (7346792)
New setting to limit log file size (71c4fdc)
New setting to set custom VLC options (8ee6424)
New option to set auto reload timer for live videos (305e890)
Added paste button to add urls dialog (0ebcfa4)
Overhauled settings dialog (6fc329e, 704dd98, 3d82901)
Visual style is now same for every OS (d24832a, 54a4772)
Improved streaming URLs playback (021e61a, 8c33a6f)
Improved video init timeouts (7492565, c174be5)
Improved video init speed (8408551)
Avoid crash on bulk seek (seconds) (ef72d6a), closes #59
Set video aspect & scale on video load (d80bec3)
Prevent overlay from showing above other windows (Linux) (98caea7)
Show black screen instead of error if pause snapshot fail (livestreams) (9ba942d)
Avoid exception on malformed VLC log message (5f0c23d)
Added missing header title for file dialogs (c950928)

Support for streaming URLs, which allows playing any URL that is supported by streamlink or yt-dlp, plus mms, mmsh, rtp, rtsp and udp protocols (9425343)
Support for audio files (8507bcb)
Playlist state snapshots, which allow keeping multiple grid & video presets (2b19e97)
New command to sync other videos according to active video position or timecode (90a0449)
New command that allows jumping to video time percent (9e2a377)
New command that allows jumping to video timecode (59cc6cc)
New command to shuffle video blocks (2d040da)
New command to reload videos (useful in case of network errors) (8861b73)
Option to seek sync using timecode (37b3e34)
Option to cancel when closing unsaved playlist (4254a7a)
Playlist settings to disable pausing videos with left mouse click & seeking using mouse wheel (b3b9bde)
Info label that displays video loading status (4c14188)
Animation while video is loading (d874bea)
Animation for status change on play/pause button, will appear mostly when pausing/unpausing live streams (432f933)
Installer file associations and context menu option (Windows)
Videos opened via file explorer or command line will be added to the current playlist (857d959)
All single video commands & options are now in sync with bulk commands (26150bd, 3ea89b5, 56f7465)
Single video command hotkeys are all mirrored with Shift+ equivalents for bulk commands
Improved context menu visual style (9d3e489, e764ce2)
Improved settings window visual style (MacOS) (aaf9d6b)
Improved video startup speed (8311e7c)
Imporved application shutdown speed (18f48a5, 6454fa2)
Optimized some context menu icons (4f9a908)
Fix drag-n-drop between different player instances (38c8235), closes #49
Fix crash on bad setting (8ce0d4b)
Fix minor stability & performance issues

add Hungarian translation (5cd6892)
add option to control warning about unsaved playlist changes (380ad92)
Bug Fixes
avoid crash on some setups (2334439), closes #40
unpause videos when window is restored (8c82293)

Bug Fixes
allow to switch focus using keyboard (f441f88)
handle files with uppercase extension (74e8648)
prevent error when opening second instance without arguments (3c33209), closes #23

add internationalization support (2c436e6)
add option to disable overlay timeout (4d0782a)
add option to loop through videos in directory (cd78f48)
add option to rename videos and set custom color (a2cba33)
add Russian translation (e1d81c3)
Bug Fixes
set proper name for about dialog (c9bbda5)

Bug Fixes
fix UI scaling with high DPI (ddbf005)

add option to synchronize seek (b85c554)
allow seek while dragging cursor (a3a7024)
Bug Fixes
add missing library to avoid startup error (windows) (0193ee8)

Bug Fixes
fix error when opening some formats (ts, wmv) (4c8b19c)

add fit grid modes (c19b22d)
add grid size adjustment (1dd4d61)
Bug Fixes
add missing jump seek actions (caac5f5)
fix hardware decoding in MacOS (899ca3b)

Bug Fixes
fix random loop context menu icon (347bbde)
prevent cursor from hiding while dragging (b08f360)
prevent double click on overlay buttons (b8d59f8)
show source video overlay when dragging (c33e7e0)
fix adding files from context menu
prevent window from going background on drag-n-drop

Bug Fixes
add dark mode compatibility (cd778e2)
add KDE black screen bug fix setting (0997d3c)
prevent accidental playlist overwrite if placeholder is not available (f686e6e)
show better message if VLC is not installed (9b23823)

First release

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