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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for GUI for dvdauthor

Version 1.07 includes the following bugfixes:
- Bugfix: CPU dependency (crash on some CPUs) for mjpegtools (png2yuv, mplex...) removed (THX ssbssa)
- Bugfix: Error for mplex: "Need to split output but there appears to be no %d in the filename pattern" removed (THX ssbssa)

Version 1.06 includes the following bugfixes
- Bugfix: Updated syntax for the new imgburn version (
- Bugfix: Install packages include the new mingw version of dvdauthor

Version 1.05 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix: Better algorithm for the button autorouter in MuxMan mode
- Bugfix: Wrong warning for some (long) mpg/vob files: SCR moves backwards!
- Bugfix: Sometimes sup2png has created subs with 'negative duration'
- Bugfix: Frame type highlights were cropped from right and bottom side
- Bugfix: Loop for animated menus was reset (if deactivated in the Add menu dialog)
- Bugfix: Very short GOPs (i.e. if'frame accurate' cutting was done with cuttermaran) created jerking on the final DVD (dvdauthor only)
- Changed logik for Mainsubmenus in MuxMan mode: After the film is finished, the 'calling' Mainsubmenu (where the filmbutton was added)is loaded (in prior versions always the mainmenu)
- Transitions between menus can be created: Crossfade or fade in/fade out (or user edited avisynth script)
- Alingment and distribution tool for selected objects (similar functionality as in usual drawing programs)
- An additional own gifmask folder may be used (the folder location is saved in the project file)
- Subtitles in SST format (i.e from MaestroSBT) can be used in MuxMan mode
- Text effect: Outline (with variable color) can also be used for buttons
- You can turn of the NTSC timecode correction (drop frame/non drop frame) for chapters (dvdauthor only)
- The default 'Loop' for animated menus may be turned off in the default project settings
- New dvdauthor package. The package was compiled by ssbssa with mingw, therefore no cygwin is required any more.
- New option: ForceSCR; Forces dvdauthor to continue even when a 'SCR moves backwards' error is encountered.
- Some improvements for ChapEditGFD
-- The last position is shown again after automatic chapter creation (or activation of chapter icons)
-- Bugfix: Chapter icons of manually added chapters were not deleted after automatic chapter creation

Version 1.04 includes the following bugfix:
- The size indicator was disabled

Version 1.03 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix: Clips (on animated menus) were not alway updated if the video was replaced
- Bugfix: Requantized video files were not deleted (in muxman mode only) if delete temp files was activ
- Bugfix: Check for overlapping buttons (in muxman mode only) not 'failsafe'
- Bugfix: ChapEditGFD now checks if a chapter is already defined
- Bugfix: If you double click on a chapter button, no option was selected -> Crash
- Bugfix: If only one chapter (not 00:00:00) was defined in ChapEditGFD, this was not transferred to GfD
- New text effect: Outline (with variable color)
- In dvdauthor mode VOB files may be used directly (no rename to mpg necessary)
- 4:3/16:9 Menu aspect ratio may be changed per titleset (Menu-background-dialog for a TitlesetXXMenu)
- 96KHz wav files can be used (Audiotitlesets with MuxMan only)
- In dvdauthor mode you may specify a 'stream offset' for subtitles (useful if the mpg/vob file already contains subtitle streams)
- Update of HCEnc (to version 0.21)
- Update of MuxMan (to version 0.15R)

Version 1.02 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix: Some SA DVD Players had navigation problems (buttons doesn't work on menus created with MuxMan)
- UOPs may be set for titles and menus (MuxMan only)
- The menu type (audiomenu, subtitlemenu...) can be changed in the menu background dialog
- New timecode concept for NTSC: All timecodes in GfD (durations, chaptermarks...) are in 'real time' now
-- If the timecodes in the mpeg video are NTSC non drop frame, these are converted to 'real time'
-- Chapter marks should now fit better to the given timings (not perfect, i.e. for streams with pull down flags, but better...)
-- No 'wrong' warning for NTSC non drop frame mpeg files (Inconsistent Timecodes! SCR<>GOP)
- Some improvements for ChapEditGFD
-- The last frame set with the slider 'stays' if you release the mouse button
-- The timecode shown as tooltip on the slider is 'real time'
-- Chapter marks can be shown as icons below the slider for better 'visualization'
- New dvdauthor package (0.6.14)
- Update of HCEnc (to version 0.20)

-- Changed the start policy for HC: The encoder is started as HCEnc.exe (independent from the version)
-- If you use an own downloaded version of HC, copy it into the dvdauthor path and rename it to HCenc.exe

Version 1.01 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix: Videos could not be inserted from the root directory of a drive
-- (The error: 'No sequence header found' was raised)
- Copy to clipboard function for normal menu preview (not for 'AVS preview)
-- (Can be used to create 'transitions' with external programs

Version 1.00 includes to many new functions, therefore only some are mentioned:
- MuxMan can be used as alternative 'authoring engine'
- Playlists for chapters (or titles of an Audiotitleset)
- PlayAll button
- Pre/post command editor
- Blur for menus and background of Audiotitlesets
- ImgBurn support
- Iso-image creation
- Block and shadow effects for free text
- New dvdauthor package (0.6.13-GfD-1)
-- Includes these new patches: -w to supress some warnings; ensure vobunits have pts with at least 0.4 seconds
- Update of scripting for animated menus:
-- (DGIndex 1.4.8, Avisynth 2.5.7, QuEnc 0.71, HCEnc 0.19)

Version 0.99 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Settings may be changed without saving (IMPORTANT!)
-- If you click on OK within the default settings dialog, the settings are used for the current project only (or until you close GFD respectively). Only if 'Save' is clicked, the settings are saved in the registry.
- Settings may also be saves as 'presets'. This enables you to change settings for different kinds of menus (main/chapter) quite fast. Only reasonable settings are saved/loaded (no permanent or general project)
- New help system (context sensitive)
- Hide button for hidden formatting of automatically added buttons (like back-buttons)
-- Hidden formatted buttons are not created at all (neither in the png nor in the XML files)
- Fixed a bug for repositioning of buttons with underlying graphic
- Timeline is shown and fast forward/reverse possible for audio only titlesets
-- Thanks to C. Patel who created a small program (insnav) to add the necessary navigation packs
- Insnav may also be used for still menus with audio => better 'behaviour' on some (but not all) SA players
- New size presets (better fit / less interlace artifacts)
- New setting: No menus (in response to many requests...)
-- For single VTS no menus are created at all; for multi VTS empty (black) dummy mpegs are used (at least Nero rises an error otherwise), but these are never shown (jumped over)
-- If 'no menus' is activated, advanced mode and animations are disabled and the start/end actions are automatically set to 'Play movie' and 'Next title'
- Bugfix for the bitrate setting for menu backgrounds
- Bugfix for file select dialogs (these were wrongly show empty at the first start)
- Moving of elements (Buttons/Images/Animations) with cursor-keys possible
-- Use shift + cursor-keys to move elements with raster
- New checkbox: Loop with jump menu (fixes the shortening of loops for PowerDVD and some SA players)
- New checkbox (videofile dialog): Autostart subtitle - starts the movie with the first subtitlestream switched on
- ChapEdit uses white as standard color within the crop settings (usually you want to get rid of black borders... easier visible now)
- ChapEdit has a new checkbox: 'Create as 00:00:00.000'
-- Only selectable with 'No chapters' also checked and automatically untagged after usage.
May be used to save a clip or image as videofile_00_00_00.000.bmp/vob to avoid the (often only black) start frame. Should be used AFTER automatic chapter methods, otherwise the 'special' videofile_00_00_00.000.bmp/vob is overwritten with the 'standard' one
- Bugfix for switched menus with more than 5 buttons
- The highlight type: 'Gifmask only' may be set as default within the settings
- You can save a 'global' log file to log all 'CreateDVD' runs (only project name, output folder, contained video files and status are written)
- New compiled dvdauthor package (0.6.12-alpha-2992-GfD-5) which fixes the 11000 seconds bug (prior version crashed with videos longer than 11000 seconds ~ 3 hours and 5 minutes)

Version 0.98 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Wrong additional <subpicture> sections for 16:9 submenus removed
- & character in button/label texts possible
- Change of source directory is considered in add image/animation dialogs also
- For long filenames horizontal scrolling is enabled in the add image/animation/audio dialogs
- Resize of images can optionally be done 'proportional'
- Fixed an error for file name interpretation if a video file is replaced
- Warning if looping animated menus without anim. elements are found
- Requant size may be given as percentage also
- Bitrate/Sampl.freq./duration info for audio files in AC3 format added
- Delete all function for texts/images/free-/chapterbuttons of a menu
- Free definable raster size (as default and/or per menu)
-- Change: The point grid is always visible if tv safe area is shown
- Chapterbuttons may be added 'automatically' according to a definable grid (columns/rows/spacing)
- New type: Audiotitleset (titleset with audio files only)

Version 0.97.1 includes the following bugfixes:
- Bugfix for 'Switched menus' (no function without GifMask buttons again)
- Bugfix for interpretation of command line parameters
- New compiled dvdauthor package (0.6.12-alpha-2992-GfD-4)
-- Just a technical update using the new cygwin version 1.5.18 (old version crashed on some systems)

Version 0.97 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Better support for subtitles in SUP format (using sup2png)
-- More stable, all 16 colors supported, variable transparancy support
- New compiled dvdauthor package (0.6.12-alpha-2992-GfD-3)
- Subtitle palette is checked for compatibility with RGB colors
- For animated menus the HC encoder (batch version 0.15) is used by default
-- No buffer underrun errors for 'critical backgrounds'
-- QuEnc may still be used if you select it in the settings
- GfD 'remembers' its last window position
- The author.xml file may be formatted with comments
-- This simplifies editing as the GfD internal menu names are used

Version 0.96 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Support for subtitles in SUP format (using pxsup2dast)
- New compiled dvdauthor package (0.6.12-alpha-2992-GfD-2)
-- Free definable colors for subtitles (new spumux version necessary)
-- Support for subtitle palette files (IFO/PAL/RGB format)
- Free definable iso volume name (if you use the internal Nero burning feature)
- Bugfix for the error message: Avisynth plugin not found (was also raised if quenc was missing)
- Bugfix for button highlight (now always button 1024 is set if not otherwise stated)
- Bugfix for reading of gfd files (crash if drive not found)
- Bugfix for postaction of mainsubmenus
- Bugfix for length of animations (often to short if multiplexed material was used - also concerns ChapEditGFD)
- Bugfix for resize of graph. buttons (in autogroup mode)

Version 0.95.1 includes the following bugfixes
- Bugfix for 'Switched menus' (no function without GifMask buttons)
- Bugfix for HTML format of helpfilesv

Version 0.95 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
-- New designed user interface (more 'intuitively' - more 'windows conform')
-- GFD has a menu bar now (functions are easier to access)
-- Changed 'philosophy': Text/Images/Animations... are no longer added by Drag&Drop, but after selection of the 'tool' with a simple left click (like in most 'Paint' type programs). Movies and Chapterbuttons may still be added with Drag&Drop
-- With 'GoTo' from the menu bar you may access your already created menus quickly
-- Properties of the currently selected element may be changed by using 'Format' from the menu bar
-- Status bar for the most important settings (Single/Multi VTS, Start/End Action...)
-- Graphical indicator (green/yellow/red bar) for the actual project size
- Menu layouts can be copied from one menu to another
- Support for 'Switched menus'
- Adjustable delay for the button highlight
- 'Highlight only' for GifMasks (the GIF file is not shown at all, but only used for the highlight)
- Bugfix for replacing of images

Version 0.93 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Recompiled conspawn.exe as the 'old' was considered as a virus from AVK (THX Liquid!)
- New Resize functions:
-- The size of the presets can be adjusted according to the aspect ratio (like for 16:9 screenshots)
-- In addition some more presets are available which depend on the size of the original image (and keep the aspect ratio of the original)
-- Button that consist of a 'GifMask' only have size presets that depend on the size of the original GIF (and keep the aspect ratio)
-- If a button with underlying graphic is rescaled, the underlying graphic is rescaled too (if 'Autogroup' is switched on)
- The last added video may be deleted by removing the correspondent 'Filmbutton'
- If a project file from someone else (or an 'old' own file) is loaded, GFD tries to find the resources in your own defined folders (OutDir, Source directory...)
- Bugfix for adding 'free' buttons (if you cancel the dialog, no button is created now)
- Bugfix for timecode calculation (SCR is used in addition to GOP timecodes for multiplexed streams)

Version 0.92 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Preview for the final DVD structure before burning (Soft Player like MediaPlayerClassic, WinDVD or PowerDVD6 required)
- Buttons in 16:9 menus are now correct (letterboxed without Highlight displacement) on 4:3 TVs (special letterboxed versions of the Highlight/Selected buttons are automatically created)
- Integrated Editor (with syntax highlight) to edit the Author.xml file before DVD creation (also other control files like *.xml, *.bat and *.avs may be edited)
- VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders are written in an own DVD folder (avoids problems for preview with WinDVD and image creation with imgtool)
- Each menu activates a button highlight (normally button1) to avoid problems with some sa players like Pioneer DV-470
- The file extension .gfd is registrated (only by 'Setup install' - if you do a 'By Hand install', you need to do it yourself). Thus *.gfd files may be started (loaded) with a doubleclick within the Windows Explorer (or another file manager)
- The current project (if already saved/loaded) is shown in the title bar

Version 0.91 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix for end action=next title for multipage main menus
- Bugfix for wrong 'autoincrement' transparency in Def. Settings
- Bugfix for picture/animations if these are in a root directory (like C: or D:...)
- Bugfix for the Avisynth script generation (sometimes deleted + reinserted Buttons were at wrong positions)
- Bugfix for ChapEditGFD (with one chapter every XX minutes there was often one missing)
- Selectable Number of Frames for still menus (some stand alone players (Pioneer) have problems with only one frame)
- new (external) tool for simple converting of (transparent!) animated GIF in 32 bit AVI files
can also be used to convert one BMP picture to GIF (e.g. for GifMasks) or several BMP files to AVI (also with transparency)
- new compiled dvdauthor packed:
Use 16bps for mp2 audio as standard (repairs problems with some sa players like Medion 7457)
Use nopanscan for 16:9 films (standard is also for commercial DVDs)
New spumux syntax for Windows98/ME (repairs the 2GB limit for videos with subtitles)
- compatibility with W98/ME improved (CreateDVD runs now)

Version 0.89 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix for project reload with multipage main menus
- Own directories for images/animations/audios
- Preset sizes for graph. elements in the default settings

Version 0.88 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Multi page main menu (up to 10 pages)
- Thereby rising the max. number of titles to 98
- New Installer (NSIS based)
- Position indicator during drag&drop
- Fixed a bug for masks (in submenus)
- Fixed a bug for back-button (in submenus)

Version 0.87 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Fixed an important bug for animated menus in NTSC (older versions used the wrong FPS rate!)
- Update of QuEnc (version 0.59 beta 2 included in the 'Beginners package', min. version 0.55 required)
- Update of dvdauthor binaries to version 0.6.12-alpha-2992

Version 0.86 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Multilanguage (German and English ATM, if someone likes to translate the program to another language contact me in one of the support boards)
- AutoCrop + AutoChapter
- New button concept:
-- Masks and round buttons (using transparent gif files)
-- Graphical buttons with automatically added labels
-- Collision test (if bottons overlap, an error is raised)
- Newdesign of the Default Settings dialog (a lot of new settings...)
- Newdesign of the Menu-Background dialog
- (Simple) Templates possible
- The properties of clips/images with overlayed button may be accessed with Shift (or Ctrl or Alt) + right mouseclick
- The buttons in ChapEditGFD are now "autorepeating" (hold button longer than 0.3 sec)
- Update of dvdauthor binaries to Version 0.6.11 (Thx to liquid217 forum)

Version 0.83 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Temp directory for all files generated by a 'Create DVD' run This temp directory may be automatically deleted after finish
- Preview is moved into a separate program (GFDDSView). This allows you to use other programs (WMP, VirtualDubMod...) too
- Bugfix for reload of the 'Video and Audio file' dialog (for videos > 1 GB)
- Commandline parameters
- Automatic and manual burn facility (using Nero)
- (Log-) windows may be minimized during DVD creation process
- The "BackButton" is now by default the last one of a menu
- Better picture quality for still menus (GFD now uses png2yuv instead of jpg2yuv)
- In ChapEditGFD it is possible to save just pictures (without creation of chaptermarks)

Version 0.80 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix for reload of the 'Video and Audio file' (ntsc framerates)
- Elementary Videostreams may be requantized (mpeg2 only!)

Version 0.79.1 includes the following bugfix
- Fixed an error for calculating the 'Total size' if the 'Video and Audio file' dialog was reloaded

Version 0.79 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Free definable buttons in the main menu
- Better selection of allowed actions
- Updated documentation (I forgot about it for Version 0.78)

Version 0.78 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfix for reload of the 'Video and Audio file dialog' if 10 or more titles are contained
- New installation concept: Now all installation packages include the dvdauthor binaries, except the 'EXE only' and 'Update' downloads
- The pause after a menu may be spezified. (In prior version this was fixed to 'inf' = infinite) Use Right-click on the menu background to change.
- The default action after a menu may be spezified. Useful to create 'Autostart' DVDs: Set the pause of the main menu to any value in seconds (not 'inf'!) and choose the action to do after this time in the listbox (like 'jump titleset 1 menu' for multi VTS or 'jump title1 chapter 1' for single VTS DVDs) Remark: You should set the 'End action' to 'Next title' for such DVDs, otherwise the first title is restarted over and over again...

Version 0.77 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Bugfixes in the Video and Audio file dialog
- Bugfix in the format dialog for subtitles (for non PAL framerates)
- Added language tags (for audio and subtitles)
- Autogroup for graphical buttons
- Autoadd images/clips for chapters

Version 0.75 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- New Chaptereditor/Previewer (ChapEditGFD)
- Videostream may be 'exchanged' within the 'Video + Audiofile dialog'
- TV Safe Area may be shown
- Extended Crop syntax (either symmetric: One number of pixels all around, or asym.: left, top, -right, -bottom)
- Bugfix for looping menus using SingleVTS
- Bugfix for preview (in NTSC 16:9 menus)

Version 0.7 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Submenus (also for subtitles, language selection...)
- Free defined buttons (not for the VMGM menu)
- You may change of the Z-order for images, buttons, animations...
- A "master batch" file is created.

Version 0.6 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Animated menus (AviSynth and QuEnc necessary)
- Intro movie
- You can select that the next film is played directly (without return in the main menu) for multi VTS also.

Version 0.5 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- New dialog for the menu background (right-click). Here an audio file can be inserted -> menus with sound. In addition the output directory is used as default for the 'open image' dialog.
- In case you use Windows in 'HighColor (16 bit colors)' mode, Frame -type buttons did not work - > fixed
- Frame - type buttons can be rounded.
- Graphic buttons can be created by default. The necessary pictures should be created and inserted before; afterwards drag & drop the MPEG files directly on the appropriate image.
- In Nero there was an error if no titlesets were used, since no VTS_01_0.VOB file was present. - > an empty (black) picture is created, so that Nero is content (you will never see this picture anyway...)
- If no titlesets are used, you can select that the next film is played directly (without return in the main menu)
- The picture added last (or free text) can be deleted from the context menu (right-click).
- The default text for the (automatically created) 'back - button' in titleset menus can be selected.
- For MP2 audio files additional information (bit rate, duration...) is shown.
- Improved algorithm for the calculation of the multiplex overhead for elementary video (and audio) streams.
- In case the prior used output directory has been deleted, the next higher level directory is used by default (except the next higher level is the root directory)

Version 0.4 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- Preview for menus
- Save and load project possibilities
- Some special effects for buttons
- Custom size images
- Check for Navigation packs in mpg files
- Formatting for subtitles
- Sometimes buttons were hidden behind images -> fixed

Version 0.02 includes the following bugfixes/new functions:
- In the "add image" dialog it was not possible to change the drive/path
- If a "Create DVD" is done you will be asked if the folder VIDEO_TS should be deleted
- If you use titlesets (multi VTS) you may select if the chapter menu will be shown first ("Show menu") or start the movie directly ("Play movie"). Further you may select to jump either to the main menu or to the chaptermenu ("Titleset menu") after the movie
- For the calculation of the "TotalSize" a mux overhead of 8% is assumed

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