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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Free Download Manager [Nov 11, 2022] STABLE
- "Uncompleted" downloads filter.
- "Enable list of predefined trackers" setting.
- Fixed: completed downloads could end up in the wrong state if auto-shutdown option was used.
- Fixed: bug adding trackers to torrent downloads.
- Fixed: finished torrent download could not resume seeding after an error occurred.
- Fixed: various UI bugs.
- Fixed: Windows: workaround: bug launching Python. [Oct 28, 2022] STABLE
- UI zoom settings.
- Remote access: improved stability.
- HTTP downloads: improved speed and stability.
- Improved HLS downloads support.
- "Enable standalone create new downloads windows" option.
- Minor improvements.
- Fixed: downloads priorities mechanism was broken.
- Fixed: bug working in a multi-monitor configuration.
- Fixed: FDM was resetting downloads sort mode at startup in case user-sort mode was enabled.
- Fixed: minor bugs.
- Fixed: Windows: "Failed to create OpenGL context" error message at startup on some configurations.
- Fixed: Windows: bug working with UNC paths.
- Fixed: Linux: clicking on the other apps' notifications could bring FDM to foreground.
- For developers: add-ons: console.log output goes to the log file now.

v6.17.0.4792 [Aug 18, 2022] STABLE
- Remote access.
- BitTorrent: setting for changing port for incoming connections.
- File integrity check: SHA-512 support added.
- Improved startup time in some cases.
- Possibility to rename already downloaded files.
- Possibility to sort downloads using Status column.
- Show/hide some columns in the downloads list.
- Minor interface improvements.
- Fixed: bug in the shutting down process, which probably could lead to damage of service data.
- Fixed: FDM was not able to move files on some drives.
- Fixed: minor bugs.
- Fixed: Windows: [experimental] Software mode is enabled by default instead of OpenGL to hopefully avoid various issues.
- Fixed: macOS: bug detecting system theme.

v6.16.2.4586 [May 18, 2022] STABLE
- Fixed: FDM could ignore maximum download count setting in some cases.
- Fixed: it was not possible to choose a file with add-on in some cases.
- Fixed: bug of automatic detection of the current language.
- Fixed: minor bugs.
- Fixed: Android: cross-app scripting vulnerability.
- Fixed: Linux: FDM could not start under Ubuntu 22.04.

v6.16.1.4558 [Apr 5, 2022] STABLE
- "Notify me of new downloads via Notification Center" setting.
- "Ignore upload ratio limit" downloads context menu checkbox.
- Browser extension: Http Live Stream (HLS) downloads support added.
- ICY stream downloads support added.
- Minor interface improvements.
- Android: "Share link with FDM Browser" menu added.
- Android: Built-in web browser: a simple media grabber added.
- Fixed: too high memory usage due to downloads' previews images.
- Fixed: in some cases FDM could stop HTTP download with no resume support on its own.
- Fixed: various Http Live Stream (HLS) downloads bugs.
- Fixed: bug processing HTTP ETag.
- Fixed: various bugs converting media files to MP4/MP3.
- Fixed: browser extension could damage FDM settings (for runtime only).
- Fixed: various interface bugs.
- Fixed: macOS: random crashes when downloading/seeding.
- Fixed: Android: in some cases, FDM was not letting the user to download to the directories outside of its private folder.
- Fixed: Linux: bug moving files to trash.

v6.16.0.4468 [Feb 18, 2022] STABLE
- Add-ons.
- HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) support added.
- Libtorrent updated to 1.2.15.
- Added support for some antiviruses.
- Ability to enable auto retry for a download in specific error state.
- Option to indicate active download and upload using the tray icon.
- Report about file convert failures.
- HTTP ETag support.
- Media files converter: ask about existing files.
- Minor interface improvements.
- Notifications about downloads: treat parent and its child downloads as a single one. And thus generate one notification for all of them.
- Android: "Allow data roaming" option.
- Android: improved system notification about downloads in progress.
- Fixed: minor interface bugs.
- Fixed: bug importing HTTP downloads from FDM5.
- Fixed: Windows: incompatibility with Opus.
- Fixed: Windows: bugs working with the long files paths.
- Fixed: Windows: show native files paths to the user.
- Fixed: Linux: Brave browser support.
- Fixed: Linux: FDM could not detect files removal in some cases.

v6.15.3.4236 [Oct 16, 2021] STABLE
- Fixed: FDM was generating false download failed notifications if the silent monitoring was turned on.

v6.15.3.4234 [Oct 15, 2021] STABLE
- Fixed: FDM could hang in some cases.
- Fixed: minor bugs.
- Fixed: Windows: FDM was preventing storage from safe removal.
- Fixed: Linux: bug moving files to trash.

v6.15.2.4167 [Sep 3, 2021] STABLE
- Improved database backup mechanism.
- Save converted files directly to the specified directory, if converting not a whole download.
- Force show foreground the main window in case FDM must ask the user about what to do with an existing file.
- Fixed: FDM database was never compacted so it continue to always grow up in size.
- Fixed: work around the case that OS can mislead FDM about the current Internet connection state.
- Fixed: HTTP -> torrent was processed incorrectly, which could lead to serious troubles in export/import mechanism.
- Fixed: minor interface bugs.
- Fixed: Windows: main window's title bar was not following chosen theme in some cases.

v6.15.1.4143 [Aug 30, 2021] STABLE
- Windows: improved support of the dark theme.
- Fixed: FDM was crashing trying to start downloads created in previous versions.

v6.15.0.4140 [Aug 27, 2021] STABLE
- Move downloads up and down in the list.
- "Save as..." button in Create Download dialog.
- BitTorrent settings tab added.
- Reset settings to defaults button added.
- Remember chosen quality, file type, etc. when creating a new download.
- Check for a new version of FDM: show changelog.
- "Restore hidden state when finished adding new downloads" option.
- "Download link likely expired" dialog.
- "Missing Files" filter.
- Minor interface improvements.
- macOS: full screen mode support.
- Android: open download links in the built-in web browser.
- Fixed: FDM could not notice file removal in some cases.
- Fixed: several days were missing in scheduler's interface.
- Fixed: various bugs and problems of exporting/importing downloads.
- Fixed: minor interface bugs.
- Fixed: Windows: FDM was conflicting with itself when running under different accounts simulteneously.
- Fixed: macOS: import data from FDM5 was completely broken.
- Fixed: macOS: FDM was using discrete graphics only on macOS supporting switchable devices.
- Fixed: Android: magnet links were not intercepted in the built-in browser.
- Fixed: Android: in some cases interface was ignoring option to automatically remove downloads with deleted files.
- Fixed: Android: built-in web browser was not sending HTTP referrer header in some cases.

v6.14.2.3973 [May 21, 2021] STABLE
- UI: show the reason of disabled automatic downloads (e.g. due to low battery)
- "Automatically remove deleted files from download list" option redesign. Service .freedownloadmanager folders are not created anymore and can be safely deleted.
- Fixed: bug shutting down FDM (some downloads states could not be saved in some cases)
- Fixed: various interface bugs.
- Fixed: disable "Move Files" menu for downloads merging files.
- Fixed: Windows: bug detecting online state.

v6.14.1.3935 [Apr 16, 2021] STABLE
- Various interface improvments.
- Fixed: various interface bugs.
- Fixed: HTTP/HTTPS downloads could not be stopped in some cases.
- Fixed: bug converting from MKV to MP3.
- Fixed: macOS: blurred images on Retina displays.

v6.14.0.3798 [Mar 19, 2021] STABLE
- UI: ask for confirmation on quit in case there are operations with no resume support in progress.
- Show convert to mp3/mp4 operations progress and abort button.
- Torrents: start/stop all seeding downloads menu.
- Torrents: show green folder buttons for finished torrents.
- Minor interface improvements and fixes.
- macOS: Dock icon progress UI redesign.
- Fixed: app was restarted automatically after installation of updates even if it should not to.
- Fixed: download playlist/video menus in the web browser extension did not work properly if silent mode is enabled.
- Fixed: bug sorting downloads by size

v6.13.4.3616 [Feb 9, 2021] STABLE
- Toolbar's "Pause"/"Start" buttons now works for the seeding torrents also.
- Show merge operations progress.
- macOS: "Show total upload speed in the Dock icon" option.
- Fixed: Google Drive downloads issues.
- Fixed: Update total speed indicators without significant lag.
- Fixed: Incorrect source page URL was shown if a download was added via Google Chrome browser (requires at least 3.0.55 version of extension).
- Fixed: Windows: bugs updating FDM5 to FDM6.

v6.13.3.3555 [Jan 22, 2021] STABLE
- Option to report download errors.
- 720p for playlist and channels.
- Fixed: Windows: it was impossible to launch FDM on PCs with some third party software interfering with FDM.
- Fixed: Windows: FDM was crashing in some cases due to the buggy OpenGL user-mode drivers (experimental fix).

v6.13.2.3510 [Jan 18, 2021] STABLE
- "Open download page" menu.
- Fixed: "Perform virus check" menu did not work with custom antivirus.
- Fixed: Windows: it was impossible to launch FDM on PCs with some third party software interfering with FDM.
- Fixed: Windows: FDM was crashing in some cases due to the buggy OpenGL user-mode drivers (experimental fix).

v6.13.1.3480 [Jan 5, 2021] STABLE
- Fixed: FDM could not detect and use Wi-Fi network in some cases.
- Fixed: Windows: it was impossible to launch FDM on PCs with some third party software interfering with FDM.
- Fixed: Windows: FDM was crashing in some cases due to the buggy OpenGL user-mode drivers (experimental fix).
- Fixed: FFmpeg support was broken under macOS and Linux.

v6.13.0.3463 [Dec 25, 2020] STABLE
- Standalone downloads windows (includes option to automatically launch download on completion).
- Possibility to re-download already downloaded file ("Check for update" menu).
- Rename/overwrite/ask what to do if a file with the same name exists already (desktop versions only for now).
- macOS: Always show total download/upload speed in the Dock icon.
- macOS: A better looking progress bar in the Dock icon.
- Android: Quit app menu.
- Android: Generic bugs fixes.

v6.12.1.3374 [Nov 18, 2020] STABLE
- Fixed: FDM was not checking last modified date on server to detect if resource was changed.
- Fixed: Minor interface bugs.
- Fixed: macOS: bug removing fdm5 auto startup entry.
- Fixed: macOS: web extension support was broken.
- Fixed: Android: "fixed download folder" setting text was invisible in the dark theme.

v6.12.0.3350 [Nov 11, 2020] STABLE
- Improved tags support: assign tags for new downloads automatically according to files extensions; assign default download folders to tags.
- Sound notifications.
- Option to enable/disable automatic retry of failed downloads.
- Option to enable/disable notification about failed downloads.
- Show file remove errors.
- Brave browser support.
- Setting to adjust the default limit of 100 videos.
- Support of downloading 5K and 8K videos.
- Torrents: no seeding in Snail mode.
- Android: improved support of Android 11.
- Android: "Share link" browsers menu support.
- Android: battery usage settings.
- Fixed: some traffic limits settings changes were not applied until app restart.
- Fixed: Windows and Linux: unwanted text blurring.
- Fixed: Windows: total downloading progress was not shown immediately when opening main window from tray.
- Fixed: macOS: app was not hidden when launched automatically at startup.

v6.11.0.3218 [Sep 4, 2020] STABLE
- Option to set a fixed default download folder for all new downloads (supports macros).
- Export/import settings and downloads.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.11.0.3217 [Sep 4, 2020] STABLE
- Option to set a fixed default download folder for all new downloads (supports macros).
- Export/import settings and downloads.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.10.2.3107 [Jul 24, 2020] STABLE
- The minimum possible size of the main window is decreased.
- General bug fixes.

v6.10.1.3069 [Jul 3, 2020] STABLE
- General bug fixes.

v6.10.1.3051 [Jun 25, 2020] STABLE
- Automatic retry of failed downloads.
- General bug fixes.

v6.10.0.3016 [Jun 5, 2020] STABLE
- Portable version support (Windows only).
- More browsers supported: Edge (Chromium based version only), Vivaldi, Opera.
- General bug fixes.

v6.9.1.2947 [May 18, 2020] STABLE
- General bug fixes.

v6.9.0.2927 [May 15, 2020] STABLE
- Android: built-in web browser.
- Improved support of Google Drive.
- Download videos from Facebook.
- Add mirror links.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.8.2.2818 [Apr 2, 2020] Release Candidate
- General bug fixes.

v6.8.2.2816 [Apr 1, 2020] Release Candidate
- Add trackers feature.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.8.1.2780 [Mar 26, 2020] Release Candidate
- General bug fixes.

v6.8.1.2772 [Mar 25, 2020] Release Candidate
- General bug fixes.

v6.8.0.2748 [Mar 19, 2020] Release Candidate
- "Connections" tab.
- Option to assign a virus scanner to scan each downloaded file.
- Convert media files to mp3.
- Option to automatically remove finished downloads.
- Android: scheduler.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.7.0.2533 [Jan 24, 2020] Release Candidate
- Fully automatic database backup system.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.7.0.2439 [Dec 30, 2019] Release Candidate
- Automatic import from FDM5.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.6.0.2261 [Nov 29, 2019] BETA
+ Various features.
- Minor improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.5.1.2124 [Nov 3, 2019] ALPHA
- General bug fixes and improvements.

v6.5.0.2062 [Oct 22, 2019] ALPHA
- General bug fixes and improvements.

v6.5.0.2035 [Oct 17, 2019] ALPHA
- General bug fixes.

v6.5.0.2021 [Oct 15, 2019] ALPHA
- Major improvements and updates.
- Lot of bug fixes.

v6.4.0 [build 1819, Aug 19, 2019] ALPHA
- General bug fixes.

v6.4.0 [build 1805, Aug 14, 2019] ALPHA
+ Various features.
- General bug fixes.

v6.3.0 [build 1696, Jul 22, 2019] ALPHA
+ Various features.
* Android: redesigned UI.
- General bug fixes.

v6.2.0 [build 1533, Jun 4, 2019] ALPHA
- General bug fixes.

v6.2.0 [build 1526, May 31, 2019] ALPHA
+ YouTube support.
+ Various features.
- General bug fixes.

v6.1.0 [build 1320, Mar 29, 2019] ALPHA
+ Minor interface improvements.
- General bug fixes.

v6.1.0 [build 1291, Mar 23, 2019] ALPHA
- General bug fixes.

v6.1.0 [build 1284, Mar 21, 2019] ALPHA
+ Linux version.
+ Torrents.
+ Various features.
- General bug fixes.

v6.0.0 [build 840, Oct 30, 2018] ALPHA
+ Windows and Mac OS X versions.
- General bug fixes.

v6.0.0 [build 559, Sep 7, 2018] ALPHA
+ Android version. First release.

v5.1.38 [build 7312, Jan 31, 2019] STABLE
- General bug fixes.

v5.1.37 [build 7302, Jan 24, 2019] STABLE
- General bug fixes.

v5.1.37 [build 7297, Dec 27, 2018] STABLE
- Silent update

v5.1.37 [build 7274, Sep 28, 2018] STABLE
- Fixed incompatibility with macOS 10.14 (Mojave).

v5.1.37 [build 7258, May 28, 2018] STABLE
- YouTube functional is improved.
- General bug fixes.

v5.1.36 [build 7160, May 11, 2018] STABLE
+ User interface: Dark theme.
- Several YouTube video downloading bugs fixed.
* Firefox and Chrome extensions updated.

v5.1.35 [build 7092, Apr 28, 2018] STABLE
- YouTube functional is improved.
- General bug fixes.
Dark interface is coming.

v5.1.34 [build 6885, Dec 28, 2017] STABLE
- General bug fixes.

v5.1.34 [build 6876, Dec 25, 2017] STABLE
- Qt updated to 5.10.
- WinDivert updated to 1.3.
- General bug fixes.

v5.1.33 [build 6791, Oct 27, 2017] STABLE
- [Win] Fixed issues when FDM couldn't seed due to Windows Firewall.
- [Win] Fiixed issues with lagging on Wi-Fi networks.
- [MacOS] Fixed random crashes when downloading torrents.
- Added Firefox 57+ support.
- General bugfixes and improvements.

v5.1.32 [build 6573, Jul 26, 2017] STABLE
- General bug fixes and stability improvements

v5.1.32 [build 6561, Jul 21, 2017] BETA
- Improved work with downloads on external drives.
- General bug fixes

v5.1.30 [build 6509, Jun 30, 2017] STABLE
- Bug fixes: HTTP downloads (login info), UI, moving downloads, context menu, etc.
- Downgraded some third-party libraries
- Allow moving downloads even if they're running
- Added translations

v5.1.29 [build 6471, Jun 16, 2017] STABLE
- Bug fixes: UI, torrents, notifications, crashes, etc.

v5.1.29 [build 6456, Jun 9, 2017] BETA
- Bug fixes (HTTP downloads, update, UI)
- Updated third-party libraries

v5.1.29 [build 6411, May 26, 2017] BETA
- [Torrents] Fixed an issue with filename conflicts
- [Downloads] When moving downloads, the progress is now reflected in the progress bar
- General bug fixes

v5.1.28 [build 6375, May 18, 2017] STABLE
- Fixed issue with excessive backup
- Added buttons to control downloads priority (hover over "Speed") and files priority in the Files tab for torrents
- General bug fixes

v5.1.27 [build 6303, May 5, 2017] STABLE
- Bug fixes (HTTP downloads, Paste URLs from Clipboard, macOS quitting, torrents, UI)

v5.1.27 [build 6280, Apr 28, 2017] BETA
- Bug fixes (UI, downloads deletion, HTTP(S), macOS protocol associations, etc.)
- Added translations

v5.1.27 [build 6217, Apr 14, 2017] BETA
- [Torrents] Revamped the whole module, got rid of unnecessary dependencies
- [UI] Major changes to modal dialogs and design in general
- [UI] Added Progress tab to the Info panel
- [Downloads] Added suggestion to finish a previously failed download instead of creating a new one
- General bug fixes and optimizations

v5.1.26 [build 5889, Mar 17, 2017] STABLE
- [Youtube] Improved parser to work with new pages
- [macOS] Disabled network configuration monitoring module to improve performance on macOS for WiFi connections
- [Edge] Restart integration module on update (please see "Known issues" below)
- [Update on macOS] Fixes for update breaking audio/video streams merging and next update (please see "Known issues" below)
- [Scheduler] Fixed issues with specifying schedule before adding a download
- [Win] Fixed issue when restarting an HTTP download would delete the file afterwards
- [Batch downloads] Minor fixes
- [IE] Bug fixes for context menus on extension install/uninstall
- General bugfixes and performance improvements
Known issues:
- [macOS] Please restart FDM manually after update (Otherwise "Merging streams" hangs forever for Youtube 480p/1080p etc.)
- [Win] Please restart your computer after update to enable Edge browser integration.

v5.1.25 [build 5816, Feb 22, 2017] STABLE
- Fixed an issue with browser integration on initial installation
- HTTP: fixed an issue with idle threads that are no longer needed

v5.1.24 [build 5803, Feb 17, 2017] STABLE
- Added multiple selection in the Files tab for torrents
- Update: FDM will relaunch without a prompt dialog when there are no active downloads
- HTTP(S): internal changes and bugfixes
- Youtube: added parsing for new types of pages
- Updated third party libs
- General bugfixes (UI, torrents, etc.)

v5.1.23 [build 5672, Jan 20, 2017] STABLE
- Creation/modification date file attributes are now set to server-provided date on download completion
- Allow changing URLs for downloads that failed to receive metadata
- Added markers for downloads with High/Low priority
- Added checkbox for starting download immediately after changing URL
- UI/UX changes (bottom panel behaviour, style fixes etc.)
- General bugfixes and stability improvements

v5.1.23 [build 5634, Jan 13, 2017] BETA
- Added Change URL option to context menu for HTTP(S) downloads
- Optimizations for pausing torrent downloads on macOS
- Temporarily skip catching downloads from Yahoo Mail attachments
- Bugfixes (Flash/HTML5 video catching, batch downloads, etc.)

v5.1.22 [build 5597, Dec 30, 2016] STABLE
- Added option to import multiple URLs from clipboard
- General bugfixes and stability improvements

v5.1.22 [build 5561, Dec 26, 2016] BETA
- Download Flash/HTML5 videos from browsers (make sure extensions are installed and enabled)
- UI improvements
- General bugfixes and stability improvements

v5.1.21 [build 5461, Dec 15, 2016] STABLE
- Bugfixes (automatic files removal option, some internal changes, etc.)

v5.1.21 [build 5442, Dec 9, 2016] BETA
- Torrents: fixed "time remaining" field for magnets (UI)
- Allow updates from standard user on macOS (admin authorization required)
- Temporarily skip catching downloads from Gmail attachments (investigating an issue)
- Bugfixes (UI, browser integration, etc.)

v5.1.20 [build 5362, Nov 25, 2016] STABLE
- Added batch downloads
- Added option to automatically remove downloads from list when files are deleted from disk
- Added option to prevent sleep when uploading torrents
- Bugfixes (browser integration, thumbnails, UI, etc.)
- Updated Chrome extension to v2.1.14 (browser restart needed)

v5.1.19 [build 5166, Oct 21, 2016] STABLE
- Updated Scheduler
- Updated localizations sketch (Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese)
- UI improvements (Settings, "Completed" tab, messages)
- Improved interaction with antiviruses (Windows)
- Bugfixes and stability improvements

v5.1.19 [build 5047, Oct 11, 2016] BETA
- Added two options for downloading with/without FDM using Alt
- Schedule downloads to be run on certain days of the week in a specified time frame
- Localization sketch (Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese)
- Various bugfixes (related to update, thumbnails, torrents, native Mac menu etc.)

v5.1.18 [build 4671, Sep 9, 2016] STABLE
- Fixed a memory consumption issue on Mac OS X

v5.1.17 [build 4597, Aug 23, 2016] STABLE
- General bugfixes

v5.1.17b [build 4585, Aug 22, 2016] BETA
- Added "File Integrity" option to context menu (calculate MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256)
- Configure how you want to turn off computer when downloads are completed (hibernate/put to sleep/shut down)
- Edge browser integration module general improvements
- General bugfixes (including autoupdate fixes)

v5.1.16 [build 4477, Aug 12, 2016] BETA
- Major improvements to the "Catch links without confirmation" mode
- Option to shut down computer when all downloads are completed
- Option to suggest download folder based on domain
- Edge browser integration module performance improvements
- General bugfixes
Known issues:
- autoupdate is broken.
- integration with Edge browser has several issues.

v5.1.15 [build 4279, Jul 18, 2016] STABLE
- Improved file removal on Windows version
- Fixed the “File changed on remote server” error for some servers
- Added ability to restore settings to their original defaults
- Improved browser integration stability
- Minor UI fixes
- Other stability fixes

v5.1.14 [build 4229, Jul 1, 2016]
- Improved integration with Edge on Windows (previously, overall network speed was reduced)
- Increased speed and fixed support of resumed downloads
- Improved browser integration stability
- Improved Youtube download stability
- Optimized work with large download lists
- Fixed torrent-related crashes
- Fixed torrent file size limit for the Chrome browser
- Fixed the torrents adding issue
- Fixed the file name definition issue while adding a download
- Fixed Windows Launch at startup
- Fixed the drag & drop function on Mac
- Added proxy servers support for torrents
- Added the file hosting services whitelist where it is not possible to catch links from browsers (,,

v5.1.13 [build 4039, Jun 8, 2016]
- Minor fix for catching links immediately after update

v5.1.13 [build 4036, Jun 1, 2016]
- Catch links without confirmation ("Silent monitoring")
- FDM will check if it's your default torrent client (you can easily disable that)
- Settings redesigned
- Improved filename detection for non-RFC servers
- BitTorrent: "Force reannouce" feature; more peer flags on "Peers" tab
- Windows: updater minor bugfixes
- Bugfix: installer was not deleted after update
- Mac OS X: fixed a crash when FDM is running under multiple users
- Other stability fixes

v5.1.12 [build 3865, May 11, 2016]
- Added a warning if your disk space is insufficient to finish all downloads (works even without preallocation).
- Windows: CEF updated to 3.2623.1397.
- Firefox: apply monitoring settings without browser restart.
- Stability improvements (mostly concerning the update process).
- Manual update minor fix: two steps (Download & Install) are joined into one.
- Safari: a new context menu item "Download Image with FDM". Minor fixes. Safari extension should still be updated manually by clicking an "extension" link in Preferences > Browser Integration.
- Windows: fixed a few problems with IE extension installation.

v5.1.11 [build 3817, Apr 29, 2016]
Some new features:
- "Download To..." menu item (e.g. if files are missing)
- A special "Queued" status if a download is added in Snail mode, or traffic limits are reached.
- IE extension: extract suggested file name from Content-Disposition.
- Could not download from with a Premium account.
- Windows: drag&drop fixes.
- Firefox extension: YouTube button appearance bugfix.
- Don't add redundant "txt" extension for "Content-Type: text/plain" if there is a known extension already.
- Minor fixes: bottom panel resize, error messages, sort order, filename validation.

v5.1.10 [build 3744, Apr 20, 2016]
- Magnet links: speeded up finding peers in some cases.
- FDM couldn't update itself from server with some proxies.
- Fixed: MS Edge disappeared from monitoring settings.
- Torrent settings: Peer exchange & uTP turned on by default.
- Firefox extension: don't show "fatal error" after uninstalling FDM.
- Mac OS X 10.11: dropping a magnet link directly to FDM Dock icon (without a delay) now works.
- A few stability improvements.
Various UI changes:
- Download list: hovering the mouse over the upload speed now reveals "Stop seeding" button.
- Windows: FDM main window now doesn't lose focus when context menu is opened.
- "Torrent" & "YouTube" are now filters, not tags.
- More clear icons for "Start all" & "Pause all".
- Bugfix: YouTube video quality list could be disabled sometimes.
- Can now rename a download (file or folder) when adding it. Actually, it worked in previous builds, but it wasn't clear from UI.
- Multiple minor fixes (mouse cursor, modal window widths, error messages, drag & drop tags, etc).
- Speeded up UI response to some actions.

v5.1.9 [build 3627, Apr 7, 2016]
- Toggle bottom panel by clicking the selected item
- Simplified toggle seeding for multiple torrents at once
- Relative paths now based on the default Download folder
- Improved double-clicking on incomplete downloads
- Fixed detecting file extension for some servers
- Improved resuming YouTube downloads when the file is removed
- Windows: browser integration option 'ALT must be pressed' now available for all the supported browsers
- Fixed catching links from Internet Explorer in some cases

v5.1.8 [build 3568, Apr 1, 2016]
- Correcty handle POST downloads.
- Move files to Trash instead of deleting from disk.
- YouTube: improved download speed for DASH links.
- An option to restart download from context menu.
- Mac OS X: Finder's Quick Look functionality (press space).
- Automatically detect UTF-8 filenames for the servers which don't respect RFC-6266 recommendations on Content-Disposition.
- Torrents: apply traffic limits to local peers.
- DHT enabled by default.
- Fixed an incorrect error message while adding certain magnet links.
- Preallocation queue bugfix.
- Mac OS X: drag & drop fixes: can now drop a link directly to Dock; fixed a problem with dropping URLs with Unicode chars.
- Windows: show context menu on Menu key.
Few UI improvements:
- Added seeding indicator for all torrents, even with zero speed;
- Simplified bottom panel.
Safari extension:
- Downloads interception temporarily turned off, we need to make it better;
- Bugfixes: context menu item "Download with FDM" didn't work for some websites.
Note for Safari users (Mac OS X): the extension isn't updated automatically (waiting for Extension Gallery approval). To update the extension to the latest version (v0.7.5), please click the extension link in Preferences > Browser Integration.

v5.1.7 [build 3456, Mar 24, 2016]
- Windows: bugfixes for display scale more than 100%
- Ability to drag & drop tags to downloads
- Log context menu: you can copy or save it to file
- Minor UI bugfixes

v5.1.6 [build 3387, Mar 22, 2016]
- File space preallocation for big files (see Settings > Advanced). Please tell us how it works for you.
- Experimental support for Microsoft Edge (see Settings > Monitoring). We can only handle http links, not https.
The latest Windows Insider build (14291) has some Edge extensions support, but it still lacks the features we need to make it work. We requested additional information from Microsoft, but they will unlikely give us any reply. Keep waiting for any news from Redmond.
- Windows: CEF updated to the latest release version (3.2623.1395). Should fix some crashes and the “rocket scrolling” with a mouse wheel.
- Fixed: Chrome/Firefox integration could stop working in some cases.
Minor UI features:
- Log autoscrolling;
- Context menu to remove tag from the current download (bottom panel > General).

v5.1.5 [build 3224, Mar 16, 2016]
- Proxy support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP
- HTTP authentication (Basic Auth)
- Windows: FDM window didn't become foreground in some cases
- Some fixes for restarting YouTube downloads
- Preview generator fixes: transparency, etc.
- Drag & drop links from Internet Explorer
- Check if the file has changed on server before continuing to download it
- Problem with encoding: excessive percent signs in file names
- UI minor fixes

v5.1.4 [build 3001, Feb 22, 2016, Windows only]
- Windows: erroneous error message from system at FDM start is fixed

v5.1.4 [build 2996, Feb 19, 2016]
- Windows: notifications about complete downloads (see Settings > General > Notifications)
- Stability improvements: fixed a couple of crashes
- Various UI fixes: long logs couldn't be selected entirely; poor performance with torrents containing hundreds of files, etc.
- Correctly handle the fact that you can't drag&drop an URL from Internet Explorer to another app

v5.1.3 [build 2938, Feb 16, 2016]
- Prioritize downloads (via context menu)
- Snail mode: download at a low speed (2.5 KBytes/sec per connection) without closing any connections
- Significantly improved interaction between core and UI, which should result in lower CPU and memory consumption
- Tutorial about monitoring settings: show it when the first download is caught from browser
- Splash screen and many other minor UI fixes like simplified errors displaying
- Fixed very slow moving to external drive
- Ability to rename a download when adding
- Ability to skip files with certain extensions

v5.1.2 [build 2657, Jan 27, 2016]
- "Force recheck" context menu option for torrents
- Fixed high CPU consumption in some cases
- Stability improvements (crash handler, etc.)
- Built with correct debug info
- Minor improvements in the downloads list: left click resets the selection; some messages made more informative

v5.1.1 [build 2583, Jan 22, 2016]
Multiple UI bugfixes and improvements: tags, selection, statuses and error messages
Windows installer fixes:
- installation from standard user didn't work
- install to Program Files by default (if installing with admin rights), otherwise to AppData
- more correct torrent associations
Preview generation bugfixes (MKV, GIF, some YouTube cases)
Solved a few problems after restart/reconnect (error messages etc.)
Fixed incorrect behavior on quit while merging video+audio streams
Internet Explorer: "Allow browser to download if you press Cancel" now works
Traffic usage optimizations
Speed up retrieving info on YouTube downloads
Clickable URLs in torrent comments

v5.1.0.2401 [Jan 14, 2016]
- Internet Explorer integration (not fully tested yet)
- Windows: sometimes main window was not activated on intercepting downloads from browsers
- Mac OS X: Firefox integration bugfix
- Mac OS X: drag & drop didn't work for some kind of links
- Fixed a problem with some HTTP return codes for sections
- Minor UI fixes
- Fixed a crash

v5.1.0.2343 [Jan 13, 2016]
- Many further UI bugfixes, concerning error texts, icons, file names, etc.
- Fixed another crash

v5.1.0.2300 [Jan 6, 2016]
- Fixed a couple of crashes
- Fixed freezing when downloading torrents to external drive
Some UI changes, including:
- Start all / Stop all buttons
- Minor changes to details pane (General & Files tab)
- A special status for torrents which are completed, but not all files are selected to download
- New context menu items: "Choose files" for torrents, "Pause all except selected"

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