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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Folder2Iso

What's new in ver.3.1 :
Updated : Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [3.02a06-win32-bin]
Changed : Settings file
Tested and Ported : Windows 10

What's new in ver.3.0 :
Update : Completely rewritten and ported into new compiler (FreePacal)
Added : Multiple jobs at once
Added : Command line support
Added : Add / remove jobs
Added : Thread support
Added : Disable joliet
Added : Resizable GUI
Added : Close when done
Added : Status bar
Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [3.01a28-win32-bin]
Updated : Abort function
Updated : More interactive GUI
Updated : More intuitive GUI

What's new in ver.2.0 :
Added : Windows 7 and Windows 8 support
Added : Drag and drop any folder
Added : Wait while calculating folder size
Added : Icons -> More user friendly
Fixed : Freezing
Fixed : Progress bar

Whats new in ver.1.7 :
Added : Abort option
Added : PayPal donation option
Fixed : url links
New : smaller size

Whats new in ver.1.5 :
Added : Windows 7 compatible version
Tested : Progressbar under Windows 7
Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [2.01.01a77-win32]
Updated : New logo added

Whats new in ver.1.4 :
Added : Windows Vista compatible version
Fixed : Progressbar under Windows Vista
Updated : mkisofs to the newest version [2.01.01a25-win32]

Whats new in ver.1.3 :
Fixed : Process bug [100% cpu utilization]

Whats new in ver.1.2 :
Fixed : Serius bug. If some files where over 2gb folder2iso didn't calculate correctly the folder dimenson.

Whats new in ver.1.1 :
Added : Charsets support
Added : Button deactivation when the iso creation is in progress
Added : Size label looks better

Whats new in ver.1.0 :
First public release...

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