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CUETools 2.2.2 (2022-06-02)
CUETools.exe /<profile>: Enable CTDB verification
CUETools.ARCUE.exe: Add option to specify offset
CUETools, CUERipper: Make sure output template contains extension .cue
CUETools.Ripper.Console.exe: Prevent overwriting
Fix C2 mode for further drives: Slimtype - DVD A DU8AESH, ASUS DRW-24F1ST d, PIONEER BD-RW BDR-XD05
CUETools: Use first album art in batch mode
Add flac.exe to Encoders
Update libFLAC to 1.3.4
Update taglib-sharp ( with current fixes in main branch)
Update UnRAR DLLs to version 6.11

CUETools 2.2.1 (2022-02-12)
CUERipper: Fix index error when 1st track is data track
CUETools, CUERipper: Add freedb site address setting. This setting can also be used to disable retrieving freedb metadata entries.
taglib-sharp: Fix width and height of album art in flac tags
CUERipper: Save metadata before Exit
CUETools: Consider the Album Art search option "None"
CUETools: Fix CTDB.FetchFile Exception, if "Verify using CTDB" is disabled
CUERipper: Add a blank entry to the metadata selection drop-down list
CUERipper: Save metadata before Eject
Fix C2 mode for HL-DT-ST BD-RE BU40N

CUETools 2.2.0 (2022-01-08)
EACPlugin: Use TLS 1.2 for coverart download
CUERipper: Add options "Eject after rip" and "Disable eject disc"
Update taglib-sharp to (plus fixes in main branch). This fixes writing tags to m4a or opus files
Command line tools: Add info about stdin
CUETools: Support UTF-8 encoding when reading cuesheets
CUETools: Fix reading of ANSI m3u files
CUETools: Fix writing of tags for CD-Singles
CUETools: Add XLD and Whipper support for LOG CRC column in AccurateRip log
CUETools, CUERipper: Update Opus icon and add it to CUERipper
CUETools: Fix CUEConfigAdvanced copy constructor. This fixes creating new profiles
Fix C2 error mode for two Pioneer drives (DVR-S21, BDR-XD07U)

CUETools 2.1.9 (2021-05-01)
Codecs: Update WavPack to 5.4.0
Update Russian translation
EACPlugin: Add Newtonsoft.Json.dll
Allow three dots at the end of album titles
Update UnRAR DLLs to version 6.01
Fix C2 error mode for selected drives (LG GH24NSD1, ASUS DRW-24D5MT)
Codecs: Update libmp3lame plugin dlls to 3.100
Codecs: Update libFLAC to 1.3.3 git 27c6157. This fixes an issue with compression efficiency, depending on CPU type.
CUERipper: Add access key shortcuts, update TabIndex
CUETools: Add and update access key shortcuts
CUETools: Add tooltips to frmChoice buttons

CUETools 2.1.8 (HotFix 1, 2021-02-28)
[CUETools.Codecs.FLACCL] Fix constructor
CUETools 2.1.8 (2021-02-21)
CUETools: Support tabs for indentation in cue sheets
CUETools: Preserve EAC log file encoding
CUERipper: Save metadata before UpdateDrive(s)
CUETools.CTDB: Fix CD-Extra data track info in detailed log
CUETools: Allow more than 32 album art images
CUETools.CDImage: Prevent exception on non-standard CUE sheet with more than 99 tracks
CUETools: Update UnRAR DLLs, add support for newer RAR files using RAR5 format
CUERipper: Write FLAGS only once to cue sheet
CUETools: Update offset entry, improve entering negative offsets
CUETools.Ripper.Console: Replace invalid filename characters in ripped tracks
CUETools.FLACCL.cmd: print Hz after SampleRate
CUETools: Fix link in German About dialog
CUETools: now using .NET Framework 4.7
CUETools: Cut'n'paste metadata fields
CUETools: Crop, rotate and trim album art
CUETools.Codecs: Implement padding support for mp3 files
CUETools.Codecs: Add ffmpeg plugin
CUETools.Codecs.libwavpack: Switch to using libwavpack 5.1.0
CUETools.Codecs.APE: Update MAC_SDK to 4.33
Switch from to
Update German translation
Various bug fixes
CUETools 2.1.7 (2018-03-12)
CUETools: now using .NET Framework 4
CUETools: support for opusenc
CUETools.Codecs.ALAC: several bugfixes
CUETools.Codecs.libFLAC: updated to FLAC 1.3.2 and now using dll
CUETools.CTDB: prebuilt XML serialization to avoid launching csc.exe process
Dec 09 2014: CUETools 2.1.6:
CUETools: Fixed issue with setting profiles
CUETools: FLAC encoder optimized using new window functions by ktf
CUETools: libFLAC updated to 1.3.1
CUETools: fixed a bug where external decoders would not start
04.07.2013: CUETools 2.1.5:
CUETools: added support for CDTOC tag to help determine pre-gap and data track info
CUETools: added button for easier access to encoder settings
CUETools: support for non-subset FLAC modes disabled by default
CUETools: built-in managed encoders (libFlake, libALAC, etc) renamed to 'cuetools' for simplicity
CUETools: CUETools FLAC decoder optimized; verification now works around 50% faster when not limited by I/O
CUETools: to simplify the interface, removed lossyWAV support; encoder was outdated anyway
CUETools: added support for WMA lossless as input and both WMA lossless and lossy as output
CUETools: cleaned up encoder/decoder pages in advanced settings
CUETools: treat batch jobs with only 1 album as non-batch, i.e. allow interactive UI, such as repair dialog
CUETools: CTDB verification can be enabled during encoding
CUETools: CTDB verification results can be saved as tags
CUETools: libFLAC updated to 1.3.0
CUETools: removed reference to the CSScriptLibrary
CUERipper: right-click on the album art shows an enlarged fragment of it
CUERipper: clicking through all available cover art selects 'no cover art'
CUERipper: hovering over album art shows album art URL
CUERipper: track quality is correctly reported in EAC-style log
CUERipper: Test & Copy now works for drives that fail gap-detection
CUERipper: remember chosen format & offset between restarts
CUERipper: track comments saved as tags
CUERipper: disc load/eject button
CUETools.Converter: added support for encoding to lossy formats
CUETools.Converter: added support multi-channel audio
CUETools.Converter: added support for stdin/stdout
CUETools.Converter: added support for different compression levels
ArCueDotNet.exe: added CTDB support
FLACCL: hi-res audio support
FLACCL: Intel HD Graphics support
Various bug fixes
16.04.2012: CUETools 2.1.4:
CTDB 2.0: now ignoring pregap in parity calculations
CTDB 2.0: popular CDs can have twice larger correction files
CTDB 2.0: confidence values no longer include AccurateRip data
CTDB 2.0: simplified (per-track) verification log
CTDB 2.0: faster verification process with less network traffic
CUERipper: support for some older drives, like PLEXTOR W1210A
CUERipper: support for cover art
CUERipper: main window resizable
CUERipper: real testŠ mode
CUERipper: options dialog
Tagging: support for release date, release country, disc subtitle, label, catalog number, comment
Local DB: can now refresh folder, removing missing files from database and adding new files.
Codecs: LAME encoder updated to use libmp3lame.dll, which is now included in CUETools download (version 3.98.4)
Various bug fixes
14.06.2011: CUETools 2.1.2:
2.1.2a: hotfix for bug in metadata editor which was ignoring edits
2.1.2a: hotfix for batchlog reporting discs with silent tracks as inaccurate
AccurateRip v2 support (without cross-pressing verification)
EAC CTDB plugin
CTDB now supports musicbrainz Next Generation Schema (NGS) metadata. Old musicbrainz library removed. New musicbrainz NGS metadata can now be used in filename templates, including %discname%, %label%, %releasedate%, %country%, %releasedateandlabel%, %discnumberandname%
CTDB submissions are now based on the same data that was used when verifying, so 'submit' script was removed, and data is submitted after verification, after showing confirmation dialog
CTDB verification is now much faster
Local DB: option to purge records
Local DB: now shown in the same window as folder browser
metadata editing window size is now saved in settings
CUERipper now sends CD barcode and rip quality when submitting
support for wierd CDs with two data tracks before audio
07.03.2011: CUETools 2.1.1:
Local Database for verification results and metadata
FlaCuda replaced with FLACCL, which uses OpenCL instead of CUDA.
CUERipper: was still sometimes locking drives it didn't need to
ArCueDotNet: was trying to search for cover art which it doesn't need
Added 'Silent track' diagnostics in AR log
LAME.dll: settings were ignored
libwavpack: settings were ignored (MD5Sum & extra mode)
workarounds for various Mono bugs
Path formatting: %discnumber% produces two-digit numbers if %totaldiscs% > 9
Overwrite dialog: list files, 'remember the choice' option
Doesn't abort on broken Artwork files
Better locates files in some complicated cases, e.g. when only some tracks have tracknumber tags
Folder browser now sorts contents, because OS didn't do it when browsing external drives etc
18.05.2010: CUETools 2.0.9:
filename corrector now sorts tracks not alpabetically, but by tracknumber tag or numbers in filenames
.m3u file can now be used as input
fixed a bug which caused an exception after processing a rip with CTDB enabled and pregap specified manually or via log
added metadata cache
Fixed a bug with cue sheets saved in ANSI instead of utf8
custom proxy settings support
silent tracks are considered accurately ripped if absent in AR
CTDB now accepts rips with AR confidence >= 2
when batch log is updated it's now scrolled to the end, not to the beginning
attempting to abbreviate artist/album names when generating a path to avoid 'Path too long' exceptions
verification log cosmetic changes
CUERipper: no longer locks unused drives
CUERipper: hopefully fixed problem with window size on multidesktop systems with Matrox drivers
CUERipper: freedb submission
CUERipper: puts his own name and version in EAC-style log
26.04.2010: CUETools 2.0.8:
Fixed bug in libALAC decoder which sometimes caused it to abort with error messages like "invalid frame".
libALAC decoder now ignores strange encoding of certain mpeg atoms produced by some software, that caused it to abort with messages like "decoding failed".
Fixed bug in libALAC encoder which produced files non-compatible with iPod - thanks to prefab and neovibe for testing
Fixed bug in libFlake encoder which caused data corruption when using variable block size (compression level 11) - thanks to Ipsum for bringing this to my attention
Fixed bug in peak level measurement in verification log: it now produces exactly the same values as EAC
AR verification speedup for albums with many short tracks
CTDB verification speedup
mp3 encoding is now a bit faster when using lame_enc.dll instead of lame.exe; Download lame_enc.dll and put it into corresponding "plugins (Win32)"/"plugins (x64)" folder
Support for external encoders which don't support pipes (such as iTunesEncode): if you use %I in encoder parameters, temporary file is created
If log file name doesn't match cue file name, but it contains the same TOC as a cue sheet, it is used automatically
CUETools 2.0.5 - CUETools 2.0.7:
I tried to add proxy support - for now just a checkbox to use system proxy settings from IE, which is on by default.
Verification should be much faster now.
When verifying CRC32 against EAC log file, it's now possible to verify it even after offset correction.
Codec support libraries are now plugins, which means CUETools can function without them. You can delete unwanted plugins to save space. But if you delete all the plugin directories, CUETools will support only WAV.
'New' encoders added: libFlake is a pure managed (.NET) flac encoder/decoder, which probably compresses faster/better than libFLAC. FlaCuda is a FLAC encoder which utilizes the power of your NVIDIA GPU to compress fast. libALAC encodes/decodes Apple Lossless (m4a) files without iTunes. I posted all of them previously as separate command-line applications.
There are no x86 and x64 versions of CUETools now, most of CUETools is processor independent .NET code. Processor dependent plugins are placed in "plugins (win32)" and "plugins (x64)" directories.
I moved from Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2008, sorry folks, you might need to install yet another MS redistributable (most likely it's already installed): x86 version, x64 version. If you don't see libFLAC in the list of flac encoders, that means you need this redistributable. Although you can just use libFlake instead, which doesn't require it.
You might want to check out the updated CUERipper, if it works for your CD Drive. As always, it comes with CUETools, look for CUERipper.exe in the same directory. I'd like to argue that it can provide more accurate rips than EAC, but of course we need much more testing to prove it.
08.08.2009: CUETools 2.0.4a:
If you are getting an error loading CUETools.Codecs.TTA, you need to install this update

Another try to make a decent UI
AccurateRip log made a bit more tidy (good offsets first, no 'as in pressing(s)' spam)
Configurable log file and album art filename templates
Experimental profiles system
24.06.2009: CUETools 2.0.3:
File browser can now be turned off
After the job is done, log is shown in the same window (in place of file browser).
Improved templates for output path generation, using fb2k syntax
Compression level selected in the main window
01.05.2009: CUETools 2.0.2a experimental:
Drag'n'dropping huge lists of files to FileSystem tree now works much faster.
File formats/encoders are now a lot more configurable. New presets for popular command-line encoders.
When 'Allow multiple instances' option is off, and CUETools is busy, attempting to run it again now produces a proper error message.
'Create CUE Sheet' action now not only creates dummy .cue sheets, but also extracts embedded .cue sheets
Pressing F5 in filesystem tree now refreshes it
Window size and position is now saved
Filename corrector now can save results to a different file, and can change extensions without locating files.
Correct AR tags are now written when converting with non-zero offset
ACCURATERIPID tag no longer written when writeArTagsOnConvert option is off
More options to configure tagging
More options to configure AR log (log verbosity, log file extension, etc)
Advanced users can slightly modify program's behavior using custom scripts (a-la plugins)
'fix offset' option is now an example of a custom script.
CUETools 1.9.5a
Pregap can now be read from log/freedb or set from interface
ALAC decoding length mismatches fixed
Problem with single-track albums fixed
Added an option to disable assembler optimizations in flac
Support for user-defined external commandline codecs with templates for tak/ogg/mp3
Better support for zip archives, which previously worked only with flac/wav files
More reliable tag handling, using taglib-sharp. Album art tags are now preserved.
ALAC decoder bug fixed
CRC comparison for older EAC logs is now supported
Two verify modes: first is AccurateRip only and second is AccurateRip+EAC CRCs.
CUETools 1.9.4a
%Y format character for output path - date of album release. For example, custom format "C:Music%D%Y - %C%D - %C.cue" produces the output like this: "C:MusicPink Floyd1995 - PulsePink Floyd - Pulse.cue"
Fixed crash on source files that contain zero length tags
Fixed a glitch in filename corrector - it sometimes didn't replace underscores with spaces.
Fixed a bug when a broken cue sheet was created if artist, title or genre contained comma character.
Added .zip archive support
Added support for cue sheets which start with data track (mixed mode or "playstation type" cds)
'Convert and verify' mode is back.
MusicBrainz/freedb lookup for missing tags
.log file selection dialog, if it's filename doesn't match .cue file name
option to extract EAC log tag to file
added verification date to .accrip logs
Better RAR archive support: .log files are extracted; filename corrector hopefuly works; if archive contains several .cue sheets, you can select one.
TTA support
German localization by tuxman
option to overwrite CUE sheet tags (PERFORMER, TITLE), replacing them with audio file tags.
More tags written to file-per-track images (GENRE, DATE, ALBUM, ALBUM ARTIST, TOTALTRACKS)
CUETools now comes with CUERipper, very experimental but confirmed to work well on modern Pioneer drives. If you encounter ripping problems, please try CUETools.ConsoleRipper, which is a little more verbose, and send me it's console output.
CUETools 1.9.3 update 1
LossyWAV support
hdcd decoding to 16 bit lossyWAV
hdcd detection, analyzis and decoding to 24 bit by Christopher Key
ALAC (Apple Lossless .m4a) input supported
RAR archive input supported
input can be a directory with audio files and no cue sheet
fixed PartialContent error when reading huge AccurateRip entries
added an option to store md5 checksum in wavpack output (like wavpack -m)
added an option to output m3u files when producing gaps appended output
added an option to output cue file even when producing album image with embedded cuesheet
added an option to automaticly detect and remove extra 4206 samples, added by some erroneous flac coders.
added an option to reduce process priority to idle
pause button becomes resume button when paused
fixed bug in filename corrector - input files were sorted alphabeticaly, even if only file extension was changed.
CUETools 1.9.1 .. 1.9.2 Update 8:
AccurateRip database support with automatic offset correction (with permission from Mr Spoon)
Monkey's Audio (.ape) input/output support
Embedded cue sheets support
Tags are preserved
Basic command line support
CUE Sheet Creator option, which autogenerates cue sheets for folders with audio tracks.
Better support for different cue sheet encodings
Unicode filenames support
x64 build
Console version for AccurateRip verification: ArCueDotNet.exe
russian localization
Minor bug fixes and interface improvements

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