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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for FitCD

v1.2.8: September, 8th 2005
* Fixed: Cropping wasn't recalculated on changes in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]
* Added: Some src-preview optimizations for high resolutions [Fit2Disc]
* Added: Hack for proper HDTV1080 border detection [Fit2Disc]
* Fixed: D2V parsing bug with an empty MPEG-file
* Fixed: Sequence-header searching of HDTV- and broken DVB-streams
* Fixed: Combined start/stop button staying at stop at the end [Fit2Disc]
* Fixed: Detection of HDTV aspect-ratios (hopefully)

v1.2.4: August, 3rd 2004
* Fixed: Cropping wasn't recalculated on changes in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]

v1.2.3: July, 3rd 2004
- Added: Support for newer D2V-projects like the DGIndexProjectFile
- Added: Getting the number of frames from MPEG-sources
- Added: Getting framerate of an avisynth source file
- Added: Colorspace detection of source
- Added: Support for WMV files
- Added: Border-snapping of the preview [Fit2Disc]
- Changed: Error-handling of many functions
- Changed: Reimplemented border-snapping
- Changed: Default maximum rate for DVDs is the max. streamrate [Fit2Disc]
- Changed: Removed usage of AVIStream*Streaming() [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: D2V-field counting for NTSC-MPEGs
- Fixed: Optional resizing sometimes threw out an error-message
- Fixed: A PGetFrame was sometimes allocated twice [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Cut/Copy/Paste didn't work with number-fields in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]

v1.2.2: March, 19th 2004
- Added: Colorspace converting of MPEG sources
- Added: Only crop when necessary
- Fixed: Delete codec-info when no AVI is loaded.
- Fixed: When a new file was loaded the values sometimes weren't recalculated
- Fixed: Better loading of AVIs in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: AVIs with unknown audio didn't load correctly [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Exception on closing Fit2Disc [Fit2Disc]

v1.2.1: March, 12th 2004
- Added: Setting a default avisynth working directory
- Added: Manually load some plugins
- Added: Force the codecs to other colorspaces than just RGB24
- Added: Do some default-stuff (an avisynth-line) before video-loading [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Do some default-stuff (avisynth-lines) after video-loading [Fit2Disc]
- Changed: First new destination size is now even better
- Changed: Directory-chooser for subtitle-pics & extra data [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Minor refresh bug, when source-borders have changed.

v1.2.0: March, 10th 2004
- Changed: Rewrite of the resizer-engine
- Changed: Rewrite of the cropping part
- Changed: Rewrite of the letterboxing (and optimal positioning) part
- Changed: Rewrite of avisynth-scripting
- Changed: Film pixel are now entered by the borders
- Changed: ResampleAudio-Box is now a CCE-fix-box
- Changed: Enhanced Tab-order
- Changed: Resizing error-value is now in the quick-hint of the aspect-ratio
- Changed: Removed "Average cropping"
- Changed: Multiplexing <-> authoring dependencies
- Changed: Increased the maximums of film-minutes and disc-size
- Changed: Removed entering subtitle-BMP size in KB
- Changed: Look of preview window [Fit2Disc]
- Added: YUY2 colorspace conversion
- Added: Support for AviSynth v2.5x
- Added: Detection of avisynth & plugin-directories
- Added: Detection of mpeg2dec*.dll
- Added: Automatic setting of a plugin-directory if it doesn't exist
- Added: Support for much more source-types (via DirectShow)
- Added: 'No resizing' avisynth-option
- Added: Destination size- & border-visualisation
- Added: Autom. colorspace-fix for the Canopus DV-codec + MJPEG-codecs
- Added: Forcing codecs to decode to RGB24.
- Added: Up/Down-button for manually adjusting the bitrate by 100kbps
- Added: Aspect-Ratio '1:2 Monitor' for some capture-devices
- Added: Options to compress or stretch YUV-colorspace
- Added: Don't resize when source- & destination-sizes are the same
- Added: DVD+R and DVD+RW disc-sizes [Fit2Disc]
- Added: manual cropping in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Detection/Support of Mpegdecoder.dll [Fit2Disc]
- Added: DTS-bitrates & -overhead calculation [Fit2Disc]
- Added: preview of the temp. avs-file to load the preview [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Editing of the Denoiser-string [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Manual destination-resolutions [Fit2Disc]
- Added: DVD-multiplexing for MP2 with DVDMaestro & Scenarist [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Subtitle calculations for DVDMaestro & Scenarist [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Browse-button for counting subtitle BMPs in a directory [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Browse-button to enter Extra Data by directory-size [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: First new destination size should now be better
- Fixed: Cropping values weren't always updated on aspect-ratio change
- Fixed: Aspect-Ratios for the 3/4-D1 formats
- Fixed: Don't crop lesser than div4 with interlaced-resizing
- Fixed: (macro)block calculation wasn't dependent on the (macro)block's vertical position
- Fixed: Under WinXP, the window moved down a pixel, on window-swiching
- Fixed: Cut, Copy and Paste didn't work with number-fields.
- Fixed: Manual setting of min- & max-datarates in the INI didn't work
- Fixed: Optimization is now dependent on interlaced resizing
- Fixed: Removed error-message on startup, when the source-file doesn't exist.
- Fixed: Denoise output wasn't done field-wise with interlaced material [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Preview didn't show videos with one frame [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: DVD-subtitle overhead calculation should be more accurate now [Fit2Disc]

v1.1.2: December, 5th 2002
- Fixed: offsets sometimes weren't updated in the script
- Offsets are now handled better when roundings change
- Added player-streamrate editing for DVD-authoring [Fit2Disc]
- Added saving of last window-position
- Added editable default lines for the avisynth-script [Fit2Disc]
- Added extra-cropping of some pixels after pixel-detection [Fit2Disc]
- Changed how to enter extra data
- Seconds, frames, I-frames are now instantly shown again
- Small bugfixes and refinings

v1.1.1: November, 16th 2002
- DVD-rates are now also bound to DVD-disc sizes [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: min/max DVD-rates [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: not updating the film-pixels in the script
- Fixed: top-offset wasn't always correct

v1.1.0: November, 12th 2002
- License-change: Now two versions exist: FitCD: Freeware Fit2Disc: Extended version for donators
- Rewrite of imaging- & bitrates-calculation + (mini/c)DVD-support [only Fit2Disc] + DVD-multiplexing [only Fit2Disc] + overhead-calculation for Dolby Digital audio (AC3) [only Fit2Disc] + DVD-subtitles [only Fit2Disc] + simple DVD-authoring [only Fit2Disc]
- Expanded the destination disc sizes [only Fit2Disc]
- A preview and small player of the source-file [only Fit2Disc]
- Intelligent detection of the film-area from one picture, or the whole film [only Fit2Disc]
- Usage of a custom denoiser of the video before or after resizing [only Fit2Disc]
- Small analysing-box of the source-compression [only Fit2Disc]
- Fixed a bug with subtitles and multiple CDs
- Rewrite of the file-reading routines: Enhanced file-reading and error-reporting with support for file-sizes >2GB
- Enhanced search for seq-header
- Revised scene-detection estimation
- Removed CCE-optimizing because it's obsolete. Always de-select "Upper field first" in CCE and don't use the denoiser => Optimizing is not necessary anymore.
- Expanded maximum value of Extra Data (again)
- Moved many infos to the quick-hints
- Removed MPEG-Tracks-logic
- Removed the safety-value (it is still available via ini-file)
- Cropped d2v-projects are now properly detected
- Many avisynth scripting-enhancements + Lanczos-resize + Custom denoising (also of input) + bff to tff conversion option + RGB-colorspace output option + Audio resample option
- Avisynth-filename now comes from the source-file
- Removed handling of avisynth-plugin path
- Removed the box for source-compression analysis [only FitCD]
- Removed info-window. Information about the source-file is now in the quick-hint of the "Open source-file" button
- Interlaced-resizing is now on by default if input is a DV-AVI
- Correct multiplexing-mode is chosen on changing authoring-mode
- Much more quick-hints
- Many internal changes

v1.0.5: August, 18th 2002
- fixed a bug with interlaced resizing
- fixed a resizing-bug. All multiples of 16 are now possible for DestX
- expanded maximum value of Extra Data
- matched the PARs to the "Industry Standard" square pixels
- added Type1-DV AVI reading (still buggy)
- fixed frame-number detection for some AVIs
- fixed a bug of the fps-combobox
- small avisynth-script changes
- sources cleanup

v1.0.4: May, 17th 2002
- fixed 1:1 source aspect-ratio
- added additional matrix-overhead calculation
- added min/max calculating for different DVD-Player capabilities
- added calculating for multiple CDs
- updated vcdimager authoring-overhead
- added editing Extra Space on the CD
- GUI changes. Less confusing options & values. [I hope] The info mostly moved to quick-tips

v1.0.3: February, 5th 2002
- revised the min/max streamrate calculation.

v1.0.2: January, 31st 2002
- bugfix: corrected avs-file for interlaced resizing with a non-centered film-position.
- [forgot to bump the version number to v1.0.2]

v1.0.1: January, 31st 2002
- bugfix: corrected avs-file for non-centered film-position.
- [forgot to bump the version number to v1.0.1]

v1.0.0: January, 30th 2002
- fixed a bug in the source-detection (seq-header couldn't be found)
- GUI-fix for some graphic-cards
- made the source-resolution editable
- added 3/4 D1 aspect-ratios and detection
- opened subtitles for other multiplexers than I-Author (although I don't know if subs with other multiplexers work)
- added non-centered 'Coded Film pixel': Edit the top & left borders
- added film-position optimizing

v0.9.9: December, 19th 2001
- shh has taken over the project. ixi has retired.
- fixed the GUI display-problem with big fonts
- opening write-protected AVIs is now possible
- enhanced d2v- and AVI-reading (bugfixes)
- more convenient CCEcrashfix.

v0.9.8: December, 1st 2001
- fixed a bug in the D2V-detection (especially for Win98-users)

v0.9.7: November, 30th 2001
- automatic source-detection (PAL/NTSC, frames, anamorphic, aspect)
- buggy AVI-aspect detection & correction (of DivX-AVIs e.g.)
- automatic AVI & D2V-mode switching
- fixed an avisynth-script bug with 1:1-sources
- some GUI-txt-changes, more quick-tips

v0.9.6: October, 18th 2001
- fixed an avisynth-script bug (again)

v0.9.5: October, 4th 2001
- added interlaced-resizing
- added simple (auto) fps-conversion
- fixed an AVI-cropping-bug (introducing a new one)

v0.9.4: September, 29th 2001
- added PAL<->NTSC-resizing option
- added Tab-support
- save SVCD-scan-offsets status [bug]
- removed old avisynth v0.3 support [obsolete]

v0.9.3: September, 25th 2001
- some changes in bitrate- & block analysis
- added MPEG1-muxing support for e.g. (X)VCD
- added NTSC-support
- small bugfixes
- new program-skin

v0.9.2: July, 4th 2001
- flexible Track1-size
- more resizing flexibility (again)
- cropping-enhancements (again)
- correct ITU-R BT.601-4 pixel-form for TVs obsoletes the old (but still available) pixel-form, coded in some DVDs
- flexible overscan-size
- avisynth-support for mpeg2dec.dll and *.d2v
- colorful background (right-click on the ixi-panel to change it)

v0.9.1: June, 6th 2001
- more resizing flexibility
- some GUI-enhancements
- some bugfixes (introducing new ones ;-)

v0.9.0: June, 4th 2001
- release under the GNU GPL
- options-saving to ini-file
- enhanced multiplexing-logic (bbMPEG & TMPGEnc supported now)
- enhanced authoring-logic (Nero & vcdimager supported now)
- added subtitle-estimation
- new resizing-logic (including NTSC)
- more intelligent AVS-scripting
- many additional QuickTips
- added new outfit & cool window-moving ;-)

v0.8.9: April, 9th 2001
- fixed a small bug with multiple MPEG-tracks
- added exporting a sample avs-script

v0.8.8: April, 5th 2001
- added a calculator for resizing [only for PAL]

v0.8.1: April, 3rd 2001
- added 90min CD option

v0.8.0: Initial release [limited to PAL and I-Author]

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