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FitCD is a tool that helps you calculate the exact image-size and bitrates. It includes a resizing calculator for optimal (macro)block-usage in MPEGs. You can also export a sample script for use with avisynth.

Released:Sep 8,2005
File size:227.2KB
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Latest version

1.2.8 (September 8, 2005)


Download FitCD 1.2.8  [227.2KB]  [Portable]

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

v1.2.8: September, 8th 2005
* Fixed: Cropping wasn't recalculated on changes in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]
* Added: Some src-preview optimizations for high resolutions [Fit2Disc]
* Added: Hack for proper HDTV1080 border detection [Fit2Disc]
* Fixed: D2V parsing bug with an empty MPEG-file
* Fixed: Sequence-header searching of HDTV- and broken DVB-streams
* Fixed: Combined start/stop button staying at stop at the end [Fit2Disc]
* Fixed: Detection of HDTV aspect-ratios (hopefully)

v1.2.4: August, 3rd 2004
* Fixed: Cropping wasn't recalculated on changes in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]

v1.2.3: July, 3rd 2004
- Added: Support for newer D2V-projects like the DGIndexProjectFile
- Added: Getting the number of frames from MPEG-sources
- Added: Getting framerate of an avisynth source file
- Added: Colorspace detection of source
- Added: Support for WMV files
- Added: Border-snapping of the preview [Fit2Disc]
- Changed: Error-handling of many functions
- Changed: Reimplemented border-snapping
- Changed: Default maximum rate for DVDs is the max. streamrate [Fit2Disc]
- Changed: Removed usage of AVIStream*Streaming() [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: D2V-field counting for NTSC-MPEGs
- Fixed: Optional resizing sometimes threw out an error-message
- Fixed: A PGetFrame was sometimes allocated twice [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Cut/Copy/Paste didn't work with number-fields in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]

v1.2.2: March, 19th 2004
- Added: Colorspace converting of MPEG sources
- Added: Only crop when necessary
- Fixed: Delete codec-info when no AVI is loaded.
- Fixed: When a new file was loaded the values sometimes weren't recalculated
- Fixed: Better loading of AVIs in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: AVIs with unknown audio didn't load correctly [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Exception on closing Fit2Disc [Fit2Disc]

v1.2.1: March, 12th 2004
- Added: Setting a default avisynth working directory
- Added: Manually load some plugins
- Added: Force the codecs to other colorspaces than just RGB24
- Added: Do some default-stuff (an avisynth-line) before video-loading [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Do some default-stuff (avisynth-lines) after video-loading [Fit2Disc]
- Changed: First new destination size is now even better
- Changed: Directory-chooser for subtitle-pics & extra data [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Minor refresh bug, when source-borders have changed.

v1.2.0: March, 10th 2004
- Changed: Rewrite of the resizer-engine
- Changed: Rewrite of the cropping part
- Changed: Rewrite of the letterboxing (and optimal positioning) part
- Changed: Rewrite of avisynth-scripting
- Changed: Film pixel are now entered by the borders
- Changed: ResampleAudio-Box is now a CCE-fix-box
- Changed: Enhanced Tab-order
- Changed: Resizing error-value is now in the quick-hint of the aspect-ratio
- Changed: Removed "Average cropping"
- Changed: Multiplexing <-> authoring dependencies
- Changed: Increased the maximums of film-minutes and disc-size
- Changed: Removed entering subtitle-BMP size in KB
- Changed: Look of preview window [Fit2Disc]
- Added: YUY2 colorspace conversion
- Added: Support for AviSynth v2.5x
- Added: Detection of avisynth & plugin-directories
- Added: Detection of mpeg2dec*.dll
- Added: Automatic setting of a plugin-directory if it doesn't exist
- Added: Support for much more source-types (via DirectShow)
- Added: 'No resizing' avisynth-option
- Added: Destination size- & border-visualisation
- Added: Autom. colorspace-fix for the Canopus DV-codec + MJPEG-codecs
- Added: Forcing codecs to decode to RGB24.
- Added: Up/Down-button for manually adjusting the bitrate by 100kbps
- Added: Aspect-Ratio '1:2 Monitor' for some capture-devices
- Added: Options to compress or stretch YUV-colorspace
- Added: Don't resize when source- & destination-sizes are the same
- Added: DVD+R and DVD+RW disc-sizes [Fit2Disc]
- Added: manual cropping in the preview-window [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Detection/Support of Mpegdecoder.dll [Fit2Disc]
- Added: DTS-bitrates & -overhead calculation [Fit2Disc]
- Added: preview of the temp. avs-file to load the preview [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Editing of the Denoiser-string [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Manual destination-resolutions [Fit2Disc]
- Added: DVD-multiplexing for MP2 with DVDMaestro & Scenarist [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Subtitle calculations for DVDMaestro & Scenarist [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Browse-button for counting subtitle BMPs in a directory [Fit2Disc]
- Added: Browse-button to enter Extra Data by directory-size [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: First new destination size should now be better
- Fixed: Cropping values weren't always updated on aspect-ratio change
- Fixed: Aspect-Ratios for the 3/4-D1 formats
- Fixed: Don't crop lesser than div4 with interlaced-resizing
- Fixed: (macro)block calculation wasn't dependent on the (macro)block's vertical position
- Fixed: Under WinXP, the window moved down a pixel, on window-swiching
- Fixed: Cut, Copy and Paste didn't work with number-fields.
- Fixed: Manual setting of min- & max-datarates in the INI didn't work
- Fixed: Optimization is now dependent on interlaced resizing
- Fixed: Removed error-message on startup, when the source-file doesn't exist.
- Fixed: Denoise output wasn't done field-wise with interlaced material [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: Preview didn't show videos with one frame [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: DVD-subtitle overhead calculation should be more accurate now [Fit2Disc]

v1.1.2: December, 5th 2002
- Fixed: offsets sometimes weren't updated in the script
- Offsets are now handled better when roundings change
- Added player-streamrate editing for DVD-authoring [Fit2Disc]
- Added saving of last window-position
- Added editable default lines for the avisynth-script [Fit2Disc]
- Added extra-cropping of some pixels after pixel-detection [Fit2Disc]
- Changed how to enter extra data
- Seconds, frames, I-frames are now instantly shown again
- Small bugfixes and refinings

v1.1.1: November, 16th 2002
- DVD-rates are now also bound to DVD-disc sizes [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: min/max DVD-rates [Fit2Disc]
- Fixed: not updating the film-pixels in the script
- Fixed: top-offset wasn't always correct

v1.1.0: November, 12th 2002
- License-change: Now two versions exist: FitCD: Freeware Fit2Disc: Extended version for donators
- Rewrite of imaging- & bitrates-calculation + (mini/c)DVD-support [only Fit2Disc] + DVD-multiplexing [only Fit2Disc] + overhead-calculation for Dolby Digital audio (AC3) [only Fit2Disc] + DVD-subtitles [only Fit2Disc] + simple DVD-authoring [only Fit2Disc]
- Expanded the destination disc sizes [only Fit2Disc]
- A preview and small player of the source-file [only Fit2Disc]
- Intelligent detection of the film-area from one picture, or the whole film [only Fit2Disc]
- Usage of a custom denoiser of the video before or after resizing [only Fit2Disc]
- Small analysing-box of the source-compression [only Fit2Disc]
- Fixed a bug with subtitles and multiple CDs
- Rewrite of the file-reading routines: Enhanced file-reading and error-reporting with support for file-sizes >2GB
- Enhanced search for seq-header
- Revised scene-detection estimation
- Removed CCE-optimizing because it's obsolete. Always de-select "Upper field first" in CCE and don't use the denoiser => Optimizing is not necessary anymore.
- Expanded maximum value of Extra Data (again)
- Moved many infos to the quick-hints
- Removed MPEG-Tracks-logic
- Removed the safety-value (it is still available via ini-file)
- Cropped d2v-projects are now properly detected
- Many avisynth scripting-enhancements + Lanczos-resize + Custom denoising (also of input) + bff to tff conversion option + RGB-colorspace output option + Audio resample option
- Avisynth-filename now comes from the source-file
- Removed handling of avisynth-plugin path
- Removed the box for source-compression analysis [only FitCD]
- Removed info-window. Information about the source-file is now in the quick-hint of the "Open source-file" button
- Interlaced-resizing is now on by default if input is a DV-AVI
- Correct multiplexing-mode is chosen on changing authoring-mode
- Much more quick-hints
- Many internal changes

v1.0.5: August, 18th 2002
- fixed a bug with interlaced resizing
- fixed a resizing-bug. All multiples of 16 are now possible for DestX
- expanded maximum value of Extra Data
- matched the PARs to the "Industry Standard" square pixels
- added Type1-DV AVI reading (still buggy)
- fixed frame-number detection for some AVIs
- fixed a bug of the fps-combobox
- small avisynth-script changes
- sources cleanup

v1.0.4: May, 17th 2002
- fixed 1:1 source aspect-ratio
- added additional matrix-overhead calculation
- added min/max calculating for different DVD-Player capabilities
- added calculating for multiple CDs
- updated vcdimager authoring-overhead
- added editing Extra Space on the CD
- GUI changes. Less confusing options & values. [I hope] The info mostly moved to quick-tips

v1.0.3: February, 5th 2002
- revised the min/max streamrate calculation.

v1.0.2: January, 31st 2002
- bugfix: corrected avs-file for interlaced resizing with a non-centered film-position.
- [forgot to bump the version number to v1.0.2]

v1.0.1: January, 31st 2002
- bugfix: corrected avs-file for non-centered film-position.
- [forgot to bump the version number to v1.0.1]

v1.0.0: January, 30th 2002
- fixed a bug in the source-detection (seq-header couldn't be found)
- GUI-fix for some graphic-cards
- made the source-resolution editable
- added 3/4 D1 aspect-ratios and detection
- opened subtitles for other multiplexers than I-Author (although I don't know if subs with other multiplexers work)
- added non-centered 'Coded Film pixel': Edit the top & left borders
- added film-position optimizing

v0.9.9: December, 19th 2001
- shh has taken over the project. ixi has retired.
- fixed the GUI display-problem with big fonts
- opening write-protected AVIs is now possible
- enhanced d2v- and AVI-reading (bugfixes)
- more convenient CCEcrashfix.

v0.9.8: December, 1st 2001
- fixed a bug in the D2V-detection (especially for Win98-users)

v0.9.7: November, 30th 2001
- automatic source-detection (PAL/NTSC, frames, anamorphic, aspect)
- buggy AVI-aspect detection & correction (of DivX-AVIs e.g.)
- automatic AVI & D2V-mode switching
- fixed an avisynth-script bug with 1:1-sources
- some GUI-txt-changes, more quick-tips

v0.9.6: October, 18th 2001
- fixed an avisynth-script bug (again)

v0.9.5: October, 4th 2001
- added interlaced-resizing
- added simple (auto) fps-conversion
- fixed an AVI-cropping-bug (introducing a new one)

v0.9.4: September, 29th 2001
- added PAL<->NTSC-resizing option
- added Tab-support
- save SVCD-scan-offsets status [bug]
- removed old avisynth v0.3 support [obsolete]

v0.9.3: September, 25th 2001
- some changes in bitrate- & block analysis
- added MPEG1-muxing support for e.g. (X)VCD
- added NTSC-support
- small bugfixes
- new program-skin

v0.9.2: July, 4th 2001
- flexible Track1-size
- more resizing flexibility (again)
- cropping-enhancements (again)
- correct ITU-R BT.601-4 pixel-form for TVs obsoletes the old (but still available) pixel-form, coded in some DVDs
- flexible overscan-size
- avisynth-support for mpeg2dec.dll and *.d2v
- colorful background (right-click on the ixi-panel to change it)

v0.9.1: June, 6th 2001
- more resizing flexibility
- some GUI-enhancements
- some bugfixes (introducing new ones ;-)

v0.9.0: June, 4th 2001
- release under the GNU GPL
- options-saving to ini-file
- enhanced multiplexing-logic (bbMPEG & TMPGEnc supported now)
- enhanced authoring-logic (Nero & vcdimager supported now)
- added subtitle-estimation
- new resizing-logic (including NTSC)
- more intelligent AVS-scripting
- many additional QuickTips
- added new outfit & cool window-moving ;-)

v0.8.9: April, 9th 2001
- fixed a small bug with multiple MPEG-tracks
- added exporting a sample avs-script

v0.8.8: April, 5th 2001
- added a calculator for resizing [only for PAL]

v0.8.1: April, 3rd 2001
- added 90min CD option

v0.8.0: Initial release [limited to PAL and I-Author]
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4 reviews, Showing 1 to 4 reviews

Older tool but works like a champ for calculating 1:1 aspects to dvd aspect on mod 16 so I know how much bordering to add in avisynth

Oct 28, 2016 Version: 1.2.8 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

A genius, indispensable tool for calculating video resizes, especially for any programs (AVStoDVD using Avisynth scripts. Fit2Disc (donate-ware) is only better.

Sep 11, 2008 Version: 1.2.8 OS: Vista Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

perfect little program for ppl wanting to convert ntsc (23.976fps) to pal (25fps). simply select the source and resize to pal then save the script (make sure avisynth is installed) then encode with a good encoder like CCE or MainConcept and you will fix those converting problems :)

Jan 27, 2006 Version: 1.2.8 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

For those of us who are a bit shy about wrting scripts, this tool provides an excellent way of generating avisynth frameservers for resizing video. Would like the bitrate calculator to be extended for dvd calculations but otherwise this app is spot on.

Jan 24, 2004 Version: 1.1.2 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

4 reviews, Showing 1 to 4 reviews

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