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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for FastFlix

Version 5.6.0

Adding Passes option for bitrate mode in x265 and x264 (thanks to Chriss)
Fixing VVC encode options (thanks to Chriss)
Fixing #532 Trying to crop spams crop error (thanks to gendalv)
Removing distutils in favor of packaging
Removing #525 invalid 12 bit options for x264 (thanks to Chriss)
Removing #497 #519 advanced checks for hardware encoders, due to them not always being detected (thanks to CptnFluffy)

Version 5.5.7

Fixing #503 missing CRF mode for SVT-AV1 (thanks to ignace72)
Fixing #506 excessive amounts of RAM used and not cleared - partially mitigated (thanks to 19Battlestar65)
Fixing #509 Portuguese translations (thanks to Felipe Augusto Arantes de Souza)
Fixing #513 Profile configuration issues, including with load directory (thanks to Nikita S.)
Fixing #516 Performance improvements due to constant stream reads (thanks to William Barath)

Version 5.5.6

Fixing #485 Cannot Restore Queue Containing HDR10+ Entries (thanks to Maddie Davis)
Fixing #487 Filename corrupted on path change (thanks to Maddie Davis)
Fixing #491 Can't open Setting in Chinese upgraded from old version (thanks to 谈天才)
Fixing #493 Profiles did not load config for remove hdr, remove metadata or copy chapter toggles (thanks to micron888)
Fixing #494 frame rate change in 2 pass mode ("Bitrate" mode) results in error for AVC x264 encoder (thanks to Ivan Gorin)

Version 5.5.5

Fixed #479 some zho and jpn translations, fixed some typos (thanks to Jing Luo)
Fixing incorrect PNG profiles for mac toolbox icons

Version 5.5.4

Fixing #474 SVT-AV1 single pass would not be set on return from queue (thanks to veldspar)
Fixing #475 Autocrop can break with index error (thanks to No Name / phanluchoaofficial1152)
Fixing #477 HDR10+ not extracting with NVEncC encoder, switching to built in copy ability (thanks to Genine-Collin)

Version 5.5.3

Fixing missing language options (thanks to RoDanny2021)

Version 5.5.2

Adding #469 Romanian translations (thanks to RoDanny2021)
Fixing #468 Custom resolutions not applying (thanks to GT500org)

Version 5.5.1

Fixing #465 Russian translation (thanks to Ta0ba0)
Fixing #466 AudioProfile could be deleted before fully created, causing runtime error (thanks to Jean-François Roy)
Fixing to only allow one new profile window at a time

Version 5.5.0

Adding decoder option for NVEncC and QSVEncC
Adding option to disable messages on encoding completion or error
Adding output depth to VCEEncC
Adding #266 multiple disposition types for subtitles (thanks to lobofoots)
Adding #326 support for hwaccel decoding with ffmpeg nvenc (thanks to Jim Leonard)
Adding #329 Hardware VAAPI encoding support for HEVC, H264, VP9 and MPEG2
Adding #351 option to disable automatic tab switching (thanks to Wontell)
Adding #357 QSVencC adapt-ref, adapt-ltr, and adapt-qm parameters (thanks to F.O.R.A.R.T.)
Adding #368 VCEEncC Pre-Analysis options of sc, ss, activity type, caq, sc qp,lookahead, ltr, paq, taq and motion quality (thanks to Wontell)
Adding #379 #410 dispositions for audio tracks (thanks to markmarz and Don Gafford)
Fixing videotoolbox setting panels not having custom_q
Fixing end of run command ran after message box was closed instead of before (thanks to sn6op)
Fixing changing video or track title did not update the command

Version 5.4.1

Fixing #460 QSVEncC not listed as encoder with FastFlix 5.4.0 (thanks to zedfreak)
Fixing #451 x265 presets and tunes not being applied properly (thanks to HannesJo0139)
Fixing #442 improper options passed to rigaya's encoders for non libavformat readers (thanks to Joet73)
Fixing poetry issues by using setuptools instead

Version 5.4.0

Adding #389 unlock GPU encoders by checking for supported codec (thanks to F.O.R.A.R.T.)
Adding #430 Minimize to tray (thanks to ProFire)
Adding #452 way to unselect all audio in a profile (thanks to HannesJo0139)
Changing rigaya encoders end time would use --trim instead of --seekto
Changing #450 -vsync to -fps_mode as -vsync is deprecated (thanks to GT500org)
Fixing #441 outdated SVT-AV1 Encoding Guide link (thanks to Yuzbashi)
Fixing #455 source FPS was not applied to rigaya encoders (thanks to F.O.R.A.R.T.)
Removing Windows toast notification due to prone to errors and incompatibility with tray minimize

Version 5.3.0

Adding profile select in Load Directory window
Adding avis and avifs extensions for SVT-AV1 AVIF (thanks to u/zimmwisdom)
Fixing #439 QSVEnc QP mode select did not work in AVC / HEVC (thanks to sun6560032)
Fixing current profile window would not show

Version 5.2.3

Fixing #433 queue_extras emptied on loading queue (thanks to Maddie Davis)

Version 5.2.2

Fixing #431 Missing ubuntu 20 builds (thanks to techore)
Fixing file extension drop down would not always set correct on encoder change (thanks to GT500org)
Fixing missing translations for VVC
Fixing VVC was adding extra params it did not support
Fixing trying to restore a video from the queue that was using an encoder that no longer exists

Version 5.2.1

Fixing #426 Version 5.2 does not run on fresh install (thanks to Bandid0)
Fixing #427 Error loading videos that do not have video tags (thanks to Maddie Davis)

Version 5.2.0

Adding #100 Output format selection (thanks to me)
Adding #227 load directory of videos support (thanks to Chris / moonwhaler and a lot of others)
Adding #233 Versatile Video Coding (aka x266) support (thanks to F.O.R.A.R.T.)
Adding #200 #320 #373 UI scaling (thanks to tyeeman, wynterca and reza)
Adding #367 safer font defaults (thanks to Archer Allstars)
Adding #242 and #400 resolution saves to the profile (thanks to x9sim9)
Adding #409 Copy video track title information from input file (thanks to Don Gafford)
Adding #422 Add ICQ and LA-ICQ for rigayas QSV (thanks to @bender1984)
Adding pip builds again allow for pipx install
Adding Ukrainian ( Українська ) language support
Adding Korean ( 한국어 ) language support
Adding default log cleanup on exit, can be disabled in settings
Fixing #332 Command Window always shows "qt.svg: Cannot open file" errors (thanks to Wontell)
Fixing #350 Unable to burn in subtitles (thanks to Maddie Davis)
Fixing #398 audio and subtitles disabled when editing queue item (thanks to philblue1 and Don Gafford)
Fixing #413 Wrong equalizer settings with not US locales (thanks to Massimo Pissarello)
Fixing #421 Queue extras were not ever being cleaned up (thanks to Maddie Davis)
Fixing QSV AV1 setting panel issues
Fixing app could crash on startup if could not check for updates to github due to rate limiting
Fixing removing legacy pkg_resources for importlib.resources

Version 5.1.0

Adding AV1 support for rigaya's AMD hardware encoder! (requires 7000 series AMD GPU and latest rigaya encoder)
Adding #192 a true portable mode for Windows (thanks to Demicro)
Fixing lookup for QSVEncC
Fixing lookup for hdr10plus_tool
Fixing concatenation builder
Fixing #390 Wrong scale and behavior for DPI 250% on Windows (thanks to smtad)

Version 5.0.0

Adding new GUI backend PySide6
Adding AV1 support for rigaya's Nvidia and Intel hardware encoders!
Adding default source directory (thanks to Battlestar1965)
Adding hidden tabs for things that are not supported for a certain codec
Adding #345 Change the default priority of spawned tools (thanks to Maximo Piva)
Adding #371 Add "Stay on Top" (thanks to Hexenhammer)
Adding rotation detection for side data list, used in phone videos a lot
Adding #366 All x265 possible profiles (thanks to DesertCookie)
Fixing #370 Audio Match not working correctly after 4.10.0 (thanks to Hexenhammer)
Fixing settings panel would always want a restart if any paths to executables were filled on Windows
Fixing #374 name of hdr10plus tool name and adding link in settings (thanks to Richard Harmonson)
Fixing check for output same as source on file systems that don't support resolve
Fixing #378 Deprecated features used for SVT-AV1 (thanks to DesertCookie)
Fixing #380 Not all subtitles have "codec_name" (thanks to No Name)
Removing support and builds for Windows 7 and 8
Removing support and builds for MacOS 10

Version 4.10.0

Adding AVIF support using libsvtav1
Adding #352 default output directory to settings panel (thanks to Maddie Davis)
Adding #306 support for audio profiles with pattern matching for rigaya's hardware encoders
Adding #301 Select All feature for subtitles (thanks to ProFire and Genine-Collin)
Adding #325 build for Ubuntu 22.04 (thanks to mrjayviper)
Adding build for MacOS 12
Adding #322 warning if profile audio match doesn't match anything (thanks to wynterca)
Adding presumption that 4.x branch is last to support Windows 7 and 8 for update checks
Fixing #319 no longer disables built in tracks for profile matching (thanks to Owen Quinlan)
Fixing #218 and #308 subtitle scaling with rigaya's hardware encoders needs to be scaled for 4K content (thanks to wynterca)
Fixing #350 subtitle burn in quoting (thanks to Maddie Davis)
Fixing #346 preserve the order of audio tracks when editing a queued job (thanks to Patrick Bassner)
Fixing #187 closing the main app while a progress bar is active will now stop that task (thanks to Todd Wilkinson)
Fixing Chinese translations (thanks to leonardyan)
Fixing new version check not launching at startup

Version 4.9.4

Fixing Apple videotoolbox were not being listed as options (thanks to sublimal)
Fixing concatenation of large amount of files could cause huge slowdowns to the app
Fixing thumbnails command did not work when ffmpeg was in a directory with a space in it's lineage (thanks to No Name)

Version 4.9.3

Fixing #339 After cancelling queue button stay as cancel (thanks to wynterca)
Fixing internal error that after_done_action could not be set

Version 4.9.2

Fixing #334 machine now sleeps during encoding (thanks to Don Gafford)
Fixing After Conversion command running after every encoding (thanks to Don Gafford)

Version 4.9.1

Fixing QSV AVC command builder not working (thanks to Marco Ravich)
Fixing missing details in readme on how to use additional encoders

Version 4.9.0

Adding #109 Support for AVC and HEVC QSV encoding with rigaya's QSVEncC (thanks to msaintauret)
Adding #196 Support for AVC and HEVC Apple Videotoolbox encoder (thanks to Kay Singh)
Adding #323 ignore errors options options for queue (thanks to Don Gafford)
Adding #331 NVEncC API v10 Quality presets: P1 to P7 (thanks to Wontell)
Fixing #321 dhdr10_opt not added for x265 commands (thanks to GizmoDudex)
Fixing #327 FastFlix Duplicates encoding task and encodes same movie to infinity (thanks to Wontell)
Fixing #324 NVEncC wrong Interlace Value set by FastFlix (thanks to Wontell)
Fixing #278 FastFlix occasionally getting stuck on a single video in a queue (thanks to kamild1996)
Fixing #330 "Remove Metadata" only removes video metadata for Rigaya's hardware encoders (thanks to wynterca)
Fixing level was not being passed to hardware encoders

Version 4.8.1

Fixing #315 HDR10 info not parsed from subsequent video tracks than the first, again (thanks to msaintauret)

Version 4.8.0

Adding #313 basic vsync support for hardware encoders (thanks to Wontell)
Adding #312 additional pixel formats for most encoders (thanks to Owen Quinlan)
Adding "Auto" profile for VCEncC
Changing #292 back to PySide2 to be compatible with Windows 7 and 8 (thanks to Causemic)
Fixing #310 QT was complaining about some PNG formats (thanks to Don Gafford)
Fixing #315 HDR10 info not parsed from subsequent video tracks than the first (thanks to msaintauret)
Fixing profile not being passed for AVC with VCEencC and stuck on Baseline
Fixing #304 that force 10-bit encoding for NVEencC was not set from profiles properly (thanks to wynterca)

Version 4.7.1

Fixing #304 New profile Audio conversion downmix and bitrate issues (thanks to wynterca)
Known Issue (4.7.0 and 4.7.1)
New style audio profiles create new tracks, which don't work with rigaya's hardware encoders. Have to use "passthrough all" for time being.

Version 4.7.0

Adding #164 audio matching in profiles (thanks to bmcassagne)
Adding #261 Advanced settings are currently not saved on Profiles (thanks to georgesaumen)
Adding #294 NVEncC 10-bit encoding mode for 8-bit source (thanks to Don Gafford)
Adding HDR10 support, svtav1-params, scene detection, and crf option for SVT AV1
Adding max colors and stats mode to GIF
Adding OpenCL support for Remove HDR to speed it up
Changing FFmpeg download to look for latest master GPL builds
Fixing #296 low quality auto-crop due to high rounding, increasing accuracy from 16 to 2 pixels (thanks to Rayman24365)
Fixing #302 unclear when VBV is enabled (thanks to Paul Huckstepp)
Fixing concat builder behavior to work smoother
Fixing thumbnail generation for concat images

## Version 4.6.0

* Adding #195 640kbps audio (thanks to ObviousInRetrospect and Harybo)
* Adding Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Polish translations
* Fixing #272 Codec drop down size fix (thanks to kachijs)
* Fixing #278 FastFlix occasionally getting stuck on a single video in a queue (thanks to kamild_)
* Fixing build for 3.10 by updating to PySide6 (thanks to Nhunz)
* Fixing status parser when using -psnr (thanks to ObviousInRetrospect)
* Fixing VCE and NVENC encoders would set first subtitle track to default

## Version 4.5.1

* Fixing #273 Realtime VP9 bitrate mode must be single pass (thanks to Owen Quinlan)

## Version 4.5.0

* Adding #267 new onyx theme with custom icons (thanks to Joey Catt | Onyx Studios)
* Adding signing of Windows executables
* Adding new light and dark theme using BreezeStyles
* Adding #115 ability to provide concat file (thanks to Marco Ravich)
* Adding support for brightness, contrast and saturation filters
* Adding PySide6 as main GUI provider, now MIT licensed frontend!

## Version 4.4.2

* Fixing #264 changelog encoding was causing crashes on non utf-8 systems (thanks to lobofoot)

## Version 4.4.1

* Fixing colorspace details from advanced page not applied to x265 (thanks to Těnh Em Lŕ Đại Dương)

## Version 4.4.0

* Adding #237 zoom option for thumbnail (thanks to Lev Abashkin)
* Adding #259 support for all available audio format per encoder (thanks to alpha-0)
* Adding support for ENV variables - FF_CONFIG, FF_LANG, FF_HDR10PLUS, FF_WORKDIR
* Fixing FastFlix could not start if setting profile could not find x265 encoder
* Fixing that downloading latest FFmpeg can fail to extract files if previous ones exist (thanks to ProFire)
* Fixing that VCEEncC needs to use nnedi filter for deinterlacing (thanks to Onyx)

## Version 4.3.1

* Adding VCEEncC decoder option
* Adding support for HDR10+ parser version 1.0.0 and above
* Fixing VCEEncC interlace being passed "False" string
* Fixing VCEEncC was not being passed profile option
* Fixing keep / remove chapters and metadata were not explicit in both cases

## Version 4.3.0

* Adding VCEEncC encoder support for HEVC and AVC
* Fixing Chinese translations (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing #256 Cannot load NVENC profiles because RC Lookahead is stored as int (thanks to Jan Hellwig)

## Version 4.2.3

* Fixing that the queue would not update errored films correctly
* Fixing "None" option for HDR -> SDR tonemap had to be lowercase

## Version 4.2.2

* Fixing output_directory not highest priority (thanks to cwills75)

## Version 4.2.1

* Adding support for source_directory and output_name_format in config file (thanks to cwills75)
* Fixing #129 no subtitles should be enabled, removing need for mkvpropedit (thanks to wiedemanu)
* Fixing network paths not working on Windows
* Changing difference between requirements and requirements-build and removing the build version

## Version 4.2.0

* Adding #109 NVENC HEVC support based on FFmpeg (thanks to Zeid164)
* Adding NVEenC encoder for HEVC and AVC
* Adding #166 More robust queue that is recoverable
* Adding ability to extract HDR10+ metadata if hdr10plus_parser is detected on path
* Adding #178 selector for number of autocrop positions throughout video (thanks to bmcassagne)
* Adding Windows 10 notification for queue complete success
* Adding #194 fast two pass encoding (thanks to Ugurtan)
* Adding Confirm dialogue for cancel encode and replace currently working on video
* Changing AVC defaults and recommendations for CRF to higher values
* Changing VP9 to default to mkv instead of webm format to support more audio codecs
* Fixing German translations (thanks to SMESH)
* Fixing #171 Be able to select encoder before selecting video
* Fixing #176 Unable to change queue order or delete task from queue since 4.1.0 (thanks to Etz)
* Fixing #185 need to specify channel layout when downmixing (thanks to Ugurtan)
* Fixing #187 cleaning up partial download of FFmpeg (thanks to Todd Wilkinson)
* Fixing #190 add missing chromaloc parameter for x265 (thanks to Etz)
* Fixing #209 Double spaces were removed in incoming filenames, causing no file found (thanks to stilicrafter)
* Fixing that deinterlace detection could crash program due to CPython bug issue #43423 (thanks to macx)
* Fixing that returning item back from queue of a different encoder type would crash Fastflix
* Fixing HDR10 details to be track specific (thanks to Harybo)
* Fixing returning from queue works with duplicated audio tracks

## Version 4.1.2

* Fixing #180 Minor UI glitch, custom bitrate retains "k" when edited from queue (thanks to Etz)
* Fixing custom QP crashes FastFlix (thanks to J-mas)
* Fixing adding a dot for microseconds in time fields would crash FastFlix (thanks to remlap)
* Fixing Chinese translations (thanks to leonardyan)

## Version 4.1.1

* Fixing #156 Copy was broken due to copy settings being renamed due to library update (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing #172 FastFlix could not set profile setting copy (thanks to Etz)
* Fixing calling delete on a profile without a source video could crash FastFlix

## Version 4.1.0

* Adding #118 #126 advanced panel with FFmpeg filters (thanks to Marco Ravich and remlap)
* Adding #114 info panel that shows source details (thanks to leonardyan)
* Adding #117 support for text based burn in subtitles
* Adding #152 option to switch back to old bubbly buttons (thanks to GitKike98)
* Adding logging level selector in settings for GUI
* Adding button to extract text based subtitles
* Adding dual pass option for ffmpeg options (thanks to Catatau)
* Adding #163 elapsed time in encoding panel (thanks to Benedicte Emilie Brćkken)
* Adding super secret DEVMODE environment variable
* Adding #168 Allow decimal CRF values as Custom values (thanks to Etz)
* Changing all builds to use Python 3.8, removing idea of "legacy" windows until later time
* Fixing #156 Copy was broken due to ffmpeg extras not being passed (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing #158 Translation and icon of tab name "Quality" lost when output codec switched (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing #120 Custom bitrate forgets to add a "k" (thanks to seighail3)
* Fixing #162 Main window was not resizeable (thanks to bmcassagne)
* Fixing #165 Custom Bitrate loaded from Profile (thanks to Etz)
* Fixing #154 Overloading the term "Profile" for languages (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing snap packaged, and other symlinked FFmpeg installs were not linked correctly (thanks to Catatau)
* Fixing loading video could encounter a bug and crash fastflix (thanks to Jan)
* Fixing being able to set landscape cover
* Fixing resetting covers from queue

## Version 4.0.4

* Fixing #137 Should not be able to try and switch between encoders without a video (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing #149 Cannot set subtitle disposition in 4.0+ (thanks to Zeid164)
* Fixing #150 FFmpeg extras not able to be set (thanks to kipperdawn)
* Fixing exact / fast time selector not working
* Fixing subtitle burn in not working (for picture images)
* Fixing that text based subtitles could show as being burned-in-able
* Fixing HEVC tune did not put space after itself in command

## Version 4.0.3

* Fixing #146 Extraneous "None" when remove HDR is selected (thanks to Chad Johnson)

## Version 4.0.2

* Fixing #144 Remove HDR not working (thanks to Chad Johnson)
* Fixing #135 color information wasn't passed through correctly (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing #143 by adding legacy windows builds with Python 3.8 for time being (thanks to odignal)
* Fixing queue breaks if there is an error during conversion
* Fixing Remove HDR doesn't stay selected when returning item from queue
* Fixing resolution doesn't stay after returning from queue
* Fixing thumbnail generation preview for videos with arib-std-b67 color transfer

## Version 4.0.1

* Fixing #141 FastFlix v4.0.0 Windows Installer - Unable to launch (thanks to pcf1)

## Version 4.0.0

* Adding #59 Queue system
* Adding #94 profiles (thanks to robchap79)
* Adding #98 multi-lingual support (thanks to leonardyan)
* Adding #111 HDR10+ Optimization flag for x265 (thanks to SlashX)
* Adding #113 copy video track option (thanks to leonardyan)
* Adding |===== | Progress Bars
* Adding support for interlaced videos
* Adding option to download newest FFmpeg on Windows
* Adding builds for MacOS and Linux
* Adding --test (imports only) and --version startup options
* Adding option to clean old (over two weeks) logs by compressing them
* Adding background fix for first subtitle track to not be default if mkvpropedit is detected (thanks to ftpmorph)
* Changing to a model based dataclass setup with a large internal re-write
* Changing so it opens the file dialog for new video to last used directory
* Changing log names, including file output stem in conversion log
* Fixing #116 how HDR10 options for x265 work (thanks to HannesJo0139)
* Fixing dispositions being set for wrong tracks (thanks to ftpmorph)
* Fixing thumbnails not being generated properly on 10-bit non bt2020 files
* Fixing QThread destroyed message on close
* Fixing Cannot queue arguments of type 'QTextCursor' warning messages

## Version 3.4.3

* Fixing #110 (multi) no warning for those updating about automatic burn-in subtitles (thanks to loungebob)
* Fixing #110 (multi) no option to disable automatic subtitle burn-in behavior (thanks to loungebob)
* Fixing #110 (multi) waiting cursor may not go away by removing for now (thanks to loungebob)
* Fixing timeout for covers extraction not working
* Fixing changing settings without video would crash GUI

## Version 3.4.2

* Fixing color space details being passed correctly to everything other than x265 as well
* Fixing HDR10+ details on README
* Fixing #102 better with taking into account master-display ratios (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing VP9 to accept profiles so HDR10 can be copied properly
* Fixing #108 HEVC can select wrong video track for encoding (thanks to Zeid164)

## Version 3.4.1

* Fixing #102 color space and HDR details not parsed from webm correctly (thanks to leonardyan)
* Fixing no warning messages for HDR10+ experimental feature

## Version 3.4.0

* Adding #83 HDR10+ support for x265 (thanks to SlashX)
* Adding x265 params hdr10, hdr10-opt, aq-mode and repeat-headers
* Adding basic splash info and waiting cursor for events
* Adding button to open config file from setting panel
* Changing that autocrop will test two spots if possible (thanks to HannesJo0139)
* Changing covers generated in their own temp directory
* Fixing #103 x265-params were being pre-pended with an extra ":" (thanks to Zeid164)
* Fixing #101 FFmpeg status codes now taken into account for errors

## Version 3.3.1

* Fixing #96 input selection did not support all video formats
* Fixing #95 unicode decode error for FFmpeg output

## Version 3.3.0

* Adding ETA and size estimates on status panel
* Adding custom x265-params options
* Adding support for WebP encodings
* Changing height to say "Auto" when keeping aspect ratio
* Changing that buttons will be disabled without video or when encoding
* Fixing cover extraction could timeout and crash program
* Fixing #89 x265 params for hdr10 changed names (thanks to SlashX)
* Fixing #92 cannot start FastFlix on Mac (thanks to Paul Bakaus)
* Fixing autocrop sometimes failing due to muxing size limitations
* Fixing thumbnail generation did not work for videos with multiple video tracks
* Fixing gif generation to work with new filter_complex
* Fixing gif output network location would not work

## Version 3.2.1

* Fixing #87 psutil not listed as requirement for pip (thanks to I-Iawk)

## Version 3.2.0

* Adding #75 burn-in subtitle support (thanks to Trevbams)
* Adding #81 auto crop feature (thanks to HannesJo0139)
* Adding #84 pause / resume functionality (thanks to loungebob)
* Adding hover info for Audio and Subtitle tracks
* Adding confirm overwrite dialog if file already exists and is not empty
* Adding linking to issues in changelog file
* Changing to explicitly set no-slow-firstpass for x265 bitrate runs
* Changing FFmpeg to download latest available
* Fixing AVC always copied chapters
* Fixing how aspect ratio interacted with crop
* Fixing HEVC would copy HDR10 details on 8-bit videos

## Version 3.1.0

* Adding support for movie title
* Adding settings for disable update check on startup and limited audio conversions
* Adding #57 after conversion options (thanks to TGMais)
* Adding Windows should not to go to sleep during conversion
* Changing #80 thumbnail preview will start at 10% in if no start time given (thanks to zsumie)
* Changing no longer need to restart for setting page changes
* Changing width and height will only give warnings if not divisible by two
* Fixing output name is not regenerated on encoder switch if matching extension
* Fixing #79 crash on no internet connection (thanks to L0Lock)
* Fixing output paths not working on network drives

## Version 3.0.2

* Fixing #76 Windows FFmpeg builds switch from to (thanks to sioc)
* Fixing failure size calculation limit on file to 500 bytes due to VP9

## Version 3.0.1

* Fixing missing import when installing from pip (linux only release)

## Version 3.0.0

* Adding AVC support (libx264)
* Adding #65 rav1e support (librav1e)
* Adding #49 SVT AV1 support (libsvtav1) directly with FFmpeg
* Adding SVT AV1 dual pass, tier, scene detection, and tile parameters
* Adding #67 Status Panel to view encoding logs
* Adding #58 Support for cover attachments (thanks to -L0Lock-)
* Adding various speed improvements
* Adding changelog in GUI
* Adding #68 version upgrade dialogue
* Adding icons to encoders drop down
* Adding video filename path
* Adding Windows installer
* Adding check for new ffmpeg on startup
* Adding #69 nice feature for language selection (thanks to HannesJo0139)
* Adding #13 button to copy commands to clipboard and save to file
* Adding options to remove metadata and copy chapters
* Changing #8 logs to be separated into GUI and conversion logs
* Changing major internal re-write to keep encoding even if GUI dies
* Changing bitrate suggestion resolutions to be more readable with fps
* Changing command builders to specify the temporary files themselves
* Changing changelog to proper markdown
* Changing rotation and flip section to drop downs
* Fixing Windows taskbar does not always show icon
* Fixing #55 GUI logs by splitting them from core logs
* Fixing #42 log output from FFmpeg stopped due to PIPE filling up (thanks to Trevbams)
* Fixing that mkv cover attachments would show as video tracks
* Fixing plugins should not be available if no FFmpeg library for them
* Fixing error on audio tracks listing zero channels
* Removing support for the direct SVT AV1 encoder (fixes #24)
* Removing support for cutelog / socket based logging
* Removing flix as library support (cleaning out old command generator code)

## Version 2.6.3
* Fixing #71 #26 encoding issues in video files (thanks to -L0Lock-)
* Fixing tempfile issue with recursion on cleanup
* Fixing SVT AV1 command building raising errors on bad crop

## Version 2.6.2

* Switching windows builds from to

## Version 2.6.1

* Adding HEVC crf suggestions back
* Fixing #62 VP9 and GIF crashing due to label bug (thanks to -L0Lock-)

## Version 2.6.0

* Adding AV1 AOM settings for cpu-used, tile-columns, tile-rows, row-mt
* Adding HEVC x265 setting for profile
* Changing plugins to include library used for encoding
* Changing HEVC default speed to "medium" and crf to 28 to match x265 defaults
* Fixing command builders to specify stream instead of video track for codec
* Fixing FPS not showing correctly when dealing with higher numbers
* Fixing #60 video track not selected properly (thanks to -L0Lock-)
* Fixing crash on SVT-AV1 due to HDR label issue
* Fixing SVT-AV1 audio tracks being converted incorrectly

## Version 2.5.0

* Adding settings dialog
* Fixing no bitrate should be specified for lossless audio

## Version 2.4.1

* Fixing #52 HEVC custom CRF issue (thanks to 2600box)

## Version 2.4.0

* Adding larger command line view to see entire command at once
* Changing to using qtpy which supports dynamic linking of either PySide2 or pyqt5, instead of only PySide2
* Fixing #4 Error Message Box when someone other than video file is dropped onto fastflix
* Fixing #44 Remove metadata from original file (thanks to HannesJo0139)
* Fixing #20 Adding hoverhelp for most converter options

## Version 2.3.4

* Fixing audio downmixing only taking for last downmixing setting

## Version 2.3.3

* Fixing #46 max-cll was being sent incorrectly to x265-params (thanks to HannesJo0139)
* Fixing #43 audio bitrate being set to wrong track (thanks to HannesJo0139)

## Version 2.3.2

* Fixing #39 HEVC two pass bitrate does not work (thanks to schlotkins)

## Version 2.3.1

* Fixing #35 custom CRF / bitrate values not updating in the command panel (thanks to schlotkins)

## Version 2.3.0

* Adding to pypi
* Changing package to "fastflix"
* Changing that custom mode fields are blocked unless "Custom" is selected
* Changing always allowing pass-through for audio
* Fixing HDR details not being parsed due to not quoting path to ffprobe (thanks to schlotkins)
* Fixing killing child processes on *nix

## Version 2.2.0

* Adding custom extra ffmpeg args for HEVC
* Adding max mux queue size change for HEVC
* Fixing issue with codec not being set as copy (thanks to schlotkins)
* Fixing quotes around parens on linux

## Version 2.1.1

* Fixing parse_hdr_details bug (thanks to Jan Temešinko and schlotkins)

## Version 2.1.0

* Adding config file that will allow for customizable work directory
* Adding support for HEVC conversion
* Adding support for audio downmixing and custom titles
* Adding log to file
* Adding realtime logging for ffmpeg conversions
* Adding support to automatically download SVT-AV1
* Fixing windows scaling display issues
* Fixing scaling to properly keep scaling and will be red when bad
* Fixing scaling for videos with rotation
* Fixing audio to convert correct tracks
* Removing bundling of FFmpeg and SVT-AV1
* Removing support for external plugins

## Version 2.0.1

* Fixing broken exe, requiring console for time being

## Version 2.0.0

* Adding AV1 support (both FFMPEG libaom-av1 and SVT-AV1)
* Adding VP9 support
* Adding Visible command list
* Adding Audio transcoding options
* Changing into MIT license
* Changing into plugin module design
* Removing all GPL or restrictive licensed products (including x265)
* Major Layout Redesign

## Version 1.1.0

* Add AV1 support
* Add GIF support
* Add Settings page
* Add About page
* Large amount of changes, fixes, and bugs introduced

## Version 1.0.0

* Initial release

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