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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for FairUse Wizard

3D R2
- fixed loss of focus when defining file size on the encoding screen.
- fixed an IFO parsing bug which would result in mixing content across chains

- Now works on Windows 8!

- fixed IFO parsing which resulted in missing program chains. All valid program chains should now display as expected.

- added 3D side-by-side encoding option. Yes, you can now convert your DVD collection to high-definition 3D rips!

- fixed the "no space left on device" error when using UNC paths

- fixed the VCM error for unrestricted H264 encoding profiles

- fixed the preview flickering
- fixed the project list not always displaying correctly
- fixed missing titles in some multi-episode discs
- fixed analysis issue with some new discs

- added an HTC HD/HD2/Mini encoding profile

- optimized handling of some new discs
- filtering of invalid program chains (a.k.a. "scrambled chapters")
- fixed the VMC error with recent x264 builds

- added compatibility with Windows visual themes
- added a progress bar integrated with the Windows 7 task bar
- added the number of chapters in the chain selection screen

- updated the internal XviD codec to the latest release
- updated the internal x264 codec to the latest release

Corrected some corrupted discs handling
Fixed the audio encoding error that occured with AAC-based profiles
Fixed the codec error that occured at the first run
Fixed a potential hang that could occur right before encoding begins
Fixed IDX/SUB files not taking into account the default project folder
Fixed IDX/SUB files not taking into account the custom file naming introduced with FairUse 2.8
Fixed subtitles drifting when exporting to sub/idx while splitting to multiple parts

- corrected several corrupted IFO file parsing bugs
- fixed a potential hang during logo loading
- corrected the hang that occuring at startup if UltraISO was installed on the system
- no more repeated audio encoding during iPod video processing
- fixed a bug that hung the application at startup under certain circumstances
- audio transcoding now works properly for movies longer than 3 hours
- fixed random iPod encoding final muxing issue

- added custom file naming
You can now use %session%[=startValue], %part%[=startValue], %chapter%[=startValue] macros in the project name to customize multiple file names (i.e. "My TV Show - Season 1 Episode %session%=8" for a disc that starts with episode 8, or "My Movie CD%part%" for a multipart encoding)
- multi-episode auto-selection (useful for TV shows, do NOT enable full auto mode for manual episode selection)
- added predefined encoding profiles for iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Zune, Xbox 360, PS3, standalone DivX players, TiVO HD, and several H.264-based High Quality profiles, mainly for computer playback

- enhanced multi-core/SMP performance with XviD
- greatly enhanced multi-core/SMP performance with x264
- better progress feedback during multiple chain indexation
- enhanced video deinterlacer visual quality
- better Virtual Machine interpreter
- "fairuse.log" log file is now located in the project folder

- much better handling of some new discs
- fixed the end-of-movie-is-missing bug occuring with homemade discs
- fixed the iPod encoding final muxing error
- fixed the startup crash of the first 2.6 release made a few days ago

- Windows Vista compatibility under standard user account
- new cell commands interpreter for enhanced playback flow handling

- updated the internal XviD codec
- updated the internal x264 codec
- better handling of DivX codec

October, 14th 2006
Uploaded new setup files for the LE and FULL builds to fix a false alarm issued by some antivirus software.

- fixed read errors happening with some new discs
- fixed compatibility issues with DivX 6.2

- added logo embedding (overlays a custom logo over the picture)

- updated the internal x264 codec

- fixed a bug that would sometimes cause FU to hang when starting an encoding in automatic mode
- fixed the "12kb" bug
- added detection of MPA tracks pretending to be AC3 (which would cause FU to hang)
- enhanced the unreadable cell skipping algorithm

- fixed compatibility with all current (and hopefully future) DivX codec versions
- fixed a crash after parsing IFO files with some discs
- fixed the "incomplete movie" bug that showed up with some homemade discs - ISO images can now be opened even if no physical drive is found
- fixed the checkboxes behaviour on the audio transcoding screen
- default encoding profile os no longer overwritten when customized for one encoding
- fixed potential problems with data caching
- fixed minor GUI glitches
- added iPod Video encoding (see profiles)
- added encoding profiles (standard, standard with ESS compatibility, custom codec settings)
- the codec settings can now be customized for all codecs
- updated the internal XviD codec
- updated the internal x264 codec

- a bug in the Full Edition build was limiting encodings to 700 MB

- fixed the tabulation order on the first page
- moved the registry settings to a new key to avoid conflicts with previous installations
- all codecs and cropping options are now available without having to enable the expert mode
- fixed the "could not find disc key" error
- improved BOB deinterlacing quality

FairUse Wizard 2.0 brings a lot of new features (like support for H264 and VP7 codecs), and solves all known issues. Get FairUse Wizard 2.0 now !

2.0 RC2
- fixed some issues found in 'pre2'
- added support for On2's VP7
- enhanced the GUI handling for ffVFW
2.0 RC1
RC1 is out. Slightly better GUI for ffVFW. ffVFW is a quite complex and complete codec, but several of its codecs are still experimental. When you find an encoding bug with ffVFW, please try with VDub first before reporting as a FairUse bug.
FU does its best to handle ffVFW's various codecs, but since there are many different codecs there will be no more integration than the current one.
FU will set (if applicable to the selected codec) the desired size, desired bitrate, and quality. The quantized has to be selected from the codec's settings panel. This is because all of ffVFW's codecs don't have the same quantizer ranges, so it's much easier to set the quantizer from ffVFW than from FU (at least from the programmer's point of view ).

- fixed the project loading/indexing error
- fixed FairUse 1.0 project import
- target size is respected when extracting VobSub subtitles
- sessions are no longer overwriting previous ones

- Read error correction modes (useful with some new discs)
- native VobSub subtitles extraction with automated splitting
- 4/3 auto-crop feature (very useful on handheld devices)
- better CrossOver Office compatibility (for Linux users)

- target size is respected for very huge encodings (> 4 GB)
- FairUse could hang while importing older format projects
- some MPEG audio tracks were not detected correctly
- fixed an occasional bug while indexing physically broken discs
- fixed the "Could not load codec settings" issue
- fixed a potential batch processing hang
- fixed the program lock that sometimes happened after a read error
- fixed opening an ISO image on a system without a DVD drive
- fixed processing of TIVO/TyTool generated ISO images
- fixed a hang with some discs having corrupted IFO files
- fixed a huge bug with audio tracks detection
- fixed a huge bug with subtitles tracks identification
- fixed the audio saturation that occured with some titles
- fixed a PCM/MPEG audio tracks handling bug that could cause indexing to crash

- tweaked anime mode handling with XviD
- deferring an encoding immediately defers the session
- more consistent HD resolutions calculation
- moved the default settings to the option screen
- the last used DVD drive entry is remembered

- subpicture description (director's comment, children, etc.)
- HD (High Definition) encoding mode

- forced subtitles were not added correctly for some movies
- non-forced subtitles were sometimes added while not needed
- better audio tracks handling with some poorly authored discs
- fixed a hang that occured with some poorly authored discs
- Lanczos resize mode state is now correctly saved
- default OggVorbis bitrate is applied as intended
- fixed the undersize when encoding in IVTC mode with the DivX codec

- tweaked the way Field Align mode is handled
- XviD zones settings are now forced to prevent misuse of the zones
- XviD now always encodes in target size mode
- encodings can now be ran if there is no ASPI layer and no DVD drive
- chapter numbers in file names are written with two digits
- better resolution/Lanczos suggestion handling

- all drive detection issues should hopefully be fixed

- added an option to allow any chars in the project/path name

- the file parts are now respected in full auto mode
- fixed the occasional "no drive found" bug

- upgraded to XviD 1.0.2

- fixed the occasional hang during preview navigation

- FU can convert data from an ISO image rather than indexing a physical DVD
- "smart" selection of the HQ resizing mode
- default options for the main audio track's format and bitrate settings
- default options for the TV mode and the rotate screen settings
- the codec settings can be changed from the first screen (useful in full auto mode)

- fixed:
- a wrong audio track was sometimes auto selected
- a wrong subtitles track was sometimes auto selected
- fixed forced subtitles preview in semi-auto subtitles selection mode
- fixed the green bottom line when transcoding non-cropped video in IVTC mode
- the muxing issues should be fixed
- fixed a hang that would occur with some poorly mastered titles (missing titles)
- hopefully fixed the access violation errors that resulted in strange error messages
- audio tracks ar no longer added again when going back from transcoding

- director's comments audio tracks will never be auto-added
- director's comments subtitles tracks will never be auto-added
- unknown subtitles are added (if present) if no wanted subtitle track was found
- made the main window bigger. The minimal screen resolution is now 800x600.

- an output folder can be specified in the options
- double-clicking .fup files opens the project in FairUse

- fixed standalone DVD writers compatibility issues
- higher audio boost level

- upgraded to XviD 1.0.1
- auto mode disabled by default
- TV mode disabled by default


- if the default audio track is not found the first found audio track is added anyway (should work now)
- reworked the multiplexing part to avoid some occasional hangs
- better handling of forced subtitles


- if the default audio track is not found the first found audio track is added anyway
- FU 0.43a always selected the second program chain rather than the longest


- added a shutdown computer checkbox on the first screen

- the "full auto mode" checkbox state is remembered

- new "Full Auto" mode (backups the main movie without user action)
- new "semi auto" session mode
- default audio track is automatically selected
- default subtitles track is automatically selected
- "complementary" subtitles matching the default audio language are automatically added if no default subtitles are specified
- added the ability to restore FU's default codec settings (use this if you get oversized files after playing with the codec config)

- better handling of multisession mode
- tuned the field mode detection
- removed the integrated DivX codec for legal reasons
- FU no longer uses BeSweet

- sometimes altered project folder name bug fixed
- MPEG Audio tracks transcoding should work again


- fixed the no audio bug


- fixed the file splitting bug
- fixed the wrong size and file part settings


- disabled the use of HVS matrix to solve standalone players related compatibility issues
- fixed the audio desync that could appear sometimes with AC3 audio tracks


- upgraded to XviD 1.0
- no "session.nn" added to the file name when there is only one session


- fixed the green line at the top of the picture

- using the HVS Good (bitrate < 1000 kb/s) or HVS Best (bitrate >= 1000 kb/s) custom MPEG matrix
- the director's comments audio tracks are explicitly shown (provided the DVD was correctly mastered)


IMPORTANT NOTE: With this version, the project and chain file formats have been changed. You should finish any current sessions before trying to use this version.

- added PCM audio support
- added MPEG audio support
- added a check for audio track when no audio track is added to the encoding

- audio boost should now work as intended
- fixed the flickering bottom line that would sometimes appear with BOB deinterlace
- the subtitles are now rotated too when rotating the picture
- the invalid character issue is solved
- fixed some minor glitches

0.41b :
- produced file size should be accurate again

- upgraded to XviD 1.0 RC4

0.41a :
- added an option to fix VBR MP3 headers (like VirtualDub)

- fixed an encoding hang that would occur with a very few DVD (only one AFAIK)
- fixed the "green picture" issue when encoding without resizing
- fixed wrong file size when splitting
- fixed the audio desync when using VBR MP3

0.41 :
- every chapter now begins with a keyframe (XviD only)
- FU should now be able to read data from external USB/FireWire DVD drives
- added "anamorphic" resolution mode to fully take advantage of anamorphic DVD
- added 90? rotation for PocketPC and Palm users
- "hide chains shorter than" setting is remembered
- added cartoon mode checkbox for easily customizable XviD encodings
- new "audio boost" option uses HybridGain (disable it to use PostGain)

- fixed the hang that would occur after selecting drive
- fixed a hang when decoding bad MPEG-2 frames
- fixed chapter splitting when using the XviD codec
- better error handling when codec settings could not be loaded
- XviD aspect ratio is kept in AVI containers
- FU should now work again on MMX processors

- smarter handling of CSS protected content
- tweaked field mode detection
- more accurate audio encoding progress feedback
- current chapter is updated in the combo while seeking the preview
- removed the resizing screen and reworked the encoding screen to a more logical approach
- color scale correction when using TV mode
- new resizing routines for better visual quality


0.40 :
- integrated XviD 1.0 RC3
- added chapter support (OggMedia and Matroska containers only)
- added chapter splitting mode
- last used codec is remembered
- prefered resolutions and TV mode aspect ratio settings are remembered
- last project name is remembered
- FU now tries to split files between chapters
- FU will now exit when opening the final movie (you no longer have to close FU manually)
- FU should now be able to get data from a mismatched DVD on a RPC2 drive

- corrected a minor bug with end credits button activation
- corrected a bug with low bitrate MP3 encoding
- corrected a bitrate calculation overflow that could lead to a "Bad data format" error during encoding
- FU 's main thread no longer starts with IDLE priority if IDLE mode is not active
- fixed a chapter duration display bug
- fixed a bug in session duration display

- dropped besweet.dll and went back to regular BeSweet.exe
- restricted audio bitrates to standard values
- TV mode aspect ratio is now enabled by default


0.39e :
- Added TV display aspect ratio mode

0.39d :
- Hotfix for a VDubMod related muxing issue

0.39c :
- Minor update, fixed small glitches

0.39b :
- Added optional VBR MP3 support due to heavy demand

0.39a :
- Oops!! Forget 0.39 and get this one instead ! :)

0.39 :
- hopefully fixed freezing/seeking issues with most standalone DivX players
- hopefully fixed a crash that occured after indexing poorly mastered DVD
- hopefully fixed the "no decryption key found" issue
- fixed several potential problems with batch encoding
- fixed the "xvidcore.dll" not found issue

- integrated XviD 1.0 RC2
- better external codec handling for XviD
- restricted audio bitrate to the range 96-320 kbps


0.38 :

IMPORTANT NOTE: With this version, the project and chain file formats have been changed. You should finish any current sessions before trying to use this version.

- added support for forced subtitles
- default project folder is remembered
- browse for project folder automatically opens the selected folder
- XviD libraries are stored inside the main executable again to avoid potential problems


0.37a :
- subtitle stream extraction fixed when used with file splitting

0.37 :
- OggVorbis encoding bug hopefully fixed (the Vorbis DLLs are doing weird things)
- you can now try a second chance crop if the first auto crop left a black stripe on any border of the video
- cancel button did not work properly under some conditions
- credit start was sometimes not set properly
- new logo, background picture & icons (thanks to Martin Nogu驍


0.36c :
- the preview seeking sometimes did not work as intended
- batch encoding with OggVorbis audio did hang on the second encoding

0.36b :
- AVI interleaving fixed (file playback should work fine on PC again)

0.36a :
- changed AVI interleaving to 1 frame
- added an option to open project folder after encoding
- added an option to create unique file names
- fixed bitrate display in encoding screen

0.36 :
- support for XviD 1.0 RC1
- fixed a display issue with the XviD encoding status feedback window
- trying to create a new session after having tried to open a finished session would open the finished session
- adding a second audio track and selecting Ogg would default to a 0 kbps bitrate
- XviD zone settings can be customized


0.35 :
- OggVorbis audio format support
- OggMedia container support
- Matroska container support
- subtitles streams demuxing to VOB+ifo (for use with VSRip or SubRip)

- chapters durations were always computed on a 29.97 fps basis
- DivX decoder was set to decode XviD after a DivX encoding, thus causing stuttering with XviD encodings
- auto shutdown did not work correctly
- session batch processing did hang under certain conditions

- encoding strategy for highly compressible sources sometimes produced oversized files


0.34d :
- optional IDLE priority mode
- the system XviD codec can be used instead of the internal codec
- encodings are now added depending on the 1st pass settings
- smarter encoding strategy for highly compressible sources (XviD only)

0.34c :
- produced AVI files should play better on standalone players
- audio transcoding and audio/video muxing errors were not reported correctly

0.34b :
- corrected a nasty bug in range selection that would cause FU to hang under certain conditions

0.34a :
- using BeSweet.exe again to avoid hangs in audio encoding

0.34 :

- fixed wrong vertical offset when smart deinterlace was enabled and there was a vertical cropping
- fixed a bug that caused FU to hang on batch processing cancel
- fixed current project number display during encoding

- integrated the XviD 1.0 beta 3 codec and predefined profiles
- accurate file splitting
- internal muxing : now works even if the VFW codecs are not installed on the system
- better integration of sound conversion using besweet.dll
- changed the DivX FOURCC from "DIVX" to "DX50"
- separate credits encoding is only available for XviD encodings
- resize screen automatically selects a recommended resolution

- new "multisession indexing" allows to configure several sessions with the same settings

- suspended OggVorbis/OggMedia/Matroska support (this will be back at a later time)


0.33.1 :
- added separate credits encoding (expert mode only)
- added an options screen that gives acces to some advanced features
- all batch processing related crashes should hopefully be fixed
- corrected the "bad data format" error that occured under certain conditions
- slightly changed the shutdown function so that other apps get a chance to exit gracefully
- all strings can now be translated
- comes with full french and partial italian translations

0.33b :
- fixed a nasty bug introduced with v0.33 that caused FU to always generate 320 kb/s MP3 streams
- more strings can now be translated

0.33a :
- fixed several bugs in the translation code : all pages will now be translated and "n" works as intended

0.33 :
- huge improvement in encoding speed thanks to MMX optimized resizing code
- CPU-optimized memory access brings even more speed
- Further small speed improvement from SSE-optimized IDCT
- added project batch processing (use "Defer processing" on the encoding dialog, then "Defer project processing" on the project dialog)
- slightly changed the BeSweet command line to ensure optimal audio gain (solves the "low sound" some people reported)
- the "shutdown after encoding" feature should now work on Win98 systems (I can't test this myself because I haven't seen any Win98 system for ages)
- added external language files so that FairUse can be easily translated (please email me if you want to contribute to translation)
- added the ability to select several IFO chains to cache (no longer limited to one or all chains)
- intermediate files are now deleted when they're no longer needed (see FairUse.ini)
- added OggMedia and OggVorbis support (see FairUse.ini)
- added Matroska support (see FairUse.ini)
- added file splitting
- FU now comes packaged within a single EXE installer


0.32.10 :
- fixed several other "No DVD drive could be found on your system" bugs when using SPTI access (Win2K/XP)
- fixed a recently introduced bug that prevented from indexing mixed mode DVDs
- raised file size limit to 9999 Mo
- codec configuration for each pass is displayed within the video encodings list

0.32.9 :
- fixed the "No DVD drive could be found on your system" issue
- added OpenDML file output, which solved the "freezing" bug (the freeze was caused by a strange behaviour of the VFW API)

0.32.8 :
- hopefully fixed the final size prediction, which should be far more accurate now, especially for long movies
- current session number is now displayed during encoding
- "Low CPU" mode : slower, use this option only if you need to keep the CPU cooler (summer 2003 was *very* hot)

0.32.7 :
- added batch processing. You can now process all sessions at once ***inside a single project*** (useful to backup anime series DVDs)
- added a new deinterlace option : if enabled, all interlacing artefacts will be removed at the cost of a slightly blurred picture
- added an option to shutdown the computer when all encodings are finished
- each program chain's aspect ratio is now shown in the program chains list
- minor changes in encoder screen ergonomy

0.32.6 :
- enabled the option to index all chains at once
- FU can now encode using DivX 5.1

0.32.5 :
- far better final size targeting. This should hopefully be ok by now thanks to video bitrate adjustment for the second pass after audio encoding is done
- some speed enhancements

0.32.4 :
- XviD support finally enabled :)
- added some overhead calculations to better match desired file size

0.32.3 :
- added audio transcoding & muxing (only AC3 tracks are currently supported)
- added a drop-down list which allows to place the cursor at the beginning/end of a given chapter, making it easy to select a range based on chapters

0.32.2 :
- internal release. First try for XviD support

0.32 :
- first release not from fu2k. Added preliminary support of DivX 5 encoding


up to 0.31 :
- please see included readme file for version history

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