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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for FFmpeg Batch Converter


FFmpeg full build 4.3.1_2021-01-01.
Trim feature now trims with miliseconds precission.
Fixed bug when trimming and using stream copy parameters.
Delete source files feature now deletes successfully encoded files though some files failed during queue processing.
Not deleted source files are listed at the end of the log file.


- Switched to FFmpeg stable 4.3.1.
- Added pointer on settings to browse for latest FFmpeg Windows builds.
- Fixed bug when using source file path as output destination.
- Fixed bug in window size when minimizing and restoring window.
- Fixed bug displaying warning icon on multi-file encoding with 0 errors.


Application window now resizable with basic responsiveness.
Now possible to add custom columns to sort files by resolution, video or audio codec.
Added audio and video speed up/down setting on presets wizard filters.
Output paths can be manually edited.
Multiplex batch jobs manager allows to edit ffmpeg parameters.
Enabled 'Delete source file' on multi-file encoding.
Press Ctrl-A to select all file list items.
Fixed bugs on Batch Image Extraction Wizard (trying preset, paths with blank spaces).
Fixed 'Open output path' menu when using nul format.
Fixed bug on Recording Screen feature.
Added to subtitle languages list: Finnish, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Urdu.


FFmpeg (32 bits version no longer updated).
Fixed bug on file list cells disappearing when mouse hovering them.
Fixed youtube-dl automatic update (git repository down).
Pre-input parameters saved for all or just default preset.
Output path and filename can be overriden by selecting Format "nul".
New wizard for batch video frame extraction as image.
New Stream multiplex batch job manager feature.
Minor changes on presets wizard (Opus).


FFmpeg 4.3.1 2020-10-01 x64 (no longer zeranoe builds, new build from
Pre-input parameters now stored together with default saved parameters.
Pre-input parameters not cleared when clearing file list.
Fixed bug on audio shift.
Audio shift not disabled after queue completion.
Fixed bug on youtube-dl automatic update.
Fixed minor bug opening output path on stream mux and url downloads.
Fixed minor bug displaying ffmpeg version.
Fixed 32 bits portable version.
Portable versions provided as zip file.

New version 2.2.4

FFmpeg 4.3.1
Encoding with blank parameters field now possible.
New setting not to warn about zero duration files.
Fixed some cosmetic bugs regarding status icons.
Linux Wine: Fixed some bugs adding files.

New version 2.2.2

FFmpeg 4.3.
Play sound on queue completion.
Increased parameters textbox length.
Remember window location for high resolutions.
Fixed audio waveform filename bug.
Fixed some errors selecting presets.
Fixed youtube-dl automatic update.
Portable self-extractor changed due to compatibility issues.

New version 2.2.0

FFmpeg 4.2.3.
Filename and file path splitted on filelist.
Presets moved from settings file to ff_presets.ini (keeping backwards compatibility).
New presets editor.
Fixed some rare settings corruption.
Faster file adding automatically preventing duplicates.
Changed output overwrite detection so no unintended overwriting scenario is missed.
Fixed youtube-dl automatic update.
Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

New version 2.1.8

-- Bugfixes:
- Improved Multi-file encoding reliability, now following list order.
- Multi-file overwrite source fixed.
- Fixed aborting m3u downloads.
- Fixed issue pausing/resuming, specially after removing files while encoding is paused.
- New item progress layout to fix vertical scroll refresh issue during encoding.
- Fixed warnings about already successfully encoded items about to be overwritten.
- Minor UI fixes on Linux/Wine version.

--New features:
- YouTube URLs download support (Only Windows version).
- YouTube playlists contents automatically obtained.
- YouTube live streams recording (beta).
- Select preferred audio or video+audio YouTube streams. (Best quality by default).
- Faster Batch URL validation.
- Images on URL items.
- Remember last tab.
- Added feature to open a document or application once queue encoding is complete.
- New dynamic parameters: %fn (file name), %fd (file directory), %fp (full path),
%1 (source file with full path), %2 (source file without extension):
Example: -metadata title="%fn" -metadata album="%fd" -filter="%2.png"
- Log file also saved for multi-file encoding/downloading.

New version 2.1.5

- Fixed some random errors accessing temp folder.
- Added setting to change file list font size.
- Added setting to switch between summary and full multimedia file info.
- Minor bugfixes and some code optimization for improved stabilty.

New Version 2.1.4

- Bugfixes on silence detection messages and path saving.
- Added setting to save more verbose log files.
- User minor interface redesign.

New version 2.1.3

FFmpeg 4.2.2
Added silence detector wizard.
Fixed a few input path scenarios leading to output files being improperly overwriten.
Fixed bug sending files to current application instance.
Other minor bugfixes.

New version 2.1.2

- Fixed multi-file random issues, like missing or misplaced output files.
- Fixed crash on multi-file with files shorter than 1 second.
- Fixed bug loading GPU decoding menu.
- Fixed bug overwriting files with the same name and different extension.
- Delete source files option set as persistent setting.
- Try in console page code set to UTF-8.
- Right click file to show total seconds/frames.
- Changed Join files output naming scheme.
- Fixed Sendto bug not adding subfolders on startup.
- When application is already running, selected files are sent to first instance.
- Fixed installer bug on Windows 7 with .NET already installed.

New version 2.1.0

- New feature to filter files by extension, size, bitrate, video or audio codec, frame rate, frame size, metadata, custom strings.
- New two pass video wizard.
- Presets wizard additions (to include all streams, stream copy subtitles, vp9 multi-thread).
- Sort file list by size or status.
- Bugfixes and proper handling of files from network shares/drives.
- Automatic network files caching to temp folder before encoding.
- Batch m3u8 can be used to encode direct download links.
- View selected file streams.
- Fixed all issues changing encoding priority.
- Renewed application installer. New product code.
- Many other minor enhancements and bugfixes.

New version 2.0.0

- FFmpeg 4.2.1.
- Redesigned interface and added a new settings panel for better user experience.
- Presets can be overwritten.
- Overwriting source files now supported.
- Avoided output overwriting of two list items with the same filename but different extensions.
- Source files path can be used and saved as default relative path.
- Time elapsed displayed during queue processing.
- Added concatenation video filter option for higher compatibility joining files.
- Video keyframes report.
- Automatic faster search for updates on startup.
- Queue information can now be saved as a .ffq file (FFmpeg Batch queue session file).
- Queue state is automatically saved. If application is not properly closed user can check when did encoding stopped.
- Option to enable/disable the creation of log files.
- Fixed multi-file premature completion.
- Fixed Batch subtitling error when setting stream as default.
- Refresh list now doing full refresh.

New version 1.6.9
- FFmpeg ( 4.2 included.
- Faster application startup.
- Current ffmpeg version displayed.
- Quickly replace current ffmpeg version.
- Output path write access validated before encoding starts.
- Save buttons redesigned to show if there are unsaved settings.
- Shifting items up/down not working after sorting file list.
- Wrong path displayed on completion or when using right-click menu options.
- Test folders moved to TEMP path and cleaned up on exit, no more garbage folders.

Partial update A full installer version 1.6.8 is required.


- Added option to disable try preset, useful for some random issues starting encoding, or having to click twice to start it.
- Custom relative path is now properly saved.
- Portable and installed versions now have their own configuration and can coexist on the same computer.

New version 1.6.8

- FFmpeg 4.1.4 included.
- Rename output filed setting is saved.
- New button to customize relative path.
- New buttons to move up/down queued items.
- New button to prevent computer from going to sleep.
- Added DNxHD / DNxHR to presets wizard.
- Fixed wizard bug with ProRes not showing video filters.

Partial update (requires 1.6.X installed).


- Fix a startup error on Windows Server and some multi-cpu systems.

New version 1.6.7

- FFmpeg ( 4.1.3 included.
- Slight interface redesign and information while sending files to recycle bin.
- Automatic multi-file feature removed (manual multi-file using maximum cpu threads already provides the same functionality).
- Added new feature wizard "multiple presets", to apply up to 3 presets to input files in one step.

New version 1.6.6

- Added hibernate/suspend to automatic power off.
- Added option to delete (recycle bin) source files on queue completion.
- Queued files can added or removed once encoding started (only sequential processing).
- Application redesignment so other running ffmpeg ( processes are not affected by the application operation.
- Added easy audio/video fade in/out feature (only in sequential processing).
- Added crop selector on presets wizard, which can be chained with other filters like resize/rotate.
- Minor bugfixes.

New version 1.6.5

- Latest FFmpeg 4.1.1 stable (february 2019).
- New edit settings button, to manually edit settings file.
- Automatic settings backup on edit/restore features.
- Added settings version code.
- Improved refresh file list feature.
- Other Minor bugfixes.

New version 1.6.4

- Latest ffmpeg ( 2019 version, fixing bugs like an error using HEVC Quick Sync encoder in supported CPUs.
- New "Start/end" checkbox for trim feature, to trim selected time from the beginning and the end of file.
- Added chinese/japanese languages.

- Bug adding m3u8 urls (only http/https links supported).
- Bug in which sometimes ffbatch_test folder was not removed.

Updating from version requires to uninstall it first.

This is just an update version only ( that needs full version 1.6.3 installed.

Update only release (requires 1.6.3 installed) just to add the following languages to stream multiplex/batch subtitles tabs:

Armenian (arm)
Bosnian (bos)
Croatian (hrv)
Macedonian (mac)
Polish (pol)
Serbian (srp)
Thai (tha)
Turkish (tur)
Vietnamese (vie)
Korean (kor)

New version 1.6.3

- New preset wizard for quick basic ffmpeg ( presets creation.
- New selector for hardware video (GPU) decoding (-hwaccel).
- Desktop capture now includes audio capture device.
- More containers for Stream multiplex tab.
- Faster preset testing and encoding start.
- Fixed some random crashes.

New version 1.6.2

Major update, some nice features.


- Latest FFmpeg 4.1 build included.

- Improved limited multi-file processing, shows progress info and selected number of threads is saved automatically.
- New button and right-click menu to skip files in sequential processing.
- Simplified progress information, with individual progress bars for every list item.
- More accurate progress percentage (1/1000).
- Output estimated file size and average bitrate on sequential processing.
- Taskbar icon now shows general progress.
- Added quick guide help button.

- Fixed issue showing an early "queue completed" message in multi-file processing with very fast computers.
- Removed time out message trying some presets.
- Fixed wrong remaining time in multi-file processing.

New version 1.6.1.

- Latest ffmpeg stable build 4.0.2 included.
- Now pause/resume supported during ffmpeg encoding.
- Default output folder can be saved.
- Default process priority can be saved.
- Better error information.
- Several Improvements and bugfixes on multiplexing and stream saving:
- Pause and automatic shutdown added.
- Abort button disabled fixed.
- Duplicated streams in tracks lists fixed.
- Added convenient buttons and different colors depending on stream type.
- Better detection of stream format extension.
- Fixed pgs language detection.

New version 1.6.0.

- Added feature in Multiplex tab for saving individual streams in one click.
- Restored multi-file processing old feature that allows to specify the number or simultaneous files.
- Minor bugfixes.

New version 1.5.9.

- Interface redesigned and resized for wider resolution.
- Added subtitle languages: hebrew, hindi, russian and bengali.
- Added miliseconds to seeking and trimming features.
- Minor bugfixes.

New version 1.5.8.

- Fixed issue with some files crashing program due to negative timestamps.
- Fixed bug detecting updated versions.
- Added feature to change conversion priority.
- Minor changes in user interface, with longer ffmpeg parameters field.

New version 1.5.7.

- Changed license to Attribution.ShareAlike.
- Minor change so multi-file processing time remaining is always shown.

New version 1.5.6.

- You can now reuse input file in parameters field, inside a -vf filter, by writing '%1'.
- More accurate progress information in multi-file progressing with some remaining time estimation.
- Minor interface bug fixes.

New version 1.5.5.

- Fixed some issues trying preset before processing that could freeze application.
- Fixed some errors aborting multiple tasks when using slow devices.
- Fixed some bugs in stream multiplexing and batch subtitles.

- Redesigned multi-file processing, now it manages automatically simultaneous processes depending on CPU type. It shows Individual tasks progress, and any task aborted individually.

New version 1.5.4.

- M3u8 improvements:
- More realiable URL validation.
- Now all M3u8 urls can be processed at once, and any of them cancelled at any time.
- Multiple url processing shows individual and total progress information (for fixed duration urls).
- Automatic shutdown available after m3u8 url processing.

New version 1.5.3:

- Added basic support for M3u8 links batch processing.
- Streaming m3u8 links supported (listed as infinite duration).
- M3u8 streams information button.
- Output to mp4/mkv or rtp/rtsp.
- M3u8 links are considered down if there is no response within 10 seconds.


- Batch subtitling will guess subtitles encoding, and allow to convert to utf-8 for non-english languages.
- Format field can be left blank so source file extension is used instead.
- Queue abortion will close processes gracefully at any time, to avoid truncated files.

New version 1.5.2:

- Redesigned file adding operation, now much faster, with progress info, and it can be cancelled. Thousands of files now can now be added trouble-free, no slowing down or freezing/runtime errors.
- Hidden files are ignored and errors accessing folders are addressed.
- New refresh list button.
- New renaming output field.
- Possible overwriting avoided when added multiple folders to single output folder.
- Added navigation buttons for multimedia file information.
- Minor interface redesign.
- Shortcut added to Sendto menu.

New version 1.5

Latest april 2018 ffmpeg zeranoe static builds included.
New buttons to backup and restore presets and several configurations.
Fixed bug with total list duration longer than 24 hours.
Fixed error closing waveform window.
File info now better displayed.
Redesigned installer:
Licensing info included.
Now executable is always upgraded as expected.
Installer will not overwrite existing presets from this version on. (But not for previous versions, you can still find it at %appdata%FFBatchff_batch.txt)
Minor interface changes

New version 1.4.5.

- Standalone self-extracting portable version available.
- Enhanced trim feature.
- Volume changed to dB.
- New reset to default presets and settings button.
- Minor interface changes.

New version 1.4.4 Beta

I have developed this beta 1.4.4 version, so the application can be run with no installation required, provided .NET libraries are already installed.
Just decompress the files on any folder and run FFbatch.exe. It will show just the default and one sample preset created.

New version 1.4.3

- Added support for .ASS subtitles.
- Burn subtitles batch feature added.
- Added checkbox to rename output files automatically.

New version 1.4.1

- 1-click screen capture now validates preset before starting countdown.
- Faster preset validation, now processing starts faster.
- Slight interface change.

New version 1.4

- Added one-click screen recording button using gdigrab. Added some screen recording presets.
- Slight interface change for ffmpeg output and Windows 10.

Version 1.3.7

- Fixed config file corruption deleting presets.
- Fixed Baidu antivirus detecting the installer as false positive malware.

Version 1.3.6

- Slight interface fix.
- Latest ffmpeg builds included.

Version 1.3.5

- New checkbox so you can keep source path folder structure on output destination.
- Now conversion can be started pressing enter on preset of parameters field.

Version 1.3.3

- Final interface layout.
- Automatic shutdown also available once processing started.

Ver 1.3.2

- Added total time info.
- Added total file list size info.
- A few interface improvements.
- Long term support version.

New version 1.3.1 in order to fix a fatal error due to time measurement localization and pre-input seeking buggy field.

New version 1.3:

- Redesigned interface now shows all process estimated remaining time.
- Added feature to include ffmpeg pre-input parameters, and easy pre-input seeking, for faster seeking operations.
- Added feature to create a video using a still image and audio file.
. Minor corrections and bug fixes.

Update 1.2.2:

Refinements and bug fixes on batch subtitling feature. Better warnings and compatibility between mkv/mp4 containers.

New version 1.2:

- Added batch subtitling feature. Add videos and the application will search and mux subtitle files available on the same folder with the same name.
- Added feature to save a default enconding for mapping and muxing tracks.
- Solved issues with subrip subtitles encoding and mapping PGS subtitles.
- Prevented unintended file overwriting ruining source file.
- Minor bug fixed.

New version 1.1

With mp4 muxing support and solved runtime error while adding files due to wrong file size string handling.

New in version 1.05

New version 1.05 with stream mapping and mkv multiplexing, single stream mapping and encoding.
Basic features like the ones provided by the more powerful MKVToolNix

New in version 1.02

I have released a new version, with some bug fixes, better translation, default or custom output folder selection, as well as some audio features like volume change, shifting, graphical waveform.

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