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FFQueue is (yet another) graphical user interface for FFMpeg with comprehensive support for both the basic features but also the more advanced features like filtergraphs. FFQueue makes it easy to create multiple jobs and process them as a single queue. Requires ffmpeg.

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Latest version

1.7.53 (July 3, 2019)


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Download FFQueue 1.7.53 Windows  2MB  Win  Portable

Download FFQueue 1.7.53 Linux 64-bit  3MB  Linux64

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Download FFQueue old versions

Software License

Freeware (Free download and usage!)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows LinuxLinux

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

V1.7.53 of July 3rd 2019
Columns in the job queue can now be resized and are scaled correctly (thanks to "Killy").
Output names can now be generated based on a variable pattern specified in the Options dialog (thanks to "Killy").
Option added to avoid confirmation of job removal (thanks to "Killy").
Added GUI option for the "-tune" parameters to PresetEditor->Video->Other->Video tuning (thanks to Marc P.).
BUG FIX: Layout of subtract button(s) in time editor was borked.
BUG FIX: Issues with non-ascii characters in file names for simple concat (thanks to "adonais").
BUG FIX: Assertion when displaying the About box in the debug build.

V1.7.52 of March 31st 2019
Linux: Improved preview function used in advanced cutting (thanks to ";)")
BUG FIX: Translation of string(s) containing "||" not possible (thanks to adonais).
BUG FIX: Un-portable formatters for "long long" data types fixed (thanks to adonais).
BUG FIX: Error message(s) may fire twice in translation utility.
BUG FIX: AppCrash when moving items in lists (eg. in the preset manager) downwards.

V1.7.51 of February XXth 2019
RED ALERT! Due to the nature of the preview function, presets received from online sources could have contained malicious, inline shell code which could have devastating effect for Linux users who did not mind checking the preset before using it. As from V1.7.51 the user will be warnedif any signs of inline shell code should be present.
Added option to prevent jobs from being removed if input files are not found during startup (useful for offline remote files or files on unconnected external drives etc.)
Added option to explicitly map all stream for the simple concat tool (thanks to Daniel R).
Added option to not fail on missing content in batch make (thanks to Frare G).
Added possibility to split custom command line arguments in presets into input arguments and output by separating them with "||".
Added preset options for hardware decoding of video stream(s) (thanks to Nicolaj T.A.).
BUG FIX: The option "Save jobs on modify" had inversed functionality.
BUG FIX (Linux): Fixed preview not working with single quote (') in file names.
BUG FIX (Linux): Access denied popup during startup if installed to read only directory.
Default location for config files has been changed in order to support "per user" config. If any existing config files are found in the old location they will be moved to the current user. This modification will solve issues regarding file access on Linux if FFQueue is installed with autotools (or manually) to read only directory.
Improved internal locale system (for alternate UI languages).
Coding: Fixed various bad paths to include files (FFQPresetPanel in FFQConcat, version.h in FFQAbout, MainIcon32.xpm in FFQMain).
Building: Fixed missing source file in Makefile.lin and
Building (Linux): Added AutoTools scripts for easy build and install, build guide updated.

V1.7.50 of May 17th 2018
Added option "Closed GOP" to presets under Video->Key frames.
Added functionality to presets for segmenting output files (request by "Zbyna").
BUG FIX: Lines starting with "[" could be considered as statistic.
BUG FIX: Issue with wrong output format selected when editing a preset (thanks to "Christine").
BUG FIX: FFQueue crashes when a job with no preset is started (thanks to "ConcernedUser").
Added option "Character encoding" to subtitle burn-in (request by "alex6dj").
Added GUI implementation of filter "deflicker".
BUG FIX: Multiple output formats where unusable (eg. stream_segment,ssegment).
Batch make updated: Support for finding multiple audio/subtitle streams (request by "Andrew").
Batch make updated: Inverse searching to exclude matching streams + "Dry run" function added.

V1.7.49 of March 19th 2017
BUG FIX: Unicode filenames was not accepted on Linux. This issue has been resolved by updating wxWidgets to version 3.1.0. Windows build still uses wxWidgets version 3.0.2 until further notice.
BUG FIX: Previewing tool jobs would cause app crash.
BUG FIX: One of the first bug fixed reemerged, blank spaces in path to FFmpeg caused failure :-/
BUG FIX: Log files where always created, in some cases even if deselected.
BUG FIX: Log file selection not saved in the Two pass video stabilization tool.
BUG FIX (Linux): Filter formatting was not done properly. Subtitle burn in and some other filters where defunct.
The preferred setting for saving log files is now saved.
In the job editor, the last 25 custom commands are stored for quick reuse.
The configuration editor has been slightly improved (space for more check boxes).
Added option for "silent queue finish".
Added option for "save jobs whenever they are modified".
BUG FIX: Option "Save jobs on exit" was disregarded, jobs where always saved.
Developer: It is now possible to have floating point values assigned to codecs.
Codec "lobvo_aacenc" has been replaced by "aac" in FFmpeg and FFQueue now supports the change.
Debug build only: Formatting assertions caused by wrong format identifiers has been solved.
Primary development platform has been moved to Linux (Mint 17.3).
License updated to eliminate confusion with licensing for builds and source code.

V1.7.48 of January 13th 2017
Linux: Drop down menu from the Tools button was badly positioned.
Stop button greyed out when right-click stopping jobs even though other jobs could still be stopped.
Source code released under the GPL3 license at GitHub and as ZIP.

V1.7.47 of September 6th 2016
Linux: Due to complaints about the lack of compatibility I have reverted the build platform to Wheezy / Ubuntu 14 and statically linked libgcc.
BUG FIX: Control sizes for filter list and meta data grid in the preset editor was not as intended on Linux.
BUG FIX: Multiple fixes of possible bad data type assertions in string formatting.
BUG FIX: Launching the preset manager from the job editor may have caused an error if no presets where available.
BUG FIX: Aborting an encoding job might have caused FFQueue to stop working (SIGSEGV crash) due to regressions in the queue handling code (most likely introduced with V1.5.44).
Added filter implementation of "dynaudnorm" for audio normalization as requested by "Dave" (no, mp4gain cannot be implemented since this is an FFmpeg GUI ;-).
BUG FIX: In the queue list, right clicking an item and edit its preset would always give focus to the last item in the list.
Added preset feature to let FFQueue set file time of output file to file time of input file.
Added feature to define custom console command (for Linux users not using xterm). See docs for more info.
Added feature to let FFQueue guesstimate which preset to use when creating new jobs.
BUG FIX: When status of selected item changed, buttons were not updated accordingly.
BUG FIX: Newer versions of FFmpeg requires option "-safe 0" for simple concatenation to work. Thanks to "kaloc" for the tip!

V1.7.46 of January 10th 2016
Added feature for advanced cutting of video / audio to the job editor using the trim/atrim filters. See docs for more info. IMPORTANT: Due to this improvement saved jobs (in the "FFQueue.job" file) are incompatible with older versions of FFQueue!
Pressing the start button could lead to no action due to the status of the items in the list. Information why nothing happens is now prompted to prevent users from thinking a feature is a bug.
BUG FIX: Due to the bug described below, the file used to save jobs could end up being deleted due to multiple attempts to close FFQueue.
BUG FIX: When the unlocked queue was introduced a bug that could cause FFQueue to become inresponsive when aborting an active encoding job slipped through, fixed now!
Added filter support for tinterlace (option in Interlace filter).
Filters are now applied to all video/audio streams and not only the first found.
BUG FIX: Animation characters in log (-/) was not always removed correctly.
Added filter support for kerndeint (option in Deinterlace filter) IMPORTANT: The update of Deinterlace might cause issues when edited with previous versions of FFQueue. The filter will work properly with older versions, though!
BUG FIX: Ability to delete or modify presets that are used by active job(s) has been revoked.
LINUX: Build system upgraded from Debian Wheezy to Debian Jessie (GCC version 4.9.2) and backward compatibility with Wheezy can no longer be guaranteed.
Added option to select if "-framerate" should be used rather than "-r" as per file input option.
Added Clear button to per file argument popup.
Added option "Output format" (ffmpeg -f) to preset on Misc. tab
BUG FIX: Having a subtitle file as input #1 and a video file as input #2 would fail if subtitle burn in was selected.
BUG FIX: Using the menu option "Show command(s)" would mark item as "Done".
BUG FIX: Some issues with string to time value conversion has been fixed.
BUG FIX: Running a previev while queue is active would inflict the log.
BUG FIX: Possibility to run FFProbe (and wreck the log) while encoding has been plugged.
BUG FIX: Keyboard shortcuts in the queue list (main window) did not work in the release build.
BUG FIX: Tool for making a slideshow from images could not loop frame(s) without audio.

V1.6.45 of October 4th 2015
Linux: xterm used for previewing jobs in order to display ffmpeg output in a console window.
New job editor with support for more than two input files and per file input arguments has been created.
Option for keeping the console window open after preview finishes has been added.
BUG FIX: Searching for secondary input files could find the file being searched for.
BUG FIX: Problems with comparing file paths across platforms might have caused issues.
The queue has been unlocked; you can now add/edit/remove items even when a job is active.
Added "Show command(s)" item to the queue popup menu for previewing commands for the selected item.
Added some more keyboard shortcuts, check the documentation for more info.
The generation of "fonts.conf" by FFQueue might have caused a memory error or junk after EOF.
Added support for ffmpeg filter transpose (dimensional rotate).
Overwrite prompt removed from Make slideshow / concat tool(s), will be prompted when job is started.
Issues with control sizes / button sizes in the UI on high DPI displays has been attended.
Merge tool has been improved with options for padding (color or blur) rather than stretching.
Pad to size filter has been improved with optional "blur padding" that uses blurred source video instead of color.
Scale filter has been improved with optional "Keep aspect but fit to rect" feature.
License updated in regards of privacy.

V1.5.44 of May 25th 2015
BUG FIX: Multiline output from FFmpeg was not color coded properly
Documentation now bundled with FFQueue as HTML.
BUG FIX: Time limit of output file not passed to preview command.
Added option to specify another media player for preview (like VLC).
BUG FIX: When preset(s) where deleted the queue list was not updated accordingly.
BUG FIX: When preset was edited (and Preset name was changed) through context menu only selected item in the queue list was updated.
Batch make now creates the folder structure from the source(s) in the destination folder.
The two pass video stabilization tool has been updated with a save log option.
2pass encoding now works with x265/HEVC (using -x265-params for pass-id and stats-file).
BUG FIX: 2pass encoding fails (hangs) for second pass when "No output file for first pass" is not selected.
Option added to "Always suggest unique, non-existing file names".
BUG FIX: Running the "Make video from images" tool multiple times with same input file will fail (bad input path).
BUG FIX: Wrong default value for max. zoom percent per frame in the two pass video stabilization tool.
BUG FIX: Deleting selected items in the list could cause app crash.
Annoying duplicate alert when editing jobs has been removed.
New function "Clone job" added to menu (easy way to duplicate jobs with different preset).
Commands from tools are now queued and can be edited. IMPORTANT: Due to this improvement saved jobs (in the "FFQueue.job" file) are incompatible with older versions of FFQueue!
The log has been slightly improved.
New queue status "Dormant" added.
The queue handling code has been improved.
Filter "Remove logo" has been updated to support image mask using the removelogo ffmpeg filter.

V1.4.43 of February 15th 2015
Bug fix: Newer versions of FFMpeg could not be detected.

V1.4.42 of February 11th 2015
Significant code optimization has reduced executable size with ~0.7MB (compared to last release). IMPORTANT: Please backup any recent versions of FFQueue, saved jobs and settings before running V1.4.42! I have thoroughly tested the optimized code and found no issues, but if you should find anything that has become defunct since V1.4.41 due to the optimization please report back by mail or in the videohelp forum.
Make slideshow / concat tool has been updated (overwrite prompt twice has been removed, re-use previous settings for easier "trial and error", default frame rate changed from 24 to 25 to avoid compatibility issues, pixel format set to 4:2:0 YUV if not specified in preset).
Bug fix: "Trellis" option in presets was loaded wrong in the Preset Editor.
Added icon to queue list
Added keyframe options for declaring maximum consecutine B-frames (-bf) and maximum reference frames for P-frames (-refs).
Bug fix: Wrong icon was displayed in the main window's title bar.
Added option "Enable faststart for better streaming" to presets (ffmpeg: -movflags faststart).
New tool: "Two pass video stabilization" (utilizes the vidstabdetect and vidstabtransform filters).
Bug fix: Memory leak introduced in V1.4.40 has been fixed.
Added support for video filters: Swap U and V plane, Noise, Perspective.
Scale filter has been updated to support: Interlaced aware scaling, Color space (input / output) and Sample range (input / output).
The "add filter menu" in the preset editor has been simplified (I hope :-).
Added possibility to edit duration of sources for simple stream concat (usefull if duration in source file is broke).

V1.4.41 of January 13th 2015
Added support for video filters: Invert colors, Posterize, Drop duplicated frames, Interlace, Frame stepping, Hue/Saturation/Brightness, HQ Denoise 3D, Lens correction.
Added support for audio filters: Headphonize, Delay channels, Change tempo.
Added preset option for having audio filters added to "-filter_complex" rather than "-af".
Added option for simple concatenation of files with equal content (remux only, no re-encoding performed) to the Merge tool (requested by Cornucopia and CyberOtter @ videohelp).
Bug fix: FFProbe failing in the job editor caused pileup of error messages as proven in the videohelp forum.
!!!!! HAPPY NEWYEAR !!!!!

V1.4.40 of November 17th 2014
Bug fix: Bug related to accessing deallocated memory introduced in V1.3.35 might have caused FFQueue to crash when attempting to edit a preset or when editing certain filters. V1.4.40 introduces a minor memory leak which will be fixed in a later version.

V1.4.39 of November 8th 2014
Added selection of audio profiles.
Added support for different custom arguments for first pass and second pass. IMPORTANT: Previous presets using two-pass encoding with custom command line arguments must be updated, elsehow the arguments are NOT used in the second pass!
Added support for key frame control, motion detection method and scene change sensibility.
Improved support for VBR (Variable Bit Rate, qscale, crf, crf_min, qmin, qmax, qdiff).
Improved bit rate control (minrate, maxrate, bufsize) for both audio and video.
Option to show a full codec list or only most used (more user friendly for non-experts).
Bug fix: Exported (copied) presets was removed from clipboard when FFQueue was terminated.
Bug fix: Import (paste) of presets might have resultet in an error.
Compression of presets for sharing (smaller paste blocks). IMPORTANT: Presets copied from V1.4.39 (and up) are incompatible with older versions of FFQueue! Old presets are still supported by newer versions of FFQueue, though!.

V1.3.38 of October 21st 2014
Bug fix: Issue related to FFQueue sometimes gained unwanted focus and pops up from behind has been fixed.
Bug fix: Custom subtitle sizes got reset to width*width when preset was edited.
Bug fix: Some missed, hard-coded strings have been moved to language repository.
Bug fix: When the name of a preset is changed (in preset manager) jobs in the queue list was not updated accordingly.
Bug fix: Console scrolling to empty last line fixed.
Improved Item selection in queue listing (automatically done by job creation etc.).
Keys [+], [-], [INSERT] and [DELETE] can be used to create / delete jobs in queue list.
Option for saving the window position and size has been added.
Definition of size (argument "original_size" of ffmpeg filter "subtitles") for textual subtitle burn-in possible.
It is now possible to change the location of the subtitle filter (BURN-IN) in the filter chain.
Band width for equalizer filter can now be defined.

V1.3.37 of September 19th 2014
Bug fix: UTF-8 encoded characters outputtet from the FF-binaries was displayed as babbel in the console.

V1.3.36 of September 17th 2014
Attempted bug fix: Problems with unicode / multibyte characters as posted in VideoHelp forum.

V1.3.35 of September 17th 2014
Bug fix: Inability to read file duration (through ffprobe) would lead to wrong job progress.
Bug fix: Burn-in of embedded text based subtitles would lead error due to bad stream index passed as posted in VideoHelp forum.
Bug fix: FFQueue might have hung during startup while validating path to FFMpeg.
Log files are now saved as UTF-8 to support multi-byte characters (unicode).
Attempted to fix minor issues related to unicode characters (file names).
Tool for concatenation now supports drag & drop int the source list.
Audio resample now supports unchanged sample rate (0).
Extensions for automatically finding secondary input file now editable from options.
Deshake filter updated to prevent invalid values entered.
Optional save log for commands (thumb creation, concatenation etc.).
Preset manager is now launched from the tool bar in main window.
Tool for translating FFQueue UI strings available from options. IMPORTANT! Translation of UI strings can cause FFQueue to crash - read the documentation carefully!.

V1.2.34 of September 1st 2014
Bug fix: Every launch of the Job editor resets bit rate to kbit/sec.
Bug fix: Bit rates other than kbit/sec might give ill results.
Bug fix: Color overlay filter might have caused endless encoding (*).
Bug fix: Yielding could lead to nesting error that caused FFQueue to freeze.
Bug fix: Long preset names might have caused problems with application layout.
Misleading: Flip / Mirror filter had wrong labelling but worked right.
Added support for QScale (Variable Bit Rate) to presets.
Added support for video synchronization (vsync) to presets.
Frame rate can now be entered as integer, float or nominator/denominator values.
Added horizontal scroll bars to listings that otherwise would have cut off content.
New tool for creating videos from images (slide shows) with optional audio track.
New tool for concatenation of multiple audio/video segments into one file.
(*) Existing filters must be opened for editing and saved for changes to take affect.

1.1.33 of August 24th 2014
Bug fix: encoding fails when burn-in text based subtitles are in same file as video & audio as posted in VideoHelp forum.
Added button for previewing filters in Preset editor (read docs).
Added button to toolbar for previewing encoding (read docs).

V1.1.32 of August 20th 2014
Bug fix for validation of thumb settings.

V1.1.31 of August 20th 2014
Added item to popup menu in queue list for direct editing of preset for selected job.
Attempted to fix issue with wxWidgets "GetClientData" error in Job editor as posted in VideoHelp forum.
Tool tip on status bar for displaying elapsed time and estimated remaining time.
Tool tip in progress bar / gauge for displaying percental completion.
Validation of jobs upon load (FFQueue start) added. Job referring to non-existing files in input #1 & #2 are removed.
Spell mishaps suggested by "Gwen Killerby" fixed (thank you for correcting me :).
Scale filter updated IMPORTANT! Please check existing scale filters!
*.SUB extension added to auto-detect input #2.
Audio resample removed from presets - resample filter with advanced features added instead. IMPORTANT! Existing resample definitions are silently converted to filters - please validate the changes!
Added "-/" animation to statistics to visualize that FFMpeg is working even when statistics do not change.
Added thumbnail and mosaic creation to presets and as a Thumb make tool.
Minor changes to log layout.

V1.0.30 of August 12th 2014
Array out of bounds bug related to status message in main window was fixed. This bug was introduced with 2-pass encoding and it might cause FFQueue to crash.

V1.0.29 of August 11th 2014
Global preferred output folder and format for use in both Batch make and Job editor.
Copy & Paste function for presets now uses encoding for easier sharing of presets.
Functions for arranging presets - move up / move down & sort in alphabetical order.

V1.0.28 of August 10th 2014
Added support for pixel format in presets.
Added support for pixel aspect ratio in presets.
Bug causing infinite encoding when using Watermark filter was fixed.
Bug related to problems with closing FFQueue (no reaction to close button) was (hopefully) fixed.
Preset manager with Copy & Paste functions added. The managed is accessible from both Options dialog, Batch make and Job editor.

V1.0.27 of August 9th 2014
Bug related to formatting of special characters in filters (subtitle burn-in) was fixed.
Output folder added to Batch make.

V1.0.26 of August 8th 2014
When attempting to create a batch job for a single file the Job editor is launched instead of Batch make.
Bug related to streams dissapearing when typing fast in Job editor was fixed.
Framerate in presets now supports floating point values.
Autodetect input file #2 as subtitles (srt, ass, ssa, xsub) or sound (wav, mp3) in both Job editor & Batch make.

V1.0.25 of August 7th 2014
Fixed wrong reporting of missing video, audio or subtitle in Batch make.

V1.0.24 of August 7th 2014
Command line was cleaned up in order to remove switches not vital to the job.
Fixed issue with ' in filenames for subtitles.
User defined temporary path added to options.
2-pass encoding with optional NULL-target for optimized 1st pass added. FFQueue handles pass logs as temporary and removes them when job finishes.
Added item to menu in queue list for dumping info from FFProbe (for selected job) to the console.
FFQueue now checks for the existense of "font.conf" which is vital for textual filters (like subtitle burn-in) to work in FFMpeg. If font.conf is not found FFQueue can create it for you.
Added support for batch creation of jobs (called Batch make). You can either select files in a dialog or drag&drop files to the queue list.
Checking if a job for input #1 has already been queued in order to prevent multiple jobs for same file.

V1.0.23 of August 3rd 2014
Added filter: Color Matrix.
Added filter: Curve adjust (for colors).
Added filter: Channel remapping (for re-wiring audio channels).
Added filter: Custom filter (add any audio and/or video filter supported by FFMpeg to the filter chain).
Requirements for FFProbe now clearly noted to avoid confusion in the setup process.
The support for the filters provided by FFQueue is checked in FFMpeg. Unsopprted filters are grayed out.
Added custom command line arguments to presets for defining options that has no build-in support.
Added url to documentation.

V1.0.22 of August 1rd 2014
Fixed issue with blank spaces in path to FFMpeg.
Configuration file can now be stored in same folder as FFQueue (for use from flash-drive etc.).
Added support for -hide_banner to create cleaner logs.
A "multi-selection"-bug related to filter editing was fixed.

V1.0.20 of July 31st 2014
First public release of FFQueue.
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All features

FFQueue can sort out the most significant output from FFMpeg and display it in the graphical console and save it to a HTML-based (color coded) logfile for easy review when the queue has been processed.

FFQueue is available in 32bit and some of it's primary functionality in short terms include:
Process multiple encoding jobs
Progress indication with remaining time
Create reusable (or temporary) presets for easy job creation
Batch creation for multiple jobs (Drag & Drop support)
Autodetect subtitles or audio from external files
Two-pass encoding with handling of temporary files
Specify custom command-line (with or without preset) to cover all FFMpeg functionality
Display advanced stream information for media files
Easy burn-in of subtitles (both text and bitmap based subtitles are supported)
Support for both 32bit and 64bit FFMpeg
Solid support for FFMpeg filtergraphs (see below)

FFQueue has built-in support for the following filtergraphs:
Box blur
Color balance (adjust shadow, midtone and highlight)
Color overlay (place a colored box anywhere)
Color curve adjust
Color Matrix
Flip & mirror
Pad to size
Remove logo
Scale (resize)
Sharpen (or soften)
Watermark (overlay image)
Audio channel remapping
Bandpass & Bandreject
Equalizer (10 band)
Highpass & Lowpass
Volume and Tone (gain, bass & treble)
Custom filter (audio & video)
Many of the filters can be time-limited from and to a specific time index.

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11 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

the only ffmpeg-gui i found usefull, clear, not crashing and free. The developpers did a very fine job. I hope you keep updates for this nice software.

Review by changching on May 19, 2020 Version: 1.7.53 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Jerry on Feb 25, 2020 Version: 1.7.53 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Jerry Jester on Jan 31, 2020 Version: 1.7.53 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Damn good software. Simple, efficient and free! Thanks to the author!

Review by nicksson on Feb 27, 2019 Version: 1.7.51 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Small and powerful, an excellent solution for the user who needs to add options to ffmpeg's command line. Avanti frustrated my efforts by auto-adding additional (unwanted) command options into the string passed to ffmpeg.

All I required was to recode faulty YouTube mp4 video files into mjpeg at Q4 and WavPCM audio. For frame-level editing of mjpeg in VirtualDub, the video dimensions must be divisible by 8 so that auto-padding a black border surround was a requirement of the command line. FFQueue allowed the successful command line to be easily developed and stored as a pre-set. I could not manage to persuade Avanti to do this.

Review by Wizzer on Oct 9, 2017 Version: 1.7.49 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

11 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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