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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for FFMPEG Audio Encoder

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v3.2

Main GUI:

Broke up the code for the config file, to separate blocks in order to make the code write each settings by itself in the case one is missing
Added the ability to set the shell options permanently depending on what the user wants, this is now written to the config.ini file and can be adjusted via the GUI like before or can be adjusted via the config file if information is entered correctly
Batch GUI:

Removed menu bars completely, this is not required and I wanted to make it cleaner looking
The Batch GUI now checks the config file for the 'shell_options' setting, this can be changed on the fly/before you open the batch gui

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v3.1

Fixed a bug where 'FFMPEG' was located on Windows PATH and had white spaces in the name, the program could bug out on some encoders resulting in an error like so ('C:Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.)
Added forced window geometry, so progress bar pop ups would look correct on different DPI settings
Added a new config.ini file (this will be generated upon first program launch)
You can now adjust the path to ffmpeg.exe/mpv.exe/mediainfo(gui & cli).exe
Adjust these settings in the Options menu at the top of the GUI
I have also added a 'Reset Configuration File' button in the Options menu as well (this will reset the config file/shut down the program)
I have also fixed a bug with the QAAC encoder. Using 'True VBR' could result in a failed encode rarely, this has been fixed now

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v3.0

Added quite a bit of new code to enable functional progress bars
In the main GUI it is accurate to the seconds from 0% to 100%
In the batch GUI the progress is calculated based off the files
Quite a few quality of life improvements in the code
Selecting 'Debug' will still allow the encode to run in the windows command prompt

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.9.7

Program now checks for for existing folders in the 'Apps' directory, if they aren't there, it creates them.
Added static links for the downloadable app, I got as many of these links to pull directly from the source for the latest versions
Added a progress bar to the 'App Download' window
Updated 'Youtube-DL-Gui' to the latest beta (v1.4) Check Youtube-DL-Gui github for changes (
Program now checks for both ffmpeg.exe and youtube-dl.exe on your system path, before attempting to download them directly to the program
Some minor bug fixes

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.9.6

Major Changes to the code
Added '.aax' extension to the program
Removed 'NEW_' from the batch side of the program, since the program automatically puts new files into a new directory. This makes it easier for the user not to have to go batch edit a bunch of new files in case they didn't want 'NEW_' included in the filename
Added a license to the program (GPL-3.0 License)
Updated 'ffmpeg.exe' to the latest version
Program will now 'Auto Download' required apps, instead of them being in the repository
The 'Auto Downloader' will check to see if the file exists, if it doesn't it'll download it for you
Program will no longer ship with FFMPEG automatically, this makes the program lighter and will check your system 'PATH' for existing installations before downloading one on it's own
Changed the way closing the program behaves. It will now prompt you to be sure you want to close it

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.9.4

Major Changes to the code
Broke up the code between Main Gui, Batch Gui, and YoutubeDL Gui (This will make managing all of them a lot easier)
Changed how the File -> Exit button functions, this was required for each individual window with the new code
QAAC encoder had some major bugs on any setting that was not 'True VBR.' This has been fixed for both the batch encoder and the single file encoder
YoutubeDL Gui is now built into the main GUI, instead of being a separate executable/script. (I will still update/release standalone versions of this) You can access this via the 'Tools' menu at the top of the GUI

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.9.3

Added a new custom GUI to download videos from the internet based off of Youtube-DL CLI
This gui is in BETA but functional for audio/as well as downloading highest quality video
You can access this via the Tools Menu by selection Youtube-DL-GUI

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.9.2

Added MPV Player to listen to selected tracks

You can control the volume with keys '9' and '0' (VolDown and VolUp) when viewing/listening to video/audio
Added E-AC3 to the extension list for both main GUI and batch GUI

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.9.1

Added "ALAC" encoder to main GUI and batch GUI
Handled several code bugs that was on the batch side of the program

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.9

Added 'FLAC' to the batch encoder

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.8

Added FLAC input

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.7

Reworked how the program adds audio filters for FFMPEG.

This allows me to combine as many filters as I would like, giving me the ability to add a new feature.

Added 'Time Modification' Selection
This allows the user to change the audio to match the framerate of a specific film as well as slow down the audio significantly or speed it up. This was a request from a user. Now fully supported!

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.5

Added Support for Windows 7 x64 to Windows 10 x64

Added Batch Encoding:

Added every codec to the batch encoder that was supported in main program

Added a bunch of optional extensions, if you use common it will support most if not all extensions most people use. You have all files as an option, but this could break the batch program if you have a file with an extension that is something that doesn't belong. (.jpg or anything else that isn't audio/video)

Cleaned up the UI for the program some

Linked the drop down menu in main program where you can select "Debug" if you need to

Added the ability to see all the command line options in batch form, in the batch window

Added folder drag and drop (for the batch window). You can drag and drop a folder into the 'Open Directory' button or into the Entry Box to the right of it

I adjusted 'Save Directory' to default to the folder that was opened for encoding instead of root of the program

On the main GUI I removed the 'MediaInfo' button, it is replaced by the "Batch Process" button. However, I added a tools option in the menu bar, that will still allow you to use this feature like it was before. (If you have an input file opened, it will still open the program with that file automatically, if you don't it'll open the program up to where you can do what ever you like)

I cleaned up a bunch of the code. Attempted to organize some things.

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.1

New Features:

Added Dolby Pro Logic II check box to all encoder windows other then 'E-AC3' (This is a default option in the advanced section of for this codec) - You can use Dolby Pro Logic II with any codec as long as you first set the channels to '2 (Stereo)'

Changed the gain selection in all encoder windows from a drop down menu to a spinbox, giving more flexibility and making it look nicer
(You can now select from -30 to 30)

Bug Fixes:

QAAC encoder - adjust bitrate spinbox from 1 to 0 as the minimum. When set to 0 this enables the encoder to automatically use as much bitrate as possible.
Fixed 'view command' line function from last update
Fixed 'debug' option, that in some instances would fail
Fixed the code for QAAC 'threading' option. This enabled the wrong command when selected, this is now fixed

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v2.0
@jlw4049 jlw4049 released this 6 days ago 17 commits to master since this release

Every codec has had a re-work. I double checked every codec and made the following changes:

AAC Encoder:

Adjusted window size
Removed some unnecessary row configurations
Added custom command line for AAC codec
Added ability to input Title
Added VBR Toggle Option
Organized all the AAC window code
Added all supported channel options
Added all supported sample rates
AC3 Encoder:

Added all available bitrates to the drop down menu
Removed unsupported audio channels and added all missing supported channel selections
Removed unnecessary code for the 'gain' selection part of the AC3 codec
Added '32000' to the sample rate drop down menu, completing all supported sample rates for this codec
Adjusted command line with required changes
Added 'View Command' Button
Adjusted 'show commands' command line for the required changes
Added custom command line input
Added title entry box
Added needed 'row configure' to keep buttons nice looking for different sized DPI settings (based on OS)
Resized AC3 Settings window
Set 'Apply' button in 'AC3 Settings' to close any/all 'View Command' windows that may or may not be up
DTS Encoder:

Added Gain Options
Added the option to encode
Added Sample rate options
Added custom command line input
Set program to disable and set default unsupported options when using 'Reduce to Core' and 'Extract HD Track'
Added the ability to 'View Commands' in the DTS Codec Menu
Added audio channel options (This is limited by FFMPEG. There is only mono/stereo to choose from. IF you leave this set to
'Original' and your track is 5.1 then when it encodes it will be 5.1)
Updated main GUI show command line feature for this codec and all of it's selections
Opus Encoder:

Added Constrained VBR to the list of VBR options, completeing Opus codecs vbr options
Adjusted Audio Channel choices to only supported channels
Removed 'Original' from the channels, as Opus requires channels to be specified, regardless of input.
The default is now set to stereo, but can be changed to any of the supported channel layouts in the sub-menu.
I am going to work on some work around to this in the future, but for a while this is how it will be. This is
a limitation of FFMPEG/LibOpus.
Removed unnecessary code from the 'Gain Choices' drop down menu
Organized "Opus" code
Added Custom Command line input
Added a 'View Command' button
Added sample rate drop down menu with all supported sample rates
Adjusted window size of Opus codec
Added Packet Loss spinbox (default is 0)
Added Frame Duration spinbox (default is 20)
Worked all new settings/features into the 'View Command' button in the 'Opus Settings' window
Opus doesn't support holding 'Title' information so this feature will not be added to this codec
Corrected supported bitrates from this codec
MP3 Encoder:

Added all supported sample rates
Added all supported bitrates for CBR
Average bitrate choices will be based off of the CBR choices
Added average bitrate check button
Added VBR check button (This is enabled by default. Once you disable this you will have access to CBR/ABR options)
Added ABR check button
Added all options to "View Commands" in the MP3 Audio Settings window
Added all options to the 'Show Commands' button in the main GUI
Removed code that was no longer needed/shared with other codecs
Resized the window to make everything look nice
FDK-AAC Encoder:

Added custom title input
Added custom command line
Resized window
Added view command button
Adjusted command line viewer for main gui
Adjusted start job command line
E-AC3 Encoder:

Added all supported channels
Added all supported sample rates
There will be no 'Title' entry for this codec, as AC3 doesn't support holding that information
Added all of the advanced settings: (All these are set to default)
-Per Frame Metadata
-Mixing Level
-Room Type
-Copyright Bit
-Dialogue Level
-Dolby Surround Mode
-Original Bit Stream
-Stereo Downmix Mode
-Lt/Rt Center Mix Level
-Lt/Rt Surround Mix Level
-Lo/Ro Center Mix Level
-Lo/Ro Surround Mix Level
-Dolby Surround EX Mode
-Dolby Headphone Mode
-A/D Converter Type
-Stereo Rematrixing
-Channel Coupling
-Coupling Start Band
-Custom Command Line
Added a view command button
Resized the window to hold all of the new selections. I will organize and adjust this window potentially later
Updated both view commands button, one on main GUI and the button inside of the "Audio Settings" window for this codec
QAAC Encoder:

Added custom command line input
Added title entry input
Adjusted disabled color of the spinboxs
Added No Delay Check Box
Added VBR Mode Selection
Added QAAC Gain instead of FFMPEG
Added Normalize toggle
Added No Dither Toggle
Added No Delay toggle
Added No Optimize Toggle
Added High Efficeincy Toggle
Added Threading Toggle
Added Limiter Toggle
Added Gapless Mode Drop Down Menu

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v1.75
@jlw4049 jlw4049 released this 17 days ago 50 commits to master since this release

When you press save file now there will be a default name based off of what the input is.
This already worked for auto save path, but this did not work properly when you actually pressed 'Save File".
This now has proper location and a default save name that can be changed.

Updated QAAC codec to 2.69. (Latest Version)

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v1.8
@jlw4049 jlw4049 released this 17 days ago 48 commits to master since this release

Cleaned up a lot of the code. Track detection now has no limit.

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v1.7
@jlw4049 jlw4049 released this 18 days ago 51 commits to master since this release

Have now successfully added QAAC audio encoder to the program.
This is piped from FFMPEG. All of it's features are added to the Audio Settings sub window once you select the encoder from the drop down menu.
I have also added some basic error windows for attempting to open un-supported file types.

This is complete for drag and drop as well as manually opening a file by selecting "Open File"
There could still be some missing file extensions that I don't know about, but currently it's a pretty decent sized list. If some more needs to be added please let me know so I can add them to the program ASAP.

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v1.5
@jlw4049 jlw4049 released this 18 days ago 53 commits to master since this release

Version 1.5:
Removed FFPROBE.exe from the program/code.
It not only makes the program smaller in size as a whole but it also fixes some things.

I have replaced it with MediaInfoCli, this allowed me to have a lot more control over the 'view streams' sub window in the codec selection.
This also allowed me to fix a small bug that was sometimes caused by tracks that have been improperly muxed, allowing the program to become confused and think there was 1 more track then there was. Track detection is now 100% accurate.

I have added a module to allow drag and drop to the GUI. You can now drag any supported file and drop it on the 'Open File' button or the text box beside it.

This still might be lacking some extensions, but I've got all the major ones covered. I'll research this further and add as many as I can in a later update.

On top of that, I tried to remove anything unnecessary to help with the false positive virus detection Windows does. Apparently it's a problem with pyinstaller .exes. So there might still be some false positives but it is rare.

FFMPEG Audio Encoder v1.45
@jlw4049 jlw4049 released this 20 days ago 55 commits to master since this release

Added FDK-AAC codec with all of it's advanced settings.

Improved the program in many ways under the hood.

FFMPEG Audio Encoder
@jlw4049 jlw4049 released this 24 days ago 56 commits to master since this release

First stable release of a project I have been working on for a few weeks.
It's coded completely in python and it's completely portable.

It is powered with FFMPEG/FFPROBE and has as portable version of MediaInfo, these are all required for the app to run.
All of these are included with the programs in their own folders. They do not need your PATH adjusted to run.

If you want to use a specific version of FFPROBE/FFMPEG you can easily just replace them in the programs folders and it should work great.

1) Open your file
2) You will have the options to open your selected file with mediainfo and select an encoder for it. (Mediainfo selection is optional)
3) After you select which codec you want to use to encode/extract with you can then select 'Audio Settings' to open a sub window.
4) You can choose what ever options you want. After words be sure to press 'Apply'
5) The program will automatically select a new name/file location based off of file input. You can choose a different option with the 'Save File' button.
6) After you choose your settings, you can select 'Start Job'

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