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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for FAVC

__FAVC v1.07 x64 Dr.M Custom Edition__

-Fixed a bug that caused all AC3 to be re-encoded.
-Code modified to use HC Encoder .25.
-Updated components as available favoring x64 versions.

Downgraded: MediaInfo x64

Updated: Aften 0.0.8, Decomb to 5.2.4, FFMpegSource to 1.21, NicAudio to 2.0.6, VSFilter (DirectVobSub) to 2.41.322, DGIndex to 1.5.8, HC Encoder to .25, ImgBurn to, mencoder to 37199, mkisofs to 3.01a22, mkvtoolnix to 6.9.1, Muxman to 0.16.8, twoLAME to 0.3.13, QuEnc to 0.75 alpha.

_Other Notes_

To avoid unnecessary processing or channel changes to your audio, I recommend you keep a second audio filter installed. Use one for normal everyday use and one for encoding.

For example, for normal playback I use ffdshow, which is set to output 5.1 channels, and occasionally other tweaks. If FAVC used it, a stereo source will be modified and output as 5.1 with only 2 channels active.

To fix this I added Wavi.exe to the "Don't use ffdshow in" list (under ffdshow's audio decoder configuration/DirectShow control).

With ffdshow blocked LAV Audio Decoder activates instead. I don't use LAV audio for anything else, and I have it configured with every option disabled and only the output formats checked.

Additionally, to avoid missing subtitles, text subtitles must be in ANSI format to be properly recognized. They can be converted using 'Save As' under Notepad. You may also want to do a search and replace to convert &#9834; to <s M/> so you have notes.

Updates for v1.07:
Updated Aften, DGPulldown, HC, ImgBurn, MediaInfo, Mencoder, MKVToolnix, Muxman, twoLame and FFMpegSource
Improved HC Predictive Quantization Algorithm
Added support for mpg/vob files

Updates for v1.06:
Updated MediaInfo
Fixed HC speed button
Fixed plugin loading for FFmpegSource
Improved HC Predictive Quantization Algorithm

Updates for v1.05:
Updated HC, Wavi, MediaInfo
Improved HC Predictive Quantization Algorithm
A donate button (Christmas is coming and Mrs_Odwin wants lots of presents)
Incorporation of FFmpegSource

Updates for v1.04:
Vista Compatibility Fixed
Improved HC Predictive Quantization Algorithm
Minor GUI Fixes

Updates for v1.03:
New HC encoding mode - Quant Prediction by 2% samples

20/07/07 FAVC 1.02 released with
Updated twolame & Mediainfo
Small Code Clean
Added a shut down option
Replaced bepipe with wavi
Tweaked Audio handling

Updates for v1.01:
Simple menu preview
A fix for ac3 retention with mkv
A fix for chapter creation
Some slight (mostly not noticeable) menu improvements

Updates for v1.00:
Automated Menu Generation for up to 8 Titles

Updates for v0.95:
Updated Mediainfo & BatchMux
Added support for mp4/ogm/mkv files
An option to edit script/batch files before the encode

Updates for v0.94:
A Trimmed download package
Updated ImgBurn, Mediainfo, Aften, Muxman, HC and SubtitleCreator
Selectable Maxiumum Bitrate
Audio normalization option
A 64 bit package

Updates for v0.93:
Subtitle support (srt format -> both soft and hard)
MediaInfo, Imgburn, HC & Muxman updated to latest versions
Presets account for single cores
Custom Working Folder location

Updates for v0.92:
A bugfix for non-English decimalisation
Number of titles and chapters generated now respects DVD Specifications
BatchMux ini file now used instead of a long command line.
Aften & QuEnc updated to latest versions

Updates for v0.91:
A bugfix for PAL->NTSC conversions

Updates for v0.90:
Better multicore support (m2v merging is now done in the authoring step)
Support for HC encoding

Updates for v0.80:
Muxman DVD authoring via BatchMux
Audio Encoding Options including AC3 via Aften and mp2 via twoLame
General overhaul of GUI and clean up of resulting code
Advanced Scripting options so that user may take more control
Option of VCD resolution and removed option of SVCD resolution
Notice & Advice given if FAVC is unable to open a particular file

- incorporates simple multicore usage during video encoding.

- which has provisional support for mov, asf, wmv and avs files.

Because of recent developments with ImgBurn it is now possible to burn a DVD without first creating an iso file, saving much time. Also, TV overscan may optionally be accounted for; 16 pixels around the edge of the video will not be used if this is the case. (Works perfectly for my TV. )

with AC3 retention and the option of alternative video resolutions.

I've updated the links in the first post to to and there should be some significant changes for the better (I hope). Amongst other things the muxing and authoring behaviour has been changed so it should be more compatible with dvd players. Guess it could throw up a load of different trouble though.

added config file to remember preferences, additional video encoding options and the option of leaving temporary files undeleted.

adds .vdr support so that frameserving from VirtualDub is possible.

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