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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Exact Audio Copy

What's new in version 1.6

- Standard setup now using instead of for
- Several small problems with secondary encoder
- Fixed problems with the Musicbrainz plugin
- Several smaller bugs removed

What's new in version 1.5

- Fixed a problem with M3U8 files
- Fixed a problem with Log file creation
- Fixed a problem in the AcousticID plugin

What’s new in version 1.4

- It is possible to use two command line encoders for compression
- The second compressor has separate file naming conventions
- The freedb++ plugin has been replaced by a MusicBrainz plugin (the official freedb will cease to exist)
- The cover downloader in the plugin has been updated to find again more images
- The lyrics downloader in the plugin has been made to work again
- The profiles data format has changed, but it is possible to load profiles from version 1.3
- Removed a problem with the metadata plugins, possibly crashing EAC at the end of a rip
- Fixed the problem of no length information (TLEN) in the last track if EAC writes the ID3V2 tag

What’s new in version 1.3

- Just fixing the bug of not being able to select tracks individually

What’s new in version 1.2

- Fixed several issues with the CDRDAO burning component
- Updated the cover search in the freedb++ metadata provider
- Fixed defect EAC menu for beginner mode
- Different handling of track selection: Several selected tracks can be checked at once
- Different handling of track selection: Playback will only playback selected track instead of checked tracks
- AcoustID plugin will be pre-selected on installation
- Function "Upper all first characters" will not upper after a number (e.g 8th)
- CUE sheets will receive the composer as remark
- Fixed a very rare occuring problem of not finding an AR checksum for a given track
- Fixed a rare occuring problem of not finding a read command

What’s new in version 1.1

- Hopefully fixed the problem when the user account name contains a ' character
- Added AcoustID plugin to the installer (not installed as default yet)
- Fixed extraction problems with some LG drives
- Fixed a problem on exporting the CD Database
- Fixed a visibility problem on high contrast Windows designs
- Fixed a problem on CRC track submission
- Fixed a problem on writing/appending log files

What’s new in version 1.0 beta 6

- Fixed a severe problem with crashing the application when a read error occurs

What’s new in version 1.0 beta 5

- Fixed problem with Cygwin1.dll on some newer systems
- Hopefully audio playback crashes on less systems now
- Improved line separator contrast
- Updated CTDB plugin

What’s new in version 1.0 beta 4

- Fixed .NET 2.0 installation on newer Windows versions (in the installer)
- Removed the (possible) expiration information dialog
- Fixed several issues with drive detection (e.g. drives on A: and B: will now be detected)
- Updated the image providers in the freedb++ plugin
- Added (public domain) CRC based online track checksum submission (this version submission only)
- CTDB plugin is now enabled as default in the installer
- Updated the included Flac encoder to version 1.3.1

What’s new in version 1.0 beta 3

- Added the CTDB (CUETools Database), which can test complete CD rips against an online checksum (like AccurateRip, but CD based) and submits error correction data which can be used by others on defective CDs with an external application.
- Fixed a problem with track duration in e.g. filename creation for the last track of a CD
- Using UNC paths will now work (again)
- Several database issues (e.g. max database size was 256 MB)
- Translations for the metadata plugins
- Sometimes the metadata provider plugins were not loaded
- In some cases the options window of the metadata plugins could not be opened
- Options of the freedb metadata plugin are not stored over EAC sessions (in some cases)
- LAME DLL produces defective, stuttering MP3s (bug exists since 1.0 beta 1!). By the way, it seems that only LAME.DLL (VC6 compiled) is compatible with EAC...
- Codec compression crashes/hangs EAC in some extraction modes when "Use multiple external compressors" is used
- CD Autostart deactivation should work now
- Fixed some writing to the wrong registry key
- Removed "No use of null samples for CRC calculations" (null samples are now always used for CRC)
- EAC does not activate Windows 7 system window shadows anymore
- Some drives were only extracting very slow, this should be fixed now (but in some rare cases, some drives might have started caching now)
- The possible command line parameters replacement strings are now listed in the appropriate tooltip
- Covers can be named freely using (nearly) the same replacement strings (also listed in the tooltip)
- If no email address was specified, the information dialog now offers to open the appropriate options page
- The freedb and GD3 plugins are now translated. The language used is the one selected in EACs options
- The beeping when the compression queue gets empty is only issued when the extraction has finished (thus only once per CD)
- Fixed a crash when writing ID3 tags with lyrics with a length greater than a few kb
- Fixed a crash when using CDs with 99 tracks (or around that limit)
- The dialog asking whether files should be overwritten is now displayed at the very beginning of the extraction and not at the time when a file would actually be overwritten.
- The overwrite information dialog is now also shown when overwriting a file using a commandline compressor (fixed bug)
- CD-Text extraction is nearly completly rewritten, can now also extract composer
- The taskbar icon will now show the status (green/red) until all status windows are closed
- The final tracknumber of the last CD are stored over EAC sessions, so it is possible to continue a CD tracknumbering from a previous run of EAC
- There are new placeholders for track number formatting in the command line parameters (%tracknr1%,%tracknr2% and %tracknr3%, the number is the minimum number of digits used)
- The EAC installer will now abort installation on Windows 2000 or previous versions (as they are not supported anymore anyway)
- Profiles from beta 1 and beta 2 can be loaded with this version (beta 2 could not load beta 1 profiles)

What’s new in version 1.0 beta 2

- Complete change of how metadata are edited, there are new metadata fields and all can be edited in the main window
- Track selections are now done by using checkboxes instead of explorer like selection
- Possibility to use more than one metadata plugin
- Inclusion of the professional GD3 metadata service provider (free test version, 7.99$ for a lifetime license)
- Tooltips for most elements in the main window
- Autocomplete for artist, composer and interpret
- New WMA compression handler, based on Expression 4 (and needs .NET 4 installed)
- Support for audio data plugins
- Added lyrics support and freedb submission to the freedb plugin
- Metadata plugins may now also support metadata submission
- Changed most placeholders (like %s) to meaningful replacers (e.g. %source%). Existing settings (from 1.0 beta 1) should be converted automatically. Therefore beware, you are not able to run beta 1 and beta 2 concurrently!
- Added more placeholders to reflect the additions of metadata fields
- Fixed bug of reading blocks larger than 64kb, which might have affected several devices/interfaces (USB)
- Fixed bug on saving WAV files in the audio editor
- Cover image has now a context menu to fetch new image or delete the current one
- There is an menu entry to fetch new lyrics for all tracks
- Wizard reflects the changes in metadata and sets optimized command line compressor settings
- Writing of ID3 V2 tags also add all new fields
- Added a splash screen, as startup can take several seconds now
- Fixed many many smaller bugs

What’s new in version 1.0 beta 1

- Unicode support for all fields (but not CD-Text)
- New database engine for storing CD information (old databases can be imported)
- Metadata plugin support, for now there is a freedb plugin included. This will be released as open source freeware soon.
- Cover support, can be drag'n'dropped from a file, a web page oder can be retrieved via a metadata plugin (support included in the freedb plugin). Cover can be written into tags or in the extraction directory
- AccurateRip v2 support
- Better Windows 7 support (like progress display in taskbar icon, storage of user data in the correct folders, etc.)
- Free selection of first track track number (including option to continue numbering from the last inserted CD)
- Option to always write the log file in english language
- Option for writing a checksum over the extraction log data to the log file
- Average extraction speed is listed in the log file
- Possibility to write only V2 tags (and no V1 tags)
- Free choice of replacement characters for filenames
- Range copy selects now the first selected consecutive range of tracks as default
- New folder browser dialog (system dialog for folders)
- Added two placeholders for filename creation for track length (min and sec)
- Test for (command line) compression options (and display of a sample command line)
- Menu for removing unwanted/doubled spaces from "cd title", "artist" & "track titles"
- Removed Windows 2000 support (and any older OSs)
- Removed ID3V1 tag editor
- Removed compression offset

What’s new in version 0.99 prebeta 5

- Fixed a small bug in some of the CRC calculations
- Paths of 1000 characters in length (and file names up to 500 characters) can now be used (hopefully all command line compressors are still working)
- Fixed the creation of the correct CUE sheet in some cases when using current gap settings
- Fixed CDRDAO writing for multisession discs (leaving the CD open)
- EAC should not bring up its main window on using external compressors
- Fixed a small bug when correcting an extracted block
- Wizard now creates --ignore-tag-errors option for LAME encodings
- Fixed that on inserting a different CD sometimes not all tracks are extracted

What’s new in version 0.99 prebeta 4

Some bugs are fixed (mainly wrong number of accurate ripped tracks mentioned in logs)
Updated flac encoder core and WMA encoding script
Added two more translations

What’s new in version 0.99 prebeta 3

Profiles from 0.99 prebeta 1 could not be loaded, this is fixed now

What’s new in version 0.99 prebeta 2

Only bug-fixes

What’s new in version 0.99 prebeta 1

Better AccurateRip support (reading ranges and CD images)
Improved log file output
Flac encoder now comes with EAC
Much improved configuration wizard
Writing CD-Text using CDRDAO
Copy and test range
Added writing new tags for ID3V2 like duration, encoder settings and the CD TOC
Correction of Xing header after writing ID3V2
Drive options are now stored by the drive name and not by adapter and LUN
Fixed many issues and bugs

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 4

Removed “Retrieve native TOC”
Several bug fixes, mainly bug on creation of CD images not showing the file dialog

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 3

Added option for fill track list from clipboard
On power down it is now possible to wait for external compressors finish compressing the queue
Fixed issue with “START xx:xx:xx behind or at track end” using CDRDAO
Added command line switch for long time-out on freedb requests (satellite connections)
Many smaller bug fixes and additions

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 2

Fixed some starting up issues and “Expecting only one toc-file” problems using CDRDAO
Added a new experimental command line switch for those still having freedb problems
Some smaller fixes

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 1

Wave editor and native interface stability improved
Many bug fixes (E.g. extraction engine crashes, CDDB problems, compression queue)
Added interface for CDRDAO for CD writing
Inserting all tracknames from Clipboard using Ctrl+Shift+V

What’s new in version 0.95 prebeta 5

Added a function for removing gaps that are e.g. created by TAO recording
freedb ID can be used for filename creation
Extentend M3U files with additional song information are always created
AccurateRip support
EAC is able to test the return value of an external encoder (if supported by the external application)
Added some more LAME DLL presets
Fixed several bugs and some minor additions

What’s new in version 0.95 prebeta 4

Fixed sample rate conversion on compression (EAC is now doing the rate conversion itself), and included a new native SCSI interface.

What’s new in version 0.95 prebeta 3

Some more bugs of 0.95 prebeta 2 and some translation issues fixed

What’s new in version 0.95 prebeta 2

Severe bugs of 0.95 prebeta 1 fixed

What’s new in version 0.95 prebeta 1

The main feature is the language SDK, which enables people to translate EAC into nearly any language. There is more information on that at the download location.

Besides that, there are only minor additions and a lot of bugfixes.

What's new in version 0.9 beta 4

This version only contains some bugfixes, mainly the CD burning part is fixed, but also many small corrections are taken from the 0.95pb1 that make already progress

Also the lock ups in the wave editor may occur again or may be gone now, please tell about your experiences if you encountered problems before

What's new in version 0.9 beta 3

Most FFT procedures are now in assembler, increasing speed for many audio filters and also for spectral display, which additionally has increased bands

Several smaller additions and improvements

Hopefully bugfixed all other minor problems

What's new in version 0.9 beta 2

This version is only a bug fix for the previous release.

What's new in version 0.9 beta 1

GUI restructured, added new buttons, changed button type to flat buttons. Artist and CD information is now directly accessible through the main window

Profile usage is now easier and can be selected by a drop down box on the main window

Updated freedb usage to proto 5

Configuration Wizard to setup basic drive, encoder and freedb configuration for beginner users

Option setting for leaving out all advanced features, making it easier for beginners

Secondary C2 extraction mode (may work better for some kind of erraneous CDs and for some but not every drive. Even if it may be misused for copy protected CDs, using this mode on protected CDs is only allowed when legal in your country)

Manual detection of TOC, usefull if a CD is defective and displays wrong track positions or data tracks instead of audio, EAC will try to detect the CD structure by analysis

Uncompressed and compressed extraction is now divided, so compression options will missing "Internal WAV routines"

More placeholders for external command line encoders in "User Defined Encoder" format, see FAQ for details

Correction of MP+ decoding bug with command line decoder

New Monkeys Audio (MAC) DLL support, you need at least DLL version 3.94

Compression queue is saved to harddisk and continued on next EAC session

Improving Pop Detection to 4 band analysis

Display of actual extraction position in real music time (for error checking)

Small corrections to ID3V2 routines

Correction of support for some writers

Many smaller additions and bug fixes

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