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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for EncodeHD


As usual, I’ve been sidetracked with work and personal life so I haven’t been nearly as busy on here as I’d like to be. I have however, taken some time to bring EncodeHD up to date and bring it out of beta.

A fairly sparse change log since the beta:

FFmpeg updated to git-00b1401 (2013-07-06)
MediaInfo updated to 0.7.64
Fixed up some FFmpeg command-line parameters
The newest releases of FFmpeg are pretty darn fast at re-encoding video though


What’s New…

Added profiles for
AppleTV 3
iPad 3 / 4
iPhone 5
Nexus 4
Nexus 7
Lumia 920
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S3
Fixes to iPad 1 / 2 profile for AC3 audio in TV mode
Added support for progress in task bar for Win 7 / 8
Updated H.264 encoding parameters to improve quality
Updated to work with latest FFmpeg builds
Changed all the profile names to be more descriptive
Try to handle files with no frame rate details
Removed Snarl support
Updated Ffmpeg to git-26c531c (25th Nov 2012)
Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.61 (22nd Oct 2012) (5th August 2011)

CHANGE: MediaInfo updated to
CHANGE: FFmpeg updated to r31572
FIX: Progress failed to display with newer FFmpeg builds
FIX: AC3 audio wasn’t enabled for AppleTV 2 (21st February 2011)

* NEW: Added support for Apple TV 2 (15th February 2011)

* FIX: Unhandled exception could occur when starting the application (11th February 2011)

* NEW: Added WTV support
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to Git Revision c9e16a9
* CHANGE: Switched back to experimental AAC encoder. Quality is great now, and it removes the requirement for libfaac
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.41 (3rd December 2010)

* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to r25456
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.37 (14th September 2010)

* NEW: Stream Copying is now an option
* CHANGE: WDTV profile now outputs MP4 instead of M4V to fix file-seeking issue
* CHANGE: FFmpeg updated to r25107
* CHANGE: Cosmetic fixes (13th August 2010)

* NEW: Added Dutch as a preferred audio language
* CHANGE: Stream copying is no longer done on X360. Was causing too many problems
* CHANGE: Reverted back to older MP4Box version to fix Auto-splitting issue
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to 24623
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.34 (7th July 2010)

* NEW: Added support for HTC Desire
* NEW: Added support for Nokia N900
* NEW: Added Hebrew as a preferred language type
* CHANGE: Revert back to 2-channel down-sampling. Seems to work most of the time and 5.1 AAC caused device incompatibilities. Better to fail upfront than after encoding
* FIX: Double conversion error could occur in locales where the decimal is , (23rd June 2010)

* NEW: Support for Apple iPhone 4 & iPad
* NEW: Support for HTC EVO 4G
* NEW: H.264 video stream copying when specific device adjustments (resolution / bitrate) are not required, giving dramatic performance improvements (no need to re-encode)
* CHANGE: Switched to Gianluigi Tiesi’s FFmpeg builds to avail of dynamic loading of the ‘libfaac’ library (r23591). This is an additional component that is not GPL compliant and needs to be downloaded separately from here under the ‘faac encoder’ section
* CHANGE: No longer try to force 2 channel audio from 5.1 audio streams. FFmpeg generally fails. Instead, try 5.1 AAC and let the device downmix
* CHANGE: Increased maximum audio bitrates for AppleTV, PS3, X360 and WDTV to 320kbps
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.33
* CHANGE: Updated MP4Box to 0.4.6 Dev 12/06/2010 (19th February 2010)

* NEW: Profile for Nexus One
* CHANGE: Merge GitHub changes by KraftDinner
* CHANGE: FFmpeg reverted back to r18709
* CHANGE: MediaInfo updated to 0.7.27
* FIX: Revert to using libfaac instead of newer experimental AAC encoder. Produced terrible audio (29th September 2009)

* CHANGE: Removed all update checking code
* CHANGE: Removed About dialog
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to r20060
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.22
* FIX: If the input audio was not AAC and the bitrate was too low, encoding would fail (due to an attempted stream copy) (25th September 2009)

* NEW: /SOF Parameter. Shut down the machine when finished encoding
* CHANGE: If the audio bitrate is too low on input files with AAC audio, the stream will now be copied instead of re-encoded (to preserve quality)
* CHANGE: AppleTV Profile now forces 25fps in order to meet Apple specs on 720p content
* CHANGE: Output file extension is now lower-case to ensure thumbnail generation
* CHANGE: Removed Donation screen when starting up the app or on version upgrades
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to r19974
* FIX: Some more aspect ratio fixes (21st August 2009)

* NEW: Files with no audio tracks can now be encoded
* NEW: Preliminary support for the ZuneHD (in theory, it all should work)
* CHANGE: Increased Zune audio bitrate limit to 192kbps
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.20
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to r19673
* CHANGE: Some minor code cleanup
* FIX: Audio Sample Rate wasn’t being set correctly for each profile
* FIX: -ar FFmpeg flag didn’t work (24th July 2009)

* CHANGE: Removed portable settings. Was buggy. Settings will now stay between version though
* CHANGE: Further fixes to Aspect Ratio detection
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to r19467
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.19 (10th July 2009)

* NEW: Soft-Subtitles can now be merged into the output file for Apple devices. Just place an SRT or SUB file with the same name in the same folder as your source video
* NEW: Settings are now stored with the application (EncodeHD.Settings) for full app portability
* NEW: Check For Updates on Startup option in Advanced Settings
* CHANGE: Apple Device files are now always created with the M4V extension
* CHANGE: Failed encoding now cancels the entire queue
* CHANGE: Advanced Settings UI updated
* CHANGE: Renamed a few Settings
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to r19393
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.18+ 07-07-2009
* FIX: Resolution scaling was sometimes calculated incorrectly, leading to unsupported video files on certain devices
* FIX: Checking for updates on startup could hang for a few seconds during DNS resolution
* FIX: “Value not multiple of 2″ error could occur when encoding
* FIX: Auto-splitting would sometimes be skipped (28th May 2009)

* NEW: Profile for Nokia E71
* NEW: Profile for T-Mobile G1
* NEW: Profile for YouTube HD
* NEW: Support for MTS and M2TS file formats
* CHANGE: Now a single instance application
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.15+ 17-05-2009
* CHANGE: Minor UI updates (6th May 2009)

* CHANGE: FFmpeg updated to SVN-r18709
* CHANGE: MediaInfo updated to 0.7.15 (Fixes MediaInfo unable to detect audio streams in some MPEG2 video files)
* FIX: Incorrectly set buffer size on non-English locales causes FFmpeg bitrate error
* FIX: Frequent audio drop-outs when stream remapping was required (24th April 2009)

* CHANGE: Proper snarl registration and improved messaging
* CHANGE: FFmpeg updated to SVN-r18639
* CHANGE: MediaInfo SVN-0.7.14+ (20/04/2009)
* CHANGE: Small updates to Update Checking to be more robust
* FIX: Under certain conditions, advanced flags would duplicate values in the FFmpeg command-line, causing the encode to fail (5th April 2009)

* NEW: Snarl notifications on encoding completion, if you have it installed (
* CHANGE: WDTV profile no longer includes an AAC audio track when AC3 passthrough is selected
* CHANGE: Force 2 Channels for AC3 to prevent errors. Need further work to mux in 5.1 AC3 on supported profiles
* CHANGE: Minor cosmetic / wording changes
* CHANGE: FFmpeg updated to SVN-r18306
* CHANGE: MediaInfo SVN-0.7.12+ (01/04/2009)
* CHANGE: Some code refactoring
* FIX: CABAC Entropy Encoding in H.264 was causing Zune encodes to transcode on import (27th March 2009)

* NEW: Advanced Settings: Preferred Audio Language (when multiple streams are found)
* NEW: Experimental support for Western Digital TV Media Player
* NEW: Output files containing AC3 passthrough audio are created using the M4V extension
* CHANGE: Rewrote UUID tagging handling to be more robust
* CHANGE: Lots of tweaks to improve quality in encoded files
* CHANGE: Ensure AC3 audio meets bitrate requirements
* CHANGE: If encoding starts but the output file isn’t growing in size after 20 seconds (because of an encoding issue) an error will be returned
* CHANGE: MediaInfo SVN 0.7.12+
* CHANGE: Small code fixes
* FIX: Video was being unnecessarily scaled upwards if the device was capable of a higher resolution
* FIX: BlackBerry Storm / Bold were not using H.264 Low Complexity Baseline Profile
* FIX: BlackBerry Storm / Bold bitrate was set too high
* FIX: PSP profile and bitrate were set too high
* FIX: MPEG4 creation wasn’t multithreaded
* FIX: Stream mapping problems could occur with AC3 audio
* FIX: Large files could stay at “Preparing to encode” for a long time
* FIX: Time remaining would sometimes get stuck at 0 minutes (20th February 2009)

* NEW: iPod Atom is correctly set. This should prevent issues when trying to import into iTunes
* NEW: Media Splitting now shows progress
* NEW: Update information is displayed with each update
* NEW: Log Files are now stored in My Documents folder under “EncodeHD Log Files”
* NEW: View Log Files link under Advanced Settings
* CHANGE: Switched to SVN build of Atomic Parsley for iPod Atom Tagging
* CHANGE: Complete rewrite of the update checking mechanism
* CHANGE: Bitrate Tolerance now set in FFmpeg (-bt)
* CHANGE: Log Files are no longer overwritten and instead, are appended with the current date
* CHANGE: If FFmpeg fails, the error now displays what file the error occurred on
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.11
* CHANGE: Some minor code tweaks and cleanup
* CHANGE: Version number format change
* FIX: Media Splitting was STILL broken. This is hopefully solved now
* FIX: iPod Settings were not respecting the H.264 LC Baseline Profile
* FIX: Advanced Flags could potentially throw an array index error
* FIX: More locale issues where decimal was assumed to be .

0.98 beta (10th February 2009)

* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 9500 Storm
* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 9000 Bold
* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 8900 Javelin
* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 8800 Indigo
* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 8700 Electron
* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 8300 Curve
* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 8200 Kickstart
* NEW: Support for BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
* NEW: Zune Screen and separate TV Output Support
* CHANGE: The Zune profile now respects the different resolution restrictions of both 25FPS and 30FPS source content
* CHANGE: Advanced FFmpeg Flags can now be retained without being enabled
* CHANGE: Revised Advanced Dialog (for future expansion)
* CHANGE: Revised About Dialog
* CHANGE: Other minor UI Tweaks
* CHANGE: More verbose logging
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.10+ (01-02-2009)
* FIX: Check for updates would fail if the locale used , for a decimal
* FIX: Aspect Ratio detection would fail if the locale used , for a decimal
* FIX: If URL handler was broken, app would crash when clicking the Donate button (hilarious!)

0.96 beta (28th January 2009)

* NEW: Apple iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod 5G, and Sony PSP support
* NEW: Output for TV option on all iPods will optimise video for display on TV, instead of the iPod screen
* NEW: Command-line options /LOWPRIORITY and /HIGHPRIORITY changes the encoding process priority
* NEW: RM filetype added to filemask
* CHANGE: Removed Quality slider. EncHD now chooses the best quality / size based on the input file and target profile
* CHANGE: Huge overhaul of the device filtering framework. Thresholds should be properly limited across all files now, so no more unsupported file messages (hopefully!)
* CHANGE: Massive internal code restructure and refactoring
* CHANGE: Disabled Bug Reporting for the moment until I can figure out a better way of doing this
* CHANGE: First run of every version will display the About Box
* CHANGE: Improved debugging info
* CHANGE: UI Cleanup
* CHANGE: Updated FFmpeg to SVN Build 16573
* CHANGE: Updated MedaInfo to 0.7.9
* CHANGE: If bitrate detection fails, fall back on the nominal and then overall bitrates. This should a number of issues with file detection
* FIX: Advanced flags like ”-map” failed, due to a parameter sequencing issue
* FIX: Aspect Ratio was not being maintained if the output device was restricting the resolution
* FIX: 4GB+ File Splitting 4GB sometimes didn’t work or could create thousands of video segments
* FIX: 4GB+ File Splitting wasn’t cleaning up temporary files
* FIX: Cancelling the encode wouldn’t cancel subsequent actions
* FIX: During encoding, the ListView wasn’t scrollable
* FIX: UI drawing on startup wasn’t very smooth

0.86 beta (19th December 2008)

* NEW: Command-Line Options:
/I:file.avi - Add file(s) to the input queue. Re-use /I: for each file
/O:folder / file.mp4 - Output location, ie. “C:Temp”, or “C:TempTest.MP4″. Output filename only works when encoding 1 file
/AUTO - Automatically encodes. Requires at least one file to be in the queue, via /I parameter
/QOF - Quit On Finish. Automatically exits the application on completion of the queue
* NEW: FFmpeg Advanced Flags now replaces existing flags - this allows things like forcing specific resolution or bitrate
* NEW: Option to AutoSplit files over 4GB in size (Thanks to MP4Box)
* NEW: Automatically Check for Updates on startup
* CHANGE: Enhancements to encoding status and error checking
* CHANGE: Disable bug reporting if reading a MediaInfo meta. If it fails, it’s likely the file is corrupt, or MediaInfo can’t read it
* CHANGE: Updated MediaInfo to Dev 0.7.8+ (16-12-2008)
* FIX: Cannot convert to double when reading file properties
* FIX: Resolved a number of small parsing issues

0.80 beta (12th December 2008)

* NEW: Option to specify the Output Folder
* NEW: Advanced FFmpeg Flags option, for adding to the FFmpeg command-line
* NEW: MP4 Artwork (thanks to AtomicParsley). MyFile.Avi + MyFile.Jpg or Png = MyFile.Mp4 w/ArtWork! :)
* NEW: UI Enhancements and a brand new icon, thanks to the Simplicio Icon Set
* CHANGE: H.264 quality improvements. Slightly increases encoding times, but it’s worth it
* CHANGE: Disabled H.264 remuxing due to av_interleaved_frame_write_error. Investigating workarounds…
* CHANGE: Removed AviSynth (AVS) as an encodable file-type, until I can implement a workable solution to MediaInfo handling
* CHANGE: Rewrite of output folder / filename validation code. Much more reliable now
* CHANGE: Lots of small bugfixes
* FIX: MPEG4 could fail with ‘unable to assign thread’ error
* FIX: Non-AC3 5.1 audio was not being down-mixed to 2 channel AAC
* FIX: A/V sync issues with certain XVid files
* FIX: Audio crackling issues on Apple trailers

0.73 beta (8th December 2008)

* NEW: Source video streams are now remuxed into the new container when possible
* CHANGE: Only supported formats are allowed, to prevent bug reports with people trying to encode text files, yes TEXT files… :)
* CHANGE: Removed resolution rescaling when not necessary
* CHANGE: Debugging info cleanup
* FIX: MPEG4 threading issue
* FIX: Encoding would continue (and fail) if critical file information could not be determined
* FIX: ? didn’t move when UI was re-scaled

0.72 beta (6th December 2008)

* CHANGE: Compiled as an x86 application
* FIX: Parsing of MediaInfo frame rate caused a Double conversion error on locales where a decimal place is ,

0.71 beta (3rd December 2008)

* CHANGE: Switched to FFmpeg SVN 15986 - Compiled by Ramiro Polla
* FIX: Exceptions thrown when an error has not necessarily occurred

0.7 beta (3rd December 2008)

* NEW: GNU GPL Compliance for FFmpeg
* NEW: AC3 Passthrough options in the UI controlled by Profile support
* NEW: About Dialog
* CHANGE: Minor UI updates
* CHANGE: Add “NULL @ ” as a valid error from FFmpeg
* FIX: If FFmpeg exited with an error code without displaying an actual error, a System Exception was thrown
* FIX: AC3 Passthrough wasn’t being disabled during encoding
* FIX: Video resolution check to see if a the resolution was a multiple of 16 didn’t work as expected
* FIX: MediaInfo would not correctly parse the video duration from RV40 files

0.6 beta (24th November 2008)

* NEW: H.264 Profile compliance for all H.264 supported devices
* NEW: AC3 passthrough is now added as a second audio stream to conform to AppleTV AC3 passthrough specifications
* CHANGE: Video resolution not a multiple of 16 is now rounded to avoid compression loss
* CHANGE: Updated build of FFmpeg to 15815
* CHANGE: H.264 now adapts to the number of cores available
* CHANGE: H.264 video quality improvements
* CHANGE: H.264 video encoding performance improvements
* CHANGE: Zune 25 FPS limit was not being enforced
* FIX: Removed dependency on .NET 3.5 (again)
* FIX: Non-standard FPS video files weren’t being honoured correctly
* FIX: Zune encoding max resolutions weren’t set correctlyFIX: Quality scaler in the UI now works as expected

0.5 beta (24th November 2008)

* NEW: UI Settings now get saved on exit
* NEW: Rudimentary AC3 Passthrough for supported devices
* NEW: Encoding parameter filtering framework to correctly set all the output options based on the device type
* CHANGE: H.264 Encoding is now only available on supported devices
* CHANGE: FFmpeg updated to SVN r15625
* CHANGE: Disabled AC3 Support for X360 which should fix unsupported MP4 creation
* CHANGE: MediaInfo updated to 0.7.8
* CHANGE: Better code around getting progress checking, specifically the current time
* CHANGE: If the FPS is above 30, then limit to 30
* CHANGE: If the maximum bitrate for a format was exceeded, reduce to this, minus the audio bitrate
* FIX: Estimated Complete and % Progress was sometimes completely inaccurate
* FIX: FFmpeg would sometimes fail to encode when the framerate couldn’t be detected properly
* FIX: H.264 Framerate > Resolution limiting resulted in encoding failures
* FIX: Bug Reporting would fail with a BugScoutUserName error
* FIX: If the Bug Report failed to be sent, there was no option to retry
* FIX: Very erratic results if a file didn’t contain at least 1 video and 1 audio stream
* FIX: FPS was sometimes not returned as a double, causing problems
* FIX: Fix regional issues where decimal was , instead of .
* FIX: Blackberry wasn’t forced to 25 FPS, which it should have been
* FIX: Encoding queue wouldn’t be cleared if encoding was cancelled
* FIX: FFmpeg would run, but if an error was encountered, an exception was not raised.
* FIX: Bug reporting Yes / No option didn’t work, was always Yes

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