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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for EncWAVtoAC3

Version 8.0

Added command-line version.
Added virtual files list support.
Added support for file wildcard.
Added new presets.
Added logging support.
Reduced the size of an executable.
Removed default config files.
Add default language on startup.
Add default engines on startup.
Save only non default preset options.
Removed global config state.
Added default strings map.
Refactored configuration data structures.
Use std::thread for worker thread.
Changed engines file format.
Removed engines config from preset.

Version 7.1

Use std::wstring instead of CString.
Added separate core project.

Version 7.0

Added default configuration files to installer version.
Added default configuration files to portable version.
Added support for loading language files from relative path to settings folder.
Added portable mode to installer.
Fixed encoder error when running for the second time.
Refactored encoder worker thread as class.
Refactored encoder worker thread error handling.
Use nullptr instead of NULL macro.
Use class instead of typedef for lists.
Refactored Aften api code.
Removed unused code and comments.
Added Avisynth 5.1+LFE preset.
Fixed browse dialog title.
Changed language files encoding to UTF-8.
Changed configuration files encoding to UTF-8.

Version 6.0

- Added dynamic layout for dialogs.
- Updated project to Visual Studio 2017.

Version 5.5:

- Updated project to Visual Studio 2015.

Version 5.4:

- Added support for single channel multi-mono input.
- Added German and Japanese language.

Version 5.3:

- Added keyboard shortcuts.
- Fixed compatibility issue with Windows XP.

Version 5.2:

- Installer packages save configuration files by default to user roaming directory
- Enable portable version by creating empty EncWAVtoAC3.portable file

Version 5.1:

- Added multi-language support.
- Redesigned the GUI to enable multi-language support.
- Added tool-tips for settings list.
- Added log messages for Avisynth errors.
- Updated project to Visual Studio 2013.
- Fixed bitmap resource issue in VS2013.

Version 5.0:

- Redesigned the GUI.
- Log to a file is now always enabled.
- Removed command-line options -l and --enable-log.
- Added more error messages saved in the default log file EncWAVtoAC3.txt.

Version 4.7:

- Added support for avisynth in AMD64 (64-bit) builds using

Version 4.6:

- Fixed .mux files ANSI loading error.

Version 4.5:

- Fixed AviSynth drag&drop bug.

Version 4.4:

- Minor GUI tweaks.

Version 4.3:

- Updated Aften sources and libraries to Git master head snapshot from 20091226.
- Added encoding process statistics to worker window.
- Reverted project to Visual Studio 2008.

Version 4.2:

- Added AMD64 builds but without Avisynth *.avs support.

Version 4.1:

- Fixed compatibility issue with Windows 2000.

Version 4.0:

- Updated Aften sources and libraries to svn revision 843.
- Removed parallel file encoding mode.
- Removed x64 build configuration.
- Changed engines configuration file extention from .win32 and .win64 to .engines.
- Updated project to Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

Version 3.0:

- Added preliminary Avisynth (*.avs files) scripting support (not supported in 'Multiple mono input' and in 'One per file' mode).
- Added *.avs filter to open dialog.
- Double-click on *.avs script in files list to show AVS File Properties window.
- The Win64 build is not available and does not compile properly (Avisynth not available for 64-bit Windows).

Version 2.3:

- Added fully featured Aften engines editor.
- Added Advanced view check box to main window.
- Fixed invalid position change for bitrate/quality slider when switching between CBR/VBR mode.

Version 2.2:

- Updated Aften sources and libraries to svn revision 832.
- Fixed bug in UI under Windows Vista.

Version 2.1:

- Removed help file as it will not be used anymore.
- Removed donate option as donation are currently not accepted.

Version 2.0:

- Removed Win32 & x64 Ansi builds and switched to Microsoft Layer for Unicode (not needed for x64 platforms).
- Added View menu with two GUI modes: Standard (for novice users) and Adcanced (for experienced users).
- Added MUX Wizard button into main program window.

Version 1.2:

- Updated Aften sources and libraries to svn revision 762.
- Added extensive error and performance log messages for encoder.
- Added Options menu.
- Added auto detection of input file format based on file extension.

Version 1.1:

- Updated Aften sources and libraries to svn revision 703.
- Added support for multi mono input.
- Added MUX Wizard for multi mono input.
- MUX Wizard can import *.mux and *.files file formats, Ansi and Unicode supported (*.files files fully support MUX format).
- MUX Wizard can export *.files files (Ansi or Unicode, depends on build type).
- MUX Wizard can export Ansi *.mux files using MUX file format.
- Added read and write support for *.mux files.
- Added command-line support.
- Changed presets configuration file format.
- Default and ignored preset values are not saved to file.
- Removed option to generate batch scripts.
- Ansi and Unicode configuration files are supported in all builds.

Version 1.0:

- Updated Aften sources and libraries to svn revision 606.
- Changed name of solution and project configuration files (from 'encoder' to 'encoder_vs2005').
- Added solution and project configuration files for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 (encoder_vs2008).
- Updated encoder code in EncWorkThread.cpp (from aften.c, svn revision 606).
- Added Win32 and Win64 builds scripts for Aften in 'srcaftenwindows' path.
- Updated installer and build batch scripts.

Version 0.9:

- Fixed crush when generating batch script file (again).
- Renamed File menu item from 'Generate batch file...' to 'Generate batch script...'.
- Renamed items in files List right-click pop-up menu.
- Added to File menu two new items 'Load files list...' and 'Save files list...'.
- Removed two buttons 'Delete files' and 'Clear list' from main window (using instead files list right-click pop-up menu).

Version 0.8:

- Added version check for presets configuration files when loading.
- Added check for non existing files when loading files list.
- Added load/save presets to File menu and removed Load/Save presets buttons from main window.
- Added automatic remove of successfully encoded files from files list.
- Added support in Add file dialog for raw PCM audio files (*.pcm;*.raw;*.bin).
- Added 'Reset current' button to restore all default settings for currently selected preset.
- Added possibility to change value of selected item in options list by using Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys.
- Added ToolTips for options list items.
- Fixed total progress bar reset before encoding next file.
- Fixed crush when generating batch file.
- Fixed bug in parallel file encoding mode: number of threads was set to zero when <Auto> was selected.
- Changed minimum supported screen resolution to 800x600 pixels.
- Added build information to about dialog.

Version 0.7:

- Added input file and output file detailed format informations to work dialog.
- Added quality, bandwidth an bitrate informations to work dialog.
- Added used SIMD optimizations and number of threads used informations to work dialog.
- Changed the way how the <Auto> and <Ignored> label are handled in edit boxes.
- Added parallel file encoding mode (set ParallelFileEncoding=true in *.config file and use number of parallel threads in main dialog).

Version 0.6:

- Fixed bug in worker thread when used more then 2 Aften threads closing Aften caused memory leaks.
- Added automatic save/load for files list content to/from text file.
- Added options to enable/disable specific SIMD optimizations (-nosimd).
- Added support for RAW audio input files (-raw_fmt, -raw_sr, -raw_ch).
- Added number of threads, SIMD optimization and RAW audio settings to encoder preset config.
- Changed number of default parallel threads to '<Auto>'.
- Changed minimum width and height of main dialog (recommended screen resolution is now 1024x768 pixels).
- Added option to create output path when generating batch file (if output path doesn't exist).

Version 0.5:

- Updated to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 version.
- Updated Aften sources and libraries to version 0.0.8.
- Updated encoder code in EncWorkThread.cpp (from aften.c, version 0.0.8).
- Added option in main dialog to set number of Aften MT threads.
- Added list of available libaften.dll builds in main dialog (stored in text file).
- Changed quality slider label to 'Bitrate' for CBR mode and to 'Quality' for VBR mode.
- Added message to statubar when changing encoder library including name and version number.
- Added optimized Win32 & Win64 MMX,SSE,SSE2,SSE3 libaften.dll build to installer.
- Moved installer scripts to 'installer' directory.
- Created separate installers for Win32U, Win32A, Win64A and Win64U.
- Added unicode and ansi configuration files for engines.
- Added configuration files with different libaften dll's (*.win32 and .win64 extension).
- Added automatic configuration load/save of libaften.dll engines.
- Changed extension of configuration file from .cfg to .config.
- Added sorting to files list (used for both file path and file size columns).
- Added context-menu in options list (right click on option value item to change the value).
- Moved Aften library outside main binary to libaften.dll.
- Changed size of files list and options list.
- Changed size of output path and number of threads edit boxes.
- Added load/save of files list using files list context menu .
- Added 'Fast exponent strategy decision' and 'Start-of-stream padding' to options list.
- Added 'Minimum bandwidth' and 'Maximum bandwidth' to options list.
- Added 'Read input WAVE audio data until the end-of-file' to options list.
- Added 'MPEG mapping' for 'Channel mapping order of input audio' option.
- Changed calculation of total progress in work dialog to be more precise.
- Added elapsed time for current file progress and total progress in work dialog.
- Added filter for .wav files when adding directory to files list.
- Added context menu to the files list.
- Fixed bug when user clicked encode button and there where no files in the list then when second time user clicked encode button the encoding process didn't start.

Version 0.4:

- Added to status bar 'Encoded # files in #'.
- Changed presets configuration file extension from *.cfgto *.presets.
- Added program configuration file with extension *.cfg.
- Added load/save configuration of last main dialog position.
- Added load/save configuration of all lists column sizes.
- Added load/save of currently selected preset.
- Added grid lines to file list and settings list.
- Added status bar.
- Added encoding time information to status bar.
- Added resizing to main dialog.
- Added drag & drop for files and directories.
- Added support for Windows 98 SE using Ansi builds (unable to add support for Windows 98/Me Systems using Microsoft Layer for Unicode).

Version 0.3:

- Added main menu.
- Added About dialog box.
- Added Generate bath file to generate command-line batch file.
- Fixed bitrate/quality slider not restored after reopening program.
- Added output path label.
- Removed two presets (done already in 0.2 but not updated Changelog).

Version 0.2:

- Added all Aften settings.
- Updated GUI.
- Added presets (load, save, add, delete).
- Added output path.
- Added loading last preset from EncWAVtoAC3.cfg file.
- Added two default presets.
- Updated to Aften 0.06 sources.
- Added new icon.

Version 0.1:

- First public release.
- Full Unicode support.

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