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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for EZ CD Audio Converter

Freedb protocol update
Opus 1.5.2 codec update
FFMPEG 7.0 codecs update
Automatic 'Size All Columns to Fit' option
Bugfix: 'Size Column To Fit' did not apply to the correct column if the default column order was altered

Audio CD Ripper improvements for CD-Text, HDCD and Pre-Emphasis
HDCD detection & 24-bit output option
Pre-Emphasis: De-emphasize 24-bit output option
Option to *not overwrite* CD-Text information by Internet Disc Database metadata
Ripping log improvements
Shows whether HDCD detection was enabled
Shows HDCD info for each track
Shows whether CD-Text was read from the CD
Shows whether CD-Text was retained as is in metadata
Log CD-Text information that was read from the CD
Opus 1.5.1 codec update
Enabled Non-Linear Adaptive Coding Enhancer (NoLACE) (improved decoder speech quality at very low bit-rates down to 6 kbit/s)
Enabled AVX2 optimizations (improved encoding & decoding performance on processors that support AVX2 instruction set)

Opus 1.5.1 codec
Improved audio quality & performance
WavPack 5.7.0 codec
Improved performance with the new multithreaded encoder that is used whenever there is performance benefit over parallel converters
Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.55 codec
Audio Engine performance optimizations
Improved sample-exact fast seek feature (for cue/chapter/subtracks extraction)
Added for the DSF, xHE-AAC [m4a], WMA, Musepack and FFmpeg [mp4,m4a,mkv,mka,etc] formats
Improved for the AAC|HE-AAC(v2) [m4a] and ALAC [m4a] formats
Fixed for the HE-AAC v2 (Parametric Stereo) [m4a] format (extracted sub-tracks were incorrectly decoded as mono resulting half-speed playback)
Updated for all other audio file formats
Wave [wav] improved support for decoding non-PCM formats
Wave64 [w64] improved support for decoding non-PCM formats
AIFF [aif aiff aifc] added support for decoding non-PCM formats
Detect WebM files with *invalid* .ogg (Vorbis) or .opus (Opus) extensions and handle the files correctly
Do not copy EBU R 128 / ReplayGain metadata from source file by default (when converting) (can be enabled from the Settings) (recommended to use the 'Scan loudness and include EBU R 128 | ReplayGain metadata' option instead to avoid mistakes)
Option to auto-close conversion window after conversion task has successfully completed

Support Matroska metadata [ .mka .mkv ] (read/write)
Support WebM metadata [ .webm .weba ] (read/write)
New TrueHD encoder [ .mka .m4a .truehd ]
New E-AC-3 encoder [ .mka .m4a .eac3 ]
New DTS encoder [ .mka .m4a .dts ]
Updated AC-3 encoder [ .mka .m4a .ac3 ]
Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder 1.2.1
Preferred audio stream can now be chosen from the multi-stream file formats such as Matroska [ .mkv ] and MPEG-4 ISO FF [ .mp4 ]
Improved automatic *best* audio stream selection from MPEG-4 ISO FF [ .mp4 ] (previously AAC had priority)
Audio streams of video files now show more exact audio codec names [ AC-3, E-AC-3, AAC-LC, HE-AAC, xHE-AAC, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD ]
Right-click to auto-fit column(s) in Audio CD Ripper & Audio Converter status window
Add New Profile applies current settings (not defaults)
Fix CD Ripper's CD-Player controls over volume control in scaled UI mode
Improved WAV, AIFF and Wave64 metadata writing (automatically fix incorrectly aligned ID3 or other chunk written by a non-compliant software)
Improved Profile Editor window
Other minor user interface improvements

Bugfix: Fixed manual MusicBrainz / Discogs / GD3 metadata search

C++ compilers, libraries and runtime updates, performande benefits and general improvements
FFmpeg 6.1 decoder
FFmpeg 6.1 AC-3 encoder
Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 10.29 Codec
Adjusted metadata window edit-field margins (for usability)
Keyboard shortcut [ F8 ] to start Rip CD / Convert
Added tab stops to output audio format parameters' combo boxes (for accessibility)
Bugfix: 'Copy external Cover Art file from Source Folder' feature in Audio Converter (Options) did not reliably work (the output folder was not always available/created when trying to copy the image file)

Updated JPEG support (updated libjpeg6b to mozjpeg 4.1.1/libjpeg8d)
Up to 20% smaller JPEG files with improved visual quality
Improved JPEG decoding performance (faster UI with JPEG cover art)
Non-standard JPEGs with more than 10 blocks/MCU now loaded without errors
User interface improvements (icons, menus, languages)

Updated 'Copy/Paste metadata' can now copy metadata from/to multiple files
Amazon Cover Art search works again with all Amazon stores also added new Amazon stores
New Options & DSP window tooltip-preview
UI improvements
Audio engine and codec improvements
Performance enhancements
Code cleanup
Bug fixes

Improved Audio Converter metadata editing features
Copy/Paste metadata tags and pictures from a file to file(s)
Assign metadata from filenames and filepaths
Auto-number files' track number metadata
Single-click clear metadata of selected files
Rearranged Filenames Preview window
Audio CD Ripper bugfix: Invalid "Track 00 error" was shown if an External File (log cue m3u images) Option and ReplayGain AlbumGain Option were both enabled

Improved output filename templates
Added tags to specify number of leading zeros for numerical values such as <Number #/##/###/####> and <Disc Number #/##/###/####>
Added <Sequence> (list order #) tag
Improved Filename Preview / Rename window
Option to specify the Gain of the DSD to PCM conversions (default +6 dB gain) [ 0 dB DSD = -6 dB FS PCM ]
Improved SACD ISO support
Vorbis Comment [ .flac .opus .ogg ] metadata option to write TRACKNUMBER=n / TRACKTOTAL=N | DISCNUMBER=n / DISCTOTAL=N (standard, default) or TRACKNUMBER=n/N | DISCNUMBER=n/N (old standard, user request). Vorbis Comment [ .flac .opus .ogg ] metadata reader can read all metadata standards.
Fixed a bug in FLAC metadata reader not reading YEAR, ORIGINALYEAR, TOTALTRACKS, TOTALDISCS, TRACKNUMBER n/*N* DISCNUMBER n/*N* metadata
Show CUE, LOG, M3U and Cover Art filenames in the ripping & conversion progress list
Moved Audio CD Ripper Range-profile range-setting to the Options window
Show correct bit depth for files (such as MKA, MKV) containing DTS audio
Audio CD Ripper added option to specify LOG CUE M3U filename templates
Audio CD Ripper Normal-profile option for asking confirmation before overwriting existing folder
External Cover Art / LOG CUE M3U file name templates now can use translated tags

Bugfix: FLAC 1.4.3 encoder wrote old vendor string (libFLAC 1.4.2) into the encoded audio files
Bugfix: xHE-AAC encoder failed to encode low volume audio files

Updated Silence Removal DSP with an option for threshold dB or digital silence
Updated integrated File Explorer components
Updated FLAC 1.4.3 Codec
Updated Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.18 Codec
Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder
Bugfix: 24-bit DTS was decoded in wrong format resulting in an invalid output file

Updated Fraunhofer IIS xHE-AAC encoder v4.4.0
Updated Fraunhofer IIS AAC-LC/HE-AAC (v2) encoder v4.4.0
Updated integrated File Explorer components
Removed legacy 32-bit shell extension from the 64-bit installation

Following changes were made based on user-feedback:

Updated Metadata Panel
Standard/Extended - Standard as default (Change in 'View'->'Metadata Panel'->'Standard' / 'Extended')
Standard: the standard set of metadata tags
Extended: the full set of metadata tags
Changed 'Comment' field to 4 full rows in Extended mode and 7 full rows in Standard mode
Audio CD Ripper UPC/EAN (barcode) can be manually edited in the main user interface
ID3v2.3 metadata: Always write Year / Date / Text to TYER frame for compatibility reasons (v11.0.0/1 used TYER+TDAT frames, older versions < v11.0 use TYER frame) (support reading of TYER+TDAT frames and TYER frame in any format)
Language updates
It was requested to (re)add cut/copy/paste/clear album art buttons to the album art popup. It was considered and tested. But we came to the conclusion that it is better that these functions are behind the right-click popup menu.

The editing mode of the track and file lists are optimized for easier selection of items in v11. If you wish to have the classic behaviour with one-click edit you can turn on the Quick Edit mode in Settings / General / User interface.

The UPPERCASE/lower case/Sentence case/Title Case functions work differently in v11. You must select the tracks / files and right-click on the column you want to modify. The case-functions are also included in metadata panel fields.

Enter key now moves to the next row in 'Quick Edit' mode
Album Art MIME type was set incorrectly
UPC/EAN was not always showing in CD Ripper metadata panel
Language updates

Track/File list editing improvements
Improved layout when metadata panel is set to left or right
Improved metadata support, more metadata fields in the main user interface
Improved support for Release Date metadata tag (Year-field can contain either Release Year or Release Date)
Improved ID3V2 [mp3] and MPEG-4 ISO FF [m4a] metadata
Filename generation <Year> tag takes year from Release Date
Indicate 32-bit *floating point* audio in Bit Depth field
New recognized metadata fields
DJ Mixer
Codec updates
Opus 1.4 with audio quality improvements
Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.11 with support for 32-bit floating point samples compression

User interface updates
Album art viewer
Dark mode fixes
Improved metadata panel on left/right side
Other minor improvements
Updated Amazon Album Art search
Updated WavPack 5.6.0 Codec
Updated Monkey's Audio 9.20 Codec
Updated Exhale 1.2.0 Extended HE AAC Encoder
Fixed JPEG EXIF image rotation on image resizing
Fixed FFMPEG 24-bit formats were decoded to 32-bit
Fixed SACD ISO metadata was not correctly converted to Unicode
General improvements and code optimizations

FLAC 1.4.2 codec update
Slightly improved performance with newly enabled code optimizations (AVX2)
FLAC changelog:
LAME 3.101 MP3 encoder
Performance improvements
Opus encoder
Added 416, 448, 480, 512 kbit/s stereo modes per user requests
Vorbis encoder
Added 480 kbit/s stereo mode per user requests
MP3 decoder
Correct decoding of files with an invalid first frame header (wrong channel count)
Monkey's Audio [APE] 8.92 codec update
Updated the integrated File Explorer component with visual and stability improvements
OneDrive folders now available in the integrated File Explorer
'Music' folder now quickly accessible in the integrated File Explorer
Audio Converter's 'Play' command now can play multiple files and opens files in the default audio player with 'OPEN' verb (previously 'PLAY' verb) (now works with all audio players such as Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, VLC, Winamp, etc)
Bugfix: Width of the last 4 file list columns in audio converter may have been incorrectly automatically resized [ bug existed in 10.2 only ]
Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper status window was missing *album*/loudness/gain/peak [ bug existed in few last versions ]
Bugfix: 2nd (multichannel) TOC was not read from SACD ISO if the file extension [.iso] was not in lowercase [ bug has existed as long as there's been SACD ISO support ]
Bugfix: WMV (Windows Media Video) file without audio tracks resulted to a WMA decoder misbehaviour that crashed the app [ bug has existed very long time ]
Other minor improvements

Codec updates
FLAC 1.4.1
32-bit samples encoding/decoding
Compression improvements
Performance improvements
More info:
Monkey's Audio [APE] 8.81
Exhale Extended HE-AAC
AC-3 Encoder [FFmpeg 5.1.1]
FFmpeg 5.1.1
Loudness is now shown as LUFS (EBU R 128) by default
Configurable to show ReplayGain Loudness or ReplayGain Gain
Lossy to Lossless file format conversion now defaults to 16-bit final output
Configurable to 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit (float)
FLAC decoder supports all bit-depths from 4 to 32-bit (previously 8, 16, 24, 32)
Performed and passed the FLAC decoder test bench (a set of conformance test files)
Audio CD burning normalization setting as LUFS (EBU R 128)
Updated EBU R 128 loudness scanner with performance improvements
Improved support for multi-file Cue Sheet [.cue] files (e.g. Vinyl; one file per multiple tracks per side A/B)
Improved loading of (invalid) Cue Sheet [.cue] files
Improved Cue Sheet [.cue] error reporting
UI: Changed the default visible columns in file/track lists (now showing file properties such as bit-depth, channels, sample rate by default), visible columns can be customized
UI: Adjusted the auto-length of columns in the file/track lists (to be able to show a little bit more file information/metadata horizontally)
Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper status window was missing *album*/loudness/gain/peak
Bugfix: SACD ISO decoder failed to seek over 4GB {Integer overflow} (tracks with start position >4GB were not extracted correctly)
Bugfix: 2nd (multichannel) TOC was not read from SACD ISO if the file extension [.iso] was not in lower case letters
Bugfix: WMV (Windows Media Video) file without audio tracks resulted to a WMA decoder misbehaviour that crashed the app

FLAC 1.3.4 update
WavPack 5.5.0 update
Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 8.42 update
Fixed integrated File Explorer file view flickering in Dark Mode
Startup improvements when started from Windows File Explorer context menu
Audio CD Ripper: Silence removal/addition DSPs automatically disabled when creating file/track Cue Sheet [.cue] (would create non-valid Cue Sheet)

Bugfix: Fixed the sluggish selection of files with album art (was a bug [C++ typo] in thumbnail creation code)
Updated Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 8.12 Codec

Codec updates
Updated FLAC 1.3.4 (220529) codec
Opus decoder update
Improved decoding of corrupted files
Updated Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 7.80 codec
Updated Apple Lossless [ ALAC ] codec
Encoder with performance improvements
Fixed security vulnerabilities in decoder
MP3 encoder now allows 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rate selection with VBR modes 7, 8 and 9 per user request
Dark Mode: removed the white color flickering on control and window transitions

Visual updates
Dark Mode
Darker (now inline with the Windows 10/11 system dark mode)
Use more Windows 10/11 native dark mode features
Windows 10 native dark mode window caption
Windows 10 native dark mode (thinner) window borders
Windows 10 native window shadows
Improved file lists and file explorer tree visuals
Improved full metadata edit window visuals
Improved cover art search and manual metadata search window visuals
Blue Theme
Windows 11 less saturated window borders
Rating star icons updated
Bugfix: When adding an invalid Cue Sheet (.cue) file the App may have crashed when displaying the error window (thread synchronization bug)

Fixed the bug where the App did not show in maximized window in Dark Mode when restoring from the previous session (also the window border was not showing in Windows 10)
Fixed the bug where the Windows File Explorer context menu would still freeze in Windows 10 Dark Mode (regression from the previous update)

Fixed the bug where the Windows File Explorer context menu would freeze (when used) if the App was set to Dark Mode

User interface: Some layout improvements
User interface: Some graphics improvements
Dark Mode: Window resize grip area on bottom is now larger (more sensitive)
Dark Mode: Rendering bug (white pixels) on some areas fixed
Dark Mode: Windows 11 use native dark mode (thinner) borders
Dark Mode: Windows 11 native window shadows now shown
Dark Mode: Windows 10 dark mode now more inline with the Windows 10 design (previously more Windows 11 themed)
Dark Mode: Improved some user interface images to look better in dark mode

Option to choose between Blue and Windows color theme in Light Mode
Minor Dark Mode improvements

FLAC 1.3.4
Bugfix: Audio Converter Album Art info label was missing in 10.0.1

Dark Mode

It's time to celebrate the new major release !

This update adds the following new features along with all the improvements developed during the last 2½ years for the 9.x.x releases:

Updated Silence Removal DSP, now removes the leading and trailing silence with -70 dBFS threshold
Updated MP3 encoder, (re)added explicit Joint Stereo / Stereo mode selection
Windows 11 specific theme improvements
Monkey's Audio [APE] v7.25 update
FDK AAC added more high bit rates up to 512 kbit/s Stereo per user requests

New 'modern' Windows 11 File Explorer context menus
Updated 'classic' Windows File Explorer context menus
Added Windows File Explorer context menus to the Microsoft Store version of the App
Changed default 6.1 channel order, surround channels Ls/Rs from Lrs/Rrs (back) to Lss/Rss (side)
Updated Exhale 1.1.9
Fixed Windows 11 selected menu item text from black to white
Fixed MP3 encoder can't convert Mono to Stereo
Other minor improvements

Audio engine
Added 7.1 and 6.1 output
Improved downmixing from 7.1 and 6.1
EBU R128 Normalization / ReplayGain calculation
Improved for multichannel
MPEG-4 ISO file format [ .m4a ]
Read 'Compilation' tag value (previously the file was marked as Part of Compilation if the 'Compilation' tag just existed)
AAC [ .m4a ]
Detect AAC-LC <= 24 kHz with the correct sample rate (previously AAC-LC <= 24 kHz was detected with 2 x samplerate
Correctly detect HE-AAC Mono files when the M4A file format channels (incorrectly) set to Stereo
User interface
File info now shows sample rate with 3 decimals (e.g. 22.050 or 44.100 kHz) (previously 22.1 or 44.1 kHz)
Codec updates
AAC decoder [ .m4a .aac ]
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
Support additional AAC multichannel signaling (ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 4:2013) (6.1, 7.1 rear)
Decode AAC-LC <= 24 kHz with the correct sample rate while still retaining backward compatibility with implicit SBR signaling (previously AAC-LC <= 24 kHz was decoded with 2 x samplerate for possible implicit SBR/HE-AAC signaling)
Correctly decode HE-AAC Mono files with M4A file format channels (incorrectly) set to Stereo
Fraunhofer IIS AAC [ Pro ] encoder
Added 7.1
Reworked CBR output format configurations
Fraunhofer IIS xHE-AAC [ Pro ] encoder
Support more sample rates with low bitrate encoding modes
Apple AAC encoder
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
New improved configuration
Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
New calibrated VBR modes for 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
Reworked CBR mode configurations
FLAC encoder/decoder
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
Vorbis encoder/decoder
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
New improved encoder configuration
New encoder settings for CBR/ABR
Opus encoder/decoder
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
New improved encoder configuration
New bitrate settings
MP3 encoder
New simpler encoder configuration
All modes automatically set to highest encoding quality
Apple Lossless ALAC encoder/decoder
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder
Updated to v1.1.8.1
Reworked configuration
Monkey's Audio [ APE ] encoder/decoder
Updated to v7.15
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
WavPack encoder
Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
AC3 encoder
Added 5.0
Reworked configuration
Removed unsupported sample rates from the configuration
Windows Media Audio [ WMA ] encoder
Added 7.1
AIFF file format
Added 7.1, 6.1 and 5.0
WAV file format
Added 7.1, 6.1 and 5.0
Wave64 file format
Added 7.1, 6.1 and 5.0
TTA encoder/decoder
Added 7.1
Musepack encoder
Updated configuration estimated bitrates list
AU file format
Added 7.1
Raw PCM writer
Added 7.1
Note: Previously configurated encoder settings may reset to default settings with this update (due encoder configuration updates). Encoder settings can be easily reconfigured.

Updated the previous version change row/column navigation 'Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' to 'Alt + Left/Right/Up/Down' in track/file lists ('Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' reserved for edit control cursor movement)
Improved audio engine multichannel support
Improved >8ch/7.1/6.1 downmixing (to 5.1/5.0/Quad/Stereo/Mono)
Minor tuning on mixing matrices
Fixed Apple AAC encoder (available if iTunes is installed) (got broken in previous update)

Certified for Windows 11
Improved track list & file list metadata editor (freely move between the editable rows & columns with Up, Down, Ctrl+Left, and Ctrl+Right keys)
Monkey's Audio [ APE ] v7.02 codec update
Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder v1.1.7
FLAC codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
Opus codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
Vorbis codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
FFMPEG based decoders (decode audio from certain video file formats) use proper Unicode file names (long Unicode paths now work correctly)
<BARCODE> set file name generation token to '0000000000000' (empty BARCODE) if UPC/EAN does not exist (on the CD or file metadata)
Revert the previous version change: "CD Ripper set UPC/EAN to '0000000000000' if detection is enabled and CD does not have UPC/EAN"
Fixed the bug reading AIFF files with explicit big-endian byte order tag in the file header
Fixed the bug where ISRC was read twice to metadata (from local db and from the Audio CD)

Updated MP3 encoder (LAME v3.101.2) (with precise math optimizations)
Updated Extended HE-AAC encoder (Exhale v1.1.6.2)
Updated Opus encoder (with precise math optimizations)
Updated WavPack DSD encoder (DSD 5.1 to DSD 5.1 conversion channel-mix bug fix, removed 'Very High Quality' mode not used with WavPack DSD format)
Updated MP3/MP2/MP1 decoder (improved decoding of files that contain bad first frames with invalid sample rate)
Added Ogg FLAC [.ogg .oga] format (decoder, metadata support)
Added .M4V file format (decoder, metadata support)
Added .OGA file format [Ogg Vorbis, Opus, Ogg FLAC] (decoder, metadata support)
WAV reader can now convert files where data length is set to 0 (invalid WAV file)
Fixed crash when loading corrupt GIF image from metadata
CD Ripper log Album Artist and Album information
CD Ripper set UPC/EAN to '0000000000000' if detection is enabled and CD does not have UPC/EAN
User interface improvements
User interface bug fixes

Updated Fraunhofer IIS xHE-AAC™ encoder
Updated Fraunhofer FDK xHE-AAC™ decoder
Updated Fraunhofer IIS AAC [ AAC-LC | HE-AAC (v2) ] encoder
Added MPEG-D DRC settings for the xHE-AAC™ decoder
Successfully passed the xHE-AAC™ Codec compliancy tests developed by Fraunhofer
Enabled peak limiter (0 dbFS) on floating point transcoder to prevent codec compression artifacts (lossy formats)
Updated Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder [ AAC-LC | HE-AAC (v2) ] encoder (available for backwards-compatibility reasons on special request)
Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder (available for testing, developing purposes only)
xHE-AAC is a trademark of Fraunhofer and is registered in Germany, the United States, and other countries

Fraunhofer IIS Extended HE-AAC encoder
Whole bitrate range now uses 44.1/48kHz sample rate
Fix for mono VBR formats list
Recompiled the application because a faulty RAM module was discovered and replaced on the development computer after the v9.3 was released

Added Fraunhofer IIS Extended HE-AAC encoder
Added Fraunhofer IIS AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2 encoder
Updated Extended HE-AAC decoder
Updated AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2 decoder
Updated WavPack 5.4.0 codec
Updated Monkey's Audio 6.14 codec
Reworked settings UI
Setting to specify which additional metadata is written to the Cue Sheet [.cue]
Freedb service updated (GnuDb)
Freedb submission service available again (GnuDb)
Discogs service updated (Cover Art is available again)
Don't write Apple iTunes (iTunSMPB) gapless metadata to M4A files by default, can be enabled from the Settings (M4A / MPEG-4 ISO format has native preferred method for gapless playback)
(Updated Exhale 1.1.4 Extended HE-AAC encoder) (may be available for development purposes)
(Updated Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder) (may be available on special request)

Updated Exhale xHE-AAC encoder v1.1.1
Improved audio quality of low bitrate modes (~40, ~48, ~64, and ~72 kbit/s)
Improved compatibility with some xHE-AAC decoders
Updated DSD encoder
Improved DSD encoder precision
Fixed AVX2 processor instruction set optimization inaccuracy
Language updates (Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Slovak, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian)

Updated Exhale xHE-AAC encoder v1.1
Audio quality improvements
New high quality low-bitrate modes
Very special thanks to Mr. Christian Helmrich for his great work and big thanks for the co-operation !
Updated Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder v4.0.1 [ AAC Encoder v4.0.1, FDK Tools v3.1.0 ]
Audio quality improvements
Improved VBR modes audio quality
Retuned for improved audio quality (details)
Reworked VBR modes with improved audio quality (Full range 24 - 384 kbit/s for Stereo, 16 - 192 kbit/s for Mono, and 96 - 960 kbit/s for 5.1) (details)
Updated Fraunhofer FDK xHE-AAC decoder v3.2.0 [ AAC Decoder v3.2.0, FDK Tools v3.1.0 ]
Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2 modes in MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) now use “Explicit hierarchical signaling” (previously using “Explicit backward compatible signaling” for compatibility with the old AAC-LC-only decoders)
HE-AAC & HE-AAC v2 MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) gapless now conforms with MPEG-4 Part 24 (ISO/IEC 14496-24) specification
Updated Apple AAC encoder support, can be used from the new iTunes Desktop versions (v12.10.9.3+) and from the iTunes Microsoft Store version
No longer writes obsolete 'replaygain_originator_code' tags to MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) files
Updated the output formats descriptions list for clearer appearance

Integrated Windows File Explorer component updated
Allow file operations in shell tree
Added (restored) Peak Normalization (Sample Peak & True Peak)
Select showing of Track/Album Gain as 'dB LUFS', 'dB &#916; RG', or 'dB SPL RG' on Ripping/Converting status window
Select showing of Track/Album Peak as '%', or 'dB' on Ripping/Converting status window
Updated xHE-AAC encoder & decoder
Updated Monkey's Audio encoder & decoder
Updated AAC (AAC-LC & HE-AAC v1/v2) decoder

9.1.5 More codec updates
xHE-AAC codec update
Support 5.1 multichannel
Improved CVBR0 and CVBR1 audio quality
Fix: FhG FDK AAC encoder allow 48, 44.1 kHz sample rates with HE AAC v1/v2 VBR modes 1 & 2
Fix: Discogs search matching MusicBrainz helper was disabled

Added xHE-AAC codec
Updated AAC LC and HE AAC codecs
Updated FLAC codec
Updated Vorbis codec
Updated Opus codec
Updated Monkey's Audio codec
Updated FFMPEG-based codecs
Improved automatic Discogs query matching
Fixed DTS decoder no longer fails on data error
Fixed DTS HD in MKA container was occasionally detected with wrong sample rate

Freedb service updated
Language updates

User interface improvements
Added quick buttons for functions such as Add Files, Clear List, etc onto the Audio Converter UI with the integrated File Explorer is visible
Correct Rip CD and Convert button sizes when other than Normal profile was last used before new program launch
Load cover art possibility to open from last used folder or source audio file folder (previously last used folder only)
Metadata services improvements
Get 1080px cover art from WMP/Gracenote service (service default recently changed from 1080px to 720px)
Get Genre (most voted) metadata from MusicBrainz service
Get Genre metadata from Discogs service
Codec Updates
WavPack 5.3.0
Fixes & improvements
Fix memory fault that may have occured when saving file list to M3U file
Read ALBUM ARTIST metadata to Album Artist metadata if ALBUMARTIST (standard) does not exist
Decode M4A/AAC files that have invalid sgpd atom (iso gapless)

Minor updates to the newly refreshed user interface
Language updates: Spanish, German, Turkish, Dutch, Slovenian, Korean, Italian, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Polish

New user interface experience
Added taskbar / start menu jump list to launch Audio Converter, CD Ripper, or Disc Burner
Updated the integrated File Explorer component
MusicBrainz & Discogs manual search by Barcode (UPC/EAN)
CD ripper disc detection (pre-gaps, ISRCs, UPC/EAN) now uses the selected reading speed

Codec Updates
WavPack 5.2.0
LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100.1 update
Language updates (Italian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, German, Romanian, Russian)

Improved output filenames / rename files filename generation
New predefined tags
All metadata tags can be used
External cover art option allows tags for filename generation
Codec Update: FhG FDK AAC 4.0.1
Audio quality improvements
Codec Update: Monkey's Audio 5.11
Multi-channel support
32-bit samples support
Performance improvements
Profiles UI update
UPC/EAN always visible in the track list after initial scan
Parse multi-disc Cue Sheet / Single File metadata
Minor UI improvements

Added Super Audio CD ISO (SACD ISO) decoder (stereo | stereo+multichannel | multichannel, DSD | DST)
Added 5.0 support for DFF / DSF / WAVPACK DSD outputs, so no intermediate DXD conversion is needed when converting from 5.0 SACD/DSD files
Upmix 5.0 PCM/DSD to 5.1 PCM in Auto mode, previously 5.0 was downmixed to 4.0 in Auto mode
Fixed the bug where converting DSD to DSD with DSP options other than Calculate Replaygain enabled (intermediate conversion via DXD) did not work
Fixed the bug where extracting Cue Sheet w/DSD to individual DSD files with Calculate ReplayGain did not work

Bugfix: Fixed the user interface bug (cover art icons) where the App may have crashed with a Runtime Error if there were few thousand files with embedded cover art on the list and converting with "Remove converted files from the list" option enabled

DSD encoder speed improvement (no compromise in audio quality)
DSD decoder minor audio quality improvement
Updated DSP Options window layout
Latest language files included
Bugfix: Fixed a bug in DSD decoder (buffer overflow in decoder-delay handling)
Bugfix: Fixed the bug where the App may have crashed if an audio file with corrupt embedded cover art was added to the audio converter list

Fixed the critical bug of the v9.0.1: App did not start on Windows 7/8 because Windows 10 WinRT API was accidentally used in the Desktop version of the App
Update: Updated WavPack DSD encoder with Foobar2000 SACD plugin compatibility now included (details)

Updated DSD encoder
Improved performance (~20% faster per thread on i7)
Improved quality, see DSD converter comparison
Added WavPack DSD encoder
Updated WavPack decoder
Native DSD conversion
Use EZ CD DSD-to-PCM converter (not WavPack integrated)
Updated WavPack encoder with the official compression levels; Fast, Default, High, Very High (previously Default, Best, Fast)
Bugfix: Fixed the bug of v9.0.0 where the window size was not restored to correct size on a DPI-scaled screen

FLAC 1.3.3
New DSD encoders (Delta-Sigma with high quality 7th order noise-shaping)
DSF (DSD Stream File) encoder
DFF (DSDIFF) encoder
Updated DSD decoders (DSD-to-PCM converters)
Improved low-pass filter; remove DSD high-frequency noise beyond 30kHz more aggressively
Updated DSF (DSD Stream File) decoder
New DFF (DSDIFF) decoder
New DFT (DSDIFF) decoder
Fast seeking support for DSD decoders
Fast conversion from .dsf/.dff Cue Sheet audio disc images
Added support for DSDIFF (.dff) metadata
Improved support for DSD Stream File (.dsf) metadata
Audio Engine
Support direct DSD to DSD conversion (bit-to-bit lossless conversion between DSD audio file formats)
Support DSD to DSD conversion via DXD if changing sample rate or modifying audio data with DSPs
Cover Art
Cover Art thumbnails are now shown in native aspect ratio (previously scaled to square)
Resize Cover Art with custom resolution
Keep aspect ratio when resizing Cover Art
Option to disable embedded Cover Art in output options
Updated Amazon Cover Art search
High resolution Cover Art is available again
Amazon query responds more reliably
User interface
Indicate PCM/DXD/DSD data conversion mode when converting to DSD
Added 'Select all', 'Clear list', and 'Create M3U' buttons to the Audio Converter (available when the File Explorer is hidden)
Handle YEAR (DATE) tag as a string (not a number) in advanced metadata editor
More editing space for the YEAR (DATE) tag, so that date in format '2019-09-07' fits into the visible field
Use Cover Art as file icon in the Audio Converter file list
Audio CD Ripper
Show UPC/EAN in the track list
UPC/EAN, Pre-Gaps, ISRC values in the ripping log
UPC/EAN, Pre-Gap, Pre-emphasis ISRC detection status in the ripping log
Pre-emphasis consistency check (TOC vs Subcode) in the ripping log

Create Cue Sheet in Audio Converter Single File output profile (external .cue / embedded)
Improved the performance of the conversion from Cue Sheet + Audio File (a lot!)
Reorganized Audio CD Ripper and Audio Converter output Options
Improved discogs cover art search (search for all available entries not just CDs)

Fixed the Delete Silence DSP bug that appeared in the last update (

SoX sample rate converter operation and configuration improvements
Automatically select the best resampler precision for the output format / encoder
Always the best audio quality and/or fastest conversion speed
Option to select default (95%) or steep (99%) passband
Option to allow aliasing
Further information about the SoX sample rate converter settings in Audio Engine settings help page
Improved CD-Text writing & reading

Opus 1.3.1 Codec Update
M4A rating tag Windows File Explorer compatibility
Improved CD player
Eject/Load buttons replaced with single Eject/Load button :)
Fixed the bug created in the previous update: Invalid pre-gap values were written to Cue Sheet if pre-gap detection was not used

Apply de-emphasis when ripping audio CDs that have pre-emphasis
Option to enable/disable de-emphasis from the Audio CD Ripper settings (enabled by default)
Save pre-emphasis / de-emphasize status to the ripping log
Save pre-gap and pre-emphasis information to the local database (no need for rescan when the same CD is inserted again)
Option to Rip and Convert without metadata (no metadata tags written to the output files)
Convert Cue Sheets with more than 99 tracks
Bugfix: Decode Disc Images (Cue Sheet + Audio File) with file size over 4 GB correctly

Amazon Cover Art Search now works again (change in Amazon Search URL)
Higher resolution cover art from Amazon now available
Added BARCODE (UPC/EAN) and LABEL predefined metadata fields
Added context-sensitive Help buttons to Settings and Options

Added CD ripping Error Detection method selection
Both methods work and report errors exactly the same way, but there is a difference how to communicate with the drive. Some drives operate with both methods, some drives operate with only one method.

Improved the Audio CD Ripper Secure Error Detection ripping mode
Now works and correctly detects read/sync/data errors with the drives previously failing with read/sync errors and extemely slow ripping speeds
Problem has occured with some drives manufactured by Lite-On (some of them rebranded as PLDS, Asus, Plextor)
UI improvement: Updated the integrated File Explorer
Added Quick Access (Windows 10) / Favourites (Windows 7/8) (if enabled in Windows File Explorer)
Navigate to/Select a file by typing the first letters of the file name
Improved appearance
Bug fixes
UI improvement: Track list and file list highlight focused item
Fix: Audio CD Ripper showed previous disc metadata if switching to Audio Converter or Disc Burner, changing the disc, and switching back to Audio CD Ripper
Codec update: Added WavPack 32-bit float PCM compression

Improved Audio CD Ripper track-selection checkboxes behaviour
Color error indicators in Audio CD Ripper status window
Cancelling CD ripping in Verify Audio mode now properly deinitializes the output file
Greatly improved the ripping speed in the Error Detection / Compatibility mode
Included critical LAME MP3 encoder bugfix (
Improved/Fixed CD-R / CD-RW disc supported write speeds detection
Improved AIFF format to support 4GB files (previous limit 2GB)
Added Wave64 (w64) output format
Added Wave64 metadata support
Added AU (au/snd) output format
Reverted back a change made to the device access layer in v8.0.2 (may have caused drive communication errors in some systems with incompatible miniport I/O drivers)
Removed unnecessary drive preparation prior CD ripping (may have caused ripping issues with some drives)
Updated language translations

Added AC-3 (ac3) encoder
Fixed Apple AAC encoder configuration ui for non-VBR formats
Automatic 32/64-bit file format for MPEG-4 ISO base media file formats (m4a m4b)
Fixed 64-bit WAV (PCM) (RF64) missing number of samples field from the file header
Support decoding Vorbis (ogg) files larger than 2GB
Restricted TTA file size to 4GB (TTA file format maximum size is 4GB)
Workaround for the Opus encoder bug in automatic Music/Voice detection in 5.1 channel mode with very low bitrates
Updated FFmpeg 4.1 (provides decoding support for various audio formats)
Reset free trial period

Ditched Opus/Speex sample rate converter. Now Always uses the higher audio quality SoX sample rate converter.
Limited the Sample Rate Converter quality settings to three (for the sake of clarity): High Quality, Very High Quality, and Ultra High Quality. More information about the settings here:
Conversion from DSD to lossless formats: Auto sample rate mode now resamples to highest multiple equal or below 384kHz
Enabled SIMD(SSE)-mode for double accuracy sample rate conversions in SoX resampler for better performance
All codecs recompiled with the latest Intel C++ 19.0 Update 1 compiler. Resulting performance improvements (enabled all code paths from SSE to AVX2).
Decode AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate NB+WB) files
Decode THD (TrueHD) files

Added Audio Engine settings to the Options
Select preferred sample rate converter
SoX resampler
Opus/Speex resampler
Select sample rate conversion quality
Dithering settings
Enable / Disable the dither
Select Rectangular, Triangular, or Noise-shaped
Dithering can be used when converting from higher bit depths to 24-bit, 16-bit, or 8-bit
Smarter Auto-selection of the output sample rate (for all output formats)
Automatically select the output sample rate that preserves the best audio quality (previously used multiples when possible)
Output sample rate can also be chosen manually for all output formats
Added 384kHz and 352.8kHz sample rate output for all lossless formats (except for WMA/lossless that does not have such an option)
Improved Opus encoder audio quality
Now uses ezcd's sample rate converter for better audio quality (Opus internally uses Speex resampler with quality level 5)
Configure sample rate converter quality from Options
Vorbis encoder update
Added manual sample rate selection
Now supports 192kHz, 176.4kHz, 96kHz, and 88.2kHz encoding
FhG FDK AAC encoder update
Added manual sample rate selection
Now supports 96kHz and 88.2kHz encoding
More CBR formats for AAC LC and HE AAC v1
Apple AAC encoder update
Added manual sample rate selection
Improved MP3 encoder audio quality
Better audio quality for output formats that require sample rate conversion
Let the LAME MP3 encoder to decide the best sample rate, but use ezcd's sample rate converter for better audio quality
Configure sample rate converter quality from Options
Monkey's Audio v4.40 codec update

Fixed a bug where MusicBrainz query froze the App when MusicBrainz service returned malformed metadata entry. Bug occurred in very rare occasions.
Minor user interface improvements

Opus 1.3 codec update
Manual GD3 database search
Improved WAV metadata support
User interface improvements

Added option to save cover art to an external file in Audio Converter
Filename can be auto or specified (e.g. Folder.jpg)
Option to auto-resize
Added WAV dual channel L+R output mode (per user requests)
Other improvements
GD3 cover art search now works with ambersand (&)
Don't write Total Tracks metadata in Disc Image and Single File mode if it is disabled from the Settings
Case conversion is now also applied to Album Artist and Album Title

Improved 'Verify Audio' ripping method
Sector by sector CRC verification
Show number of CRC errors found
Log exact positions of CRC errors
Improved ripping log error reporting layout
Exact time position of an error at start of a line
Multiple errors in the same time position are reported on the same line
Added Eject and Close Tray buttons to the Disc Burner :)
Updated language translations
Bug fix: 'Copy external Cover Art file' option now respects the setting

Following changes have been made in response to user feedback:

Put 'Delete source files after conversion' option back
Added 'Play' to Audio Converter's file list right-click menu (plays the currently selected file in an external player)
Audio Converter's Cover Art / 'Load' remembers the last used folder (does not open the source folder of the currently selected audio file)
Put back the Check Box option to enable/disable 'Output Folder' in Audio Converter. Output Folder can still be a relative to the source file or an absolute path. Files are converted to the source folder if the Output Folder field is disabled or empty.
Bug Fix: Audio CD Ripper creating an empty m3u playlist

8.0 - 21st Anniversary Edition
A lot of things have changed since our world's first CD to MP3 ripper in 1997

Latest new features:

Metadata improvements
Windows Media Player online CD database (Gracenote)
Discogs online CD database
Discogs manual search
Discogs cover art search
Improved MusicBrainz manual search
Faster online metadata search
Option to limit metadata search results
Always uses secure (https/ssl) protocol to access metadata services (privacy protection)
Optionally auto-resize embedded cover art
Optionally save cover art to an external file (e.g. Folder.jpg)
Optionally copy external cover art when converting audio files
Added Conductor metadata to the main user interface
Get Conductor metadata from online metadata search
Advanced metadata editor to edit all metadata tags
User interface improvements
Improved metadata search results list
Larger cover art thumbnails on metadata search windows
Resize multiple different cover arts in metadata editor with one click
Improved graphics on HiDPI / 4k displays
Improved multi-monitor support
Plus many other minor improvements
Latest versions of the best audio codecs included
All codecs included out-of-the-box
Best audio quality
Code optimized for fastest performance
Accurate 64-bit multichannel audio processing engine
DSP and channel mixing performed with 64-bit double accuracy
Up to 64 parallel converters
Best audio quality
Code optimized for fast performance
Gapless conversion
Hi-quality gapless sample rate conversion
Accurate error-detective CD ripping engine
Hardware-assisted AccurateCDDA error detection
Report possible audio errors with accurate position info


User interface improvements
Better layout of the metadata query results list
Metadata query results now include cover art preview
Larger cover art thumbnails in manual and cover art searches
Improved the graphical items quality of the user interface when DPI-scaling enabled
Online metadata query results can be limited from the Settings
Bugfix: Possible multithread deadlock in simultaneous Discogs and MusicBrainz query may have caused metadata query to hang, Discogs query now initiates faster
Bugfix: Allow DVD-RW disc erasing (Erase button was disabled for DVD-RW discs)
Bugfix: Do not re-enable Shell Context Menus when updating the Software
Bugfix: Empty folders not removed from the Audio Converter list when files removed


Discogs Manual search
Discogs Cover Art search
Manual metadata search in Audio Converter
Improved MusicBrainz manual search with cover art preview
Cover Art info in the metadata selection list


New additional metadata sources
Windows Media Player online CD database
Accurate, usual source is Gracenote
Large music database


Codec updates
FhG FDK AAC encoder 4.0.0
Audio quality improvements
Monkey's Audio (APE) 4.34
Performance improvements


Amazon Cover Art Search works again
Using the new protocol, because Amazon does not allow the use of Product Advertising API anymore
Improved multi-monitor support
Move app correctly between the monitors, remember the state of the window
Access MusicBrainz service with secure (https/ssl) protocol
All Internet connections are now secure except freedb that does not support it
Updated website links in the app


Bugfix: Previous update may have caused app to hang on Save Metadata in some cases
Bugfix: Missing ID3v1 tag from MP3 file when Calculate ReplayGain enabled and AlbumGain calculated
Added choice between m3u8 and m3u playlist format in saving the file/track list
Build 4: Improved multi-monitor support
Build 4: Access MusicBrainz service with secure (https/ssl) protocol
Build 4: Updated website links in app


Bugfix: Previous update may have caused program to hang on Save Metadata under certain circumstances
Bugfix: Missing ID3v1 tag from MP3 file when Calculate ReplayGain enabled and AlbumGain calculated
Choice to save file/tracklist to m3u8 and m3u format


Codec updates
Vorbis updated to 1.3.6 with libogg 1.3.3
FLAC (1.3.2) updated with libogg 1.3.3
Opus (1.2.1) updated with libogg 1.3.3
Correctly detect and decode mono MP3 files that have (invalid) stereo VBR header
Always keep the original creation date of the file(s) on metadata update
Minor user interface improvements


Microsoft Store App update


Audio Converter now supports up to 64 parallel converters
Audio Converter performance improvements


Audio CD Ripper improvements
Added error detection compatibility mode that can be enabled for the drives that don't properly support the hardware-level error detection (C2 error pointers)
Improved error recovery
Don't stop on hardware-corrected read error in Normal ripping mode
Don't stop on hardware-corrected read error but report the data error in Error Detection ripping mode
Improved ripping/encoding performance by optimizing the CPU usage of the control thread and status window
Support converting Opus files with .ogg file extension
Don't crash when loading a FLAC file that has a corrupt (zero-length) metadata vorbis comment field


Performance improvements
All codecs and algorithm libraries recompiled and optimized with the latest C++ compilers
Notable performance improvements in most of the codecs (MP3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC)
No change in audio quality
Bugfix: Decoding DSF file larger than 1GB failed
Bugfix: Adding a folder containing an m3u8 playlist to the Audio Converter added the same files twice


Fixed loading of MP3/ID3V2 embedded images with unicode description text
Fixed Shorten (.shn) decoding
Added support for m3u8 (M3U UTF-8) playlists
Default padding block is now written to the created FLAC files to fix the playback bug of FLAC files in faulty firmware of some Pioneer and Onkyo receivers
Default behaviour of the official FLAC encoder


Monkey's Audio 4.33 codec update
Fixed a memory leak in video file audio decoder
Download 500x500 Cover Art from MusicBrainz by default
Better default size for embedded cover art
Smaller download - faster metadata query
High-resolution Cover Art download can be enabled from the Settings


Read LAME 3.100 MP3 file gapless info
Gapless decoding of LAME 3.100 MP3 files
M4A metadata editing, now possible to remove tags from existing files
WMA metadata editing, now possible to remove BOOL and DWORD tags from existing files
Don't fail APE conversion on bad crc
AAC improved decoding of damaged files (improve syncing on bad frames)
M4A ISO gapless improvements (Converting M4A rips from sources like YouTube now work properly)


Updated MP3 encoder
LAME v3.100
LAME Changelog
Improved MP3 encoding performance


Fixed the memory allocation defect of v7.0.3/4 that sometimes caused a crash in sample rate conversion
Subfolders starting with a dot are now included when the parent folder is dragged to the audio converter


Fixed the UI problems of the previous update
Fixed the silence removal DSP that got broken in the previous update


Performance improvements
Audio engine optimizations
Significantly faster audio conversion
No changes in audio quality
Reset trial period for trial users

7.0.2 - Windows Store only

Support for Apple Core Audio AAC encoder in the Windows Store version of the app


Support for Apple Core Audio AAC encoder
Show estimated bit rate range for VBR output formats
Small performance improvement in audio engine
Minor user interface improvements

7.0 - Fall Creators Update

New accurate 64-bit multichannel audio processing engine
Newest audio codecs
Improved audio conversion from video files
Extended filename template syntax for more flexible automatic file naming
User interface improvements
Updated language translations


New high resolution 64-bit audio processing engine
New! Multichannel audio conversion
New! High bit depth (>24-bit) output
New! High quality Stereo to Multichannel upmixing
New! High quality Multichannel to Stereo downmixing
Following codecs updated with 5.1 output and high bit depth support:
Apple Lossless


New high resolution 64-bit audio processing engine
New! Multichannel audio conversion
New! High bit depth (>24-bit) output
New! High quality Stereo to Multichannel upmixing
New! High quality Multichannel to Stereo downmixing
Following codecs updated with 5.1 output and high bit depth support:
Apple Lossless


Bugfix: AAC decoder true 5.1 output (was downmixing to stereo)
Bugfix: AIFF reader multichannel output
Bugfix: Show correct WavPack bit depth


New high resolution 64-bit audio processing engine
New! Multichannel conversion
New! High bit depth (>24-bit) output
New! High quality Stereo to Multichannel upmixing
New! High quality Multichannel to Stereo downmixing
Following codecs updated with multichannel and high bit depth support:
Apple Lossless


New high resolution 64-bit audio processing engine
New! Multichannel conversion
New! High bit depth (>24-bit) output
New! High quality Stereo to Multichannel upmixing
New! High quality Multichannel to Stereo downmixing
Following codecs updated with multichannel and high bit depth support:
Apple Lossless


Improved M4A / AAC codec gapless feature
Added support for MPEG-4/ISO file format gapless information
Improved user interface
Improved metadata text select/copy/paste behaviour
Improved network browsing in the integrated Windows Explorer view
Improved MP3 decoder
Can decode MP3 files that have more than 500kB of foreign data (e.g. large APEV2 tag at the end of the file)


Codec update
FLAC 1.3.2 July update
Performance improvements
Bug fixes
Language update


Codec update
Opus 1.2.1
Fixed a rare issue in the codec, see the details
Improved the ripping log to explicitly show the copy and test errors and crcs


Codec update
Opus 1.2
Improved audio quality

6.0.6 (Windows Store only)

Improved tile icons


Restored access to Amazon web services, so that Amazon Cover Art Search feature works again


Codec updates
Opus 1.1.5
Monkey's Audio 4.25
Opus Codec now writes ReplayGain2 (EBU R128) information to R128_TRACK_GAIN/R128_ALBUM_GAIN tags instead of REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN/REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN tags as defined by the Opus Codec standard. New implementation is compatible with Opus header gain feature and Opus compatible players.
Detailed codec information dialog for output formats


Codec updates
Bug fixes


Improved handling of large metadata
Improved the performance of the enhanced metadata editor
Other general improvements
Language updates


Windows Store update

6.0 - Creators Update

Certified for Windows 10 Creators Update
Enhanced user interface
Improved performance
Latest audio codecs included


Bugfix: Audio Converter hanging when adding a folder structure that has subfolder(s) without audio file(s)
Can create filenames ending with a dot (e.g. "Born in the U.S.A..flac")


Apply ReplayGain - Normalization, dB value can now be set with accuracy of one decimal place
Audio Converter's enhanced metadata editor, removal of ISRC metadata now works
Cover Art box image type name is now translated
Updated language translations


Bugfix: Fixed a bug in Audio Converter's metadata editing where the program would randomly crash with "Access Violation" or "Abnormal program termination."
Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug where GD3 query would freeze when there is an unexpected field in XML metadata
Cover Art box now displays the first found metadata image if there is no "Cover Art (front)" tagged metadata image


Fixed an UI bug in enhanced metadata editor, where inline editing of a metadata value was not applied
Improved Audio CD Ripper track list and Audio Converter file list control (bug fix and performance improvement)
New 30-day free trial period for trial version users


User interface improvements
Improved Audio Converter file list performance
Improved Audio Converter's "Save Metadata" performance, no UI update while updating the metadata of files
Save-button for saving an embedded image to a file in the enhanced Metadata Editor
Improvement for the "Size All Columns to fit"
Bugfix: Audio Converter now generates the correct output folder name when converting from a single file cue sheet, "extract tracks from cue sheet" option is enabled, and a relative output path is specified in the Output Folder field
Relative paths of input files in the Audio Converter list are now preserved also when a relative output path is specified in the Output Folder field
Improved stability of Audio Converter / Metadata Editor, fixed possible thread-synchronization issues
Updated language translations


Updated AAC encoder
FhG FDK AAC encoder 3.4.22p3
Fine tuned low and mid range bitrate encoding bandwidths for improved audio quality
Adjusted AAC LC VBR mode bitrate ranges
Improved Cue Sheet support
Added GENRE, DATE, COMMENT, and SONGWRITER (per user requests)
Added audio conversion from .TS video files


Improved Cue Sheet support
Support for embedded Cue Sheets
Support for ReplayGain metadata in Cue Sheets
Metadata editing for Cue Sheets
Switch between external and embedded Cue Sheet
Convert Cue Sheet images as whole to other audio formats
Clean Cue Sheet format - no longer writes unnecessary info
Codec Updates
FhG FDK AAC encoder 3.4.22p
Improved audio quality
Performance improvements for x64


Codec Updates
FhG FDK AAC encoder 3.4.22p
Improved audio quality
Performance improvements for x64
Bug fixes
Fixed the problem in Audio CD Ripper where the Cue Sheet selection resetted back to external when the software were restarted even thought the embedded Cue Sheet was previously selected


Fixed the Audio Converter bug where ReplayGain metadata was written to the output file when Apply ReplayGain DSP was enabled even thought the ReplayGain metadata option was disabled
Fixed the Audio Converter bug where it may have crashed if Single File output was selected


Fix for the UI bug where clicking on the empty area in Audio CD Ripper track list would cause an error message


Improved Cue Sheet support
Support for embedded Cue Sheets
Support for ReplayGain metadata in Cue Sheets
Metadata editing for Cue Sheets
Switch between external and embedded Cue Sheet
Convert Cue Sheet images as whole to other audio formats
Clean Cue Sheet format - no longer writes unnecessary info
Improved metadata gathering for Disc Image / Single File outputs
User interface improvements


Codec updates
WavPack 5.1.0
Opus 1.1.4


Improved user interface
Breadcrumb navigation for shell browser
New folder selection window
Metadata editing window editing improvements
Other minor improvements
Codec update
Monkey's Audio 4.18
Using the latest SDK
No changes in audio compression


Codec updates
FLAC 1.3.2
Slight compression improvement
Improved encoding speed
Improved I/O performance
Bug fixes
WavPack 5.0.0
Supports lossless DSD audio compression (converted to PCM in EZ CD Audio Converter)
Maximum file size no longer limited to 4GB
Small fixes and improvements
UI improvement
Fixed the metadata editing window, so that it now works as it was designed to
Bug fix
Fixed the bug where the software would revert to system default language after installation even though the english was previously selected (Standalone installer, not Windows Store)


Bug fixes for the FLAC (1.3.2) encoder
Fixed a possible bug in the encoder (may have caused encoder to fail, no errors on completed encodings)
Fixed the bug where the newly created file would have read-only property set if the ReplayGain calculation was enabled
Ripping or converting to an existing file with read-only property set no longer fails
Updating metadata of a file with read-only property set no longer fails


UI update
Metadata editing window now works as it was designed to


Codec Updates
FLAC 1.3.2
WavPack 5.0.0


Amazon Cover Art search works again (protocol change)
Improved multi-channel to stereo mixing matrix, removed auto-gain to prevent clipping, gain can be manually adjusted with the ReplayGain


Implemented exclusive ripping and burning mode that prevents interference from other apps
Improved user interface performance, can be seen as enhanced performance in ripping and audio file conversion
Fixed a bug in WMA decoder of previous update (conversion from WMA format possibly failed)


Improved memory footprint and memory performance
Fixed a major memory leak in MP3 encoder
Fixed memory leaks in FLAC encoder and FLAC metadata read/write
Fixed other minor memory leaks
Improved encode/decode performance by utilizing the SSE3, SSE4, AVX, and AVX2 special processor instructions (previously SSE and SSE2 only)


Fixed the problem that caused startup failure on some computers showing "System can't find the path specified" error message


Minor user interface improvements
Some performance optimizations

5.0 - 20th Anniversary Edition

Certified for Windows 10 Anniversary edition
Support for high-resolution displays (4k, large fonts, Windows DPI scaling)
Improved user interface
Latest and best audio codecs are included


Fixed a visual error in populating the metadata texts to the metadata panel when no items were selected in track and file lists
Language updates: Swedish


Improved user interace DPI scaling, perfect scaling with all Windows DPI settings
Windows large fonts
All Windows DPI scale values (100%-400%)
Full pixel resolution for cover art and embedded metadata images (like before)


Fixed DPI scaling


Fixed startup errors (path not found in Win7/8 or can't find path shell in Win10)
Fixed DPI scaling in 4k mode (200% DPI scaling)


Certified for Windows 10 Anniversary edition
Improved the Windows Explorer view of the main user interface
Opus codec 1.1.3
Now keeps the original FLAC encoder vendor string when updating metadata of existing FLAC files
General performance improvements
Language updates: Spanish, French


Fixed the bug in reading ID3V2 Unicode COMM tag set by a 3rd party app (Unicode BOM in empty description field problem)
Fixed a possible memory access violation when creating an ISO image from a data disc
French language update


Fixed a bug in showing the CD-Text Album Artist and Albummetadata in Audio CD Ripper
Changed the default character set of Cue Sheet and M3U playlist to Ansi/ISO-8859-1 for better compatibility with other apps (that don't properly support the Unicode variants)
Turkish, Catalan, and Spanish language updates


WavPack Codec v4.80.0
Full metadata support for DSF (DSD Stream File)
New DSF (DSD) decoder, with even better accuracy
Automatic Audio CD Ripper's total tracks metadata detection no longer counts data track of an enhanced audio CD
Dutch and Polish language updates


Moved Audio Converter's "Rename files" feature back to its original location per user requests
Language updates


Bug fixes
Japanese, Estonian, Italian, German, French, Romanian language updates


Improved metadata support
49 predefined metadata fields, see metadata list and mappings
Custom metadata fields
20 picture types
Support for multiple pictures
All metadata and pictures are transferred on format to format conversion
New metadata editor window that allows 'all metadata' editing
Possible to set different metadata values for each track in Audio CD Ripper (e.g. Comment, Cover Art, WWW an be different for each track)
New local disc database
All metadata, all pictures, are saved
Backward (read) compatible with the old local database
Improved picture handling
Faster thumbnail generation
Less memory usage
Lossless JPEG rotation
Opus Codec v1.1.2
Default ID3V2 tag is now set to ID3V2.3 Unicode
General performance improvements
Few user interface improvements


Bugfix: Fixed the Internet metadata query, that got broken in the previous update (32-bit version only, C++ compiler bug)


Bugfix: Drive Spin Up now working definitely
Read CD-Text character conversion to Unicode, so non-latin CD-Text is displayed correctly (e.g. Greek, Japan, Chinese, Russian)
Read TOTALTRACKS / TOTALDISCS metadata if the standard TRACKTOTAL / DISCTOTAL does not exist (FLAC, Opus, Vorbis)
Improved Audio Converter logic on Overwrite / Skip existing files
Minor user interface improvements
Software is now signed with SHA-256 algorithm for enhanced security
Finnish, Spanish, Portugues, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish language updates

3.1.5 update (1 Jan 2016)

Software signed with SHA256 algorithm for maximum security per Microsoft Code Signing Guidelines


Opus Codec v1.1.1
General performance improvements
Minor user interface improvements
French, Italian, Turkish language updates


Bug fix (previous update had an issue with shell explorer view)


Updated Windows Explorer components
· Improved Windows 10 support
· Improved Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP shell folder layout
· Support for network browse, drag n drop files from network
Support for conversion from fragmented M4A/AAC files
Improved user interface layout
Improved user interface icons
Improved Audio CD Ripper's CD player

3.1.1 build 2

Enabled disc label and filename editing in Disc Burner / MP3 Disc & Data Disc


File paths are no longer limited to 260 characters (old Windows MAX_PATH limit). Long file paths up to 32767 characters are now supported.
Vorbis codec updated to v1.3.5
WavPack codec updated to v4.75.0
Fixed memory access bug in metadata query (may have caused freeze or crash during metadata query)
Freedb disc database entries that have " - " separator in all freedb titles are no longer detected as compilation discs and therefore are correctly read from the freedb database
Local disc database entries that have " - " separator in all track title fields are no longer detected as compilation discs and therefore are correctly read from the local database
Disc Number, Total Discs, Publisher, Compilation metadatas are now correctly assigned when single file + cue sheet is added to the audio converter
Year metadata is now read from ID3V2.4 (UTF8) tagged WAV and AIFF files
Improved Windows DPI awareness, no longer blurred text when Windows DPI scaling is in use

3.1.1 build 2

Enabled disc label and filename editing in Disc Burner / MP3 Disc & Data Disc


File paths are no longer limited to 260 characters (old Windows MAX_PATH limit). Long file paths up to 32767 characters are now supported.
Vorbis codec updated to v1.3.5
WavPack codec updated to v4.75.0
Fixed memory access bug in metadata query (may have caused freeze or crash during metadata query)
Freedb disc database entries that have " - " separator in all freedb titles are no longer detected as compilation discs and therefore are correctly read from the freedb database
Local disc database entries that have " - " separator in all track title fields are no longer detected as compilation discs and therefore are correctly read from the local database
Disc Number, Total Discs, Publisher, Compilation metadatas are now correctly assigned when single file + cue sheet is added to the audio converter
Year metadata is now read from ID3V2.4 (UTF8) tagged WAV and AIFF files
Improved Windows DPI awareness, no longer blurred text when Windows DPI scaling is in use


Fixed the "Out of range" error that occured on startup/shutdown when Windows Explorer style controls were hidden
Fixed the file list view "list" mode filename field autosizing
Fixed the tab order of action buttons
Language updates: Korean, Romanian


Better fix for the file list view bug :)
File list view now remembers the filename field width
Language updates: Italian


File/folder view bug fix (may have caused random Access Violation error)
Language updates: Swedish, Slovak


Shell folder view is now auto-refreshed correctly (when folder/file rename/delete/move happens)
Shell folder and file views now correctly support F2 shortcut button for renaming a file/folder
Performance improvements for shell views
Added cover art resize to 600x600
Language updates: Estonian, Korean


Very Important Bugfix: Bug in CD-DA read cache buffer in v3.0.5 fixed. Symptom was garbled audio in ripped audio files. It was a human error, using wrong type of synchronization method with the cache buffer.
Language updates: Russian


Fixed the problem where dropdown menus for Rip, Convert, and Metadata buttons were not available in Windows XP
Improved device access layer performance (removed unnecessary thread synchronization objects and performed optimizations)
Faster Pre-Gaps, ISRC, Pre-Emphasis detection
Faster CD ripping
Faster disc burning
Faster multithreaded audio file format conversion
General multithread performance improvements
Improved CD ripping begin speed (drive will immediately accelerate to the desired speed, device dependent)
Composer metadata fields are now saved/loaded to/from the local database
Language updates: Italian, Hungarian, Greek


Updated device access layer, improved performance
Fixed .aac and .m4b Dolby AAC formats (by adding the two DLLs that should have been included with the v3.0.3 installer)
Language updates: German, Dutch, Romanian

3.0.3 build 2

Fixed .aac and .m4b Dolby AAC formats (by adding the two DLLs that should have been included with the original v3.0.3 installer).
Language updates: Dutch


Updated AAC encoders
As Dolby discontinued Dolby Pulse format, it's now removed, but added is the high quality Dolby AAC / HE AAC encoder. Dolby AAC / HE AAC encoder provides the best low bitrate audio quality for HE AAC v1/v2
Automatic update check setting is now correctly saved in Settings
Copy to clipboard functionality in Audio CD Ripper restored
Language updates: Spanish, Turkish

3.0.2 build 2

Automatic update check setting is now correctly saved in Settings
Language updates: Turkish


Improved user interface scaling with Windows large fonts / upscaling
Bugfix: Fixed small black marks in the user interface that appeared with some display drivers
Bugfix: Fixed auto read CD-Text not setting the Album Artist and Album field
Language updates: Japanese


Audio CD Ripper: CTRL+A now selects all tracks for metadata editing
Installer: Auto-close software before installing, don't proceed with the installation if the EZ CD is still running
Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper - Metadata edit fields were not resized correctly in metadata left/right mode when the metadata panel was resized
Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper - Correctly detects and fixes invalid start time for the first track (very rare CDs with invalid TOC)
Bugfix: Fixed the problem where program crashed when the Main window was closed while Converter or Ripper window was still open
Language updates: French, Italian, German, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian


Initial release.
New user interface. New features. New codecs.


Bugfix in Audio Converter's paste cover art function
Now accepts Cue Sheet images that are longer than 99 minutes


Improved Cover Art thumbnails quality on Windows XP, Vista without true color display mode
Improved explorer folder view on XP, Vista
Language file updates


Cover Art thumbnail image quality improvements
Cover Art resize image quality improvements
Now uses high quality Lanczos image resampling algorithm for Cover Art thumbnails and resizing
Added Cover Art resize to 1000x1000 (in addition to already existing 500x500, and 300x300)
Updated Monkey's Audio codec to 4.13. Maximum filesize is now 4GB (previously 2GB)
Ripping Log now shows the FLAC 1.3.1 version number correctly (it was previously shown as 1.3.0 althought the actual codec was 1.3.1)
Does not auto-separate Track Artist / Track Title freedb entries that have ": " in the freedb TTITLEN field, because it mistakenly separated some classical album entries (separation is auto-made when TTITLEN has " - " or " / ")
Improved M4A file format compatibility. Moved "Xtra" (metadata) atom after "meta" atom, because Pioneer hardware players were not able to read metadata if the "Xtra" atom was preceding "meta" atom
Improved M4A file format. Don't write empty values to "Xtra" atom. (Rating, Publisher, URL)
Added more color to the top main panel because it was too grey ;)
Minor updates to the user interface


New! Cover Art downloader improvement - download Cover Art from GD3 and MusicBrainz
New! Added (optional) Cue Sheet properties : GENRE, DATE, DISCID, MBDISCID, TOC, and COMMENT
Update! FLAC, Vorbis, Opus metadata changes:
Total tracks written to TRACKTOTAL instead of TRACKNUMBER X/Y
Total discs written to DISCTOTAL instead of DISCNUMBER X/Y
Update! LibOgg 1.3.2 updated to FLAC, Vorbis, and Opus codecs
Update! Improved Internet download library (stability improvements on connection errors)


Improved cover art user interface
Other minor user interface improvements
Fixed broken "Make Disc Image" from Data/DVD Video disc
Updated language files


Bug fixes and general improvements.

Bugfix: Burning status window was not shown when burning an ISO image
Bugfix: (Invalid) Cue Sheet (.cue) with "MODEx/2xxx" data track now works
Bugfix: ALAC APE OPUS WAVPACK decoder crashed if the output file was read-only
Improved pre-gap detection with extra data checks (to fix possible problems with devices that return invalid subcode data)
Added missing language translations


FLAC v1.3.1 codec update; performance improvements.
Improved pre-gap detection to handle possible data errors better.
Updated korean language.


Fixed two bugs in audio CD pre-gap detection. Bugs may have caused crash or freeze of the program when detecting pre-gaps.


Automatic pre-gap detection now OFF by default. It is needed only when creating a perfect disc image with Cue Sheet option enabled (single-file or multi-file). Can be turned ON from Options.
Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper / Make Disc Image crashed after ripping if LOG file creation option was enabled


Added friendly names and expected bitrates for MP3 & AAC VBR output formats
Fixed bug in manual entering of metadata in Audio CD Ripper
Fixed two other minor bugs in Audio CD Ripper user interface
Updated Catalan language


Disc Burner / Audio CD: Improved CD-Text reading from Cue Sheet (.cue). If the Cue Sheet (.cue) doesn't have CD-Text, it is read from the audio file metadata instead
Disc Burner / Audio CD / Copy disc information to Clipboard: Track lengths now correct when there is a Cue Sheet (.cue) in the audio CD layout
Audio CD Ripper: Duplicate ReplayGain AlbumGain and AlbumPeak values bug fixed (happened only when ReplayGain calculation was enabled)
Audio CD Ripper: Duplicate PERFORMER field in Cue Sheet (.cue) TRACK block bug fixed (happened only when any of the Track Artists was different to Album Artist)
Updated Japanese language


Disc Burner / Audio CD: Lengths of the tracks were wrong in new Audio CD layout when the files were other than 44100 Hz sample rate
Bugfix: Apple Lossless .m4a bit depth was not displayed in Audio Converter list
Language updates: Polish, Spanish, Estonian, Slovak, Russian, French, Croatian, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, German


Audio CD Ripper: Create multi-file Cue Sheets
Audio CD Ripper: Support for HTOA (Hidden Track One Audio)
Audio CD Ripper: Read disc catalog and ISRCs (used in Disc Image / Cue Sheet)
Audio CD Ripper: Pre-gap detection (used in Disc Image / Cue Sheet)
Disc Burner / Audio CD: Support all Cue Sheet variants
Disc Burner / Audio CD: Faster CD layout editing (no need to scan the files)
Disc Burner / Audio CD: Burning thread partially rewritten, more robust
Bugfix: FLAC modified time correctly set when metadata is updated (previously modified time was not changed)
User interface improvements
Other minor improvements


Improved the shell folder view
Updated Simplified Chinese, Polish, Greek, Spanish, and Catalan language files

2.2.1 - 28 Sep 2014

Updated Polish language file


FIX for the "file read error" while trying to burn an Audio CD (removal of the debug code was forgotten) Ooops
Updated Dutch, Slovenian, French, Russian, and German language files


User interface improvements:
Improved manual entering of disc information
Improved visuality
ID3V2 comment field bug fixed
Conversion from FLV, wrong playback speed problem fixed
File format options:
Compatibility format for WAV (some old programs expect certain order of WAV/RIFF headers)
Settings for MP3, AAC ID3V2 gapless playback information
Settings for M4A/AAC/HEAAC gapless playback information
New Shell Browser component (bugs fixed)


More AAC VBR quality options, now 1-8, added higher bitrate VBR encoding
Fixed a bug in AAC LC format detector (showed sample rates <= 24000 wrong)


New AAC encoder (FhG FDK AAC)
Variable Bitrate (VBR) encoding for AAC


Added MP3 compressed WAV output format (per user requests)
Bugfix for compressed WAV decoder


New multilanguage installer
Language updates
Improved AAC format detection, mono AAC is now converted to mono
Bugfix: Ripping to Ogg Vorbis now works in 32-bit version


Improved Internet metadata download (possible to request all services simultaneously)
Internet metadata download in Audio Converter (can retrieve metadata for files)
MusicBrainz service updated; more accurate results
Cover art download from MusicBrainz service
Cover art can be resized


Bug fix for sample rate converter (updated in v2.1.0). Insufficient sample rate conversion buffer caused program to crash in the end of a track ripping or file conversion under certain circumstances.


Ripping log


Gapless support for .m4a/AAC (iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible)
Gapless support for .aac/AAC
Improved gapless support for .mp3 (now iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible)
Gapless samplerate conversion
All FLAC compression levels are included
More information about the audio files in Audio Converter (length in ms, gapless, format, samples)
Track number in Audio CD Burner
Can change track numbers in Audio CD Ripper
UPPERCASE/lowercase/Sentence case/Title Case for Audio Converter & Audio CD Burner
Other minor user interface improvements
Bugfix: Gapless bugfix for Opus encoder
Bugfix: Read Year-tag from ID3V2.4


M4A format reading and writing performance significantly improved
Fixed a multithread deadlock bug in treeview ui component:
Caused conversion routine to freeze at some point
May have caused ui to freeze when manually entering metadata
May have caused ui to freeze when retrieving metadata from Internet
May have caused CD ripping to freeze
May have caused other program freezes


WavPack metadata reader now works with old processors (without SSE)
Paste cover art in Audio Converter's popup-menu now enabled as it should have been


Vorbis 1.3.4 codec
Bugfix for MP3 header detection (sometimes wrong samplerate was detected, resulting in wrong playback rate when converted from MP3)
New Windows Explorer view controls (bugs fixed)
Minor change in Audio Converter cover art box (multi-selection of different images now alphablended)
Updated language files

Fixed a bug that caused program to crash when adding files/folders to MP3 disc and Data disc layouts


Fixed a bug in Joliet filesystem (MP3 CD and Data CD)


Fixed drag n drop bug in Disc Burner (64-bit)
Improved user interface scaling on high DPI screen modes


Burning speed selection fixed
Language file updates


UI refresh
Opus 1.1 codec update
Save files to ISO image in Disc Burner
Improvements to overall quality


Wavpack 4.70.0 codec update
Updated Windows Explorer style components (bugs fixed)
Added drive letters for easier identifying of drives


Certified for Windows 8.1
Support for converting audio from WebM videos
Bugfix for handling very long file paths
Bugfix for reading pre-defined genres from M4A files


New Apple Lossless decoder. Better handling of corrupt ALAC files. Faster.
M4A format metadata (Rating, Publisher, URL) now compatible with Windows Explorer & Windows Media Player


Bug fix for the mistake where Audio Converter's 'Single File' mode was always enabled


Monkey's Audio 4.12 codec
Opus 1.0.3 codec
Single File mode in Audio Converter (combine multiple files into one)
Support for 64-bit WAV (RF64)
Allow ReplayGain calculation in Single File output modes
User interface improvements
Bugfix for ripper not showing the number of failed tracks
Can update metadata of >2GB .MP3 and .AAC files
Can convert from >2GB .MP3 and .AAC files
Opus format improvements (faster loading, album gain)


Apple Lossless (ALAC) encoder fixed
Audio Converter no longer crashes with long output paths
Amazon Cover Art now works in Japanese (and other non-Latin languages)
WMA decoder now correctly supports high-resolution multichannel audio
Updated swedish language


Fixed the bug where cover art was not read from FLAC files in Audio Converter (got broken in v1.2.1 update)
Updated russian language


Changed Cover Art / Paste function to get JPEG (rather than PNG) format from Clipboard and Internet Explorer
Fixed the bug in 64-bit version where doing drag 'n' drop in Disc Burner crashed the program
Updated finnish, japanese, and slovak languages


Updated FLAC codec (FLAC 1.3.0 & LibOgg 1.3.1)
Updated Opus codec (LibOgg 1.3.1)
Updated Ogg Vorbis codec (LibOgg 1.3.1)
Fixed metadata-panel wrong font problem in Windows XP
Updated romanian, german, greek, italian, korean, polish, and french languages


Updated Dolby AAC / HE AAC / Pulse encoder
Improved user interface


Improved support for converting audio from video files
Improved multichannel downmixing
General performance improvements


Fixed the problem where freedb query not populating Artist/Album field correctly
Updated shell extensions
Updated shell browser components


Fixed minor issues in 64-bit version


Fixed the bug where 64-bit version crashed in conversion when ReplayGain was enabled


64-bit version


Fixed the bug where the file conversion would halt if there were folders in the list, all items were selected and 'Remove converted files from the list' option was enabled
Corrected wrong font in folder-view when Windows Large Fonts setting was enabled


Enabled Make Disc Image feature that got accidentally disabled by previous updates
Enabled on-click quick edit mode for track & file lists


Opus Codec 1.0.2 update
User interface tuning
Updated Finnish, Swedish, and Japanese languages


Fixed font-problem in bottom metadata field in Windows XP
Fixed non-working Metadata Editor / Rename files function
Updated language files for Slovak, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, and Romanian


Name changed from Easy CD-DA Extractor to EZ CD Audio Converter
New user interface
Improved audio quality
Opus audio codec
Faster startup time


Certified for Windows 8
Fixed Fade In/Out not working when 'Apply ReplayGain' normalization was enabled
Made some internal changes to improve overall robustness of the program


Updated Internet access functions, now faster and better
Added Cover Art preview to the Amazon cover art search

16.0.8 update:

Fixed a bug where GD3 may have not work properly because of an uninitialized thread variable
Fixed a bug in Amazon cover art search that may have caused query to fail due a digital signature problem

16.0.7 update:

User interface improvements (new top Windows Explorer view + minor cosmetic changes to the layout)

16.0.6 update:

Fixed the problem where CD burning would fail with "Write preparation failed" (16.0.5) or "Cue Sheet not accepted by the drive" (older versions) error on certain computer configurations (with Intel RST driver).

16.0.5 update:

Settings-window reorganized
Task bar progress bars added
CD/DVD burning improvements; now more error-resistant plus added proper error code reporting in case of failed burning
M4A metadata update process changed so that it cannot be interfered by another program accessing the same file at the same time

16.0.4 update:

Fixed the problem where Ogg Vorbis format did not appear for input and output (on some systems which did not have certain C++ runtime libraries installed).
State of the Lyrics column in Audio CD Ripper is now properly saved/restored
Fixed a bug in Cue Sheet (.cue) file handling in Audio CD Creator

16.0.3 update:

Fixed programming mistake where the ReplayGain track gain value was not written to the file when the both 'Calculate ReplayGain metadata' option and 'Verify audio' drive setting was enabled
Adjusted 'Volume normalization' / 'Apply ReplayGain' slider so that the volume can be set more accurately
Added latest language files
Fixed a bug where Musepack (.mpc) decoder crashed when there was an error in the file

16.0.2 update:

Now with 100% support for ReplayGain; support for Album Gain calculation/metadata added
Scan and save ReplayGain values (Track Gain and Album Gain) in Audio Converter/Metadata Editor
Volume normalization in Audio CD burning
Ogg Vorbis metadata improvement: Now supports the new standard cover art 'METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE' tag over deprecated non-standard 'COVERART' tag
Ogg Vorbis metadata improvement: Edit metadata without losing unrecognized tags (like with all other formats)
LAME MP3 encoder updated to 3.99.5
'Size columns to fit' feature in the track/file lists headers
Read CD-Text auto-detect and split track artist / title
Fixed cover art metadata mime type for M4A file format
Fixed reading PNG and GIF cover art image metadata (various file formats)
Fixed invalid mime type for PNG and GIF cover art image metadata (various file formats)
Few minor user interface improvements
Few minor bug fixes

16.0.1 update:

Ogg Vorbis codec updated to v1.3.3
Rearranging files and folders using Drag and Drop now works (again) in CD/DVD Creator
Internet database access thru Proxy Server now works (again)
Fixed multi-language user interface problems
Included latest language files
Fixed Ogg Vorbis encoder crashing with "Compilation" / "Part of compilation" metadata enabled
Fixed character encoding problem with "Track artist" in MusicBrainz query (was missing UTF8 to Unicode translation)

New features in Easy CD-DA Extractor 16

Latest improvements include:

GD3 premium metadata service
Dolby Pulse AAC and HE AAC encoder
Multicore audio converter that can run up to 8 parallel conversions
Support for high-resolution audio including conversion from 5.1 and 7.1
Enhancements to the Cover Art handling including support for PNG and GIF formats
User interface improvements
Improved ReplayGain loudness calculation using accurate ITU-R BS.1770 algorithm
Can take advantage of processor multimedia features for maximum performance
Amazon Cover Art search updated
New Apple Lossless encoder with 24-bit encoding support
New LAME MP3 encoder (v3.99.4)
Support for additional metadata fields
Support for converting audio from video files (.avi .mov .mkv .mpg .mpeg .vob .m2ts .divx .flv)
Support for Musepack SV7, Musepack SV8, and Ogg Vorbis aoTuV formats
Ogg Vorbis codec updated to the latest version
Support for converting pseudo-compressed variant of AIFF known as AIFF-C

Version 15.3.2

New Apple Lossless encoder by Apple. Improved compression and 24-bit support.
Fixed the bug where the program wouldn't start with old processors that don't have SSE multimedia instructions.

Version 15.3.1

ReplayGain calculation is now optional not automatic

Version 15.3

New Dolby Pulse AAC / HE AAC encoder !
LAME 3.99 MP3 encoder
Automatic ReplayGain calculation
ReplayGain "2.0": Original ReplayGain algorithm replaced with ITU-R BS.1770 (new standard, more accurate, faster)
Ogg Vorbis codec improved and updated
Internal sample rate converter set to highest quality mode
Changes in Audio Converter internal behavior, making it faster in certain conditions
Fixed AAC/HE AAC encoding problem in multi thread Audio Converter
Updated Amazon Cover Art Search protocol to the latest version (old version will stop working on Feb 2012)

Version 15.2.5

ReplayGain related improvements
Global optimizations

Version 15.2 (2011.6)

Bug in Fade In / Out DSP fixed
Bug in ID3V2 v2.4 tag handling fixed

Version 15.1 (2011.5)

Now works again with all processors (v2011.3 and v15.0 required a processor with SSE2 instruction set)
Re-compiled and re-optimized all codecs with Intel to take performance benefits from processors with SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, and SSE4.2 multimedia instruction sets
Fixed a bug where removal of all metadata from ID3V2 tag did not work
Empty album artist is no longer set to track artist in Audio Converter / Metadata Editor
Fixed shell extensions (bug was added in v15.0)
Fixed freedb server list from options (bug was added in v15.0)

Version 15

Changed version numbering to prevent confusion about yearly upgrades or yearly subscriptions (that don't exist).
V15 is included in v2011 license; customers who purchased v2011 will get all v15 upgrades free.
MusicBrainz now gets correct metadata for subsequent discs of multi-disc releases
ID3V2 character encoding (Unicode/UTF/Ansi) setting now works
New output filename template handling
Silence removal DSP now removes analog silence
Optimized all encoders and decoders with SSE/SSE2/SSE3 instruction sets enabled and added backward compatible codepath for old processors that do not support SSE/SSE2/SSE3 multimedia instructions

Version 2011.3

Fixed the bug where data error was shown when ripping the last track even there was no actual data error

Fixed the bug where <Total Discs> and <Disc Number> symbols in Output Filename field was not loaded correctly from a profile when other than english-language was in use

Fixed the bug where mono input files were encoded to MP3 at double speed because MP3 encoder was always expecting stereo samples

Fixed the bug where cursor was not visible in the list editors when other than 96 dpi display mode (Windows large fonts) was enabled

Fixed the bug where some multi-language user interface components were translated wrong

Fixed the bug where some encoders, decoders, and metadata handlers were compiled with debugging info enabled -> performance improvements !

Added Play in default player on-double click feature (Audio Converter, Metadata Editor, Audio CD Burner, MP3 CD Burner)

Adjusted some user interface components default size and positions

Updated FLAC encoder, decoder, and metadata handler; compiled with the latest Ogg library v1.2.2

Updated Ogg Vorbis encoder, decoder, and metadata handler; compiled with the latest Vorbis library v1.3.2 and the latest Ogg library v1.2.2

Updated Monkey's Audio encoder, decoder, and metadata handler; compiled with the latest Monkey's Audio SDK 4.11

Re-compiled all encoders and decoders with SSE and SSE2 instruction sets enabled -> performance improvements !

Version 2011.2

Faster startup time, because Windows ACM Audio Codec enumeration moved from on-startup to on-access

Version 2011.1

* Updated device access layer so that it fixes ripping and/or burning crash that occured on rare occasions on some computers

Version 2011

Multicore support:
- Audio Converter can run up to 8 simultaneous conversions
- Audio CD Ripper runs simultaneous ripping & encoding

New audio converter engine:
- Convert from multichannel files
- Convert and downmix from 5.1 and 7.1
- Convert from all bit depths (8, 16, 24, 32, 32fp, 64fp)
- Convert from any samplerate
- Convert to up to 24-bit/192kHz

Improved User Interface:
- Profiles in Audio CD Ripper and Audio Converter
- High-DPI aware
- Supports all Windows DPI & font size settings
- New configuration panes for all encoders
- Saves the state of the ripper and converter windows

All new 24-bit DSP:
- Filters are applied with 24-bit resolution
- Supports ReplayGain track gain calculation for all audio formats
- Normalize with ReplayGain, Peak Level, or Average RMS
- All filters rewritten and optimized

New encoder, decoder, and metadata plug-ins:
- All encoders and decoders rewritten and optimized for maximum speed
- All codecs are now plug-in type, they can be removed, added and updated without updating the software itself
- ID3V2 support for WAV and AIFF formats

Plus many other minor improvements here and there

Version 2010.6

* Included latest language files
* Fixed keyboard shortcuts
* Fixed a bug that in rare cases have caused failure in launching the program, giving "List index out of bounds (-1)" error message
* Program now starts faster

Version 2010.5

* Fixed a possible memory leak in Internet access component (which may have caused access violation during freedb/MusicBrainz query or no results in Amazon Cover Art query)
* Changed Freedb and MusicBrainz spinning top to a status window to prevent flickering of the top bar
* Updated "Enter Disc Data" and "Submit to Freedb" windows so that they are in correct position

Version 2010.4

* Fixed the bug that may have caused the program to crash with Access Violation during the freedb query
* Lengthened Output Folder / Output Filename fields
* Included the latest language files

Version 2010.3

* Files can be sorted by bitrate and all other properties in Audio Converter and Metadata Editor
* Minor changes to the new GUI layout
* Volume Labels in MP3/Data CD/DVD Creator are editable again (got broken in v2010.2)
* Editing text fields now show full edit box again (got broken in v2010.2)

Version 2010.2

* New GUI
o Improved GUI for easier use
o Maximized working space on all screen resolutions
o New Windows Vista/7 graphical styles
o Segoe UI font used in Windows Vista/7 for better readability
o Supports DPI scaling; Windows Large Fonts setting now supported
o Metadata Editor moved to its own tab
o Improved MP3 encoder configuration
* Minor bugfixes

Version 2010.1

* Codec Update: Ogg Vorbis updated to the latest version
* Bugfix: Crash with "Access Violation" on startup on some computers
* Bugfix: Encoding to .m4a file format sometimes left .tmp file behind

Version 2010

New features

* Full Windows 7 compatibility
* New AccurateCDDATM Audio CD ripping engine for improved performance and state-of-the-art error detection
* Support for new metadata properties; Rating, Lyrics, Disc #, Total discs, and Total tracks
* Audio Converter shows file properties; Length, Bit rate, Bit depth, Sample rate, Channels, and Filesize
* 5 profiles which each save their own settings (2xmultiple files, single file output, samples, and disc image)
* Gapless MP3 conversion and burning
* Make disc image from CD/DVD/BD discs
* Burn disc image to CD/DVD
* New CD-player with faster response time
* Support for MusicBrainz metadata server with manual search and search priority
* Basic ReplayGain support for MP3
* Many other improvements of the existing features

Up-to-date Audio Codecs

* Support for Apple Lossless encoding
* Improved the performance of all codecs
* Updated codecs for MP3, AAC, aacPlus, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio, and WavPack

Improved support for 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

* Autoplay handler for 64-bit Windows
* Right-click menu in 64-bit Windows Explorer

Improved user interface

* New features, such as user selectable/draggable column headers
* New logo and graphics
* New Windows Vista and Windows 7 styled 32-bit alpha blended icons

Version 12.0.8

* Fixed activation system that got broken in v12.0.7

Version 12.0.7

Bug fixes:

* ".aac (AAC)" and ".aac (aacPlus)" formats not working (hang the program when tried to use the formats), fixed!
* Reading CD-Text not updating the disc info on user interface until mouse cursor was put on the track list, fixed!
* Rare startup problem in Windows XP, fixed!

Version 12.0.6

Codec Updates:

* Monkey's Audio updated to v4.06

New features:

* Option to disable writing of Total Tracks metadata

Bug fixes:

* APEV2 Cover Art metadata bug fixed (Monkey's Audio [.ape], WavPack [.wv], MusePack [.mpc])
* Removed EXE/DLL compression from all files to prevent anti-virus false alarms

Version 12.0.5

Codec Updates:

* Ogg Vorbis encoder updated to v1.2.3
* WavPack encoder updated to 4.60.1
* Apple Lossess encoder updated to v12.0.6

Bug fixes:

* Bugfix: Vorbis Encoder halted or encoded wrong bitrate
* Bugfix: "List index out of bounds (-1)" error when dragging column headers in v12.0.4
* Bugfix: m4a and mp4 files were left open ("locked") after encoding
* Bugfix: m4a and mp4 file length in iTunes was wrong when other sample rate than 44100Hz was used
* Bugfix: Apple Lossless encoding failed with an error message on certain tracks and files
* Bugfix: Multithread synchronization bug in downloading the disc info from Freedb or MusicBrainz (may have caused an error or crash in rare cases)
* Bugfix: Multithread synchronization bug in adding files to an audio CD (may have caused an error or crash in rare cases)
* Bugfix: Windows 7 compatibility update to the program and

Version 12.0.4

New AAC and aacPlus encoder version from Dolby. New encoder comes with improved sound quality and performance.

Version 12.0.3

Tested & certified to work in Windows 7.

Version 12.0.2

Amazon Cover Art search fixed. (Amazon Cover Art search got broken due Amazon security updates).

Version 12.0.1

Bug fixes.

What's new in version 12 ?

New features

* New AccurateCDDA(tm) Audio CD ripping engine for improved performance and state-of-the-art error detection
* Support for new metadata properties; Rating, Lyrics, Disc #, Total discs, and Total tracks
* Audio Converter shows file properties; Length, Bit rate, Bit depth, Sample rate, Channels, and Filesize
* 5 profiles which each save their own settings (2xmultiple files, single file output, samples, and disc image)
* Gapless MP3
oGapless MP3 -> other formats conversion
oGapless MP3 -> Audio CD burning
* Make disc image from CD/DVD/BD discs
* Burn disc image to CD/DVD
* New CD-player with faster response time
* Support for MusicBrainz metadata server
oManual search
oOption to specify search priority (freedb vs. MusicBrainz)

Up-to-date Audio Codecs

* Support for Apple Lossless encoding
* Improved the performance of all codecs
* Improved the encoding quality of MP3 encoder

Improved support for 64-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista

* Autoplay handler for 64-bit Windows
* Right-click menu in 64-bit Windows Explorer

Improved user interface

* New features, such as user selectable/draggable column headers
* New logo and graphics
* New Vista-style 32-bit alpha blended icons now with free lifetime upgrades

* Audio Converter reads file properties (Length, Bit rate, Bit depth, Sample rate, Channels, and Filesize)
* New CD-player (with faster responses and improved user interface)
* 64-bit shell extensions
* Apple Lossless (ALAC) encoder
* New graphics (pre-v12)
* Profiles (for multiple files, single file output, samples, and disc image)
* Improved user interface

11.6 build 7

* Fixed LAME 3.98 disable highpass/lowpass filter bug


* New MP3 encoder (LAME 3.98)
oImproved sound quality
oImproved encoding speed !!
* Performance increase for all codecs (up to 30% faster encoding!)
* Gapless conversion from MP3
* Gapless Audio CD -burning from MP3
* WavPack 4.50 Codec
* FLAC metadata; read "Album Artist" tag if the standard "AlbumArtist" tag does not exist
* Bugfix: Fade Out now works correctly in Audio Converter
* Bugfix: Drive read speed bug fixed (incorrect ripping speed was selected)
* Bugfix: AAC and aacPlus encoding bug fixed

* New metadata: Rating, Lyrics, Disc #, Total Discs, Total Tracks
* UI improvements
* Single File output option put back (was available in 10/11.xwas missing in 11.5)
* MP4/M4A Album Artist metadata now compatible with iTunes and iPod
* Fixed a minor problem with horizontal splitter in Audio Converter and CD/DVD Creator

11.5.2* Bug in drive feature detection fixed (C2 pointers, accurate CD-DA stream)
* Updated Hungarian, and Slovenian language files

11.5.1* Problem in WMA decoding fixed
* Updated Spanish, Swedish, French, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, and Romanian language files

(11.5 R2)
* Changed AccurateCDDA default reading options to more compatible with all drives. (all drives couldn't handle large block requests).

11.5* New AccurateCDDA Audio CD -ripping engine
* Improved Audio CD -ripping & CD/DVD-burning performance
* Make disc image (CD/DVD)
* Burn disc image (CD/DVD)
* Faster startup
* FLAC 1.2.1 encoder/decoder
* Improved user interface
* Ogg Vorbis cover art metadata update (now uses standard method for storing cover art)
* Bugfix: Adding files to the Audio Converter no longer hangs the program (which happened in rare cases)
* Bugfix: Trying to convert unsupported or corrupt audio files in Audio Converter no longer crash the program
* Bugfix: Browse to network now works

* Updated AAC and aacPlus Codecs
oAudio quality improvements
* Updated MP3 Codec
* Improved Internet disc database search
oFull support for MusicBrainz
oManual MusicBrainz search
oAdjustable search priority (freedb vs. MusicBrainz)
* Improved CD/DVD-burning
* Burn from disc image (ISO, IMG, BIN)
* Improved user interface:
oImproved functionality
oImproved the looks
oImproved performance of the Windows Explorer style controls

* Basic support for MusicBrainz
* Bugfix: Metadata Editor - Fixed a bug that caused random MP3 update failed messages (updating the MP3 files simply "failed" randomly, MP3 files were not touched at all and no data corruption occured)

11.0.2* Bugfix: CD/DVD Creator / Audio CD - removing file from the list did not update the used/available space on the disc
* Bugfix: CD/DVD Creator / Audio CD - multiple selection is now allowed
* Bugfix: CD/DVD Creator / Audio CD - CD-Text Album Artist / Album Title did not get filled automatically
* Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper - Fixed user interface bug with compilation discs

* Improved the Audio CD Ripper tracklist behaviour (cursor up/down now works better)

Initial release

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