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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for EVO demux

Changes for v0.63

- Bug fixes

Changes for v0.629

- Rewritten internet handling (separate thread)
- One-click update to new version
- 10 sec delay at the start for the unregistered users
- You can register with donation (min. 10 EUR) to skip this delay

Changes for v0.628

- Get serial from the net

Changes for v0.627

- Continue with the next EVO or VOB (up to 9 files)
- Read HVA00001.VTI (if exists)

Changes for v0.626

- About window
- Chapter export
- First PTS delay in ms
- Fixed bug with creating subtitle streams
- Finished Dolby TrueHD parsing

Changes for v0.625

- Fixed bug with stream renumbering during Rebuild
- It's working with all 32 subtitles now

Changes for v0.623

- Display H.264 video stream info (finished)
- Rebuild change the DSI packet's audio and subpicture information and PTM info too
- Fixed bug with MLP and LPCM stream handling during Rebuild
- Fixed bug with 'Cancelled' message
- Fixed bug with 'Invalid floating point operation' after demux
- Fixed bug with DTS HD info
- Fixed bug with .sup files
- Fixed minor bugs with opening files and closing application

Changes for v0.622

- EVOB infos (VOB number, first PTM, last PTM, Duration of video stream)
- Calculated frame number
- Auto clear option
- Minor changes on the GUI

Changes for v0.621

- New message window (rich text)
- Browse button for destination folder
- Display TrueHD (MLP) audio information (MLP: OK, TrueHD: unfinished)
- Display LPCM audio information
- New options: Auto read, Auto Demux, Auto Rebuild

Change for v0.62

- Fixed bug with time format

Change for v0.619

- Display DTS HD (DTS) audio stream information

Changes for v0.618

- Fixed bug with 'Continue on second EVO' (with Canal's filenames like L0_mainMovie.EVO)
- New filenames if 'Continue on second EVO' checked (FEATURE_1_2 -> FEATURE_1_FEATURE_2)

Change for v0.617

- Fixed bug(?) with .sup export (decrease PTS with value of the first video PTS)
- Clear button on Status page

Change for v0.616

- Fixed bug with MLP's first PTS

Change for v0.615

- Minor changes on GUI

Change for v0.614

- Display H.264 video stream information
- Display MPEG2 video stream information
- Display MPEG2 audio stream information

Change for v0.613

- 'Detailed info' option for the extra stream info

Change for v0.612

- Display VC-1 video stream information
- Display the first PTS of the streams

Change for v0.61

- Write 'traditional' format .sup files
- Display the duration of the video streams (calculating with 23.976 fps)
- Open VOB files (DVD)

Change for v0.6

- Based on drmpegs 0.6

Change for v0.54

- Write PTS information to .pts file(s) for subtitle streams

Change for v0.53

- Renumber the streams during the Rebuild

Change for v0.52

- New feature: Rebuild. Make another .EVO file which contains only the selected streams

Changes for v0.5

- Demux subtitle streams (max 16) to .sup files

Changes for v0.4

- Demux secondary video stream (IME or U-control)
- Fixed bug with titles that have both primary and secondary VC-1 streams
- Demux secondary DD+ audio streams (max 16 audio streams)
- Read VPLST000.XPL (get stream infos)
- 'Fast EVO checking' option (checks only the first 300 MB of the file)
- Cancel options for reading and demuxing
- Display estimated remaining time during reading and demuxing

EVO demux v0.3

This is the first version based on drmpeg's demux.c program

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