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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DvdReMake

Version 3.6.3 - 17 Dec 2007
fix all but first angles are stripped on export in some cases
fix font size in "button set" tabs

Version 3.6.2 - 10 Aug 2007
fix - some multistory disks are handled icorrectly;

Version 3.6.0 - 18 Apr 2007
new import DVD from command line specified directory (could be either directory name or file name of one of the DVD files (.ifo or .vob))
new updated list of active beta testers in About box

Version 3.5.3 - 28 Jun 2006
fix still time is not set to 0 when hiding menu from Preview and DomainContent panes

Version 3.5.2 - 20 Jun 2006
check all vobus in menu cells for buttons (independent from BOV search settings)
export is cancelled without error message pop-up if there is an errorneous info in VMG titles table
import of cells with multiple button sets
time search is disabled for long titles (error in TMAPI)

Version 3.5.1 - 12 Jun 2006
ignore last programs in PGC referring to nonexistent cells
rules to set STC discontinuity flag for PGC cells
cells with multiple button sets are imported incorrectly in some cases
limit amount of entries in TMAPI to 2048

Version 3.5 - 04 May 2006
new do not register DvdReMake project template for ShellNew
fix program may crash when decoding corrupted video
fix problems opening project file saved with some previous versions
new significantly increased speed of loading project files
new store source files BOV information in project file
fix sizes are shown incorrectly in some cases in loaded projects with disabled tracks
fix buttons highlights information may be exported incorrectly in some cases

Version 3.4.2 - 07 Apr 2006
fix import of menus with animated highlights

Version 3.4.1 - 23 Mar 2006
fix program may crash after editing interleaved cells
fix consequtive multiangle blocks are merged into one block in some cases
fix mpeg decoder falls into infinite loop in some cases
fix edited flag for button sets and cells is not saved in project file
fix double clicking on .drp project file starts program but does not open project

Version 3.4 - 28 Feb 2006
fix problems with playback on some players after convert to still
fix problems with some multiangle disks after removing all but one angle
fix program may hang if playback of a cell is started while playing another cell
fix Ctrl+A selection in Domain Content pane

Version 3.3.2 - 31 Jan 2006
fix multistory DVDs are exported incorrectly in some cases when stories have different amount of cells
fix button to minimize project window is disabled
fix some controls are not placed correctly in Select Folder dialog on some platforms
fix problems during playback of cells edited with "convert to still" in some cases
fix TMAP is generated in some cases for PGCs in multiPGC titles

Version 3.3 - 22 Dec 2005
fix preserve entry PGC flag and title in PGC category during import (DvdReMake was breaking (part of) navigation for some disks)
fix problem with playback of cells converted to still on some players
fix "highlight end" and selection times are imported incorrectly when they are set to "never" in vob file
fix show warning if exported VTS is large than 9Gb
fix incorrect available space calculations for HD disks mounted as folders
fix generate time maps (TMAP) only for sequential PGCs in singlePGC titles

Version 3.2.2 - 2 Nov 2005
fix strip angles item in pop-up menu is always disabled
fix editing is not available via pop-up menus (introduced in 3.2)

Version 3.2 - 31 Oct 2005
new one-click "bypass menu" action for menu buttons (hides menu and modifiys navigation to behave like specified button is selected automatically)
new stop preview playback before disk operations (import/export disk and save/load projects)
fix log&history panes "dissapear" on second program start
fix "Enable all operations" does not enable them in VOBUs in some cases
new reworked docking panes mechanizm
new "Reset layout" reset panes layout in all (not just in active) views to default layout
fix problem merging DVDs recorded by Sony DVD camcorders (direct usage of vmg_title register)
new more illustrative docking in "Studio 2005"-like mode
fix program hangs while editing if there is PGC with more than 256 cells
new check all PGCs (not just listed in titles) for angles
new ability to pause I/O operations
fix attempt to import from VIDEO_TS sub folder when import is cancelled
fix DvdTree pane looses focus after some editing actions

Version 3.1.4 - 20 Sep 2005
fix select PAL/NTSC format of VTS with start-up menu in merged disk coherent with the rest of the disk
fix importing DVD from folder above VIDEO_TS gives errors

Version 3.1.3 - 16 Aug 2005
new "hide menu transitions" action for DVD, VMG and VTS items in DvdTree pane
new "convert menus to still" action for DVD, VMG and VTS items in DvdTree pane
new change pop-up menus layout for VMG, VTS items in DvdTree pane for consistency
fix convert blocks selected in Domain Content pane to still does not do anything

Version 3.1.2 - 10 Aug 2005
new search for DVD files in VIDEO_TS subdirectory if import from specified directory fails

Version 3.1.1 - 4 Aug 2005
fix "lost" buttons (buttons that can't be navigated to) in some cases after hide/delete button
fix info about selected audio stream is not updated in block preview pane in some cases
fix a delay before buttons appear in menu converted to still in some cases

Version 3.1 - 21 Jul 2005
new convert cell to still: preview cell to select frame to be used as still, right-click and "convert to still". It keeps audio and subs (can be removed as usual) and original duration of the cell (in most cases).
fix hidden buttons are not automatically "forwarded" to nonhidden button in some cases
fix crash when "don't keep" undo/redo option is selected
new keep found "skiped blanks position" to avoid searching next time block is shown in Domain Content pane
fix show edited block size (instead of original) in Domain Content pane
fix show edited block size (instead of original) in Preview pane
new "Convert menus to still" action for Language Unit (menus) in DVD Tree pane: hides menus without buttons, converts menus with buttons (not yet converted) to still
fix edited flag is not set in some places after disabling/editing audio/sub tracks (affects "update export")

Version 3.0.7 - 8 Jul 2005
new use yellow highlights in default start-up menu for merged disks to improve visibility of selected button
new select new file location while opening saved project if needed file was not found
fix problems with start-up menu of merged disk when in Auto PS/LB mode
fix scroll bar position in Domain Content pane after editing
fix small GUI bug with playback controls in Preview window on some systems

Version 3.0.6 - 24 Jun 2005
fix scroll bar in Domain Content pane is not updated after switching to another domain

Version 3.0.5 - 22 Jun 2005
fix first block is shown in Preview pane after editing even when another one is selected in Domain Content pane
fix program does not import following title sets (even if they are good) after titleset with missing vob files
new significantly speed up disk import (especially for discs with large amount of VTSs)

Version 3.0.4 - 20 Jun 2005
new support for multiple selection in Domain Content pane
new "Select All" is added for Domain Content pane (shortcut Ctrl+A)

Version 3.0.3 - 17 Jun 2005
new hide info overlay in Preview pane while F6 is pressed
new hide info overlay in Domain Content pane while F6 is pressed
new don't set PUOPs for PGC blocks when "Set Prohibited Operations" is done for PGC

Version 3.0.2 - 16 Jun 2005
new paint background under button # to improve its visibility
new restrict minimal window size to 640x480
new use puops not only from first nav-pack
fix problem with FF, FR after split cell
new "visit forum" and "download latest version" links in Help menu
new option to turn off info in preview window

Version 3.0.1 - 30 May 2005
fix crash previewing disks recorded with some DVD recorders
fix small GUI fixes (spelling errors)
fix Ctrl+M shortcut key does not work
new modifications to keyboard shortcuts processing (for StickyKeys)
new show blocks size in Domain Content pane
fix unable to use "cut to here" on the remaining angle (after strip angles)
fix "Preview original" dialog title

Version 3.0 - 15 May 2005
new registry clean up support when switching between versions.
new ability to export for demo version (each scene is clipped at 15 seconds).
fix crash merge DVDs without a single LU in VMG
new merge two dvds
new new graphics for merged disks start-up menu
new new ComputerID and related changes for v3
fix crash if incorrect button link index in vob file
new Options Dlg: constrain amount of project revisions stored for undo/redo (setting to "don't keep" is preferred speedwise - no state copies are created)
new resize items in Options dialog when its size changes
new don't add empty LU when there are no LUs in VMG or VTS
new Reminder to examine the log if there were problems (errors or warnings) during an operation (import, export, etc)
new use 3 sec step (instead of 5 sec) for TMAPI for long (>45 min) PGCs
new show "wait cursor" when program is busy
new options dialog split into two tabs
new select button links docking position in Options menu
new turn on/off "show items size" in Options Dialog (to increase DRM "responsivness" on disks like Garfield)
new delete last audio/sub track
new remove "animate" related stuff
new much faster items insertion into tree (O(1) instead of O(N))
new cache some data for faster access to some dvd info
new show what button will be highlighted if corresponding arrow is pressed for selected button; there are actually 3 different ways implemented to show the arrows: docked in the center, dock to the inside/outside of the button border.
new preserve Parental Management info
new "remove parental management" action for DVD/VMG/VTS removes PM masks and replaces all SetParental Level commands with corresponding goto)
new export modified files only
new show selected button in preview pane
new show selected button's "neighbours" (left/right/up/down)
new update progress more often while reading saved project
new enable cancel while reading saved project
new left/right/up/down buttons navigation in Preview pane
new data read related modifications to improve speed
new code optimization for speed (throught the program)
fix in some cases vob files go through "recover" procedure again while opening saved project (which was recovered on import)
new show rotating "light" while searching for streams sizes
new just warn on incorrect block header (instead of error)
new show whether stream/track size is estimated with (est)
new start/stop search of the exact stream sizes on request (in the background)
new popup menu for log window with "Copy to clipboard" (if nothing is selected in the log will copy everything)
new minimize main window while importing
new audio/sub stream selection in Domain Content Preview
new bunch of changes to overcome MS bug with exeptions (can't cancel)
new log program activity into log window as well as file
new show streams/tracks size (size is not exact! just an estimate)
new show DVD size after streams stripping (size is not exact! just an estimate)
new strip audio/sub streams not used in VTS from vob file
new delete all streams from audio track (disables this track in all associated PGCs; this will result in streams from this track being removed from vob files during export.)
new delete all streams from subpicture track
new "skip blank frames" in the background - switching between domains is way faster now, especially for large domains and small preview thumbnails
new don't check nonessential values in VMG_MAT table
new ignore last program if it points to cell 0
fix export of disks with complex interleaved cells
new show vob file stream#(and substreem# when needed) in DomainContent audio and subpicture panes
new show ausio/sub stream IDs selected for preview
new audio tracks pane for Domain Content preview
new subpicture tracks pane in Domain Content pane
new auto hide for all internal panes (greatly helps with cleaning up layout)
new show only subpicture streams applicable to current domain display mode in subpicture panes
new video info pane for domain
new show amount of buttons in each block in Doman Content Pane
new move Domain Content pane to docable window (can have both horizontal and vertical orientation)
new mouse wheel support for Domain Content pane
new restore/save/load layout
new fast forward/rewind in preview pane
new display video/subs in preview using mode specified for current domain (normal 4:3 or wide 16/9 )
new move block left/right in Domain Content Pane (moves block on the disk as well, since blocks are shown in the same order as they are(will be) located on the disk)
new skip blank frames in main Preview as well
fix crash if VMG titles contain link to incorect VTS or title in VTS
new default directories for import/export/test export can be set from Options
new resizable options dialog
new playback control buttons
new user selectable font for program interface (from Options Dialog); tables headers use slightly "bolder" font, info data (text on green) slightly smaller
new different UI Themes have different "controls skins" (changes how checkboxes/radio buttons/groups in the dialogs looks like)
new subpictures preview
new audio preview
new show/hide/place along different borders options for ProjectsTab bar
new independent docking mechanism selection via menu
new menu animation selection via menu
new switch Skip Balnk Frames mode on toolbar and in Options dialog
new preserve state (maximized/normal) of the project window between sessions
new tabs to switch between projects (shown only when there are two and more projects )
new customizable interface, UI theme can be selected in View/UI theme menu
new history pane with editing states
new "progress bar" showing how far into cell SkipBlankFrames went (for frames in Domain Content preview pane)
new verify VMG titles before export to avoid program crash on broken ifo files
new batch export ("Export All" under File menu)
new Expand/Collapse All for items that have "childrens" in DvdTree Pane
new preserve edited flag when opening previously saved project
new undo/redo
new new video decoder, works with interlaced video
new video in Domain Content pane is analyzed to skip straight to something meaningfull even if first frames of the block are blank
new "Open Destination" actions for buttons, commands, VMG title, VTS title chapter (Ctrl + Space or Ctrl + Dbl Click will take to the destination of the command)

Version 2.6.1 - 23 Feb 2005
fix title's attributes set incorrectly in some cases, may result in playback problems

Version 2.6.0 - 16 Feb 2005
fix problems importing some multiangle disks

Version 2.5.9 - 23 Dec 2004
fix "autobypass" of hidden material may break navigation of some rare disks

Version 2.5.8 - 08 Dec 2004
fix incorrect angles order on some disks
fix error loading projects saved with some old versions

Version 2.5.7 - 07 Nov 2004
fix pauses during playback

Version 2.5.6 - 05 Nov 2004
fix several internal changes and bugfixes

Version 2.5.5 - 26 Oct 2004
fix problems importing/loading second disk

Version 2.5.4 - 18 Oct 2004
fix playback time computation problems

Version 2.5.3 - 13 Oct 2004
new improvements to autobypass procedure
new modifications to PGC cell category export
fix playback time computation problems

Version 2.5.0 - 01 Oct 2004
new improved correction of the navigation commands when stripping angles, splitting cell, etc.

Version 2.4.4 - 23 Sep 2004
new save panes layout between sessions
fix main window is restored as normal after export (even if it was maximized)

Version 2.4.3 - 19 Sep 2004
fix bug introduced in 2.4.1 which can cause program crash while processing multiangle (or seampless branching) disks

Version 2.4.2 - 17 Sep 2004
new implement keyboard shortcuts in DvdTree pane

Version 2.4.1 - 15 Sep 2004
fix PGC program entries are exported incorrectly if first program does not start with first cell
new implement keyboard shortcuts in DomainContent pane (navigation and actions)

Version 2.4.0 - 10 Sep 2004
new split cell at user selected place inside cell (together with "cut to" and "cut from" can be used to cut commercials, etc inside a cell)
new better button segments analysis (button properties are also taken into account)
new improved autobypass algorithm (take cell commands into account)
new faster video parsing for preview

Version 2.3.4 - 25 Jul 2004
fix problems with some dvds using seamless playback
fix Parental Mask field in VMG Titles Table is not initialized
new much faster Time Map creation

Version 2.3.2 - 22 Jul 2004
new minor improvements to export procedure

Version 2.3.1 - 21 Jul 2004
new some minor changes to "autobypass" procedure

Version 2.3.0 - 17 Jul 2004
new write warning to log file instead of aborting export when some noncritical problems with fwd/bwd search offsets are found in original disk

Version 2.2.3 - 10 Jul 2004
fix problems handling some multiangle disks
fix in some cases project can't be saved if it was exported before

Version 2.2.2 - 8 Jul 2004
new don't clear edited flag after saving project
fix problems importing some multiangle disks
new move "Enable all operations" to the end of DvdTree pane pop-up menus

Version 2.2.1 - 6 Jul 2004
fix bug comparing streams in original and replacement blocks that can result in application crash
fix error importing some multiangle disks
new don't show angle selection tab if there are no angles or interleaved cells

Version 2.2.0 - 26 Jun 2004
new give warning instead of stoping dvd import if there is an incorrect VMG titles table size
fix Problem saving project if multiangle block was hidden (introduced in 2.1.1)
fix correcting link commands after hidding/replacing/stripping multiangle block

Version 2.1.3 - 24 Jun 2004
fix problem with cut cell introduces in 2.1.2

Version 2.1.2 - 23 Jun 2004
fix DVD export can fail in some rare cases ("check: d_written.amount() > 0 - failed" error)
fix can't load previously saved project if one of the cells was replaced with cell from standalone VOB file

Version 2.1.1 - 22 Jun 2004
fix error introduced in 2.1: restore block operations do not work
fix restore block operations do not work in loaded projects
fix program can crash after preview of original cell

Version 2.1 - 20 Jun 2004
new some changes to "strip angles"
fix export frame
fix selected item in list moves to the bottom of the window after disk modifications

Version 2.0.1 - 12 Jun 2004
fix TMAPI table (for fast forward/backward search) created with errors for some disks
fix delete temporary files on close

Version 2.0 - 05 Jun 2004
new preserve dvd text data
new autobypass hidden blocks on DVD export
fix BlockPreview pane "scroll bar" problem on XP
fix export directory is not locked after export now
new not used assets are released automatically when project is closed
fix crash previewing last blocks in big titlesets
new hide/restore block from the BlockPreview pane
new preview original block content for edited blocks
fix problem with disapearing menu buttons when still menu is in VMG
new options dialog
new check that destination directory will fit exported disk
new disable export into source directory
new check for ifo/bup/vob files in destination directory (with clear option)
new mark edited blocks
new show cell size up to (and to the end from) current position in Block Preview pane
new "animate" Domain Preview pane
fix problem with importing some multiangle disks
new "restore blocks" action added to all places where "hide block" can be called
new "tips" support: at the moment the only generated tip is by how much disk is larger then specified target size
new remember size/position and import/export directories from previous session
new "strip angles" action added for VTS items
new pre parse whole DVD while importing to have complete dvd navigation information
new "hide menu transitions" action for menus
new show block playback time in blocks list view
new show cell size and playback time in Block Preview
fix recovering cell information for interleaved cells
fix show all VMG LUs (VMG could also have menus in different languages)

Version 1.4.6 - 23 Apr 2004
fix In some cases cell commands do not get executed in exported disk.
fix Values in PGC Block Attributes dialog are not correctly initialized.

Version 1.4.5 - 11 Apr 2004
fix In some cases pauses between cells playback in menu PGC

Version 1.4.4 - 10 Apr 2004
new export frame as 24-bit bitmap
fix error importing PGC using same block twice

Version 1.4.3 - 08 Apr 2004
fix add/import buttons into hiden or replaced block
fix update buttons amount shown on the button segment tab after add/delete/import buttons

Version 1.4.2 - 06 Apr 2004
fix add button/import buttons crash program.

Version 1.4.1 - 04 Apr 2004
fix cell commands are not saved with the project. After project is opened all cell commands are gone. Although DvdReMake will open old projects, it is not safe to use them.
fix adding/inserting/deleting commands does not update command count on the tab below

Version 1.4 - 04 Apr 2004
new edit PGC block attributes (still time, command#, restricted flag)
new changes to the way multiangle and seamless playback disks are handled
new hide all blocks before/after selected block
fix error introduced in 1.2.4: "PCI" multiangle blocks will play sequentially
new sound notification when dvd export is finished

Version 1.3.1 - 29 Mar 2004
fix VM domain is determined incorrectly for menu buttons
fix initialization of SetSTN in command editing dialog
fix indexes of PGC sub-picture streams were clipped at 16 (i.e. 17 would become 1)
fix if an audio(sub-picture) stream is removed by some other application before disk is imported into DvdReMake, then references to all streams after removed are also removed from PGC
new substitute block in the PGC - reuse already available in the domain blocks in multiple PGCs

Version 1.3 - 26 Mar 2004
new command editor for entering conditional, set, link/jump/call operations in various combinations
new add/insert/delete/edit command in PGC

Version 1.2.5 - 23 Mar 2004
fix bug in buttons command editing dialog
fix on some disks multiangles become "single angles" played sequentially
fix multi angle blocks are hidden incorectly if operation is done in advanced mode from the PGC properties pane

Version 1.2 - release - 19 Mar 2004
fix "flying by" menus - flag in cell category is set incorrectly in some cases, due to this playback of all still menus in the PGC goes through all cells straight to the last one.
new dummy cell is written into empty vob to shut up Nero (it does not like zero sized vob files).
new some more errors in ifo tables can be detected during dvd import and fixed.
new new commands parser - should be easier to read commands
fix program can crush replacing large block

Version 1.1 - release - 12 Mar 2004
new support for disks with cells which are interleaved but are not in angle block
new significantly reduce memory usage
new vts items in dvd tree show whole VTS size (movie+menus and not just movie as it was before)
new hide block in PGC hides it only in this PGC (other PGCs using this block will still have original)
new replace block in PGC (replaces it only in this PGC, other PGCs using this block will still have original)
fix hover text over items in "tree" windows does not let mouse clicks through on platforms that do not support layered windows
new "replace block" functionality

Version 1.0.1 - 04 Mar 2004
fix open saved project fails if there are more then 9 titlesets (changed to 99)
fix "highlight end" and "button selection end" time are set incorrectly for still cells

Version 1.0 - release - 02 Mar 2004

Version 0.7.7 - 01 Mar 2004
new cell properties moved to program/cells panel
fix "hide" multi angle block may brake navigation if there is LinkCN command somewhere in the PGC

Version 0.7.6 - 25 Feb 2004
new WinXP look when run on WinXP
new if vob files are missing then needed cells are replaced with blanks automaticaly

Version 0.7.5 - 23 Feb 2004
fix button position entry (in button properties dialog)

Version 0.7.4 - 22 Feb 2004
new collumn resizing behaves more "natural"
new bunch of small visual improvements in the GUI (here and there)
new tool-tip over buttons show button command and auto action flag
new switching between easy and advanced modes does not reset selection in DvdTree pane

Version 0.7.3 - 17 Feb 2004
new reduce program memory usage

Version 0.7.2 - 13 Feb 2004
new reduce memory required by procedure recovering C_ADT & VOBU_ADMAP tables

Version 0.7.1 - 12 Feb 2004
fix program may crash deleting language unit with cells not completely parsed

Version 0.7.0 - 12 Feb 2004
fix parental management info is not completely removed
fix title number in VTS_PGCITI is not written for some PGCs
fix hide all command does not zero still time
fix Easy and advanced mode buttons reset editing tree position
fix ascii literals in disassembled commands (country codes) are incorrectly capitalized
fix AND disassembly display weird
fix PGC attributes not shown until resize
new view for VMG titles

Version 0.6.9 - 30 Jan 2004
fix export of bup files

Version 0.6.8 - 29 Jan 2004
new easy/pro editing mode
fix projects with parsed large cells are saved incorrectly

Version 0.6.7 - 28 Jan 2004
new show PGC cell properties - not yet editable
new show PGC properties: pre&post commands - not yet editable

Version 0.6.6 - 25 Jan 2004
new do not show blocks list if there is less then two blocks (may be need to move it back - for "hide" consistency)
fix bunch of small bugs in code added in 0.6.5
new progress indicator for time map export

Version 0.6.5 - 25 Jan 2004
new view for program chains
new view for titles in titlesets

Version 0.6.4 - 24 Jan 2004
fix changed condition for SeamlessPlaybackLinkedInPCI flag in PGC cell category
fix time map step duration is always exported as 1 second (even when time map is created with 5 sec steps)
new set "prohibited user operations" in vob files
new modified drp file format (ver 3 for VobCell), but it is backward compatible (later releases can import projects saved by previous releases)
new "enable all operations" menu item for titlesets (all PGCs in titleset)
new "enable all operations" menu item for DVD (remove all prohibited user operations in whole disk)
fix order of flags in prohibited user operations word
fix program can crash previewing large cells which were "cut"
new show P frames in preview as well

Version 0.6.3 - beta - 23 Jan 2004
fix removed debug code which would assert if cell is cut

Version 0.6.2 - beta - 22 Jan 2004
new registration imprinting - each downloaded copy will have registration info imprinted
new vob/cell numbering, now "cells dicontinuity" is taken into account
new cut to current frame (actually to vobu with current frame)
new vobu nav packets export
fix time map export bug
new time map export: for PGC longer then 30 min step is 5 sec, otherwise 1 sec

Version 0.6.1 - beta - 19 Jan 2004
new remove "topmost window" flag from progress dialog
new set cell still time to 0 in all PGC for all "hidden" cells

Version 0.6.0 - beta - 18 Jan 2004
fix cell parsing could fall into infinite loop if there is a mismatch between vob and ifo info
new instead of cancelling dvd import, blank cell is substituted in cases if there is a cell in PGC which uses (cellID, vobID) not present in vob file
new instead of cancelling dvd import, NOP is used if cell command index is out of bounds of cells command table
new ability to cancell dvd import
fix incorrect "Mismatch between ifo and vob file" thrown when cell parsing is resumed after disk is exported
fix error (dvdFootprint == dvdSize) is shown although disk is exported correctly
new check available disk size before dvd export
new time map generation in ifo files
fix total disk size not always updated

Version 0.5.9 - beta - 16 Jan 2004
fix click in AngleBlocksListView can cause crash if there is no blocks in it

Version 0.5.8 - beta - 15 Jan 2004
fix PREU flags exported incorrectly to vob files, this resulted in incorrect playback of interleaved multiangle blocks
fix size of C_ADT & VOBU_ADMAP tables exported incorrectly

Version 0.5.7 - beta - 14 Jan 2004
new cell category fields in PGCs are created using actual info in vob data (not reused from initial ifo files as it was so far)
fix specification

Version # in VTS exported incorrectly

Version 0.5.6 - beta - 13 Jan 2004
fix small memory leak caused by debug code inserted in 0.5.5
new rest of the cell can be cat from current frame (interleaved blocks (with angles) can't be cut)
new AngleBlocks (in top window) with more then one angle have "A" inticator on them
new vob file modification for "cut from" cells (all relevant offsets and timings in vobus)

Version 0.5.5 - beta - 11 Jan 2004
fix size of menus in VTS was not shown
fix cell position info (LastVobuEndSector) in PGCs in some cases exported incorrectly
new cut rest of the cell (NOT YET COMPLETE!)
new progress indicator for: save project, open project, import dvd
new menu items in File menu (may be this way they would be more intuitive)
fix stupid typo in procedure recovering C_ADT & VOBU_ADMAP tables

Version 0.5.4 - beta - 10 Jan 2004
new progress indicator while exporting dvd
new show dvd item with whole disk size

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