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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Dr. DivX

Release Name: drdivx2-2.0.1-b7-win32

Notes: The Doctor fell in love with Ana Morphic and is now completly out of shape

Changes: * Fixed AviSynth bug * Fixed cropping and resizing related GUI bugs * Introduced anamorphic encoding * Updated russian translation

Dr. DivX 2.0.1 Beta 6 has arrived!
Fri, 01/18/2008 - 15:11 DrDivX

Bug squashing is the theme for this one. Profile, Preview and Watch Folder bugs are fixed now.

Version 2.0.1 beta 5

Updated for DivX 6.8 codec

Version 2.0.1 beta 4

Updated for DivX 6.6 codec

Version 2.0.1 beta 3

* What's new
o Replace Qt with wxWidgets
o Support new features in DivX 6.5 codec (except output PAR)
o Support MS Windows Vista
o Turkish translation
* What's fixed
o Support for 1080hd mode
o Misc. ASF/DVR-MS fixes
o Reading Haali's matroska files
o Support for Fraps v2, v4
o Updates from ffmpeg trunk

Version 2.0.1 beta 2

* What's new
o Add support for new features in DivX 6.4 codec
o Add support for running extra video encode passes after job is finished
o Add the possibility to remove the working folder only when removing the job from the list
* What's fixed
o Faster loading of .avs files (no intensive analysis performed)
o Fix incorrect file size display when AC-3 output was chosen
o Fix audio encode when input is stereo AC-3 and dshow filter is set to 5.1 output

Version 2.0.1 beta 1

* What's new
o Add support for AVISynth script input files
o Add support for mp3 surround audio encoding mode
o Support multiple drag & drop onto Batch window to add the files
o Smaller application package (everything statically linked in)
o Arabic translation
* What's fixed
o Audio-video sync fix for large +ve audio offset values
o Display localized "Reset" dialog box
o Fix misc. memory leaks

Version 2.0.0

* What's new
o Add a plugin to delete source file after encoding
o Add a plugin to shutdown the system after encoding
o Add a plugin to publish encoded file to Stage6
o Inject version info into .dll and .exe
* What's fixed
o Fix a crash when the DivX uninstall key is not present.
o Make sure the analysis in the batch also see the global modulo parameters.
o More meaningful error messages when an input file cannot be used.
o Make the Add button on by default so that it's faster to add a plugin.
o Allow selecting more than one job at a time to reorder and remove jobs.
o Handle multiple file drag and drop for .vob files. For all others, choose only first file.
o Delete only files that the Dr. created during install.
o Handle localised output directory names.
o Check for compatible DivX codec after install and during program startup.
o Get the video preview as soon as the fast analysis is done.
o Fix version update checks on international locale systems.

Version 2.0.0 RC3

* What's new
o Display the DivX encoder version in the About tab of the Preferences
o Store the DrDivX version & build information in the created files
o Allow changing the resizing/crop filter in advanced features
o Add support for encoding presets which are necessary for configuration when codec is in free state
* What's fixed
o Use the right crop settings after going in Advanced settings
o Keep monitoring the right crop/resolution settings when switching profiles (preview update is correct)
o Fix a crash when removing a job that was (too) long to stop from Batch
o Fix a crash when an unsupported codec is found during encoding
o Fix a crash when boost is set but the audio output is AC3
o Resize some elements of the UI to better fit large languages and 120 DPI display
o If user chose Interlaced output, turn B-VOPs off and disable B-VOP selection.
o Handle free, trial and registered pro states of the codec correctly
o Update framerate decimation when using a custom profile
o Don't add a file from a Watch Folder until it's stable enough (date and size fixed)
o Fix clipping audio when the channel mapping is guessed (AAC via
o Support MBAFF in H264
o Add support for Flash Screen Video codec
o Add support for DivX codec resizing and cropping
o Decode VC-1 via the WMV DMO if WMP11 is installed

Version 2.0.0 RC2

* What's new
o Version checking using RSS feeds on SourceForge
o Use mp3gain to boost the audio (enabled by default for built-in profiles)
o Add some debug messages when calling the plugins
o Add support for Auto-Publish in Upload plugin
o Add a keyboard shortcut to open a file (Ctrl+O)
o Ask confirmation before overwriting a user profile
o Propose the list of existing profiles when selecting a name to save a profile
o Add support for floating point quantizer values
o Add support for plugin status reporting
* What's fixed
o Hide/Disable DivX encoder settings which are not available for specific certification levels
o Interlaced option re-done to make it work with web profiler
o Don't allow adding plugins to a finished job
o Fix the video preview after internal job update changes
o Disable batch and wizard modes
o Include technical metadata
o Disable user-specified metadata until new metadata solution is released
o Fix crash when track selection dialog is dismissed after background analysis is over
o Keep advanced parameters when reconfiguring a job
o Avoid using recursive directories in watch folders
o Avoid overwriting the source with the destination and make sure the output file is writable
o Update job status widget based on currently selected job instead of currently running job
o Fix crash when transcoding 5.1 AAC audio
o Fix frame-rate detection for Canon MJPEG clips
o Set correct crop mode in profile when autocrop is selected
o Fix skip forward and skip backward during audio preview
o Fix crash during analysis for HD .mov clips
o Fix duration analysis on some MPEG source (using half frames packets)
o Fix seeking in HuffYUV (all frames are keyframes)
o Fix slow audio when using FFDShow decoder
o Increase the size of the MPEG syncword search to skip NULL sectors in some DVDs (might give AV sync problems)
o Fix DVR-MS frame loss problem (assume dts=pts)
o Set a flag when an MPEG packet is just half a frame

Version 2.0.0 RC1
* What's new
o Display an error message when trying to run the Dr. twice on the same computer
o Allow keeping the AC3 track even if no DirectShow decoder is available
o Add call_app, copy plugins
o Allow per-job plugin configuration
* What's fixed
o Support for uncompressed (RGB) format in the Video Preview
o Replace invalid characters in output filenames (<>|*"?:/) (windows)
o Avoid crashing when selecting same setting for all audio tracks but only a few are selected
o Avoid cropping the whole picture (cropping is reset in that case)
o Analyze inter-frames when the source file doesn't have enough key frames
o Handle +ve audio delays in VOBs correctly
o Reconfiguring a job reset the status (when saved it becomes Waiting again)
o Fix audio delay detection for TS files
o When using AC3 output, use the correct bitrate to compute the final filesize
o Calculate AVI overhead size correctly
o Recalculate video bitrate after audio and subtitle files have been generated
o Keep mono sources as mono on output by default
o Don't allow to start a job that is marked as finished
o Disable the Resume/Stop button if there is no runnable job
o Make default profiles selected in Preferences be effective (regression bug)
o Make watch folder profiles selected in Preferences be effective (regression bug)
o Fix cli to work with custom profiles
o Fix flv file encoding
o Better handling of mono sources when using DirectShow filters
o Fix decoding via DScaler when stereo output was selected in DScaler
o Fix a seeking issue when multiple files are selected

Version 2.0.0 beta 10
* What's new
o Change the way advanced audio selection is done
o Make the Survey Opt-Out
o New options to set the ouptut resolutions (auto, fixed width, fixed size)
o Reduce the aspect ratio error range (3.5% to 1.5%)
o Add progress reporting for divx mux stage (Muxing of big files takes really long)
o Add support for LockedAutoResize and AutoCrop modes in custom profiles
o Add a global application-wide preference for width and height modulo factor used for calculating resolutions
* What's Fixed
o Fix a crash when selecting a custom profile and going to advanced properties
o Enable log messages during Preferences query of DrFFMPEG
o Don't reuse a job pointer when the job has been deleted (occasional crash when removing jobs)
o Improve seeking in the preview for various formats
o Use double digits for jobs names so that the order is kept intact in case of a crash
o Don't display the decoded frame in the preview when the whole image is cropped
o Store all metadata in UTF8 in the job (otherwise the job cannot be read back)
o Make all threads use the same priority to avoid blocking one in favor or the other
o Make sure the input and output folders of a Watched Folder are different
o Parse IFO filenames even if they include a prefix or suffix (partially fixes #1444296)
o The VideoPreview now release the input file lock (fixes #1442569)
o Protect avcodec_open and avcodec_close as they don't seem to be reentrant
o Display the graph of video frames for quality-based encoding
o Detect audio delay correctly for VOBs whose the first picture's temporal sequence number is not equal to 0
o Constrain-to-file-size based custom profile respects the file size property
o Detect audio delay for non-AVI input file containers only
o Seeking by file offset used in analysis instead of time-stamp to work-around pts bugs in MPEG files
o Fixes for RV10 decoding
o Add channel down-mixing in DirectShow (you can leave your AC3 decoder to 5.1 output now)
o Improve seeking in ASF/WMV/DVR-MS
o Fixes for Cinepak keyframe indication
o Scan sections of the file to detect all audio and subtitle tracks

Version 2.0.0 beta 9
* What's new
o Add the possibility to force the output aspect ratio (Auto, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9)
o Add a button in the Batch window to launch an encoded file
o Add an option to encode with a constant quality (target quantizer)
o Add the possibility to reconfigure a job after it was added to the queue
o Add support for default output profile
o Add auto-build version checking
o Add a progress bar to the job status
o Start the jobs in Low priority by default
* What's Fixed
o Fix column widths for job batch and plugin list
o Put correct cli.exe in Installer for future builds
o Make the sliders usable with the keyboard
o Rework the crop enable/disable so that it can be handled by the keyboard
o Make language selection thru Preferences work
o Alphabetize language drop-down for audio and subs
o Update the batch buttons when the job status changes to avoid doing operations when the job is running
o Keep muxing even if some files are missing
o Ignore 1-pixel crop bars so that we don't resize needlessly
o Avoid crashing when a DirectShow filter exists in the registry but can't be used
o Support DV Type 1 files

Version 2.0.0 beta 8
* What's new
o Add the possibility to enable/disable watch folders (disabled by default)
o Save the watch folder settings in the user directory (~/.drdivx2)
o Add a CLI (Command Line) version of DrDivX to encode a file directly with a profile
o Now built with MSVC 2005 Express (freeware version) and Qt 4.1.1 (open source edition)
o Add a "reset" starting mode to delete all the content of the user directory (~/.drdivx2) and jobs
o Rewriting of the aspect ratio handling to support video upscaling (but not beyond profile limits)
o Allow the use of a /.drdivx2 directory to store the settings instead of ~/.drdivx2 (easier to debug)
o The analysis on loading is done in a low priority thread
o Allow user to request interlaced video output
o Access the full video preview from the small video preview
o Add a general progress bar to monitor the long analysis
o Survey tool invoked at application exit
* What's Fixed
o Fix a crash in the preview when the 2nd (or more) video file loaded is in YUV420P
o Don't try to reorder columns that don't exist anymore in job batch
o The audio delay detection was not working correctly in beta 7
o When clicking on basic when nothing is loaded the profile was changing
o Avoid crashing when the saved settings are incorrect
o Rework the JobBatchWidget code to avoid crashes
o Fix over-eager frame droppage caused by SCR reset and subsequent PTS rewind
o Fix crash when custom profiles are used in conjunction with watch folders
o Use toolbar to switch between file, capture and batch views
o Sync the file size displayed in Output Widget and Info Widget
o Fix application hang on certain clips caused by cyclic invokation of Video Preview methods
o Forcing the same audio parameters for all tracks now works (fixes #1445072)
o Trust the subtitle info in the .ifo file
o Fix a possible seeking problem when using multiple vobs input
o Fix a frame decoding in MPEG2 for interlaced content. This will improve border detection.
o Avoid using dubious data in the ASF demuxer (fixes #1447859)

Version 2.0.0 beta 7
* What's new
o Add a graph of the output frames in the Job status window
o Remove the Metadata saving until DivX Media Format is stable
o Move all the settings from the registry to an XML file
o Add drag and drop file support to Input widget
o Add Watch folders
o Simplify the Job Batch window and move some job information in a tooltip
o Add a preview window of the video to encode in Advanced mode
o Perform quick analysis when file is loaded and start intensive analysis in background
o Allow user to change codec settings without waiting for intensive analysis to finish
o Move OutputFileSize property to profile so that user can specify target file size instead of bitrate
o Add Information Widget so that user gets up-to-date information on encoded output properties
* What's Fixed
o Cleanup the format of the log files for better usability
o Don't save a job on leaving if we're in the middle of the Analysis
o Disable tracks for which a (DirectShow) decoder is not available
o Respect aspect ratio settings when cropping is used
o Change scan duration when loading file
o Fix seeking for WMV files
o Disable tracks when decoder is not available

Version 2.0.0 beta 6
* What's new
o Tool-tip in the job list to know the internal name of the job (to locate the log file)
o Redirect the DrFFMPEG logs to the Job logs (requires DrFFMPEG update) / default level = warning(1)
o Do the various audio and subtitle encodings before the video
o Each encoded audio track can be separately configured
o Italian translation
o Increase the maximum video bitrate to 6 Mbps for High Definition Certification
o Portuguese translation
o Check if the installed DrFFMPEG DLL is compatible with the DrDivX version
o Support for Windows Media Center .dvr-ms files
o More logs from DrFFMPEG to better track bugs
o Reset the log file only when starting a new job (the log is kept when restarting in the middle)
o Audio preview (play, stop, skip forwards and backwards)
* What's Fixed
o Don't do the full analysis during the encoding if it was done during the Advanced setup
o Keep the output filename when going in the metadata dialog
o Unicode friendly metadata saving
o Make all the internal path Unicode friendly (DrDivx can now be run from any directory name)
o Allow resolutions up to 1280x720 in High Definition mode
o Correctly skip unknown/unsupported tracks in the track mapper
o Don't propose tracks with an unsupported codec (text subtitles and some audio codec)
o Adjust Fit-To-Filesize when there are subtitles to encode
o Add a whitelist of (allowed) DirectShow filters to avoid using non-compatible filtersNow built using MinGW to enable more codec and asm code and more compatibility with the original FFMPEG

Version 2.0.0 beta 5
* What's new
o Internal audio booster (see advanced settings)
o When deleting a job a remaining one is selected (to make it faster to delete a lot of jobs)
o Dialog box on exit to prevent the user from stopping a running job accidentally (Expert & Batch modes)
o Dutch translation
o German translation
o Protect the application to run only one instance of either the Export or Batch mode
o Start the Batch mode after a job has been added in Wizard mode (Proceed to Encode Queue)
* What's Fixed
o Delete temporary files after encode (Close all file handles opened by DivXMux.dll)
o A running job can't be removed (needs to be stopped first)
o Use the same path format for input and output files ( vs / on windows)
o Avoid adding extra in the output path
o Fix certification reset when switching between Simple/Advanced tabs
o Improve the french installer
o The encoding priority was not handled in Expert mode (oops!)
o Now built using MinGW to enable more codec and asm code and more compatibility with the original FFMPEG
o Fix a subtitle decoding problem when an odd number of line is detected
o Optimize the output size and speed of subtitles (the result is not 100% similar to bmp2xsub)
o WMV decoding is now handled by the Microsoft DMO filter
o RealVideo9 decoder via

What's new (Version 2.0.0 beta 4)
- New features
Allow users to specify track language and caption code
Add plugin support (ftp_plugin and notify_plugin included)
Spanish translation
Hungarian translation

- Bugs fixed
Fix crash when invalid video track file is created
Update progress status when Metadata track is encoded (used to wrongly show ChapterTrack encode)
Fix crash when audio packet is found before video packet in MPEG streams (ffmpeg was not using pts from correct sync stream)
Fix crash when decode error happens for certain clips during analysis (logger was NULL)
Continue analysis even when decode error happens (encountered for certain live capture MPEG-2 clips)
Expose AC-3 passthrough in expert mode

What's new (Version 2.0.0 beta 3)
New setting to allow removing the job working folder in case of job failure (always done on successful jobs)
Allow AC-3 audio passthrough (there is a bug found, so its only working in wizard mode right now)
Display the most DirectShow filters most likely to be used (AC3, DTS, AAC) in the preferences
Use the Logs dir to store saffron.log and per-job logs
New option to start jobs on startup (Batch & Expert mode) (off
by default)
Swedish translation by Glenn
French translation by Oliver

What's Fixed (Version 2.0.0 beta 3)
Output files with a Unicode name were truncated
Job reordering works again
Set correct track information in strn chunk of divx file
Fix some DV samples where the crop detection was not working
Audio delay for AC3 tracks is compensated for correctly for streams that have negative delay.

Fix ABR for high bitrates

What's new (Version 2.0.0 beta 2)
Support Unicode filenames and text properties
Support CBR/ABR selection for custom profiles (default CBR for DivX profiles)
Add translation files for available languages
Add "High Performance" mode (DivX He-3 encoder)
Apply the Advanced settings even if not saved in a profile (as long as the "Untitled profile" is selected)
Allow stopping the Audio encoder correctly (end up as Waiting/Postponed instead of failed)
Don't start the jobs on Expert startup to be able to remove jobs that are crashing
The "Low" priority of the thread is now equal to IDLE

What's Fixed (Version 2.0.0 beta 2)
Delete Expert mode desktop shortcut when uninstalling the application
Memory leak when the Expert mode was opened during a long time
The video track was not selected correctly in some cases
When opening many files before doing the encoding the track mapping was wrong (too many tracks)
Make analysis faster by analyzing only 11 segments of 150 frames each
Fix the display of extended float numbers in the FPS
Allow only up to 8 audio tracks and 8 subtitle tracks to be selected for encode
Fix DivX encoder failures when encoding with Handheld certification
Support CBR/ABR selection for custom profiles
Fix a potential crash while leaving a DirectShow decoder when it's not initialized

2.0.0 beta 1
The Dr. has returned from his extended vacation and has reopened his practice. The Dr. apologizes to all those with video files he has not been able to help you convert in his absence. But before you get started please read all of the documentation as you will see...This is not the old Dr. DivX. This is something very new.

Version 1.0.6 released 2004-09-08


Dr. DivX can be purchased at a discount from trial mode if a registered version of DivX Pro is installed
Dr. DivX 1.0.6 now supports Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
Dr. DivX 1.0.6 now includes DivX Pro 5.2.1
Dr. DivX 1.0.6 now includes DivX Player 2.5.5

An issue where Dr. DivX would ignore custom crop settings
An issue where the update application detected the registered version of Dr. DivX as a trial version
An issue where the audio decoder sometimes interfered with other installed software
An issue where pressing "Enter" on the registration screen closed the window instead of submitting information
An issue where "Keep AC3" and "Boost Audio" could be selected together
An issue where a registered version of Dr. DivX 1.0.5 would show up as a trial in Auto Update

Version 1.0.5 released 2004-07-15


Surround sound AC-3 audio support
High Definition transport stream encoding
MP3 CBR/VBR audio encoding support
Audio boost to fix low audio encoding
Audio stream name detection from DVD input (must have IFO file)
Additional 15 day trial extension
Latest 5.2 codec
Adaptive bi-directional coding
MPEG-2 quantization
Bitrate calculator
Automatic updates

The DVD backup VOB analysis
Video analysis
File input analysis
MP3 audio bitrate level options
Simplicity of registration and activation process
Accuracy of file splitting
DV encoding to incur less dropped frames
Accounting for RIFF chunk overhead resulting in more accurate file sizes
Interlaced/progressive settings

Slow audio bug for certain DV cameras
Dropped frames when capturing to DV
Duration analysis bug which caused MPEG-2 streams to be detected with shorter durations
Crashes and halts which occurred when a third party AC3 decoder was not present
A bug causing DV audio to be slowed when sampling rate was below 44.1 Khz
The opening of transport (.ts) stream files

Encoding for playback on PocketPC player
A bug wherein file splitting would cause a crash on 2nd pass
A bug that caused Dr. DivX to crash when using VirtualDub filters
A bug wherein changing the MV path could cause an MV error in two pass encodes (MV is now removed from the codec and Dr. DivX as a feature)
An issue with hidden DivX and Custom Profile area

Version 1.0.4 released 2003-11-20

Integrated DivX 5.1.1 codec.
Fixed GUI bug where enabling GMC would cause Dr. DivX to pause during encoding.
Updated the Help file.

Version 1.0.3 released 2003-09-25

Dr. DivX 1.0.3 now encodes with the DivX Pro 5.1 codec.
MV files are enabled.
New 15 day trial (even if you've had a 15 day trial before).
Fixed a bug where pre-processing may not have been set correctly.
Fixed a bug where resize filter may not have been set correctly.
Fixed a bug that could cause an encoded file to not play in Windows Media Player version 8 or later.
Fixed audio warble bug on VOB files that had variable frame rate in some video sections of video.
Fixed a bug that occasionally caused a segment of video to be inserted in a different spot.
Fixed audio synch on DivX 3.11 encoded files where there were empty frames.
Fixed handling of VOB files so Dr. DivX will not hang on loading of VOB files.
Fixed a bug that would cause audio or video preview to freeze.
Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to crash at the beginning of second pass if various codec packs were installed.
Changing audio bitrate in modify settings step, will now adjust video bitrate accordingly to maintain requested file size for output.
Fixed a bug with EKG that would complain about the mismatch of the number of frames.

Version 1.0.2p released 2003-09-02

Activation process which will require reactivation of software for upgrades. Read the special activation instructions.
A bug where Dr. DivX would not start due to a debugger detected.
A bug where Dr. DivX would not run on Windows 2003 platform.

Version 1.0.2 released 2003-07-03

Fixed audio video interleave for DivX Certified and DivX Compatible hardware devices.
Files encoded with Dr. DivX can now be opened with TMPEGenc.
Encoded files will now play on Archos Multimedia Jukebox.

Version 1.0.1 released 2003-06-12

An audio synch bug which occurred if users visited the advanced settings page.
A bug where it would crash on second pass with some AC3 filters.
A bug for multi-processor or hyper threaded machines when opening VOB files.
Added a separate registration application.
Auto crop to be more accurate.
A bug where it would crash in filtergraph.dll when loading input files.

Version 1.0 released 2003-05-20

Encode video into DivX? in 3 easy steps.
Encode from a variety of inputs including MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, AviSynth, WMV, Live Capture and DV.
Auto-detection of cropping.
Auto-detection of interlace and 3:2 pull down.
Auto-detection of resolution and aspect ratio.
Create and save custom encoding profiles.
Batch encoding mode to encode hundreds of video clips with ease.
Integrated EKG to fine-tune your video.
DivX Certified encoding profiles for playback on DivX Certified hardware devices.
AC3 decoders tested (in order from most reliable to least stable)
AC3 filter
This filter was found to work the best.
Volume levels are low, but can be adjusted in the AC3 configuration utility.
Cyberlink AC3 decoder
Moonlight AC3 decoder
Intervideo AC3 decoder
This filter caused Dr. DivX to hang on certain input files.
During Batch encode, some audio tracks could be lost.
Sonic (Ravisent) AC3 decoder
This filter caused Dr. DivX to hang on certain input files.
Hardware tested (Live Capture and DV)
Live Capture

Hauppauge WinTVGo
ATI TV Wonder
ATI All in Wonder 8500
Osprey 220
Dazzle DVC50
Dazzle: DVC100
Logitech Webcam
Creative Webcam PD1001
Generic USB web cam
Generic FireWire web cam

Sony DSR-11
Cannon ZR 70 (NTSC)
Cannon ZR 60 (NTSC)
Cannon GL1 (NTSC)
Cannon Elura (PAL)
Panasonic PB-DB53D
Sony DCR-TRV103
Sony DCR-TRV33
Sony TRV72
Fixes from Beta 1.0:
Dr. DivX will now open AVISynth script files.
Dr. DivX now prevents external filters such as Morgan Stream Switcher from being used inadvertently.
DV CAM de-interlacing now works properly.
Fixed a bug that caused video splitting (x file of y size) to malfunction.
Fixed a bug that caused information section to not update jobs properly.
Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash during preview of DV.
Fixed a bug that caused the output bit rate to decrement as the Certification button was checked/unchecked continuously.
Fixed when frame rate control (x1/2, x1/3) had no effect in Home Theatre.
Fixed when frame rate control (x1/2, x1/3) had no effect with no Certification buttons selected.
Fixed a bug that caused profile editor to not restrict profile to certification levels.
Fixed a bug that caused profile editor to save MPEG-4 parameters (GMC, Q-Pixel) in .dip file even with Certification enabled.
A single pass batch encoding job will not cause Dr. DivX to crash.
Encoding Screen - Bit rate graph zooms-in/out as encoding progresses.
Fixed a bug where user was able to produce the correct size output file for certain input files.
Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to resize improperly for non-standard aspect ratio inputs.
Fixed a bug that caused the Certification chosen in the profile editor to not be reflected in Dr. DivX application.
Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to hang if user encoded a clip with Certification disabled and Resize unchecked.
Fixed a bug that caused the Dr. DivX "Profile Output" to display erroneous resolution value when different certification level was selected.
Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to fail to start a batch job (configured by EKG) when EKG is still open.
Fixed miscellaneous GUI bugs.

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