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Dopamine is an audio player which tries to make organizing and listening to music as simple and pretty as possible. It can play wav, mp3, ogg vorbis, flac, wma and m4a/aac. These screenshots give you a sneak peek of what you can expect when using Dopamine.

Free software
Released:Apr 18,2018
File size:43.7MB
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Dopamine screenshot
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Dopamine screenshot 2
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Latest version

1.5.13 (April 18, 2018)


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Download Dopamine 1.5.13  [43.7MB]  [Win]

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Download Dopamine 1.5.13 portable  [41.2MB]  [Win]  [Portable]

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Free software

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

18/04/2018 Raphaël Off Dopamine

Dopamine 1.5.13 has just been released. This is the change log:

– [Changed] Improved parsing of timestamped lyrics
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Vietnamese translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Fixed] Fixed MetroLyrics parsing issues
– [Fixed] Spectrum styles are not localized

05/04/2018 Raphaël Off Dopamine

– [Added] Songs can now be added to Now Playing by dragging audio and playlist files from Explorer
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Vietnamese translation
– [Fixed] Files cannot be enqueued from Windows Explorer since version 1.5.11

2018-03-21: Dopamine 1.5.11

– [Added] Added support for N editions of Windows (Even without Media Feature Pack)
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Croatian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Greek translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Fixed] Fixed a crash which happens just after startup on some editions of Windows 10
– [Fixed] Playback fails on 32 bit Windows versions

10/02/2018 Raphaël Off Dopamine

Dopamine 1.5.10 has just been released. This is the change log:

2018-02-10: Dopamine 1.5.10

– [Added] Added option to center lyrics
– [Fixed] Fixed an issue where indexing fails completely if at least 1 subdirectory is inaccessible
– [Fixed] Fixed checkboxes to show/hide folders from collection are not displayed
– [Fixed] Fixed high memory usage when shuffling a lot of songs

29/01/2018 Raphaël Off Dopamine

Dopamine 1.5.9 has just been released!

The last release (version 1.5.8) introduced a nasty bug where no albums were shown for artists and genres which have only 1 album. This new version solves this issue. So, this is the short change log:

2018-01-28: Dopamine 1.5.9

– [Fixed] Fixed albums not being displayed for artists and genres which only have 1 album

27/01/2018 Raphaël Off Dopamine

Dopamine 1.5.8 has just been released! This is the change log:

– [Added] Added support for the WMA Lossless file format
– [Changed] Updated the Bulgarian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Brazil) translation
– [Fixed] Fixed a problem playing folders and playlists from Windows Explorer
– [Fixed] Fixed sorting by track number in the songs screen
– [Fixed] Fixed possible crash when drawing the list of albums

12/01/2018 Raphaël Off Dopamine

Dopamine 1.5.7 has just been released. This is a small bug fix release. Here is the change log:

– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Brazil) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Vietnamese translation
– [Fixed] Fixed multiple issues concerning lyrics support

06/01/2018 Raphaël Off Dopamine

Hi everyone! Dopamine 1.5.6 has just been released. This is the change log:

– [Added] Added Croatian translation
– [Added] Added an option to use all speakers on multi-speaker systems
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Fixed] Fixed strange behaviour when playing files from Windows Explorer
– [Fixed] Fixed wrong Play and Skip count order on the Songs screen
– [Fixed] Fixed bad album cover quality on 4K displays with 250% scaling


07/12/2017 Raphaël Off Uncategorized
Hi everyone!

Dopamine 1.5.5 has just been released. This is the change log:

– [Added] Added support for the Opus file format
– [Added] Added optional automatic download of album covers from the Internet
– [Added] Added optional enqueue of other audio files which are in the same folder as a double-clicked audio file
– [Added] Added button to download covers from the edit song window
– [Added] Added Vietnamese translation
– [Changed] Updated the French translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Fixed] Fixed another conflict between playing a file from Explorer and loading of saved queued songs
– [Fixed] Fixed a potential issue when changing album covers


24/11/2017 Raphaël Off Dopamine
Hi all!

Dopamine 1.5.4 is available! This is the change log:

– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Fixed] A conflict between playing a file from Explorer and loading of saved queued songs
– [Fixed] User interface becomes unresponsive when a collection folder contains the characters “{” and/or “}”
– [Fixed] Click to play from the Frequent screen doesn’t work anymore
– [Fixed] Fixed missing lyrics editor in song edit window
– [Fixed] Media keys don’t work since the last release


22/11/2017 Raphaël Off Dopamine
Hi everyone!

Dopamine 1.5 contained a lot of under-the-hood changes and improvements which have been tested thoroughly before release. Unfortunately, the real world is always a different beast than the testing sandbox when it comes to software. Multiple critical and some less critical issues were found. So I jumped on the bugs as fast as I could, and most of the problems have been ironed out thanks to zero day releases 1.5.1 and 1.5.2.

Today, I have the pleasure to announce that there is yet another bugfix release of Dopamine available: Dopamine 1.5.3. This release tackles issues that were reported after the 1.5.2 release and should make Dopamine 1.5 finally stable for everyone. This is the change log:

– [Changed] Updated the French translation
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Turkish translation
– [Fixed] Korean language file is missing in installable version
– [Fixed] Indexing fails for all files if 1 of the files has a path which is too long
– [Fixed] Some broken files generate faulty artists, genres and albums in the collection during indexing
– [Fixed] Portable version update notification forwards the user to the installer instead of download location
– [Fixed] Files with special characters fail to play
– [Fixed] Buttons don’t work on the system notification
– [Fixed] A thick accented window border is displayed when maximized with a hidden Windows Taskbar
– [Fixed] Last selected settings page is not remembered when going back to Settings from the Collection or Information pages


21/11/2017 Raphaël Off Dopamine
Hi again!

Another Dopamine bug fix release is available: Dopamine 1.5.2
It fixes issues that some users have been getting, mostly when using translated versions. This is the change log:

– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Fixed] Crash on startup when using a non-English language
– [Fixed] Menu texts not updated when switching language


20/11/2017 Raphaël Off Uncategorized
Hi everyone!

Well, that is embarrassing :) Dopamine 1.5 was release not even an hour ago and it is already causing issues on a select number of computers. The joys of software development. I’ve pinpointed the issue and fixed it. Dopamine 1.5.1 is now available and can be downloaded here.

This is the change log:

– [Fixed] Potential database issues while indexing album covers in the background


20/11/2017 Raphaël Off Uncategorized
Hi everyone!

Today I have the pleasure to announce that Dopamine 1.5 has been released!

So, where is version 1.4? Well, there was no version 1.4. However, I didn’t do a Microsoft 7 ate 9 just because I can :). There’s a technical reason for the version jump.

So, why 1.5?

First of all, I decided to stop providing preview builds. There is a lot of time in between 2 releases. Some users fill that gap by using the previews. By doing so, they can enjoy new features very quickly. Other users don’t want to use the previews because “preview” sounds unstable. So they prefer to wait until the next release is available. By doing so, they miss out on a lot of new features and fixes.

So, as the previews are always pretty stable, I decided to re-brand them as releases. This means 2 things:

1. Releases will follow each other more quickly, but will have a more limited set of features per release than past releases.
2. The build number will be dropped. Instead, a simple version number will be used. E.g.: 1.5 for a release, 1.5.1 for a bugfix release.

A full version number always contains 4 digits, although I’m only sowing those that aren’t “0”. For version 1.5, that means that the full version number is

When you launch the Dopamine MSI installer, it compares the full version number of the Dopamine that is already installed on your computer with the full version number of the Dopamine that you are trying to install. If the Dopamine that you’re trying to install is newer (meaning it has a larger version number), you’re allowed to proceed with the installation. Otherwise, you get a warning and the installation stops.

Because I’ve already made some 1.4 previews available (which have a full version number like 1.4.0.x) and I don’t want to break updates for people which are using the previews, I had to choose a version number which is larger than 1.4.0.x. The options were: 1.4.x.0 or As I’d like to keep the 3rd digit for bugfix releases, I chose Simple, no? :)

Update notification

It is expected if Dopamine 1.3 didn’t give you a notification about Dopamine 1.5 being available. The update notification system on the website has been greatly improved. Dopamine 1.5 supports the new update notification system. Dopamine 1.3 doesn’t. That’s why it won’t detect this update.

A word about the future

As you’ll see in the change log, the audio decoder was changed in this version. Dopamine is now using the well known FFmpeg to decode audio files. That adds some new possibilities for the future, like streaming support.

For the next Dopamine release (1.6) playlist support will be rebuilt. The playlists screen will get a more optimal layout and smart playlist will be added.

In Dopamine 1.7, I’d like to have a look at streaming support. Somewhere in between (I’m not sure yet when that will be planned) I’ll rebuild lyrics support. As I find it rather archaic right now.

Alright, enough talking! Here is the Dopamine 1.5 change log:

– [Added] Added a Context Menu option to play (enqueue) selected tracks
– [Added] Added option to use native Windows 10 notifications
– [Added] The artists information screen now shows an image for similar artists
– [Added] Added option to toggle display of song covers in playlists and Now playing
– [Added] Added support for Monkey’s Audio APE file format
– [Added] Added an external control API (Remote control can be enabled in Settings > Playback > External control).
For developers, see
– [Changed] Updated audio engine to CSCore and changed the audio decoder.
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified)
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Removed the splash screen
– [Changed] When double clicking files in Windows Explorer, we now start in Mini Player mode
– [Changed] Re-introduced automatic loop when performing shuffled playback. There is now an option to disable it.
– [Changed] Album covers are updated in the background
– [Changed] Added some options for reloading of album covers
– [Changed] It’s now possible to check for updates at startup only (without periodic update check)
– [Fixed] Some WAV files fail to play
– [Fixed] Multichannel FLAC files fail to play
– [Fixed] Indexer starts even when disabled in the settings
– [Fixed] Indexer starts too often due to corrupt or unreadable files
– [Fixed] Window is restored behind the task bar when double clicking tray icon
– [Fixed] “Unknown artist”, “Unknown album”, “Unknown genre” are not translated
– [Fixed] Fixed multiple issues when removing songs from Now Playing
– [Fixed] Fixed a crash when moving mini players around when the playlist window is opened
– [Fixed] It is possible to scrobble tracks by skipping to the end of the track
– [Fixed] Tracks on the playlists screen are not cleared when the last playlist is deleted
– [Fixed] Unable to type underscore in user field
– [Fixed] Crash when attempting to jump to albums using key presses
– [Fixed] Renaming a playlist does not update the playlist name in the context menus


07/07/2017 Raphaël Off Dopamine
Hi everyone!

Today is release day! After months of development and quite a few preview versions, I’ve decided it was time to release version 1.3.
I’d like to thank all users, testers, developers who helped on GitHub, and last but not least, the people who donated. All you help is very much appreciated. One feature didn’t make it in this release: smart playlists. Sorry about that. That feature has been moved to version 1.4.

This release contains many improvements over version 1.2. This is the change log:


Playlist support was rewritten from scratch. Your existing playlists will not be migrated.
Save your playlists to files manually before upgrading to this version. Import your saved
playlists after upgrading to this version.

– [Added] Added a button to export album and song covers to files
– [Added] Added an option to switch between 4 styles of spectrum analyzers
– [Added] Smoother list animations
– [Added] Added extra album sorting option “By date created”
– [Added] Added optional play count, skip count and date last played column to the songs screen
– [Added] Added a context menu option to add the playing song to a playlist
– [Added] Left and right arrow keys allow jumping 5 or 15 seconds backward or forward (Information > help for hotkeys)
– [Added] Added an option to follow the album cover color
– [Added] Added support for local lyrics files (LRC)
– [Added] Added audio device selection
– [Added] Changes to the collection folders are now detected automatically
– [Added] Changes to the MusicDopaminePlaylists folder are now detected automatically
– [Added] Added NeteaseLyrics support
– [Added] Added XiamiLyrics support
– [Added] Double clicking a playlist queues and plays the songs of that playlist
– [Added] The keyboard space bar now toggles play and pause
– [Changed] Lyrics are not downloaded anymore when the lyrics screen is not visible
– [Changed] When using “Loop one”, pressing Previous or Next now skips to the previous or next song.
– [Changed] Playlists support has been rewritten: playlists are now saved to files automatically.
– [Changed] The ‘Cloud’ screen was renamed to ‘Frequent’ and the layout was changed
– [Changed] The song title on playback info panes now scales to the available width
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the French translation
– [Changed] Updated the Turkish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Bulgarian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Greek translation
– [Changed] Updated the Polish translation
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Fixed] Automatic install or download button for updates is confusing for some users
– [Fixed] Improved sizing of time indicator on the main window
– [Fixed] A potential crash when trying to figure out the Windows version at startup.
– [Fixed] Blurry context menu, notification window and tooltips at desktop scaling higher as 100%
– [Fixed] Timestamped lyrics for songs longer than 1 hour don’t work
– [Fixed] Audio files which reside on a NAS cannot be played from playlists
– [Fixed] Dopamine process remains active in Task Manager after a crash
– [Fixed] Tray controls are positioned outside of the screen when using desktop scaling > 100%
– [Fixed] Fixed an occasional crash which happened when automatically scrolling to the playing song
– [Fixed] Mini player windows are buggy in Windows 10 tablet mode
– [Fixed] A possible startup crash caused by the tray icon
– [Fixed] A conflict with the search box when changing the volume by pressing – or +
– [Fixed] Tray controls don’t respect the position of the Windows Taskbar.
– [Fixed] Added optional ‘Remove from disk’ option to the song context menu
– [Fixed] Date in the Song Information window is not localized
– [Fixed] WASAPI Exclusive mode plays high pitched sound
– [Fixed] Play next doesn’t work correctly when shuffle is enabled

Dopamine 1.2.4 Release

Change log:

[Fixed] Artists are not sorted alphabetically
[Fixed] "Shuffle all" doesn't shuffle

Dopamine 1.2.3 Release

Change log:

[Fixed] Instability on 32-bit Windows versions
[Fixed] Fixed a bug in the Artists sorting

Dopamine 1.2.2 Release

Change log:

[Added] Added MetroLyrics as extra automatic lyrics provider (because Chartlyrics went dead)
[Added] Added an option to enable/disable automatic lyrics providers individually and an option to set a lyrics download timeout
[Added] Mouse XButton1 plays the previous song, XButton2 plays the next song.
[Fixed] Artists sorting (song, album, all) was restored after an unmanagable amount of complaints about its removal.
[Fixed] Lyrics search stops if querying 1 lyrics provider fails, even if there are still other providers to left to use.
[Fixed] Mute doesn't stick when the next song starts playing
Fixed Hopefully fixed an issue with the installer, which caused missing files on some computers (I hate Windows installer).

Dopamine 1.2.1 Release

Change log:

[Fixed] A bug where the installer fails to upgrade from a previous version

Dopamine 1.2 Release

Change log:

[Added] The last played song and its progress is now optionally remembered on next start
[Added] Added "Play next" feature
[Added] Songs screen has an optional column that shows if a song has lyrics
[Added] Possibility to re-order songs by drag and drop in playlists and Now Playing screen
[Added] A more visible tray icon for systems which are not running Windows 10
[Added] It is now possible to edit tags in Now Playing screen and Mini Player
[Added] Added options to show a notification when pausing and resuming a song
[Added] Added scrobbling
[Added] Added a 'Love' button which can send 'Love' and 'Unlove' requests to
[Added] Added lyrics support (automatic lyrics download, edit lyrics, and screen to display lyrics while playing)
[Added] Added an option to modify how much the volume changes when scrolling with the mouse on the volume bar
[Added] Collection refresh on startup is now optional
[Added] Added an Artist information screen
[Added] Added download of album covers from the Internet
[Added] Added "Play with Dopamine" to the Windows folder context menu
[Added] Added "Add to playlist > New playlist..." on the context menu of all screens
[Added] Added download of cover art for albums
[Changed] When enabling "Open the last selected page at startup", the last selected Now Playing page is now also remembered.
[Changed] Upgraded to the latest version of the CSCore Audio Library
[Changed] Changed the album selection box, as it wasn't visible enough.
[Changed] The notification window now puts emphasis on the song title instead of the artist name
[Changed] Sorting by album on the Songs screen now respects the track order inside an album
[Changed] The "Columns..." button on Songs screen was moved to right-click menu
[Changed] The playback controls pane is now narrower
[Changed] Improved the quality of the cloud screen covers
[Changed] Improved the "Follow song" description as it was confusing
[Changed] "See you later" screen when closing is only displayed when there are background tasks remaining
[Changed] Removed song covers from playlists. They were in fact albums covers and were confusing for users.
[Changed] Updated the Chinese Traditional translation
[Changed] Updated the Chinese Simplified translation
[Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
[Changed] Updated the Greek translation
[Changed] The comment field is now multiline
[Changed] Moved the "Shuffle all" button to a more logical place
[Fixed] Improved sorting on the Songs screen
[Fixed] The same audio files are added multiple times to the collection in some cases
[Fixed] Removed the blurry background when semantic zoom is visible. It made semantic zoom harder to read.
[Fixed] The main window is still visible in the ALT-TAB menu when minimized or closed to the tray
[Fixed] Multiple issues when switching audio devices
[Fixed] Notifications cause closing of tray controls
[Fixed] Opening a playlist causes a crash
[Fixed] A lot of bugs in processing of metadata
[Fixed] Unrating a song is now easier
[Fixed] Refreshing of covers is more fluid
[Fixed] Song covers are more accurate. Covers stored in or with the audio files have higher priority than album covers.
[Fixed] Fixed now playing information not updated when metadata changes
[Fixed] MusicBee ratings are not read from MP3's
[Fixed] "Follow the Windows color", which was broken since version 1.1.
[Fixed] A big memory leak
[Fixed] Search field not always visible when coming back from Settings or Information pages
[Fixed] Album art is not displayed on the background of the Now playing screen when double-clicking files from explorer
[Fixed] The Manual equalizer preset is not translated when selected
[Fixed] Chinese metadata is garbled
[Fixed] Clicking a scrollbar plays the selected item
[Fixed] Rating to MP3 files doesn't work if the file is not in the collection
[Fixed] Windows case insensitivity for files and folder names isn't respected

Dopamine 1.1.1 Release

Change log:

[Changed] Updated the Portuguese translation
[Fixed] Dopamine is not running as a 64 bit application on 64 bit systems

Dopamine 1.1 Release

Change log:

[Changed] Dopamine was translated from VB.NET to C# and is now Open Source Software! Source code:
[Changed] This version requires .NET Framework 4.6.1
[Changed] Updated to the latest release of the CSCore audio library
[Changed] Shuffle doesn't perform a loop anymore. It is now possible to enable shuffle and loop individually.
[Changed] Removed the search field on the Cloud screen
[Changed] Updated the Russian translation
[Changed] Updated the Greek translation
[Changed] Updated the Portuguese translation
[Added] Added a 10 band Equalizer with 17 built-in presets and possibility to create and save custom presets
[Added] Added a customizable online search for videos and lyrics
[Added] Added a confirmation dialog when enabling WASAPI Exclusive mode
[Added] Added a shuffle all button
[Added] Added a Bitrate column on the Songs screen
[Added] Added importing of .wpl playlists
[Added] Added Italian translation
[Added] Added Polish translation
[Added] Added Ukrainian translation
[Fixed] Impossible to import some .m3u and .zpl playlists
[Fixed] Collection updating incorrectly when a new collection folder is added just after removing another
[Fixed] Songs having a white space as Genre cause the Genres list to be empty (A refresh of the collection is required to apply this fix)
[Fixed] Updating album metadata causes an album with title 'Multiple Values' to appear
[Fixed] Files removed in Windows are not removed from the collection
[Fixed] Album art is cut off on lower left playback information pane on the main screen
[Fixed] Dialogs show a 1px bottom border at some resolutions
[Fixed] Duplicate semantic Artist and Genre groups appear after performing a search
[Fixed] Removed songs can still be played when pressing the play button
[Fixed] Bluetooth headset play/pause button not detected
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