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DivX Software 10.8.10 Windows - Released July 20, 2022

The updated DivX 10.8.10 Software includes Converter support for HEIC photos to JPEG, as well as key fixes and operational improvements to convert and play videos.

What's New:

DivX Converter can now convert HEIC photos to JPEG

DivX Cloud Drive is fully supported for Google Drive and Dropbox. Easily back up your content to the cloud.
Minor bugfixes, stability, and improvements
To enjoy all the new DivX Software features, please ensure your Operating System is the latest version.

DivX Software 10.8.9 Windows - Released October 20, 2020

The updated DivX 10.8.9 Software includes key fixes and operational improvements to convert and play videos.

What's New:

New and improved support for videos with multiple audio tracks. Fixes cases where languages are incorrectly labeled.
Custom presets in DivX Converter are correctly saved for easier video conversion.
General performance updates to the software installer

DivX Software 10.8.8 Windows - Released 2020-05-06

DivX 10.8.8 updates the software experience by improving AVI file support and keeping up with the latest OS changes.

What's New:

Improved AVI file support
Set of minor bug fixes and improvements
Known Issues:

Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.

DivX Software 10.8.7 - Released 2018-12-19


Converter 10.8.7
Player 10.8.7
Web Player 3.8.7
DivX To Go 3.8.7
Media Server 10.8.7
DivX Installer System 3.8.7
DivX Control Panel 3.8.7
DivX 10.8.7 brings you a smoother, better operating software suite by increasing MKV support, streamlining playback resume and fixing a number of bugs.

What's New:

Improved MKV support for HEVC
New playback resume functionality and UI
Updated transcode engine for conversion

Set of minor bugfixes and improvements
Known Issues:

Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.8.6 - Released 2018-1-23


Converter 10.8.6
Player 10.8.6
Web Player 3.8.6
DivX To Go 3.8.6
Media Server 10.8.6
DivX Installer System 3.8.6
DivX Control Panel 3.8.6
Following version 10.8.6 we will stop active development for Windows Vista and Mac OSX 10.8. These will be considered 'legacy', along with Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.6, and Mac OSX 10.7. No new functionality will be available for legacy versions, but you can use purchased products as long as you want. Also you can migrate to a newer version using DivX 10 license keys after upgrading your Operating System. To enjoy all the new DivX Software features, please upgrade your Operating System to a supported version.
What's New:

DivX Player supports HDR playback. Currently this feature is being beta tested
DivX Player delivers updated HEVC codec (faster and smoother playback)
DivX Player is capable of displaying subtitles with right-to-left scripting as well as double-byte, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and others
DivX Converter supplies tailored profiles for your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro, including 4K AVC playback
DivX Converter provides brand new HEVC full 4K (4096x2160) 120fps encoding profile
DivX Converter now allows you to share files through DivX Media Server with one click
DivX Converter provides better control over framerate normalization. If you experience non-synchronous clips, check application settings
DivX Media Server supports streaming in native resolution for Chromecast without content transcoding
DivX Media Server provides streaming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro in original formats
DivX Media Server support casting in HDR format

Set of minor bugfixes and improvements
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.8.5 - Released 2017-10-17

Converter 10.8.5
Player 10.8.5
Web Player 3.8.5
DivX To Go 3.8.5
Media Server 10.8.5
DivX Installer System 3.8.5 R2
DivX Control Panel 3.8.5 R2
What's New:
DivX Software now fully supports HiDPI displays and resolution up to 5K
DivX Player provides better handling for h.264 format (codecconfig inside STRF tag is now supported)
DivX Converter Pro supplies new UHD DCI 4096×2160px 120fps profile for encoding
DivX Converter improves handling of third-party libraries and fixes number of crashes related to them (fixed loading of nhAsusStrixOSD.dll)
DivX Converter now asks for confirmation when User tries to cancel transcoding
DivX Media Server provides control over caching functionality. Users are able to speed-up casting on Chromecast and Roku devices
DivX Media Server provides Telemetry dashboard for overlook and troubleshooting purposes
There are also a number of localization fixes and improvements in all DivX applications
DivX Converter contains a fix for audio-video mistiming after trimming
DivX Converter fixes checkboxes behavior for audio and subtitles menus
DivX Player was fixed to playback mp3 audio correctly after seeking
Set of minor bugfixes and improvements
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.8.4 - Released 2017-7-18

Converter 10.8.4
Player 10.8.4
Web Player 3.8.4
DivX To Go 3.8.4
Media Server 10.8.4
DivX Installer System 3.8.4
DivX Control Panel 3.8.4
What's New:
DivX Converter now provides new option to trim a file which comes from combine mode
User Interface of the DivX To Go module was refined for better support of the High Density displays
Support of the Dolby Digital format was improved in DivX Player
DivX Player now supports High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) format playback in media streaming in DASH protocol
DivX Media Server is able to cast video accompanied with FLAC audio tracks
DivX Media Server provides more robust and feature rich casting which is based on HLS protocol
VTT subtitles support has been added to DivX Media Server
DivX Media Server supports casting to Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Express hardware
DivX Media Server now properly displays image titles when casting multimedia from DivX Mobile
Overall support of the audio playback in DASH protocol was enhanced
DivX Player delivers a fix for proper item selection from DivX Library in Cast mode
DivX Converter contains a workaround for failed/incomplete installation of the Windows Visual Studio 2015 redistributable component
DivX Converter has updated Portuguese translation
Set of minor bugfixes and improvements
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.8.3 - Released 2017-6-8

Converter 10.8.3
Player 10.8.3
Web Player 3.8.3
DivX To Go 3.8.3
Media Server 10.8.3
DivX Installer System 3.8.3
DivX Control Panel 3.8.3
What's New:
DivX Player supports DASH streaming format
DivX Player delivers FLAC audio playback
DivX Converter provides better detection for Intel QuickSync compatible platforms
Several external subtitle formats are pre-validated by DivX Converter to prevent transcoding failures.
DivX Update on macOS can now be launched by non-privileged users
DivX Media Server provides a fix for Chromecast digital media player detection
Random crash on Converter application’s close has been fixed
Set of minor bugfixes and improvements
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.8.2 - Released 2017-5-9

Converter 10.8.2
Player 10.8.2
Web Player 3.8.2
DivX To Go 3.8.2
Media Server 10.8.2
DivX Installer System 3.8.2
DivX Control Panel 3.8.2
What's New:
DivX Media Server provides improved video streaming to number of Smart TVs' models
Media Server logs gathering and handling was updated
Converter application provides a fix for transcoding DVD with subtitles
Converter's Advanced Window functionality has been updated
Trimming functionality in DivX Converter works correctly when editing files with audio tracks
Converter provides number of fixes to avoid non-synchronized resulted audio and video
Converter's default bitrate values have been revised and updated
DivX Player now supports fragmented mp4 playback in HLS protocol
Video playback with scrubbing actions was improved
​DivX Update behavior on macOS was refined
Set of bug fixes and improvements
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.8.1 - Released 2017-4-4

Converter 10.8.1
Player 10.8.1
Web Player 3.8.1
DivX To Go 3.8.1
Media Server 10.8.1
DivX Installer System 3.8.1
DivX Control Panel 3.8.1
What's New:
DivX Media Server better supports scan/update option of the shared folders
Default cast action functionality improved in the Media Server
DivX Media Server now properly handles on-demand codecs downloading
DivX Converter now provides hardware-based HEVC encoding for Intel-powered PCs
DivX Player now supports HLS for "Video On Demand" content
Set of minor bug fixes and improvements
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.7.3 - Released 2017-3-14

Converter 10.7.3
Player 10.7.3
Web Player 3.7.3
DivX To Go 3.7.3
Media Server 10.7.3
DivX Installer System 3.7.3
DivX Control Panel 3.7.3
Following 10.7.3 several outdated Operating Systems will be deprecated (Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.6, Mac OSX 10.7). New features in bundles that follow 10.7.3 will only be available in supported OS’s. Unfortunately, no new functionality will be available in deprecated OSs but you can use purchased versions of the product as long as you want.
To enjoy all new cool DivX Software features we propose you upgrade your Operating System to a supported version.
What's New:
Option to set a default device for one-click Casting in DivX Media Server
New graphical interface for DivX Converter's advanced settings
Design of the DivX Converter's transcoding queue items was refined
Smi subtitles transcoding improved
Better support of a content with non-standard PAR ratios in the DivX Converter
DivX Player provides a fix for Open Recent menu functionality
DivX Player load has been optimized
DivX Update localization capability was restored
Fix for DivX Media Server startup when installed in a folder with non-latin symbols in name
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.7.2 - Released 2017-1-10

Converter 10.7.2
Player 10.7.2
Web Player 3.7.2
DivX To Go 3.7.2
Media Server 10.7.2
DivX Installer System 3.7.2
DivX Control Panel 3.7.2
What's New:
HEVC encoding improvements in DivX Converter
Improved playback of the .mkv files on Chromecast
Responsiveness of the DivX Media Server service was improved on Mac OSX
Enhanced thumbnails handling in Media Server
DivX Converter now provides more robust network files handling
DivX Cloud Connect features were refined
Usability improved for DivX Player snapshot feature
Installation module provides better support for Unicode environments
Playback on ROKU has been fixed
Other bug fixes
Known Issues:
Dropbox import/export functionality might not function properly on Windows XP.
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.7.1 - Released 2016-12-6

Converter 10.7.1
Player 10.7.1
Web Player 3.7.1
DivX To Go 10.7.1
Media Server 10.7.1
DivX Installer System 3.7.1
DivX Control Panel 3.7.1
What's New:
Added capability to clear recent files list in Converter
Replaced "Stream to" text with “Cast to” in DivX Media Server
Fix for casting .mov files to Tizen OS based Samsung TVs in DivX Media Server
Fix in DivX Player for intermittent playback issues with VOD content
Fix in DivX Player when multiple codecs are downloaded the first time
Fix DivX Engine crash in Converter when analyzing filenames with %
Fix for DivX Converter to open output folders with special characters when conversion is completed
Other bug fixes
Known Issues:
DivX Player displays "Copy" when drag-drop files for playback on Windows
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.7 - Released 2016-10-19

Converter 10.7.0
Player 10.7.0
Web Player 3.7.0
DivX To Go 10.7.0
Media Server 10.7.0
DivX Installer System 3.7.0
DivX Control Panel 3.7.0
What's New:
Cloud Connect enables access to your Dropbox and Google Drive videos directly from DivX software
Cast to Roku devices now from DivX Media Server
Internal subtitles are transcoded when streaming and casting from DivX Media Server
Added ability to change friendly name in DivX Media Server
Added HDMI passthrough for Dolby audio in DivX Player
Fixed issue with stitching videos together in Converter
Various other bug fixes
Known Issues:
DivX Player displays "Copy" when drag-drop files for playback on Windows
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance

DivX Software 10.6.3 - Released 2016-9-14

Converter 10.6.3
Player 10.6.3
Web Player 3.6.3
DivX To Go 10.6.3
Media Server 10.6.3
DivX Installer System 3.6.3
DivX Control Panel 3.6.3
Fixed compatibility issues with macOS 10.12 Sierra
Fixed random crash in Windows installer
Minor bug fixes and improvements
Known Issues:
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.

DivX Software 10.6.2 - Released 2016-8-15

Converter 10.6.2
Player 10.6.2
Web Player 3.6.2
DivX To Go 10.6.2
Media Server 10.6.2
DivX Installer System 3.6.2
DivX Control Panel 3.6.2
What's New:
Improved performance for transcoding-on-the-fly in DivX Media Server to DivX Mobile
New ability to drag-n-drop SRT subtitles in DivX Player
Fix Converter crash in transcode module for vorbis audio
Improved Converter logic for audio track recognition
Improved Converter logic for output filesize estimation
Improved workflow for Mac OSX uninstallation process
Fixed "Check Internet Connection" error in DivX Installer
Various other bug fixes and improvements

DivX Software 10.6.1 - Released 2016-7-8

Converter 10.6.1
Player 10.6.1
Web Player 3.6.1
DivX To Go 10.6.1
Media Server 10.6.1
DivX Installer System 3.6.1
DivX Control Panel 3.6.1

Fix for converting multiple audio language tracks in DivX Converter
Fix when opening files in DivX Player with special characters in filename
Fix for converting .mov files with JPEG/MJPEG video and audio
Fix that turns on Windows screen saver when conversion is in progress
Various bugfixes

DivX Software 10.6 - Released 2016-5-31

Converter 10.6
Player 10.6
Web Player 3.6
DivX To Go 10.6
Media Server 10.6
DivX Installer System 3.6
DivX Control Panel 3.6

What's New:
Architectural updates for DivX Media Server stability and robustness
DivX Player adds hardware decoding for AVC video on Mac OS X platform
Speed up casting of HEVC video to Chromecast
Various bugfixes
Known Issues:
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.

DivX Software 10.5.7 - Released 2016-3-28

Converter 10.5.7
Player 10.5.7
Web Player 3.5.7
DivX To Go 10.5.7
Media Server 10.5.7
DivX Installer System 3.5.7
DivX Control Panel 3.5.7

What's New:
DivX Preferences Panel on OSX was redesigned
Hot fix for DivX Software update module on OSX platform
"Enable hardware acceleration" checkbox behavior fixed in DivX Converter
Minor improvements for DivX Converter
Known Issues:
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers.

DivX Software 10.5.5 - Released 2016-3-11

Converter 10.5.5
Player 10.5.5
Web Player 3.5.5
DivX To Go 10.5.5
Media Server 10.5.5
DivX Installer System 3.5.5
DivX Control Panel 3.5.5

What's New:
Apple’s QuickTime video format playback support
3GP and 3GPP video formats support
Automatic and Manual rotate support in DivX Player
Transcoding pause functionality added in Converter
New mp4 preset in Converter which better matches new iOS devices playback
Fix for Brightness, Contrast and Saturation playback settings
Rotate options are available for DivX Profiles in Converter
Padding functionality improved for video conversion
Multiple fixes in Converter and Player
Minor translation and UI improvements
Known Issues:
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers.

DivX Software 10.5 - Released 2015-12-15

Converter 10.5
Player 10.5
Web Player 3.5
DivX To Go 10.5
Media Server 10.5
DivX Installer System 3.5
DivX Control Panel 3.5

What's New:
Fix playback of HEVC files generated from Meizu phones
Trim the duration of your videos for Pro users of Converter
DivX Ad-free plugin for an offer-free and ad-free experience
DASH 4K playback added back into Player and Web Player
Windows 10 and OSX 10.11 support
Improved DivX Media Server stability
Better error reporting in Converter
DivX Update now runs as a scheduled task in Windows
Bug fixes for Converter and Player
Multiple issues with HEVC 4K content transcoding in Converter
VOB source AV sync issue fixed
VC1 and m2ts container pass-through issue fixed
Converting process and OSX Power Nap technology compatibility fix
DASH protocol support fixes and improvements
Fix for PCM (big endian byte order) streams playback
DivX Web Player crash in full screen mode if Safari browser on OSX fixed
Minor translation and UI improvements
Known Issues:
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance
DivX Pro for Windows registration doesn't work for unprivileged user
Scrubbing doesn't work for AVC video format with playback over Media Foundation multimedia framework
For multiple audio tracks, the order is not preserved after conversion when pass-through is OFF
Player TrickPlay speed indicators have been removed
DivX Web Player interprets custom PAR values in MOV/MP4 containers as Square pixels (MKV/AVI is properly supported)

DivX Software 10.4.1 - Released 2015-11-10

Converter 10.4.1
Player 10.4.1
Web Player 3.4.1
DivX To Go 10.4.1
Media Server 10.4.1
DivX Installer System 3.4.2

What's New:
Improved HEVC decoder for parallel merge levels and faster decoding
Fix playback of HEVC files generated from Meizu phones
Fix issue where DFX presets window won't close without exiting Player
Fix to handle XAudio2 which caused Player launch issues on some platforms
Bug fixes
Known Issues:
DivX Bundle OS X installer doesn't support versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion). Contact our support team for assistance.
Scrubbing doesn't work for AVC video format with playback over Media Foundation multimedia framework.
For multiple audio tracks, the order is not preserved after conversion when pass-through is OFF
Player TrickPlay speed indicators have been removed
DivX Web Player interprets custom PAR values in MOV/MP4 containers as Square pixels (MKV/AVI is properly supported)

DivX Software 10.4 - Released 2015-9-10

Converter 10.4
Player 10.4
Web Player 3.4
DivX To Go 10.4
Media Server 10.4
DivX Installer System 3.4

What's New:
DivX Pro is back! Advanced features for video editing, cropping, custom logo watermarks, saving snapshots, HEVC 10 bit playback and more.
DivX Accelerated HEVC hardware decoding using Intel Quick Sync Video (IQSV)
Playback with Media Foundation Transform (MFT) for AVC and MPEG4 in DivX Player
DTS-HD Plug-in for audio encoding on Mac
Drag-drop shared folders to DivX Media Server
DivX To Go's transcoding feature is disabled to make file transfer to CD/DVD and USB faster
Player's 'VOD' menu is moved to 'Tools' sub-menu
Converter added preview window with frame counter and duration marker
Play button added to Converter for input videos
Fix for audio pass through issue with Converter
Fix stability issues with DivX Media Server responsiveness
Fix cast issue on Windows 10 for Chromecast
Fix issue where some clients could not detect 2 DMS servers simultaneously
Fix streaming playback on PS3 for large MKV files
Fix several Error 2 issues with Converter
Fix C++ runtime issue for Player
Fix DWP crash issue for IE11 on Windows 10 when in protected mode
Bug fixes
Known Issues:
DivX Bundle OS X installer doesn't support versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion). Contact our support team for assistance.
Scrubbing doesn't work for AVC video format with playback over Media Foundation multimedia framework.
For multiple audio tracks, the order is not preserved after conversion when pass-through is OFF
Player TrickPlay speed indicators have been removed
DivX Web Player interprets custom PAR values in MOV/MP4 containers as Square pixels (MKV/AVI is properly supported)

DivX Software 10.3.2 - Released 2015-8-18

Converter 10.3.1
Player 10.3.1
Web Player 3.3.1
DivX To Go 10.3.1
Media Server 10.3.1
DivX Installer System 3.3.1

What's New:
Security update for DivX VOD playback

DivX Software 10.3.1 - Released 2015-7-7

Converter 10.3.1
Player 10.3.1
Web Player 3.3.1
DivX To Go 10.3.1
Media Server 10.3.1
DivX Installer System 3.3.1

What's New:
DTS-HD® Plug-in for Converter and Player enables creation and playback of DTS-HD Audio
HEVC decode performance improvements in Player
MPEG4 decode improvements in Converter
Fix for Chromecast streaming from Chrome 64-bit on Windows
Fix for mouse cursor fade out in Player
Fix for GUI audio settings in Converter
Fix for MPEG2 plugin registration on OS X
Fix for runtime library detection
Transcoding of 4K files improved
Fix for portrait-oriented video transcoding to DivX HD 1080 profile
Various minor fixes and improvements
Known Issues:
DivX Bundle OS X installer doesn't support versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion). Contact our support Team for assistance.
Scrubbing doesn't work for AVC video format with playback over Media Foundation multimedia framework.

DivX Software 10.3 - Released 2015-5-19

Converter 10.3
Player 10.3
Web Player 3.3
DivX To Go 10.3
Media Server 10.3
DivX Installer System 3.3

What's New:
Dolby AudioTM Edition adds support for Dolby® Digital Plus audio up to 7.1 to DivX Player and DivX Web Player
Chromecast streaming from DivX Media Server's "Cast to" feature
Blu-ray backup using new Video Pack for Converter
Faster conversion with Intel Quick Sync Video hardware encoding for DivX Plus profiles
Tested support for 4K videos from GoPro Hero4, Samsung S5, LG G3, and Sony X2 4K cameras
Converter menu drop-down to conveniently add recent files
Play button in to open recently converted files in DivX Player
DivX Media Server can stream playlists from media library
Player UI is improved for buffering large 4K videos
Player decoding artifacts for specific AVC video file
Windows 8.x file association for DivX files
Audio plays fast in Player for specific file HE-AAC audio file
Adding and analyzing of .mkv with HEVC and .ASS/SSA subtitles in Converter
Converter fix for combining several .m2ts files
Converter .rmvb file support on Win 8/Win 8.1
AV sync issue for transcoding some VOB and AVC level 4.1 files
Adding of external Vorbis audio in Converter
Converter error 2 issues for specific .m2ts and MPEG-PS files
Converter error 2 issue for high framerate videos created on iPhone 6
Converter error 2 issue on Mac for files with SMI subtitles
Converter HEVC720P output resolution doesn’t keep custom setting
Crash when adding 2 external subtitles for SMI and SRT
Converter limit file size option doesn’t set correct bitrate
Optimized bitrate algorithm for Home Theater profile for some clips
Display of some Korean symbols after burning subtitles in Converter
DivXEngine CLI lost subtitles for Plus HD profile
Converter for Mac doesn’t add external SMI subtitle if input file already contained subtitles
DivX Accelerated logo still present when if HW decoding was turned OFF
GUI issues with high DPI in Converter
Converter DivX Transcode crash for specific .m4v file
Thumbnail issue when adding files to Player using File Menu
Player standard file open dialog is shown if “stream to” is selected but video is not playing
DivX Media Server on Mac opens on top of windows
DivX Media Server can add and stream files and folders with non-latin symbols
DivX Media Server loses connection when computer is locked
DivX Media Server ends process after computer goes to sleep
Some localization

DivX Software 10.2.6 - Released 2015-4-15

Converter 10.2.6
Player 10.2.7
Web Player 3.2.6
DivX To Go 10.2.5
Media Server 10.2.6
DivX Installer System 3.2.8

What's New:
Bugfix release
Bug with DMS window positioning
Issue with Divx Media Server and PC Standby
Bug with 'Stream to…’ plays only a first file in playlist
Issue with non-responding DMS when adding a folder with non-latin symbols
Various minor bugfixes & improvements

DivX Software 10.2.4 - Released 2014-11-20

Converter 10.2.4
Player 10.2.4
Web Player 3.2.4
DivX To Go 10.2.4
Media Server 10.2.4
DivX Installer System 3.2.4

What's New:
HEVC Encoder updated to real-time encoding of 1080p video at 30 frames per second
Converter supports input of SAMI (.SMI) external subtitles for all profiles
DivX Codecs are dynamically downloaded when user needs them
Experimental DivX DASH VOD

DivX Media Server runtime error after several minutes of streaming
DivX Transcode Engine stopped working error in Converter when adding certain .mkv files
Converter loss of sound for specific .mp4 file
Occasional hang when Converter starts conversion
Converter audio passthrough issue with Win 8.1 specifically
Update issue for users upgrading from DivX Web Player installer

DivX Software 10.2.3 - Released 2014-8-26

Converter 10.2.3
Player 10.2.3
Web Player 3.2.3
DivX To Go 10.2.3
Media Server 10.2.3
DivX Installer System 3.2.3

What's New:
Player supports SAMI (.SMI) external subtitles
Player can display two subtitles simultaneously if the video has multiple subtitle tracks
Converter improved minimum bitrate algorithm for HEVC

Improved Player load/open time
Upside-down playback issue in decoder which caused flipped images on some machines
Long load times for HEVC videos with DTS audio
Support for HEVC videos created with latest FFMPEG
60fps HEVC videos can be transcoded to 1080P and 4K profiles
Custom presets don't save settings for "2 pass" and "pass through video" in Converter
HEVC decoder crash associated with level switching for DivX Adaptive Streaming
Player loading of non-latin font names (such as CJK)
Corrected some translation errors for Korean, Japanese and Russian

DivX Software 10.2.1 - Released 2014-6-9

Converter 10.2.1
Player 10.2.1
Web Player 3.2.1
DivX To Go 10.2.1
Media Server 10.2.1
DivX Installer System 3.2.1

What's New:
Enhanced HEVC decoder to support weighted P
High DPI support for Player, Converter to support 4K monitors

Player German translation loading issue
Player for Mac occasional crash issue when double click on file
Converter shaky video output for Cyberlink’s YouCam WMV files
Converter crash when combining multiple BDAV moves with AC3 audio
Converter CLI mode for AC3 passthrough using iPad and iPhone profiles
Web Player can open .divx/.avi files in browsers manually
Web Player can't display subtitles in non-Latin languages
Web Player lags to display language and subtitles menu selection
Web Player is installed with language chosen using DivX Installer
MKV file association for Windows
Corrected some GUI bugs and translations errors

DivX Software 10.2 - Released 2014-4-23

Converter 10.2
Player 10.2
Web Player 3.2
DivX To Go 10.2
Media Server 10.2
DivX Installer System 3.2

What's New:
Improved HEVC and AVC decoder
Improved architecture for codec distribution
Experimental DivX Live DASH streaming in Web Player
Codec pack no longer offered in main DivX bundle

Player rendering subtitles too large
Converter runtime error when analyzing of RMVB or RM videos
Converter error 21 issue on specific HEVC/MP4 video
Converter transcoding of 15fps video
Converter automatically adds subtitles in same folder
Converter high bitrate issue with specific MPEG-TS file
Media Server issues with folders when cancel button pressed
Media Server random crash issue
Corrected some translations errors

DivX Software 10.1.1 - Released 2014-2-24

Converter 10.1.1
Player 10.1.1
Web Player 3.1.1
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 10.1.1
Media Server 10.1.1
DivX Installer System 3.1.1

What's New:
Player resume video where last left off, or start from beginning
Media Server added playback controls for streaming to DLNA Renderer devices
Web Player added API for authored Chapter support
Converter experimental CLI mode

Converter passthrough for AC3 audio tracks
Converter error 2 issue for specific MKV, MP4 files
Player can open HEVC video in MP4 container
Column size in Player’s Library View is saved
Player audio and subtitle menu in Icon always says "Track 0"
Web Player supports special character in video TitleName such as ‘&’
divx.dll video for windows codec no longer requires registration

DivX Software 10.1 - Released 2013-12-30

Converter 10.1
Player 10.1
Web Player 3.1
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 10.1
Media Server 10.1
DivX Installer System 3.1

What's New:
DivX HEVC Ultra HD 4K profile support.
Player, DWP support HEVC real time video decoding up to 4K
Converter has new DivX HEVC UHD 4K preset for encoding up to 4K
Converter accepts AviSynth (.avs) files as input
Converter added “Encoding Modes” for HEVC profiles to balance quality vs speed tradeoffs
Converter added ability to toggle WPP on/off for HEVC profiles
Converter can "change" output folder for each individual video now
Player added Subtitle and Audio icons to playback bar for quick access
Player added time indicator tooltip when hovering over progress bar
DMS added “Stream To” DLNA Controller functionality for devices such as Xbox
DMS settings now easily accessible in Windows Task bar
DWP added experimental DivX Adaptive Streaming (.smil) for HEVC files up to 9 levels
DWP added Download icon for quick “save as” access
Official support for Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8.1
Player, Web Player support HEVC real time video decoding up to 1080p

Converter moved Changing of Output Folders to the main window
Converter removed minimum bitrate requirement (all profiles)
Converter updated bitrate algorithm for HEVC profiles to target compatibility with older desktops
Converter doesn't update needed output file size
Various MKV and AVI fixes for Converter, Player, Web Player support of common internet files
Some Russian translations in Converter
DMS doesn't add folders with the same name at the beginning of name
Player Missing File Error when using Tools > Burn without loading a video first
Player Looping of playback of sequential files through a playlist

DivX Software 10.0.1 - Released 2013-11-04

Converter 10.0.1
Player 10.0.2
Web Player 3.0.1
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 10.0.1
Media Server 10.0.1
DivX Installer System 3.0.1

Converter accepts input of HEVC files, raw or muxed
Converter HEVC aspect ratio resize on some files
Converter HEVC AV sync on specific 60fps file
Converter HEVC for multiple embedded subtitles
Converter max bitrate setting for DivX Plus HD profile
Player using HEVC DMF parser as Web Player
Player restored proper support for hotkeys on Win/Mac
Player full screen playback for consecutive playlists
Player translations where some Italian screens were recognized as Lithuanian
Player freeze with specific WMV file
Player freeze when switching to specific Ogg Vorbis audio track
Web Player match for two-letter language identifier codes
Install has clearer instructions for DivX 3rd party offers

DivX Software 10.0 - Released 2013-09-05

Converter 10.0
Player 10.0
Web Player 3.0
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 10.0
Media Server 10.0
DivX Installer System 3.0

What's New:
Player, Web Player support HEVC real time video decoding up to 1080p
Converter has new DivX HEVC 1080p and 720p presets
Player and Web Player have new matching DivX 10 skins
Web Player custom skins can be controlled via a URL
Converter and Web Player can support multiple subtitle and audio tracks with HEVC video
Three new languages: Russian, Korean, Italian
MKV streaming to XBOX via ffmpeg
DivX VOD portal to register and manage DivX Certified devices online
Converter supports DivX Plus (H.264) video up to 4K
Converter has better error reporting for formats not supported with DirectShow
Converter accepts muxing of external audio streams for multi-audio AVI/MKV creation
Converter allows user to change temp folder settings
Converter can shut down, hibernate, or sleep your computer after encoding
Player has a new DRM architecture core for better premium content support
Web Player buffering indicator is improved for better indication when the video is ready for playback

Converter can now support PCM audio fully, including PCM, LPCM, ADPCM
Player high CPU issue when ads are disabled in Preferences
Upside-down video issue in Player for MJPEG files
Multiple issues with playlists including adding to playlists, playback of sequential files, reordering of playlists on Mac, blinking when transition to next video in playlists
Player intermittent crash for some H264 4K files
Player clears Recently Watched list when manually reset
Maximize window issue for Player on Mac
Removed “always on top” and “Edit” menus on Mac since not supported
Player fixed default location even if it is moved to a secondary monitor and closed.
Player crash issue when “Show Video Information” for some files
Player mouse cursor disappearing in full screen
Player mouse cursor timeout for normal and full screen is now 2secs
Converter supports soft-style subtitles for AVI
Converter retains XSUB/XSUB+ and MKV subtitles on input
Error 21 during analyzing stage while trying to convert .M4V files
Converting of movies with several audio tracks (include Vorbis) is failed on Mac
WMA not recognized for files created in Windows Movie Maker (Zune HD 720p profile)
AV sync issue on older iPods for files created with iPhone preset
Custom Presets does not apply custom bitrate settings when reused
DMS preserves shared folders when updated on Mac
DMS auto refreshing of shared folders on Mac
DMS issue where the client appears in Devices several times
DMS shared sub-folders proper detection on Clients
DMS “could not find shared folder” issue on some computers
DivX HTML5 plugin is removed to fix support for sites using wmode overlays
Web Player Tooltips are localized in all languages
Web Player Tooltips fixed for proper display of all Win desktop display DPIs (100%, 125%, etc)
Unicode support for DivX VOD account creation

DivX Plus Software 9.1.2 - Released 2013-05-29

Converter 9.1.2
Player 9.1.2
Web Player 2.3.1
Media Server 1.2.1
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 9.1.2
DivX Installer System 2.1.3
Control Panel 1.1.2
What's New:
DivX To Go added Computer as a means to transfer to, in addition to existing Disc and USB options
Converter added Preferences menu to control user settings for output/temp folders
Converter allows user options to control computer shutdown when encode is complete
Player in full screen mode mouse cursor not disappearing
Player in full screen mode floating controls are not placed at the very bottom of the screen
Player supports Esc hotkey in full screen mode correctly
Converter start up time is improved to load faster
Converter improved default bitrate algorithm to reduce filesize during re-encode
DivX Media Server optimized to improve CPU usage when idle
DivX Media Server improved scanning robustness when user “cancels”
DivX Media Server for Mac fixed issue with sharing content for multiple users on the same

DivX Plus Software 9.1.1 - Released 2013-04-29

Converter 9.1.1
Player 9.1.1
Web Player 2.3.1
Media Server 1.1.1
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 9.1.1
DivX Installer System 2.1.1
Control Panel 1.1.2
Player improved seeking accuracy for new playback core
Player crash issue on Mac when resizing several times
Player VOD download issue for specific content hosts
DivX Media Server progress indicator accuracy when scanning your library
DivX Media Server improved MKV seeking for PS3
DivX Media Server upgrade stability for really large databases
Web Player decoding issue for HE-AAC audio
Web Player missing skin if width < about 550px
Web Player compatibility for right click context menus in Firefox
Web Player crash for IE9 and IE10 when initiating plugin
Web Player incorrect specific hotkey (Shift+Win+Left/Right arrow)
Web Player VOD issue with green blocks
Converter crash when dragging multiple files on Mac
Converter Error 2 caused by specific MOV file in Converter
Converter rotation tooltip display when input file matches profile
Converter no longer creates 0mb files after failed conversion
MP4 profile sometimes shows demo logo watermark
some minor localization issues

DivX Plus Software 9.1 - Released 2013-04-01

Converter 9.1
Player 9.1
Web Player 2.3
Media Server 1.1
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 9.1
DivX Installer System 2.1
Control Panel 1.1.2
What's New:
All Components:
Updated to QT 4.8 for UI
DivX 9.1 no longer works on Mac OS X 10.5
"Rotation" support for +/-90°, 180° for portrait videos from mobile phones
"My Presets" feature for saving custom profiles
"Pass-Through Video" option
Easily change order of videos by drag-and-drop.
Drag-and-drop adding of subtitles
Encode progress tracked in task bar for Windows 7
Support for SSA and ASS subtitles
Audio settings grouped together in Audio tab
Improved playback core for faster startup and stability
Removed support for DivX Ultra profile.
Web Player
DivX Plus adaptive streaming support
New Black Skin
DivX Media Server:
MKV support for XboX, PS3, and Android devices
Ability to view a list of devices clients connected
Ability to view shared filenames with corresponding icon
Issue for WBShop bundle download
Improved TS file conversion capabilities
Improved Converter response to cancel button
DivX Media Server playback for particular MPEG/MP4 file
DivX Media Server improved first time detection robustness
DivX Media Server improved ability to add new folders
DivX Media Server scanning of .dll files are now skipped
DivX Media Server crash on Mountain Lion 10.8.2
Auto-update for Mac (now same as Windows)

DivX Plus Software 9.0.2 - Released 2013-02-12

Converter 9.0.2
Player 9.0.2
Web Player 2.2.2
Media Server 1.0.2
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 9.0.2
DivX Installer System 2.02, 2.0.3
Control Panel 1.1.1
Converter VOB imports for metadata
Converter Mac MPEG-2 registration issue
Resolved a number of bugs with format support and stability
Issue with Sleep Mode
Web Player
Web Player interoperability with Google Maps
DivX Media Server
Issue with Xbox interoperability
Long scan times
Icon stretched issue

DivX Plus Software 9.0.1 - Released 2012-12-06

Converter 9.0.1
Player 9.0.1
Web Player 2.2
Media Server 1.0.1
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 9.0.1
DivX Installer System 2.0.1PControl panel 1.1.1
Converter 2 pass encoding is checked by default for highest quality
Converter max height resolution for Home Theater profile should be 576p
Converter crash for .m2ts specific file
Improved Converters ability to recognize duplicate VOB files already in queue
Converter support for DTS audio with third party filters
Installer signing issue for Mac platforms
Some error string localization issues

DivX Plus Software 9.0 - Released 2012-11-15

Converter 9.0
Player 9.0
Web Player 2.2
Media Server 1.0
Codec Pack
DivX To Go 9.0
DivX Installer System 2.0
Control Panel 1.1
What's New:
All profiles for conversion are now free
Added MP4 Support for iPad and iPhone, with burned-in subtitles
Added hardware acceleration support on Intel systems with QuickSync
Updated user interface for Mac version
Added 2-pass encoding option
Added option for selecting audio output
Improved support for third-party filters Perian, RMVB, Vorbis
Improved support for MKV stripped headers
Improved progress indicator for encoding jobs
DLNA Media Server streaming for video files in DivX To Go
Added DivX To Go to Mac
Enhanced DivX To Go transferring/copying behavior for in-profile videos
Codec Pack
Improved general stability and performance fixes
All formerly "Pro" features are now free

DivX + 9.0

What's new in this release?

Stream to your TV
DivX Plus Player now includes a free media server, so you can stream your video collection to any DLNA-compatible device. Just turn it on, select the folders you want to share, and you’re golden.
Faster conversion
DivX Plus Converter is built on top of an entirely new cross-platform transcoding engine from the folks at MainConcept, so it’s just plain faster than ever before. Oh yeah, it also has support for Intel Quick Sync Video, which means that any Windows machine with a 2nd or 3rd Generation Intel Core processor (Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge) can take advantage of hardware accelerated encoding. This combination can lead to as much as 10x speed advantage over our last Converter release (v8). Boom. We’re working on more platforms for acceleration as well, so you’ll see more on this soon.
Convert video for your iOS goodies
Converter also has two new profiles for your iPhones and iPads. We love MKV more than anyone you know, but sometimes...well, you just gotta create an MP4. With hardware accelerated encoding, DivX Plus Converter will do it faster than any other converter on the market, so you can watch that extra episode of...well, totally legal video on your iPad in less time than that other converter product takes to encode it.
Everything is free*
We’ve made more free than ever before, and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Converter is free. DLNA is free. iOS output is free. Hardware acceleration is free. Everything we could afford to make free, is finally, *Why’d we put an asterisk then? There are some things that cost us a lot of money, and MPEG-2 support is one of them. So when we have to pay a lot, we’ll have to charge a little. That means we will still be selling our MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in for Converter when the final version is launched, but we’ve made everything else as free as can be.

DivX Plus Software
Mon, 03/15/2010

[DivX Plus Software]
Today is a great day! We’ve been working really hard over the last year on the latest version of DivX Software. DivX 8 you ask? Nope. We call it DivX Plus Software even though technically it is version 8. Why? Because it’s leaps and bounds ahead of DivX 7 in a couple of ways:

* It’s completely redesigned from soup to nuts and debuts new format features
* Provides an easy way for users to transfer their videos to DivX devices.

DivX Plus Software truly is the beginning of our vision for what DivX Plus will become as DivX Plus Devices start to hit the market.

DivX Plus Software has a ton of new features, but here’s a sample of some of the things that our Labs community might like:

DivX Plus Web Player 2.0.2
A couple of weeks ago, we gave you Web Player 2.0.1. DivX Plus Software includes 2.0.2, which has many performance improvements over 2.0.1. We think you’ll really like it, give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Free DXVA hardware acceleration
In DivX Plus Software, we’ve taken all of the technology components like the DivX Codec, H.264 filters, and MKV Tech Preview and combined them together into the DivX Plus Codec Pack. One of the best things about the codec pack is that it now includes Free DXVA hardware acceleration for H.264 video. Due to inconsistencies in the DXVA implementation between various graphics cards, we’ve left DXVA off by default. But if you’ve got a graphics card that supports it, open up ‘codec settings’ and turn DXVA on in the ‘Advanced’ tab to let it rip.

DivX Plus Converter – Free MKV
Do you love MKV like we do? MKV is quickly sweeping the globe as the best video format for delivering high quality video through the interwebs. We love it because it does a great job handling amazing quality H.264 video with extra features like multiple audio tracks, subtitle tracks, and multiple videos in a single file. That’s why we’ve chosen MKV as the basis for the DivX Plus HD format.

Back in November, DivX Plus Web Player brought streaming MKV to the web. Now we’ve unleashed DivX Plus Converter on you. In addition to being completely redesigned, DivX Plus Converter now lets you convert your videos to DivX Plus HD for free. That’s right, the new DivX Plus Converter outputs MKV/H.264 absolutely free forever. For DivX/MPEG-4 ASP output it continues to be a 15-day free trial. So, the message pro MKV is loud and clear here… Besides, It it also lets you create DivX Plus videos with advanced features, like authored chapters and smooth fast-forward and rewind. Did I say that it's FREE? Download DivX Plus Software to try it out for yourself.

DivX Plus Player – DivX to Go™
To be perfectly honest, you’ll get a 100% free video converter if you decide to use the new DivX to Go available through the new DivX Plus Player. The engine is the same so the differences reside on that being a more streamlined step-by-step wizard for users to easily spot which DivX Certfied device they have and get the their content to play on the device without having to know anything about profiles and settings.

Divx Player updated to 7.2.0
DivX Player 7.2:

* New Supported Languages

The DivX Player is now localized in Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Brazilian Portuguese

* Fixed an issue to properly detect the correct number of audio channels in a file

DivX 7.1

Divx Player updated to 7.1.0

* New Skin

The DivX Player has been refreshed with an update to the skin.

* H.264/MKV/AAC playback support

The DivX Player now supports playback of H.264 and MKV files and AAC audio tracks if you have the Media Pack or Proversion.

AAC Decoder updated to 7.1.0

What’s new in the latest DivX Codec 7

HD playback on popular media players

With DivX 7, you can now play your .mkv (H.264/AAC) HD videos from the Internet on popular media players such as Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

What’s new in the latest DivX Codec 6.8

*Up to 50% faster decoding on multi-core computers for better HD playback
* New custom matrices that allow better fine tuning of the encoder for specific content types
* Compress digital video 5 to 10 times more than MPEG-2/DVD format and hundreds of times over raw digital video
* Encode high-definition (HD) video at resolutions up to 1080p
* Play DivX videos on almost any 3rd party software media player
* Achieve the perfect balance between visual quality and performance with six carefully optimized encoding modes
* Enjoy maximized performance for all multithreaded processors (Intel Core Duo and Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 and Athlon 64 FX)
* Reduce grain and low-light noise (common with DV cameras) without significantly degrading the video with the automated noise reduction feature

What’s new in the latest DivX Codec 6.7

* Support for formal 1080HD profile
* Improved compression for 1080i video
* Support for additional aspect ratios common in HDV, DVCPRO HD and AVCHD
* Easy picture format conversions
* Our fastest ever DivX video decoder

Divx Codec 6.7 beta
Welcome to DivX® Codec 6.7 Beta! We've got a few new high def goodies for you to play with in this version of DivX Codec. First and foremost is support for the DivX 1080HD profile!
The "1080HD Mode", featured in the encoder since DivX Codec 6.4, has been replaced with the official 1080 standard, assuring playback on DivX Certified 1080HD devices. The good news is that this standard forms a feature superset of the original 1080 mode so all of your existing DivX 1080 material should also look great on your new player! So, what's in the feature superset?

Download DivX Codec 6.7 Beta now (3.4MB)

The new 1080HD Profile

One of the new features is the combination of bi-directionally coded frames and interlaced video. Due to limitations in certain chipsets, DivX Codec did not previously allow b-frames and interlace coding to be used together. However, all DivX 1080HD devices will support this pairing, leading to improved compression for 1080i video.

PAR and format conversion

We've also added support for custom pixel aspect ratios, allowing you to take common high-definition formats such as HDV, DVCPRO and AVCHD, and encode them at their native aspects with the appropriate PAR flagged in the video bitstream. Note that this feature requires an 'aware' decoder (e.g. DivX Player or the DivX Video Decoder for DirectShow). For compatibility with generic decoders, it is still best to encode with square pixels. Which leads us on to ...

Format conversion! New in the Video tab of the encoder configuration interface is an easy method of changing the pixel aspect ratio of the video being encoded. If you specify the input PAR and output PAR, then select "Resize to width", the encoder will automatically factor any desired PAR conversion into the resize. The encoder can also compute the output PAR for you if instead you choose to perform a custom resize. You can choose between marking the output video with the closest matching format preset (i.e. Square pixels, PAL 4:3/16:9, NTSC 4:3/16:9) or, if you are using the 1080HD profile, calculating the exact pixel aspect ratio automatically.

Divx Codec 6.6.1


* Experimental search dropdown box is now enabled for CPUs with SSE2

Note: It is not possible to compare this search method with the normal operation of DivX Codec 6.6 or prior. The experimental search does additional work and therefore is naturally slower. We’re enabling it so that comparisons between the Penryn using SSE4 and older processors using the equivalent SSE2 routine are possible.


* The VFW decoder did not render frames for certain bitstreams when post-processing was disabled
* Fixed decoding b-frames for clips with data partitioning
* Fixed a small motion compensation error in b-frames when using quarter pixel estimation
* Fixed a VLD issue that could cause blocks to appear in the decoded picture
* Fixed bitrate resetting to default when changing from Fast 1st pass to Nth pass rate-control mode
* Changed default VBV initial occupancy to 100%
* Workaround for later versions of VirtualDub and derivatives where additional frames were being written to the multipass log file in Fast 1st pass mode
* Fixed handling of forced aspect ratio in DirectShow decoder

DivX 6.6
- Up to 12% faster decoding for smoother playback
- Over 10% faster encoding in “Insane” mode
- Up to 7% better compression for HD capture in "Fastest" mode
- Experimental support for SSE4 on new Intel Penryn CPUs

DivX 6.5.1 has now been released.
* Fix: Stability of DivX decoder under third-party media players and Windows Explorer
* Fix: Settings in the Decoder Configuration Utility/DivX Settings Manager were not always applied correctly
* Fix: De-interlacing was sometimes enabled when it should not have been
* Fix: The feedback window could crash the encoder when enabled
* Fix: The feedback window could be enabled for Fastest and High Performance modes
* New: For compatibility with applications that do not expect the DirectShow decoder to request the hardware overlay, it is possible to enter application names for which the decoder will not use the hardware overlay in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREDivXNetworksDivXExtOverlayExclusions (you may need to create this key). For an example see the SMExclusions key in the same location, which allows the Settings Manager to be disabled on a per-application basis.

Codec 6.5
*Support for de-interlacing during playback. Supports software de-interlacing if the advanced overaly decoder option is disabled, or hardware de-interlacing (recommended!) if the advanced overlay decoder option is enabled. This is perfect for 1080i, DV, and live capture material that is interlaced, making the motion super smooth and preventing jaggies.
* Support for flagging PAL or NTSC aspects of 4:3 or 16:9 when encoding. The DirectShow decoder will display the correct aspect when the advanced overlay option is enabled (now on by default after installation), so long as your media player supports and appropriate renderer.
* The decoder is over 10% faster (before post-processing), which means lower CPU use/better automatic deblocking levels/less chance of dropped frames when playing high-definition material on slower systems/faster transcode to other profiles.
* Support for Mobile profile (up to 320 x 240 at 30 fps)
* Support for qMobile profile (up to 176 x 144 at 15fps)

Codec 6.4
* 1080HD encoding mode
* New fast 1st pass rate control mode
* High efficiency resize filters
* Improved support for interlaced video
* Adaptive noise reduction

Codec 6.2.5

- New sharpening post-processing feature enhances and sharpens all DivX 3, 4, 5, and 6 video.
- SSE deblocking optimizations
- SSE2 decoding optimizations
- Multithreading performance enhancements for post-processing

Codec 6.2.2

* Fix an issue where parts of the picture could turn green when resizing
* Fixed truncation of the term "Psychovisual Enhancement" in the German encoder configuration interface
* Fixed a problem where only two consecutive B-frames were allowed in Unconstrained mode instead of three
* Fixed the decoder failing for bitstreams created by applications that do not correctly handle packed B-frames
* Added an option to toggle checking for updates during playback to the installer component selection dialog

Codec 6.2.1

* Fixed reduced performance when resizing is enabled
* Fixed an error when exporting from TMPGEnc
* Fixed a problem where the "Configure" button would sometimes become disabled

DivX 6.2 codec

* The free DivX 6.2 community codec replaces the existing free codec and now offers a larger subset of the advanced features previously available only in DivX Pro
* Adds new performance optimizations for HT, SMP and dual core processors as well as older CPUs
* Introduces a new quality-enhancing psychovisual enhancement mode
* Reduces encoding times by up to 350% compared to DivX 6.0, depending on your system configuration

6.1.1 New in this version

* Fixed a problem where some systems would crash as the Psychovisual Enhancement method was modified in the encoder configuration window.
* Improved B-frame decision.
* Improved rate control for very high bitrates.
* Fixed a problem that caused cropping to reduce performance.
* Fixed an issue where adjusting the VBV_bitrate slider in the Feedback Window would reset the VBV buffer occupancy.
* Improved Japanese encoder translations.
* Fixed a problem where the decoder may fail if both smooth playback and YUV output are enabled in the Decoder Configuration Utility.
* Fixed a post-processing issue in the decoder for multi-threading systems.
* Fixed a handle leak in the decoder.

DivX Player 6.1

* Features a Download Manager that allows you to download multiple videos, pause and resume downloads, and progressively play back video
* Incorporates new Burn-to-Disc functionality so you can burn DivX discs from within the player to watch on certified devices
* Adds a Media Manager so you can organize your DivX videos into collections

DivX Pro 6.1 codec

* Introduces multi-threading support for better performance on HyperThreaded, dual core and dual CPU (SMP) systems
* Adds new optimized encoding modes to balance visual quality and performance
* Improves encoding speed by up to 250% on some systems

DivX 6 for Mac

* Introduces the one step DivX Converter to the Mac platform
* Features advanced encoding settings of the DivX 6 codec
* Adds DivX playback support to QuickTime 7 on Mac OS X 10.4

What's new in DivX 6
DivX® 6 is here and ready to revolutionize the way you play, create and share digital media.
DivX Media Format
DivX 6 introduces the DivX® Media Format with advanced features including:

* Interactive video menus
* XSUB™ subtitles
* Multiple audio tracks
* Chapter points and more

Current DivX® Certified devices will playback DivX 6 files, but will not offer full support for the advanced media features of the DivX Media Format. Devices that offer full support for the DivX Media Format are expected to reach retail shelves in late 2005.

DivX Converter

* Provides easy, one-step encoding of virtually any file to high-quality DivX video
* Produces DivX media files with advanced interactive features
* Requires no special knowledge of video codecs

The DivX Converter™ is included in the DivX Create Bundle.

DivX Player

* Features the latest DivX decoder for enhanced quality and performance
* Integrates support for DivX media file playback
* Incorporates enhanced HD playback capability

The DivX Player™ is included in both the DivX Create Bundle and DivX Play Bundle.

DivX Codec

* Offers up to 40% better quality and compression than the DivX 5 codec.
* Features enhanced playback performance and quality
* Adds DivX media file playback support to all popular media players

The DivX® codec is included in all DivX bundles. The DivX Pro™ codec is included in the DivX Create Bundle.

Version 5.2 released 2004-07-15


Localized versions for French, German and Japanese
Bi-directional coding using an adaptive method
Fully adaptive multiple consecutive B-frames
MPEG-2/H.263 quantization choice
Built-in bitrate calculator
Update checking tool
Automatic update notification for the DivX encoder
Fast mode, revamped for better performance, compression and quality
Feedback mode which is now multithreaded, taking advantage of HyperThreaded or dual CPU for better efficiency
3 point GMC support in the DivX decoder

"Slowest" mode removed as the quality differential with "Slow" mode was insignificant, yet the performance differential was massive
DivX Pro Adware bundle replaced by DivX Pro 6-month free trial

Smooth playback supporting multiple consecutive B-frames
Quantizer, now using quant scale in video packets
Fixed (Encoder):

A rare issue where rate control sometimes inserted Q=31 frames in video combining low light conditions, high bitrate and specific motion patterns
Fastest mode to respect the user-specified average bitrate (Old "Fastest" behavior can be obtained by disabling profiles and performing 1-Pass, Quality-based encoding with Q=3)
Fixed (Decoder):

A crash occurring in some rare cases with clips that have dimensions divisible only by 2 and use YUY2 color mode
Black screen when decoding old buggy MPEG-4 clips that lack VOL header
Internal flush operation with "Smooth playback" feature
Intra inverse quantization (type 1)
Support for generic MPEG-4 (XVID and 3ivX)
Data partitioning clip
Deblocking to no longer cause solid blocks to appear during playback
DivX decoder to always play DivX video

Version 5.1.1 released 2003-11-19


Support for generic MP4 FourCC codes which can be enabled/disabled in the DirectShow configuration dialog box.

Psychovisual modeling disabled by default.
Cosmetic GUI changes have been made to avoid confusion when using MV reuse and specific performance modes.
Deinterlacing is back in the Standard codec.
Added bottom field first encoding.
Smoother DivX logo fade.

Encoder fixes:
DivX 5.1.1 encoder is up to 112% faster (standard mode) than 5.1 (up to 30% faster than 5.05).
Standard mode is 105% faster than 5.1.
The Quality produced by "Fastest" has been significantly improved.
Blinking bottom line in "fastest" mode fixed.
Fixed issues with capture applications.
Various Cosmetic CLI fixes.
New CLI option "-tff" for "top field first".
Decoder fixes:
Resolved a severe performance hit when using the Deringing mode in Postprocessing.
DirectShow filter property page had a cosmetic issue caused by using large fonts (120dpi).
Avoids buffer overruns with extremely small picture sizes (less than 80x32).
Fixed a bug caused by "Auto Post-processing" and SMP/HyperThreading CPUs.
Issue with n B frames and Deblocking fixed.

Version 5.1 released 2003-09-02


Added a new high-quality psychovisual mode that includes the following features:.
Texture cortex masking and rate distortion algorithm.
Hybrid mode (with texture cortex masking).
Speed optimization.
Chroma operation (this option is not enabled by default for performance reasons; to enable it, create an empty file in C: called "DivxPvShapingChroma.txt" for "fast" mode and "DivxPvSimpleChroma.txt" for slow mode; testing shows only 1-2% gains in JND tests).
The decoder has been rearchitected and is now 10 to 30% faster on all CPU platforms.
The decoder now supports automatic post-processing during video playback.
Added new features to the rate control modes of the encoder, including:.
A complexity vector log file.
An API that allows real-time control of rate control.
An API that allows forced I-frame insertion.

Redesigned encoder GUI. The new GUI is more accessible and simplifies overall usage.
DivX 3 compatibility. (There were no problems detected on any of the more than 60 hours of test content.).
Performance of Nth Pass strategy planning performance.

A bug that caused the quantizer to overshoot the bitrate following a transition to a complex scene.
A bug that limited the interframe change in quantizer to the ideal quantizer or plus or minus 2.
A bug in RGB32 to YUV conversion on Pentium 4 machines.
A minor bug that affected multiple CPU configuration.
A bug with the rate control video buffer verifier (VBV) that would enforce a "3 sec" max bitrate.
Several bugs that affected Nth Pass encoding strategy planning.
A bug that caused a different number of frames to be reported between different passes in VirtualDub.
A bug that caused motion vector (MV) reuse to be non-functional.
A bug that caused problems when MV reuse and psychovisual mode were used together.
Several bugs with the installer.
A bug that caused a crash when setting crop/resize values.

Version 5.0.5 released 2003-04-24


A bug that would cause the codec to encode every frame as an I-Frame when used with certain applications (e.g., AVIUtil, DVD2AVI, and some video capture applications).

Version 5.0.4 released 2003-04-17


The new RC doesn't use Q=1 frames anymore.
No stuffing used, bitrate can be too low in some extreme cases.
Strategy planning for rate control is much faster now.
Better tracking of the planned RC strategy creating more consistent quality.

K6-2 CPU related crash resolved.
Not able to change Bitrate Modulation through CLI field.
During 1 pass quality-based, Quantizer can now be set to 1 with CLI.
Multiple error windows no longer open upon entering wrong bitrate modulation option.
'Max Keyframe Interval' no longer accepts negative values.
Multiple error windows no longer open upon entering wrong CLI option.
In the Quick Config CLI field, 'Enable Resize' was taking invalid options.
Fixed CLI inconsistencies when "Restore codec's default" is pressed.
Max bitrate and encoding bit rate(average) was displayed same.
Fixed hitting tab in the CLI field to enable 'Use Bidirectional Encoding'.
Fixed: remove -w in the Quick Config CLI field, 'Update Log file' option is not getting deselected.
When 'Psychovisual Enhancements' value is set to 4, in the Quick Config CLI field, mismatch in slider and label options.
1 Pass and Nth Pass? undersized file should be fixed.
Certain dark sequences would produce a long period of frames using a Quantizer of 31.
Psychovisual Enhancement field sometimes displayed "Custom" instead of Light when unselected.
"Do not prompt with errors and warnings" would select itself when random characters were entered in the CLI after the "-key" option .
When "-d 3" option was entered in the CLI field, "Source interlace" became blank.
Max bitrate would not update at times. .
DirectShow decoder postprocessing slider became disabled with ATI radeon 9700 Graphics card .
DirectShow decoder would "fast forward" when seeking backwards. This could cause synch issues when re-encoding DivX Files using the DivX Decoder Filter.
Various cosmetic fixes in the Encoder GUI
Do not prompt Error unchecked as default fixed.
Light Psychovisual enabled itself automatically when exiting the CLI field.
Max bitrate reset itself to x10 the average when going in the "profile" tab.
MPEG-4 "type Indicator" correctly set according to selected encoding parameters.
No more green first frame at very high bitrates.
Decoder updates the display to the appropriate frame when seeking.
Decoder remembers the postprocessing settings.
Fixed some memory leaks related to Psychovisual and Nth Pass? mode.
Nth Pass? RC is tweaked to minimize the usage of high quantizer.
Nth Pass? doesn't create an empty frames at the beginning of the clip.
Brightness/Saturation sliders now working correctly.

Version 5.0.3 released 2003-01-24


Support for interlaced video in the decoder. Preserving the interlaced fields of interlaced video may sometimes result in better video quality during playback.
New de-ringing post-processing algorithm. The new algorithm improves the perceived video quality during playback. It is activated when the post-processing level is set to Level 6.
Video Buffer Verifier (VBV) model (one and two pass encoding). The VBV ensures that the maximum peak bit rate never exceeds either the user's inputted "maximum peak" bit rate value or/and ensures that the encoded stream never violates the buffer of an MPEG-4 compliant decoder. This helps to prevent decoding failure in both hardware and software where memory may be limited yet compliant to the MPEG-4 standard as defined in ISO/IEC 14496-2:2001(E). In order for DivX video to be successfully delivered over a restricted channel in real time to a decoder, the encoder's rate control must ensure that the decoder's buffer is not violated. When this is done properly, then overflow and underflow will never occur and the encoder is said to be "VBV compliant." It makes no difference whether the video is encoded in 1-pass or many, in real-time or offline. It is the encoder's rate control that must ensure compliance. There are three main requirements of a VBV-compliant rate control algorithm, in order of importance:
VBV compliance. When VBV parameters are specified (size, initial occupancy, channel characteristics) the rate control should avoid producing video that is in danger of violating the decoder's buffer. Bitstream stuffing may be used in extreme cases to prevent overflow in true CBR systems. Underflow must be prevented by increasing frame quantiser or by dropping frames.
Target bitrate. We aim to meet the user's requirements as accurately as possible here. This is directly related to filesize.
Good-looking video. Rate control should aim to produce the subjectively best quality video given other constraints. Consistency is important here as changes in quality are very noticeable and video is often judged by the worse quality segment in the whole sequence.
Nth Pass? encoding. Another new addition to the rate control arsenal, Nth Pass? encoding takes advantage of information available from previous analysis (or analyses) of the video sequence. Nth Pass encoding uses information garnered from previous passes through the video sequence, which can improve quality with each pass. There are four main steps to Nth Pass encoding:
Analysis (the first pass).
Map generation (where the results of analyses are processed).
Strategy generation (strategist examines map of the video sequence and creates a strategy that will best achieve the three VBV RC requirements).
In-loop nth pass rate control (uses information from the map and strategy to effect rate control that best fulfills the three requirements).
Support for DivX Certified Profiles. With the new DivX Certification program, DivXNetworks is enabling third parties to create "DivX Certified" products that are rigorously tested and fully compatible with the entire suite of DivX? video technologies. There are four levels of official DivX Certified video products: Handheld Video Devices, Portable Video Devices, Home Theater Video Devices and High Definition Video Devices. These levels quickly and clearly communicate what type and size of DivX video are supported on the certified device. Now, when you encode video, you have the option to force your video to comply with one of the DivX Certified Profiles to ensure that your video will play back properly on certified products.
DivX Decoder verification logo. There is a new semi-transparent DivX Logo that will appear by default for a few seconds any time you use the DivX decoder to watch a DivX video. This instantly lets you know you're watching a true DivX? video. You can turn the display of the logo on or off in the codec properties dialog.
New internal application programming interface (API). The internal API of the codec was changed to better accommodate integration with third party partners. This only affects you if you are a DivX licensee and are working directly with the DivX object code. The external API (e.g., DirectShow, etc.) remains unchanged.

The motion estimation algorithm is better optimized for High Definition resolutions (up to 1080p, or 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.
The pre-processing performance is now improved with with the IYUY 4:2:0 color space.

Removed MP4creator and the MPEG-4 file output option due to some compliance issues. This will return in our next release once these issues are resolved.
Removed the Intelligent IVTC functionality due to persistent problems caused by lack of variable frame rate file format support. This technology will be back soon in a new form.
Changed the block skipping threshold for high quantizers, which improves visual quality when high quantizers are used.

Fixed a bunch of little cosmetic bugs in the DirectShow decoder properties page.
Fixed a bug where the last P frame before an I frame was not displayed when Smooth Playback was selected.
Fixed a practically unnoticeable YUV->RGB16 color conversion rounding bug.
Fixed a bug that was the cause of some of VirtualDub's "Cannot Start Video Compression" errors.
Fixed a few issues with DivX 3.11 compatibility.
Modified the decoder to deal with a bug in the old OpenDivX encoder that set the scalability bit incorrectly in certain cases. The DivX decoder can now detect this problem and play the content properly.
Fixed a problem where some rounding operations were not done toward zero, as is required by section 7.4 of the spec. This fixed an intra case in MPEG-2 inverse quantization.
Fixed a bug where some frames would be corrupted by an out-of-range error.
Fixed several rounding issues related to MMX/SSE/SSE2 optimizations.
Fixed an MMX bug in RGB32 color conversion.

Version 5.0.2 released 2002-05-16


Added several new options to the codec properties dialog that allow users to tweak settings for smoother playback and improved support for some video cards.

Added a "Smooth Playback" option. Turning this off will allow B-frame encoded content to playback with lower CPU usage. However, enabling this option will introduce a 1 frame delay in the decoder (because of buffering), which may cause the last frame of the video to not be displayed.
Added a "YUV Extended" mode option. When selected, the codec will attempt to use YV12 mode to decode the video. This is the fastest way to decode DivX content, but the drawback is that brightness/contrast/saturation controls cannot be used in this mode and are disabled.
Added an "Overlay Extended" mode. Selecting this will cause the filter to try to display video using the hardware overlay instead of the software overlay. The hardware overlay is much faster, but may not be supported on some video cards. When this mode is enabled, DirectShow-based player applications will be unable to open more than one window at a time.
Added a "Double Buffering" option. Enabling this will force the video card to allocate a second buffer for the video playback. This will increase the smoothness of the video playback, but may not be supported on low-end video cards with less than 8 MB of RAM.
Added a "Film Effect" option. This is a warming filter that when enabled will add film noise to the decoded picture. This may increase the perceived visual quality of the picture, especially if you are used to watching film. It's a personal preference, however, so use it if you want.
Added a hidden "Force Color Mode" control. You can manually set the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareDivXNetworksForce Color Mode" in the Windows Registry and assign it a number from 1 to 7. This will force the video card to use a particular color mode, depending upon the value. This is only necessary in rare circumstances to solve video card problems. Supported color modes:
1: YV12.
2: YUY2.
3: YUYV.
4: RGB32.
5: RGB24.
6: RGB555.
7: RGB565.

The default psychovisual modeling settings are tweaked slightly. This should decrease blockiness in black regions and flat areas in the video content.
Optimized the decoder so that it more consistently plays back video, particularly on lower-end CPUs. (A P-III 466 MHz machine can play real-time, 640x480 video with B-frames and GMC at 80% CPU load.).

Fixed a lot of memory leaks in the encoder. This should prevent the codec from slowing down gradually during a long encode.
Version 5.0.1 encoded 7% slower than 5.0. DOH! Not sure how that happened. This has been fixed and version 5.0.2 is as fast as version 5.0.
Fixed a problem where the trace_b.txt log file would be written out during encodes which would take up significant disk space. The log file is no longer written.
Fixed a problem where the MP4 Creator would not work on files that included B-frames. The MP4 Creator should now work with all DivX 5.x files.
Fixed a bug where the right macroblock would not be displayed with the custom brightness/contrast settings. This would cause a dark or light "band" of video on the right side of the screen.
Fixed a bug that would cause playback problems when the seek bar was moved back and forth quickly. This same bug some cause bad frames to be displayed at the beginning of some content when playing back video in Windows Media Player. This should no longer happen.
Fixed a bug where the "Decoder Configuration" application would crash when run on Windows 98. The application should now run properly. (Yes, we know we said we fixed this in 5.0.1, but we really fixed it this time.).

Version 5.0.1 released 2002-04-09


Psychovisual modeling enhancements now reallocate saved bits in an improved manner, meaning the psychovisual modeling mode will produce better visual quality.
Improved the workaround for a DirectShow bug that causes the requested bitrate to not be respected by the codec during one-pass encoding. This affects applications (such as video capture applications) that use the DivX DirectShow interface to access the codec. This problem is due to a bug in DirectShow, not in DivX itself, but we have a workaround that should solve the problem.

Fixed a bug where the divx.dll library would not decode DivX 3.x content properly. This affected applications like VirtualDub that use the VfW interface to use DivX. The problems this caused, such as blank frames, are now fixed.
Fixed a bug where basic deinterlace functionality would cause the codec to crash on Pentium 4 processors.
Fixed a problem where using data paritioning and psychovisual modeling together would produce severe visual artifacts. These settings can now be used together.
Fixed an issue where encoding content with resolutions not divisible by 16 would cause purple and pink artifacts to appear in the encoded content. These artifacts no longer appear. You can now encode content that has resolutions divisible by 4 or 8, however we still strongly recommend encoding only content with resolutions divisible by 16, as the 4 and 8 dimensions will not encode as efficiently. (There remains a known issue about resolutions divisible by 2.)
Fixed a bug where the DirectShow filter would not use the overlay properly with Matrox Millennium video cards on Windows 2000. It now works properly.

Version 5.0 released 2002-03-04

Initial public version of DivX 5.0.


Compatibility with all versions of DivX video content. DivX 5.0 can play every version of DivX video ever created, from prior to 3.11 alpha to the brand new DivX Pro 5.0.
AMD optimizations. Version 5.0 is fully optimized for AMD Athlon and Athlon XP processors, meaning AMD owners can see performance speedups of up to 20%.
Improved encoding and decoding performance. We've also optimized the encoding and decoding algorithms across the board, improving performance for all users. Double Real Time encoding is possible on modern hardware, and Triple Real Time encoding is possible on two processor systems. Version 5.0 can even decode 1080p high-definition video content in real time.
Faster two-pass encoding. We've tweaked the way two-pass encoding works. The second pass now uses more data from the first pass, making the second pass up to 30% faster than DivX 4.12.
Smaller file sizes. All the new encoding features of DivX 5.0 mean you can expect equivalent visual quality at about 15-20% smaller file sizes.
MPEG-4 compatibility. DivX 5.0 can decode MPEG-4 Simple Profile, MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile, and H.263 video (all levels). It is also able to encode fully MPEG-4 Simple Profile compliant video (ISO/IEC 14496-2).
DivX? MPEG-4 file format. This version of DivX introduces a brand new MPEG-4 based file format that replaces the venerable AVI. No more audio/video synchronization problems, and no more 2 GB file limit.
Advanced support for existing encoding applications. All the new features of DivX 5.0 work in today's existing content creation and encoding applications. You don't even need new versions of the applications! So continue using Adobe Premiere, VirtualDub, or whatever is your application of choice.
Reusable encoding profiles. Version 5.0 allows you to save profiles of encoding settings and reuse them over and over. You can also trade encoding profiles with other users.
Quick configuration CLI. DivX 5.0 includes a command line interface for advanced users that gives an extra level of control over encoding parameters.
Patent-pending rate control algorithm. This new version of DivX introduces a new and improved rate control algorithm. It just makes things look better, okay? If you want to know more, read the help file or what's new sections.
Improved encoding algorithms. We've introduced special encoding algorithms that are specifically tuned to pans, fades, zooms, explosions, etc. With DivX 5.0, you should see visual quality improvements on these types of special scenes.
Psychovisual modeling. The coolest new feature of DivX 5.0 is psychovisual modeling, and advanced technique that takes into account knowledge about how the Human Visual System (HVS) works to compress moving video images into much smaller sizes without a loss of video quality. Expect up to 20% smaller file sizes from using this feature.
Universal architecture. Create once, play anywhere. The universal VfW/ACM/QT architecture of DivX makes it possible to playback exactly the same file on a variety of different operating systems and applications.
Mac OS Support. For the first time, a publicly available codec on Mac OS can decode MPEG-4 Simple Profile and MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile video.
Scalable. DivX video has been test on and can work on a wide range of video bitrates, from 28 Kbps to 9 Mbps, depending upon your encoding needs.
New DivX Player 2.0 Alpha. A brand new DivX Player application, complete with MPEG-4 file format support and a spiffy new skin system, is ready for your perusal.

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