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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for DivFix++

Version 0.34: 15/09/2009
+Added Cross Win64 compilation target.
+Added RPM spec and DEB control files.
+Updated About->Translators strings layout for wx2.9.0.
+Added wxWidgets 2.9.0 compatibility.
+Added four_cc MJPG, Motion JPEG codec.
+Changed Makefile for some compatibility for other OS.
+Changed install mechanizm at make file.
+Added resource.rc file for windows theme support.
+Added Ukranian translation by Andriy B.
+Fixed broken CLI mode thread.
+Cleaned unneccessary code.
+Updated Korean, Spanish and Italian Translations to v0.33

Version 0.33: 13/08/2009
+Fixed Windows CLI mode.
+Added Farsi (Persian) Translations by for MXAdmin
+Added Meteorite Code Infection.
+Changed Versioning string structure
+Added endian.h and moved endian supporting codes in it.
+Added CLI play mode.(preview mode without deletion).
+Fixed CLI one parameter detection.
+Added Codec MP42 and WMV1,WMV2 and WMV3 - M$ Windows Media Video support.
+Added Version update notification.
+Fixed shutdown on "rec " token.
+Fixed some multi RIFFed file fixing.
+Fixed close on "INFOISFT" file.
+Fixed "Broken index chunk" endless loop.
+Fixed Some other bugs.

Version 0.32-26/06/2009
+Fixed Overwrite mode.
+Added Stream type identification code.
+Fixed MacOSX PPC bug.
+Added BigEndian Hardware support.
+Added Codec FourCC VP3x, VP4, VP5, VP6x - On2 TrueMotion VP Support.
+Added Codec FourCC SVQ1 & SVQ3 - Sorenson Video 3 Support.
+Nuked Save Log property because usefullness.
+Fixed detecting half and broken index chunk section.
+Added primal H264 and AVC1 codec support.
+Added "Recover From Key Frames" option to GUI.
+Fixed file truncation & strip function error due Unicode build.
+Added Truncation error message.
+Added reading OpenDML file (up to 4 GB).(Fixed file will in AVI 1.0 format)
+Fixed Stoping in Paused state.
+Fixed gramathical mistakes. (Thanks for Federico Del Bene)
+Fixed crash on some files which have "vedt" RIFF header chunk
+Fixed MacOSX "Keep the original file" file open error bug.
+Merge makefiles to one. "makefile mac" does the job for mac.
+Added Russian translation by Konstantin Krasnov
+Changed makefile for mass language compilation.
+Added Spanish translation.(Thanks for Oscar Cuesta)
+Added Relative Output Folder and File option.
+Fixed Gramathical mistakes in English. (Thanks for Bastian Wiegmann and DirektX)
+Added German translation. (Thanks for Bastian Wiegmann)

Version 0.31: 28/12/2008
+Fixed preferences dialog size on MacOSX.
+Fixed unicode definitions at header files for compilation errors at windows.
+Fixed shutdown behaviour at language change on windows.
+Removed unnecessary Code::Block files.
+Fixed non-AVI files execute player directly on preview mode.
+Fixed compile warnings on XPM files.
+Fixed languge scan on both /usr(/local)/share/locale on Linux.
+Added DivFix++.desktop file for linux compilations. (Thanks for robocat)
+Fixed Makefile uninstall options.
+Added French translations. (Thanks for Didier Bourre)
+Added Italian translation. (Thanks for Giovanni Fiocco)
+Added korean Translation. (Thanks StarCodec)
+Fixed Makefile's DESTDIR patch. (Thanks to Serkan)
+Fixed Remove Files button deletes 2 file while 1 selected.
+Changed Fix button to Fix / Pause / Resume tri state button.

Version 0.30a: 27/06/2008
+Windows version recompiled with MinGW for removing MSVCR90.dll dependency. Thanks placio74

Version 0.30: 21/06/2008
+Updated Makefile.Mac and Makefile build files.
+"Keep Original" option disables save path now.
+Renamed CLI tokens.
+Added new CLI option. "DivFix++ avifile.avi" previews file.
+Added "media player path" to Preferences.
+Created Preferences button and dialog. Language setting moved there.
+Rename "Rebuild Index" to "Fix"
+Fixed some GUI layout.
+Updated Turkish translation.
+Added and Updated Czhec translation.(SeC0nd.uNiT)
+Added and Updated Japanise translation.(Norihito Waku)
+Fixed check errors bug.
+Added forgotten hungarian translation to v0.29 change log ( this file :) )

Version 0.29: 01/04/2007
+Added duplicated locale avoideance
+Changed message "Old Index found" to "Original Index Found"
+Fixed Gauge value not reset if file fixing thread is killed by error.
+Added 2 blank line to log window after each file.
+File end statistics code moved to end of Fix() code.
+Added Hungarian locale
+Fixed forgotten "File Open Error" debug line from Add File(s) button.

Version 0.28: 04/03/2007
+Macintosh OSX build support.
+GUI Frame remembers it's last size and location
+Added minimize button for GUI mode.
+Added resizeable frame.
+Changed Index buffer size from 10 MB to 20 MB.
+Added Turkish catalog file.
+Internationalization support added!
+Almost all error mesages replaced with new syntax and added new error lines.
+GUI Frame recreated with wxFormBuilder.
+CLI Mode: changed some option long names like: no_skip -> dont_skip_frames
+Removed some single instance checks for CLI
+Fixed AVI frame search engine
+Added AVI Keyframe detection algorithm. Now supports DIV3 and MP43 AVIs,
There no more frame mixing effect after search at this type AVIs.

Version 0.27: 30/12/2006
+"LIST" sections under "movi" does not interpreted as error, skipping quietly.
+Added remember last output and error log path configuration.
+CLI mode: Progress dialog now stays on top.
+CLI mode: Added version text for progress dialog.
+CLI mode: Added icon for progress dialog.
+Added error counter.
+Fixed some error mesages.
+Added starting new block with Keyframe (avoids some of frame corruptions.)
+Fixed more wxFFile->Eof()'s exception handler.

Version 0.26:13/11/2006 // one of second anniversary of mine death days
+CLI mode: Removed second instance check for CLI mode.
+CLI mode: Added cancel button for Progress bar.
+Added more wxFFile->Eof()'s exception handler.
+Fixed WXGTK font size forced to 8 at main GUI code.

Version 0.25: 13/08/2006
+Fixed Avi Files which has no Sound, doesn't kills program anymore.
+CLI mode: lock file removal when unacceptable flag is entered.
+CLI mode: --help options text fixed/updated.
+CLI mode: Execute directly if input is not AVI policy added.
+IsAvi() function added to DivFix++Core.
+Truncation code moved to Truncate() function from DivFix++Core.
+Added wxFFile->Eof()'s exception handler because of wx bug @ wxGTK.
(for some rare avi files, wxFFile cannot detect end of file correctly at Linux).
+Fixed Add File(s) button's filter set to "*" from "*.*" for compatibility.
(specially for Linux, MLDonkeys' part files has no extension) - thanx ROD.
+CLI mode: Added "output" flags directory mode.
+CLI mode: Added "skip_fix" flag to execute player directly if index is proper.
+00db frames recognition fixed.
+CLI mode: Multi instance lock removed before media players spawn.
+CLI mode: Patch for skipped index player spawn not delete lock file.

Version 0.20:12/07/2006
Linux is supported now!
Cosmetic GUI changes for Linux compatibility.
This file created. (Change.log :) )
Fixed avi_header_fix for avi files with no DHML headers.
DivFix_core cpp and h renamed to DivFix++Core now
Thread mutex mechanism implemented.
Code washed with clean water, several times.

Version 0.10 Beta:18/06/2006
Initial Release

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