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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Diffractor

Diffractor 122.7 2020-06-20

This version has had a rationalization of keyboard accelerators. The biggest difference is a change in how SPACE and ENTER are used. SPACE now stops and starts video playback or slideshows. Enter opens items and toggles media full-screen. This makes Diffractor like most other Media software. Hopefully helps the transition for users between software products.

The release also includes a new Keyboard reference screen (control-F1) where accelerators can be reviewed.

Diffractor 122.6 2020-05-23

This release adds a new duplicate report. Entering @duplicates into a search will list items detected as duplicates.

Diffractor 122 2020-03-16

This release contains several changes:

Support for hardware accelerated video playback.
A new layout for the top toolbar to save space.
Fixed an occasional crash during video playback.
Moved the settings and about information to a new simpler dialog.

Diffractor 119 2018-09-02

This release adds a navigation-toolbar. The navbar allows you to open favourite locations and searches quickly. You can customize the list of favourite searches on the options screen.

Duplicate photo detection has been improved using a new visual hashing algorithm.

Clicking on an existing item's rating now removes the rating.

Control-clicking on a tag in the tagbar now searches for that tag.

Diffractor 118 2018-02-02

This release adds a tag-toolbar. The tagbar allows you to set or remove favorite tags quickly. You can customize the list of favorite tags on the options screen.

There are also several bug fixes to media playing and keyboard shortcuts.

Diffractor 117 2017-06-19

Diffractor 117 is ready for download. It brings a new user interface with some useful buttons added to a bottom toolbar. Other new features:

PSD file support
Ability to select an audio track for playback (if more than one)
Can now be installed for current user or all users
Added ability to flag an image for action or deletion. You can also search for flagged images.
Fixed a bug where copy and paste was not working during metadata edit
Added the ability to use locations from google (sponsor only feature)

Diffractor 116 2016-01-05

Diffractor 116 final release is ready for download. Same new features as the beta with a few minor bug fixes. Enjoy!

Diffractor 112 2014-05-16

You may have noticed version 112 has been released. It is just a bug fix release containing the following:
Fix for crash on some older graphics cards.
Improved start-up performance.
Fix to encryption of flickr/facebook credentials.
Improved searching performance
Changed install so admin rights are no longer required.
Upgraded libav and sqlite

Diffractor 111 ready 2014-02-27

It has several bug fixes to improve stability. It also has more intelligent sorting. Security for Twitter, Facebook and Flickr uploads has also been improved. Enjoy!

Diffractor 111 Beta 2014-02-22
It has several bug fixes to improve stability. It also has more intelligent sorting. Security for Twitter, Facebook and Flickr uploads has been improved. Enjoy!

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