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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DVRMSToolbox


- Add "Export JRiver MC XML Sidecar" action to advanced actions


- Artifact scanning occurs periodically when enabled in FW
- Fix some threading issues in FW
- Add MSDK filters to installer
- Fix issue where "Prevent Standby" setting was not saved


- Update to latest MONOGRAM x264 encoder
- Fix a bug in media type detection in DTBVE
- Update to latest GDCL MP4 Mux/Demux filters
- when using a separate mux step in ConvertVideofile MP4 will be used if MP4 is the desired container
- Fix a bug in VideoConverter when triming compressed samples from a WTV
- Updated
- Updated
- Add QuickSync support
- Stop writing events when DVRMStoMPEG.exe can't be cleaned up
- Fix a bug in AdvancedFileRename when a show doesn't have metadata
- Add WriteMetaDataToWmv action


- DTBVideoEditor respects PVR preference when reading/writing commercial segments
- Fix a bug in VideoConvertor where non-digital recordings can't be converted
- Change VideoConvertor to allow files with MPEG1 audio to convert to WMV
- Update MPC-HC filters
- Remove ConvertWithFfdshow and ConvertToMatroska actions
- Update ToDVRMS to
- Add Convert for Ipad profile (same as Iphone but with larger target size)
- Change Convert for (Iphone|Ipad|Zune) to continue when commercial detection fails
- Add action name to configure dialog
- Fix bug in MigrateMetadataToContext where checking "CreateNewContext" doesn't create a new context value
- Ensure FileConverter derived classes run on a MTA thread
- Add FileOperationWait action - will keep retrying a file operation until it works
- Add RescanSageMediaLibrary action - triggers media library rescan (requires Sage web server)
- Compatiblity with DTBAddin (R4)
- Add RunEac3To action


- Add MSAS and addin debug log options to settings tool
- Add DeleteContextValue action
- add option to process shows w/o artifacts when the FW starts
- rework FW queueing model to only allow N (default is 5) instances of dvrmstompeg to run at a time
- ProcessDirectory supports custom ext
- Update todvrms to
- Integrate SRTWriter filter (dumps SRT from US WTV files)
- Add ChangeAffinity action
- FW will create DTB public folders if they are missing
- Fix bug when framerate is changed in VideoConverter
- Update to custom Monogram H.264 encoder that allows profile selection (MAIN is the default)
- Add SetPreferredAudio action (for WTV only)
- Add audio stream selection for WTV files in ConvertVideoFile (use SetPreferredAudio prior to ConvertVideoFile in the profile)
- Additional error handling in FW
- Fix "Suppress" persistence in the settings tool
- Add VS.2008 runtime to installer
- Fix can't uninstall bug when the DTBFWService is not installed (previous versions, run installutil on the dtbfwservice to install it before uninstalling)

Version (same as R4)

- change "sage/home" to "sage/Home" in web server testing URL
- add OR logic to Processing Conditions
- MigrateMetadata uses DvrmsMetadataEditor to write metadata to WTV files
- add WriteMetadataXml action
- Change AtomicParsley action to accept context values
- Use WMV writer for retrieving status when writing WMV files
- add CalculateMaxScanTime action, used to calculate number of minutes used to limit the commercial analyzer
- Read MC recorded tv and watched folders differently, may fix incorrect values read on x64 systems
- Updated version of todvrms.exe
- Download SA v1 (to the desktop) instead of SA beta
- Fix a bug in MigrateMetadata with WMV files
- Native/Native stream copies no longer remove DS clock (should fix A/V sync issues when swapping containers)
- VideoConvertor supports framerate conversion
- Fix a bug in ChangeContextValue
- add logging to FW startup (watched dir, etc)
- Resize/crop filters should maintain proper AR when converting
- Iphone profile forces framerate to 30fps
- Added framerate control to DTBVideoEditor
- VideoConverter delete output file if it exists before transcoding
- Fix file truncation when MKV is used as the target container
- Update to todvrms
- Include and register customized MPC-HC MKV source filter
- Add "Convert VOB to WTV" profile (thanks oaktech)

Version (same as EA7)

- Change MP4 muxer to GDCL filter for iPhone/iPod compatibility
- Add ExtraData action for adding static context values by type using xml document (<root><data name="ForceStereo" type="bool" value="true"/></root>)
- Add WMV to supported output types from ConvertVideoFile and DTBVideoEditor.Default prx is cbrZune (supports AC3 btw), to use a different PRX in ConvertVideoFile ExtraData must be used with <root><data name="PrxPath" value="prxfile.prx"/></root>
- Add "Convert For Zune (no commercials)" and "Convert for iPhone (no commercials)" profiles
- PC support > < testing with numeric and string values
- Add FWThrottle action to profiles created with DTBVideoEditor
- Add AtomicParsely action, and AtomicParsely.exe
- Refine status/completion for convertors
- Fix a bug where an audio decoder is specified for a native audio format copy in VideoConvertor
- VideoConvertor will prefer to use DSCutter with uncompressed samples
- VideoConvertor replaces "MPC - Mpeg Splitter (Gabest)" with "MPC - Mpeg Source (Gabest)" as a preferred filter; if original behavior is desired use the CLISD instead
- DTB will assume all SSL certs are valid when retrieving metadata
- Fix filter connection issue using DSCutter with SBE file types
- Update todvrms to
- Add AttributeEnable and AVC1toH264 filters
- ConvertVideoFile and DTBVideoEditor will calc resize value based on frame height/width when either is set to 0
- PC support = != testing of numeric text values as numbers
- DVRMSToolbox.exe returns codes on termination (thanks ChrisRichner)
- Fixed a bug in ConvertVideoFile when removing spans from SBE files
- AtomicParsley action supports cascading metadata items using attribute1;attribute2 syntax in the value node
- Set 32BIT+ in MencoderProper.exe
- Fix a bunch of bugs w/ converting WTV files
- Disable the graph's clock when doing a container swap in VideoConverter
- Fix a bug in ExtraData action when "type" was not specified
- Fix some container/codec validation bugs in DTBVideoEditor

DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

- ConvertVideoFile supports Native A/V container swaps (w/ editing); user must verify that container swap works
- ConvertVideoFile supports TS output if SageTV is installed
- Added hang detection to underlying converter class
- Added ExtractCC action (uses ccextractor - included in package) dumps SRT subtitles
- ConvertVideoFile will mux SRT subtitles into MKV if ExtractCC is used in profile
- ConvertVideoFile file editing much more robust, works with compressed and uncompressed samples (i.e. transcoding is not required)
- Use MediaInfo.dll for non-SBE file types media metadata
- Setting to disable adding media type information to metadata
- Updated version of mencoder
- Updated Comskip to 80.023
- Added DTBVideoEditor GUI application (UI for VideoConvertor, convertor used by ConvertVideoFile)
- Included "MPC - Audio Decoder Filter (babgvant)"; customized audio decoder from MPC-HC project
- Included "MPC - Mpeg Splitter (Gabest)"; MPEG-PS/TS splitter from MPC-HC project (MERIT modified)
- Included "MPC - MPEG-2 Video Decoder (Gabest)"; MPEG video decoder from MPC-HC project (MERIT modified)
- Included "MPC - SubtitleSource (S_TEXT/UTF8)"; SRT source filter from MPC-HC project
- Included "MPC - Video decoder (babgvant)"; customized video decoder from MPC-HC
- ConvertVideoFile supports source filters in preferred filter list
- Exe assemblies are complied as x86 applications (no more x64 rev)
- ConvertVideoFile will write show metadata to MKV files
- Removed reboot requirement from installer
- ConvertVideoFile supports writing audio/video only files (i.e. converting to mp3/aac); user must validate container (DTBVideoEditor enforces simple rules)
- Include MencoderProper application
- DSCutter caches media type changes and passes them downstream on the next allowed sample
- Add workaround in MPC - Audio Decoder Filter (babgvant) for multi-channel AAC where channel information isn't set in the negotiated media type
- ConvertVideoFile supports SBE files
- Media type dection supports SBE files
- Add media info dialog to DTBVideoEditor
- Add ConvertVideoFile profile creation option to DTBVideoEditor
- Add more error handling and path testing to FW
- Recreate FW Service & Installer class (potential fix for 2869 issues?)
- Create profile button in DTBVideoEditor adds FindCommercials and ExtractCC actions if corresponding options are selected
- "Modify File Permissions" is now checked by default
- Update MencoderProper

DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

- FW logs to a single file per process
- ConvertVideoFile uses system clock
- ConvertVideoFile can skip commercials (experimental)
- ConvertVideoFile supports MPEG if AVIVO is installed
- added MetadataWait action to create metadata (i.e. start/end time) based waits, can be used with ticks and string based time values. UTC is assumed
- fixed time based localization bugs when converting sage xml metadata
- Add media type (codec, frame size, audio channels, etc) information from non-sbe files to metadata
- added setting for video file filters in open/save file dialogs (registry only)
- added setting to have FW watch recursively
- FW cleanup supports ext appends (file.mpg.ext)
- if UseSage = true, RecordedTV path will no longer return the MC recorded tv path
- if UseSage = true, WatchedTV path will no longer return the MC watched tv path
- ConvertVideoFile should work on files that are currently recording
- Fixed a bug in media type retrieval for recording files
- ConvertVideoFile attempts to connect preferred filters directly instead of relying on IC
- Add .wtv to default video types used by the FW
- Add .wtv to the default watched types used by the FW
- Compile downloadfile.exe for x86
- Installer fixes
- Moved addins to separate installers
- Added MetaDataTest action

DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

- Disable WER on Vista for DVRMStoMPEG.exe
- Add remote system idle timer reseting in the FW (works slightly different when running in service v. winform)
- fixed an inconsistent metadata issue
- ReloadMetadata action
- MigrateMetadataToContext action
- ConvertVideoFile advanced action to convert to xvid (requires xvid encoder filter) h.264 (requires Monogram x264 encoder) AAC (requires Monogram AAC encoder), AC3 (requires Monogram AC3 encoder) or MP3 (requires Monogram MP3 encoder) with resize and crop (requires custom meraka filters) writes to avi, mkv, or mp4 containers
- Cleanup profile GUI in settings tool
- Coyotes's Export to iPhone with ffmpeg profile
- ffmpeg iPhone profile
- ReplaceSageTvFile action
- Reworked action dependancy model, so non-boolean types can have dependant properties (supports boolean and enum, but other types will be easy to add if necessary)
- Addin changed back to being able to install on Windows 7
- Added InstallDir and RunDir context values (should be the same values in most cases)
- Fixed an issue with using comskip with sage
- Added Monogram filters for ConvertVideoFile to the installer (unregistered)
- Added Queue with FileWatcher feature to GUI
- MigrateMetaData explicitly sets WM/WMRVContentProtected to false
- FindCommercials sets background I/O mode if process priority is Idle, instead of for the entire process run
- Add TempFolder context value
- ChangeContextValue supports the use of context values in the replace expression
- Added MoveToRecycleBin option to FileOperation action.If file is too big for the Recycle Bin, it is deleted normally.
- Change RunExternal to assume ProcessName that do not exist are in the Applications directory
- Ben's convert MKV/AVI to DVRMS profiles
- Warren's TvDBMetaData lookup action
- FileOperation supports Context values in Destination
- Added todvrms.exe to the Applications folder

DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

- Fixed proppage.dll registration crashing dvrmstompegsettings on x64
- Added MceState registration check when launching dvrmstompegsettings, should address mcestate not registering properly on x64
- AutoZoom should apply only once per file
- folder processor driven off of watched types
- Prevent standby will prevent standby (instead of just asking for it)
- Fixed a file path selection bug in the settings tool
- Cleanup process will cleanup orphaned "Cleanup Ext" in the watched folders

DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

- Fixed some bugs in condition testing routine
- Changed delete file handling to use video types instead of watched types
- Added file ext substitution for meta data retrieval
- GetVideoInfo will ignore non-SBE files
- FW can watch multiple directories
- Added FileSize minimum (most effective when used with Queue Updates) to limit files that get queued by the FW
- SAV1 integration
- Changed PC Editor to display PC name
- Added continuation functionality to PC
- Updated ConvertToMatroska action to work with non-dvrms file types
- Added logging and metadata display to PC Editor's "Test Condition" dialog
- Fixed a bug in settings base class that caused installation issues when arrays are used (caused an install issue in R1)
- Fixed a bug in the settings tool where the addin process profile value was not handled properly
- Added RunExternalNostatus action, same as RunExternal but the output stream of the executed process is not hooked
- Fixed a problem with parsing Sage metadata
- Added isHDTV tag to Sage metadata
- Fixed Webserver test method
- Added additional logging/error handling to the FW
- Stopped embedding SA in DTB msi, option now downloads SA on demand
- Added FileSizeWait action, waits until the file size has not changed for a configurable amount of seconds
- Added logging to autozoom function
- Added Yes/No to disable proppage nag
- WM/WMRVContentProtected will be set to false on all spliced files

DVRMSToolbox For - Public Release

- Added output file context to ConvertWithGraph
- Removed file detection method added in
- DVD bookmarking method updated if PropPage.dll is registered
- Changed the FW to support alternate file extensions (multiple ext can be used)
- Fixed a bug in GetVideoInfo action (introduced in
- Force creation of FWLogs folder
- Better logging from FW
- Added enhancements to the Addin ensure freshness of MC host objects
- Added SageTv support requires Sage Webserver
- Altered ConvertWithExplicitGraph to support non-SBE filetypes
- Fixed one cause of 2869 installation error.Better error messages will be displayed if an installation issue occurs.
- Removed Vista requirement for installer, even if selected (not that I recommend trying this) the addin will not install on non-Vista machines
- PC support for non-SBE filetypes, files w/o metadata will only have file path and ext available for evaluation
- Maximum wait time value for use when waiting for meta-data
- Better keyhooking algorithm
- Made PC evaluation case insensitive
- Added RegexMatch as PC option
- Changed PCEditor application to allow multiple file section for metatags.bin generation
- Added configurable file type detection to the FW.Defaults to ".dvr-ms,.mpg,.ts".
- Changed cleanupext functionality in the FW to look for files classified as VideoTypes before cleaning up the files
- Fixed a bug in FileOperation when using NotExists
- Fixed a bug where invoked processes ran at the default priority instead of the priority of dvrmstompeg.exe (introduced in R5)
- Added ConvertComSpansToBookmarks to AdvancedActions.Thanks to Urs Muff
- SA version 0.9.7
- Comskip 79.143

DVRMSToolbox For XP - Public Release (R3)

- Waiting to process messages more descriptive
- Status writing is more timely
- Fixed a problem with DVR2WMV usage, should [finally] resolve hanging issues
- Added reprocess functionality to the addin (press 4 on the remote)
- Added FileName to meta data returned
- Fixed lost status messages when process ends quickly
- FindCommercials action waits one minute before scanning file.
- Addressed localization issue with commercial files (thanks fenschop)
- OOTB mpeg "conversion" using DShow method deprecated
- Comskip 0.79.113 included and configured for live detection

DVRMSToolbox For Vista - Public Release (R4)

Version is now available for everyone.There was one change b/w the last {EA] release and this one so if you pulled down a previous version get this one to be current.

- Key handling is only triggered while recorded tv is played back.Should address sluggish UI issues.
- More attempts to detect playing file are made before giving up
- Addin will fall back to using Restart Manager if unable to detect the file using prefered method
- Changed wording on file can't be detected message to be more accurate given new detection method
- Waiting to process messages more descriptive
- Status writing is more timely
- Fixed a problem with DVR2WMV usage, should [finally] resolve hanging issues
- Added reprocess functionality to the addin (press 4 on the remote)
- Fixed meta data not available during recording issue
- Added FileName to meta data returned, will not be persisted in file
- Removed dependancy on Toub dll
- Removed m71 support
- Migrated all DirectShow code to use DirectShow.Net interfaces
- Fixed lost status messages when process ends quickly
- FindCommercials action waits one minute before scanning file.
- Added ChangeRecordedDate action to MceActions.Action sets record date to original air date; useful for series recordings on "Marathon" showings
- Added ChangeMCMetaData action to MceActions.Alters meta data used by MC to display runtime slider none destructively (i.e. doesn't alter tracking ids); hopefully will allow spliced shows to be managed as series by MC for recording limits.
- OOTB mpeg "conversion" using DShow method deprecated
- Comskip 0.79.113 included and configured for live detection
- Added FixDvrmsDuration action
- Added resolution meta data attributes
- Added ConvertToMatroska action to AdvancedActions (uses ffdshow for video encoding; audio is passed as-is, including AC3) requires ffdshow and Haali Matroska filters
- Addressed localization issue with commercial files (thanks fenschop)
- Fixed multiple "Navigate to bookmark" messages issue
- License changed

- Added ConvertWithFfmpeg for simplified use of r9976+ Ffmpeg for file conversion
- Added file cleanup options to the FW
- Added setting to disable key handling in the addin
- Added functionality to terminate the addin by pressing a key (D3 by default)
- Significant changes in key handling and object consumption in the addin, should address performance issues
- Changed to custom build of Toub.MediaCenter.Dvrms.dll resolved memory allocation problem when splicing on Vista, Title - Subtitle concatenation in new file, and error when copying metadata on non-NTSC content
- Changed MCEState registration mechanism, should fix registration issues on some machines and x64
- Updated Mencoder to Version 12
- Added Profile inheritance feature to settings tool
- Set tab order in settings tool
- Updated MemMapFile.dll to version included in Vista MC SDK
- Added prevent standby option to Processing settings
- Added Quiet option to ConvertWithFfmpeg
- Added ConvertWithWMEncoder to advanced actions
- Fixed a bug in ConvertWithGraph where OutputFile was not set to the file created
- Added option to disable commercialskipping in the addin
- Introduced aggressive ThreadPool usaged into the addin, should increase responsiveness for those experiencing issues.
- Introduced time based (configurable) method to reduce file detection.
- Added Video/DVD bookmarking feature to the addin (note this has been updated from early EA builds, old bookmarks are incompatible.)
- Comskip version 0.79.105 inlcuded
- SA version 0.9.1

Version is available.
- Manifests added to executable files to work with UAC
- Changed numbering convention to seperate XP and Vista versions
- Added LaunchCondition to installer to test for Vista
- Fixed a bug in the CommercialSkipAddin, where MaxSkipLength doesn't do anything
- Added a checkbox to the installer to register the addin
- Added a LaunchCondition to ensure that the application only installs on Windows Vista
- Added MigrateMetaData action, action will migrated the metadata from a dvr-ms file to a wmv file, and optionally index the file
- ConvertToWmv action will detect hung conversion and MigrateMetaData if progress is > 99%
- ConvertToWmvIC action will detect hung conversion and MigrateMetaData if progress is > 99%
- Added ChangeContextValue action, allows the manipulation of Context values using Find/Replace regular expressions
- Fixed a bug in the settings tool that was not detecting Context settings properly
- Removed dependancy on external application to detect locked file information
- Changed dvr2wmv.dll registration to detect if it is already registered (i.e. dvr2wmv is installed), and only install if it is not.
- CommercialXml, Output, and Temp paths have default values
- Process Prompt now has Yes and No buttons
- Changed Job request model to use IpcChannel instead of files
- Added AdvancedFileRename action, action renames a context file based on metadata values specified in %MetaTag% format
- RunExternalPlus action added, allows the output of RunExternal to be tested for success
- Options to test for existance added to FileOperation action

- Fixed a bug in the CommercialSkipAddin, where MaxSkipLength doesn't do anything
- Added a checkbox to the installer to register the addin
- Added a LaunchCondition to ensure that the application only installs on Windows XP
- Added MigrateMetaData action, action will migrated the metadata from a dvr-ms file to a wmv file, and optionally index the file
- ConvertToWmv action will detect hung conversion and MigrateMetaData if progress is > 99%
- Added ChangeContextValue action, allows the manipulation of Context values using Find/Replace regular expressions
- Fixed a bug in the settings tool that was not detecting Context settings properly
- Comskip 0.79.58 included

Changes for
- FindCommercials has some added fuctionality to handle SA hangs
- Only one instance of the FW or FW Service will run
- Changed "Monitor Deletes" behavior.Instead of handling cleanup in realtime, it is now a scheduled process.Frequency and "Watched Folder" inclusion is configured in the settings tool.
- GUI tool is now aware of Semaphore, and will cleanup the lock if DVRMStoMPEG.exe is terminated improperly
- dvrmstoolbox.exe (the folder processing exe) respects /act arguement
- fixed a bug in the commercial skip addin that could cause unlimited number of "Cannot skip past end of show" dialogs
- added a missing call to Dispose in the ConvertToWmv action (I had assumed, wrongly, that because dvr2wmv's wrapper had a method "Dispose" that it implemented IDisposable.This should fix "used by another process" issue when using the action.
- renamefile action will remove invalid filename characters
- ShowAnalyzer 0.7.11 inlcuded
- Comskip 0.79.53 included

Changes for
- fixed a bug when using equals and not equals in a pc
- added copy to ppc action NOTE: will not work with File Watcher when it is run as a service, use winform instead
- brought back the winform version of filewatcher, see above
- major changes to how the filewatcher works, see below
- throttle action, now throttling is independant of the filewatcher and it is configurable to control the number of active instances of dvrmstompeg.exe
- added a process condition test function to the pc editor, select a file and see the pc matched against it
- skip last span option added to dvrmscutoutcommercials action
- added /hideprogress cmdline option, use to hide progress updates
- added options to findcommercials action to set commercial analyzer
- latest revs of SA and Comskip included in the install

Changes for
- buttons are configurable in the addin
- button to disable button handling was added. will disable button handling for 30 seconds.
- findcommercials action modified to work with live commercial detection
- if a button is handled it will not pass through the press to MCE, this is a change in behavior. previous versions passed through up/down presses.
- "Skip Back Disable" functionality added. this feature will disable autoskip after skipping back, until the postion that the skip back was initiated from has past.

Changes for
- fixed an issue with graph retrival in commercial skip addin (error message prompting to restart MCE from the addin)
- added tooltips to the settings tool
- fixed an issue with MCE specific registy key not existing on non-MCE machines
- fixed localization issue with BUILTINAdministrators
- commercialsxml and fwjobs path are now configurable
- fixed a bug in dumpcommercials
- modifed findcommercials to work with the new version of comskip
- fixed localization issue with commericals xml files in add-in
- findcommercials will detect registration status of SA, and use comskip if it is not registered or not installed
- added Condition Generator feature to the PC Editor (much easier to create custom PC using common meta tags)
- add autoscan setting to addin
- Folder Processor creates a process per file
- added RunExternal action: runs any external cmd, bat, exe with configured arguments. arguments must be entered in the format argname1=%ContextItem% argname2=%ContextItem% where ContextItem = the name of the item to pull from context. For e.g. /if="%InputFile%" /of="%OutputFile%" will take the values for InputFile and OutputFile from the Context and create the argument list.

Changes for

- All settings consolidated in the settings tool
- Settings are now stored in the registry
- SA is packaged as the complete install, instead of the individual components.
- double click on actions configuration options that require file or folder input will open file/folder dialogs
- fixed a bug in AsyncProcess class, which could cause cmdline output to not be captured properly

- FW is now a windows service
- FW uses last modified date instead of the queue time for time test

- Create DvrmsEditor project file from commercials action added
- Convert to WMV using Intelligent Connect action added
- Move/Copy/Delete file addin added
- Bug fixed in splicer where last span was not tested for length.
- Fixed localization issue with commercial file generation

Commercialskip add-in:
- add-in will detect the abscence of a commercial file, and prompt for scan
- better extender support added (thanks to jelwood, Olivieri, and jselwood)
- auto skip on/off notifications added (thanks to jelwood, Olivieri, and jselwood)
- Options added for Writing Events, Writing MSAS state, MaxSkipMinutes, SkipBoxMinMinutes, SkipBoxDisplayType, ReloadSettings, PromptScan
- Better error handling
- New MSAS sink, MediaState dependancy removed.
- Added Toub's updated MCEGraph class


- CommercialSkip Add-In updated for Rollup 2 (thanks Toub), add-in will not run without Rollup 2 installed.
- CommercialSkip Add-In rewritten to use MSAS instead of earlier polling model to increase stability. Requires reboot!
- AutoSkip is set to 1 by default
- ProcessingConditionsEditor supports the generation of new MetaTags.bin file. MetaTags.bin stores the list of meta tags in a DVR-MS file, which is used to create the PC, if a tag doesn't appear in the list creating a new MetaTags.bin will fix the problem.
- Installer allows conditional installation of SA, DVRMSFilewatcher, and CommercialSkip

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