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DVR-Studio is a video editor. Process your UHD, HD, HDTV and SD-PAL DVB recordings (Transport Stream) from various receivers, DVB PC-cards and AVCHD cameras (M2TS format) - all with just a few mouse clicks. DVR-Studio HD 3 is build from the bottom and offers a totally enhanced authoring for Blu-Ray Disk and DVD export. The new design concept leads the user intuitively to quick results.

Trialware $100
OS: Win
File size: 54.8MB
Version history
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Latest version

UHD 1.11 / HD 4.19 (August 9, 2019)


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Download DVR-Studio UHD 1.11  54.8MB  Win

Download Beta and other versions

Download DVR-Studio HD 4.19  ca 54.8MB  Win

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $100)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

German changelog at

VERSION 2.10: 08.08.2008
- new: function "DVD-Project batch processing"
- new: Funktion "Erase DVD Project Data"
- changed: Nero is selected as default after initial install if available
- changed: the option "DVR-Compress" now is selectable per project
- changed: clear hints and display to online manual etc.
- fix: Crash when scaning for ads if previews images were disabled
- fix: Crash when selecting new font on menu and the cancelling
- fix: Crash after changing menu background image when doing from property list
- fix: Sometimes negative DVD sizes were calculated
- fix: DVD always got ejected regardless of selected option
- some other small bugfixes

VERSION 1.75 (26.10.2007)
- New: Changes for 'Ahead Nero 8' (tm)
- New: display of temporary files ('Settings' > 'Miscellaneous')
- New: disabling invalid audio tracks: autom., ask, never
- New: warning if GOPs larger than 15 frames are found
- Bugfix: crash, when missing receiver.txt
- Bugfix: detecting video format changes improved

VERSION 1.70 (28.09.2007)
- New: Selection of receiver used for more reliable format detection
- New: Opening content of directories like demux, VIDEO_TS etc.
- New: Warning if resolution is non DVD compatible
- New: All Log-messages are translated now.
- Changed: ASPI-interface option available again
- Changed: partially encrypted audio tracks are deactivated automatically
- Bugfix: DVD was ejected, regardless of option setting
- Bugfix: manual audio delay was ignored
- Bugfix: Chapter marks were sometimes missed by a few seconds

VERSION 1.66 (29.07.2007)
- Buffix: Aspect ratio of titles was always set the same as the menu
- Bugfix: double defined VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS folder crashed authoring
- Bugfix: detection of Double-Layer media improved
- Bugfix: +R media were tried to be deleted sometimes
- Bugfix: occasional error after deleting RW media
- New: Log-Level is set to "2" after installation until 3 successful DVDs were created

VERSION 1.64 (16.07.2007)
- Bugfix: DVD-authoring locked up with some recordings
- Bugfix: "Remove cut-areas" removed too much
- Bugfix: "Copy edited recording" didn't copy all
- Bugfix: Detection of Double-Layer media
- Bugfix: Erasing RW media
- Bugfix: Crash or lock-up while demuxing AC3 recordings
- Bugfix: automatic chapter setting forgot last one
- Bugfix: Pioneer Fix didn't work any more
- New: Check if demux or VOB-files are in use

VERSION 1.62 (27.06.2007)
- Bugfix: +R media often were not detected
- Bugfix: Aspect ratio was not migrated to DVD authoring
- Bugfix: Progressbar in "Copy edited recording" didn't show correct
- Bugfix: Progressbar in "Remove cut areas" didn't show correct
- Bugfix: "Copy edited recording" stopped too early

VERSION 1.61 (19.06.2007)
- New: automatic chapter at end of recording (for "skip next" function)
- New: support for italic ad bold fonts in templates
- New: if not known the last used file extension is reused
- New: kontext sensitive online help in DVD Wizard and settings window
- New: online help as search-index now
- Bugix: default settings have not been restored correctly

VERSION 1.60RC3 (02.06.2007)
- New: "Settings" window divided into several registers
- New: Directories of DVD Wizzard available in window "Settings"
- New: Selection of DVD-writer and interface in window "Settings"
- New: Directory for screenshots can be defined now
- New: Colour of selected buttons in DVD-menus can be changed
- New: Background-colour for textareas including transparency in DVD menus

VERSION 1.60RC2 (24.05.2007)
- Some Bugfixes

VERSION 1.60RC1 (09.05.2007)
- New: DVD-Authoring based on new module
- New: DVD-Styles for improved DVD-Menus
- New: DVD-Writer with new internal module
- New: Custom DVD-Templates are stored in "AppData" of user profile
- New: Deleting custom DVD-Templates
- New: Minimizing the DVD-Wizzard also minimizes application window
- New: Indication of progress in Taskbar

VERSION 1.57 (31.03.2007)
- New: Info, if MP3 is chosen as file extension
- New: Info, if Bitrate is patched there is no reencoding
- New: Message to restart software when burning interface is changed
- Bugfix: DVDs without menu didn't work with Nero-interface

VERSION 1.56 (06.03.2007)
- Changed: Option "Panasonic kompatible" in DVD-menus
- Bugfix: DVD-menus didn't work correctly on most DVD-palyers in version 1.55
- Bugfix: Homecast TP0 files caused DVD-wizard to crash

VERSION 1.55 (23.02.2007)

- Changed: window size of "file open" increased.
- Bugfix: DVD-menus play on Panasonic DVD-Players now.
- Bugfix: Temporary Demux-files haven't always been deleted.

VERSION 1.50 (29.01.2007)
- New: Optionally using Nero burning interface if available
- New: The "file | open" window does automatically switch into detail list mode
- New: calculating expected working time roughly (really rough)
- New: some message boxes can be switched off ("do not show this again" check mark)
- Change: Demultiplexer ignores Topfield header PIDs and uses scanner instead
- Some changes for improved Windows Vista compatiblity
- DVR-Compress 1.10 Demo included in setup

VERSION 1.42 (31.12.2006)
- New: Function "Split recording"
- New: Support of segmented files for Koscom receiver
- Changed: Detecting headers in AVR-files (Arion)
- Changed: Accessing the PC-registry just readonly
- Bugfix: Showing message if the trail period of DVR-Compressed is over
- Bugfix: Calculating target size on DL-media for DVR-Compress

VERSION 1.41 (16.12.2006)
- NEw: Button to show current log file in progress window
- Neu: Button to show current log file in DVD wizard
- Neu: playing the build titleset with the installed DVD player
- Bugfix: if DVR-Compresse wasn't installed error in required space calculation
- Bugfix: reqired space calculation in dvd-wizard

VERSION 1.40 (24.11.2006)
- Integration of DVR-Compress for shrinking DVDs
- changes to default path settings according to Windows Vista styleguides
- Runs with Windows Vista
- Added Feature to open logfiles directory in "Settings" window directly
- Improved preview speed
- Bugfix: opening edited recordings from Kathrein Receivers
- Bugfix: missing audio tracks with Katherin Receiver recordings
- Some bugfixes, memory leaks etc.

VERSION 1.25 (23.08.2006)
- DVD-wizard shows a countdown window before shutting down
- Warning if a root-directory is selected for output
- Warning if a root-directory is selected for demux files
- div. Bugfixes

VERSION 1.24 (08.08.2006)
- div. Bugfixes

VERSION 1.23 (28.07.2006)
- Bugfix: Erasing DVD-RW and DVD+RW mediafailed on some DVD burners
- Bugfix: Processing of Grobi/Digenius files recorded with latest firmware

VERSION 1.22 (21.07.2006)
- New: Support of segmented PVR-files (Targa Receiver)
- Changed: PageUp/Down swapped
- Bugfix: Transfermodule-file in batch were often recognized as encrypted

VERSION 1.21 (08.07.2006)
- New: Menu item "Close", closes current recording
- New: Support for Arcon Titan 5000 Receiver
- Changed: increased size of client message window
- Changed: increased size of software update window
- Changed: Stepping distance now handled by "shift" and "ctrl" key everywhere
- Bugfix: Keys "Page up" and "Page down" now work as expected when scrolling
- Bugfix: in preview when changing from 4:3 to 16:9 parts of previous frame were still shown
- Bugfix: scrolling was erratic in some recordings
- Bugfix: scanning for ads produces invalid cut-areas sometimes at end of recording

VERSION 1.20 (23.06.2006)
- New: support for transfermoduls with functions "Delete" and "Rename"
- New: processing of 3rd audio track with Grobi/Digenius DS-files
- Changed: Warning messages about cuts are shown only once in batch processing
- Changed: Software remembers last directory for fileselection
- Bugfix: Demuxing of Premiere Radio recordings with 44,1 kHz
- Bugfix: Demuxing of Premiere Radio recordings with Grobi/Digenius DS-files
- Bugfix: IFO and BUP-files are identical now
- Bugfix: Detection of radio track in Premiere, FranceInter etc.
- Bugfix: Characterset used in DVD-menus is set to system default now (eastern european etc.)

VERSION 1.15 (18.04.2006)
- Support for DGS files (DigeniusDiskX)
- Bugfix: Overflow when calculating DVD size

DVD-Studio Pro VERSION 1.12 (22.03.06)
- New function: define audio delay in DVD-authoring manually
- New function: define aspect ratio in DVD-authoring manually
- Bugfix: AC3-format in 384 kBit/s DD2.0 now processed

DVD-Studio Pro VERSION 1.11 (18.02.2006)
- New function: "store as DVD template"

DVD-Studio Pro VERSION 1.08 Beta 5 (28.01.2006)
- Additional DVD-templates
- Menu key of DVD player working now
- Bugfix: update problems when changing DVD-menu properties

DVD-Studio Pro VERSION 1.08 Beta 4 (22.01.2006)
- Improved DVD Menu
- New hint-texts for "remove cuts" etc.
- Bugfix: Recordings of ITV and other channels
- Bugfix: Synch at cuts
- Bugfix: ZDF AC3-format in 384 kBit/s now processed

DVD-Studio VERSION 1.11 (22.01.06)
- New hint-texts for "remove cuts" etc.
- Bugfix: Recordings of ITV and other channels
- Bugfix: Synch at cuts
- Bugfix: ZDF AC3-format in 384 kBit/s now processed

DVD-Studio VERSION 1.10 (02.10.05)
- Patching aspect ratio to 16:9
- Patching AC3 audio to DD5.1
- New licencing system
- Bugfix: Crash during cut-preview

Version 1.05
Version 1.0 RC7 Pro from 19.06.05
- Sorting recording list when opening by transfer module
- Versionscontrol of Transfermodules
- Deinstallation: Registry is cleaned up now
- Recommending renaming of files when opening Finepass HAV files
- Transfermodules show disksize now (if available): max/used/free
- Transfermodul Grobi/Digenius/Medion: All recordings are listed now
- Demultiplexing Grobi/Digenius/Medion: AC3 Demuxing and audio track detection
- Demultiplexing edited recordings (Grobi/Digenius/Medion)

Version 1.04
Version 1.0 RC6 Pro
- Bugfix when opening Homecast TP0 files
- Recommending renaming of files when opening Homecast files
- Support of Digenius and Grobi.TV files

Version 1.03
Version 1.00 RC5 Pro
- fixed crashes while navigating
- Demultiplexer for Digenius based receivers (BETA)
- Improved file open for Homecast receivers
- Support of segmented Echostar files (*.AVR)

1.02 from 07.02.05
- Removing of User-Data from MPEG-Video (Pioneer 444 fix).
- Batch processing for "Remove cuts"
- Batch processing for "Copy edited recording"

1.01 from 16.01.05
- Demux directory can now be selected directly by user. No ~Demux folder created any more
- Improved GUI design
- Option "Composite Display Flag entfernen" für Toshiba DVD players
- Bugfix: Problems when navigating at end of recording

Version 1.0 RC3a from 07.12.04
- Problems with Films from ORF with AC3 Sound ist fixt. (ORF had changed the streamformat)
- Adjustment of DVR-Studio to the format of the new USB of transfer module from Home Cast

Version 1.0 RC3 from 29.11.04
- New feature: Multiple selection in transfer modules and file selection for batch processing
- New feature: Drag & Drop of files out of explorer to batch processing frame
- New feature: Multiple removal of files from batch processing
- New feature: "pre-listening" of radio recordings with ]>[ button in toolbar.
- New feature: Support of Homecast S8000 .hcs files
- Performance improvements in Demultiplexer
- Transfermodul stream selection: wider column for filenames
- Bugfix: AC3 audio in Pro7 wasn't demuxing since beginning of November. Fixed now.
- Bugfix: Start delay compensation didn't work with Pro7 AC3

Version 1.0 RC2a
-Bug fixing: Speed of the processing

Version 1.0 RC2 from 02.11.04
- New feature Batch processing: edit your recordings and add them to the batch list. Start demultiplexing etc. later with one single click.
- New feature Resizable Window: The window of DVR-Studio now is resizable. The preview window gets as much space as possible now.
- New feature: Support of segmented TRP files for KAON receivers
- Bug fixing: Samsung PVR 7400 Stream

Version 1.0 RC1 from 14.09.04
- Demuxer for radio files of Hyundai HSS880:
up to now demuxing radio recordings via transfermodule of HSS880 and Kathrein UFD580 failed. This was due to a different recording format for radio. Not a problem of the transfermodule in this case.
- Bugfix: - Bugfix: open command via file extensions works again
Files couldn't be opened via doubleklicking in file-explorer. DVR-Studio started, but closed immediately. Fixed now.
- Bugfix: some memory leaks resolved
- Bugfix: preview of Conax coded recordings works now

New Beta 0.99h from 05.08.04
- Improved timeout handling for transfer modules in DVR-Studio
- Bugfixing for transfer modul Kathrein- and Hyundai receiver
- Product activation for dealer licenses

New Beta 0.99g from 11.06.04
- Support of multiple Transfermoduls
- Support of HAV Files (Finepass, Handan)
- Support of HTR Dateien (Kathrein, Hyundai) with Transfermodul
- Bugfix: Crash at end of movie, while navigating

New Beta 0.99e from 12.05.04
- Cut-area preview added to standalone DVR-Studio
- some bugfixing in TF5000 transfer module.

New Beta 0.99d from 30.04.04
- Direct transfer of files from harddisks of Topfield TF5000/TF5500 Receivers
This is a BETA version of the transfer module. Both transfer modul as well as the corresponding DVR-Studio are BETA, there may be some bugs in there.
The transfer module only allows read access and operations directly on the receiver disk. So don't connect the receiver to the PC, instead mount the receiver harddisk into the PC. Files can be opened on the receiver disk and can be transferred and demuxed to the PC. It is not neccessary to copy the files to the PC and then demux. Removing cuts and other write access operations are not supported.
You can still open files on PC drives as well.
- Cut-area preview
DVR-studio creates a short MPEG-file around the cut-area and opens it with the associated software player. So you can check how the edited area will look like and also find out which audio track is which language...
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All features

Design Concept

Intuitive, leading the way, recognition characteristics - these are just a few words describing the new design.
Export in TS-format

Export recordings as a standard Transport Stream, supported by many streaming devices and software.

Splits the recording into its elementary streams; may be executed as preparation for further processing with external software products.
Support for HD and SD recordings

DVR-Studio HD supports standard definition television (SD) as well as high definition HDTV (HD, H264) including all video and audio formats.
Cut preview including sound and vision

You can play the area around cut-points and judge if they are placed correctly.
Teletext functions

Call a preferred page or search information within the teletext of your recording . Extract content or get the subtitle information.
Error detection

When recording from satellite there can be errors in recordings. The error scan finds errors and you can check and convert them into cut-areas.
3D - recordings

Processing of 3D recordings available in side-by-side or top-and-bottom technique as usual.
Setting of screenshots out of the recording

Take pictures from the recording to use them as menu- or chapterbackgrounds.
Easy menu creation by using models

DVR-Studio HD 2 includes a basic configuration of menumodels.
Menu design with your onw pictures and audio files

You can even create menus totally free. Many different kinds of audio- and videofiles are supported.
Many models for buttons, pictures and menus are available

We deliver a great number of objects and with our webservice it will get more and more.
Output of mixed data carrires (SD and HD)

Our authoring allowes us to save a Blu-Ray-structure in combination with a HD-recording as a SD-recording. It is also possible to create HD-menus for onla SD-material.
Output as AVCHD, video-DVD or Blu-Ray

All common output formats of DVD or Blu-Ray are supported.
Automatic identification of all DVD- and Blu-Ray-formats

DVR-Studio HD 2 automatically identifies the input blank CD and and offers the fitting formats.
All common formats of DVD and Blu-Ray will be identified.
Internet based

DVR-Studio HD requires a permanent internet connection, so we can adjust the software quickly to changes in media formats. Small changes or supporting new devices we can edit directly via our web service without the need to distribute updates of the software. Furthermore there are more possibilities.
Export in M2TS - Blu-Ray format

Export of recordings in a format supported by Blu-Ray players or authoring software.
Export in device format

Convert your existing recordings into the specific format of your device. Regardless of the device a recording is taken from you can convert it into the format you want.
UPNP Import

Load and open recordings to process, directly from UPnP capable devices.
Player for HD and SD recordings

Load a recording and play it in DVR-Studio HD. Use full screen mode during watching and automatically skip commercial breaks.
Re-ordering and exclusion of audio tracks

Some TV channels broadcast multiple audio tracks. You can re-order them, rename or set their language and exclude unwanted tracks, in order to reduce the size of the resulting export.
Automatic advertising scan

When a recording contains video or audio format changes, advertising can be detected automatically. You just have to check the created cut areas and maybe adapt them slightly ? done.
Batch mode

With help of the batch mode it is possible to export several recordings in a selected file format at once.
Manual and automatic chapterfunction

Separate your recording into chapters, definable by a timeline or by hand.
Using EPG-data in DVD/Blu-Ray-Menu

The EPG-data saved by the receiver are automatically used for the moviedescription in the menu.
A menu can be created with submenu and chaptermenu

Configure your DVD as you like by creating menus with submenus and chaptermenus.
Easy handling with our contextmenu

You can easily connect a picture, a menu or a text with marks in chapters or the recording by a rightclick an the contextmenu.
Preview of the created menustructure with its functions

Check your created menu in kind of look and function before further handling.
Output of HD-movies on DVD (Mini Blu-Ray)

Save your money and bring HD-movies on DVDs (single or dual layer).
Integrierte Brennfunktion oder Ausgabe als ISO-Datei

First create an ISO-image of your DVD or Blu-Ray to burn it later.

We help you - of course after purchase, too. Further development, support for using our software, help with problems and a strong forum community provide added value to our product.

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3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews

I'm very disapointed. Middle of the year the old version HD4 stopped working and I was forced to pay for the update to DVR-Studio UHD. Now again problems on starting the application for more than a week. Some strange error "Error: MainServerHighLoad" appears and application shuts down.
I looks like the app only starts if the server of the manufacturer is working perfect and that's not the case on many days of the year. The worst software I have ever seen.

Apps like this, needing permanent internet connection are a pain in the ass but if their server is so buggy it's even more worse.

Review by Johnny Controletti Johnny Controletti on Oct 22, 2018 Version: DVR-Studio UHD 1.06 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 3/10 Functionality: 3/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

This is usefull when you wish to extract mpeg files from DVB PVRs HDs, like the ones from Topfield, Humax, Homecast, Dreambox, etc

Most of those receivers, have their own application for this, but this is a more "universal" tool.

You may experiance lipsynch problems at times, especially when you extract grabbs from channels like "Enter Ukrain" or the Sky Italia channels

Review by SatStorm on Apr 25, 2005 Version: 1.02 OS: Win2K Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 8/10

This is a really easy-to use DVB-stream editor / demuxer /remuxer. It had some trouble with NTSC streams, not a problem for me though. But maybe someone could send the author a NTSC sample...
I use it to convert my Dreambox DM7000 streams into DVDs. Especially nice is the "search for ads" feature. Sometimes looks like a little magic...

Review by ImagoX on Jun 1, 2004 Version: 0.99e OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 9/10

3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews

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