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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DVDInfoPro

Build 7702 fixed some version string errors
minor bug fixes.

Build 7701 Release, code improvements, bug fixes, new media codes.
Builds to 7700 internet testing

Build 7607
Improved the font on media info to put it back to how it is supposed to look.
Build 7606
Forced the font on media info to stop Windows messing with it.
Updated copyright strings to 2017

Build 7605
minor bug fixes

Build 7604
Improvements for visual studio 2015 compilation. Allowed direct purchase using PayPal from activation window. Minor graphic corrections.
Build 7603
Bug fix when windows removes the notification icon it does not refresh
which causes orphaned icons to remain behind until the mouse hovers over them, this build works around the issue and forces a refresh to remove the icon

Build 7600 - 7602
Speed test was broken on some Windows/hardware versions, this has now been corrected. Other minor tweaks and bug fixes.
Build 7503
IBG Window compatibility issue with VS2015.
Build 7502
Updates, Bug Fixes, Digitally certification.
Build 7201
Minor updates.

Build 7200
Bug fixes and enhancements to code.

Build 7121
Fixed a crash on the help page.

Build 7120
Minor changes to BD ISO compare routine.
Minor bug fixes
Compiled under Visual Studio C++ 2013

Build 7119
Further fixes on the issue with Error check.

Build 7118
Fixed an issue with Error check, where one finish the program would not see it as stopped properly.

Build 7117
Improved activation information to understand how to fetch a key, especially for users who don’t use a proper email client. Fixed a path bug. Minor fixes.

Build 7116
Improved activation information to understand how to fetch a key, especially for users who don’t use a proper email client. Fixed a path bug. Minor fixes.

Build 7116
Bug Fixes.

Build 7115
Fixed an issue between various Liteon iHAS drives for PiPO scanning, some were unexpectedly responding to command tests. Hopefully now all these model drives are now working correcly. Please report if not.

Build 7114

Build 7113
Fixed a bug in the Write CPU% of IBG Graphs.

Build 7112
Bug fix for activation

Build 7111
Bug fixes and minor changes.
MDisc DVD and BD media support added.

Build 7110
Bug fixes. System Information now decodes Windows 8 Product Key activated in the current system.

Build 7109
Added Asus BW-12B1ST bluray burner for PIPO scanning with jitter. NOTE: PIPO scanning is only for DVD media but works on this bluray burner.

Build 7108
Fixed a issue in Media Info on DVD+R missing info and doubling manufacturer line.
Fixed an issue with some drives not starting in PIPO scanning mode.

Build 7106/7107
Bug fixes for some trial mode expiry issues

Build 7105
Added “Snapshot” and “Clipboard” buttons to the media info view from a user request.

Build 7104
Fixed issue when trying to start a PIPO scan without media
Fixed issue while PIPO scanning and inserting a disc in another drive

Build 7103
Added detection of LabelTag Vendor unique feature
Fixed some button alignments
Fixed a crash going from MD5 function to Speed

Build 7102
Added more Liteon drives to PIPO scanning
Fixed test for Liteon iHASxxx drives for jitter in PIPO Scanning
Added “Open Log” button to main window to make it easier to access the log file to send it in due to windows keeping the temp folder in a hidden folder.
Added some new media codes for Bluray and DVD
Minor bug fixes

Build 7101
Fix registered users ability to enter activation details.

Build 7100
Change licensing from V6.0 to V7.0 upgrades
Minor changes to start up
Change MID codes

Build 7008
Minor bug fixes.

Build 7007
MagicBurner Support Windows XP again for a short time. Upgrade your OS support ends SOON

Build 7006
Support Windows XP again (for a short while)

Build 7004
Change the UAC elevation to support Windows 8

Build 7003
New build with a new compiler
Fixed some minor reported issues
Began re-designing some new stability issues.
Minor changes for Windows 8

Minor Build 7002
Fixed possible crash in System Information
Fixed an intermittent crash on launch for trial version.
Minor bug fixes.

Build 7001
Bug Fixes
Added MagicBurner to the installer.

Build 7000
Added "Active" display to Features & Profiles display to show which features are currently active with loaded media.
Added added column to Drive Features & Profiles shows if each is active.
Added detection of BDRXL and BDREXL Read and Write capability.
Added MID codes for new BDR-XL and BDRE-XL media.
Added some new DVD/BD MID codes
Added new speeds to Bluray BD media info
Added number of layers count to media info for bluray media
Added “Save Drive Report” button to drive info page to save drive capabilities to a text file with far more information than competitive products.
Added CPRM protection display to Media Info
Extended end of layer LBA for multi-layer bluray media
Renamed “Refresh” button to “Refresh Drive List” on drive info display
Fixed IBG Graph window sizing error.
Fixed IBG graph Verify CPU error with some IBG files.
Fixed an issue with Media Info and CSS protected discs.
Fixed an issue with media info sometimes not showing correct CSS protection.
Fixed some drive info serial numbers being truncated.

Build 6531
Minor Bug Fixes.

Build 6532
Interim release to fix a bug with media info sometimes not reporting CSS protection properly.

Build 6531
Minor Bug Fixes.

Build 6530
Added routine to collect unknown CD MID codes like for DVD and prompt user to email them in.

Build 6529
Bug fixes as reported
Added Media Codes for BD. DVD and CD as reported.

Build 6528
Minor bug fixes

Build 6527
Bug fixes as reported
Fix crash in Plextor scanning routine when stopping during scan.

Build 6525
Minor Bug Fixes
Fixed PIPO not recognising some drives ability to scan.

Build 6524
Improved the Flash disk size checking function. NOTE: the drive MUST be FAT or FAT32 to be tested. Do not use NTFS or access denied write errors will result.
The function now detects a drive is “NTFS” and refuses to test it.
Fixed a bug in HDD Error Test where it could run past the end and loop back.

Build 6523
Minor changes and fixes.

Build 6522
Bug fixes as reported
Fixed an issue with some tools & utilities not opening windows on some machines.

Build 6519-6521
Bug fixes as reported.
Full Re-compile of all object code
Fixed some buffer overflow issues changed to more secure code
Left aligned some hex string displays

Build 6518
Minor bug fixes as reported.

Build 6517
Added more BD-R LTH type media codes
Added Pioneer BD-R206BK drive compatibility
Added BD-R media information for LTH type media
Fixed an issue for Liteon – “iHas” drives.Liteon are not making these drives they are being made by various manufacturers depending on the country sold,which caused some mis-identification issues for some routines.

Build 6516
Fixed RPM speed in ImgBurn graphing

Build 6515
Fix for some users having serial number issues

Build 6154
Minor bug fixes

Build 6513
Since the new MediaInfo window show complete media code tool was broken.

Build 6509 - 6510
Fixed a bug where the status area icon was not being removed.
Added drive information to the top of the Media Info page
Added compatibility for Liteon “ATAPI iHas” model drives for PIPO Scanning
Added test for other Liteon drives similar to IHas for PIPO scanning
Added compatibility for “.MBG” files from my MagicBurner program to show
Write graphs similar to “.IBG” already supported.
Changed the IBG graphing window to cater for both files type from both programs.
Removed specific IBG only information from the IBG graphing window to make way for the extra new file type.
More media codes added for media.
Minor bug fixes as reported.
Minor graphical movements and sizing of some controls.

Build 6508
Expanded Bluray media codes from 35 known codes to 71 known codes/speed value.
Added all reported DVD and bluray media codes.
Added MovieObject.bdmv file hex & ASCII data from bluray movies to Media Info.
Added When changing a drive, the status now reports media type loaded.
Added Media Info is now displayed in its own window instead of the main window.
Added percentage counter to Media Info as it can take a while on some discs.
Added a new media code table for BD-R LTH Media. (Low to High, Organic Dye).
Added detection of BD-R LTH media by media code only, until a better way is found.
Fixed a bug in ImgBurn graphing for bluray where RPM line was incorrect.
Fixed a slight graphical mis-alignment in ImgBurn graphic feature.
Fixed a wrong “invalid media for command” error in Media Info sometimes.

Build 6506-6507
Discontinued one of the two initial splash screens on activation version.
Fixed more Debug ASSERTS.
Bug Fix.BD DL speed test graph write incorrect had a multiply instead of divide.

Build 6505
Microsoft accepted DVDInfoPro as Win7 Compatible & will publish it in their list.
Added version and copyright info into the installer exe.
Added a digital certificates as required.
Added a new “Installed Hardware” section to SystemInformation feature.
Added First PSN Drive Area to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
Added First PSN Defect List to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
Added PSN User Data Area to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
Added PSN Last User Data Area to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
Added Inner Spare Area 0 Size to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
Added Outer Spare Area Size to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
Added Inner Spare Area 1 Size to Media Info for a formatted Bluray disc.
Added Volume Label under MediaInfo for discs formatted but not UDF
Discovered how to find the layer change point for BD-R DL and BD-RE DL.
Added Layer change line under Speed test for BD-R DL and BD-RE DL.
Added the Logical Block Address (LBA) of end of layer 0 for valid Bluray media.
Removed “Application id” under MediaInfo when it contains no data.
Fixed a graphical alignment issue under Speed Test.
Bug Fix. Some more Visual Studio 2010 differences causing issues.
Bug Fix. Fixed an anomaly in Allocated Spare Blocks if drive returns invalid data.
Bug Fix. Fixed an anomaly in Free Spare Blocks if drive returns invalid data.
Bug Fix. While PIPO scanning, inserting a disc in another drive stopped scan.
Bug Fix. Fixed three ASSERTS found while debugging.
Bug Fix. Fixed some possible buffer under-runs identified replaced deprecated functions with more secure versions.
Bug Fix. Fixed a buffer to small error using some BD-R DL under Media Info.
Bug Fix. Fixed a buffer to small error for other media under Media Info.

Build 6504
Minor fixes as reported by users
Bug fix.Using some blank –RW, +RW or BDRE could cause “Invalid Parameter”.

Build 6503
Fixed some important reported bugs.

Build 6500
Converted all source code to Visual Studio C++ 2010
Fixed all security issues highlighted by VS 2010
Fixed some possible buffer overruns highlighted by VS2010
Updated some deprecated code
Bugfix.Under some circumstances changing drives would not update drive info.
Workaround for Plextor Blu-rays setting wrong info bits (as usual for Plextor)
Bugfix. The new installer was not putting the help file in the correct place.
Bugfix. Clicking some buttons after clicking close could cause a crash.

Build 6138
Correct versioning problem
minor bug fixes
add more media codes

Build 6136
Discontinued partnership with Candeo,removed toolbar from installer
New Installer using a new product
Installer now digitally signed
Added lots or media codes for DVD and Bluray
Bug fixes
Continued working on flash ram tester, and made it available via menu

Build 6135
Added "Get it Free" (via TrialPay) button to activation dialog.
Started work on a FLASH MEMORY size and sector tester under Tools and Utilities.
Fixed a bug in Activation free version failing on some Tools and Utilities
Fixed a bug in HDDErrorTest and similar where used space could be negative value.
Fixed bugs reported before build deadline,others will be fixed next build.
Addressed some 64 bit issues

Build 6129
Fixed some more issues with IBG Files and Bluray DL
Fixed an issue in System Information with the “CD Key” not showing in some 64 bit versions of Windows.

Build 6128
Fixed some minor bugs
Program enhancements
Fixed a bug preventing BD-R/RE DL IBG files from showing correctly
Fixed an intermittent possible hang in PIPO when using some LITEON drives.

Build 6126
Opened up the Tools and Utilities for the trial version
Minor bug fixes
Minor feature enhancements.

Build 6124/5
Minor bug fixes
Minor feature enhancements
Note about CD/DVD/BD Burning routines.It has been decided to do CD/DVD/BD burning in FileInfoPro rather than DVDInfoPro.Unless popular demand changes my view on this.It is currently well underway and FileInfoPro is currently Alpha testing. It offers some very nice and very fast File Management features far better than windows and much faster than windows can do,and sports our new and exclusive “JFDI” button when copying files and folders (“Just F@#$%^& Do it”)

Build 6123
Fixed reported bugs
Added new media codes
Added new drive models
Some Enhancements and optimizations
Improvements & changes for Windows7 RC tests

Build 6.120
Fixed a bug that could cause a crash on some system when using read blocks from media.

Build 6.110
Enhanced the PIPO function to set the Start and End points to scan much easier especially for new users.
Changed startup window to include info on new activation free version
Fixed a bug in some Pioneer, AOpen and Plextor burners not starting at the correct position in PIPO custom area scanning.
Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Build 6.029
Minor bug fixes.
Fixed an old bug that returned with Liteon speed not being remembered

Build 6.027-8
Bug fixes as reported by users.

Build 6.026
Minor fixes
Add time bomb for ismail hacks, thanks to his close users who report him to us.

Build 6.025
First full version release of V6.0
Fixed some minor text alignment issues

Build 6.011
Fixed a bug causing some BD-ROM media to be incorrecly reported
Fixed some memory leaks

Build 6.000 – 6.010
As there are bugs in the Windows “GlobalMemoryStatusEx” API, I have written my own class to return most of the memory information correctly in System Information.Even though MS states the bugs were fixed in W2k they are clearly not.
Changed the Public Beta so it does not affect any normal version that is installed.
Renamed the radio button “Directory” in “Compare” feature to 'Folder'
Enhanced the “Compare”,“Folder' feature so it now does every file
in every folder inside the folder specified.
Enhanced the “Compare” feature to do horizontal scroll in the list window.
New MD5 /SHA hash of a folder (scans all files in all folders)
Wrote new C++ Template class to handle all arrays of any type.
All old fixed sized arrays have been deleted.
Added SHA2-384 and SHA-512 to hashing options.
Fixed some button position & text errors in Cmp, Speed & Error Features.
Fixed a bug that stopped some hard disks showing green plots in HddError test.
New start/end Logical Block Address in PIPO scanning
New “.dip” type save for new features in PIPO, newer ones
Now saved as “.dipx” files.
Read/Write/Load/Save HDD Sectors to “Tools & Utilities”
New Compute MD5 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
New Compute SHA-1 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
New Compute SHA-224 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
New Compute SHA-256 hash of disc to “Tools & Utilities”
New Compute MD5 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
New Compute SHA-1 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
Compute SHA-224 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
New Compute SHA-256 hash of a file to “Tools & Utilities”
New Adaptor Name to network info under System Information
New Description to network info under System Information
New MAC Address to network info under System Information
New Gateway list to network info under System Information
New DHCP servers to network info under System Information
New WINS Primary to network info under System Information
New WINS Secondary to network info under System Information
New Lease Obtained to network info under System Information
New Lease Expires to network info under System Information
New column/row headings for hex displays
New Buffer Editing on “Send Custom Command” Advanced Tool
New double-click to edit on the new Buffer Editor.
New long overdue re-write of program help & documentation
New unlimited custom buffer size on “Send Custom Command”
New progress complete bar added to ‘HDD Error Test’
Added a help button to the PIPO Scanning function.
Send Custom Command” help page updated to reflect additions
Added “Optiarc” drives to PIPO Scan back in again.
Renamed ‘Advanced Commands’ to “Tools & Utilities”
Tools & Utilities are no longer available in trial mode
Improved drive support for “Read Burn Info” Advanced Tool
Removed all READ DVD STRUCT commands from Tools & Utilities as
all of them are available via ‘Send Custom Command’
Removed ‘Send INQUIRY command’ from Tools & Utilities’ as it is
available from “Example” in ‘Send Custom Command’
Re-arranged Tools & Utilities and removed some headings.
Drive list is now updated if a new drive appears on the system
Drive list is now updated if a drive disappears from the system
Fixed memory size indicator in System Information (MB to GB)
Discontinued support for all OS’s before Windows 2000
Discontinued support for ASPI interface. SPTI only now
Simplified the activation window to its bare necessities
Removed hard drive scanning at start-up, now optical only
Added hard drive scanning when ‘HDD Error Test’ is clicked
Changed buffer in ‘HDD Error Test’ to more optimised amounts
Sped up buffer size testing in ‘HDD Error Test’ considerably
Fixed an issue with DVD-RW media not being seen correctly
Fixed missing midcode in Scan function on some drives
Fixed and alignment glitch in “Media Info”
Fixed a bug where the first HDD could be missed during the scan
Fixed a bug preventing some CD Media being read by MediaInfo
Fixed a bug where if your email changed, Auto Activate may fail
Changed some 64bit integers to unsigned 64 bit integers
Checked & fixed some incorrect buffer sizes for some commands
Altered “Fix Associations” in settings so it also turns auto
checking for associations back on again.
Reduced code size from 3.8MB to a little over 2MB !!
Reports of crashing traced to “ismail” cracks installing a virus, so ignored don’t use cracks.

Finally got around to configuring email on
Changed the support email address to
Changed the sales email address to
Since adding a manifest file I have now embedded it within the exe.
Added new DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL Media codes and speeds.
Changed “IDE” to “ATAPI” on bus identification.
Fixed a scaling problem in PiPO scanning for some drives.
Fixed possible incorrect string in title bar.
Fixed some registrations not being seen correctly.
Removed some old redundant code.
Fixed a date error that could cause an endless loop.
Added missing ‘BG’ information for some DVD+RWDL Media
Fixed a bug causing DVD+RDL/DVD+RWDL to have a missing midcode.
Minor bug fixes.

Fixed yellow text string on eject button in PIPO.
Fixed missing registration string in main window.
Added new DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL Media codes and speeds.
After some discussion interfaces that report themselves as SCSI
are now shown as SCSI rather than SATA / SCSI
In IBG ‘ImgBurn’ graph, SCSI is no longer changed to SATA.
Thanks to Lightning_UK added a manifest file to better handle UAC.

Added new DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL Media codes and speeds.
Thanks to those who tested the Benq changes and fixes.
Thanks to the 0-Day reporters for pirates, keep it up J
Fine tuned the fixed Benq scanning routine.
Removed the small initialising window.
More minor bug fixes in PIPO scanning for some drives.
Reverted some code to local buffers.
Increased some commands buffers from 2048 to 2052 bytes.
Improved the speed of startup a bit more.
Improved some error strings when auto activation has a problem.
Fixed a bug in unknown media requester not showing some mid codes.

Small tweaks to the system information functions.
Fine-tuning of newer drives for PIPO scanning.
Added new DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL Media codes and speeds.
Fixed a bug that prevented Scan by at least Benq burners maybe more.
Fixed a buffer overflow on Vendor Unique enabling command for Benq.
Fixed some intermittent crash issues in media info feature.
Fixed some intermittent instability on some drives in PIPO scanning.
Fixed a bug where some DVD media could cause an array overflow.
Fixed some rare instances where a drive could be listed twice.
Fixed some random crashes reported on drive speed function.
Fixed a bug where the Unknown media email request was showing for CD

Update check was not working AGAIN!! Fixed it finally I hope.
Added new DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL Media codes and speeds.
Added new BD-R, BD-RE Media codes and speeds.
Changed some class buffers to local buffers.
Fixed small issue with PIPO scanning and new Liteon eSAU drives.
Re-visited activation timeout value again for slow connections.
Hopefully improved the floppy drive polling on start (report please).
Trapped for keygens released by criminals (thanks to reporters).
Improved loading time on some systems.

Simplified the activation dialog even further.
Fixed a bug with DVD+R media not being recognised sometimes.
Fixed some buffers not being cleared before use
Fixed a bug preventing new versions being seem on the server.

Improved loading speed considerably once activated.
Added Liteon Slimline eSAU108 / eSAU208 PIPO Scanning with Jitter. Great little drive, I recommend these drives for scanning.
Added the complete media code to the unknown media submit feature
Added new DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL Media codes and speeds.
Added new BD-R, BD-RE Media codes and speeds.
Increased activation timeout value for slow connections.
Changed some buffer handling routines.
Changed the HDD Error scan button image, some users were confused.
Fixed Liteon scanning speed not being remembered.
Fixed some buffer alignment issues.
Fixed PIPO scanning turn on/off graphs after scanning is complete.
Fixed PIPO Scanning turning off PI also turned off speed graph.
Fixed a PIPO scanning crash with Firewire on 64 bit Vista.
Fixed a bug in MediaInfo, DVD-VIDEO regions were not being shown
Fixed a bug in Trial mode activation

Added new DVD-R Media codes and speeds.
Increased size of available buffers in HDD error test, and each size is tested before being made available.
Fixed a bug where if you closed the HDD Error test window without stopping the test, the test would continue to run.
Fixed an issue where the updater may not show at all.

Increased size of available buffer in HDD error test, and each size is tested before being made available.
Added some Blu-ray media speed identification codes.
Fix multiple entries in hdd error scan.

After feedback similifed the activation process.
Added “Optiarc” drives to PIPO parity scanning.
Fixed a bug in Media Change Notification handling.
Fixed an issue where the CDB struct may not be fully cleared.
Fixed two bugs during start-up where two handles were not closed.
Fixed a problem where a drive may use the wrong handle.
Removed “Show DVD Only” from settings, all optical drives now shown.
Removed some duplicate code.
Fixed a bug where the drive scan window may be in wrong place.
Fixed a bug in speed test, where a DVD+R may use wrong track pitch.
Decreased memory usage.
Converted some public structs into private classes.
Fixed and intermittent lockup with PIPO scan and Benq drives.
Fixed the “Save” button from being always disabled in Error Scan.
Added some extra logging data.
Removed some extraneous logging data.
Corrected a wrong size buffer in PIPO scanning.
Improved memory allocation in some places.
Removed some obsolete registry writes.
Added several new feature and profile definitions for DVD & BD.
Fixed an error in the free memory blocks field for Blu-ray media.
Added new definition struct for Blu-ray media.
Fixed a Speed test bug where Blu-ray DL being seen as SL.
Added some DVD-DLand Blu-Ray Media codes.
Fixed a graphical error in the file association dialog box.
Fixed some typo’s in some strings and error messages.
Added a function to collect unknown media codes for emailing.
Fixed some typos in some tooltips.
Fixed a crash when trying to save an IBG with no data.
Improvements in the System Information code.
Fixed a sizing error in a CDB struct for a Mode Sense command.

return to a four digit version number.
Fixed a bug in the update checking code.

Small bug fixes.
Changes to manual activation to improve,and speed up response.
Changes to prepare for new changes coming for parity scanning.

Fixed a bug causing some trials to expire early.
Small bug fixes.

Bug fixed in 5.02 crept back in where Liteon Avg Jitter was not showing.

Minor bug fixes.

Extend new activation routine further and fix some minor issues with it.
Fix some minor bugs.
Begin work on new code to auto send new media codes in.

Fixed a bug with all parity scanning.If the lower & upper scales were on a fixed scale while scanning,and the lower scale was changed to AutoPeak or AutoAvg the upper scale would also change to auto yet scale selection for the upper graph would stay on its current setting.

Added auto activation
Fixed some minor issues
Fixed an activation problem where keys were being invalidated.

Extended free upgrade back to 1st May 2007
Fixed a problem where Liteon drives may hang on some Controllers
Fixed an issue with Newer Liteon drives (20A3P) not showing jitter.
Fixed an issue where Liteon Average jitter was not showing
Fixed an issue with Liteon Average/Instant radio buttons re-enabling.

Fixed an intermittent flicker on the ISO Compare graph.
Rescaled all PIPO graphs to remove fraction on lowest scale.
Changed MediaInfo so the screen clears before analysing the media.
Added .nrg and .img as file types in Compare file requested window.
Fixed a bug causing Blu-ray error test to fail on some drives.
Fixed a bug where part of the compare graph could be left behind on the display.
Fixed a bug similar to above where error test could write outside of the container.
Fixed a bug in CRC and Compare graphs for Blu-ray, graph sizes were wrong.

Reduced executable size by 318KB this is about 10%.
Added a function to decrypt the Windows CD Key and display under system information.
Added Quality Rating for Graphs 1 and 2 in Compare PIPO feature.
Added Jitter for Liteon PIPO scan with 1858 or later chipset,(E.G. DH-20A3P)
Re-wrote the PIPO graphic plotter class as I have done for all other ones, this
makes the graph faster and is flicker free.
Re-wrote the PIPO graphic compare plotter class same as above.
Modified the CRC graph to no longer use bitmaps.
Fixed a problem with the IBG,RPM line for DL DVD Media.
Fixed a DVD DL scale issue in IBG graphing.
Fixed a IBG problem when loading a SL followed by a DL DVD.
Fixed the status display in System Information feature.
Fine tuning of new Liteon jitter routine.
Other small fixes.

Added “DVD Download” as a media type.
Added “DVD Download” to QFlix detection string.
Added HD-DVD compatibility to RPM Speed test feature.
Increased RPM Speed first scale from 18x to 20x
Added Rotational Control option to RPM Speed feature
Added Speed choice option to RPM Speed Feature.
Added an AACS detection tick box on DriveInfo
Added an TSR detection tick box on DriveInfo
Removed “book type” display under MediaInfo for HD-DVD
Started incorporating the letters “HD” in the title showing support for HD drives.
Fixed some bugs in DVD RPM Speed test feature
Fixed some alignment issues in MediaInfo for HD-DVD and Blu-ray
Fixed a bug in IBG Graphing, where if data was ‘verify’ only it didn’t show.
Fixed a bug in IBG Scale coloring introduced when fixing the flicker.
Fixed a problem where some drives in RPM speed could stick in CLV mode.
Fixed a bug in RPM Speed where the “Show Speed” option did not work properly.
Fixed a spurious spike in the RPM line in IBG Graphing.
Fixed some missing Tool Tips
Fixed missing icon in main dialog, preventing ALT-TAB switching
Fixed a bug in IBG Graphing causing odd graphs after multiple loads
Fixed a bug where some UDF Volume names could be blank under media info.
Fixed an issue with the “activation” build that caused a crash in manual
Activation mode.
4.74Test version.
4.7.1 – 4.73
New auto updater test builds.
Switched to three number versions due to new installer.
Replaced Installshield as my installer to a better product.
Serial numbers can now be copy and pasted with new installer.
Much improved auto updater.
All versions prior to V4.25 deleted from changlog.
Fixed media shown as “UNKNOWN” when no media is present.
Happy to announce SAMSUNG (TSSTcorp) PIPO parity scanning has been added.
Fixed a bug where the selected drive handle remained open on exit of the program.
Extended the new system information feature with much more CPU information.
Fixed a minor graphical placement on driveinfo window.
Fixed an issue with Blu-Ray IBG graph scaling on Dual Layer discs.
Fixed an issue with IBG graph CD scaling
Fixed an issue with some PIPO burners not being detected properly.
Fixed a problem with the setting of speed in PIPO scanning.
Added ImgBurn CD IBG file graphing.
Fixed missing cpu / buffer usage bug in IBG Graph.
Fixed an issue with IBG Graphic since update in
Verified IBG graph can now display properly over 18x
Improved the RPM feature to remove screen flicker.
Improved IBG graph to allow speeds over 18x
Removed some extraneous seek commands from parity scanning.
Simplified the tests for PIPO suitable drives.
Removed some redundant code.
Fixed a bug in PIPO. When PIPO is clicked when a non supported drive as current,
the start button was disabled,but clicking stop would enable it.Choosing start
under these circumstances could cause a lock up.The Start button now remains disabled under these conditions.PIPO mode is allowed with a non supported drive so you are able to load DIP files for viewing.
Changed startup to render screen graphics earlier, stop the black void while
scanning the BUS. – Testing versions.
Made some changes to CRC graphic routines to prevent flicker.
Fixed a problem with the UDF version for CD/ DVD / HD-DVD and Blu-ray.
Continued improvements to new system information feature.
Moved DC-Erase button to Advanced Commands drop down box.
Replaced DC-Erase button with new System Information button. This feature will
be added up over time.Send any suggestions of things you would like to see in
this function.
Fixed a graphical glitch in the RPM function.
Fixed cut-off string in About box
Added new code owner of dvdinfopro “EffenSoftware”
Minor tweaks to new activation dialog window.
New auto license creator server now online. This will speed up the creation
of activation licenses for PAYPAL customers,and makes it immediate for those
paying by Regsoft.
Multiple license handler server now online for those users with more than one license.
Changes for Roxio build
Enhancements and fixes for Blu-ray and HD-DVD.
Fixes for CRC check on HD discs.
Fixed some small errors with HD-DVD-ROM showing write abilities.
Beginning of new serial number activation routines.
Better support for Windows One Care, allows retry when blocked.
Fixes for some drives not showing correct capabilities.
Fixed problems with update strings and versions.
Released Roxio Labs Full Version.
Fixed a problem with ISO create Determining disc space free.
Added CSS Protected detect and display to Media info due to a user request
Fixed a bug when cancelling ISO create file request dialog window.
Tidied up some wrong line lengths in Media info.

Work on Vista compatibility.
Work on BD and HD compatibility
Begin to merge Sonic, Roxio and my code.

Fixed faulty compiler optimiser causing some crashes in the code.

Continuing work on new technologies, bug fixes etc.

Much work on Blu-ray now I have a Pioneer BD-101A and some BD media compliments of Pioneer Australia. (Thanks Pioneer)
Blu-Ray Media info now implemented.
Fixed a bug in the UDF Volume Name.

Fixed recent hanging issue with Plextor PIPO scanning.
Renamed HD DVD-RW to HD DVD-RAM in line with latest MMC spec
Enhanced the detection of HD DVD media type read/write compatibilty.
Fixed missing string in About window.
Re-write major parts of the device class to accomodate new command functionality
Added "Verify Time" to IBG graph when no "Burn Time" data is available
Changed label of IBG configuration area.
Added some Verify values in place of Write values when no write graph is available in the properties section.
Added "Media Change Notification" disabling for the currently selected drive.

Added "Drive Locking" on the current drive when the PIP0 Function is started.
Fixed a bug if the Vendor and Product ID fields were max sizes, added a space in between the two.
Applied workarounds for errors MAX and END values in some IBG files. These values are now set against the actual data.
This version will set all colour options to default the first time its run due to changes in the saved format.
Fixed some issues with changing colours with settings.
Fixed an ASSERT with the new advert window.
Made changes to IBG graph to add new functionality in latest Imgburn.
Made split scaling in IBG Graph to accomodate upper and lower graph differnces.
Added a "Download ImgBurn" button that takes you directly to the ImgBurn website
Added a bright horizontal line between the upper and lower graph scaling in IBG Graph
Added more tooltips to LED switches on IBG Graph page.
Added Write Buffer Percentage to IBG graph and corresponding LED switch to toggle it on and off
Added Write CPU Percentage to IBG graph and corresponding LED switch to toggle it on and off
Added Verify CPU Percentage to IBG graph and corresponding LED switch to toggle it on and off
Added new box to show the value of the Shift Sampled Position
Added a zero to the scaling in IBG Graph.
Changed the value of the IBG Shift Sampled Position slider from fixed values, to calculated values based on loaded graph.
Changed "Show Graph" in IBG Graph to "Show Write"
Altered Show Write LED Color to Yellow as it should have been.
Added compatibility for VERSION 2 type IBG graphs for a new upcoming feature.

Added another digit into versioning so smaller revision can be done without bumping major version digits.
Enhanced version update check to cater for the new digit.
Split version update check to split advert and full so each can be a different version number.

V4.5.7.1 -
Improved NU/QSI PIPO Scanning.
Removed pop-out advert window.
Moved embedded adverts within main window dialog.
Re-arranged various control on advert build to accomodate adverts.
Removed mpg/vob playback feature
Removed play and stop buttons

Added uninstall shortcuts to start menu entries for MSI installer packages.
Renamed desktop and startmenu shortcuts from "Dvdinfo" to "DVDInfoPro".
Fixed a bug in the Plextor PIF scanning routine.
Fixed an issue with Piodata revision burners hanging on Media Info due to badly written firmware.
Fixed some alignemnt problems on the small startup window on some windows versions or configurations.
Fixed a problem with ISO Create not resetting the graph on the second disc scan.
Fixed some missing tooltips on Drive Info.
Changed jitter so that "inst" and "avg" cannot be chosen during scanning.
Changed startup window position so its centred where the main window will open.
Changed Media Info, so if there is no "Complete Media Code" the heading is not shown.
Reverted all "color pickers" in "Settings" to the Windows color picker. Removed custom one.
Removed all redundant single instance code
Some program inits are now done in parallel thereby improving program startup speed even more.
Program exectuable should be a little smaller now.

V4.54 Build 2 (V4.55 on auto updater)
Fixed an issue with older Pioneer burners hanging on Media Info due to badly written firmware

V4.54 - V4.53

Tried to improve start-up code so the program starts a bit faster.
Added a new start up window that informs what is going on and the percentage to ready.
Added "Solid Burn" detection to Drive Info Write Features.
Made some changes to the UDF code to try and eliminate an intermittent versioning problem.
"Graph not saved" message now works properly for each of the two PIPO Graphs.
In PIPO the lower digital display is now saved on Start, and replaced when scan finished.
Added new "features and profiles" descriptor definitions.
Added new mode sense page descriptor definitions.
Added DVD+RW DL to drive info.
Added Layer Jump Recording to drive info.
Added Lightscribe to drive info.
Added Labelflash to drive info.
Fixed a bug noted on mantis when switching between PIPO graphs.
Fixed a typo and some minor graphical corruptions.


Extended the IBG graph to add new functionality in new version of ImgBurn.
Added new "Show Verify" option to IBG graphing feature, to show new data added in new version of ImgBurn. This new function is read-back verfiy which means this graph will be similar or the same as a read speed graph. Turning this new button on and off turn on or off the whole verify speed and rpm graph.
Changed "Show RPM" to "Show Graph". Due to the new function above, this button now turns on or off the write graph speed and rpm graph plots.
Some bugs fixed as shown on the mantis.
When an IBG file is loaded via association, the window is not longer cascaded, its now the same as when loaded via the load ibg button.
Solved the issue of some of the plots going past the end marker on the IBG graph.
Solved the issue of the missing drive string in the top digital box on the IBG graph.
Lowered the size of the IBG graph when using the snapshot function to save an image of the graph.

V4.37 - V4.50

Due to this version being compiled with a new version of Visual C++ it will be considered an "unstable" release. Please report any anomolies you find with this release.

As a collaborative effort between myself and Lightning UK! author of ImgBurn (and DVDDecrypter) we are both proud to present a brand new feature. IBG data files produced when you burn a disc in ImgBurn, can be loaded into DVDInfoPro to view the data graph and other information stored during the write process. You will see a new icon to the right of the RPM icon at the top of the main window labeled IBG. You will also find a new menu item within the ImgBurn program too, allowing you to launch DVDInfoPro with the graph data directly.

To allow the above function to work easier, we have relaxed the single instance policy of DVDInfoPro so you can now have multiple instances open at once. Because of this we added a new Setting "Use Status Area Icon", allowing you to turn off the icon otherwise with multiple instances it could become status area mayhem ;)

Progressive Coloured Scanning was brought to you first by DVDInfoPro. We now extend this function to give separate control of upper and lower scan graph displays, and we have increased the number of colours used for each.

Added PIPO scanning for Plextor drives due to such overwhelming request. Much time was spent on the jitter routines to make them both comparable to other drives and also comparable to scans done on the same drive, by scaling it.

All "Comment" buttons have been removed. To Edit any of the Digital Displays from now on just double click them.
Re-organised the PIPO display to make better way for some new functionality recently added.
Added another faster mode to pioneer PIPO scanning and calibrated its output values.
Added a sliding transulcency option to Settings, to make windows transulcent. This ability if
used can have a CPU overhead, but its very smooth and rather sweet, check it out.
Removed the obsolete LCD display descriptors.
Increased the size of the LCD's displays in PIPO by three characters to better align the displays.
Extended "Read burn info" advanced command to work with DVD-RDL media.
Made some alterations to the algorithms used in the Quality Rating in PIPO in discussion with Flash.
Fixed the Quality changing in between loading dips.
Major changes to some classes to cater for new c++ strictness in visual studio 2005
Fixed some problems switching graphs without data loaded.
Fixed some possible array overflow issues with DVD-RAM media on PIPO save with new Pioneer 110 drive.
Fixed the Association "do not show this again" function as it was not working, and asked you each time. (Reported by Nemesys)
Changed the refresh button so its also available on the Media Info display.
Vendor Extra information on DriveInfo screen now has trailing spaces removed.
Read Blocks window now only incrememnt sector on a successful read. On error a message is now displayed in the digital display and a sound is generated.

Added coloured scanning to the lower PIF scale of PIPO scanning at the request of Horselord.
Increased number of colours used in the progressive coloured scanning to 16

Fixed a small problem with Benq scanning that just came to light.

Release of the first German Translation Beta.
At the request and assistance of Flash and SVP.CO.UK added a "Quality Rating" score on the PIPO page. This will also work with previous saved DIP files. This rating is based on the media/burn-drive/firmware/read-back error results, and will of course vary if any of the three are changed. It allows you to choose a good
media for your system. The algorithm for this is quite complex and may change over time.
Added an Eject button to the PIPO Window upon a user request.
Changes to the DIP association class, to add registry keys for 'limited user' rights.
Added a lot more media types and media manufacturer rated speeds to database.
Added an LED type graphic to the Progressive Coloured Scanning option in PIPO to match other options.
Tidied the error scanning values in PIPO a little.
Fixed a flicker problem with Liteon PIPO scanning.
Fixed an intermittent bug, where pipo values in a DIP file could be saved as 0

Fixed some problems noted on the mantis just prior to release.

V4.31 (beta testers only)
Improved the speed graph to give a more smooth looking graph.
Fixed a long term bug. In Speed test the RPM value could drop to zero near the end. This is now fixed.
Changed DC-Erase so with non-compatible drive the dialog window does not open.
As per request on Mantis, added a sound on the end of PIPO, Error check, Speed or Compare mode tests. Its currently using 'Asterisk' so the only way to configure it currently is using via windows control panel and change sound for that.
Changed program close behaviour so that its blocked if the PIPO thread is open.
Changed program behaviour so other tests, and features are unavailble if PIPO is open.
Fixed a couple of PIPO messages appearing on the parent digital display.
Fixed a memory leak in PIPO.
Improved I/O activity for advert version, full version never suffered this issue.

Stable Release Build
Fixed an issue with PCS
Fixed some issues noted on the mantis site.

Fixed Media Manufacturer ID (midcode) missing in MediaInfo on DVD-RDL media.
Fixed Media Manufacturer ID (midcode) missing in PIPO on DVD-RDL media.
Fixed a flicker during Benq PIPO scanning.
Fixed a MAJOR memory leak in PCS function.

Fixed some bugs as noted on the new mantis site.
more work to do on this by next version.

Fixed some teething problems with the new classes.

Advert version now includes the brand new optional DVDInfoPro search toolbar.
Removed the now defunct forum link from the help window.
Solved some compatibility issues for some older firewire chipsets.
Upon a request from a CDFREAKS forum moderator I extended the bitsetting capability of NEC drives to add -R and -RW book types. A now defunct forum who flew the "+" flag only, constantly ridiculed us about this functionality, despite its proven usefullness, it was very spathetic really, Muhahahaha Muhahaha :-)
Upon a user request I added association with the new "dip" files, so if double-clicked the program is loaded directly into PIPO with the graph loaded.
Upon a direct user request added a few new fields to the CRC feature, that show bad, suspect totals and percentage of bad blocks.
Upon a direct request from many users I added a new function to the CRC feature, when NOT scanning, clicking on a block shows the sectors it represents.
The installer will make the association, when the program runs, it will check this association, and if wrong will prompt to fix it.
Added DRAGDROP ability for DIP files, Drag and drop a DIP file onto the window will load the DIP and show it in PIPO Mode. The feature will accept up to two files. If one file is dropped it will be loaded into the current selected Graph. If two files are dropped they will be loaded into Graph 1 and Graph 2.
Fixed compatibility issues with 98/ME on last version. This was quite a major problem as it seems 98/ME has problem with some class object being over a certain size, and CDialog windows having a certain number of objects. This version has split some of these classes and 98/ME functionality was restored.
Moved the new Compare mode to its own Dialog Window, this will make it easier to future additions and changes.
Moved the PIPO feature to its own Dialog Window and split the class into two. This allowed for many improvements.
Added "Save to Graphic", and "Copy to Clipboard" functions into the new Compare mode, as the main windows ones were now unavailable. These are equivalent to the main window 'Snapshot' and "Clipboard" features.

Added Asus DRW-1608P drive into PIPO scanning from a direct request of a user on CDRINFO forum.

Fixed problem in compare feature with jitter values on scans where there is not jitter.
Fixed a problem in the compare feature with scans done on Pioneer type drives that show PO, showing PIF values, and no graph.
Fixed a graphical glitch in PIPO scanning.
Fixed a refresh problem, causing the digital displays to sometime show wrong, or old info on some graphic cards. This could also cause wrong strings to be loaded with the "Comment" button.
Fixed a problem in Compare mode, where the digital displays could have garbage at the end of the string when using "Comment" feature, and may have overflowed max characters.

Changed "Add Comment" to "Comment"

Added HD-DVD-R/ -RW / -ROM compatibility

Big thanks go out to some of the members/mods of CDRLABS for their great feedback recently. In return CDRLABS is our featured
web site in the help function from the main window.

I have worked very hard this month, putting in a ton of late night hours, adding in new features that users have either requested,
have given ideas for, and suggested changes. There will be more work along this line in the coming months so if you have any
ideas, or suggestions then get them in ASAP, either directly to me or indirectly via one of the forums.

"Vertical" mode, has had a name change to "Block", this change in terminology happened mainly due to the new Compare mode using
"Line" as its default, and it is less confusing. Many users thought "Line" meant the vertical line mode (Block).

Due to popular demand I added PNG, BMP, and GIF save to the snapshot function. JPG is also improved, and we removed the JPG
settings from the settings window. This has been added using GDI+ so your OS must have this available. The GDI+ has been added
to the installer for your convenience. If anyone has any problem make sure the gdiplus.dll is in the program folder or in the
system32 folder.

Added a new feature. PIPO graphs can now be saved and re-loaded. The data itself is saved, (not a graphic picture as in the
Snapshot feature). We call these files ““dip” files. This allows the graph can now be re-generated, as can the comment box,
mid code, book type, and disc type, the totals values etc. This allows users to easily swap and compare graphs using very
small files rather than screen captures. This is even more enhanced by the new Compare feature below.

To complement this new function, the two lower combo boxes have been removed while in the PI/PO function. The advanced command
combo box played no part in scanning and so was removed, the device combo box served to identify which drive was selected. This
however was not very useful for saving and reloading, so it was replaced with another digital display the same as the status box.
An edit button has also been provided to edit this display before saving. This allows another user to see which drive was used
to make this scan. This new display is auto loaded with the current drive and its firmware version when PIPO is chosen.

To also complement this new function, we added a second graph. You will notice three new red LED buttons under PIPO. They are
mutually exclusive and select either different graph or a combination of both graphs. If graph one or graph two is selected each
graph can be, scanned, or loaded. You can then flick between them to compare, save each one, and even compare them using the
new "Compare" feature. More enhancements are planned for this in the coming months so stay tuned. For an explanation of the
third LED button see the Compare function below.

Another complementing feature for this new function is a "Compare". When in PIPO Scanning beside the two new Graph 1 and Graph 2
buttons you will see a disabled LED button Labaled “Compare”. This button becomes available when two graphs are valid. When
chosen, graph 2 will be overlayed on top of graph 1. For the time being the colours used are fixed and a legend is provided so
you know which is which. If you click on the LED legend buttons you can toggle an individual graph on or off. Two modes are
provided Line or Block as explained next.

As time goes on this function will be expanded upon guided by feedback. Its early yet, and is provided mainly to gather feedback.
When first entered, the Compare is in "Line” mode. This is a single line across the graph. An option to set "Line" or "Block" is
given for each of the upper and lower sections of the graph. Different colours are used for part of each scan, and a “mixed” colour
is used to show common areas of the two scans, this makes the graph 2 look semi transparent, so you can see graph 1 showing through.
For example the upper graph uses RED and BLUE for the two graphs, common areas will be a purple, a mixture of these colours.

A change was made to how the program behaves when a drive that is not compatible with PIPO scanning is the selected drive when the
PIPO button is clicked. Before the program just display an error. Now the program shows the PIPO graph page, this allows users with
load, see and manipulate graphs done by others by loading the new “dip” files that other users have saved.

Added some tooltips to some of the buttons in the settings view.
Added some tooltips to some of the older buttons and newer options in PIPO view.
Added some missing tooltips to the main driveinfo view.

Added PIPO Parity Testing to the compiled help file. Thanks goes out to Zebra for his hard work on this document.

Added a file “graphic” to the installer. This contains banner graphic and button graphic templates so users can alter
them and make their own custom ones, and then add them in via options under settings.

V4.18 - V4.20 test versions only.

Corrected some minor glitches.

Changed version numbering to stop confusion between version numbers of other branded versions of DVDInfoPro and to commence work on V5.00
Changed GUI so that all versions appear similar to overcome confusion in versions for some users.
Improved the Compare Directory function, so source & destination folders now use a proper folder request window rather than a file request window.
Added detection of BD-R/RE/ROM (Blu Ray) drives, more will be added in the near future.
Re-ordered some “Drive Info” features for easier comparison of read/write features.
Expanded warning on “Send Custom Command” advanced command, with option to not accept.
Fixed “Show drive supported mode pages” advanced command not working at all.
Fixed an issue that could cause some drive info to be missed when first launched.
Minor change to Nu/QSI scanning to improve stability.
Removed all advert logos from the "About" window on both full and advert versions.

No changelog

Added bitsetting for Sony Vaio A Series laptops using DW-D56A dual layer burner.
For some reason some Liteon OEM drives are setting DVD-RAM compatible bits when they don’t, coded a workaround.
Changed Liteon bitsetting dialog to also show Sony to overcome user confusion.
New advert version period until 1st June 2005

Fixed graphic error.

Re-arranged features on main view so read/write features list are in same position.
Fixed wrong media type being shown for DVD-RDL
Fixed Complete Media Code not working for DVD-RDL
Added a speed option to NEC Pi/Po scanning.

We welcome Sonic and Roxio to the DVDInfoPro team.
Added Pi/Pif Scanning for NEC 3500 drives. NOTE: FW 2R8 is required.
Minor corrections and fixes as reported by users.
Fixed a crash if the about window was left open at launch time.
Changed adverts so they won’t change during time-critical code areas.
Fixed a problem with UDF V1.50 display, because of the strange way UDF stores this.

Fixed a bug in the ISO Compare function causing incorrect read errors to show.
Fixed a bug in the ISO Create function causing intermittent wrong length to be written
Fixed a bug in “Read blocks from media” edit box that did not allow backspace to be used.

Fixed some bitsetting misdetection anomalies
Tried to fix some stranger installer problems for some users.

Added AOpen DUW1608 DVD burner to Pi/Po scanning. Thanks to AOpen for their support in adding this. Other AOpen drives to follow.
Fixed a LBA bug in the Benq PI/PO error scanning.
Beginning of new DVD-RDL additions.
Added two new Features under "features and profiles" for DVD-RDL
Added detection of "true" dvd-rdl to drive info screens (some brands are using their own values, and may not be detected).
Added compatibility for new Pioneer DVR-109 burner.
code fixes as reported by users.
Addition of a new Australian Advertiser (Welcome JPL Displays)
Created new areas for an exclusive advertisers.
At the request of advertisers the change time has been reduced from 30 secs to 10 secs.


Added new Pioneer slim line laptop drive DVR-K04 and DVR-K14 to Pi/Po scanning.
Aopen have offered full support of DVDInfoPro. Work has commenced on adding Aopen drives. This should be finished by the next release hopefully.
Updated advert version for another time period.
A few typographical fixes.
Small bug fixes.

At the request of Nu Engineers, added PO to the graph and raised scanning speed to MAX.
Extended the advert version for a new period.
Small fixes.

Public release of changes made in 3.44 - 3.46

V3.44 – 3.46
Alpha test version for Pioneer PI/PO scanning for models DVR-103, DVR-104, DVR-105, DVR-`06, DVR-107, DVR-108, DVR-A03, DVR-A04, DVR-A05, DVR-A06, DVR-A07, DVR-A08.
Added pi/po scanning for Cyberdrive burners.
Added pi/po scanning for Nu DDW-164
Some bug fixes and improvements.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.43
Fast BenQ scanning and error reporting routines on 16x and 8x BenQ drive models up to and including 8x CAV implemented.
DVD recorder unique serial and identification code reading enabled

DVDInfoPro Full V3.41
Added new advanced command to show what drive burned a DVD-R/RW disc (does not work on all burners)

DVDInfoPro Full V3.40
First public release since adding Benq fast pi/pif scanning.
Many thanks to all the staff at Benq for their assistance in bringing this exciting feature to their users.
Many thanks to the beta testers, I appreciate you all.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.30 – V3.39
Beta testing only.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.29
Added DC Erase help and information to help file.
Added "complete media code" on to the tail of the "media info" command display.
Added bitsetting for Plextor and (oem such as TDK) drives.
Improved the function of re-setting "Auto Peak" setting after a scan had completed.
Improved spike suppression to pi/pif scanning routines.
Fixed a bug in the Benq pi/pif scanning auto scaling.
Fixed a bug in the Nu pi/pif scanner causing very high error rates to show 0 on pie.
Fixed the greyed out play button.
Fixed scaling starting at 20 instead of 10

DVDInfoPro Full V3.27
Fixed an issue with new Liteon 1633 hanging after bitset command.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.26
Released in error, it is the same as V3.25

DVDInfoPro Full v3.25
Added DC Erase for some Nu burners amd oem such as some philips models. A revolutionary new function. A compatibility list will come at a future time, but the routine will auto detect if your burner is suitable.
Extended NEC bitset dialog to include new commands for other media types. Newer NEC firmware is required. The routine will auto detect suitable firmware and report its capability.
Added Pi/po testing for the TEAC DV-W516G burner
Workaround for Bitsetting bug in Liteon 1633s and OEM burners
Moved some strings into the locale area.
re-enabled Jpg save function.
Added some more media codes
Made some modifications to Pi/Pif scanning to increase stability.
Made some changes to Nu scanning to help prevent some lockups causing by a bug in the firmware.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.24
Test versions for new DC erase functionality.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.23

Added +RDL bitsetting into the Liteon Bitset dialog.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.22
Centered the media display window and the media display text.
Fixed some media id's reporting wrongly.
Added many new media codes for -R/RW, +R/RW
In Media Info changed the phrase "Not Formatted" to "Blank Disc" to overcome some user confusion.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.21
Fixed the pi/pif graphs plotting slighly too low out of the graph.
Fixed the height of the pi/pif graphs.
Fixed the graph update issue when the program loses focus.
Fixed an issue for first time run, when colour choices have not been made, the default colours for speed and Pi were reversed.
Fixed the tooltip description for DDCD-R
Top buttons are now removed while pi/pif scans are running.
Added LG GSA-4160B to the bitsetting function (Untested, I dont have one of these)
Fixed a possible freeze if the booktype button was chosen on a pioneer 108 drive.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.20
Minor fixes to graphic class routines.
Changes to better accomodate easier removal of pirated serial numbers.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.18 - V3.19
Fixes and enhancement to the new graphic plotter class code.

DVDInfoPro Free V2.64

DVDInfoPro Full V3.17
Major code changes to the graphic plotter class, which will show improvements
in all routines using graphs.
Improved the RPM calculation algorithm in the speed routine.
Fine tuning of the Nu Pi/Pi/Jitter routine.
Fixed MID code was not showing in the speed, error and iso routines.

DVDInfoPro Free V2.63
Fixed a bug that could cause some drives to not show one feature.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.16
Fixed a problem where if the default colours where used, pi and speed were reversed.
Fixed a problem where vertical/line settings were not being saved correctly.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.15
Fixed rather an imporant bug. One less feature than some drives supported could occur.
This could affect both the "drive info" display and the "List drive features and profiles"display. For example the Liteon 1213s supports CPRM authenticate but was not being shown.
Thanks to Jeff Chung for finding and reporting this bug.
Workaround for a bug in the Philips SDVD8412. Some firmware revisions do not show +RDL write
capability when the drive does support it. This workaround forces it to be seen correctly.
Renamed "Internal Interface", and "External Interface" to "Drive Interface" and "Connection
Interface"respectively. It makes them more clear what they are referring to.
Changed some instances of the word "Colour" to the Australian/English spelling to be consistent.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.14
Settings altered in the Pi/pif scanner are now automatically remembered.
Added a new updated Color picker for options that use one.
Added new change graph background color settings option using a color picker.
Added new change graph foreground color settings option using a color picker.
Added new change speed function line color settings option using a color picker.
Added new change speed rpm line color settings option using a color picker.

Added new change pi line color settings option using a color picker.
Added new change pif line color settings option using a color picker.
Added new change jitter line color settings option using a color picker.
Added new change drive speed line color settings option using a color picker.
Added new function to show the chosen colors on the on/off leds in pi/pif/jitter/speed scanning.
Remove older dropdown box style colour settings.
Added the ability to alter Graph colours after a scan is completed.
Updated program help file, and added new functions and changes.
Added help button to NEC +RDL bitsetting Window.
Added missing hotkey to NEC bitsetting Window.
Added help button to LG bitsetting Window.
Fixed hotkey on LG bitsetting Window.
Added and fixed hotkeys in the BTC bitsetting Window.
Added hotkeys to the Comment window.
Added hotkey to Credit window.
Added missing hotkeys to the send custom command window.

DVDInfoPro Free v2.62
Added bitsetting for LG GSA-4120 firmware A104 or later.

DVDInfopro Full V3.13
By popular request added bitsetting for LG GSA-4120 firmware A104 or later.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.12
Release at the request of Benq to fix an intermittent fault with Benq drives display.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.11
Some fine tuning of the liteon pi/pi scanning.
Some fine tuning of the Nu pi/pi scanning.
Some fine tuning of the Benq pi/pi scanning.
Some fine tuning of the BTC pi/pi scanning.
Added feature 0037h under Features and Profiles.
Fixed slight error with feature 0x3b under Features and Profiles function.

DVDInfoPro Freeware V2.61
Fixed a bug with DVD+RDL Write reporting.
Extended Features and Profiles advanced command.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.10
Extended Advanced Command "features and Profiles" to show individual Read/write features for +R/+RW/+RDL
Fixed a bug that could report DVD+RDL write, when only read was supported. (Benq DW1610 for example)

DVDInfoPro Full V3.09
Added a new "external interface" display to Drive Info. (USB, 1394, Atapi, etc.) (SPTI Only)
Fixed the pif avg error in the liteon pi/pif scan function.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.08
Sorry folks due to a person known as RDGRIMES from a certain forum posting & offering illegal hacking techniques for this program, the serial number detection routines have changed. I am afraid you will be required to use your serial number when installing new versions from now on. Thanks to all those users who provided me with proof of this activity.
Fixed missing line in Media info for + format media.
Added error and abort if blank media is used for pi/po scanning.
Fixed the speed graph auto scaling issue.

DVDInfoPro Freeware V2.60
New freeware version

DVDInfoPro Full v3.07

First public release.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.06
Added speed graph into all other brand pi/pif scanning.
Due to new speed graphs being red coloured, changed jitter to purple.
Fixed some displays showing three hyphens instead of 0
Each graph when turned off now removes the corresponding scale

DVDInfoPro Full V3.05
Fix for the Benq DW1600 lock up in media info.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.04
Added optional speed line graph to the liteon pi/po scan.
Fixed the layer change line placement error in pi/po and other sections.

DVDInfoPro Full v3.02 - v3.03
Added Speed option into Liteon Pi/pif scan.
fixed a speed setting bug on benq pi/pif scan.
fixes to benq pi/pif scan (I still dont like this drive for pi/pif it dont work properly)
Resize of main window to bring under 800 x 600 and to make it more forum friendly for posts.
Fixes and fine tuning of the BTC PI/PIF routine (NEEDs firmare 0758 minimum, IE rev 7 of 58)
Complete removal of POE/POF scanning for NU.
Fixes for Nu PI/PIF routine.
Added PIF Avg readout.
Some small fixes as reported.
Added some media types and speeds, corrected some others.
Fixed missing tooltips for DVD+RDL displays.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.01 RC4
As a certain other program decided i was correct all along and changed his labels to pi and pif
I have altered my graphs in the liteon mode to be consistent.
Fixed some bugs in the Nu routine thanks to horselord.

DVDInfoPro Full V3.00 RC3.
Hopefully fixed a Nu PIF peak bug.
Added NEC 2510A DVD+RDL bitsetting function.

DVDInfoPro Full V2.99
Added Sony DRU-700A to pi/po scanning
Fixed some issues with Liteon - Sony Pi / Po tests.
Improved the Benq pi / po routines (still too slow though)

DVDInfoPro Full V2.97 - 2.98
1. Added speed option for Benq Drives.
2. improvements to Benq routine.
3. Improved condition when show jitter is turned off for Benq graph
4. Fixed bug where a 0 flat line for POF/PIf was being drawn on Benq graph.

5. Fixed a bug in the jitter graph for Benq, that was using average by mistake.
6. Fixed a bug where the start button was not disabled when a test was started.

DVDInfoPro Full V2.96
1. Fixed the progress and end of disc bugs for Benq graph.
2. May have improved the speed over older builds for Benq

DVDInfoPro Full V2.95
1. Attempted fix for Benq short graph problem (NOTE there is a speed issue I am discussing with benq)

DVDInfoPro Full V2.94
1. Added Benq drives to PI / PO/ Jitter routine.
2. Corrected wrong PI / PO values (oops)
3. renamed PI PO to PIE and POE
4. renamne PI+ and PO+ to PIF and POF
5. minor fixes.

DVDInfoPro Full V2.93
1. Fixed wrong disc scale after a CD is inserted and removed. Thanks to AJ

2. Add comment edit box is now auto selected. Thanks to yours truly and AJ
3. Reports of lower graph drawing out of graph on manual scaling, possible fix could not repeat.
4. "Mid Code" being drawn on drive info screen fixed. Thanks to James.
5. Numerous small tweaks over last several versions thanks to Flash.
6. Fixed error blocks overwriting end of graph. Thanks to Paulo
7. Fixed error graph not being drawn fully, missing pixels.
8. Thanks to Flash program now supports multiple instances.
9. Added spike suppression routine to Jitter for loss of tracking situations.
10. Improved wobbleseek routine.
11. Added missing tooltip for jitter instant readout
12 Corrected reversed tooltips for jitter average and peak.
13. Changed jitter average to RMS value which is much more meaningful.
14. Add comment now shows last comment for editing

More media codes added.

New freeware period extended to Sept 2004

Fixed a graphical glitch in error test.
Fixed complete media code error on DVD-R discs.
Fixed missing media code on +R DL for some functions

Fixed missing media code on +R DL for some functions

Fixed complete media code for DVD+R DL

Fix severe inaccuracy of block sizes in Error Test

v2.47 04.05.2004
Removal of MtRainier DVD detection. due to inconsistencies in detection across many manufacturers.
I welcome my latest sponsor
Free version extended to July 2004

v2.46 01.05.2004
Fix "media not present" bug
Minor graphical bug fixes to new DL code.

v2.45 28.04.2004
Fix Read Error Routine Bug
Minor graphical bug fixes to new DL code.

v2.43 21.04.2004
Minor graphical bug fixes to new DL code.

New DVD+R DL (Double Layer) support added
BENQ, NU, NEC, BTC, Liteon, Micro Advantage bitsetting added
Access to new DVD-R/RW bitsetting functions added by Nu, BTC and Micro Advantage
New Media revision field added to Media info

Sorry folks, in the last version the Benq bitsetter code was accidentally deleted. I have just released V2.38 of Dvdinfopro to correct this.

Fixed some palette errors in cd & hdburn speed graph.
Fixed a Close not working if speed aborted bug.
Attempt to overcome some issues found in V2.31
Added BTC drive bisetting, THIS SECTION IS BETA those with BTC drives please test.
Freeware version extended to May 2004
Extended Nu bitsetting dialog.
Added more mid codes for both formats.
Extended program beyond 8x compatibility
Fixed some reported bugs.
Added a new sponsor
Altered Software licence agreement for Corporate users
Memory allocation bugs fixed.
String Array boundary bugs fixed.
Extended bitsetting for Nu drives Dual firmware
Added bitsetting for BENQ DW-400 & DW-800A

1. Extended free edition to 1st April 2004. 2. Fixed some file allocation errors and some possible string array boundary errors.

1. Released a new free edition that expires on 1st March 2004.

1. Extended NU bitsetting dialog to include DVD-R and DVD-RW (Requires Dual Firmware B360 or later)

2. Bug fixes.


1. Minor bug fixes.

2. Added some more Media codes.


1. Added bitsetting for BenQ DW400A and DW800A DVD Drives.

2. Added some more 8x Media codes.


1. New Freeware current period extended to Feb 2004.


1. Added some 8x Media Codes.

2. Ran some DVD-R and +R 8x test samples and made some minor adjustments to some code.


1. Fixed some tooltip issues on drive info screen.

2. Added some new media codes.

3. Added a missing media code.

4. Corrected a bug that was removing spaces in DVD-R/RW MID codes.


1. Added a new RPM graph into speed. DON?T CONFUSE THIS WITH THE SIMPLE 1X CALCULATOR NERO USES. This will not show a line as flat as
nero as it uses a complex algorithm to calculate the actual rpm speed of the motor at any given time. This is beta code and subject to fine tuning
in future version. Email your findings to me.

2. Minor bug fixes.


1. Fixed some issues with the new Nu-Tek bitsetter.

2. Added a logo and link for


1. Added Bitsetting for QSI / Nu-Tek drives, big thanks to QSI and Nu-tek for their great support in assisting me with this.


1. Not released, limited test version only.


1. Fixed some issues with the speed and compare rountines using signed variables.

2. Corrected some issues with the installer.

V2.15 ? 2.16

1. Fixed a bug in the ISO compare function that caused CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DCDR, DCDR-W, HD-BURN compares to fail at location 40960.

2. Removed the Liteon drive eeprom dump template for technical reasons, the data being returned was too short.

3. Moved the Liteon drive eeprom dump from send custom command template to Advanced Commands list, still disabled at this time though.

4. Removed the beta warning from the ISO compare/write functions as no more bug reports have surfaced, if you find any please report.


1. Added ability to Pre-load the buffer with data for the ?Send Custom Command? function.

2. Added ability to Clear the buffer before sending in the ?Send Custom Command? function.

3. Added a new ?Create ISO? function, inside the ISO Compare function. This saves a disc to an ISO file.

4. Added a new test mode ?Directory? to ISO Compare. This allows two directories of any files to be compared.

5. Renamed ?ISO Mode? in ISO Compare to ?ISO?

6. Renamed ?File Mode? in ISO Compare to ?DVD-Video?

7. Fixed a bug in the progress bar in ISO Compare DVD-Video Mode

8. Due to un-stoppable piracy of serial numbers, ?Buy Now? buttons become ?Donate? buttons on Advert Free Copies.

9. Fixed a bug that could cause the region display to show incorrect region setting if it had never been set


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