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DVDAuthorgui is a very basic win32 frontend for the DVDAuthor project. The gui is meant to be an easy means to create a basic dvd. Features: multiple titles (pgc), multiple titleset menus, m2v still creation, chapters, subtitles, multiple audio streams, basic navigation commands, iso creation.

Free software
OS: Win
File size: 5MB
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DVDAuthorgui screenshot
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Latest version

1.029 (July 15, 2011)


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Download DVDAuthorgui 1.029  5MB  Win

Download old versions

Download DVDAuthorgui old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

-Fixed the uninstall script so that it removes DVAuthorGUI from the Start Menu as well.
-Added a workaround for a PS3 issue, where the user clicks >>

-Small bug fixed related to using ffmpeg to multiplex menus, but not multiplexing the main titles.
-When installing ffmpeg, the GUI will open the bin directory for you.

-Release of 1.025 unbranded as a test release.

*1.025c (tr)
-Recompiled mjpegtools binaries without optimizations.
-Optimised the logging code in the GUI.

*1.025b (tr)
-Added a needed dll for graphicsmagick
-Changed the sourcecode shortcut to point to the new URL
-Again, please send all reports (bugs, suggestions, etc) to

*1.025 (test release)
-Updated to dvdauthor 0.6.18, compiled under mingw/msys
-Updated to mjpegtools 1.9.0 (mplex/mpeg2enc/jpeg2yuv/png2yuv), compiled under mingw/msys
-Compiled new version of pxsup2dast.c under mingw/msys
-Compiled new version of tcmplex under mingw/msys
-Added DTS as an available audio format
-Removed the scrollbar from the log window
-Using precompiled mkisofs.exe from dvd+rw-tools

-Improved multiplexing support via FFmpeg (it now supports multiple audio streams correctly).
-Added the option to launch so that the user can download FFmpeg (alternate muxer).
-Blocked the media player from going full screen on an accidental double click (menu editor).
-Adding BMP buttons now defaults to the 'Buttons' directory.

-Added mouse click/move support for positioning button locations over top the playback window (menu editor).
-Various performance modifications on the menu editor.
-Added an 'all compatible mpeg types' option (default) to the 'files of type' dropdown list when adding a title.
-Enabled XP/Vista/Win7 visual styles.
-Removed older binaries from the bin directory.

-Added support for generating letterbox subpictures for widescren menus.

-Modified the menu script generator so that it no longer needs mpegdecoder.dll

-Rebranded 1.019 test release to 1.020.

-Moved dva registering into the installer.

-Moved the GUI from writing to the program folder, to writing to the system's temp folder (for vista, win7 compatability)

-Added a multiline editor to the nav command window.
-Removed the new mplex.

-Patched new mplex to flush stderr (so that it will show the details in the log window)
-Added '-fflags genpts' to the cli options in ffmpeg

-Added support for ffmpeg for multiplexing.

-Added a launcher for DGIndex from the tools menu.Useful for quickly demultiplexing a file.
-The frame count in the m2v options window is now editable.
-Fixed bug in the menu editor where the timeout options weren't saved.
-When using the 'advanced' option in the menu editor, the text will automatically highlight when they have focus.

-Fixed issue with some machines unable to correctly preview the m2v file in the menu editor.
-New dialog when creating m2v stills.
-(installer related)ActiveX components are now copied into the DVDAuthorGUI path, instead of the system path.

-Fixed issue with the visual chapter editor when used with the alternate preview decoder.
-Added a 'safe area' option in the menu editor.

-Fixed small bug in the menu editor.

-Made the NAV command window resizable.This makes it easier to add complex VM commands right in the GUI.
-Fixed bug that caused the NAV command window to truncate the post command.

*1.011 beta
-New Menu Mananger
-Improved Vista support. (Requires that the UAC be turned off currently)

Apparently, I had some more corruption with the files in the bin folder. Ive replaced all of the problematic files, and have re-taged the installer as DVDAuthorGUI 1.010c. Sorry for the inconvenience

-Updated to the 0.6.13 binaries.

-Compiled the latest dvdauthor 0.6.12.If there are problems with the new compile, the old binaries are still in the bin folder.Use the batch files to copy them back.
-Changed the style of the menu timeout form.

-Added DGIndex/DGDecode to the package.This will eliminate the mess with the directshow mpeg2 decoders.This method should be more accurate than the current method.
-Many small tweaks/updates over the summer that I did not document.

-Fixed a small problem with the code that checks the existence of the project files when loading the dva.

-Fixed a bug in the 'load project' code.Previously, if a menu didn't have buttons, it was loading the buttons from the previous menu.
-Changed the sup dialog to say "SubtitleCreator' format, since pxsup2dast seems to be more compatible with sup files generated with that.
-Added a dialog that prompts the user before closing the menu editor dialog box.
-using better code to check the existence of the project files in the project loader.
-Updated the tips pdf with some helpful tips and ideas for creating good menus.

-replaced version 6 of dscaler, with version 5. version 6 had some alignment problems with the menu editor.
-Added the XML encoding form. This may be useful for users that aren't using standard characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, spaces, dashes, etc)
-Added a cleanup routine that cleans up unused folders before authoring.
-The sup color defaults are stored in the registry so a user doesn't need to rekey them every time.

-Added some error trapping to the gui.
-Added a frame stepper to the visual chapter editor.
-Removed msdxm.ocx from the installer. Every windows user should already have this on their system anyway. If the user chooses to install the runtime files, the installer will still re-register the msdxm and associated files.
-Updated pxsup2dast to the Aug 14 version.

-Fixed bug in the menu editor, that caused alignment problems with monitors larger than 1024x768.
-Added an auto-chapter creator.
-Added a new form to the menu editor, allowing the user to define more parameters to the menu when it times out.
-Added function that allows projects to be opened without using fully qualified paths. (meaning projects can be shared now, from computer to computer, or folder, to folder)
-Added dscaler5 to the installer.

-Added an updated version of pxsup2dast, which fixes a problem with the last subtitle in a .sup.
-Updated the installer to reregister a few dlls related to WMP.

-Reverted back to the old mplex.There wasn't any major advantage over the new build, and the new build was close to 1meg by itself.
-Added initial support for .sup subtitles- provided by pxsup2dast written by Tomi Ollila(
-Added experimental support for reading palette data from an ifo.
-Added timer.
-Added subtitle and audio control to the menu editor.
-The default directory for the bmp button dialog is now the 'buttons' folder.
-When adding a title, the added title is now highlighted.

-Fixed bug in mpeg2enc command that created m2v stills in the wrong aspect ratio
-Fixed parsing bug related to tcmplex

-Removed FileSystemObject dependency. Using GetFileSize API instead.
-Added an 'ignore error' option.
-Added an alternative multiplexer to the project (tcmplex). It is user selectable under 'tools'
-Recompiled mplex to the latest 1.6.3-rc1 using mingw. The old mplex is still in the package labeled as mplex_old.exe

-Stabilized the overlay code.
-Added highlight color and thickness to the overlay code.
-Added a refresh button to the menu editor.

*1.001(Its just a number.It's still not officially finished)
-Retro'ed the dvdauthor binaries back to 0.6.12-2907.The new binaries were causing many problems with 2 or more menus.
-Added a function to cancel the process if there is an error.
-Removed the need for 'conspawn'.This fixes problems were some users click author, and they get a blank log with a 'process complete' message.
-New icon.
-Added a rectangular object to display where the subpictures will be aligned on the menu preview.
-Lots of little cosmetic changes to the menu editor.

-Fixed broken subtitle function that allowed subtitles to be added to the vob.

-Added a more comprehensive routine to check for errors and suggest a possible problem or solution if an error occurs.
-Iso creation now labels the iso whatever the folder name is.
-Subtitles can now be added directly to vob files (thanks Shawn)
-Added a small routine that checks if the binaries are available and are located in the bin dir.
-recompiled conspawn.exe. Some anti-virus engines were identifying it as a virus.

-updated binaries to dvdauthor-0.6.12-alpha-2992
-added usage tips to package
-The installer is now packaged with the runtime files.

*0.998 test
-Changes include: -Using the dvdauthor 0.6.11 binaries, which includes many bug fixes
-Added a bmp2m2v function to the already existing jpg2m2v function. Using bmps will result in a much higher quality menu.

-Fixed a bug when deleting a menu that caused the old buttons to exist.
-Fixed an error in the subtitle options not being passed to spumux correctly.
-Fixed a bug that might have been causing some overflow errors while authoring.
-Fixed a problem where some users accidentally erase the 'first play' option, causing an error in the XML
-Fixed a problem with certian characters causing problems in the XML (like the & symbol)

-Added an option in JumpTable to return the menu that originally called the title
-Fixed some bugs in the project loader
-Fixed problem when a 2nd audio stream was loaded, the authoring process would error out.
-Added an installer. Thanks to V.Hermann for helping me with the script for NSIS

-Added a vob checking function to ensure that the mpeg/vob does have NAV packets
-Added an A/V delay function
-Fixed a problem with subtitle rendering
-Added a bmp checking function to ensure that the bmp is at 4BPP or less
-Updated dvdauthor package to 0.6.10-2773

-Added JumpTable support (simulates jumppad, but actually uses virtual machine scripting)
-Fixed error handle in logging code.
-Added 'tools' section in the readme.
-Updated troubleshooting section in readme.
-Menu selector is much more descriptive

-Added error handling code in the the logging function
-Added a text encoding tag in the xml (hopefully, for better non-standard character support in the pathnames)
-Set the max width for a button to be 700 pixels(it was 400 previously)
-Fixed glitch in the language tag editor that caused an error when deleting tags.
-Changed the global subtitle options, to be definable per subtitle (characterset, font, etc).
-Updated readme (Homepage is now

-Added a language tag editor. (Instead of editing the xml everytime)
-Added support for multiple subtitles.
-Changed how the gui displays the available fonts (for subtitles)

-Fixed 'Large font' problem in the menu editor
-Hopefully fixed 'overflow' error that occurs on some systems.
-Corrected some misc cosmetic problems

-Fixed bug that caused a crash when loading a project with no menus.
-Fixed bug that caused the authoring process to hang after authoring was complete.

-Added the .dva extension registerer
-Added the 'tools' menu
-fixed more glitches in the bmp button handling
-Added buttons (donated by Gerrit van Schaik -
-Updated the readme

*0.987 beta
-Fixed glitch that caused the buttons to not be saved if there is only one menu.
-Fixed glitch that caused the 'select' button to not appear when using an imported bmp.
-Added the DVD layout generator/summary

-Updated the readme.
-Added an option to create multiple frames in an m2v still. (instead of the default 1 frame)
-a few small cosmetic changes to the gui.

*0.985 beta
-Fixed bug that caused the application to crash when exiting the menu editor without adding a button
-Changed the commandline for creating m2v stills
-Added a m2v still framecount option, which can allow the user to create an m2v still with more than just one frame.

-Fixed the project file loader. (It errored out when loading a project with no menus in it)
-Optimized the motion menu sctipt maker a little more. (Look for the menu demo on the dvdauthorgui homepage)
-Tweaked the logging code to report the button generation progress.

-Changed the behavior of the XML editor. If changes were saved, you can choose to continue authoring, or return to the main screen.
-Edited XML changes are saved in the project file now.
-Finally fixed the logging code so it is not frozen while authoring. (gotta love PeekNamedPipe)
-Repaired a bug that limited the number of buttons allowed per menu.
-Added a few more character sets to the subtitle list (and added ttc extentions)

-Added a visual chapter editor. This may not be fully accurate, since it uses WMP's method of reporting time.
-Improved the avisynth motion menu editor. The script now has the coordinates needed to create buttons around the thumbnails
-Added a simple function to monitor the approximate size of the dvd (doesn't include multiplexing overhead and subpictures)
-Menu editor is now resizable (let me know if this is not working correctly, it may vary from system to system)

-Corrected the menu editor bug that incorrectly made the width of the imported bmp image larger than it was
-Added a rectangle thickness option
-Added a simple check to ensure there is a mpeg2 directshow filter installed before opening the menu editor

-Subtitle fonts are now based on the fonts the user has in the %windir%fonts directory.
-Titleset menu editor now includes a method of creating a "rectangle" buttons (using the height option).
-added spu begin and end in the menu editor (handy when the buttons need to be displayed for only specific period of time.)
-Ability to import simple bmp images as buttons in the menu editor. (transparency is set at #010101)
-Added a button validator to ensure the coordinates do not intersect other buttons.
-Added a black crosshair to the menu editor. This is much more precise then using the sliders to line up the buttons.
-When loading a project, the gui now validates that all of the files still exist.
-rewrote post command editor. also renamed it to navigation commands.
-Added title moving function to the main screen.
-Added advanced options in the titleset menu editor.
-fixed yet more glitches in the menu editor.
-Added a simple check to ensure the menus are the proper format, based on the rest of the project

-Fixed glitch that caused some invalid jpegs to be accepted in the mpeg still function.
-Added some error checking to the mpeg still function
-Added a simple XML editor which will allow the user to change the dvdauthor config file, before multiplexing/authoring. Refer to the dvdauthor documentation on the syntax Please note: changes made to the xml file will not be saved in the project file.
-Project files can only be opened by the same version of the gui that created them.

-removed jumppad support. (hopefully temoprarily)
-added vob importing support.
-fixed some glitches in the menu editor
-set the NTSC/PAL selector as a registry setting. Once set, it will remain that way until changed.

-improved the gui layout some
-added a checking routine that validates the chapters, when you click ok (if there is a descrepancy, it will let you know)
-added some error checking into the authoring/logging process. If there was an error, it won't respond with the standard "Authoring process complete" now.
-added dvd preference(PAL/NTSC) and iso creating option to the project file (old project files will be incompatible)

*0.95 (test)
-updated the readme.txt.
-added subtitle support (not fully tested yet. feel free to report any bugs)
-added support for multiple menus (in order to link titles back to different menus, i had to enable jumppad. Let me know is there are any reprocussions from doing that)
-added "project loading and saving" functionality. Project files can also be opened by doubleclicking on it and letting dvdauthorgui open the file. (i may include a registry key later that will create an entry for *.dva files)
-added "first play command" functionality (located under post commands)
-added the (PAL/NTSC) selector in the main form. To change it, simply double-click it. (I got tired of the gui trying to guess what its working with, so i made it user controlled)

-Fixed slip-up where the new binary doesn't like multiple <title> tags

-Updated dvdauthor binaries to 0.6.10

-Lots of little things corrected and optimized
-Moved iso creation option to under the FILE menu
-Added the experimental AVISynth script generator
-replaced mplex with the latest cvs (as of 2/19/2004)
-Allowed the listbox to resize with the window
-Added GraphicsMagick support in the menu editor. The gui now generates the png subpictures itself (using graphicsmagick), allowing the user to select their own colors in the menu editor (Instead of the icky green ones)
-added progress bar when dvdauthor is compiling the vobs (progress bar doesn't report the status of mplex unfortunantly)
-removed the Visual Basic runtime files to make the archive smaller. If an error occurs when starting dvdauthorgui, download the runtime files here

-Added binarys from dvdauthor0.6.9. See its changelog for the updates.

-Corrected a few glitches when the menu editor attempts to detect the format (PAL/NTSC) of the source clip. As allways, if it detects it incorrectly, simply doubleclick on the caption
-Corrected some problems with the mpeg still creation. -Systems that have a larger dpi setting than normal reported that the jpg was not compliant. -fixed some error handling bugs with mpeg still creation.

-Using WinRAR to archive the package now.
-added jpeg --> m2v still function. (via mpeg2enc/jpeg2yuv) This makes creating menus much easier if the user only needs a still image as a menu.
-Allowed the user to only need an m2v stream for the menu. The audio stream is now optional.
-Added the "menu loop" option in the menu editor. It was set to on by default, but when using mpeg stills, its very annoying.
-optimized the logging code some more.
-changed guide to reflect the new changes.

-Changed the main form so that it is resizable. (Being fixed-form caused problems on some display settings)

-Added/began changelog (thanks disturbed1)
-Fixed bug that caused the gui to crash when clicking "add/edit titleset menu", and then clicking cancel.
-Fixed glitch under the menu editor, it caused the y coordinates to decrease by 1 everytime the button was changed.

-Rewrote alot of the code used in the menu editor. Previously, PAL menus were not treated correctly. Now, the sliders should automatically focus around the playing window.
-Reduced the number of needed activex components needed to run the gui. (ZIP file is down to 3 Meg now)

-Optimized some of the logging code.
-Replaced the mplex binary with a much faster version.

-Fixed some glitches that caused the "script.bat" to not execute on some computers. Mainly added *.exe to the binary executables in the batch file.

-Switched from using a vmgm menu, to using a titleset menu. By doing this, "Actions" can now jump to chapters and titles, instead of just titles.

-Added User friendly icons for navigating in the gui.

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35 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

my mistake
all i needed to do to install on x64 was include the Active X part of the installation.
thanks to the author for kindly pointing this out in a pm.
A+ for response from author! :)

Review by djmasturbeat on Apr 13, 2011 Version: 1.027 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

it reports that install goes fine on Win 7x64, doesn't install correctly
I try to run it and i get

Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

I did install as administrator, and tried running as admin.
tried several times on 2 different PCs.

too bad, since I wanted to try this.

wish we could leave the scores as N/A here

Review by djmasturbeat on Apr 12, 2011 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

Thanks for this excellent tool. It works great for me.

Thanks also to the developers of dvdauthor!

Review by doomed9 on Dec 12, 2010 Version: 1.027 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

Just installed 1.025test and made a DVD with a dozen titles imported as elementary streams. Didn't have any errors on processing with this test release. Good job!

Review by ggtop on Jul 14, 2010 Version: 1.025test OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

I only wanted to try if it works with windows 7 (32bit), and it works just fine.
I tryed to make a simple dvd with still picture for menu, few chapters.. using the basic gude from DVDAuthorgui's homepage, and i did it for 2 minutes.
I wish it had some more "manu editing" options/functions, and some more apealing interface.. but it works just fine, funcional, does what it say's, and it's FREE

Review by pirej on Nov 16, 2009 Version: 1.019 test OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

35 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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