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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for DVD slideshow GUI
- MPC-HC(works on Windows 8)
- VS-Filter for subtitles
- HcEnc: More stable when rendering HD
Bug fix:
- GFD chapterpoints
- Save External Applications
- DPI 120 friendly Project Settings menu
- TransAll by M.C. Mohan updated.
- Arabic translation added.
- All translations updated.
- Right-click to import slides.
Vital bugfix:
- Error when authoring dvds
- Error when loading images with %
- Select array of random transitions
- Five new split transitions
- Import most file types with FFmpegsource Avisynth wrapper
- Image transitions
- Transition between slide nr. 2 and 3 with negative transition duration
- Flicker transition(Gscript by Gavino). Ex.
- Softwipes transitions by Vampiredom. Ex.
- Cut Up Post Effects(Gscript by Gavino). Ex:
- Grain Post Effect(by several authors)
- Cinestyle LUT correction for Canon EOS
- Clean up Post and Pre Effect selector - Select every other
- Use folders: My Pictures, My Music and add My Slideshows

- Audio Data not added.
- Language choise restart.
- Audiodub.
- Polish translation by Golem14
- Slovak translation by Stano Kobella
- Swedish translation by Per Löfstedt
- More Style Tags
- Add music data
- Various Exif corrections
- Jhead
- Slide Settings redesigned
- Preview in Slide Settings
- 9 new style tags
- Paste multiline subtitle > add 'N' automatically
- Remove tags button
- SetMemMax *3.3.
- Ssa and srt export
- No leading space on Exif data
- Import causing animation error
- No border on transparent slides
- YouTubeUploader
- Helpfiles(wip)
- Back to Media Player Classic
- Media Player Home Cinema instead of Media Player Classic
- Preview bug
- Import bug when no new.ini
- Export to DVD Menus
- Audio Glitz
- Import bad audio
- Save As...,
- Framerate mismatch notification
- Add Transparent Slide
- Helix & Matroska splitter instead of Ffdshow
- FFindex not found
- Sorting
- Blu Ray export
- Max subtitle length 1020 characters
- Simpler subtile saving in Avisynth script
- Tutorial acces from menu.
- Avisynth 2.60(important!)
- Ffdshow
- Imgburn
- Paint path.
- Animation Calibration.
- DAR 16:9 with PAR 1:1
- Restore to Factory Settings
- ImgBurn updated
- Burn starts ImgBurn
- Animation and negative transition durations made images "jump".
- Dias/Slide projection transitions and post effects.
- Photo Collage background.
- Japanese translation.
- Avs slides exported in wrong ratio.
- Open: check for audiofile.
- 300+ slides warning.
- Youtube Uploader by Miserable Life
- OldTV PostEffect
- AudioGraph PostEffect
- Various bugfixes.
- Avi (position 15+) Thx Minifig
- Audio fadeout
- Import bug
- Slide load check
- Filenames when opening.
- Animate, overlay, subtitle and overlap video clips(avi/avs).
- Swich video audio on/off.
- Export to muxed avi without avs2avi. - Invert Selection.
- Black level corrections.
- Subtitle timings.
- Animation preset vs duration.
- Load Animation presets.
- 16:9 in animation.
- Animation Quality
- Animation of 25fps HD preview.
- Subtitle timing with neg. durations.
- 16:9 DVD menus with 33 chapters.
- Negative of Animation Overlay ssa timings
- Jhead, ffmpeg, translations.
New: Optional subtitle on avi and avs.
Bug fix: Last frame was missing in Animation preview
Bug fix: ssa timings where off with negative Overlay transitions with animation.
Bug fix: Srt missing subtitles.
- New: Use left and right mouse button on keys to goto or delete keys.
- Bugfix: Crash in Preset Window
- Bugfix: ssa subtitle timings where off with negative transition durations
- Bugfix: Animation last frame missing
- Bugfix: Animation when changing duration update keybuttons
- Bugfix: Change background and change font from toolbar shouldn't result in a preview render
New: FFmpegSource instead of Avisource
New: 17 Gradient Backgrounds
New: 14 animation presets
Bugfix: Unsucceful ppt import add slides
Bugfix: Safearea box corrected
- New: PPT2DVD and OBP2DVD, meaning import of Power Point/Impress presentations (odp, ppt). Needs Open Office installed.
- New: 720p 25fps, 1080p 25fps .
- Bugfix: Converting to avs abort animation value.
- Bugfix: Animation key level for animated backgrounds.
- Bugfix: Flv export - animation render quality.
- Translation updates.
- Paste Music bug
- Default background: black
- Default safearea 0
- Translations updated
- Project Settings clean up(Netbook friendly format(800x600))
- Bugfix: Subtitles missing in mp4 export.
New: Mp4 export.
New: Upscale small slides.
Bugfix: Save/Load without audio. Bugfix: Export with animation bug.
(The two bugfixes are pretty serious - so please update!)
New: Music editor
Bugfix: Safarea box size
Bugfix: Enable/disable Export to DVD menus
Bugfix: 1080 All export
Added: Spanish and Galician translations.
Added: Selectable audio loop.
Added: Post_Only_Info.avs
- New: Translations update(Launchpad)
- New: Ajustable quality of preview/render of animations.
- New:Translation menu acces.
- New: Open .dsg files by double click on desktop.
- New: Some new motion backgrounds.
- Bugfix: Avs blacklevel on still background
- Bugfix: Zoom calibration
- Bugfix: Wipe_Up
'Project Settings' clean up.
- Bugfix: Paint app: First copy corrected.
- Bugfix: Wheel over end of 'Project Settings' Media Player crash fixed.
- New: Convert slides to Avisynth script and edit in AvsP.
- SSA export bugfix.
- Paint App & AvsP access from 'Slide Settings' window.
- Add Ssa tags to all selected slides.
- Unlimited number of animation keyframes.
- Paint app path bug.
- Backup of original media offered when export to iso/burned dvd.
- Move back and forth between slides in the Slide Settings window.
- GFD transitions fix.
- GFD still blacklevel fix.
- Animated background for gfd added.
- Font button fix.
- Menu access for DVD menus added.
- Menu access for background added.
- Mirror post-effect fix.
- Ssa Clear Tags added.
- Installation bug.
- Subtitle effects
- Pixel Aspect Ratio
Bugs fixed:
- Paint App path not used.
- Memory bug in Slide Settings's media player .
- Animation tool bugs.
- Menu brushup
- EXIF bug
- Add EXIF data in Slide Settings window
- 1080p and 720p formats now supported.
- Bluray-rom: export, authoring and burn.
- Paypal donations accepted again.
- Temp files saved in user paths(More Vista friendly).
- External app paths window.
- New mplex.
- Open and edit Avisynth scripts in AvsP.
- New .pot translation file in Locale folder.
- 6 new transitions.
- 16 new post effects(can also be loaded as backgrounds).
- A lot of bug fixes.
- Sort by listctrl click.
- NB. Not backwards convertible!
- More Presets window optimations.
- Code clean up.
- Max subtitle length: 168
- Preview of PAL 16:9 wrong colors.
- Preset window optimations.
- Italics and Bold option now works on ssa subtitles and hardsubs.
- Longer subtitles allowed.
- Subtitle box bugfix
- Negative transition values for avi and avs bugfix
- Masktransitions bugfix
- New dissolve/cut to transitions,
aegisub) codes allowed for ssa subtitles like 'N' for new line
- Avi as background bug,
- Odd sized adding of animation
- Various bugfixes.
- Overlay png bugfix
- Photo vs. background blacklevel bugfix.
- Various Vista bugfixes.
- Audio vs. export bug.
- Audio missing if animated background bugfix.
- German translation by Centauri39
- Open bug.
- Filmstrip look
- Bug fixes.
- DVD authoring bug fixed.
- Import of music - rewrite.
- Thumbnail bug - wrong image in #10 position.
- SoundOut updated.
- NicAudio instead of Mpasource.
- Two pass render(to avoid VBV faults in render)
- Show time of current selected slide)
- Iso export bug
- DVD export bug(first slide missing)
- Export after open bug
(Thanks Rcubed for detailed bug report)
- Fixed import of odd ntsc fps.
- Updated avisynth and avi icons.
- Load thumbnail size bug.
- Dutch translation by Onno Voors.
- 220 Transitions.
- Installer changes.
- Transitions updated (thanks Mohan!)
- Memory bug.
Bug fix:
-Animation - not the right image.
-Flv export - html wrong.
-Updated ffmpeg.
-Heavy gradations taken out.
Bug fix:A serious one caused by the media player in project settings.
It's a milestone!

- Muxman instead of dvdauthor+cygwin.
- And an installer change - now you can uncheck Avisynth and Xvid if you allready have them installed.
- Localization added: (Now is english, french and danish included)
You can localize this software by loading the 'DVD slideshow GUI/Locale/en/en.po' in Poedit. Translate it into your language and send me the resulting po and mo file and I'll add it to DSG.
- Transition preview in Slide Settings menu.
- Preview in Project settings menu.
- Updated all menus and most icons.
- DSG will now adapt your windows look.
- Internal file loader(should be more Vista friendly).

- Shut down: Kill help
- Resize images in listctrl correctly.
- Check/uncheck safe area
- Locale's ',' vs. ntsc.
- Stop player when hidden.
- Bugs in Slide Settings fixed
- Bugs in Animation tool fixed.

New Feature:
IPTC Data import
Bug Fixes:

New Features:
Match Slideshow to audio duration
Transitions to gfd export
Bug fixes:
Long paths
16:9 fix

New features:
- Edit slide in your favorite photo manipulation program.
- Updated HCenc and Avisynth
Motion backgrounds:
- Vertical Movement
- Vertical Movement Inverted
- Drop shadow
(With Gradation filter by by Alexander Nagiller)
- Film
- 300 Movie Look
- Low Red Blue
- Low Green
- Bad Xerox Golden
- Warhol
- Kodachcrome 64
- Kodachcrome 25
- Spring to fall
Bug fixes:
- Export .all
- Keying motionbackground ajustments.

Single image import bug

New Features:
Burn DVD through optional ImgBurn download and access.
Buttons brush up.

New Features:
Visual timeline animation keys.
A demo file with transitions and animation.
Optional Xvid instalation.
Filedialog with images.
Bug fixes:
Overlay transion with animation.
Double Click on stills preview.
Animation window buttons.

New Features
Transition Preview Library(in Help Menu).
PostEffects Preview Library(in Help Menu).
Minimized preview of Motion backgrounds.
Black used as key color.
Bug fixes:
Overlay.avs transition vs. positive duration bug.
Import of DSG exported .avs files.

New Features
12 New Free Frame transitions
12 New Free Frame Motion Backgrounds
Bug fixes
Animation in 16:9 ratio
TV safe colors
Various transition duration bugs
Exact Music timing
Rewritten Cut/Delete code

New features
- Import m3u music playlists.
- Classic windows file/media loader
- Better debugging messages of loaded avisynth scripts.
Bug fixes:
- Missing post effect on overlay transitions together with animation
- Load animated bagground vs. 16:9

New Features:
- Change thumbnail size
- Working directories saved with files/ini
Bug fix:
- Animation preview with animated background
- Avs background vs. preview

New Features:
- Left click on slide previews single slide.
- Preview current slide button under Presets.
- Preview current slide button under Slide Settings.
- New animation presets.
Bug fix:
- Animation changed duration.

Version 0.79
New Features:
- Avi/avs as background
- Faster preview/render animation
- New TransAll plugin
- 20 new transitions(Ex. Bar transitions, Mirror transition)
- Mirror Post effect

Bug fix:
- Overlay bug
- Negative duration bug
- Check animation keys if duration is changed.

Version 0.78
New Feature:
- Overlapping animations and videos with negative transition durations.
- Some of the dissolve-like transition had to be changed due to the new feature.
Bug fix:
- Copy animation.
- Select pasted slides.

Version 0.77RC3
Bug fix:
- Export hang for Multiprocessors fix SoundOut 1.03(Thanks Sh0dan!)
- Export to GFD bug fix (Thanks Borax!)
- Check diskspace bug fix.

More reliable:
- HCenc(Hank315) instead of QuEnc encoder.
- SoundOut(Sh0dan)
New Features:
- GFD Menu brush up
- Drive In theme
- Polaroid effect
Bug fix:
- Background in Presets fix.
- Avi and avs bug in gfd export.

Version 0.77RC1
Bugs fixed:
- Error when exporting more than 99 slides.(.iso, dvd, txt)
- Loading of avs transitions into Presets window.

Version 0.76
New Features:
- Effects over images or slideshow. Done through avisynth scripts, which allows you to use Photoshop color curve files AMP or values from CHA, Free Frame plugins and use Overlays ect.
- Import PNG with Alpha
- New Help files
- Exif import
- Sort after subtitles/exif
- Faster startup
Bugs fixed:
- Import of mp3 was broken.
- Animation preset window update.
- Ini aka fgets error.
- Portrait animation error.
- Animation buttons.
- Startup statusbar.

Version 0.76 RC3+4
New Features:
- Exif import
- Faster startup
Bugs fixed:
- Import of mp3 was broken.
- Animation preset window update.

Version 0.76 RC2

Bugs fixed:
- Ini aka fgets error.
- Portrait animation error.
- Animation buttons.
- Startup statusbar.

Version 0.76RC1

New features:
- Effects over images or slideshow. Done through avisynth scripts, which allows you to use Photoshop color curve files AMP or values from CHA, Free Frame plugins and use Overlays ect.
- Visual loading of transitions and effects.
- Faster preparation of slides.

Bug fixes:
- Slidesettings, expo & dur type in.
- Save button.
- No documetation on the new features or credits.

Version 0.75

New features:
- Overlay animation on previous slide.
- Import avisynth scripts.
- Random added as an option under import presets.
- Double click with left mouse button to watch avi of avs files.

Bug fixes:
- Avi causing missing slides fixed.
- GFD export avi with no sound fixed.
- 16:9 ratio fixed.

Version 0.74
- Export to .gfd with menus.

Version 0.73
- Extreme memory usage enhancements.

- Export as storyboard in printable html
- Export as bmp batch stills
- Srt bug fix
- 20 new transitions.

- Export .all (m2v, ac3, ssa, txt in one go) added. - Fps check when importing avi
- Import avi length
- Ensure selected is visible(after slide settings)
- New vsfilter(fixes MPC hang)
- Animation space for border
- Version check when loading
- Export cleanup
- Avs save bug.

- Faster importer
- Lager images in list
- Avs slimmed
- Faster preset window. - Animation tool bugs fixed.

- New buttons.
- NTSC avi-sound fix
- NTSC/PAL avi framerate check.

- Flash(.flv) NTSC & 16:9 ratio prefix added.
- Animation access bug fixed.
- Presets redraw.
- Upscale avi when exporting.

- Export as .flv added.
- Bugfixes.
- Smaller avs files.
- Memory leak fixed.

- Import img name as text.
- Ssa bugs.
- Avi as first slide bug.
- Text box and replace text removed.
- Font colour as ssa colour.
- Animationtool vs. avi bug.

0.65D testbuild
- Render rewritten
- Export to .ssa (subtitles)
- Bug fixes

- Added: Better access to camera animation tool.
- Added: Save ini settings.
- Added: Save show text option.
- Bugfix: Subtitles.
- Bugfix: Chapters.
(thx Remialdo for finding those bugs!)

- Added: Export to .srt(subtitles).
- Added: option to deselect text as graphics.
- Added: New icons.
- Added: Border to animated images. - Bugfix: Chapters.
- Bugfix: Render.
- Update: Latest DVDauthor.
- Update: Now almost dos popup free.
- Update: Render cleanup.

- Added export to avs(avisynth script
- Use ex. Super to render flash slideshows from this format)
- Cleaned up render
- now less dos popups.
- Bug: mp3.
- Bugfixes.

-Added export to avi.
-Added 100 transitions.

- Added optional tumbnails for faster directory opening.
- Added import of mp3.
- Added more than 25 new transitions.
- Lets you code your own transitions in avisynth script.
- Bugfixes

0.60 Beta 9
- Check space left on harddisk when export/preview.
- M2v noaudio preset for Quenc.
- Load wav bugfix.

17. 03. 05 Version 0.60 Beta7
- Bugfix: 29.97 fps NTSC
- Bugfix: Load length of animation
- Bugfix: Load safearea

13. mar.
- Yet another new version with bugfixes mainly.
- Including some evil black-frame(16:9) misrenderings.
- And now the animation menu respects the aspect ratio.

12. mar.
- Bug fix: NTSC, 16:9 vs. animation vs. masktransition.
- Bug fix: Render bug on fast computers
- Bug fix: Slidesettings vs. animation.
- Bug fix: Preview animation resolution.
- Bug fix: Paths errors.
- Bug fix: Animation - y. spinner update.
- Feature: Preview music.

11. mar.
- Added: Animate, Pan, Zoom, Rotate images.

6. jan.
Added avi import of most codecs..
- So now the GUI can be used for making avi compilations and export them to a ready to burn DVD iso format.
- Slide music will be faded up and down around the avi.
- The Avi will be scaled up and down within the safearea.
- Fixed wav import bug.
- Fixed Export ac3/mp2 bug.

31. dec. Added basic help.

20 dec. v 0.5
- Added: Ensurevisible when scrolling
- Added: Antialiasing on texts(Thanks to David Cuny)
- Fixed Background bug(prev only jpg)
- Fixed Transition bug - avoid 'Nothing' as transition.
- Fixed Install in "Program files" as preset.
- Added sort alphabetic.

15. dec - Added grayscale transitions - every image in the transitionfolder will be converted into super cool transitions- when restarting. So now you can make your own transitions - the possibilities are unlimited! And now you can add random transitions too.

14. dec - Exports to .iso and dvd folders(ready to burn with chapters).

10. dec - Exports chapters(one for each chapter) in smpte(aka. 00:00:01.00) or frames(useful in muxman).

9. dec - Pal 4:3, NTSC 4:3, PAL 16:9, NTSC 16:9 added!

7. dec - Now it will multiplex mpg's and also export to m2v, ac3, mp2.

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