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DVD-lab PRO 2, hotfix 2.52

This is a hotfix for importing subtitles that are encoded with UTF-8.
Adds settings to convert UTF-8 lines to ANSI in Subtitle Dialog.

(Jan/11/2011) Update for DEMUX module for some Vista/W7 when after demuxing the Windows will report: "demuxnew MFC Application has stopped working"

* Download (0.1MB)
Unzip it and put the demux.aux to the DLP2 folder replacing the demux.aux there

2.51 2008 12 08
Bug fix:
- chapter VM commands
- skip chapter, splice point didn't work after last updates
- chapter still (pause on chapter feature fix)
- title buttons

- Domain Stream Source Flag in Properties
- Few Compiler/Subpicture fixes

2.5b 2008 01 10
Bug fix:
- chapter VM commands
- skip chapter, splice point didn't work after last updates
- chapter still (pause on chapter feature fix)
- title buttons

2.34 2007 12 12
- Added Override button in Root VM Command to Override Default link of the AL. This way you can make any other menu the "Root" or inject some additional code within the AL with VM Objects

DVD-lab 2.33 2007 09 25
- Fixed the Black color bug in 2.32 (black in subtitles and subpicture was replaced by other color)

DVD-lab Pro 2.32 2007 09 12
- Create IMG file after compilling (option in Compile dialog). Alternative creation of IMG file with 2048 (normal), 2054 and 2064 byte block, the later is currently being tested with some replicators as a vehicle for ftp image to plant
- Enhanced editing of bitmap images and buttons directly from menu (painting color and transparency)

DVD-lab Pro 2.3 2007 04 31
- All cummulative changes in one full installation package

DVD-lab Pro 2.28 2007 03 23
- Fixed the ability to support more than 255 menus in a single VTS (up to 640 menus). Previously AI would not write double BYTE command into VM which was necessary for linking menus higher than 255 in VTS
- FIX: If start Debugging from the VTS Root, it will show "unknow link" on any LINKPGCN commands

DVD-lab Pro 2.27 2007 03 05
- Subtitles Mapping verification if the subtitles maps to existing subtitle track
- Subtitles Track Deletion now checks if there is no residual mapping in other tracks to the deleted track
-Reverted back the External Subpictures from 2.25. The external Subpictures will be loaded into internall buffer and used from there (so the external file is no longer needed).
- Added buttons on menu toolbar for loading external subpicture and showing it.
- Subtitles with type Black bar and Transparent Bar were switched on DVD (Transp bar showed as full black )
- Pressing Cancel on Close-Caption dialog will remove the Close caption.
- Crashing when deleting multiple objects in Connections, or crashing when deleting object that has opened window
- Paragrpah text rendered bit differently on Enhanced rendering (Which made impossible to use Hot-Spot over it)
- Check for maximum 36 buttons on menu before compillation

DVD-lab Pro 2.26
- If a chapter is set to pause, the next chapter must be set as non-seamless
- Right Click Link menu will now collapse to divided form if there are too many menus or movies to make it manageable and to avoid scrolling. The items will be sorted in SubMenus by 10s.
- Change Order of items will also display PGCN.
- Added Movie Gap object for various VM tricks in Title domain, for example as link collector for movies (to go away with the 128 limit VM commands in Root VTS)
- Added option to export Connection window to ASCII art for simple posting on web boards.
- VISTA registration fix.

Important: After you update to this version, the software may ask you to enter the registration code again - this is due to the changes necessary for MS VISTA.

DVD-lab Pro 2.25
-Merge Projects, different aspect (it will adjust the new merged VTS properties if aspect is different in the merged files)
- External Subpicture and external background - it will now save the external link into the project file and by default alwasy try to use the external file. Some more checkings to make sure the file is correct.
- Zoom In allowed bigger than 1:1, zoom by mouse wheel follows the cursor
-Chapter Play-list (Movie Branch) - added option to set sequential chapters seamless
- Enter reg. code now has note for Vista (You have to use the option Current user, not all users )

DVD-lab Pro 2.24
-Fix: Override Aspect Ratio in VTS will not change aspect ratio of Cells, same when loading.
-Fix for some players 2xFF and REW problem (ADT is now set as ROM, before it has been set as R/RW which may cause on some old players to simply disable 2xFF/REW - courtesy of DVD specs)
-Fix: Combo-Buttons didn't work correctly with new Enhanced menu rendering introduced in 2.2
-Fix for stuttering bug on long movies after certain time
-Clone Mega-Project (Save As... in mega project didn't work as expected - now it will Clone whole Mega-Project into new directory.
- Time map unit fix - time map will not exceed 2048
- Slideshow Muxer adjustement

DVD-lab Pro 2.23
-New: Global VM - almost revolutionary new way how to write VM script. Modal-less window (like lab-Talk). One, place for all the objects. Comments in code. Automatic GPRM partioning, Aliases, IF-THEN-ELSE and Goto by labels. Link/Jump/Call by Object name. Hardcore DVD nerds heaven.
Please check the Help 2.0 online Global VM Section

-Fix: Displaying VM command in connection was broken if VM command had OR operator.

DVD-lab Pro 2.22
-Add: Sub-Regiter Wizard remembers last register selected.
-Fix: AUdio Count in IFO was wrong in some cases
-Fix: Muxer now pack last 3 GOPs into one VOBU if the total duration is less than 1 second second

DVD-lab Pro 2.21
-Add: Comment box in VM script
-Ch: Circle in menu is few pixels smaller so it doesn't cut off the right and bottom
-Add: New Enhanced menu rendering to PAL and NTSC, improves Highlighting coverage
-Add: Sub-Registers wizard in VM Editor. You can virtually divide first 10 GPRM registers into more (2 ,4, 8,16) smaller parts . This allows you to have for example 20 one-byte sized registers (values: 0-255), 40 four-bit registers (values:0-15) or even 160 single-bit flags. The wizard makes easier to generate the necessary VM operations.
-Changed, Fixed and Cleaned - Subtitle Timecode, now you should always use the Real Time 25fps & 29.97 fps settings for your subtitles. But there are two other options Correct if subs show early and Correct if subs show late, use these if at some point the DF/NDF is incorrect in your subtitles, this will correct it in the right dirrection and hopefully end the confussion about NDF and DF subtitles.

DVD-lab Pro 2.20
-Fix: Size indicator didn't count audio in cells 2 and above.
-Removed menu from floating connections (for multi-monitors) - not needed and also source of potential crash when switching from floating to non-floating
-Change: VM Debugger handling of GPRM registers overflow/underflow more like a DVD player by using bitshift masking (previously if overflow the GPRM will max at 0xFFFF)
- Better updating of VM commands display in connection (Show VM Commands) Currently it may not always update untill you open and close Edit VM Commands.
-Added: Displaying FP, Title Button and VTS Root VM commands in connections (these boxes are also movable)0.

DVD-lab Pro 2.19
-Fix: Display Cell # on menu screen if menu has more than 1 cell
-Fix: Chapter List didn't display subtitles
-Fix: In some cases starting DLP2 would kill windows taskbar
-Warning when linking button to the same menu

DVD-lab Pro 2.18
-Fix: Audio problem compillation in multiple menu cells (adding audio to second cell will halt compilation)
-Fix: Slideshow compilling problem
- Fix: Manual routing for cells was not updated

DVD-lab Pro 2.15
-added slide number in the slide preview
- If no Abstraction layer - the Hi-Lite Default Btn will be used as Force Selected button (before was 0 which required touchup with PGCEdit)
- added option to use left scrollbar in Layers box (Project Properties - Advanced)
- Fix: NextPGC/PrevPGC for menu/vmg menu wasn't written in IFO
- Fix: Compiller may crash if there are more than 10 cells in a menu

DVD-lab Pro 2.1
-Fixed problem with menu audio on certain Pioneer players (DV340, DV344, DV525)
-Menu vobs are now smaller (like in 1.5 version)
-Some timing issues with subtitles
-Creating over 1000 subtitles shows "Out of memory" message

DVD-lab PRO 2.0 hotfix
Creating over 1000 subtitles shows "Out of memory" message.
Download new dll and replace the current in 2.0 installation

DVD-lab PRO 2.0
We believe the 2.0 will easily push the PRO among the very top full featured DVD authoring tools as we are adding the remaining features from the DVD specs.
Here is a quick preview of some of the new things in 2.0
- More compatible slideshow - in full GOP instead of I-frame
- Mega-Project with disk caching - this will cache data during designing into disk which will allow user to create project with huge amount of menus without windows crying for memory. With Mega-Project you can now create up to 640 menus per VTS!
- Each menu can have up to 30 cells inside where each cell can have its own set of buttons and other parameters.
- Smart Compile will recompile only the changed menu parts and keep the video vobs from previous compile. This way you can recompile menu changes within a minute!
- Multi-PGC title. The Segment Title has been now redone to a full Multi-PGC title. (Each segment in a Multi-PGC Title can now have its own pre and post commands)
- Audio Title can show new slide on each mark
- Pre and Post verificaton log
- Multiple Angles
- Buttons on Movies (Each chapter can have different buttons)
- Faster transition encoding
- native 24p support (Note: this is not 23.97 with pulldown)
- Simpler to use and more robust audio transcoder - can transcode any audo file for which you have codec
- Subviews in Conections - place certain project objects to a freely definable subview (up to 9 subviews) so you can work with them separate from the main “Global” connection view.
- VM Commands can be now placed not only before but also after the Dynamically generated commands
- Multiple selection in Connections
- Perspective Transformation of texts and other objects
- Package object in Menus
- Show VM commands in Connections
- Pause on chapters or at the end of movie (Continue by pressing Play button)

- Fix for jumping subtitles. The position on screen is now calculated by the absolute line, so a subtitle with only capital letters (AAAA) will remain on the same line position as a subtitle with only small underlined letters (pppp). See example. Because subtitles normally use combination of all kinds of letters you may not actually see this problem very often.
- Subtitles imported from bitmap will be not trimmed anymore (it could have the same jumping problem as above). If the imported bitmap is a full D1 size then the margins will be ignored, otherwise the margins will be used on the original - size bitmap. This should solve few troubles with positioning.
- Open GOP warning can be disabled in Properties.
- Open GOP warning is now always disabled on a files < 4MB (transition files etc.)

- Group assets by Parent Folder option, with the ability to drag the whole group to the connection which will create multiple movie objects.
- Customizable Test Compile (you can specify which Movies are going to be replaced by Dummy)
- A new Link HUB object, a single place that distributes links across the project optionally with setting two GPRM parameters. Great for training, quiz etc.
- fix: Labtalk VM commands and the Block/Script confussion
- added Open & Free memory - open large project while freeing menu memory on the same time
- Record module enhancements and drivers compatibility issues (v. 3.1)

- MPEG with PCM audio will offer now only option to demultiplex

- False Mismatch - Fatal Error 723, appearing on some computers
- The color group 1 and 2 were swapped
- Wrong upgrade and full price in Buy dialog
- Smart Color Scheme for menus

1.5 (May 1, 2005)
- Fix for delayed button colors in cell1 if Normal color is used (rare)
- If you change the mpeg file size, the associated frame index will be now deleted. Previously DVD-lab used frame index as long as it had the same name as the mpeg which was a potential source of chapter errors if you re-encoded mpeg, but keep the same name.
- Added LPCM -> LPCM 48kHz upsampling
- Added new exciting VM Block Editor. This is a great unique way to visually create VM scripts that are always relative to the project. That means the various links reflects changes in your project, goto commands keep the correct lines, registers can be named etc...
- Added strong, project-wide VM command step debugger. You can step through an object or the whole propject VM commands line by line and see the behaviour.
- Added Paragraph Text for menus (Word wrapping)
- Added Quiz maker
- Connection Canvas size can be adjusted (Properties)
- New better, more accurate and faster menu encoding. Now with less color ringing, blockiness and color leaking. See comparison. (<- image is enlarged)
- Advanced Processing for menus - Normal, Sharper or Jitter reduced (blured)
- Free-up memory command. This will temporary close all menus and free up memory occupied by them. The memory will be reclaimed once the menu is opened again. Use this option if you have too many menu and running short of memory (on computer :).
- Fixed issues with crashing in Render Motion, new AVI codec select dialog, smoother mpeg output.
- Added PRO Extension set of tools by Mark Hamilton and Holger Ahrens:
While playing back (with sound) ellementary Video and Audio ProEx allows:
o Add Chapters and then export it in DVD-lab PRO format
o Find Black frame (for example beginning of commercial)
o Add Subtitles and then export it in DVD-lab PRO *.srt format
o Edit the file (removing parts) of audio and video using its MPEG editor
o Create JACKET_TS folder
- Added Play All playlist (doesn't need to add any movies)
- LabTalk added:
* MenuSetBackgroundImage,
* MenuGetFromLabel,
* ObjectSetCommand,
* ObjectLinkToMenuBtnSel,
* ObjectSetNavLinkUp/Down/Left/Right
* ObjectGetNavLink
* ListAdd, ListAddItem
* VMObjectAdd
* MovieAddChapters
LabTalk changed
* MenuAdd/From (fixed return value for VMG +10000)

1.0 041215
- Added one frame more in Render
- Fix LabTALK for nested ELSE
- Subtitle fix in Movie Branch (Chapter play-list)

1.0 041103
- Remove empty packets from vob
- Better handling TiVo type of streams
- Maximum of attached (external) VTS is now set to 99 (from previous 3)
- You can now create project with only external VTSs without creating any internal ones

1.0 041030
- DynamixFX color button crash (added new buttons)
- Changes VOB split point below 1GB
- Caching GDI resources during subtitle rendering (subtitle rendering problem on Win98?)

1.0 041025

- Changes VOB split point to 1GB based on 1024 instead 1000 base
- Missing audio in last VTS movie may set no audio for whole VTS
- Dynamic FX crashing when color change

DVD Lab Pro 1.0 (October 18, 2004)

Flexible DVD structure
DVD-lab PRO is a full Multiple-VTS application, that means you can put different aspect ratios or movies with different audio channels on one DVD. But unlike other Multi-VTS applications in this category, DVD-lab PRO does not force you to use any predefined DVD structure. Each Video Title Set can be as complex or as simple as you want. The full flexibility of creating the DVD structure is one of the strongest point of DVD-lab PRO.

Multiple Audio and Subtitle Channels
Each title in DVD-lab PRO can have up to 8 audio channels: AC3, MPA, LPCM or DTS and also number of subtitle streams. You have the ability to add 8 subtitle channels, import from popular formats.

More Menu Effects
DVD-lab PRO can use even more effects on menu objects. You can use various Texture Fills and new Effects such as Metal Shine for cool effects such as metal, gold chrome, marble etc..

New Dynamic effects
DVD-lab and DVD-lab PRO has strong integrated menu designer with multiple Undo/Redo. DVD-lab PRO adds also new DynamicFX textures that can be animated for Motion menus.

Delayed menu buttons
We added delayed menu buttons for motion menus so you can create motion menu with a loop point for seamless transition from intro. This also works together with Render Motion where you can now specify an intro effect.

Play Lists, Counter Lists, Random Lists, Chapter List etc.
DVD-lab Pro has also ability to add number of different play lists. If you like to play your movies or chapters in alternative order you don't have to add the files to DVD multiple times. All you need to do is to make one or more play list.

Special Navigation Objects
There are other special navigation object such as Condition Splitter, Case List or Return to last menu that you can incorporate into your layout.

Audio-Only Track
A 'Movie' can now have also audio track(s) only. This is a good option for distributing large amount of music on a DVD. As addition you can also edit the still screen that will be displayed during the audio playback. (For example a song title)

Rich virtual Editing tools
Branching object adds a new chapter sequence into Movie without taking additional space. Chapters can then play in any order, can be skipped or repeat in any fashion
Skip Selection allows you to simply skip over any unwanted part of a movie (commercials) without re-compilling, cutting or transcoding the movie.
Splice Point can virtually divide one movie into separate, fully addressable blocks, each with own chapter points.
Movie Segment adds many small movies as one chapter into one large Movie object.

Multiaspect Widescreen menus
DVD-lab PRO can create widescreen menus that will play correctly on both widescreen and 4:3 TV.

The connection window is the heart of your DVD structure even more now with the PRO version. You have additional ways to organize your objects where Connections window allows for easier work with table view, split-view or snap-to-grid features. Besides the Title Button, you can now program also Menu button on remote.

Smart Components and Scripts
DVD-lab PRO integrated scripting language will enable you to make your own wizards, smart components or effects that can help you with repetitive tasks.

Virtual Machine Commands
If you still feel you don't have enough features, DVD-lab PRO will give you full access to the PRE and POST commands of any object where you can add your own virtual machine code with a self-checking VM Command Scripting language.

Ability to Compile without Abstraction Layer
For special needs DVD-lab PRO can compile DVD without its Abstraction layer. This will work like the expensive high-end systems where you can (and have to) define all the links and structure by yourself.

High Educational Value
DVD-lab Pro is an excellent tool to learn and understand all fine aspects of advanced DVD authoring while still being fun to use. It will put you to the front seat with the whole structure clearly in front of you.

Grows with your requirements
As you get more experienced with DVD authoring you will be happy to learn that DVD-lab PRO is always ahead with its features. It is not easy to outgrow our software because we designed it for creative users like us.

.. and More
We didn't even mentioned other new things like Film Strip menus or 360 Panorama menus. But there are still more things to discover...

PRO Beta 16/ RC4
September 29th, 2004

- When adding audio to menu the timeout should change to 0
- Chapter placement error redux
- Increased buffer for File Open dialog in assets and Slideshows (more items can be selected at the same time)

- Timeout renamed to Duration

- Add manually Audio Marks
- Display Layer Break Range in Movies

PRO Beta 15/ RC3
September 27th, 2004

- Better support for "Always Field Structure" a.k.a "Field-Based" -only MPEGs
- Panorama was always 4:3
- Direct compile "Save as" screws the file
- Chapters may be incorrect/corrupted in some pulldown(?) cases

PRO Beta 14/ RC2
September 21th, 2004

- Insert to project with segmented movie works funny way
- sometimes when frame index exist the chapter cannot be added at the desired position
- DVD-lab accepts AC3 even if it doesn't start with correct header. Such file cannot compile. DVD-lab must inform you about this during asset import and optionally offer fixing the AC3 file.
- Direct Compile shows wrong chapters (shifted by one)
- Once you close Output window in LabTalk it cannot be opened (there is no button for it)

- Each VTS can have its own Audio/Subtitle language
- The current audio language displays in the audio bar.

- Button Cut and All object cut into Render Motion intro (buttons will appear after intro or all objects will appear after intro)
- Object Styles bin. Here you can store the color and texture info for quick recall
- Subtitles, added few new Text Styles now based on vector outlining for crispier text.
- Subtitles added Base line alignment for multiline bottom subtitles (either from bottom or from top)
- Display real PGC number in connections
- Import chapters from Edit Studio (eds_chpt)
- Menu Category aka

PRO Beta thirteen/ RC1
September 15th, 2004

- chapters will be put to i-frame that is either before or after the desired position - whichever distance is closest, this creates even better accuracy and chapters now fall to the exact frame
- chapter import for PAL framenumber not working, need prevent also from entering wrong frame/timecode out of range
- delayed menu buttons in VMG don't work (buttons have no link and the cell2 and 3 playback time is always as cell1)
- On Sony, still menu + audio menu will keep displayed whatever was previously on screen (menu or movie last frame) instead of the correct background - this bug was apparently introduced after beta 11
- Regional Coding browse button is non-functional.
- Search addresses should be corrected

- Import chapters can import from text file having only frames
- Import will remember/select apropriate timecode format
- Export chapters now use frameindex (if exist) to export correct chapters from frame number in format HH:MM:SS:FF
- Panoramic menu now loads a sample project
- Delete Component with Del button.

- chapters to report
- Consolidate project - it will export the dal file and all external audio/video files used in project to a new location or write to CD/DVD (using CopyToDVD) for archiving. The paths in dal file will be set as relative so such project can be transferred to another computer.
- Added ability to run/compile the project directly from the Consolidated Archive CD/DVD

PRO Beta Twelve
September 8th, 2004

- subtitles muxing crashing
- various other muxer related fixes (crashing, lockups, audio problems)

- Burn with CopyToDVD option
- Volume Name in Compile dialog if you check Auto Start recording
- If you have CopyToDVD, autostart recording will use that
- Generating Reports: File Overview and Link & Commands report, good for quickly describe project in e-mails or forums.
- HTML Report with images - a whole project logic description, including images that you can use for tutorials

PRO Beta Eleven
September 3th, 2004

- 352x240 is wrongly interpreted in IFO VTSI_MAT, but others resolutions are fine (however ifoedit shows wrong resolution on all, (see also KB article 41)
- loading pre beta 8 project may attach random command to some chapters (shows as blue diamond or blue chapter mark) which will ultimatelly perfectly screw the playback of the movie - (will be fixed, but for now watch for these blue chaptermarks on old projects and remove them - right click on chapter - Clear Chapter Command)
- pressing Menu button on remote on project that has no VTS menu may crash player - a dummy menu should be added in this case with RSM command to prevent player crashing
- subtitle timing is incorrect for longer subtitles.

- Seat as first button will not move the button below all other objects only below all buttons
- setting Subtitle Stream or Audio stream from menu now always restarts the menu to prevent lockup on some players
- Movie Branch renamed to Movie CLone & Branch
- Movie Clone & Branch Object can now access single segments from Movie Segment Object, allowing to play just one segment from Movie Segment or create a "segment movie playlist"
- VM root menu sets subtitle to OFF only first time.
- Chapter import now specify what time format you are importing and does DF2NDF conversion
- Timecode in Preview displays GOP before the time

- Copy Colors From (menu) in Color MAP to allow copy colors from any other menu
- Calculation of size based on DVD 5 or DVD 9
- Advanced project = VMG, VTSM + Movie
- Added for Subtitle/Audio links from menu to go to next/prev/first page after setting the link
- Added Set GPRM and Link to a menu button for creating Audio/Subtitle Managers and other funky things
- Added Splice Movie at a Chapter - will make the chapter return where movie returns
- Connections can now be removed from main window as floating window (and back). This is great for organizing workplace on multiple monitors where you can now have main application in one monitor and move the whole connection window to second monitor.
- New menu Clonning option allows to create a clone menus and allow to set how objects are being cloned (color, position, effects..). Changing object in one clone menu will automatically change it for all other clones. Absolutly great for switched menu etc...
- Switched menu wizard now allows use the Cloning + other enhancements such as changing color of selected items etc.
- Added Manual chapter entering (like import, but doesn't ask for file)

PRO Beta Ten
August 18th, 2004

- All subtitle imports except DVDMaestro produce wrong time (+few sec) because I thought they use frames in timecode, but they use cents
- Subtitle export is also wrong because of the above - it should convert frames back to cents
- on some systems context submenus dissapear faster than you are able to click on the items (menu window, right click)

- sst (Scenarist) subtitle import (Don't mix it with StreamSub Text)
- shows in subtitle dialog what project system is PAL/NTSC
- For pal added Timecode conversion if source comes from NTSC DF timecode
- SON and SST subtitle lines will be automatically formatted to two or three lines if the text is longer
- Apply to all Subtitles added in Subtitle position dialog
- Some clarification about Project Size (renamed to Menu/Slideshow Size) and added Accept Movie Sizes combo which could accept all sizes as currently or add more size restriction, for example accept only Full D1.

PRO Beta Nine "b"
August 15th, 2004

- Some unfortunate bug found when testing subtitles.
1. The DF to NDF was applied also to PAL subtitles (!) making them off sync with time,
2. DF to NDF didn't calculated the frames properly, making some subtitles start up to few sec late and also possible making start time bigger than end time - a good reason for subtitle freezing on player.
The 9b fixes both these problems.

PRO Beta Nine
August 15th, 2004

Fixes from beta 8
- asset popup menu appears offset to side
- deleting items from project window will not update the total size in statusbar
- change size in menu x-maximum was wrong
- subtitle bitmaps are not deleted from temp (for debugging purposes)
- subtitle freezes on player or the timing is wrong
- if demuxing before compile because you added additional audio to MPEG, this audio is then removed from Movie (should stay there - that was the whole purpose of demuxing)


- Place object tool in Connections that will add new menu/movie to the position of mouse cursor
- Importing PSD file to menu will now tell you what should be the file size to fit: 720 x 540 (4:3) or 960 x 540 (16:9)
- Added Next PGC/Prev PGC/ Go Up
- Ability to set subtitle margins from all sides (you can basically now position subtitles anywhere)
- Ability to force demux all files before compile

PRO Beta Eight
August 11th, 2004

Fixes from beta 7
- subtitle language show always English when loading project
- demux can't open the file if it is already open in preview
- DTS in WAV is now recognized
- Memory requrements trimmed down (about 2.5 x times) from beta 7. As a result of this only first 50 menus in each VTS are allowed to have delayed menu buttons (cells) for motion menu
- zoom in menu changed by mouse wheel has not been remembered
- Motion menu ES/PS is recognized by extension only, should test if *.mpg may be perhaps ES
- Some muxer crash on DVB files with >50 frames in GOP

- Menu objects now can have a bitmap fill with various effects for metal etc..
- 2-New bevels in Effect - a realistic Metal Bevel and Plastic Bevel
- Some of the bevels and glass effects had been renamed and also the order changed, this may affect loading of some old project (a different effect will be used than previously choosen)
- Check for overlapping subtitles and End<Start
- Added offset tool to subtitles, allows also progressive offset
- Ability to create DVD without Abstraction Layer for low-level authoring. DVD-lab will not insert any of its abstraction commands and you have to support DVD playability only with VM Commands.
- duration of slide is now from 1 - 3600 sec., slides have automatically set UOPS for FW/BW (in slideshow you suppose to use Next and Previous)

PRO Beta Seven
August 4th, 2004

Fixes from beta 6
- transitions for widescreen menus don't work correctly (always 4:3)
- movie without vts menu still CALLSS Root Menu in POST
- zoom out + F2 is messy
- force activate button should not be used if cell 3 in delayed menu exist

- Intro Effect in Render Motion - create intro+motion that can be later used in delayed buttons menu.
- delayed menu cell 2 can loop or continue depending if the end link exist.
- objects in menu are now bit "sticky" when you click on them which prevents from accidental moving it.
- added delayed buttons feature to VMG
- if you use mpg file with AC3 stream or use mpg/vob and add more audio or subs the compile will first offer to demultiplex these files in order to be able to successfuly continue.
- if mpeg file has already PCI and DSI packets, it is then used as VOB during compile (to solve the audio problem on "DVD-ready" mpegs without demuxing)

PRO Beta Six
July 20th, 2004

Fixes from beta 5 to beta 6
- Subtitles are always ON by default (on some f... players, I mean buggy players)
- if Title button has no link it may point to nonexisting object.
- There shouldn't be Set Subtitle and Set Audio on VMG menus. From VMG you cannot set SPRM2
- Paste Attributes lock clipboard
- movie branch doesn't wotk with M+ remote menu link
- switched menu wizard on vmg doesn't work as it should
-deleting video track should delete all audio tracks not only first one.


- UOPs
- Force select displaying subtitles
- Ability to set loop point for hollywood style motion menu (delayed buttons). The menu become: (initial entry motion) + (loop region with buttons)+ end (optional)
- add vm command to title cells
- ability to adjust position of existing chapters with a mouse
- simpe "editing" of movie by setting Skip Regions. Good for removing commercials for example. The regions that will be set this way in a movie window will be skpped during playback.
- Movie Segment object for simplified adding many small mpeg files to one Movie object. The mpeg files will be joined during compiling and chapter point will be added at beginning of each segment. (only one audio and no subs in Movie Segment)
- ability to replace video track with new file while keeping the chapters and audio (drag new file to exisiting track and you will be prompted to replace). Note, this way also the chapter thumbnails will be kept the old one.
-Added Light Haze and Bold Color Haze in Menu - Effects
-Added Open last project on the Intro Default Project dialog

PRO Beta Five C, Jun 23nd, 2004

Fix for unexpected crashing
Subtitles are back

Fixes in the beta 5 from beta 4 (June 22, 2004)

16:9 allows only one subtitle (ID problem in IFO), same as in beta 3
Build image from compile window use default string for Volume Name
16:9 menus can be viewed only on wide screen, on 4:3 screens the menu is non-functional
too long or too many audio titles will eventually crash compiller (VOBU count)
import VTS doesn't write correct number of VTS in VMGM_MAT and VMG_VTS_ATRT
VM Commands inconsistently shows decimal and hexadecimal numbers wherewer it likes (should use only decimal by popular vote).
If user press Cancel on Button VM command, last command is not returned.

Additional features and improvements

fully working multi-aspect 16:9 menus. Now widescreen menus works on 4:3 as well. New settings in properties to separately select the display mode (LB or PS) for widescreen menus on 4:3
slide duration extended to 1800 seconds
memory increased to handle larger GOP sizes for TiVO and DVB streams
Decoder buffer size checking
new Panorama menu.
See and add VM commands for shadow VTS root
See and add VM commands for Title Button
See and add VM commands for First Play
Connection window can be split to two independent rows, each displaying different part of the workplace (each with different settings)
Direct Compile tool. Enables you to load last compile, change just few things (for example video files) and then compile again without going to interface. Good for repeating simillar projects that always needs to change only few things.
Return to last menu object. Linking a movie to it will return to the last viewed menu in this VTS or VMG menu.
Case List. Depending on the value of GPRM it can link to various movies, menus, VMG menus or objects
Support for ShuttlePRO2 and ShuttleXpress controllers (I will later publish the key settings)

Fixes in the beta 4 from beta 3 (Jun 1st, 2004):

audio title not working properly (same audio plays on multiple titles, problem with large lpcm files)
no warning if user doesn't use same number of subtitles in all movies in one VTS, solved by adding dummy subtitles
motion menus on PAL/NTSC still not working correctly - highliting shows for brief time then dissapear which disallow for navigation from the menu
Adding Audio/Subtitle/Resume Stream selection to a VMG menu button will crash (typo error)
The Import VTS appears to allow to edit VM commands - but it shouldn't
On VMG menu buttons it appears as if you can link to any chapters of any movie, but that's wrong. From VMG you can connect only to movie start. Only a VTS menu can have access to chapters.
Sometimes when you scroll in movie and then add chapter it adds the chapter a bit later
remote menu button link should not be able to set for script objects
empty branch object will mess up compilation.
PAL motion menu renders with 29.97 fps
VM editor allows adding invalid condition Type 3 comparing SPRM and constant: if (SPRM8 == num) etc. (SPRM can't be on left side, neither it can be compared with constant)

Not yet addressed known bugs:
on 16:9 all subtitles are set to play first subtitle stream

Additional features
added *.SSA and *.SON subtitle import.
Edit VM command in Menu Buttons
Snap to Grid in Connection window
Create Image file during compile
Create DVD-9 image files during compile with automatic layer break

vBeta Three
Fixes in the beta 3 from beta 2:
Language combos shows more items than there are languages
Some pulldown videos don't create chapters
Transitions had swapped blue and red color
SetHL-button 0 not allowed on Microsoft based software players
Multiplexer, playback of pulldown files
Chapters are wrong on pulldown files
Audio on complex menu will not compile (but compiles on simple menus)
More than 1 audio title will crash compiler.
Highliting trouble on some pal players with motion menu
DTS not all bitrates works correctly
Sync issues with subtitles DF/NDF see bellow

Additions, changes
The previous Play list is now renamed VTS Play list and doesn't allow bridge anymore (may be later completelly removed for redundancy)
Added Play list that can address any movie from any VTS without a need for bridge
Zoom out in Connections
VTS Import is back, now you can import up to 3 external VTS's
Added Non-Drop Frame and Drop Frame in subtitles dialog to "fix" the sync problem
Sort assets by name or by type
Add/Remove object to/from component

vBeta Two
Fixes in the beta 2 from beta 1:
Muxer problem during placing navigational parameters
Messed FP, VMG->Movie links if movies are added zig-zag to various VTS's
Test Compile shown wrong images in multi VTS
Render motion Pre-buffering bug ( is some MS compiller error)
Scene Selection menus works only for VTS1
Audio in slideshow can't be shorter than slide time
Audio slideshow can't be longer than 151 sec
Muxer elementary shows "End" and then exits
Wrongly calculated sectors if no VMG present (GetVTS sectors in Ifoedit will correctly uncover this)
Remote menu button not saved
CallSS VMGM pgcn resume_cell 0 => 1
Muxer crashes during compiling due high bitrate peak
VTS are not enterred in VMG_VTS_ATTR
subtitle not working for PAL
- Added Condition Splitter object, splits the link to two objects depending on the condition (Globar Parameters GPRM)
- Added a table view in connections - it can shows items in a table where you can also change end links etc..
- Added Audio-Only Title. This is a "Movie" with only audio track, not video, optionally you can add a title screen to it (such as name of the song....) that will be displayed during the audio playback. You can also set "chapters", here called Marks and have multiple audio there.
- Ability to override the Global settings for each VTS - each VTS can have different aspect for menus and also different system.
- VM commands shows also default inserted DVD-lab commands
- Right click on Properties first select the item and vts then shows the menu
- Quick VTS select button in connection link bar that shows which VTS is currently selected, Also a bit tighter connection between the Project tree control and Connection window.
- Added Film Strip wizard (much like scene selection wizard)
- Added Region checking smart component

vBeta One
All the features of DVD-lab Standard plus:
- True Multi-VTS authoring tool (design exactly what you want)
- 8 audio channels
- 8 subtitle channels. Import from sub and srt formats (both bitmap and/or text only). A simple subtitle editor is build-in DVD-lab but also EditStudio (4.13+) now have a subtitle marks with ability to export to DVD-lab - this is probably the best way to set the correct and precise in/out subtitle points with hearing audio.
There are various subtitle settings for position, outline, smoothed outline and text, shadow, dialogue (itallic in one line, normal in second) etc..
- Clear difference between VMG (top level) and VTS menus
- Play Lists object. Play movies in any combination one after another without putting them on disc twice. You can have more than one playlists in each VTS and they can each call the same movies in any combination. You can also link playlists with other objects, other playlists and link also other objects to playlists. Funky.
- Counter List object. Each time you call this object it will jump to the next item in its list (Movies, Mensu and VMG menus). The items will then follow its own end link. If there is no more items to jump the counter resets and go to the link specified by its own end. So simply drawing connection from its end to its start will make the Counter list repeating over and over. A good example would be a DVD that each time when returns from some movie will show slightly different menu.
- Random List object. Each time you call this object it will jump to the random object in the list (Movies, menus, VMG Menus)
- Movie Branching object. This object "clones" a movie and allows you to play it in a different sequence of chapters. You may play only some of the chapters and play chapters in any order. For example you create a movie but you would like to play also alternative shorter version that doesn't play chapter 2 and 6. You create Movie Branch object and then select chapters 1,3,4,5,7. Now you can work with it like with a normal movie. From your menu you can play the original movie or play the shorter, branched version.
- VTS Bridge object. This is a special linking aid that allows you to connect any two objects from different VTS together. There are absolutely no limitations with VTS Bridge - any object can be linked with any other object.
- Link assist in connections. When starting to draw links in Connection user will see exactly which object can't accept such link. This is a good help especially in multi-VTS.
- Some nice optional color helpers in connection to see what object belongs to what VTS
- Ability to create and edit lab-TALK scripts Eventually all DVD-lab commands will be exported to script API which will enable to create a self creating projects, smart components, plugins for object manipulation down to the pixel level etc...
The lab-TALK is internal interpreter language. You can also easily translate the script to your compiler language such as C++ because the lab-TALK and a plugin SDK uses the very same API. This will speed up the plug-in and also make it non-editable.
- Ability to create and edit Smart Components (component with embedded script that runs when you add the component)
- Highlite button. Ability to higlite a paticular button on a menu to which object links
- A Link Explorer bar in connections shows links from currently selected object, ability to Higlite button on any End links
- Render Motion can export to AVI with using codecs and also directly render to MPEG 2 (internal ISO engine).
- Dynamic-FX are dynamic textures (such as plasma, fire, smoke) for menu objects that will dynamically move when used with Render Motion. They can be combined with motion thumbnails to create even greater effects. In a static menu you can still use them as funky texture fills.
- Crossfade End-Start in Render Motion where you can specify the overlap number of frames. This will at the end of motion cross-fade to the beginning which will create sort of seamless motion background.
- Ability to add text notes to Connection layout
- Change Order of Items in Project (Movies, Menus, VMG Menus...). This also determines order of each item (in their respective domain) as they will be written to DVD. With this you can fine-tune the smoothness of playback (for example you re-order movies in the same way as they are logically linked so DVD laser doesn't have to jump across the surface therefore the link will be performed faster). Kind of geeky, but logical.
- Title button can be linked to VMG, movie, or root menu
- Menu Button link. Addition to the Title button now each object in a VTS (Movie, Menu) can go to its own menu when user press Menu button on remote For example if a playing movie is interrupted by MENU button (on DVD remote) it can go to a specific menu. Same for Menus, you can specify where to go from which particular menu on a "Menu button" event.
- Handling of Adobe Encore PSD menu files - the layers set in PSD as subpicture will be changed to Invisible Normal (ready to accept a link), the video placeholders object will accept a video still from Preview and they will also appear as motion objects in Render Motion.
- For hard-core programmers ability to write your own Virtual machine DVD script commands to PRE and POST commands of objects. This is one of the best DVD script editors you can find, with syntax coloring, automatic syntax checking as you type and auto-suggestions . Also it has ability to reverse machine code to a script.
- A command script only object
- Chapters are now numbered from 1 :-)
- Combination button (they carry not only the button face but also a subpicture with them)

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