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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DVBViewer Video Editor


added: Cutter: Parameter %width% and %height% for ffmpeg commands. The parameters provide the correct information of each stream which has to be passed to ffmpeg
added: Editor: alternative tool bar mode with rearranged buttons
fixed: General: refractoring of the core parts
fixed: General: problems with WideString to AnsiString and vice versa conversions
added: Installer: updated comskip version
changed: Editor: microseconds are now shown on the osd


fixed:Editor: some HEVC/AAC ts streams where asynchronous after editing them. This has been fixed.


fixed:Installer:usage of 7za.dll
added:Editor:Joiner Window to combine several recordings into one big file
fixed:Editor:Explorer Function to open the editor with a video via open with now works


-fixed:Installer:https links for ffmpeg
-fixed:Engine:teletext is included in the alternative muxer


fixed:Engine:some mpeg2 streams caused problems
fixed:Installer:problems with downloading ffmpeg
fixed:Editor:under XP the editor did not worked fine with H264


fixed: Engine: problems with AAC LATM streams where solved
fixed: Editor: jump one frame back now works again, even if the indexing is disabled
fixed: Editor: damaged index files are now detected and deleted


fixed:Engine:problems while editing certain video files.
fixed:Engine:sometimes there where twitches around the cut points
added:Engine:if everything fails, ffmpeg is used automatically to cut
added:Editor:position in the file is now shown in cut list window
added:Editor:save as now shows transcoding file extensions
fixed:Editor:While trimming the editor was able to load another video
added:Editor:Option to set the best view automatic
changed:Editor:Nagscreen is now centered on the active monitor
fixed:Editor:Sub windows went to background
changed:Editor:File name for saving is now based on the original file name
changed:Editor:Initializing the Time line is now done as separate task in background

DVBViewer Video Editor V1.0.0

I'm happy to announce the first version of the DVBViewer Video Editor.

The trial is limited to 14 days and allows only 3 batch jobs at a time. This should be enough to detect advertisements and cut a video.


32bit and 64bit builds are available (you need 64bit directshow decoders if you use the 64bit version)
support for MPEG-2 -Audio and -Video, AAC, AC-3, H.264, HEVC (UHD)
support for TS and MPG containers. It is quite likely that the next version is also able to open and edit other formats, because the code is 95% complete for this ;)
Direct3D video rendering for best and fastest possible playback of the video streams. The engine comes with a complete video player
support for visual impaired users. All functions can be easily reached via keyboard and/or mouse.
customizeable icons (if necessary)
batch tool for automated processing via command line
optional indexing, in order to make exact cuts
no reencoding is required, which means it is extremely fast
support for teletext and subtitle streams
Spoiler mode. This one might be useful if you don't want to get spoilered while editing a video. The audio is minimized and the video is partially hidden. A nice gimmick some users might like to have
Multilingual GUI - at the moment only German, English and Swedish are available, but i hope people will translate the text into their native language later.

One of the questions i probably receive is if there is a way to speed up the loading. By default the application will index every video once you open it. Indexing means that the editor checks the video for I-Frames (which are complete images). This is necessary when it comes to cut the file.

Without indexing the cuts are not that exact. You can disable indexing in the options. An alternative method is to index the file in background. In this case the video is opened immediately and once the indexing is finished, the index will be used.

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