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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for TV Scheduler Pro

Version JC.294
1. Update Compiling Java to 17.0.5 GraalVM
2. Update Tanuki Wrapper to 3.5.53
3. Add option to clip epg items that start before the xmltv load time.
4. Fix bug in KB-EPG Categories
5. Added Flags to EPG Details - Repeat|Live|WS|HD|CC|Premiere
6. Added Flags to KB-EPG Details as above
7. Updated Australian Stationdata to ACMA April 2023
8. Updated javax.mail to jakarta.mail 2.0.1

Version JC.293
1. Update Compiling Java to 17.0.1 GraalVM
2. Update Tray Icon with:
Force Sleep: Green Moon and Countdown Minutes in Clock Face until Force Sleep Activates
Pending Captures: Yellow Recording Dot Countdown Minutes in Clock Face until a pending capture is to start (if < 10)
Capturing: Red Dot as before and Number of active captures in Clock face (if < 7)
3. Update EPG to scale channel names by length of their composite words. Longer words will reduce font to avoid overflowing header row.
4. Update KB-EPG to fit more channels on page.

Version JC.292
1. Tested fully working with Windows 11
2. Updated Stationdata to ACMA October 2021
3. Update Tanuki Wrapper to 3.5.46
4. Update Compiling Java to 11.0.13+8
5. Flipped Calvi theme background image 180deg
6. Added Force Sleep options to the Tray Application
Option to select either S3 Sleep or S4 Hibernate
Forces Sleep after ~15mins of no captures pending or active
Only operates when the active Power Plan/Profile has "TVSP" in its name
To use this feature, either add/create a custom plan (or rename an existing plan) with the name "TVSP"
Make sure the plan is set to either never sleep/hibernate, or set to longer than 15 minutes eg 20 minutes.
To rename an existing power scheme:
A. type powercfg.exe -getactivescheme <Enter>, to get the GUID.
B. type powercfg.exe -changename <Insert GUID here> "TVSP" <Enter>, to change the name
The tray icon changes to show sleep mode (yellow moon) in the corner when actively counting down
The sleep and hibernate will of course keep waketimers active.
There is a popup after the 15 minutes asking the user if they want to delay the sleep,
this self clears in 10 seconds if no input detectected and then will Sleep/Hibernate.
To prevent sleep normally just either turn it off or change power plans to one without "TVSP" in its name.
e.g. I use pre/post scripts on my HTPC for this to change profiles when I run Kodi, for Acronis backup etc.
Pre script is something like,
powerconfig.exe /setactiveprofile <Guid of "Always On" profile>
Post Script is something like
powerconfig.exe /setactiveprofile <Guid of "TVSP" profile>
Note: The process uses hardly any additional resources (which was already near zero) to countdown and check power state.

Version JC.291
1. Fix bug in Matchlist editing of Title, Subtitle, Description
2. Change quick search to Title from Name to match Matchlist terminology
3. Removed deprecated finalize calls (4 classes), tested for some time and pretty sure not required
4. Ignore GET/POST exceptions when browser makes empty request calls
5 Fix Exception in Continuity Report due to null min/max entries.
6. Add debug option to email settings, default to off.
7. Misc Typo's and tidy-ups

Version JC.290
1. Export and Import Watchlist - Note: this was saved as an xml file in the programdata folder already but was not on the export/import zipfile settings page
2. Actor Search in EPG Quick Search
3. Actor Search in KB interface Search, also changed any to Title/Sub/Desc to better reflect that search type.
4. Actor Option in Matchlists
5. Updated Tanuki wrapper to 3.5.44 (Compiled with SDK 7.1, was 7.0A)
6. Updated Stationdata to ACMA November 2020.
7. Windowfied linefeeds in weekly email report, i.e. rn
8. Fixed some compilation errors, names, versions etc in Tools.
9. Fixed some Typo's etc in log outputs.
10. Compiled with Java 11.09+11, Tested on Java 15.0.1+9 Runtime.

Version JC.289
1. Allow Parenthesis in Filenames
2. Update Tanuki Wrapper to 3.5.43
3. Update Compiling Java to 11.07+10

Version JC.288
1. Compiled the Service Wrapper with Java 11 as per the rest of TVSP.
2. Certified the installers with SHA1 & SHA256 and my personal certificate.
3. Updated Stationdata to ACMA 3rd September.
4. Small changes to kb-epg
5. Added a check for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.SP1 Redistributable to the installer and option to download and install if not found.
This is required as since JC.283 all binaries are compiled with VS2010 and the corresponding runtimes are not bundled with fresh installs of Windows 10.
The installer will check the registry so the vc redist must be correctly registered. Simply copying the dll's will not pass the test.
Likewise the installer does not check for existance of the actual vc files so if there is an issue uninstall and reinstall the runtime.
They are named "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable" or "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable" in Apps & Features
Only one is required x64 for TVSP-x64 and x86 for TVSP-Win32

Version JC.287
1. Compiled my own version of Tanuki Wrapper Community Edition to avoid the Virustotal positives from the precompiled binaries used previously
2. Used NSIS 2.51 instead of 3.04 to remove the remaining false positives from virus total.
3. Updated 32 & 64 bit wrappers to 3.5.40

Version JC.286
1. Fixed some issues with scaling on 4K TV and KB theme
2. Removed alternate lowres KB theme
3. Fixed bug introduced with JC.285 with win binary application logging.
This was preventing the capture logging etc from woking and causing windows event crash errors.
Also changed other crashdump etc logs that were not redirected from version 285
4. Made changes to versioning in win binaries to be automated and linked to SVN version.
Also reordered to be Major.Minor.Build.QFE as per normal practice - This version will thus be

Version JC.285
1. Fixed bug in Server Version introduced in 284 (improved make.bat etc as well).
2. Added Computer name to log and email to diffentiate multiple installs
3. Major changes to installer to install into Windows recommended folders etc.
a. Removed getuserdatafolder from util.dll as it was not being used anyway.
b. Installer will move old userdata from program install folder to ProgramData folder
c. Commonised installer script for 32/64 bit builds, and add calling stub for win32
d. Try to remove as many deprecated server.prop settings as possible during install
e. Updated server.prop.default to contain all current settings.
f. Installer defaults to C:Program FilesTV Scheduler Pro for static data.
g. Installer puts all dynamic data into ProgramData Folder (Usually C:ProgramDataTV Scheduler Pro)
h. java code references environment ProgramData instead of using data folder defined in server.prop (this setting now removed)
i. capture and xmltv if left as short paths will default to ProgramData folder as their base
j. Added remove Program Data for uninstall
k. Added Icon to Add/Remove
l. Added Version to Add/Remove
m. Added Estmated Size to Add/Remove
n. Installer will automatically configure wrapper.conf, "" setting based on where java was found.
e.g. if java is found in environment path then installer will configure
e.g. if you put java in C:Program FilesTV Scheduler Projre then installer will configure
o. Remove extra theme background image
5. Lots of other small changes and bugfixes, e.g. replace with File.Separator etc.

Version JC.284
1. Fixed Auto-add repeat=False setting in System Settings being linked to AA channel - thx Halsboss.
2. Expanded pop-up descrition for AARPT
3. Some build automation script changes and some Notes here and there

Version JC.283
1. Modified and compiled all tools in VS2010 with Windows 7.1 Directshow SDK. Also made changes to support as well as including Nates lock fix.
2. Improved tray icons as well as pop up text sizes for legibility on high res displays.
3. Created 64bit versions of all tools.
4. Added 64bit wrapper and mods necessary to support, also updated wrapper to 3.5.39 (both win32 and x64 versions).
5. Increased TSmemshare to 50mb from 15mb (Old version included in win folder if required.)
6. Made win32 and x64 installer versions - as 64 bit tests out 32 bit will be dropped in future.
7. Moved win32 tools to new win folder for common 64/32 version support. The win32 folder can be deleted in an old install.
8. Fixed mail bug introduced with v282 due to changes in Java 11 removing javax.activate from distribution, added javax.activate-1.2.0
9. Updated mail.jar to javax.mail version 1.6.2
10. Added SSL email option
11. Numerous other changes to achieve all of the above.

Version JC.282
1. Updated all deprecated calls except for finalise. - Recommend Java 11 or later, 32bit required - get from ""
2. Changed Tray Icon to 256x256 for windows 7+ and hires displays
3. Added tvshow.nfo, episode.nfo and artwork tagging for Kodi integration. Refer General Settings to enable and further info.
4. Added CaptureDetails task, this runs as soon as xml file is written and can be used for custom outputs (eg xml to nfo plugin etc)
5. Changed calvi kb interface to a 4k version. Old version named calvi.lowres for older displays. - Old version will not be futher maintained.
6. Updated all icons to 128x128 and cleared unused ones as well as make some outliers more consistant theme.
7. Ignore comments and fixed typos in guideloader.
9. Fixed some exceptions.
10. Upgraded Wrapper to Version
11. Upgraded NSIS installer to 3.04
12. Tested with Windows 10 and Hauppauge Quad Tuner.
13. Updated Stationdata.list, but no changes since 2016.

Version JC.281
1. Updated Stationdata to ACMA 1st May 2016 values.

Version JC.280
1. Fixed Installer to detect java as since Java 1.8u25 java.exe is no longer installed to the Windows System Folder.
2. Added line to wrapper to allow a local java instance to be used instead of an installed common runtime.

Version JC.281
1. Updated Stationdata to ACMA 1st May 2016 values.

Version JC.280
1. Fixed Installer to detect java as since Java 1.8u25 java.exe is no longer installed to the Windows System Folder.
2. Added line to wrapper to allow a local java instance to be used instead of an installed common runtime.Version JC.279
1. Added ability to fine tune "Created From" and "Ignored" schedule matching.
"guide.item.cfmatch.inexact" sets whether to use inexact matching for "Created From" guide items (Default = False, i.e. exact matching)
"guide.item.cftol.start" sets the minutes a schedule must start within to be considered the same guide item it was "Created From" (default=0)
"guide.item.cftol.duration" sets the minutes the duration can vary by to be considered the same guide item it was "Created From" (default=0)
"guide.item.igmatch.inexact" sets whether to use inexact matching for "Ignored" guide items (Default = False, i.e. exact matching)
"guide.item.igtol.start" sets the minutes a schedule must start within to be considered the same guide item to "Ignore" (default=0)
"guide.item.igtol.duration" sets the minutes the duration can vary by to be considered the same guide item to "Ignore" (default=0)
Note: All settings to False/0 will replicate the behaviour of all previous TVSP versions.
2. Tidied up General Options.

Version JC.278
1. Set service to not interact with desktop as per
2. Fixed Calvi epg theme to select under scheduled items correctly at different screen widths.
3. Updated Stationdata to ACMA 1st July 2014 values.

Version JC.277
1. Fixed EPG Display, (Thanks Dave Benham).
2. Updated all Australian Stations (Re-Stacked) as per
3. Added Short Single City File to Install.
4. Compiled and tested with Java 1.8 (Then re-compiled with 1.7u55 to maintain compatibility with Windows XP)

Version JC.276
1. Fixed "Service Not Running" error.

Version JC.275
1. Major overhaul of KBinterface, item lists now scale with screen resolution, new schedule views etc, list numbers are maintained correctly etc.
2. Removed old themes from this distribution. (These can easily be retained for an existing installation , but have made many changes and am not testing old themes.)
3. Fixed bug with KB filelist show.
4. Updated xmltv.dtd file.
5. Upgraded Wrapper to Version 3.5.22
6. Changes to install script to recommend calvi themes and to remove wrapper install delay with Windows 8.1

Version JC.274
1. Improved KB interfaces (Schedule, AA List and File Manager (Calvi Version)).

Version JC.273
1. Added subtitle to epg reload logs.

Version JC.272
1. Made Channel and Repeat=False options for Auto-Add creation (Set these in general properties).

Version JC.271
1. Updated Adelaide Station Data as per
2. Changed to SVN Version Number

Version JC.184.9
1. Made KBEPG (Calvi theme) channels fixed width to better cope with different resolutions.
2. Incorporated NSIS installer.
3. Upgraded Wrapper to Version 3.5.17
4. Compiled with Java x86 1.7u15

Version JC.184.8
1. Fixed bug in EPG with apostrophes breaking navigation (in KB interface).
2. Added Actors, Directors and Ignored to Capture Details.
Thanks Ralf (raym) for pointing out above bugs/missing items.

Version JC.184.7
1. Added the "End Buffer EPG Addition" Time to the "Add Time" function for both Web and KB interfaces.
2. Added Filewriter fix by Nate:

Version JC.184.6
1. Fixed KB Schedules bug where 1 character names not shown in schedule list.

Version JC.184.5
1. Fixed bug in Title, Subtitle Or Description EPG Matchlist matching.
2. Added some further instructions for Regex Matching.

Version JC.184.4

1. Added Title, Subtitle Or Description option to EPG Matchlists, Acts like quicksearch.
2. Added Subtitles to EPG Matchlist Matches Display and Watchlist Displays, easier to read results.
3. Added Duration span matching to EPG Matchlists, can now match durations, eg < 1 hour, 1 to 2 hours etc. This is done by splitting the Span match into two types (Start) and (Duration).

Version JC.184.3

1. Calvi KB theme included
a. Different look and layout to display more on screen and have less clicks to items.
b. Improved Search KB with numbers etc.
c. wrap around scrolling on all menus.
d. Various other tweaks.

2. Calvi EPG theme included
a. Times are locked to start time.
b. detection for iPad (Safari) and workaround for scrolling not working on such
c. Different layout to display more on a smaller screen.

3. Ability to select in general settings no channel name in auto-add names.
4. Ability to quicksearch by title, subtitle, description or any in epg.
5. Ability to search by title, subtitle, description or any in kb interfaces. (simple, default and calvi).
6. Fixed KB search so that results are returned with direct links to item, current matches initiate a second search by title.
7. Ability to epgmatchlist by subtitle.
8. Added subtitle info to log file.


- added a new start error time-out system that delays the retry of only the schedule that could not start thus not blocking other schedules from starting
- Change "export" to "Save logs"
- change the error delay times
- put some checking on the error time limits
- bugfix, delay for time out fixed
- add channel name to the now running list on the main status page
- add delete action for archived tasks and schedule items
- add a delete all actives action for tasks and schedules archives
- added path check to make sure archive files to be deleted are actually in the base archive directory
- bugfix, use replace instead of replaceall
- add capture path page, added action text and box around current path


- bugfix, must encode the + sign first before doing the URL decode, the url decoder decodes + as a space but most browsers don't encode it in the url so it screws up the file name with + signs in them.
- bugfix, name change of the mime type files
- bugfix, add the mime-types.prop file to the installer


- move the Search URL to an editable URL setting that can be set to whatever search URL you want, by default it uses Google
- remove the old outdated now and next page
- use the javamail package for all mail notifications, this allows STARTTLS and authenticated SMPT server which gmail requires
- add mime types to HTTP response headers that match the file extension being returned
- added multi part HTTP request support, this allows a client to request byte ranges of a file, allows download resuming and media streaming over HTTP
- added $pathX$ to the URL file access system, this links directly to the capture path, just use "http://localhost:8420/$path0$/dir.list" to view the files in the first capture directory
- added dir.list as a directory list command for the HTTP file server, just add it to the end of a directory path to get a directory listing for that path
- bugfix, the no data flowing task was not being saved correctly
- bugfix, check the task name (case insensitive) to make sure it does not already exist


- (installer) open java download page if no jre is found
- add a FormatMessage to get the system message text for an error number to help track down issues quicker
- update channel name in channel maps, match lists and waiting schedules when channel name is edited
- add 0x11 as an audio type in stream scan


- layout changes for main now/next page
- add post task enabled, this allows stopping a capture and not running any post tasks if there were set
- (installer) create the default log dir when installing
- (installer) open java download page if no java is found
- (bugfix) don't try to close the log if it is not a valid file handle
- (bugfix) set a temp dir for the SBE and use the same dir for the locking file, fixed the DVR-MS error


- (bugfix) do not use image caching with imageio when creating PNG images
- remove ROT (Running Object Table) registration from retail builds
- add a "Stop and Delete Files" to the stop schedule menu in the Keyboard interface


- add installer, package is now an Windows exe installer that installs/registers and starts the service
- add directory menu to allow deleting dir's in kb interface file management
- add (page x of y) to most item lists pages on kb interface
- add schedule name to schedule list pages on kb interface
- replace some instances of webscheduler text with tv scheduler pro


- new authentication system
- add an authentication setting, this enables user-name/password protection (on general options page)
- monitor authentication.prop file and reload it if it changes
- simplify the user/rule system
- simplify the code implementation of the basic auth system the HTTP engine uses
- add a group system the the user auth, users can now be in a group
- add access logging, this logs all access to the scheduler log file, can help with build rules sets for authentication


- add option to turn off localhost only updates for task settings , now allows (localhost only, localhost or Authenticated, No Limit)
- add option to turn off CAPTCHA Security ID on settings pages


- added 2 new stream types to the stream scan to support French audio and video streams description ID's
- added Service installation script, can be used to run the scheduler as a Windows Service
- small bug fix with tray app crashing when you change power management option


- add missed email notice on start setting when exporting settings
- add warning on overlap even if you have allow overlaps enabled


- add users.list to the export/import actions
- allow access to local machine restricted actions from remote ip's when authenticated
- add allow overlap setting to allow overlapped schedules to be added by auto-add actions
- add run task icon to the task list page, allows running any of the tasks


- add a delete option to auto delete auto-deletable capture files when free space drops below the soft free space limit for a path
- add an option to send an email when the free space on a capture path drops below the soft free space limit
- split min free space into a hard and soft limit setting, see path settings page for mire info
- added a send test email to allow testing of the email settings
- added <CR><LF> to log file lines to make it easier to read log files on windows


- add locale to the date formatter to force US English text in email headers
- add win32 dir to the device.exe command path


- add back in the Themed Interface for HTPC integration
- added a close tray icon menu option in the tray app menu
- add the ability when closing the tray app to stop it from auto starting
- remove the start/stop service menu items from the tray app as they do not do anything now


- fix filter name in register.bat file
- use Visual Studio 2008 for win32 building of tools and apps
- add the SVN Rev to the win32 tools resource version info for all exe and dll tools
- add -register and -unregister to the tray app
- add a command to the register.bat file to register the tray icon app to auto start up at user log on
- update crystal palace frequencies


- return url load errors form EPG data load, helpful in working out what went wrong
- add error checking to EPG data load, if it fails or no data is loaded don't dump old data or do an auto-add scan
- can send to more than one email address by using "," as a separator between email addresses
- new Email notification set-up page allows setting for what events email notifications should be sent for
- added email notification for Schedule Warning events
- add export schedule info link to archived scheduled items, allows saving log data to zip file
- add weekly email report, emails capture stats for the week like number of recording, number or errors etc
- add a admin thread to make the schedule thread more stable
- move nuke old files, scheduled epg data load to the new admin thread
- add weekly report to admin thread
- add new load filter parameters to allow matching a filter based on available interface GUID and name, this is a fix for windows 7


DVB Web Scheduler Pro is now called TV Scheduler Pro.


DVB Web Scheduler Pro is now open source


* [changed] case insensitive program name for Program Match detections
* [bugfix] select the correct program when doing show in EPG
* [bugfix] duration of empty programs in KB interface


* [bugfix] use the task name to determine if it is a pre or error task and if so skip can run check


* [bugfix] fix deadlock with pre-capture and error tasks that would just time them out without running the command
* [added] Vista power off and Sleep deny, this uses the new Vista power API's


* [added] WSTray menu power override option, this allows you to disable the power off and suspend deny WS does if there is a capture running or about to run
* [bugfix] hide overlap for the channel names in the main status window now/next table


* [added] edit text items in the Match List system, this makes it easier to make a small change to the text match strings of Match Lists
* [changed] the main status page table is now sizable instead of fixed width
* [changed] don't create the capture path if the user selects to keep their old server.prop file, this means they are keeping their old settings and there is no need to create the new capture path


* [added] new control icon to the Keyboard EPG page


* [bugfix] service install/start problem with Vista SP1


* [added] simplify the adding of Not Exists for program titles to match list items
* [changed] extend time out to 2 minutes for server start/stop when installing/uninstalling


* [added] the concept of "ignored" to an EPG program, this ignores the program in any auto-add scan
* [changed] stretch the background in the KB interface to fill the full window
* [changed] don't overwrite users.list file on install if the file already exists


* [added] "Already Exists Detection" type to Auto-Add item, allows adding multiple schedules for the same EPG program, types include None, Same Channel, Any Channel
* [bugfix] show path icon title text on status page


* [added] "Show in EPG" and "Delete" icons to the next schedule item and a "Stop Capture" icon to now running item on status page
* [added] "Show Path" to the path list items on the mains status page, this take you to the manage files page for this path
* [added] a scroll to schedule item to the EPG using only a schedule item id
* [changed] increase time out for pre EPG Data load tasks to 6 hours
* [changed] sort match list items alphabetically in the Watch list add form
* [bugfix] use double quotes for match list option items in the add match list item to watch list form
* [bugfix] return full http response header with last system change request


* [added] a "now" time line to the EPG, this show what the current time is in the EPG
* [added] capture paths and free space for each to status page
* [added] channel to next schedule in status page
* [added] pre scheduled EPG data load task, this runs before any schedule data load takes place to allow EPG data grabbers or scanners to run, see the EPG data source page and the Tasks page for setup
* [added] name of the task to the active task list


* [changed] to off-line activation system


* [bugfix] remove spaces from the channel names for use in the CSS class style attribute when building the EPG page
* [added] auto refresh to the default EPG page
* [added] search link to the default EPG page
* [added] an extra page to the create auto-add from the Keyboard EPG, it gives the option to do an auto-add scan or go back the the EPG

* [bugfix] details path setting for "same", this would not save the info file at all
* [added] channel, search type and time span to the epg search

* [bugfix] Use thread locking when a task is checking time to next and concurrent schedule check
* [added] sub net matching to trusted IP system
* [added] a home link to the main logo icon on all pages
* [added] channels css to allow user setting of channel title bg colour
* [added] now link to jump to today's date and time in the EPG
* [added] program name to title mouse over popup test in EPG
* [added] add ajax style intelligent refresh system to main status page and schedule list page


* [changed] remove the D1 EPG xml service See Here for more information
* [fixed] email notification date sent header format fix to comply with RFC


* [changed] check channel is same before doing created from EPG item check when adding schedules


* [fixed] link end tag on schedule archive page


* [fixed] td in kb epg css file for the times text at the top of the epg table
* [fixed] on the summary page once a now and next item is found break the search so we finish quicker
* [fixed] on the summary page if no now is found set the first item that starts after no as the next item
* [fixed] fall behind warnings to only trigger once per fall behind detection instead of continuously once a fall behind occured


* [fixed] match only media pids when doing program ID search based on elemental pid
* [added] max height of keyboard EPG data set to 300px, this can be changed in the XSL file to fill the area you have as each resolution is going to have more or less room for this info this allows scrolling of EPG data when you have lots of channels
* [added] when doing schedule already exists check also check that a schedule created from the same EPG item does not already exist in the list


* [bugfix] add a max limit to the amount of data that can be uploaded in an auto submit schedule log data action


* [added] error reporting system, you can now use this to report capture problems, on the item log info page click the send link at the top
* [added] $deviceString a a replacement string to the task command system
* [bugfix] for Perth and Hobart channel frequencies
* [added] label to auto delete form item in schedule details page


* [added] show unlinked schedule option to server configuration, this will show unlinked schedules in the Key Board interface. An unlinked schedule is a schedules that was created from an EPG item but the EPG item is no longer available


* [added] option to hide play link on the file manager page
* [changed] add extra colour for KB EPG items and move all the colour settings to the KB EPG default theme XSL file


* [bugfix] include the play.png icon in the installer
* [bugfix] fix the border colours of the KB EPG schedule items
* [changed] the protocol for ws play to wsplay://ws/
* [added] add an xml status return page for when status=1 is passed in the add schedule request


* [added] user access control, allows admin users to have full control but normal users limited to simple actions, by default this is not set up, see the users.list file
* [added] Wollongong - Illawarra to station list data file
* [added] each Key Board Interface EPG program will now change to green to indicate it has a schedule associated with it instead of adding a schedule bar under the program, schedules not associated with an EPG program will still show up as a separate schedule bar
* [added] wsplay: protocol to file manage page (standard and KB) to allow handler to launch player, requires wsplay: protocol handler script from forum
* [added] wstray configuration menu for setting either double or single click action and which default action to perform
* [changed] moved service actions to a sub menu


* [added] ignore pids that are -1 in the pid exists check, allows radio station to pass the pid check scan
* [added] dont create pins or map for pids that are -1
* [added] get priority from registry for producer and consumer, key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWebScheduler [StreamConsumer|StreamProducer] HighPriority a value of 1 means use high priority which is default, 0 is normal
* [bugfix] fixed problem with IE closing connection before all data was returned causing IE to report connection problems


* [added] do a pre start transport stream scan and if the requested PIDs don not exist exit with an error
* [added] when the consumer start fails due to a missing PID error the capture type for the next try is set to FULL TS
* [added] start up status log messages for the producer and consumer
* [changed] move channel to table column in watch list result page
* [bugfix] sort category lists alphabetically
* [bugfix] use correct error return code for build graph fails to correctly detect and fall back to TS-Mux capture type for build graph failures


* [added] if EPG source item contains multiple categories import them all for EPG Item
* [added] allow matching against any of the categories that a EPG item may have
* [added] import actors and directors if they are available in the EPG source
* [added] program sub-name in title value so it shows in the mouse over on the EPG
* [added] fall back to ts-mux if conditional capture type graph build fails
* [added] confirmation page when adding Auto-Add items from the EPG, it has a link to do a Auto-Add scan or link back to the EPG page
* [added] watch list page that allows searching using a number of pre defined match list items


* [added] set priority to HIGH for consumer and producer processes
* [added] set keep awake flag to true for consumer and producer to keep system awake while these process are running


* [added] flag matching for match list items allowing matches to specify (Repeat, Wide Screen, High Definition etc)
* [added] fall behind detection and reporting for shared memory system
* [bugfix] use more status change lock to stop the shared memory from being deleted when writing to it.
* [added] crash dump handler for consumer and producer to log crash dump details to a file


* [bugfix] Round the start stop times when loading EPG data from XMLTV to the nearest minute
* [buffix] For items in the EPG if they are zero length make the height zero


* [bugfix] clean up SBE backing files when capture finishes for DVR-MS captures
* [added] use smaller backing files for the SBE which uses less temporary disk space while capturing to DVR-MS format
* [bugfix] copy all flags for EPG item when cloned


* [bugfix] only check the capture paths that are returned form the auto path selection for existence when starting a capture
* [changed] move the category colour coding to the main TD program element of the EPG page
* [added] default colour css entries for default, empty and no category programs items on the EPG page
* [added] alternate colour row coding for the now and next items on the main status page
* [added] ability to view and select UNC network paths in the drive and path selection page


* [bugfix] use default browser to load the Web interface in Vista
* [bugfix] don't show delete icon for last path, must always have at least one path
* [bugfix] show selected capture path even if it is a hidden directory or drive


* [added] show a warning icon next to the schedule if there where any warning events while the schedule capture was running
* [added] on the graph statistics page the ability to apply a normalisation Min/Max envelope to normalise the data for better viewing
* [bugfix] when calculating the average signal strength or quality for the schedule details page or the signal statistics graph. Don't round down and show at least 2 decimal places


* [added] proxy server authentication
* [bugfix] crash with thread termination when no data following is detected


* [added] category.css file to allow category colour mapping for EPG page
* [added] setting in the EPG Data Source setting page to turn off EPG overlap warning
* [added] signal statistics to the item log
* [fixed] send the email notification about the capture after all actions have taken place so the email contains all details of the capture


* [bugfix] don't include the EPG data load event in the time to next schedule status in the tray status window
* [added] message box warning on overlapping EPG items when viewing the EPG page


* [added] EPG page theme selection, allows selecting which EPG layout page to use
* [added] new Horizontal EPG page layout, select using the interface themes page
* [added] new save/load settings feature to save/load all settings data to/from a zip file
* [added] illegal character notification when adding name patterns
* [bugfix] remove none valid special characters from XML when doing a channel scan
* [changed] use case insensitive matching for Match List items added using the EPG
* [changed] read in POST data as raw bytes to allow multipart mime form submission
* [added] decode multipart encoded form data submissions


* [fixed] Move archive directory to All Users directory
* [fixed] Use All Users directory for the nowRunning.xml file
* [fixed] Set permission on install files so limited user can be used to run the service


* [fixed] When adding schedule from EPG set capture type to AutoSelect
* [fixed] Trim white space from data when importing settings (channels, Auto-Add, Match List, Tasks)
* [added] Added Activation info to the configuration pop up page that is shown as the last step of installation


* [fixed] Loading XML data files using full path name
* [fixed] Existing file detection resets count for each file
* [fixed] Fix a bug with Tray app not allowing suspend/power off if there were no future schedules set


* [added] Browser Agent to KB interface theme mapping so you can map a theme to a particular browser, good for using the simple theme with mobile devices
* [fixed] Use proper loop back detection for local connection detection, fixes a bug with ipv6 addresses and setting up tasks
* [added] Use "Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data" path to save all settings and data, this is a requirement of Vista
* [added] Installer now has the ability to specify the user account you want the service to run as
* [added] Installer now specifies the initial capture path and allows you to set it at install time
* [changed] Installer uses the c:windowssystem32 as the default Java bin path, this will allow upgrading Java without having to reinstall WS
* [added] Installer now pops up a getting started guide once install is complete
* [fixed] Move the global XSL files for the EPG and Status page to a global XSL template dir
* [added] Power OFF deny, denies system power off requests if a capture is active or the next capture is within 10 min
* [added] Extra time buffer for schedules added form the EPG to allow for log shows running over time, adds x number of minutes per 60 min of duration


* Rename everything including the installer to DVB Web Scheduler Pro
* Support side by side installation with other releases
* Changed port to 8420
* Added multiple capture paths, allows capturing to multiple drives
* Added a capture spill over system that can detect a drive is full and select the next available path
* Added file name pattern configuration page
* Show device list while captures are running and indicate which device is in use
* Add device friendly name to item log when starting capture
* Added a pop up menu to the tray icon
* Added Start/Stop Service to the tray icon pop up menu
* Added Show EPG page to the tray icon pop up menu
* Added preferred capture type to each Channel
* Capture type can now be set per channel or schedule, if neither specify a preferred capture type the global type is used.
* Create new Class ID's for and filters and update capture.exe to use the new ID's

Version 4.1.4

* Add multiple file support to the DVR-MS capture type, now all capture types can capture to separate files for merged schedule items
* Add full HD support to the Cyberlink Mux - allows full HD capture to .mpg
* Use DisplayName to identify devices - this is a much better approach then using device indexes
* Added Import to all Exportable lists - allows import of channels, Auto-Add, Match List and Task items
* Improvements to the Tray Icon - added Vista limited User support
* Improvements to the Tray Icon - 10 minute imminent action suspend deny is back
* Improvements to the Tray Icon - web Scheduler service not running indication with a red X
* Added same file name for multi file capture detection - adds -x to files if they have a file name that is already being used
* Add Capture Start Error and No Data Flowing Error Tasks - a Task can be specified as an error task and when an error occurs it will run
* Add Keyboard LED control to indicate currently running captures
* Fix a layout problem with IE on the EPG page
* Add crash dump code to gather crash information for the capture.exe tool

Version 4.1.0

* Add MPG capture using the Cyberlink MpgMux filter, this filter is available bundled with a lot of software that comes with DVB-T cards so there is a good chance you have it installed. This type also supports multi file capture for merged items and multiple channels per Mux
* Fix bug with missing anchor tag in schedule item details page
* Delete any files that may have been created in a failed start attempt
* Log the device ID to the schedule item log when starting

Version 4.0.14

* On DST switch-over there are more/less than 24 hours in a day so add 1 day instead of 24 hours in the date increment for Day list in the EPG
* At start up dynamically import the capture types from the capture tool by running it with -capabilities
* Archive the finished Tasks to the archive folder and add a view archive to the Task list page

Version 4.0.13

* Revamp the Task system, clean up the code and simplify the classes
* Add some extra options for tasks to allow more control over when they run
* Show the Signal Statistics info on the Archive Schedule Item info page
* Remove capture type 3 from the interface (separate audio and video files)

Version 4.0.12

* Add Broulee (Mt Wandera) to station list
* Add add North Sydney to station list
* Add back in show count to KB file page
* Move the Hi/Lo colour values to in document CSS so users can set the colours themselves
* Fix a bug with merged schedules and post tasks with DVR-MS captures
* Fix a bug with re-occurring schedules not merging when they are re-added after they finish
* Add new system that archives old schedules instead of deleting then
* Increase the now flowing check from 10 seconds to 30 seconds in the capture.exe
* Get the capture.exe to send back signal statistics every 30 seconds
* Get the capture.exe to send back Data Now Flowing once data is detected as flowing
* Show signal statistics (Max, Min, Avg) for a capture on the Schedule Info page
* Add Signal Statistics Graph to view a captures signal statistics

Version 4.0.10

* show all items that start in the duration period of the very next item in the next schedule list
* show items up to their stop time in the next schedule item list
* implement a java-script dynamic call to make the browser reload the security ID number when the page loads this forces the browser to load a new number on forward and back actions
* reload the security ID after 3 min of viewing a page so the image shown is always valid and is not an old stale expired number

Version 4.0.10
- show all items that start in the duration period of the very next item in the next schedule list
- show items up to their stop time in the next schedule item list
- implement a java-script dynamic call to make the browser reload the security ID number when the page loads this forces the browser to load a new number on forward and back actions
- reload the security ID after 3 min of viewing a page so the image shown is always valid and is not an old stale expired number

Version 4.0.9
- add start and end markers to EPG schedule to indicate start and end times when schedules overlap
- fix command edit form not allow quotes

Version 4.0.8
- increase the number of files that can be passed to the capture.exe tool to 10
- show all the merged schedules items as separate items in the EPG when the separate file option is selected
- add rating loading and display in EPG items

Version 4.0.7
- add multiple stream capture to the capture.exe, this allows the capture tool to capture to separate files any of the program streams from the Transport Stream
- use the multiple stream capture to allow capturing any of the programs in a Transport Stream
- add separate file capture for Schedules merges on the same Mux/Freq
- create a new GUID for the FileWriter filter and use this new GUID in the capture.exe tool
- delete zero sized capture files, this stops cancelled separate files being left behind
- add capture type $capType replacement text for command line post capture tasks

Version 4.0.6
- fix a bug in the capture.exe tool that was not allowing separate audio/video files from recording just one stream ie a radio program
- fix a bug with setting a default or pre capture task

Version 4.0.5
- run post task for each capture file based on the schedule item for it and not the parent item for merged items
- add auto delete based on schedule item and not parent item for merged items

Version 4.0.4
- add a double episode merge post load action to the EPG data load page, this merges shows in the epg that have the same name that are on one after the other
- add new merge on same mux/frequency option, this merges schedules on the same mux/frequency and sets their cap type to FULL TS
- fix a bug with post capture tasks being run as pre tasks

Version 4.0.3
- change $inuse to $deviceID and make it the ID of the device that is about to be used for the capture or the ID of the device that was used for the capture depending on if the task is being used as a pre or post task
- rename some of the settings value, this version is not compatible with old server.prop files
- layout changes to the settings and options page to better group the settings
- hide some of the settings on the global settings page as they are set elsewhere and there is not point showing them there as well
- do a garbage collection before and after a capture is started and stopped

Version 4.0.2
- don't crash with exception when no devices or no channels are found in a scan
- fix starting wstray.exe when installation finishes
- don't show time format text when there is no now and next for a channel on the main status page
- small changes to the EPG page to make which day is being viewed clearer
- add Keep awake to keep system awake while capturing
- set capture process to high priority while capturing
- fix a bug with post capture tasks, make sure the std error buffer is cleared

Version 4.0.1
- remove CaptureEngine.dll, all DirectShow actions like capturing and channel scanning are now done by command line tools, this is a very big functional change, it required a few changes to the feature list, see below for details
- implemented an edit task page and change the way the pre task is selected
- show child items on main schedule list page
- add a system summary to the main page
- reorganise settings and options, all settings/option links are now on same page, makes config easier
- added multi file capture for overlapped schedules, this captures each overlapped schedule to a separate file using the one capture device and maintaining the start end time buffers for each file. This only works for TS-MUX captures. You need to enable it in the Server Config page (Capture.merged.separate=1)
- added delete form to schedule list page to allow easy deletion of old schedule items
- add schedule auto-delete setting to schedule list page
- added option to sort the folders at the top of the file list or the bottom (see Server Config page filebrowser.DirsAtTop=1|0)
- do not show hidden folders and files in file manager
- added Schedule Overlap display feature to indicate if your schedule list has overlaps greater then your number of cards
- do not restart the timer thread if it crashes, this can never be done safely, the server must be restarted
- added panic message to main HTTP request action, if the timer thread has crashed show a crash message to the user for all HTTP requests
- fix a bug with the simple interface skin, use the default main EPG XSL skin file.
- fix a bug in the Capture Engine that would crash WS if an incorrect card ID was passed to the get flowing function
- add jump to position for the auto-add items, this allows you to set the position of an auto-add item to anywhere in the list

Removal of CaptureEngine.dll
Due to the decoupling and removal of the CaptureEngine.dll and most of the JNI calls a few things did not make sense to add back in, this was a considerable rewrite of the DirectShow integration. The main reason for doing this was to move any potential buggy native code and drivers outside the Java machine to increase stability of the core scheduler. While this is a large functional change to Web Scheduler it does not change the way WS works, in fact as a user you should not see any changes at all, perhaps a few loggin changes but that is all. These changes meant that the following features of WS are no longer available:

- Error tasks
- Concurrent tasks
- System power off warning and override (suspend override still works)
- 10 min imminent action period before a capture for suspend warning
- KB LED indication of running captures

There has been a lot of confusion as to what this feature does, it is so you can get multiple files from merged schedules, a merged schedule is when multiple schedules on the same channel merge to make one schedule item. Normally you would end up with one big file with all your programs in it, this new option lets you split the files out so each merged schedule ends up with its own file including the start and end time buffer overlapping bits. This means you will end up with multiple files with some overlapping bits thus you will use a bit more disk space but each of your programs will be in its own file thus you can watch or each of them separately.

Version 3.1.3
Two small bug fixes for the KB interface and the win32 binaries are not compiled with Visual Studio 2005.

The install package is bigger due to the fact that the Version 8 C++ runtime DLL's are now packaged in the installer.

Version 2.24.2

- Use left single click to open browser and right single click to open status window.

Version 2.24.1

- Launch the default web browser with the main WS url by single clicking on the WS tray icon (this browser will be launched as the System user if you are running ws as a service or whatever user WS is running as)

- Add a system shut-down hook to clean up the hidden windows and tray icon when WS exits

- Add Up/Down actions to the Epg Auto Add items in the KB interface

- Add a Source URL link to the Program details pop-up if the source url info is available in the XMTV data for each program (this requires the latest JavaXMLTVGrabber2 see attached files)

Version 2.24.0

- Add the option that will set the from header in sent email, this will allow you to set a custom name instead of the default "WebScheduler" one that was forced before.

- Fixed a bug with the HTTP Authenticator, it would crash with null host names or auth proxy servers

Version 2.23.5

-Fixed a problem with the FileWriter filter using to much system cache memory
-Added the latest pvrx SOAP changes from Niall

Version 2.23.3

-Make a heap of changes to the way HTTP data is downloaded this should help with time-out errors and also connection time-outs if the data load times-out do not continue with loading and abort without parsing the XML so WS keeps its old XMLTV data instead of blanking all Guide data. These changes effect the HTTP source an the Web Service source.

Version 2.23.2

- Dec date if time is less than 6 am when vewing EPG (NOW) so we get the correct days worth of data
- Add &days=6 to IceTV URL so only 6 days worth of data is returned by default.

Version 2.23.1

- Fix the scroll-To in the EPG to for Schedules that start before 6am
- Make sure all schedules are shown in EPG even if they start before 6am in the day shown
- Roll the IceTV settings over into the main HTTP Guide data source settings to simplify the options page.

Version 2.22.12

- Add new function to select the best cell (item) then moving up and down channels in the KB EPG
- If merge is set to TRUE in server properties merge items as they are added for manual add and EPG add, this works just like the Auto-Add merge.
- Only merge with schedule item in the WAITING state
- Add past/pending groups to the schedule list page

Version 2.22.9

- Add item status to Item Info page
- Add detection for items that are in the RESTART state to the main timer loop, they should never get to this point so reset them if they do
- Add D1 and IceTV URL's to help text
- New Auto-Add items are added to the top of the Auto-Add list
- Add WM_QUERYENDSESSION message catch to stop Power OFF when WS is capturing
- Add the IsDialogMessage call so we process WM_COMMAND messages in the dialog message loop
- Use javaw.exe instead of java.exe with the wrapper

Version 2.22.8

- Add date HTTP headers to help stop caching problems
- Stop multiple instances of the same device being added to selected devices list
- Revamp Schedule Auto Reload of EPG data code to be more robust and easier to follow
- Fix EPG Auto-Add rescan results page

Version 2.22.7

- Fix a few page layout issues
- revamp XMLTV data parsing

Version 2.22.6

- Added iceTV as a EPG data source (
- Added some more info to the getting started page
- change text "Cards" to "Devices" on most pages

Version 2.22.5

- spelling fixes
- some more channel and data sorting
- small change to email (more head info added)

Version 2.22.4

- File delete confirm now has file name in it
- Added info text to channel map page

Version 2.22.3

- Revamp the Current Selected card list to be easier to understand (please give feedback)
- move "New Auto-Add" link to top of Auto-Add list page
- Add free space to KB file list page
- KB Manage Files in reverse last modified order

Version : 2.22.2

- Manage tasks in chronological order
- Pre and Post Capture Tasks - in alphabetical order (also in dropdowns)
- Manage Files in reverse last modified order
- "New Schedule" link to top of schedules page
- sort channels by name (this is in a lot of places so test all you can find)
- skip to time when viewing the EPG, means item show in EPG can scroll to time in question
- free space to top of file list page (Manage Files Page)

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