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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DScaler

DScaler - version 4.1.19
What's new (since 4.1.18):

Bug fixes for problems introduced in 4.1.18

DScaler - version 4.1.18
What's new (since 4.1.17):

* Changed compilers and upgraded main release to UNICODE
* Removed all use of MFC
* Fixed several memory issues

What's Improved

* Lots of bug fixes
* Better Vista Support

cx2388x cards

* New card definitions:
o Lots!

bt8x8 cards

* New card definitions:
o None

saa713x cards

* New card definitions:
o MSI TV@nywhere Pro (Pal)

What's Experimental:

* PowerStrip modeline option when changing resolution in the full screen mode
* DirectShow support for tuners and file
* Skins & Toolbar
* Timeshift
* Resolution changing
* Colorimetry filter
* DScope video filter

What's new (since 4.1.16):


- Signed Drivers for full support on 64bit OSes

What's Improved

- Lots of bug fixes
- Better Vista Support

What's Experimental:

PowerStrip modeline option when changing resolution in the full screen mode
DirectShow support for tuners and file
Skins & Toolbar
Resolution changing
Colorimetry filter
DScope video filter

What's new (since 4.1.15):


Support for 64 bit OSes
Preliminary support of displaying on DirectX surface for systems without overlay (no multi-monitor support)
Support for compilation under VS 2005
Added more skins to install package
Should work on win98 (really really this time)

What's Improved

- The chances of DScaler hanging or crashing your system are greatly reduced.
- Sometimes explorer.exe hangs for a while when starting DScaler. When this happens and DScaler is started a second time dscaler.ini is not corrupted any longer.
- Fixed problem caused by Antivir.
- Improved resume after suspend.
- Fixed several problems that resulted in unnecessarily high cpu usage.
- DScaler shutdown is now much faster.

Lots of bug fixes

cx2388x cards

New card definitions:
Added new Cards from v4l2 - not tested

bt8x8 cards

New card definitions:
Curtiss-Wright cards

What's Experimental:

PowerStrip modeline option when changing resolution in the full screen mode
DirectShow support for tuners and file
Skins & Toolbar
Resolution changing
Colorimetry filter
DScope video filter

What's new (since 4.1.14):


EPG improvements
win98 support (hopefully this time we've finally done it)

What's Improved

cx2388x cards
New card definitions:

10Moon TVBaby3
Added new Cards from v4l2 - not tested

After the crashing problems of 4.1.13 I've had another go at getting a haf decent release out.

What's new (since 4.1.12):
Initial XMLTV and EPG support
Basic support for MCE remotes
New tuners added
What's Improved
Massive improvements to time shift code.
Lots of stability improvements.
Lots of minor bugs fixed.
SAA713x cards
New card definitions:
Terratec Cinergy 400 Mobile
cx2388x cards
New card definitions:
GDI Black Gold

Version 4.1.12 (Mar 8, 2005)
What's new (since 4.1.11):
Extra still shortcuts, Ctrl+C to close a still and Ctrl+S to save
CC Fixes
SAA713x cards
Card definitions stored in ini file (see SAA713xCards.ini) that can be configured by users to ease the addition of new cards.
cx2388x cards
Card definitions stored in ini file (see CX2388xCards.ini) that can be configured by users to ease the addition of new cards.
Added support for more audio modes (PAL-I FM mono & Secam-L AM Mono)
Autodetect TEA5767 chip
What's Improved
Teletext goto dialog appears correctly with luna theme
bt8x8 cards
New card definitions:
Hercules Smart TV Stereo
SAA713x cards
New card definitions:
Snazio TVPVR
Terratec Cinergy 200 TV
Empire PCI TV-Radio LE
AverMedia AverTV Studio 307
Added Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus II
Medion MD-42073
V-Stream Xpert-TV PVR-7134
Audio problem with Pinnacle PCTV Stereo should now be fixed.
Tuning problem with Compro VideoMate Gold Plus II should be fixed.
Audio AGC for the Medion 7134 MK2/3 card is now enabled.
cx2388x cards
New card definitions:
WinFast TV2000 XP Expert

Version 4.1.11 Alpha
Some cx2388x sound fixes
Fixes some XP2 issues with bt8x8

Version 4.1.10 Alpha
cx2388x fixes for instability
cx2388x sound fixes
Tiemshift fixes by emu
Other bugfixes

Version 4.1.9 Alpha
Fixed for audio with CX2388x cards
Support for PMS PDI Deluxe/Sweetspot cards
Support for MT2050 tuners
Other bug fixes and new card definitions

Version 4.1.8—Beta—[Setup Program] [Source Zipped]

Support for SAA713x based cards
Support for CX2388x based cards
Multi-monitor support
New MoComp2 deinterlacing mode
Lots of other changes and fixes
Version 4.0.1—Superseded—[Setup Program] [Source Zipped]

Massive improvements to 2:2 pulldown detection
Redesigned core with support of multiple BT cards
New MoComp deinterlacing mode
Two improved Noise Filters
New Histogram Filter
Much better User Interface
Support of TIFF and jpeg still files
Playlist for stills
Set of patterns to setup the overlay and the display
Direct access to the stills taken during the current session
Action added to search and lock the correct film mode
New setup program with uninstall
Lots of other changes and fixes
Version 3.1.0—Stable—[ Binary Zipped] [ Source Zipped] [README]

Massive improvements to 2:2 pulldown detection.
Improvements to 3:2 pulldown detection on material with bad cadence. (this is much more CPU intensive than before)
New mixer control for users not bypassing the PC with sound.
Channel editing with fine tuning
New UI support for all most ini file settings
Greedy 2 frame improved
Overlay fixes
Laurent's Auto-Calibration
Experimental Time-shifting support
Improved auto-aspect ratio detect
Auto-format detection (switches between PAL and NTSC by default)
Updated Linear Correction Filter with alpha non-linear zoom mode
Improved Sound support
Additional card support
Teletext improvements
NTSC50 mode for Chris Williams
Always on top full screen flag
Gamma filter fixed
Various Bug Fixes
Additional code pages for teletext
More flexible zoom and positioning
Alpha Logo Killer plug-in
Alpha Sharpness Filter
Tom Barry's new all-singing all-dancing Greedy High Motion plugin
Increased range of contrast and saturation
Lindsey Dubb's Old Game method & Temporal comb filter
Added PAL-NC mode for Argentina
Version 2.3.0—Stable—[ Binary Zipped] [ Source Zipped] [README]

Plug-in architecture
Judder reduction
New Greedy 2 Frame method (good for sports)
Gamma filter
Option to save settings per format/source
WSS decoding for Pal and Secam sources
Use of aspect ratio WSS data
3 screens of Information using OSD (general screen, statistics screen and WSS data decoding screen)
Autohide cursor feature
Popup menu - right click in window
New menu with direct access to all channels
Command to go to the last viewed channel
Single click replaced by double click to switch between window mode and fullscreen mode
Option to save last used video format per video input
Zoom feature - still experimental
Adjustable window position
Orbiting & Bounce
CC support - experimental - lots of known problems
Teletext support - experimental - lots of known problems
Version 2.1.2—Stable—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Advanced flags fixes
Mpact2 24 bit mode fix (works but you can't see menu or OSD)
Tuner menu option fix.
Version 2.1.1—Superseded—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Preliminary judder fix
Steve's new 2-Frame Deinterlacing algorithm
Tom's new Greedy Deinterlacing algorithm (this is low CPU, it is greedy because it eats one field)
Steve's new Temporal Noise Filter (to switch on/off press n)
Better PAL 2:2 pulldown detection (It's still not perfect though)
Pixel width selection for game console support
Window Position selection for use with aspect ratio controls
Snapshots now in TIFF format
Should start correctly from a shortcut
Many code optimizations for SSE and 3DNOW! processors
Adaptive deinterlace now separate method
Scaler bob deinterlacing method
Extensive card and audio recognition improvements from Mike
Extensive reworking of parameters and defaults.
Audio start/stop/save/restore on entry
The ability to have multiple named .ini files.
Adv Video Flags now saved and specified in ini file
Deinterlace mode and many other status items now kept in ini file.
Version 2.0.2—Stable—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped]

Bug fixed - Windows 2000 driver code was broken. No other binary changes.
Deleted unused temporary files from 2.0.2 source, so source zip is smaller than 2.0.1
Version 2.0.1—Superseded—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped]

Numerous changes by Michael of Conexant Systems, Inc.
Bug fixed - Occasional combing artifacts during commercials/music videos
Bug fixed - Macrovision Purple Lines Fix! Adjustable via INI file.
Onscreen Display Support
Better Channel Search Support
Better Channel List Functionality
New optional blended deinterlace algorithm
Version 2.0.0—Stable—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Bug fixed - Tearing is gone at all refresh rates!
Bug fixed - Error message no longer pops up if you resize video window too small.
Bug fixed - Video no longer becomes purple when resizing or maximizing.
Better Automatic Aspect Ratio Detection defaults
Smoother Synchronization
Triple Buffering
Added Option to Disable Startup Splash Screen
Changed Keyboard Shortcuts; See List
New shortcuts added for video source and video format selection
Some existing shortcuts modified for better intuition
New Video Deinterlace Algorithm - better for slow moving images, especially graphics displays.
Old Video Deinterlace Algorithm - still available, better for fast motion.
Automatic switching between three Video Deinterlace algorithms:
Simple Weave during static images
New Video Deinterlace during slow moving images
Old Video Deinterlace during fast moving images
Version 1.9—Stable—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Automatic aspect ratio detection!
Slightly less dropped frames on slower systems
Debug logfile dTV.txt disabled by default
Slightly better handling of poor pulldown material
Minor simplifications to User Interface
Better brightness/contrast/color defaults for NTSC (majority of users)
Advanced Video Flags configuration dialog
Version 1.8—Stable—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Aspect ratio control simplified and made more intuitive
Easier hotkeys for common aspect ratios (4:3, letterbox, anamorphic)
New "Deinterlace" menu under Settings menu
Detection of poor pulldown for better NTSC movie-source deinterlacing, stays in video mode if too many rapid movie mode changes
Detection and better deinterlacing of scene changes in certain NTSC movie material where 3:2 pulldown sequence changes
Minor code cleanup
Version 1.7 —Stable—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Integrated Michael's aspect ratio control code
Many bits and pieces of source code cleanup for developers
Improved the appearance of About screen, added more credits
Documentation (.HTM files) moved into separate subdirectory
Note: No TV tuner card related bugfixes over 1.6; see Known Bugs for current list
Version 1.6 Beta 4—Superseded—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Auto detect enabled by default
Video format (e.g., NTSC) automatically selected upon selection of tuner type (e.g., Philips NTSC) upon first install
More reliable config defaults for 3/2 pulldown detection
Changes to synchronization code
Note: See Known Bugs for additional details
Version 1.5—Superseded—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Auto 3:2 pulldown detect for NTSC
Auto 2:2 pulldown detect for PAL (not very reliable needs some tweaking)
Adaptive video deinterlacing
Note: Teletext and CC broken
Version 1.4—Superseded—[Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Fix for overlays in low colour depths
Still capture in ppm format
Overscan support
Version 1.3 —Superseded— [Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Code clean up
Better card support
Sound bugs fixed
Changed overlay colour
Open Source video deinterlace version 1
Version 1.2 —Superseded— [Binary Zipped] [README]

Fix for flipping with bTV plug-ins
Version 1.1 [Binary Zipped] [README]

Support for bTV plugins added
Full screen support
Version 1.0 [Binary Zipped] [Source Zipped] [README]

Original version--support for manual inverse telecine

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