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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DIKO

DIKO 2.47 has been released!.

Here's what's new:
- DVDStyler (finally) updated to 1.7.1 (official build!)
- AVI files can be opened with Directshow source (weiguo)
- Fixed: Could not read first VOB persistent error (Big thanks to Douwe vos for all tests)
- [GOLD] Fixed: Directshow audio extraction broken again (Toxic_Revenger)

DIKO 2.46 has been released!.

Here's what's new:
- Prediction using bisection
- MediaInfo updated to
- Compiled with WxWidgets 2.8.8
- Fixed: copy /b broken (shvartz)
- Stop prediction when Q=QMax or Q=QMin (Mrmscorp)
- Fixed: Interlaced not being shown correctly on new conversion window
- [GOLD]Fixed: Directshow audio extraction broken (Critter)
- [GOLD]Added "All supported files" in Add Movie Dialog

DIKO 2.45 has been released.

Here's what's new:
- [GOLD] Fix DirectShow Audio Extraction
- 2 Part audio extraction broken (Tobster)

DIKO 2.44 has been released!.

Here's what's new:
- 2 Part AVI source parsing fixed (Aielman)
- BBMPeg muxing fixed (rendez2k)
- HC 2 Pass fixed (rendez2k)
- FreeEnc template broken (CarlosCaballero)
- HCEnc^n and QuEnc^n executables unpacked.

DIKO 2.43 has been released!.

Here's what's new:
- QuEnc Quality Based Mode support (Darksoul71)
- log video encoding command-line on encode (not prediction)
- ac3fix step broken for 2 files (railton)
- Dual audio support broken with aften (Mrmscorp)
- MP3 Audio extracted from AVS script (should solve sync issues)

DIKO 2.42a has been released fixing some 2.41 bugs.

Here's what's new:
- AVI2WAV command-line mistaken again (Mrmscorp)
- Extracting twice the same track in dual audio (Mrmscorp)

DIKO 2.41 has been released fixing all 2.41 bugs found so far

Here's what's new:
- AVI2WAV command-line mistaken (martijn189)
- D2V parsing routines broken (jcarlos)
- Extracting twice the same track in dual audio (Mrmscorp)
- Fixed DGIndex command-line (dahn)
- HCEnc^n and QuEnc^c repacked with UPX 1.25w (no more false positives I hope)

DIKO 2.40 is out!

Here's what's new:
- Aften updated to 0.08
- DGMpgdec updated to 1.5.0
- DGPulldown updated to 1.0.11
- HC updated to 0.23
- ImgBurn updated to
- Fixed bug: passes box not readonly (darksoul71)
- Added "force" tag to prevent issues (weiguo)
- Now using MediaInfo to grab file info more efficiently
- DIKO log much more clean and organized
- Information textbox re-added on New Conversion window
- User can now double click to EDIT movie script and subtitle specs
- [GOLD] Dual Audio Support

DIKO 2.35 is out, fixing some 2.34 bugs.

Here's the list of fixes:
- DGIndex Command-line broken (PowerPC)
- Subs Language not being recorded in DIKO Menu authoring (Jubao)
- Update MPLEX to 2.2.7 (fix sync issues in some players)
- Add current DVDStyler distribution files and jpeg62.dll (Marvelix)
- Working Folder not empty complain because of DVD.XML for DVDStyler
- D2V 25 fps incorrectly being detected (Critter)
- Satcapture script missing undot load line (geovanebelusso)

DIKO 2.34 is out, fixing some 2.33 bugs.

Here's the list of fixes:
- AVSMon being called with Import instead of LoadPlugin (NarcisoRN)
- DVD2AVI no longer needed (Darksoul71)
- MPEG2DEC3.DLL still being called in some scripts (Darksoul71)
- Path for FreeEnc broken in template (POWERPC)

DIKO 2.33 is out!

Here's the list of news:
- Replace DVD2AVI with DGIndex
- Add a warning when working folder is not clean
- Dual/Quad Core support via HCEnc^n and QuEnc^n (coded by Darksoul71)
- New avisynth scripts added, provided by NathanX and Darksoul71
- Avisynth script only loads needed functions (Darksoul71)
- keep encoder executable path when switching video encoder (Skywalker)
- Tweaked HC template CQ mode, should converge much faster now
- HC and QuEnc now bundled in the package
- Big Sample fine tuning in Quality Based encoding improved
- Fixed Bug: Aspect parameter wrong when using convert to FS
- Fixed Bug: Q Factor Information was not being recorded correctly for Crash Recovery
- Fixed Bug: Fine Tunning in CQ mode broken for Fractional Q encoders
- Fixed Bug: bitrate calculations wrong for ConvertFPS scripts (geovanebelusso)
- Fixed Bug: DVDStyler being called without quotes (geovanebelusso)

Finally, DIKO 2.32 is out!

Here's the list of news:
- Fixed Bug: Encoder not being called (Marvelix)
- Fixed Bug: DIKO always selects a subtitle in DVD Mode (Mrmscorp)
- Fixed Bug: Aften crashing with 5.1 audio
- Fixed Bug: Default AVI Script not correct
- Fixed Bug: Subtiles with big shadow (Mrmscorp)
- Fixed Bug: Subtitle is only automatically loaded for the first part(Mrmscorp)
- Fixed Bug: MPG Size Check not working correctly
- Fixed Bug: After deletion of a movie, all movies after that one become confused
- Fixed Bug: FineTune routines broken. (SolidOne)
- Fixed Bug: VDMod called after AVI2WAV failure being executed continuously
- Fixed Bug: Aften using 2.0 bitrate for 5.1
- Fixed Bug: File Size check doesn't work when file is bigger than 2 Gb
- dvdauthor updated to 0.6.4

- ImgBurn updated to
- Aften Updated to 0.07
- Avisynth updated to 2.57
- Update DVDStyler to 1.5 final

DIKO 2.31 has been released, fixing a bug that preventing video encoding to be launched.

DIKO 2.30 has been released. Here's the news:

- Portuguese-Portugal Translation added (by Marco Pereira)
- Automatically switch from AVI2WAV to VirtualDub (or vice-versa) if audio was not extracted or if extracted audio is too small
- DVDStyler updated to 1.5b7, DVDAuthor updated to, ImgBurn updated to
- Shutdown is back and now can be turned on and off during conversion
- Add Aften support
- Authoring options moved from Config Dialog to Author selection Dialog
- Clear encoder path on encoder change
- DGPulldown updated to 1.08 and now working inplace when temporary files are not kept
- DVD Label can now be selected on Authoring Dialog
- ImgBurn automatically erase media if needed (das Ich)
- Make DGPulldown alter the MPV file directly when Delete temp files is enabled. (danpos)
- Subtitle Font Selection now available in DIKO Free
- Tools thread priority can be changed in configuration and during encode
- Fixed bug: smaller than 1.333 and smaller than 1.777 (for anamorphic encodes) are now working correctly
- Fixed bug: d:tempvideo bug in AQE template
- Fixed bug: 'x' close button now working in all windows (mco)
- Fixed bug: DGpulldown options fixed (gmzbr/llama)
- Fixed bug: Error messages revised
- Fixed bug: Fix Bug: Average bitrate should be Max defined and not 8000 (XBrazucaX)
- Fixed bug: Video1 button not recording Path (Mrmscorp)

- [DIKO GOLD] Select subs options for each movie (Wizzra)
- [DIKO GOLD]New EDIT Dialog with Preview scripts and subs position
- [DIKO GOLD] Fixed bug: ParseIFO bug with subtitles fixed

This is a new and untested release and must likelly there are bugs. If you are using DIKO for the first time or if you are a newbie, please stick with 2.26 for now.

2.26 Changelog:
- Fixed Bug: DGpulldown options fixed (gmzbr/llama)
- Fixed Bug: Average bitrate should be Max defined and not 8000 (XBrazucaX)
- Fixed Bug: Video1 button not recording Path (Mrmscorp)

2.25 Changelog:
- Fixed bug: Authoring not working with menu
- Fixed Bug: PAL to NTSC conversion using DGPulldown broken
- Added some flags to setup to force DGPulldown.exe replacing

2.24 Changelog:
- Fixed bug: interlaced mode in FreeEnc template with error (Ricardo Toscano)
- Fixed Bug: DIKO crashes on second CD creation (Wizzra)
- Fixed Bug: Problems in Batch window (martijn189)
- Fixed Bug: Text encoding selection broken (Juliano)
- Fixed Bug: Downmix Box don't Stick (Wizzra)
- EDIT button for all sources but DVD implemented
- Context-sesitive Help added
- QuEnc template added
- Go to next movie after playing the current one in authoring (zachysat)
- HELP updated
- Rename DivXHighQuality to HighQuality only
- Brazilian Portuguese Translation updated
- Added Hungarian Translation (by Lajos Meszaros)
- DVDStyler updated to 1.5b5
- DGPulldown updated to 1.07
- VirtualDubMod updated to Build 2542
- [GOLD] Fixed bug: BeSweet log should be in main folder in batch mode
- [GOLD] Fixed Bug: DVDStyler XML not being moved when batch mode is selected (martijn189)
- [GOLD] Fixed Bug: Fontsize gets broken after selection change (Juliano)
- [GOLD] Fixed Bug: Subs and audio selection for DVD sources is not scrollable

11-02-2006 -DIKO 2.23 released! The changes:
- DVDStyler updated to 1.5b4 and patched fixing crashing issues reported by maliseu
- Cygwin DLL updated to the latest release to ensure Windows 64 compatibility (marcelo_cr)
- Shutdown has been temporally disabled because it doesn't seem to work with wxwidgets 2.6x (marcelo_cr)
- Fix Bug: Close button crashes in Batch window (Wizzra)
- Fix Bug: Deleted movie can't be added again in New Conversion Window (marcelo_cr)
- Fix Bug: When the same movie is added twice, it becomes part of the same movie. (marcelo_cr)
- Fix Bug: Close button disabled (marcelo_cr)
- Fix Bug: "Don't add chapters" don't stick (Darkdan1138)
- Fix Bug: Best Resolution Finder setting doesn't stick (jcarlos)
- Fix Bug: %%PASSES%% missing in AQE template (SAPSTAR)
- Fix Bug: QFactor < 0 (tamahome)
- [GOLD ONLY]Fix Bug: Subtitle alignment don't stick (nottlle)
- [GOLD ONLY]DIKO now supports real big FPS
- [GOLD ONLY]Fix Bug: Default subtitle margins too big (nottlle)
- [GOLD ONLY]Fix Bug: popup message after conversion even in batch mode (Psyco Reptile)
- [GOLD ONLY]Fix Bug; Interlaced settings not working (EL-34)
- [GOLD ONLY]Fix Bug: BUY button doesn't hide (Erik Dias)

09-01-2006 -DIKO 2.22 released! The changes:
- All encoder templates revised
- Fixed Bug: QFactor not being store for conversion recovery
- Fixed Bug: DVDStyler doesn't autoclose
- Fixed Bug: field and script settings not being recorded
- New beautiful icons on New Conversion Dialog, created by Pizzicato
- New and bigger log window for Heavy Users (like myself)
- Fixed Bug: Field setting gets corrupted when more than 1 movie is added (marcelo_cr) [GOLD]
- Fixed Bug: Passes not being recorded (Jim Hardy)
- Fixed bug: graphic bugs in Config Dialog (danpos/C-PIMP)
- Fixed bug: DVDStyler compile text button broken
- Fixed Bug: DVD mode causing crash (GOLD)
- Fixed bug: DIKO quits when it should stop thread and issue error message
- Fixed Bug: DIKO now uses fractionay QFACTOR using dot or comma according to regional settings making TMPGENC work in all systems(danpos)
- Fixed Bug: DIKO keeping file open durind add stage, causing avisynth errors in processing. (tape-ripper/Alfra)
- Fixed Bug: Default AVI script not being selected (NathanX)
- Fixed Bug: Compile error in DVDStiler "Sample rate is greater than permitted in specified Level" (prox)
- Fixed Bug: Best Resolution Finder setting not being recorded (celiofk)
- Fixed Bug: Audio length detection broken
- Fixed Bug: Add new parameter to allow dynamic matrix to work with AQE

03-01-2006 -DIKO 2.21 released! The changes:
- Fixed Bug: Incorrect Syntax in DVDStyler xml file (peanut/danpos)
- Fixed Bug: HC template lacking passes specification (danpos)
- Fixed Bug: Add DVD Video disabled in DIKO Free as it should be

02-01-2006 -DIKO 2.20 released! The changes:
- Added Russian Translation (by Misha Bukin and Erez)
- Avisynth updated to 2.56 final
- Now compiled with wxWidgets 2.6.2 and GCC 3.4.2 (MinGW)
- DVDDecrypter replaced with IMGBurn
- DVDStyler updated to 1.5b3. Now image buttons are possible
- Image buttons added to main executable
- Default values for all INI parameters now hardcoded
- Crop frames that don't have corresponding audio in CD1 (only in two CD sources) to prevent audio desynch
- Updated translations: Romenian, finnish,danish
- Removed spacelord script togheter with non-SSE removegrain.dll, to prevent problems in some machines
- Multiple Video Encoder support: now you can use any encoder with DIKO.
- Move subtitle encoding selection to Free version
- Add BBMPEG Support (based on Prodater64 DIKOPLEX)
- A nice progress window has been addeD
- All task are now started with Below Normal Priority
- Audio Extraction Selection now uses a ComboBox
- Audio delay in DVDs AC3 audio is now removed, using DelayCut by jsotO
- Added MSVCR70.DLL to the package
- Fixed bug: Text log now cleared when a new conversion is started (Prodater64)
- Fixed bug: DIKO dying when second CD is generated (heladio)
- Fixed bug: windows being shown in the center of desktop (Prodater64)
- Fixed bug: SPUMUX version (cdysthe/Psylocke)
- Fixed bug: path without "" in DVDStyler compile command-line (maliseu)
- Fixed bug: DVDStyler config file missing one line in batch mode (maliseu)
- Fixed bug: authroring doesn't work with No chapters (kiboy6)
- Fixed bug in Crash Recovery
- Fixed bug: DIKO now restores window with only 1 click in taskbar (Prodater64)
- Fixed bug: fixed subs always on with SUB/IDX (Gold) (estranho74)
- DVD mode has been rewritten and now it's possible to select multiple PGCs.

07-10-2005 -DIKO 2.12 released! The changes:
- Updated Translations: Swedish (Emph), Hebrew (vipersvcd), Spanish (Prodater64), Poland (PorkOne), Portuguese (VMesquita)
- Fixed bug: two DVDStyler executables
- Fixed bug: Prediction goes crazy if Q>60 (thanks Jack Wade)
- Fixed Bug: DVDStyler authoring not working if working folder has spaces
- Fixed Bug: DVDStyler authoring not working in Batch mode (thanks danpos) - (GOLD)
- Fixed bug: shadows in subtitles (GOLD)

17-09-2005 -DIKO 2.11 released! The changes:
- VirtualDubMod updated to build 2540 (fix extraction problems, thanks Zyphon, Danpos and GinoBoy for tests), Avisynth updated to 2.56 RC1, SPUMux replaced by another compile (fixes stackdumps when creating menus), BeSweet updated to 1.5b31
- Fixed 2 VirtualDudMod jobs creation bugs
- Updated cygwn DLLs (should fix SPUMux bugs)
- Fixed NTSC 29.97 to PAL 25 fps in DIKO Free (thanks techreactor)
- Fixed Bug: Menuauthor now working in path with spaces (thanks danpos)
- DIKO is now working correctly with ASF sources (thanks danpos)
- A new authoring selection screen, much more clear and easy to understand
- DVDStyler modded and integrated in DIKO, for much easier authoring

02-09-2005 -DIKO 2.10 released! The changes:
- AVISynth updated to 2.56 beta to allow VFR to work
- Fixed 2 VirtualDudMod jobs creation bugs
- Updated cygwn DLLs (should fix SPUMux bugs)
- Experimental DirectShow input mode: this allow DIKO to process WMV,OGG,RMVB,MPEG1, Quicktime, and in theory anything that has a directshow filter, provided that the corresponding directshowfilter is installed. (GOLD)
- Fixed bug: folder not being created in batch mode (GOLD)

20-08-2005 -DIKO 2.02 released! The changes:
- Fixed DGPulldown options reversed in the code
- Fixed wrong version of cygxml2-2 causing SPUMUX trouble
- Removed Working dir pop up error message when entering Manage conversions area

19-08-2005 -DIKO 2.01 released! The changes:
- Fixed DGPulldown bug

19-08-2005 -DIKO 2.00 released! The changes:
- Added DGPulldown
- Added Romanian Translation
- Changed MP2 to MPA, what can hopefully fix some muxing bugs
- MenuAuthor integration fixed
- Updated tools: BeSweet 1.5B30, VS Filter 2.36, DIKO Menu Image 0.064, dvdauthor 0.6.11,VCDImager 0.7.23, DVDDecrypter, VirtualDubMod Build 2439, Avisynth 2.5.5, XVid 1.10Beta2
- New version name scheme

23-02-2005 - DIKO 0.78 Beta 3 / Gold 1.48 Beta 3 released! The changes:
- Fixed welcome message
- Fixed VirtualDub Extraction
- Fixed subtitles really working again (GOLD

06-02-2005 - DIKO 0.78 Beta 2 / Gold 1.48 Beta 2 released! The changes:
- Batch folder is now created automatically if it doesn't exist
- KVCD replaced with BVCD in menu
- Prediction fixed for BVCD GOP 12
- Fixed subtitles working again (GOLD)

29-01-2005 - DIKO 0.78 Beta 1 / Gold 1.48 Beta 1released! The changes:
- Optionally use VirtualDubMod instead of AVI2WAV for extration
- Integrate with maui71's DIKO MenuImage Creator
- Fixed bug: authoring menu not being recorded in INI
- Pulldown failure no longer halts conversion process
- Added 64 e 96 kbps as audio bitrate options
- Error Messages in English in the logfile
- XVid updated to 1.0.3
- AVISynth updated to 2.5.5
- FreeEnc updated to 0.3.1
- Notch Matrix replaced with BVCD matrix
- Fixed crash on SoundStretch phase
- New Scripts for AVI: SpaceLord (for non-MMX machines) and DivXHighQuality (less compressibility but much more quality)
- New amazing icon by pizzic@to

17-10-2004 - D.I.K.0. 0.77 has been released! The Changes:
- Translations updated: Sweden (Emphatic), Hebrew (vipersvcd), Dutch (Tinus), Finish (Critter), Danish (Lars), Polish (PorkOne), Spanish (Kwag)
- Two new translations: Czech (by Hema Zin) and Valencian (by ForaENC). DIKO is now available in 15 languages!
- The first stable DIKO release! Now I can get back to new features (and new bugs lol)

22-09-2004 - D.I.K.0. 0.76 Beta 3 has been released! The Changes:
- Fixed subtitle pop up bug
- Fixed SRT loading broken in D2V mode (GOLD)

12-09-2004 - D.I.K.O. 0.76 Beta 2 has been released! The changes:
- More fixes in Subtitle Routines
- Fixed Bug: VCD Header trick now working, and images being created correctly. Thanks Prodater64 for the tests.
- Fixed Bug: SVCD Authoring now working with 2 CDs
- German and Portuguese Translations updated
- Now using SoundTouch with 5.1 audio following Prodater64 idea.

D.I.K.O. Free 0.76
- Fixed Subtitle Problems

D.I.K.O. Free 0.75 has been released!
- Fixed Bug: QFactor getting negative in fine tunning
- Fixed Bug: downsample/upsample with AC3 audio
- Fixed Bug: sub loading disabled with switching back to D2V from DVD mode
- Fixed Bug: FreeEnc template for progressive DVD with wrong max
- Fixed Bug: Image creation not working with 2 CDs
- Fixed Bug: Splitting not working
- Fixed Bug: Multipass Selection with CCE
- FreeEnc updated to 0.3
- Added Avisynth, DVD Decrypter and XVid to install package as options, to make DIKO easier to install and get working
- Support for MP2 input in D2V mode, with no reencode if it's not needed
- Subtitle Workshop no longer needed: replaced with built-in routines

D.I.K.O. Free 0.74 has been released!
- CCE now working in tray again
- Two buttons in add movie dialog: one to add movies, and another to start the conversion. This should make adding many movies (episodes for instance) much quicker
- Fixed force reencode audio bug
- Fix DIKO.INI bug (that was causing the sample size message)
- Shutdown CountDown allowing to cancel
- Shutdown even if conversion failed
- Added all languages to authoring menu
- Fixed bug: clean "Subtitle 2" when changes to d2v/dvd mode
- Warn about invalid 16:9 resolutions/16:9 in SVCD
- SVCD image creation using VCD Imager, also adding chapters if asked.
- It's now possible to use multipass VBR instead 1pass with prediction in CCE
- Header Trick Checkbox, allowing to mux SVCD as VCD
- QuEnc replaced by FreeEnc.

D.I.K.O. Free 0.73 has been released!
- New amazing interface by Guilherme... I'm sure many people won't even recognize DIKO.
- log moved to Main Window
- DIKO now uses a small taskbar icon next to the clock, saving space when you're using the computer while it's processing.
- Changed how SoundTouch is called, to allow it to work correctly. This fix was discovered by Boulder.
- New Conversion Dialog now supports Drag and Drop.
- Resizing functions should (finally?) work with the "smaller than 1.333" DivX
- Fixed some authoring bugs.
- MP3 and MP2 audio are now transcoded to WAV using MadPlay before being processed by BeSweet. MadPlay is the most reliable MPEG AUDIO decoder IMHO, this should fix the BeSweet crashes.
- Readme gone and replaced by a much better Helpfile, with lots of documentation. Please read, took me a lot of time to write this.
- Dutch Translation (now maintened by Tinus staigerpaip), Poland (by PorkOne), Finish (by Critter), Spanish (by Kwag), Danish (by Lars)

D.I.K.O. Free 0.72 has been released!
- New amazing icons designed by Guilherme
- Fixed 2 CDs KSVCD not starting
- Fixed Audio type detection
- Fixed Crash Recovery not deleting INI Keys (I hope)
- Fixed DIKO dying in the end of the process
- Fixed DirectShow/Progressive Box not working
- Fixed subs being muxed even with fixed subs
- New ?fool-proof? checks: check if executables exist and don't allow new conversions if not and check if Working Folder Exists
- Swedish (by Emph) and Hebrew (by vipersvcd) translation updated

D.I.K.O. Free 0.71 has been released! (July 4)
- Log cleaned up? There was too many useless messages.
- Fixed bugs in D2V parsing routines
- Added missing error messages
- Fixed dowmix being disabled all the time in config dialog
- Fixed Error number not being recorded in logfile

D.I.K.O. Free 0.7 has been released (July 3)
- Merged DIKO.EXE and DIKOGUI.EXE ? This was the biggest change: DIKO processing now works inside a window which can be paused and resumed. I also had to do a major code rewrite, because the command-line utility and the GUI were using different sets of classes. So the program may behave the same, but inside it has changed a lot. Unfortunatelly this can also have created new bugs, but you can?t build a good house if the foundations are not solid. Anyway, I spend the week squashing bugs, I hope I killed them all.
- Fix ConvertFPS decision
- Moved logfile to working folder
- Fix Aspect Ratio Flag in DVD/D2V Mode
- Give tips when an error occur
- Monitor Filter Checkbox
- Audio info is taken directly from AVI, so audio extraction is now done after Video encoding

D.I.K.O. Free 0.62 has been released! (June 12)
-Fixed AC3 encoding bug in D2V mode
-Added a ?Progressive? checkbox to force progressive encoding with PAL DVDs.
-Fixed an error in QuEnc template

Version 0.6 (Jun 05)
-D2V support added to free version
-Added QuEnc templates
-Fixed Crash Recovery and Bugs with QuEnc support
-?Fool-Proof checks?: DIKO now prevents multiple instances and checks if avisynth is installed and it?s 2.5 branch.
-New Italian translation by thebepps1

Version 0.5 (May 29)
-Fixed Bug: DirectShowSource broken again
-Really fix the Converttoyuy2() before Convertfps
-Configuration Dialog re-organized. It should be much easier to understand now.
-New Danish translation (by Larso) and Finnish Translation (by Critter), Polish, German and Catalan translations updated.
-Fixed Bug: BeSweet being called with SoundTouch all the time.
-Fixed bug: Language name not being shown correctly if it was translated
-Fixed QuickStart Icon
-Added support to Nic's QuEnc

Version 0.45 (May 23)
-Standard.avs renamed to DivX-Xvid.avs
-Translations updated: Hebrew (vipersvcd), Spanish (Karl), Swedish (Emphatic), Brazilian-Portuguese (VMesquita)
-DIKumciser updated to latest 0.81
-The Add Movies dialog now has a log textbox, showing which movies have been loaded so far.
-Fixed bug: Put converttoyuy2() before convertFPS to avoid colorspace problems.
-use soundtouch for audio framerate changes when destination audio is two channel. This should solve all besweet crashes, I hope. Thanks BeSweet author DSPGuru for showing me this new feature.
-Fixed Bug: support for "even wierder" framerates (<21 fps)
-QFactor Adjust renamed to Sample Size Factor and now won't allow values bigger than 1.1 or smaller than 0.9
-Added a "Ignore Pulldown Failure" box.

Version 0.44 (May 14)
-BeSweet version updated to 1.5 Beta 28
-Fixed bug: authoring not working always
-Fixed bug: subs were being fixed in DVD if fixed subs was previously on for SVCD
-fix prediction so QFactor does not become negative.
-Fix Bug: DirectShowSource not working with 2 movies
-Fix Bug: Close button now working
-Fixed subs in KDVD mode for people with "english-based" authoring packages like Tmpgenc DVDAuthor.

Version 0.43 (March 27)
-Fixed bug: donation icon path
-Fixed bug: DIKO asking for dvdauthor menu with KSVCD
-support for DIKcumcizer (MPEG splitter being developed by Kwag )
-max QFactor selection box. Please note that the new prediction is optimized for Max Q Factor 40, I don?t know how It will behave with other Max Q Factor. In theory, MaxQFactor < 40 should also be OK.
-Use YV12 version on convolution3D in standard.avs: much faster and better results.
-Fixed bug: overscan bug in standard.avs
-avsmon support in standard.avs: Now you can see script output while encoding in realtime if you want!
-new prediction, much more accurate (I hope)
-added -3 dB LFE to LR in besweet (azid) downmixing
-added AddAudio to standard.avs and "chapterlist=0" in ECL to prevent CCE crashes.

Version 0.42
- Subtitle Font selection tab created but not implement yet
- Swedish translation by Emphatic
- Catalan translation by Muntanyeta
- Hebrew translation by Vipersvcd
- Polish translation by PorkOne
- Fixed SPUMux xml bug
- Fixed selectable subtitle rendering size bug
- Fixed bug: When sample size with Q=1 is smaller than desired size,
- DIKO is using Q=30 instead of Q=1.
- Fixed Bug: DirectShowSoure not working
- Remove 30 seconds delay in prediction.
- start DIKO.EXE (command-line) in low priority
- Fixed Bug: buffer overflow when using long movie names
- Fixed Bug: usemp2 and use 44.1 checkboxes not working properly
- Fixed bug: anamorphic output not working with 1.85:1 AR movies.
- Donation via IKobo button
- overscan selection box
- Fixed bug: When DIKO finds 480x480 as the optimal resolution, later it uses 528x480.

Version 0.41
- fix 23.976 bug
- BeSweet fixes: use --ssrc instead of shibatch , use mp2enc instead of toolame (HeadAC3he actually uses mp2enc for MP2 encoding), ac3
audio now uses: -azid( -s surround2 -g max ) (this hopefully will find the maximmum gain in AC3 and downmix) , add -ota (g max) line to automatically find the right gain with MP3 and PCM audio.
- reorganize INI file structure
- 44.1 khz audio in SVCD (as a option)
- fix VIDEO_TS.IFO not being created when doing authoring without menu
- add support for 5.1 AVIs reported as 6 channels (muxed by
- don't overwrite existing INI file and show a welcome message
- rename final generated files to the original AVI name.
- a widescreen selection box, with this options: letterbox (default), encode anamorphic and letterbox and crop to fullscreen. Anamorphic encoding is smart, i.e., it only encodes anamorphic if the movie is widescreen.

Version 0.4
- No need to select framerate anymore. Just select PAL or NTSC and all
the framerate conversions will be done automatically when needed,
using the best quality way possible. For NTSC: 29.97 and 23.976 are
kept this way and 25 is slowed down to 23.976. For PAL: 23.976 is
speeded up to 25 fps, 25 fps is kept this way, and 29.97 is converted to 25 fps using Avisynth function convertfps. I am not sure this is the best way to do this kind of conversion, so if anyone knows a better way, let me know.
- 29.97 to 25 fps conversion now supported (as shown above)
- ?smaller? configuration dialog.
- Removed ?MaestroSBT? tab from configuration dialog. This tab was inactive since the first GUI release.
- Configuration Dialog was a mess, I re-organized.
- Best Resolution Finder: DIKO can now find the best resolution to encode the movie(s) with a Q Factor lower than 40. You just choose the
resolutions your player support (or the DVD-Compí¬ˇnt resolutions, to
play safe), check the ?Best Resolution Finder? and that?s it!
- Crop to full screen ? I don?t really like doing this (read to understand why), but some people do? So here
it goes!
- Shutdown when finished processing on Windows NT/2000/XP
- Bugs in script template fixed (pointed by rezaparnian)

Version 0.34
- Besweet Audio pitch issues should be fixed. Now toolame.exe is no
longer needed: DIKO is using besweet?s toolame.dll to output straight to mp2. I tested with 25->23.976 conversions and seems to be fine,
23.976-> 25 should be working.
- 480x480(576), 528x480(576) and 544x480 (576) are now available.
- 29.976 changed to 29.970
- Now using official dvdauthor/spumux win32 compile. My compile was
giving stackdumps sometimes.

Version 0.33
- Fixed Subs for SVCD. Vsfilter.dll from vobsub included in filters folder for
this purpose.
- Checks and remove slash in the end of workingdir, that makes ECLCCE
- Allows using DirectShowSource instead of AVISource
- Prediction now processes one movie at a time in CCE. This allows
prediction for many movies without errors (I hope)
- SVCD subs selection box wasn?t working properly. Fixed.

Version 0.32
- Stupid framerate bug fixed. Used ?=? instead of ?==? in a IF statement

Version 0.31
- Configuration Dialog bugs fixed.
- DIKO no longer halts on invalid framerate conversion, only warns.
- Previous ac3 encoded files are removed prior to SoftEncode execution,
since looks like it doesn?t overwrite files.
- Readme now features additional instructions for KSVCD
- About dialog updated
- New script should be more accurate, provide more compressibility and
work faster

Version 0.3
- FAQ updated
- KSVCD support, including SVCD/CVD selectable subtitles
- MP2 audio support using toolame
- Downmix 5.1 to 2.0 support
- DIKO now checks and halts on invalid framerate (valids are
23.976,25,29.97) or invalid framerate conversion (you can only convert
from 23.976 to 25 and vice-versa)
- Fatal Error messages now appear in a Message Box
- Authoring without menu should be working now? If I don?t mess things
up again? ?
- Prediction now should not fall in infinite loops any more.
- Frame_rate_idx in CCE template was being set according to the source,not the destination. Fixed.
- SoftEncode ini file now uses -20 dB dialog normalization, it?s not the ideal situation but looks like for most files this value is around -20.
- Many fixes in Dutch translation by Bonarez.
- German Translation by Incredible. DIKO is now available in 6 languages!

Version 0.21
- Authoring without menu (very useful for importing subs in DVD-Lab)
wasn?t working properly. Fixed.
- The Default script does not feature GripFit anymore, since it causes
?caught an access violation? Avisynth errors sometimes. A basic resizing is used now, and will be optimized.
- Added one more variation of the SoftEncode correction, and fixed the
- DIKO issues a message in the end of processing so it doesn?t look like it crashed.
- Crash Recovery Support ? More info below
- Translation Support: Portuguese, English, Spanish (by Kwag), French
(by DialHot) and Dutch (by Bonarez)! More translations on the way.
Please contact me if you would like to translate DIKO to your language.
- ?OK? in Add Movies Dialog changed to ?Add? to be more clear.

Version 0.2
? Now Featuring a GUI. DIKO is no longer a command-line application! But the GUI is alpha as usual, so be aware.
? Deleting of SoftEncode Keys now can enabled and disabled using the
configuration menu.
? PAL Bug in CCE has been fixed.

Version 0.12
? Sampler.dll and mpeg2dec3.dll were missing from the plugins folder,
now they have been added
? No need to specify the n_of_movies in [Main] anymore. This setting is now ignored.
? No need to copy Avisynth Plugins anymore. Generated scripts now carry a LoadPlugin for each plugin in Avisynth Plugins folder.
? Automatically add an ?addborders? line in script to prevent the mod16 issue when it?s needed (height or width not divisible by 16)
? Generated avs now includes the Full Path
? FPS conversion wasn?t working for subtitles. Fixed.
? Now it can fully work in background thanks to SPUMux (from dvdauthor
0.6.9 package) new subtitle rendering function. No need for MaestroSBT
? Using SPUMux also fixes the ignored subs problem (some subs were
being dropped)
? Added the parameter qfactoradjust, that avoids the undersize problem
in CCE when using the default script.
? Author option in [Main] changed.
? Added a FAQ to this readme with most commom questions.

Version 0.11
? Fixed a bug in installation

Version 0.1
? Initial Release

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