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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DAudioK

26th March 2007 - v.0.1.9 beta

* Fixed a bug on the Installer -- using the custom instalation option, the main application files would not get installer -- Thank you to gsing for pointing this out
* Fixed a bug related to an accidental FFMPEG executable launching -- this could result in an encoding failure.
* updated Microsofts' "WMCmd.vbs" for the latest version, now it's possible to use AVS scripts to fees the WM encoder so... the "normalization feature is enabled -- my thanks to Zambelli
* corrected the "save as" procedure -- when output format was set to WMA it wasn't working.
* added DTS files as source files -- a directshow filter will be installed ( to enable this function.
* Corrected the installer so WMA files can be encoded.

12th March 2007 - v.0.1.8 beta

* Fixed the UpMix feature -- one last minute change made this function not work at all... yes I banged my head against the wall times enough now.
* Updated the Mediainfo version to the latest.

10th March 2007 - v.0.1.7 beta

* From now on, all the Audio will be frameserved through AviSynth that means that the presence of AviSynth on your system is a obligatory - this is not applied when the output format is WMA, this means that no "Normalize" or segments cut can be applied at this moment.
* Updated the AviSynth version included on the Installer -- you may want want to uninstall the previous version... the installer will detect that AviSynt is not present on your system and will install a reduced version of AviSynth 2.5.7 -- if you want the full version you can get it at
* Updated FFMEG to a newer release compiled by Celtic Druid.
* Added a Stereo To 5.1 UpMix feature -- at this point its only possible to make 6channels AC3 files -- A huge thank you to Rockaria and dimzon ( for the base AVS(AviSynth) script provided through BeHappy.
note: to use this feature you'll need SoxFilter (by Klaus Post) on your AviSynth plugins folder -- if you use the DAudioK Installer this filter will be installed under "tools/plugins" on DAudioK installation folder.
* Changed the AC3 encodings from FFMPEG to QuEnc -- QuEnc is included on the self installer package and on the RAR Package -- you can point the path to QuEnc on the Setup dialog.
* Added the WMA output format -- only the default WMA profiles will be available at this point... more advanced options will be added on next releases.
* Added AVS and DTS as Input formats -- you can use AVS to encode your own custom scripts.
* Added Real Audio audio files as Input Format (.ra and .rmj) - you may need to install Real Alternative so you can have the necessary DirectShow filters.
* Updated MediaInfo to the latest version -- from now on the data (tags) from the audio files will be collected using the CLI of the latest version. It will be installed under DAudioK installations folder inside "Tools/MediaInfo".
* Added a "normalize" option -- the 'normalization" will be performed through AviSynth.
* Corrected a bug on the mp3 "channels set" routine.
* Corrected the encoding volume -- the volume values were not working at all. I also changed the max volume to 100 -- the ffmpeg version in use doesn't increase the output files' volume.
* Resized some interface components. Some words of the new languages weren't fitting on the space available.
* Introduced an experimental "LOG" routine -- this will be pretty incomplete for the time being... I'm hoping to add some more usefull info on the next releases -- to visualize the Log you must activate its window under "File" menu.
* The progress bar will be displaying the correct progress of the encoding process -- a huge thank you to jdobbs on this one.
* Some minor bug corrections.
* Some minor cosmetic changes.
* Updated Translation routine for the new features Note: To use wma encoding feature you may need to download WME 9 Series
Windows Media Encoder 9 Series
............................................................................ Home Page: 32bits 9.5MB 64bits 12.4MB

5th December 2006 - v.0.1.6 beta

* Introduced the "Spanish" language... Thank you KarlMTC
* Introduced the "French" language... Thank you Desassossego
* Introduced the "German" language... Thank you Desassossego
* Corrected an error introduced on v.0.1.5 beta. Some cosmetic changes caused a malfunction on some systems... sorry about this one :0(.

4th December 2006 - v.0.1.5 beta

* Added WAV and AAC output formats.

* Added an "Abort" encode button... as it says... aborts the encoding process.

* Changed the default MP2/MPA bitrate to 224kbps... sorry about this one, I simply didn't noticed (Copy/Paste mistakes :0$). This is no big deal unless the user is a beginner and wants to make audio for VCD, SVCD or DVD... in that case, 224kbps is "suitable" for all.

* Corrections on the translation routine -- some items didn't got translated.

* To avoid unauthorized translations of the interface, I've introduced a routine that will re-write the language file everytime this application is started. If you want to translate the program to your mother language, please contact me through or, I'll be extremely glad to accept your contribution and you'll get the credits for your work printed on the Software Interface.

* Added a "Vista" option under Setup dialog. That option can be used to adapt the main window size to the new "Vista looks".

* Some minor bug corrections.

* Some minor cosmetic changes.

* Updated Translation routine for the new features.

2nd October 2006 - v.0.1.4 beta

* At this point you can convert between MP3, AC3, MP2 formats, you can convert WMA to MP3, MP2 and AC3, WAV to MP3, MP2 and AC3, MP3 to AMR and you can resample MP3 files.

* Updated the Installer so now it has an "Update Only" option -- you can select the "update" option on the top of the "components selection" dialog.

* I removed the "'X' to 'Y'" modes -- what was I thinking?!?!. Now you just have to choose the output format... this is really beta, but it seems to be working fine. I haven't tested it on a completly "clean" system, 'cause I don't have one :0)

* Made a few corrections on the MP3 Tag module. The "Genre" was being tagged wrong and there was a conflict between versions that could make some software not recognize the tags correctly.

* Added a routine to clear the path to "input file" if you change the input format.

* Added a routine to correct the extension if you change the output format after setting the "output file" -- the extension will be changed according to the new output format.

* Added a "File Exists" warning that shall popup everytime the Output file name already exists.
* Added a "check for new versions" feature -- you can access its definitions on the Setup dialog -- this feature only accesses a remote file to get the latest version number... no data from the local system is collected or sent.

* Fixed a Bug on the AMR Bitrate combo introduced on version 0.1.3 beta

* Some minor bug corrections.

* Some cosmetic changes.

25th September 2006 - v.0.1.3 beta

* Added "Portuguese" language. You can set your prefered language on the
Setup dialog (Menu "Tools" -> "Setup")
* Added the possibility to choose the path to ffmpeg executable on the
Setup dialog -- this will give the possibility to use different versions.
NOTE: This software has been tested with the ffmpeg.exe included on the
Installer or the RAR package... if you're going to try a different version
I can't garantee that it will work.
* Now, all the option selected will be saved. Next time you start the
application, the options will be set to your last selections (I hope :0))
* Added a "Tags Display" feature. The data will be used to pass the tags to
the newly encoded file... on the previous releases the Tags were lost. You
can change the tags of your target file if you change the data before
encoding. The tags will be saved using the ID3 v 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4.
(ID3 tagging module by Mathias Kunter (
* Some minor bug corrections.
* Some minor cosmetic changes

13th August 2006 - v.0.1.2 beta

* Enabled MP3 to MP3 encoding.
* Enabled MP3 to AC3 encoding.
* Enabled AMR Wide-Band Encoding.
* Enabled the selection of one "segment" for cuts... this feature requires AviSynth installed on your system...
* Restructured the Interface... for better... I hope :o)
* Added the option to export de encoded file to the same folder of the original file just leave the option "Same Output Folder" checked.
* Fully translated to English.

7th July 2006 - v.0.0.1 beta First release (just for some friends :0))

* Just converts from MP3 to AMR narrow band.

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