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D2MP is a video to DVD, DivX, Blu-ray or AVCHD converter software. Free, Fast and High Quality. Outputs in both PAL and NTSC. Features: AVI to DVD Conversion - ideal for video camera movies with any framerate; Blu-ray to DVD / AVCHD / Blu-ray convertion wizard; HD 1080 & 720 outputs in AVCHD and Blu-ray structures; HD output for UDF (DVD/Blu-RAY) and FAT (external disks) file systems; WMV file support; Compatible with several video encoders (quenc, hcenc, aqe, cce trial); Perfect conversion between PAL and NTSC formats; Subtitle processing; DVD Menu authoring tool (with buttons, colors, background and "snap to grid"); Auto detects 4:3, 16:9 (1.85:1) and 2.35:1 aspect ratios;

OS: Win
File size: 26MB
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Latest version

4.71 (April 13, 2013)


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Download D2MP 4.71  26MB  Win

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Download D2MP 4.71 update  457KB  Win

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Freeware (Free download!)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version 4.71 – 12 April 2013

- New version check now runs in the background;
- Additional backup version check server;
- MPEG4/AVC/ISO label shortened to MPEG4;
- Greater support for MKV, MP4, M2TS and MTS inputs;
- Improved HD output compatibility detection.
- Added option to manually control ffmpeg encoding threads;
- Even more stability with ffmpeg integration;

Version 4.70 – 3 March 2013

. FFmpeg and Mplex interaction reviewed;
. Progressbar rewritten;
. Automatically searches for new versions on start-up;
. Encoding button disabled while scanning fields for new movies;
. Some messages reviewed;
. Interface adjustments;
. Fixed CCE (trial version) integration in auto-bitrate mode;
. Fixed Multiplex bug with some DVD Outputs;
. Other minor bugs and stabilization fixes;

Version 4.61 – 1 September 2012

- Added support for MOV files (video camera formats compatible);
- Added support for VOB files input [d2mp plus] (*);
- Multiple files in P S 3 [AVI] output;
- Audio bitrate limits refined in AC3 downstreams for hd remuxes;
- Progressbar code rewritten for better support to NTFS;
- Progressbar displays estimated time to end of sub-task (video, audio, divx mux and hd authoring);
- Log font updated;

(*) Support for direct VOB video files (NOT DVD structures) - only 1st video and 1st audio track.

Version 4.50 – 2 June 2012

- Decoders updated to support newest video codecs;
- Added support to FFDSHOW last stable release rev4482_20120409 (included in install package);

Version 4.32 – 27 May 2011

. Much improved compatibility for newer audio AC3 codecs;

. Rebuilt optional video encoders selection (QUENC, HCENC, CCE, AQE) for non-DIVX outputs ;

. FFMPEG forced for DIVX outputs (and recommend for all the other output types);

. Added support to FFDSHOW rev3861_20110527 (included in full install package);

. Certified support for Win 7
32 bit and Win 7 64 bit systems;

NOTE: A full install is advised for all components (always selecting default options);

Version 4.31 – 6 February 2011
. Small interface adjustments;
. Minor patching & code optimizations.

Version 4.30 – 8 January 2011
. Better bitrate optimization for DIVX PS3 outputs;
. Solved integration issues with aviaddxsubs for dix subtitles;
. New fonts (Segoe UI for Vista and Win7. Arial for others);
. Updated form resizing for different dpi (Vista and Win7);
. Automatic log scroll down on encode start;

Version 4.23 – 21 September 2010
. Bug fix release:
. DVD author updated for better compatibility with Windows 7;

. (PSP outputs not yet - sorry !)

Version 4.22 – 9 September 2010
. Better MKV and MP4 compatibility;
. Improved PS3 Divx output;
. Other small algorithmic adjustments;
. (next release will support PSP compatible outputs);

Version 4.21 – 25 April 2010
. Windows 7 fonts support;
. Added compatibility to large and custom font sizes;
. Large screen resolutions compliant;
. Minor interface adjustments;
. Small adjustment to auto bitrate algorithms.

Version 4.20 – 9 April 2010
. Added "auto-bitrate" mode;
. Added support for DIVX output [*]
. Added support for MP4 input files (d2mp plus);
. Adjusted MB/MiB, KB/KiB definitions (IEEE 1541-2002);
. Improved using audio demux instead of transcoding;
. Changed log messages structure scheme and colors;
. Better audio bitrate calculation for film to pal direct stream copy;
. User manual updated;

[*] Divx support added for MKV / MP4 convertions to divx;
[*] Divx Subtitles multiplexing using AviAddXsubs;
[*] Divx forces FFMPEG for encoding and audio is limited to 384Kbps.

Version 4.11 – 17 October 2009
(Full install recommended.
Do not reboot until all components are installed)

. Small interface updates;

Direct Stream Copy:
. Auto-transcode audio to fit target space;
. Optional conversion to PAL without re-encoding video;

Version 4.10 – 19 August 2009

(Full install is needed – do not reboot until every component is installed)


- Fixed BUG: mplex produced some dropped frames;
- Fixed BUG: mplex produced some buffer underrun;
- NEW HACK formplex;


- Upgraded compatibility with tsmuxer 0.10;
- Fixed Bug: File naming for UDF <-> FAT conversions;
- Fixed BUG: Subtitles positioning with external streams for mkv source in bd-wizard.

Version 4.08 – 7 March 2009

(full install is recommended to install new codec drivers)

. Pure 24fps support as input (in addition to existing 23.976 and 23.978);
. Updated ffdshow distribution to rev2693_20090216 (with d2mp full install);
. Auto-setup ffdshow for better h264 and correct VC-1(*) decoding;
. Bug fixed: incorrect black bars when reducing HD frame sizes;
. Updated interface for external programs paths configuration;

. Fixed bug in bitrate calculations;
. Forced same avisynth script for both ffmpeg passes;
. Fixed alternate method for 2 passes ffmpeg encoding;

[Avchd / Blu-ray]
. Even better AVCHD / Blu-ray patching for seamless playback and seek functions;
. HQ Parameters option for FFmpeg Mp4 output;
. Adjusted output m2ts split size to 3.9 Gib;

[Bd Wizard]
. Support for multiple stream types [m2ts, mts, mkv];
. Option to load subtitles from external file;
. Support for streams without internal subtitles;
. (experimental) support for streams with non-standard framesizes;
. Bug fixed: Should not reduce frame size if using internal subtitles;

(*) If there are issues with VC-1, Microsoft's VC-1 decoder should be installed.

Version 4.06 - 22 January 2009

(update should only be applied over version 4.03 and above)

. Added Experimental support to DTS audio;
. Added audio bitrates to encode @ 448, 512 & 640 kbps;
. Optimized external audio processing;
. Movie play-time will be updated from external audio file if needed;
. BDWizard cut function (the last time stamp to process) ;
. BDwizard better Mpeg-2 input streams compatibility;
. AVCHD clpi files patched for seamless playback;
. FAQs updated;
. Manual updated.

Version 4.05 - 10 January 2009

. AVCHD clpi files patched for seamless playback;
. AVCHD H264 / Mpeg2 encode selection available;
. BDWizard frame size forced to 1280x720 for video bitrate < 10 Mbps;
. BDWizard: using alternate encode method for MPEG-2 m2ts sources;
. BDWizard: non-plus bitrate random limited from 3Mbps to 6Mbps;
. Blu-ray compatible mkv/mts/m2ts sources auto sugestion to bypass encoding;
. FFmpeg using max bitrate and bufsize (4096 avchd & 224 dvd);
. FFmpeg top field definition only used with interlace material;
. Small interface adjustments;
. Mediainfo version detection;
. Missing file detection: suggest full install.

Version 4.03 - 03 January 2009

- BD WIZARD released with D2MP:
. Easly converts an unencrypted Blu-ray or AVCHD STREAM folder;
. Creates an AVCHD (a.k.a. "BLU-RAY in DVD") PS3 compatible;
. Outputsto DVD, DVD DL and BLU-RAY Disk;
. Frame sizes up to 1920x1080 HD with 1 audio & 1 subtitle track;
. Video bitrate outputs up to 20 Mbps in D2MP PLUS [*];
. Available in the "HD Extras" tab.

- D2MP classic interface:
. New "HD Extras" tab with:
o "BD Wizard";
o "Direct Stream Copy" (to create AVCHD from MKV's WITHOUT re-encoding);
o "UDF<-->FAT" (quick converts AVCHD outputs between UDF & FAT);
. added support for HD transport streams TS and M2TS;
. alternate encode method used for AVC (HD) codecs;
. mediainfo.dll updated to;
. ffmpeg version updated, support for video & audio encoding & multithread for dual-core;
. adopted 1KB = 1000 bytes standard;
. Manual updated (please read it).

Version 4.01 - 23 November 2008

- HD BUG: File naming for CPI file in AVCHD FAT output with more than 4GB;
- VIDEO: Auto-handling of Quenc crash messages;
- Available as an update to use over a 4.0 full install.

Version 4.0 - 23 November 2008

- If you get an error installing this version, please download again (21.743.506bytes)

Version 4.0 - 22 November 2008

After 1 year, here it is D2MP HD:

- Output in HD (1920x1080 and 1280x720);
- Generation of AVCHD structures;
- Output for both DVD/Blu-ray disks and external HDD;
- PS3 compatible;
- Extended support for MKV containers;
- Fast MKV --> AVCHD remux (whithout re-encoding);
- Haali media splitter and TsMuxeR included in distribution;

- HD support is still in beta stage. Some limitations may apply. Please read the instructions shown by the program before encoding;
- Entire DVD output support is mantained as before

Version 3.92 - 6 December 2007

BUG fix release; There are no newer functions !

- BUG:Corrected error reporting for output files +4GB;
- BUG:Fixed error detection for console applications

3.9 - 19 Ago 2007

- PLUS:Added support for mkv containers (*)
- GENERAL: Prepared for future containers;
- GENERAL: Container type added to movie properties window;
- GENERAL: Improved compatibility to newer codec versions;
- GENERAL: Updated distribution with mediainfo.dll;
- GENERAL: Updated distribution withffdshow rev 1288 20070616 xxl;
- GENERAL: Auto register d2mp in ffdshow compatibility list;
- GENERAL: Disabled control of ffdshow tray icon;
- GENERAL: Removed registration LOG messages;
- GENERAL: Changed plus registration scheme (see bellow);
- VIDEO:Corrected video passes interface bug;
- SUBS:Improved SRT control codes handling;

3.8 - 16 Jun 2007

- VIDEO:Support for HCENC (*);
- VIDEO:Support for non-standard frame rates;
- VIDEO:Closed GOP control for Quenc;
- VIDEO:New hack for ffdshow codec control;
- MENUS:Automatic snap to grid when dragging items;
- MANUAL:Updated;
- GENERAL: Small interface changes;
- GENERAL: Program icon corrected;

(*) HCENC is not included in d2mp distribution. It has to be installed separately.

3.7 - 21 Apr 2007

- VIDEO:Fixed error reporting with small length movies;
- SUBS:Pre-rendering subtitles sintax checking;
- SUBS:Process stability and speed optimizations;
- MENUS:Adjusted NTSC screen size;
- MENUS:Prevent out of screen button positioning (no more DVDAUTHOR crashes);
- AUTHOR:Detailed error log for DVDAUTHOR Exceptions!
- GENERAL: Auto-highlight the movie being encoded;
- GENERAL: WMV selection available on selection window.

3.6 - 11 Mar 2007

- GENERAL: End of Registry NAG screen (*)
- GENERAL: Individual join movie selection (**)
- GENERAL: Console programs defaults to hidden window(***)
- SUBS: Detailed subtitle error descriptions;
- SUBS: Optimized Subtitle processing when on recovey processes;
- MUX: Improved error logging;

- GENERAL Random hangings when waiting for external processes and threads;
- SUBS: Erroneus big subtitle fonts in low video resolutions (352x288, 352x576, 352x480, 352x240);

(*) No more nag screen. If still do a free register or a plus register for extra functions.
(**) Now it's possible to select which movies to join
(***) Use encode Window Status button for changing statu

3.5 - 3 Feb 2006

- GENERAL: Improved media detail in properties window;
- GENERAL: Created D2MP about box;
- GENERAL: AVS Files dumped to D2mp.log;
- GENERAL: fixed delete bug to avoid deleting original file;
- GENERAL: Explicit detect Windows ME for compatibility;
- GENERAL: Small interface adjustments;
- VIDEO:Upgraded mediainfo.dll version - better media detection;
- VIDEO:Support for QUENC 0.71 (*);
- VIDEO:Beta support for WMV;
- VIDEO:Auto-adjust ffdshow_vfw configuration for best compatibitility;
- VIDEO:Alternate video encode with directshowsource when avisource fails;
- VIDEO:Detect encoded stream duration for more fable error detection;
- AUDIO:Prepared to support future formats (6.1, DTS, DTS-ES);
- AUDIO:Optimized AC3 detection and encoding;
- AUDIO:Updated nicaudio.dll to alpha3 for additional ac3 compatibility;
- AUDIO:Alternate audio encode with directshowsource when nicaudio.dll fails;
- AUDIO:Auto-adjust ffdshow_audio configuration for best compatibility
- AUDIO:External audio loading only allowed for elementary streams (PLUS);
- MUX:Delay calculations optimized;
- MENU:Only BMP (compatible) image files are selectable;
- MENU:Menu generation batch files dumped to D2mp.log;
- MENU:Adjusted menu titles when movies are moved on the list;
- BUG:Corrected total encoding time calculations;
- MANUAL:Manual updated;
(*) Quenc 0.61, still distributed with d2mp for stability compliance.

3.4 - 19/12/2006
[Last version of the year. Season's Greetings]

- GENERAL: Freespace detection on destination drive prior to encode;
- GENERAL: New progress bar works with all scopes;
- GENERAL: New "D2MP Console" for running external command line processes;
- GENERAL: New MULTIPLEX scope (join video and audio without authoring);
- GENERAL: Removed SUBTITLE scope selection - subtitles are ALWAYS processed;
- GENERAL: Small Log changes;
- VIDEO: "Force 16:9 to ALL 4:3 sources" defaults to false;
- AUDIO: Audio mode defaults to AC3;
- AUDIO: FIXED 'ffmpeg' wrong channel count when demuxing audio (thanks Robin);
- AUDIO: Forced AC3 audio channels mapping to by-pass 'nicac3source' channels sorting;
- MENU:All Menu options are now saved in D2MP.INI amd batch files;
- MENU: REMOVED Menu Edit NAG screen of D2MP Classic;
- BUG: FIXED Random hang-ups when calling external programs;
- BUG: FIXED overflow when detecting some MPEG elementary streams (PLUS only) (*).

(*) In this case the information will be processed from the provided external audio file

3.3.1 - 06/12/2006

- Bug fixed: Besweet was still tested for existence even not being necessary.

3.3 - 05/12/2006

D2MP 3.3:

- MENUS: Implemented menu authoring and editing (full edit options for PLUS).

- GENERAL: Shutdown Windows only if no error was reported during conversion.
- GENERAL: Progress bar for audio, muxing, sub rendering and sub muxing.
- GENERAL: Error handling and reporting optimization.

- VIDEO: MultiVTS support (16:9 and 4:3 movies in the same DVD).
- VIDEO: Improved CCE Window minimize status control;
- VIDEO: 16:9 output will not be used for 4:3 source material UNLESS forced (advanced options);

- AUDIO: Ac3 processing is independent of installed audio codecs (avoid misconfiguration errors);
- AUDIO: Direct stream copy when input and output are AC3 and no frame rate is needed;
- AUDIO: AC3 output will always have the same number of channels of the output;
- AUDIO: audio delay auto-detection when encoding (based on file info or external audio filename);
- AUDIO: besweet and ac3filter are no more used;

- SUBS: HQ subs character spacing configuration (HQ_CharSpacing, defaults to 2);
- SUBS: Updated processing errors, warnings and log messages;
- SUBS: Default font: Arial 32, spacing 2, outline 3;
- SUBS: Font definiotn logged when encoding;
- SUBS: Recomended font: Arial Narrow 36, spacing 2, outline 3;
- SUBS: Always ouptut SRT + STL format

- BUG FIXED: Field order detection improved for MPEG files;
- BUG FIXED: record ouput format (PAL / NTSC) in batch files;
- BUG FIXED: Update total time after loading batches;
- BUG FIXED: Some subtitles disapeared when rendering.
- BUG FIXED: Bad aspect ratio detection on some mpeg-2 half res sourcer (PLUS ONLY).

- MANUAL: Updated to version 3.3

3.1 - 21/10/2006

CLASSIC Version:

* HQ (high quality) Selectable Subtitles (*);
* No more need for non-western font substitutes. Now the font codepage is selected directly in the font dialog box;
* Subtitles Italic (<i>) command processing;
* Detailed error log for external programs (**);
* SPEED IMPROVEMENT: Video resize only if input and output has different frame sizes;
* BUG FIXED: Fade in/out now working also for audio (when using avs audio);
* BUG FIXED: log and ini files update before shuting down Windows;
* BUG FIXED: some temporary files were not deleted if the option was active.
* Manual Updated (included with full install and downloadable separatelly)

PLUS only:

* Subtitle font name, size and style can be changed in the Font Dialog box.
* MPG files interlacement detection optimization;
* Optimized MPG file processing for audio transcoding using dgindex audio output;
* Script editing also enabled for audio avs scripts (be very carefull when changing it!);
* BUG FIXED: MPG1/ VCD should be always forced to 4:3;

(*) oultine level configuration using "HQ_Outlines" hack in d2mp.ini

(**) configuration available trought hack in d2mp.ini.

3.0 beta - 20/09/2006:

* Several interface improvements;
* 1 pass audio encoding with ffmpeg using audio avisynth scripts(*);
* Shutdown after encoding;
* DETAILED movies properties from context menu;
* DETAILED movies properties on Double Click;
* Movie hint displays additional movie information;
* Add and Remove from context menu;
* Move movies to top, up, down, and to bottom of the list from context menu;
* Configurable external programs in separate window;
* Display encoded and expect file sizes;
* ISO creation bug corrected;
* Audio creation bug corrected.

D2MP PLUS functions ONLY:

* Manually change bitrate (**);
* select diferent audio stream;
* avs script review & edit - advanced video option;
* mpeg input (audio from same mpg, or mpa/mp2/m2a/ac3/mp3/wav with same name, or select from file) (***);

2.31 -29/07/2006

* New "all in one"installation package (*);
* Avisynth detection improvement;
* Small functions improvements and bug corrections;
(*) Using Nullsoft Install System 2.18

2.30 - 29/06/2006

* Avisynth forced detection;
* FFmpeg support for audio resamples;
* IQA improvement;
* Small bug fix for disabling "unregistered" message for registered users;
* Adjusted time calculation algorithm to support small clips;
* Reviewed registration scheme.

2.28 - 01/06/2006

* Permanent subtitles (new avisynth plug-in needed: vsfilter.dll);
* Windows font substitution support for permanent subtitles with non-western character sets (*);
* End of cdrtools dependency - now using mkisofs from dvdauthor - updated;
* Fade in / fade out option for join mode;
* Autoscan Codec errors are only displayed in the log (message box can be optionally activated via a d2mp.ini hacking);
* Additional codepages available for selectable subtitles (other also, by manual insert);
* Changed main display information to include proportions (4:3, 16:9, 2.25:1) of every movie;
* Detailed report on log for every movie loaded;
* Temporary space optimization (temporary files will be deleted once they are not needed, instead of waiting for the end of the process);
* Result files are evaluated for possible encoding faults - displayed as log warnings.
* Newl hacks supported (browse the site to find them).

2.27 - 21/05/2006

* [new feature] Subtitle character set encoding selection;
* [new feature] Subtitle bottom margin selection
* Additional audio and subtitle languages added to selection list;
* Manual input of additional language codes;
* [BUG FIXED] Some conversions from PAL AVI to PAL DVD did not produce the correct subtitle streams (thank's to diamond);

2.26 - 19/05/2006

* New Join mode (possibility to assemble all the movies in one single track / DVD movie);
* Additional Subtitles error debugging messages
Note: If you have difficulties with the auto scan, please read the "advanced video options" page.

2.25a - 16/05/2006

* Codec information display;
* Improved auto-scan optimization for DIV3 and DIV4;
* New auto-scan error handling routines;
* DVD subtitles optimization;
* Resizable columns display. Configuration saved on d2mp.ini;

2.24 - 16/05/2006

* Bug fixed: forced Yv12 output for DIV3 and DIV4 encoded movies (should solve problems with those movies);
* Solved auto-scan crashing (if needed, a messagebox will report an unsucefull operation and d2mp will continue running).

2.23 MT - 14/05/2006

* Auto field detection - telecined, interlaced/progressive and field order (please read de user manual);
* New multi-threading mecanism for background scanning of loaded movies;
* SRT Subitles processed with less rigid rules (solves some compatibility issues);
* D2mp window auto resizes when using large fonts screens;
* Tests needed files before starting d2mp;
* Small functional adjustments to support new functions.

2.1 - 27/04/2006

* Audio gain / normalization selection;
* Lower registration screen appearing frequency (UNregistered users only).

2.0 - 22/04/2006

* Encoding scope individual selection (ideal for recovering);
* Audio AC3 output (2 and 5.1 channel modes) (*);
* DVD chapters;
* Quenc hacking (**);
* Small interface "face lift";
* Several bugs fixed;

Version 1.8b - 18/04/2006

- 1 pass encoding option for Quenc (*);
- Correct aspect ratio detection for 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1 movies;
- Auto black borders (letterbox);
- Auto-disable 16:9 mode for PAL 352x576/288 and NTSC 352x480/240 resolutions (**)
- Minor message boxes text adjustements;
- Some user manual changes;
- New registration scheme (full compatible to previously registered users, and free);

(*) Very fast option, but it is not possible to assure the correct file size;
(**) Only full frame DVD resolutions are 16:9 compliant;

1.7 - 10/04/2006

* ISO file output
* Free regisrty scheme (experimental)

1.6 - 30/3/2006

* PAL or NTSC ouptut selection
* small logo file adjustments
* small ini file adjustements

(ini file it is still compatible with older versions, but it is advisable to delete the existing d2mp.ini).

1.5 - 29/3/2006

* DVD Authoring
* Selectable audio and subtitle language tags
* small interface adjustments

1.4b 24/3/2006

* Subtitles font description are now correctly written in the INi file.

1.4 - 24/3/2006

* SUBTITLES! (finally)

1.3e - 20/3/2006

* Auto create Log file (d2mp.log)
* Log messages adjusted
* When exiting d2mp during an encoding process a confirmation dialog is shown.

1.3d - 20/3/2006

* Total DVD size recommendation adjusted (should be 4300 MB);
* Added option for deleting temporary files;
* Small interface adjustements.

1.3c - 13/3/2006

* Encoding scope selection
* Resize method selection
* Bitrate calculations optimization
* IQA bug fix
Hide changelog

All features

d2mp keypoints
Converts (almost) any VIDEO files to DVD, DIVX, Bluray, AVCHD;
Multiple input formats (see bellow);
Subtitles processing;
Multi-pass video encoding;
Original Automatic bitrate;
Unique Quality measurement and assurance algorithm;
Perfect conversion between PAL and NTSC formats;
Multiple aspect-ratio (2.35:1, 16:9, 4:3)
Compatible with several video encoders (ffmpeg, quenc, hcenc, aqe, cce trial);
Uses complete freeware package;

Bluray / AVCHD structures;

MP3, MPEG, AC3, AAC and DTS audio codecs (input);
Outputs MP2 and AC3 (2 channels and 5.1 channels);
Auto gain;
Audio language selection;
External audio source selection (*);

Subtitles for DVD, Bluray and DIVX;
Selectable and Permanent subtitles;
Internal rendering algorithm for High quality DVD subtitles;
Subtitle language configuration;
Subtitle font and color configuration (*);
International codepages (Western, Eastern, Arabic, Asian);
DVD Menu authoring tool (with buttons, colors, background and "snap to grid");
Full Menu configuration (*);
Authors DVD, Bluray/AVCHD, DIVX formats;
Auto detects interlaced/progressive mode, telecined status and field order;
Auto detects 4:3, 16:9 (1.85:1) and 2.35:1 aspect ratios;
4:3 and 16:9 output;
Noise reduction option;
DVD Join mode (multiple AVI’s to multiple DVD tracks or multiple AVI’s to single DVD track);
Auto DVD chapter generation;
AVS Script Edit & Review (*);
Blu-ray convertion without bitrate limitations (*);
Blu-ray wizard with access to MKV input files (*);
Fast conversion between FAT (external disks) and UDF (dvd/blu-ray media) (*);
(*) Available in D2MP PLUS.

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25 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

An update to me previous review below.

I should have been a little more patient because I do now have a key sent to me to unlock D2MP Plus. It took about a week but that was because their email was down for a while and they apologised for the delay.

Overall it's good software and worth 7 Euros if you want to unlock it's full potential.

Review by Lukas80153 on Oct 31, 2018 Version: 4.71 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Think twice before donating 7 Euros if you want a key to unlock D2MP Plus!!!

It's been well over the 48 hours time mentioned on the site and still no key. I have emailed the author and no reply whatsoever. I have been polite in my messages to them BTW.

Doubt I'll receive a key. Maybe the author don't checks emails any more as it's been years since an update.

Ahh well I'll use AVCHDCoder or ConvertXtoHD instead.

Review by Lukas80153 on Oct 28, 2018 Version: 4.71 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 3/10


1. Nice options, not too complicated. This is good for standard containers so you don't mess things up.

2. Does work pretty well within limits.

3. Value for money is 10, cuz it's free.


1. The first thing I didn't like about this tool is the fact that it asks to install OLD version codecs/old avisynth on my PC. Come on! For a program updated in (you can ignore this and just install the base program, to what effect, I know not. Seems to work fine)

2. The interface seems comprehensive but looks are underwhelming.

3. It states on loading that it won't convert to aac but ac3 only. Apparently it does have the option to.

4. Accepts only avi, wmv, divx (limitation of free version)

5. Whether you click on OK or not, it takes you to the free subtitle add-on. (Which is actually essential, so why make it optional?)

Review by blud7 on May 7, 2011 Version: 4.31 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 4/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

This latest version (4.31) doesn't even bring up a window on my system. I have a tab on the taskbar showing that it's started to open a window but I can't maximise it, and if I alt-tab to it it just shows that the window title would've been "Error". Not had any problems running any other programs and I'm pretty much up to date on all my updates, both Windows and drivers. I've tried unistalling it, re-downloading & installing it but to no avail. Guess I'll have to wait for the next version before I can try it. :(

Review by TimA-C on Feb 6, 2011 Version: 4.31 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Now using version 4.06 with HD support - the bluray wizard is great !
The mkv to HD encoder and the mkv fast muxer works very nice.
The udf to fat converter is a must.
(Don't understand the subtitle issues reported by other user as it always works for me).

The interface could be better !

Review by rajalev on Feb 1, 2009 Version: 4.06 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 8/10

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