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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for CloneCD

CloneCD 2016-05-16
- New: Accept keys sold by RedFox

CloneCD 2016-03-28
- New: Switch from SlySoft to RedFox!

CloneCD 2016-01-13
- New: Prevent possible dll side-load attack during installation
- Fix: Uninstall on Windows 10
- Fix: HelpLauncher could hang on Windows 10

CloneCD 2015-07-20
- New: Support for Windows 10
- New: Improved compatibility with modern hardware
- New: Support for large harddisks with sector sizes > 2048 bytes
- New: Improved file read / write performance with modern hardware
- New: ElbyCDIO layer updated
- Fix: Position of legal disclaimer on multi monitor configurations
- Change: Only drives which have a drive letter assigned are selectable
- Some minor fixes and improvements

CloneCD 2009-03-16
- New: Support burning of .dvd files created with AnyDVD
- New: Will create ISO images when reading DVD media by default
- New: Buffer display when writing ISO images
- Fix: Security vulnerability of the driver interface
- Some minor fixes and improvements

CloneCD 2008-06-13
- Fix: Version was broken, it could not write to DVD media at all. :(
- Some minor fixes and improvements

CloneCD 2008-06-12
- Fix: Detection of DL discs with some DVD writer models
- Some minor fixes and improvements

CloneCD 2007-10-28
- New: Workaround for problem with U3 USB memory sticks
- Change: Workaround for registration problem on Windows Vista
- Fix: Autostart problems of CloneCDTray on Windows Vista
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2007-05-21
- New: Workaround for problem with U3 USB memory sticks
- Change: Workaround for registration problem on Windows Vista
- Fix: Autostart problems of CloneCDTray on Windows Vista
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2006-12-25
- Fix: Trial period did not work

CloneCD 2006-12-20
- New: Added full support for Windows Vista, including 64-bit versions
- New: All drivers are now signed
- New: Installation program is now signed

CloneCD 2006-05-24
- New: Updated ElbyCDIO for better 64 bit support
- New: Installer removes old ElbyCDIO.dll versions from CloneCD 3/4 installations to avoid a conflict
- New: Installer will only ask for reboot, if a reboot is really necessary
- Fix: DVD+R Dual Layer writing failed with some DVD Writer models (e.g., Sony DRU-820A)
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2006-02-14
- Fix: Capacity of DVD-R media was sometimes not reported correctly
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2006-01-31
- New: Added overburning for DVD media
- New: Added support for DVD-R DL media
- New: When Dual layer DVDs are copied to DVD+R DL media, the layer break position of the destination disc will be exactly at the same location as the source disc (does not work with DVD-R DL media, because DVD-R DL media has a fixed layer break position)
- New: Added display of layer break position
- New: Added support for Windows Vista
- New: More logical behaviour of the User Interface when the Erase or Progress windows are minimized
- Fix: CD (not DVD) Image filenames longer than 79 characters caused CloneCD to crash
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2005-7-12
- Fix: Program could hang on startup

CloneCD 2005-6-18
- Fix: registration keys were not accepted in some configurations (bug introduced in

CloneCD 2005-6-8
- Fix: CD writing "on the fly" did not work correctly (bug introduced in

CloneCD 2005-6-7
- New: Added MIME type for easier download and installation of keyfiles
- Fix: Writing did not work correctly (bug introduced in

CloneCD 2005-6-1
- Fix: Wrong ElbyCDIO.dll was installed on Windows x64
- Fix: Stability problems in certain configurations
- Change: Improved RegCloneCD.exe
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2005-4-21
- Fix: Many stability problems in ElbyCDIO

CloneCD 2005-4-17
- Change: Added workaround for compatibility problem with Nero under 64 bit Windows
- Many stability fixes in ElbyCDIO

CloneCD 2005-4-12
- New: Added support for 64-bit Windows XP
- Change: ElbyCDIO rewritten from scratch to have unified drivers for 32 and 64 bit Windows
- Compatibility with third party IDE drivers should be improved
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2005-1-16
- Change: Fixed some blacklisting issues with CloneCD Tray
- Fix: Uninstaller could display corrupt strings
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2004-12-10
- New: Added support for "extreme extended" DVD-R media (4.85GB)
- Fix: CloneCD Tray behaves correctly on "Fast User Switch" on Windows XP
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2004-10-24
- Fix: Write DVD problems with Plextor drives
- Fix: Did not accept path names which
contained a dot (.) character
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2004-10-11
- Fix: Workaround for drives detecting CDs as DVDs
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD 2004-09-17
- Change: Reset of trial period

CloneCD 2004-09-16
- New: Workaround for SafeDisc 3 blacklisting
- New: Can now emulate SafeDisc 3 weak sectors
- New: Can now copy SafeDisc 3 protected DVDs
- New: Can now copy SafeDisc 3 protected CDs
- New: DVDs can now be saved as .iso files
- New: Silent Mode for installer (option /S)
- New: NEC (and compatible) DVD Writers will now write
DVD+R Dual Layer with booktype set to DVD-ROM
- New: Added DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW to "Hide CDR-Media"
- Fix: Single drive DVD copy
- Fix: Write Speed setting for DVD media
- Change: no longer accepts elby keycodes
elby Customers may contact SlySoft support for a special
upgrade offer
- Change: Removed "About" Sound
- Change: "Hide CDR Media" is now switched off by default
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

CloneCD (beta) 2004-07-29
- New: Added ability to read most DVD formats
- Note: DVD must not be copy protected, use AnyDVD if it is
- New: Added ability to write DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual Layer and DVD-RAM
- New: Added ability to erase DVD-RW and DVD+RW
- New: Added .dvd "split file" image format. This format works with FAT32 partitions and is compatible with VirtualCloneDrive.
- New: Added ability to write .iso and .udf formats created with other applications (e.g., Nero, DVD2One, DVDShrink or CloneDVD)

- Change in CloneCDTray: Displays sheep icon on Windows ME
- Fix in CloneCDTray: Deadlock when clicking into tray icon
- Fix in ElbyCDFL: "Blue Screen of Death" crash 0x7E 0xC0000005 with
some applications (e.g., Virtual PC 2004) on Windows 2000/XP
- Updated ElbyCDIO
- Updated languages

- Added support for Unicode registration names (e.g., Japanese)
- Some minor fixes and improvements

- Added notification during setup, if existing keycode issued by Elaborate Bytes will not be accepted
- Fixed problem with Plextor Premium (and other drives) and 3rd party controllers
- Updated languages

- The "free update period" for Elaborate Bytes customers was a little tight, we are sorry about that!
- Extended free updated period for Elaborate Bytes customers
- Fixed HelpLauncher.exe to display english texts, if language is not available
- Updated Czech and Finnish languages

- New: CloneCD found a new home at SlySoft
- New: Can now emulate SafeDisc 2.9 weak sectors!
- New: Improved weak sector emulation!
- New: Shiny Look under Windows XP
- New: "Hide CDR Media" no longer needs to be disabled while using CloneCD
- New: added support for more CD-Writers
- New: New Online Keys
- New: Added RegCloneCD.exe for new keycodes
- Removed "Virtual CloneDrive" from Distribution, will be a separate download (or you can just use Daemon Tools)
- Removed ControlElbyCDIO from distribution
- Removed ElbyCrypt.dll
- Removed ElbyCheck.exe
- Removed support of CloneCD 2.x keycodes
- Removed "Send E-Mail about a Device" function
- Removed Microsoft HTML-Help
- Removed input window for old keycodes
- Fix: CloneCD Tray no longer interferes with Windows XP Task Bar
- Fix: Hanging context help
- Important Fix: ElbyCDIO reworked, many bugs fixed
- Important Fix: Fixed problems with VIA IDE Busmaster drivers

- Made "Locked Buffer IO" the default, because older versions of the Intel Application Accelerator driver fail otherwise.
- ElbyCDIO Control now has "XP Look"
- Data profile had "Emulate Weak Sectors" enabled as default
- Fixed hang of setup program under Windows 9x (box version only)
- Added new languages: Lithuanian, Macedonian
- Updated language files: Greek, Spanish, Catalan

- Added Emulation of weak sectors
- Added Emulation of Digital Signatures in Subchannel Data
- With weak sector emulation and Digital Signature emulation you don't need to care about the capabilities of your reader or writer!
- Copy protections with weak sectors can be copied with any writer!
- Copy protections using subchannel data can be copied with any reader! There is no need for reading subchannel data anymore!
- Added display of weak sectors in Logbook
- Added "Protected PC-CD" Emulation profile
- Greatly improved Hide CDR Media
- Added Emulation of weak sectors to Hide CDR Media
- Added Emulation of digital signature in subchannel data to Hide CDR Media
- Pop-up help no longer uses HTML Help, because it seems to be broken in Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3
- Internet Explorer no longer needs to be installed for Pop-up help to work
- Removed "TOC Adjustment" Dialog which only confused users of TwinPeaks. CloneCD will now decide what to do automatically.
- Added support for foreign codepages in Virtual CloneDrive settings in CloneCDTray
- Changed Virtual CloneDrive to cause less conflicts with broken Scsi Adapter drivers
- Fixed bug in Virtual CloneDrive which caused a conflict with Intel Application Acceleration Drivers (or other 3rd party drivers)
- Reduced Memory fragmentation in Virtual CloneDrive (Windows NT/2000/XP)
- Reduced Memory and CPU use in ElbyCDIO (Windows 2000/XP)
- Hopefully solved possible hang after operation on Windows 9X/ME
- Changed Audio profile to not read subchannel data anymore. This speeds up reading with many drives and might give better results
- Updated language files: Russian, Catalan, Czech, Greek, French, Macedonian, Norge, Polish, Turkish and others
- Added ElbyCDIO Control program to set ElbyCDIO default behaviour

- Fixed bug in ElbyVCD.dll which causes CloneCDTray to crash and prevents setting the number of Virtual CloneDrives (Windows 9X/ME)

- Added Virtual CloneDrive
- Added Virtual CloneDrive support in CloneCDTray
- Added Virtual CloneDrive shell extension
- Fixed false alarm in ElbyCheck (Windows 2000/XP)
- Fixed Access Violation in ElbyCDIO.dll
- Increased Sense Buffer in ElbyCDIO.dll (Windows 9X/ME)
- ElbyCDIO.dll is now a shared library in WindowsSystem directory
- Many minor bugfixes
- Many minor cosmetic improvements

- Added setting of Restore Points during install / Uninstall
- Fixed Hide CDR Media problem
- Fixed problem of unspecified write mode

- Updated Hebrew Language
- Improved input of box keycodes

- Added RAW-SAO support for Plextor DVD-Combo drive PX-320A
- Added Persian language
- Updated Swedish language

- Fixed hang of computer at the end of DAO-RAW burning with several writers
(e.g., TDK CDRW-401248UEX, SANYO BP-1700, SANYO BP-1800)
- Fixed writing of unreadable CDs with WAITEC STORM24 in SAO-RAW+SUB mode
- Updated Slovakian language

- Fixed problem of reading subchannel data in Pre-Gap with Lite-On drives
- Fixed problem of "Block Address out of range" message in Lead-Out
- Removed "Laser Power Calibration failed" message with SANYO drives
- Updated Turkish language

- Fixed compatibility problems with certain applications, if "Hide CDR Media" is enabled
- Cosmetic fix: Items in Logbook won't get Focus anymore
- All languages (except japanese) are now shipped with installer package
- CloneCD will now display language dialog on first start, if the language is unknown to the installer
- Increased maximum buffer size

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