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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Centertracker

What is Centertracker deluxe trial?

It is much more than the freeware version: it includes nearly all of the functions of Centertracker deluxe for testing purposes. This means that you can apply all the filters and most of the other features of the full version to images. This gives you the opportunity to test the software to a great extent before purchasing it. Here's more details:

limitations of the Trial version:

frame preview up to 100 frames
image is resized to 640x512 pixels (resize filter deactivated): this affects any mouse operations inside the preview window, e.g. if you want to paint overlay areas (keying) the position of the paintbrush will be shifted. You can avoid that by resizing your video to those dimensions beforehand
encryption filter shows red line in the image
no saving of videos (except for processed images): instead of a video an image file of the current frame - result.bmp - is created which you can use to test the decryption quality or for applying the filters to images (of the limited size 640x512 pixels)
advantages in comparison to previous freeware versions:

almost all features of the full version avaiable for testing
additional options for template mode 2
way much faster tracking modes without any limitation here :-)


Centertracker 2.1.2

improved/ added:
- old result files (video.avs, x.txt etc.) get deleted when in same directory of current video (this relieves the user from doing that manually)
- increased memory for templates (if template is too big and parameter pixels/ dot is too small processing may halt though. To prevent that you have to upgrade to CT deluxe which has increased processing speed)

- bug in template mode 2 (detect object size): if template is rather thin than wide this bug results in less tracking precision
- color space issue with border filling method ''mirrored'' (color artefacts are now a thing of the past)


Centertracker 2.1.1

improved/ added:
- optimized code (faster processing, random test yielded 11% speed increase)

- wrong order of displayed RGB values for Overlay corrected
- removed some minor bugs


Centertracker 2.1

improved/ added:
- automatic zoom speed detection for template mode 2 (size detection more accurate, please read info.pdf for details!)

- visualization of opacity and transparent color of the overlay image was not correct for opacity values < 100; now it should correspond 1:1 to AviSynth


Centertracker 2

overlay image option for template modes
zoom speed for detecting object size in template mode

object size recognition for template mode 2 is more accurate now (and more similar to mode 1)


Centertracker 1.9.1

- in brightness mode there are two options available now: relative and absolute (new option) brightness. Relative means that the brightness is chosen relative to the darkest (resp. brightest) pixel in the frame so that values in the selected range above (below) that pixel are shown in white. Absolute is trivial: values below (above) the selected value are shown in white.

Absolute is usually faster than relative except for blank frames, so you can speed up processing a bit by choosing absolute (default)

- minor bug with bright objects in brightness mode (relative brightness had wrong (darkest) reference pixel)


Centertracker 1.9

- additional template mode (mode 2): uses method similar to function cvMatchTemplate but is not based on it (as mode 1). Mode 2 is fully configurable so you can determine processing speed (either faster or slower than mode 1) and it includes an option 'detect object rotation' which can only be ticked if 'detect object size' is ticked, too. For more info please refer to the file 'tmg_guide.pdf' either by opening it from the program directory or by clicking the 2nd icon at the top of the starting window (next to the 'how to' icon).

- direct execution of the file 'video.avs' is now possible (default: 'open avs file when done'); please link avs files to VirtualDub


Centertracker 1.8.3


- template mode: in follow mode you can now choose any frame for your template without any problems (so far the program would usually not find the template if it had been chosen in a frame different from frame 0). No matter where the object will reappear Centertracker will find it again if it has not changed too much and if the similarity parameter has been chosen carefully. The time needed for calculation in 'empty' frames will be more (as it scans the whole frame while in previous versions it only scanned the detection area). So you may rather work with v. 1.8.2 if your object reappears in the same area as it disappeared and if you choose it in frame 0 because that version is faster and as accurate as version 1.8.3 in that case - but only in that case!

Centertracker 1.8.2


fixed: template/ detection area selection issue (if you do not choose the upper left corner with the first left click and the lower right corner with the second left click an error will occur)


- slider control handling
- you do not have to change the avs file manually anymore if you use other file formats than avi (uncheck box 'source video is avi')


Centertracker 1.8.1


memory bug (occurs when you wait during settings adjustment)


Centertracker 1.8


trackbar bug in brightness mode (wing beat compensation, limit detection area ticked)


- brightness mode faster now
- trackbars replaced by new sliders with fine tuning buttons (so far the trackbar windows would fill a lot of space on the screen, now this space has been reduced a lot)


Centertracker 1.7


an additional method for wing beat compensation. The method is explained in the file wbc_guide.pdf which you can find in the program directory or by clicking on the bird in the starting window. If you do not want to use it set the mass trackbar to 120. The values and axes will still be shown but the method will not be applied. I have developped this method to increase the range of wing beat detection in cases where the flight phase is a bit more ''complicated'', e.g. when the bird is seen from the side. Neither method is absolutely accurate but the user can specify some parameters to improve results.


Centertracker 1.6.4


- minor bugs in object size detection (detection area adapts more accurately now, exceptions that could cause a preliminary program termination have been fixed)


- you don't have to wait anymore until all frames are loaded in template mode, you can now skip at any time


Centertracker 1.6.3


for template follow mode:

- detect object size: this will increase detection reliability in many cases but it can be very slow
- similarity trackbar: if the object moves out of the frame and back into it again, i.e. if it becomes invisible for a moment, so far Centertracker lost track of the object. By increasing the similarity value you set a minimum for the similarity between template and object in the frame. I.O.W.: if similarity is set to zero (default) the detected area can be any region of the frame - just like in previous versions. By setting it to 1000 (maximum) template and detected area have to be an exact match. Thus, with changing objects the maximum value will result in no detection. Tested values between 900 and 950 for a ''re-appearing'' object have yielded acceptable results (if the object does not change too much while it's ''gone''.


Centertracker 1.6.2


- removed relics of previous versions
- replaced crosshairs by arrow mouse pointer in frame/ area selection screen (sometimes the crosshairs would become invisible due to background color)

download: centertracker v1.6.2

31.12.2011/ 02.01.2011*

Centertracker v1.6.1


- template follow mode more stable now (invariant to zoom, rotation and small changes)


- color space problem in color mode (threshed colors in test frame were not the same as during processing)
- avi files cannot be saved in follow mode (except for brightness mode)

download: centertracker v1.6.1


Centertracker v1.6


- new mode: brightness
- limit search area (all modes): makes processing faster, reduces area of noise
- wing beat compensation (if your object is a bird) for color and brightness mode (brightness mode may work better here)
- frame counter

download: centertracker v1.6


Centertracker v1.5.1


- full mouse control
- option to save threshed images as an AVI-file

download: centertracker v1.5.1


Centertracker v1.5

new: contour tracking mode + template tracking mode (object recognition)

download: centertracker v1.5

file to execute is called ct10.exe


Centertracker v1.4

download: centertracker v1.4

added: you can now choose an area for tracking in order to reduce background ''noise''/ artefacts. Also, you are enabled to set the position around which you want to center your object (this gimmick was already introduced in v1.3.1 but it was ''invisible'')

bug fixes:

issue: memory bug. If you wait too long (minutes) while choosing a frame your PC may crash


Centertracker v1.3.1

but fixed (see below)

download: centertracker 1.3.1

gimmick added: if you click the right button when you have chosen the frame you want to use for color tracking the position around which will be centered is changed to the position of where your mouse pointer was when you clicked the button.



bug report (fixed in v1.3.1): if the resolution of your video file is not 720 x 576 the position of the object will not be in the center. I've fixed this bug now but the upload will be available only by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience! Until then you may resize your video to said resolution before running the program. Then it will of course work.

Centertracker 1.3

new: more user-friendly: you only have to enter the path and file name of your video, the rest can be done with mouse clicks and the space bar

bug fixes:

- issue: black frames when no colors are detected

- issue: image freeze at frame 240 when using white blank clip

download: centertracker v1.3 (not available anymore)

Centertracker 1.2

added: trackbars to choose color thresholds

fixed a few bugs

download: centertracker v1.2 (not available anymore)

previous versions:

Centertracker 1.1(not publically available)

bug fixes: color space issue resolved

added: additional options for border filling

Centertracker 1.0 (not publically available)

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