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NEW VERSION 2.7 / 2.7.2

CamStudio records all screen activity into the standard AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format which can be played back with Windows Media Player.

Free software
OS: Win
File size: 11MB
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Latest version

2.7 / 2.7.2 (October 26, 2013)


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Download CamStudio 2.7  11MB  Win

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Download CamStudio 2.7.2 Portable  17MB  Win  Portable

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Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

2.7 r316

Added warning to Video Options > Capture rate informing of CPU/filesize increase

Added a warning dialog when "Locking" checkbox deselected.

Amended Installer to automatically detect and download VC++ 2010 dependencies from Microsoft if needed
and added OpenCandy advertising-during-install function

2.7 r314

Made Auto Adjust enabled by default with a new second checkbox (also enabled by default) above the slider bar locking the Capture Frame rate and Playback rate to only factors of 1000.

Also made Key Frame rate independant of Auto Adjust for finer control.

2.7 r312

Addition of update available notification box

Alter default save location from 'Use Windows Temporary Directory' to 'Use Application Installed Diretory'

Removed link to CamStudio Blog from Help menu


Camstudio v2.7, release 316:
* CamStudio not displaying/able to use all video codecs on system
(Partially done - some Microsoft WM codecs are still inaccessable but this is being worked on)

* Sometimes the CamStudio Lossless codec is not showing in codec list in Vista and Win7
(A new 64-bit compatible codec installer has been created to remove incorrectly
installed codecs and reinstall it)

* Keyboard shortcut option for Autopan with on-screen notification

* CamStudio will now inform you when a new update is available

* We've altered the default save location from 'Use Windows Temporary Directory'
to a Videos folder in 'Use Application Installed Diretory' so it's easier to find

* Removed link to CamStudio Blog from Help menu

* Made Auto Adjust enabled by default with a new second checkbox (also enabled by default)
above the slider bar locking the Capture Frame rate and Playback rate to only factors of
1000. Added a warning dialog when "Locking" checkbox deselected.

Leaving the "Lock" checkbox on will help to stop common audio/video desync issues

* Added a warning to Video Options > Capture rate mentioning CPU-load and final filesize
increase when using a higher capture rate figure

* Also made Key Frame rate independant of Auto Adjust for finer control.

* Changed first-run Video Options defaults to:

Keyframes every: 100 frames
Capture Every: 50 millseconds
Playback: 20 frames per second

Camstudio v2.6, release 294:
Huge step in release number sequence. Caused because many new nice features can be expected soon.
Nice things like zooming, showing key combinations pressed and/or left,middle and right mouse identification on screen.
This release contains only a few small fixes.
* Region 'Window' and'Select Screen' in case of multiple screens now calculate the pixels correct either.
* Temporally and final files are now created in the directory you have specified in "Directory for recording"
* Log file ....xnote.txt is renamed to ....txt and shows now besides xnote information also the version and release number of the executable.
* Inside the code 'Playerplus.exe' is now invoked instead of 'Playplus.exe'. So it will startup.
(My personal opinion; Don't use it at all. On can better use player.exe or use local player.)

Camstudio v2.6, release 272/273:
Fixed a memoryleak that caused that made Camstudio crashed after 40-50 minutes of recording.
Redesigned the region calculation routines.
* The same procedure is now applicable for all sizing calculations.
* The area you define in regions is the area that will be recorded. No shift in position or losing rows or columns.
* Size of the region is now displayed correctly in the progress monitoring window.
* Size of the recording is now equal to the size as displayed the progress monitoring window.
Camstudio v2.6, release 270:
Fixed how Camstudio treated 'TimeDelayInMilliSecs'. An postive value now ,means that time is added instead of subtracted.
Camstudio v2.6, release 269:
Add manifest files to prevent Microsoft 'Side by side' errors during first usage.
Mostly this can be solved with installing the"MIcrosoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistriutable package for 32 bits"
Reports showed that not all issies are solved.
(To be continued.)

Camstudio v2.6, release 264:
Last release of Xnote (dd July 2010) is ok.
Applied some extra checks to minimize the effects of Xnote in regular CamStudio windows.
Add functionality that demand that Xnote should enabled first.
If Xnote not enabled the user nearly sees anything of Xnote. (regular Camstudio version)
In the Camstudio4Xnote all relevant Xnote settings are showed to the user.
Changed about box on request of Mick. There is now a link to the Camstudie4Xnote website.

Camstudio v2.6, release 260:
Camstudio4Xnote now writes snaps to a XML formatted logfile.(tagged .xnote.txt)
Frame refs related with the Xnote snap will be added soon.

The current release of Xnote on is still updated for Camstudio4Xnote but it does not send the Reset message. (I assume that this will be solved as soon as Dmitry returns from holliday). If all works but Camstudio4Xnote does not finalize recording when you use Xnote reset you must use special-05jun20100).exe.
Install XnoteStopwatch and copy special-05jun20100).exe to the XnoteStopwatch directory.Start special-05jun20100).exe instead of xnsw.exe.

Camstudio v2.6, release 258:
Camstudio4Xnoteis prepared to work together with an image motion detector which will start recording if Camstudio is in pause mode.
Camstudio4Xnoteis now prepared to recognize how recording is started and if this is done manual or automated with a start or finish device, a reporting camera or by hand.

Camstudio v2.6, release 255:
Xnote Camstudio settings are now pushed and pulled to Camstudio.ini file.
Each recording start with an unique named filename that gets a tag that identify when recording is started. Same ccyymmdd-hhmm-ss tag is used to brand the final file if autonaming is applicable.
Changed informational interface when recording. You can see now to which file is used for recording and it also shows info if limited recording is applicable or not.
Use the snaptime send by Xnote now also in Camstudio4Xnote.

Camstudio v2.6, release 253:
Add function that will manage if and how long recording will continue if this recording is activated by a Xnote stopwatch event. Changed Effects options dialog to be able to manage the duration of the recording if recording is triggered by means of xnote stopwatch.
Extended menubar with an option to switch recording duration limit on/off during recording. (But if set as options effect this overwite function is only applicable for the recording initiated by the last xnote message. Hence any new event will reset recording duration to inititial settings)
Use Xnote param now to set xnote timestamps. (before Camstudio used the timestamp when the xnote message was coming through)
Changed procedure that drops annotation in the screen capture.
Removed a few warnings as well.

Camstudio v2.6, release 250:
Camstudio will show snap times and running time if Xnote timestamp annotation is applicable.

Current delaytime can be changed by the user.
With this release we have a small problem with storage of defined Xnote-Timestamp settings.
You can change settings but although saved we have a problem reloaded previously setting.

Camstudio v2.6, release 248:
Add Xnote time stamp option to effects.
This option adds a delayed stopwatch in the capture.
Recordings will shows a stopwatch annotation (in milli seconds). To get displayed stopwatchtime in sync with the image from the camera user can define number of milli seconds that camera is behind real events.
Although captured time for events as reported by Xnote stopwatch is accurate a small shift due to inaccuracy in estimated delay is always applicable.
For average user this will be not an mayor issue.

Camstudio recording can be set on pause. If Xnote snap event occurs recording will continue automatically.
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15 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

I discovered that even the zip version puts some little files "loose" (not in a directory) in my "C:\Documents and Settings\...\Application Data" directory.

I don't like this behavior. This version is gone from my computers. I'll stick with good old 2.0.

Review by jgg on Oct 26, 2013 Version: 2.7.2 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 2/10

As a follow-up, I've just set up build 316 on my 64-bit Win 7 machine.

The first problem was that the program wouldn't start until I installed a 2010 distribution of Windows C++. I did a bit of research first and found that - for some reason - it only works if you install the 32-bit version from the Microsoft website.

Anyway, after installing the C++, it started as expected. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is that you immediately get a "missing CamSudio.cfg. file" error with this version (it's a known bug that's apparently been fixed in the newest version), but you can just click it away.

I repeated pretty much the same test as on the XP computer, and it worked fine, too, though - again - the avi file is really big: over 450mb for 19 sec at about 75% of the total monitor size (21-inch monitor).

I found one thing very objectionable: As mentioned, I'm using a zip version, so I merely copied the entire directory from my Win XP machine (32 bit) to the 64-bit Win 7 machine. For some reason, every time I start the program on the Win 7 machine, I get a message that a newer version is available. This doesn't happen on the XP machine.

I looked around in the menus, but I wasn't able to find anywhere to tell the program not to check for updates.

For this reason, I've decided to get rid of the program on my Win 7 machine. If I desperately need to make a screen movie, I've still got good old v.2.0.

Review by jgg on Oct 24, 2013 Version: 2.7.2 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 5/10

I've used version 2.0 for a long time, but I decided to give the new version a try.

I didn't like the "adware" concept, so I went to the forum on the developer's site to see what types of comments had been made.

I then came across the fact that there's a recent build (2.7.2 r316, whereas the newest is 326) which is available in zip format, and I went for it right away. You can get it here.

There was no adware at all. The quick test I did worked OK. It was about 50 seconds and saved in avi format. I got some stuff off my desktop, but then I went to YouTube and was actually able to record the video with no trouble at all. I set CamStudio to record from my mike, and the end quality was really pretty good.

The only "problem" was that the output file was HUGE! -> over 1gb for 50 seconds!!!! However, I then converted it to mp4 with WinFF, and it got it down to about 2mb - what a difference. There must be a ton of redundancy in the avi movie because the subjective impression of the mp4 version looked every bit as good as the giant avi version.

Then, just for the heck of it, I decided to take a look at the very latest version (build r326). To make a long story short, the only "extra" it asked to install was - I think - Opera, but it was clearly marked, and I simply clicked "no thanks" or whatever it said.

The installation worked fine on my 32-bit win XP machine. The brief test I did didn't work, though. I basically attempted to do what I had described above, but I used the mp4 option. For some reason, it didn't work; I got the error message that the conversion module couldn't be launched. To be honest, I didn't care to find out why not and simply uninstalled the program - a process that was both fast and, as far as I can see, clean. I haven't run CCleaner yet, but I'll be interested to see if any junk was left.

Final verdict: I'm going to keep the 316 build on my computer and plan to try it on my 64-bit Win 7 machine, too.

I don't use screen capture very often, but this tool seems handy to have. The old 2.0 works OK, but the quality of the video in the newer version was better. As for the internal mp4 capability, I don't really need it. There are enough conversion tools around.

Review by jgg on Oct 23, 2013 Version: 2.7.2 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

The installer stalls at 93%. What junk is this?

Review by pepegot1 on Feb 4, 2013 Version: 2.7 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Version 2.6 has been removed from my computer and I will stay with version 2.0 for now. It is a good program. Problems V 2.6 only: User defined directory to save file does not work. It saves it to the program files directory-not a good thing.

Review by pepegot1 on Jul 24, 2010 Version: 2.6 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

15 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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